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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 16, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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and case with s pen when you pre-order. ♪dance♪ >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at like usually it's taught me a little bit, but it didn't stop as much. i'd rather do that and get home safely in have to worry about >> now at 9 hot weather for
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seeing some changes on bart, how officials tried to beat the heat on the tracks. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. he's hot. temps are really having an impact on public transit of all things. bart officials confirming to kron 4 news. they're taking some extra safety measures to try and prevent overheating the rails that could lead to a derailment. sounds crazy. but back in june just a couple months ago, you remember was really hot and a train actually the rails across for theresa stasi has more now from walnut creek. >> we're here in walnut creek, and that's the bart station behind me. there is a lot of construction, but the trains are running, but they had some adjustments today because of the heat. it is this part. officials say that they are hoping to avoid a train derailment back in june on a concord bound train. hot temperatures were the cause on
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tuesday as temperatures climb past 100 and parts of the east bay train slowed to a maximum of 44 miles an hour. a bart spokesperson says that the slowdown could add about 10 minutes to a commute. >> it was a bit slower and they made an announcement that rain, i think, walk a that they were falling down. the trains on purpose stream out there. cold says he appreciates the precautionary measures overall better for >> the nevada range tonight, i've noticed this definitely stopping a lot more. so that was something i've never seen it like. usually it starts maybe a little bit, but it didn't stop as much. think that's better going off the yeah, i'm like i'd rather do that. get home safely. and then. >> have to worry about that. specifically. bart officials say the trains will be slowed between lafayette and bay point and between bayfair in san leandro to the dublin
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pleasanton stopped. that slowdown wrapped up at 8 o'clock. there is no plans right now that we have heard of to do the same thing tomorrow. but that could change if those high temperatures come back here in want to create recess. stasio kron. 4 news. >> and a statewide flex alert has been issued urging people to reduce the amount of energy they use tomorrow to try to protect the power grid. the power alert is for 04:00pm until 9 o'clock tomorrow night. officials say during that time people should set their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher if health permits and they want us to avoid using major appliances and turn off all unnecessary lights during that time. but first, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow now joins us with a look at when this little heat wave is going to break. lawrence. boy, it was really hot and some parts of bay area today get this 106 degrees in livermore. one. 0, 4, >> in concord, 105 in any off one. 0, one in napa. >> 101 also in santa rosa, 100
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in the bottle. 97 in hot san jose. 96 in mount view. but then you get the coastline. only 59 degrees over 40 degrees. cooler. >> in half moon bay today, no records were broken today, but it was a hot one out there. no getting around that. now we've got a little haze out there and some fog starting to make its way just inside the bay. it's a thin layer. it's not going to penetrate to the interior valleys that are going to get the he relieved that you'd like to see from that. but yeah, that fog is out developing along the coastline tonight. and that's cool off as temperatures 50's coast side right now. but you get just over the hill. 74 warm in 7 tail. it's still 79 in san jose here in the mid 80's in dublin. still hot 90's in pittsburgh right now. 81 degrees in fairfield. still 92 degrees in saint helene. and 71 in santa rosa. so these temperatures a very, very warm away from the coastline. even some hot number still, one county in the bay area still under a heat advisory for tomorrow that goes from 11:00am until 08:00pm tomorrow evening. that's lonoke county.
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this the hottest area around the bay area. we're watching some of these temperatures shoot like 107 degrees in vacaville today. maybe not quite that warm tomorrow, but maybe more like 103. and that is certainly hot enough. you've got to be careful in slama county. the air quality today is improving somewhat. of course, we did have some areas early on this afternoon, all shaded in yellow. and then we had the tri valley in the livermore. some poor air quality out there, but things improving tonight with that sea breeze kicking in. so we're seeing some more of the spots of green begin to pop up around the bay area. still, some areas shaded in yellow as well with moderate amounts of pollutants in our skies. but the forecast for tomorrow looks to improve just a little bit. the north bay moderate amounts of blooms along the coastline. looking good with that sea breeze and that patchy fog east bay. so little bit hazy out there as well as the south bay, too. so now overall going to be an interesting weather pattern now beginning to set up, we talked about the heat, but now we're looking at the monsoon and this we've got to watch very closely. we've had a very active afternoon across the sierra nevada. now some of that moisture beginning to slide its way a little bit
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closer. the bay area not here just yet, but overnight tonight, late tonight, early tomorrow morning, there's a slight chance we could see some isolated thunderstorms worried about some lightning strikes, of course, sparking more fires and maybe a few showers popping up around the bay area. but temperatures will be cooling down around the bay area for tomorrow. those numbers spots inland. we're going to see those temperatures. still the hot side you're looking at triple digits. but instead of 106, you're talking about 100 degrees while back along the coastline. what heatwave? yes, you're splitting hairs. was 16. so yeah, really cool. wow. ok, thanks, lauren. it's ok. amid record wildfires, of course, in a years long drought. now, some california leaders met with their nevada counterparts in lake tahoe today. did. >> pledge action on climate change. all this was part of the 26th annual lake tahoe summit and our capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace was there and he brings us the story. >> what a gorgeous day it is here in lake tahoe. just take a look at a crystal clear. the
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water is this is elected representatives joined up across state lines today to plug this place and several other treasures across the state remain beautiful, but they say more work needs to be done. and this picture perfect today along the shores of lake tahoe. for some it was a day not to get in the water but to focus on its future. at the sand harbor. nevada state park ampitheater just next to the lake. hundreds gathered to hear from california and nevada leaders of the 26th annual lake tahoe summit. a summit dedicated to addressing a changing climate. >> yes, climate change is real. yes, climate change is happening and we must double down on our efforts to combat the climate crisis. california senator alex padilla says the lake has already experienced detrimental impacts of climate change, including last year's massive caldor fire and the ongoing drought. >> now he says he and his
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nevada counterparts are working together to prevent future natural disasters. >> collective bipartisan by state commitment to lake tahoe and the base. republican congressman tom mcclintock, who has represented this area for more than a decade, says protecting this region comes down to one key thing. this all amid lee is a forest management issue. and this problem is not going to go away even if we all ride our bikes to work in the tofu for hamburg. that as governor gavin newsom was in the tenants just days before releasing his own climate goals for the state, which include finding a pathway to 100% clean energy and achieving carbon neutrality. by 2045. the fact that those things have been done in california is rather extraordinary. none of this is easy. and you think in california, these things are easy, but they're not because a lot of interest you know what argue for this? that is quote, and we can't afford to live in the status quo. and governor newsom says upon his return to sacramento, he's going to work behind the scenes to ensure his climate goals make it into actual legislation.
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>> but he's running at a time. the deadline for that august 31st. reporting here on the nevada side of lake tahoe, a tom wallace kron, 4 news. and with these dangerously high temps in some parts of the bay area, it's pretty important to stay safe and >> know the signs of heat related illnesses going. take a look at that. the differences between heat exhaustion and heat stroke. according to the cdc, somebody with heat exhaustion begins of feeling dizzy, thirsty, very sweaty, nosh us. and then they field weakness. cdc says that those symptoms can get worse and they can lead to heat stroke, which is really bad because it can actually lead to death. the person can start feeling confused and dizzy and then become unconscious. and in this case, it's important to immediately call 9-1-1. cdc says moving to cooler areas and staying hydrated can help avoid heat related illnesses. and as we get through this heat is critical to check on your kids, pets and neighbors.
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>> here's some tips to help keep everybody safe. number what we talked about, heat, stroke and exhaustion. it's also certainly never leave kids or pets in the car. we know this because temperatures can soar in there and this is good. don't walk your dog on hot ground, especially dark asphalt grasses. best. here's a rule. if you can hold your own hand on the pavement for 10 seconds without it burning, probably too hot for your pup. also keep up with the sunscreen. if you're not covered up or in the shade to avoid dehydration, hit that water. also fruits and veggies. best to steer clear caffeine, tobacco and avoid hot playground equipment. lot of kids go back to school. some playground equipment can cause second or 3rd degree burns, believe it or not. and if you can wear loose in light clothing and use your kitchen wisely at home. using the oven can make it feel hotter in your home and also try to run the dishwasher at night to avoid creating more good tips. you can stay connected with kron. 4 for the latest weather
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conditions as we get through this heat wave. just scan the qr code. you'll be taken to our website where you can find current conditions in your neighborhood and get the 7 day forecast. it is now illegal to possess a used catalytic converter in south san francisco city council adopted this new ordinance to try to make it tougher for thieves to get them and then sell them whatever it takes. but, you know, it's not just a problem in south san francisco catalytic converter theft is becoming more common all across the bay area. our first amanda harry spoke with a police sergeant about what they're seeing and why this law may make a difference. it's a real problem. it's not just a real problem in south, is going to probably them to county is the problem it in the state of california as well. a problem that's costing victims. thousands of dollars south san francisco police say people are often left paying about $3,000 for places stolen. catalytic converter.
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>> but the problem isn't limited to one area. these are photos of converters recovered by san mateo police on august 4th, this security video shows a thief in vallejo literally lifting the car off the ground to take someone's converter between january of 2021. >> and june of >> this year, we've investigated 433 cases of that's >> we're averaging about one tonight. and that's just in south san francisco earlier this month. fremont police say they recovered at least 300 suspected stolen catalytic converters from recycling business. berkeley police posted this video of someone underneath the car back in 2021. now city council in south san francisco is saying they've seen enough they've created an ordinance to make it illegal to possess any used catalytic converter that is not attached to a vehicle unless you have a valid documentation. and this is actually >> going to give us law
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enforcement tool, too. >> kind of help stop this or slow it down. at least sergeant sean kearney says before this ordinance they would make stops and find suspects with converters in their cars, but because they didn't catch them in the act, they could do anything about it. he says thieves can make a quick profit from the precious metals in the converters. upwards of $1500. but there are ways people can protect their vehicles, parking in well-lit areas trying to park and driveways, although that. >> you know, not the catch-all for everything that we have, that that happened and drivers as well. there's also devices that can be on your that makes it a little bit more difficult for >> someone to move earlier this year, san jose introduce their action protect program, encouraging car owners to get their converters marked so they could be more easily traced of stolen. now in south san francisco, a person called the use converter faces a
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misdemeanor charge, which may include a fine imprisonment or both. i'm happy that we are kind of. >> leading >> this and i do hope that. >> other cities do the same. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> more problems. sad. the west oakland homeless encampment on wood street. you see all that smoke. firefighters where to put out an rv fire is crews are in the process of clearing that area out. this latest fire burned at the same location where we've seen several fires in the past few months. most recently in july. here's that video fire broke out at the encampment, threatening the underside of the macarthur maze and resulting in traffic being shut down on north about 8.80. that fire started just as efforts to clear the encampment were about to get underway. a man has been arrested for murder in downtown oakland this month. police chief there, lauren armstrong says his department is putting a lot of effort to
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>> try to solve homicides and other crimes that have plagued the business corridor over the last weeks and longer. kron four's also demoted spoke with him so la, this is not a new issue, but what is the the solution they're talking about tonight? >> well, the police chief does tell me that they are doing something different about it at this time. they're seeing the criminals like to specifically be closed to cars. so they're closing down some streets in the downtown cusiness. so they just can't drive through there after committing a crime. and they're also putting more patrols out there in the downtown corridor. chief armstrong wants people to feel safe all going out in oakland. unfortunately, more than 70 lives were taken already this year with 5 people killed in one weekend this month. >> the oakland police department has announced a new downtown safety strategy after a string of serious crimes reported in recent weeks, they're closing off streets in busy areas to cars and have added patrols. those patrols have already gotten some
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results. these are pictures of 2 firearms, alcohol and other drugs for sale that were confiscated from an unlicensed pop-up tent along broadway. anytime you have firearms, alcohol and drugs play. >> it leads to a in most cases, not good outcomes. and that's really effort to reduce the number of guns in that area. that is the amount of shootings and homicides, but also make it safe for all visitors of oakland to come out and have a good time but feel safe doing so. there were 5 fatal shootings the first weekend in august in 5 different locations around town. >> oakland police announced eric warrick has been arrested and charged for the homicide along 1900 broadway avenue on that saturday. this is video of the scene from the citizen app. we want to make clear that not only do we want our presidents to be there to deter this type of crime, but we also >> want the community to help us when something does happen so that we can bring people to justice. >> the chief is also explained the department has nearly 100
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fewer officers than they did at the start of 2021. so the public has to do more to help out by reporting to police. opd has asked some of the downtown businesses to put up video cameras to help them solve these cases. >> and to deter people from committing those crimes. live in the studio, ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you, ala. after 35 years of serving law enforcement, brentwood police chief thomas hansen is announcing that he's retiring over the course of 27 years in brentwood. hanssen worked his way through. >> the ranks as a as an officer, a sergeant lihutenant and captain before he was promoted to police chief in 2017 hinton's last day will be on september. 30th. the police department is planning on conducting and in turn will search to find a new chief. >> san francisco community groups held a town hall tonight in the wake of recent attacks against older asian americans in the city. our kron 4 taylor bisacky was
9:18 pm
there. she joins us now live with more. taylor. >> well, this was a chance for people to hear from directly their police chief and da many concerned folks sent in questions and asked what the city is doing to keep their community safe in the city. >> it was just the way i look at. it bird. khan says he's frustrated and disappointed to hear about more attacks against asian american elders in san francisco. he says he volunteers with a group called united peace collaborative, which began patrolling chinatown in march 2020, one of the seniors was attacked viciously and died because of in the richmond district last week and on july 31st. the 70 year-old asian-american woman was robbed and assaulted in her apartment. building lobby on the 100 block of francisco street since july 31st. we've
9:19 pm
had 3 members of the asian elderly that have been since brutally attacked. investigators announced arrests in this case on monday identifying the suspects as 18 year-old darryl moore and 3 juveniles. the ages of 11, 13 14 san francisco police chief bill scott address this recent violence against asian american at a town hall meeting on tuesday. some people are afraid to go outside to go out of their houses and we cannot allow that to be the case in this great city. chief scott says. >> sfpd increase patrols and foot beats and it continues to re evaluate hot spot areas. meanwhile, district attorney brooke jenkins says her office added a new unit dedicated to cases involving most vulnerable populations, including elders holding those do choose to commit them. >> accountable in a way that sends a message that this type of conduct is no longer tolerated in san francisco. >> now, the san francisco
9:20 pm
police department and district attorney's office say they'll be working closely in tandem with each other to make sure offenders are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. i'm taylor bisacky reporting back to you. all right, taylor, we have some developing news out of wyoming tonight. results are in for that state's gop primary and incumbent representative liz cheney lost to challenger harriet hagman who had trump's endorsement and a significant lead in the polls. cheney, a frequent and vocal critic of former president trump was trailing in most recent polls by nearly 30 points to hagaman. a cheney broke from her party by voting to impeach mister trump and taking a lead role in the january 6th insurrection investigation. cheney is vowing to stay in national politics and is believed to be eyeing a 2024 run as an anti trump conservative. >> health news now the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease has been discovered at a south bay
9:21 pm
hotel and now a southern california couple who stay there and got the disease is sharing their story. kron four's dan kerman reports. >> i get a little teary eyed of our journey. >> in late june redone, dan miles, we're at a hotel pool and spa visiting family in san jose the next week the fatigue started followed by fever, stomach problems and difficulty breathing. we just basically swept from. >> tuesday evening till morning. at 1 o'clock, finally called the paramedics. >> before they knew it, this long beach couple was hospitalized with legionnaires disease. >> legionnaires, disease's pneumonia cause my particular group of bacteria called the uc berkeley epidemiology professor arthur reingold says the legionella bacteria often finds its way into fresh waters in improperly maintained cooling towers are pools or spas to get by inhaling contaminated. >> they're our souls of water.
9:22 pm
they contained the legionella bacteria. dan miles was put on a ventilator. and while things were touch and go for a few days, both he and his wife recovered. >> though for dan getting back is energy and lung capacity is still an ongoing process. this came out of the blue, a u.s.. >> and it really reinforces the idea of just taking care of yourself on a daily basis so that you're in a better position to handle an investigation by the santa clara county public health department. >> led to the aloft hotel in san jose where the mile stayed here. legionella was detected in the spot filter and the spot was closed. i feel that this could be our mission to educate. i hotel workers not to scam. >> the to people who travel, take your clearing and tips that you see to health care workers. don't forget about the 2 years and most importantly them, i'll say
9:23 pm
maximize your time with family and friends. >> dan kerman kron. 4 news coming up on this hour of kron. 4 news, a marathon runner says he was attacked by a coyote on a bay area trail. but he says the wild critter was after. >> plus, another friend she's stolen from their owner. this time of the east bay with the owner saying about the dognapping and what he's offering for a safe return. but first, if you've already plan your holiday travel, you may want to double. check your airline and your flight. the airline. it's already planning airline. it's already planning to cancel flights this fall. californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors.
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>> let's fly fast. american airlines is looking into the future by purchasing a small fleet of supersonic jets. but the company that's contracted doesn't even have a prototype yet. american is said to be buying 20 jets from boom supersonic the company. the planes will fly faster than the speed of sound and will dramatically cut flight times. boom has yet to build one nil. it hopes to have won by 2025 and start testing flights the following year. if everything goes well, the planes could enter the commercial market by the end of the decade. however, the airfare is not expected to be very affordable. yeah. and in the meantime, it's going to be tougher to fly american airlines when you're trying to fly home for thanksgiving.
9:27 pm
>> the carrier is reducing up flights this november by 16%. that's more than 30,000 flights getting out about 2% of its flights are also expected to be cut in september and october. american says the move is in line with its approach to network and schedule planning throughout the year. tripadvisor releasing its fall travel index revealing the top domestic destinations for american travelers. las vegas, a new york topped the list followed by orlando in honolulu, key west of nashville also making the list. then a myrtle beach is on their new orleans and miami beach. don't see san francisco. i'm going to have to do more research, but i'm more than 80% of americans say that they do plan to travel within the u.s. this year when it comes to the reason for travel, more than half say it's food and activities. >> up next, san francisco county jail reporting its first monkeypox case with the sheriff's office is saying about that case and the possibility of exposure within
9:28 pm
the jail.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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>> in the north bay, a world-class runner says he was attacked by a coyote while he was out on a run, a popular trail in the marin headlands dean car. nasa says he's pretty shaken following the encounter says he had just opened up an energy bar about 03:00am last friday while on 150 mile run 150, that's not a typo. and that's when he says
9:31 pm
this coyote just lunged at him, you know, and his energy bar. >> and as i turned, the singer's jumped and hit me on the shoulder. and and i went a straight straight on my face, very unusual. you know, there's only a handful attacks. >> each year statewide, as i subsequently it's a real problem with people feeding coyotes, ok? so the main source of all wildlife conflict, wildlife, human conflict, including with candies, is access to fit. >> so carney has this is a super marathon or says he used his hiking poles to encourage the coyote to leave him alone despite falling down. as you can see there, cut his lip. he says he kept his energy bar, did not see the coyote. good advice. don't feed the wildlife. and the golden gate. national recreation area. twitter today says that while we appreciate the coverage on this, we want to emphasize that the injury shown were caused by a fall. the coyote
9:32 pm
did not bite the individual involved in this encounter. so there you have it. and it does to be happening. more and more french bulldogs being stolen from their owners. one owners beloved frenchie was stolen in the east bay during a quick stop for some morning coffee kron four's justin campbell has more on this. >> frankie, 3 month-old french bulldog snatched within seconds right in front of his owner from this 7, 11, 2 weeks ago in fremont. >> and within a matter of 15 seconds of putting my on grocery items in my vehicle, he was picked up off the ground. michel renaud. so now offering a $700 reward for frankie. thank you. is that just like another pad or another animal? he was a member of our family also paid $4,000 for frankie. but he's just one of many other frenchies stolen >> i see a be-r my face just a few months ago. these frenchies were stolen in an overnight home invasion and
9:33 pm
santa clara, look at it for select investment. want look at eric jackson with crayola kennels in oakland breeds frenchies. he sold this french bulldog for $100,000 400,000. so, you know, when people see that, you know, this is that would be the jackson says. if you have a friend, she you should get it microchipped. he says demand will remain strong for the dogs because they're low maintenance. great for apartments and families. my mother who suffers from dementia, he's become very therapeutic for her. reynoso will continue to search for frankie reporting in fremont justin campbell kron. 4 news. yeah, unfortunately, this is just the latest in a trend of french bull dog napping is all around the bay area. as you can see there. >> since the start of the year, at least 10 dogs have been taken from their owners. and you can see that on this map. but, you know, the crime is not isolated to, you know, just one area. it's all over the bay. some of these dogs have been returned to their owners. but others have been missing for months now. it's
9:34 pm
crazy. >> the san francisco county jail has reported one monkeypox case. the sheriff's office confirming with kron 4 that somebody who is brought into custody sunday tested positive for the virus prior to arriving at booking. officials say there have been no exposures within the jail population. the person who tested positive and anyone else with a suspected or confirmed case of monkeypox will be housed isolation. the sheriff's office says there is currently no other known cases in the jail population. but their warnings now for pet owners who may have tested positive for monkeypox after a dog in france is diagnosed. >> with the virus, monkeypox is transferred by skin to skin contact the dead. skin cells are bodily fluid in blisters, or pimples. one veterinarian says the human to dog transfer can occur from close contact, shared sleeping arrangements, hugging, sharing food and heading even the vet tells pet
9:35 pm
owners what to do if diagnosed with monkeypox and how to care for their pets. >> if you are diagnosed with monkeypox, we want to try and get somebody else to take care of your animal us. you don't pass it to them. if you don't have anybody else to take care of your make sure you wear gloves long sleeves, pants and a mask. you know, when you have to take care of >> doctor ziegler, who you heard from there says the virus is easy to transfer the just as it is to humans. and more for your health tonight, we continue to track th monkeypox outbreak. california health officials. they've just released the latest case numbers going up. >> san francisco now reporting 600 cases of monkeypox making that the largest number here locally. but if you look at case numbers statewide, los angeles county is the most reported cases in the state. 900 and 62, san francisco. there comes in second, california as a whole almost
9:36 pm
2000 reported cases and for the latest info on monkeypox, including a case tracker and bay area vaccination sites. if you want to get the shots, you can scan this qr code that will take you right to our website. kron 4 dot com. >> still ahead on this hour of kron, 4 news that might not actually do much about inflation than what the inflation reduction act could do about things like climate change and your health care. and we're talking about all the heat around the bay area today, but now we've got a chance. the monsoon and maybe some thunderstorms will take a look at that when we come back. >> and in sports, the giants looking to make it 5 straight wins as they >> host the diamondbacks. they were in a hole in the 9th inning. could they mount a comeback? sports director jason dumas says here. well, jason dumas says here. well, he tells us how they're fair. californians have a choice
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> this time last season, the giants had the best record in baseball and they were in the division race of the year. this time around. they are in a race. all right. but it's not for the division. they're just hoping to squeak into the playoffs that race continues tonight. the city. night lights. look at that. got a
9:40 pm
beautiful skyline. bottom of the 4th scoreless. but christian walker. breaks test, scoreless, tie and one swinging a bat. d'backs go up one to nothing. kelly had a stellar outing for arizona. the stifle san francisco's offense. all game here gets brandon although i i'm not sure that was just right. kelly throw 7 shutout innings and struck out 7. but the giants, they were going down without a fight after tyro estrada got on base. let's go home. brandon crawford, the hometown kid. to center field, walk-off 2 run blast wins it for the giants 2 to one. we will have a live report from oracle park in about an hour. the a's looking to bounce back against the rangers after losing the series opener last
9:41 pm
night. here's shay langley air is the making his debut and he wasted no time making an is already up one, nothing. and he smokes one into left on the first pitch delivers is going to have that is double his family or friends. you love to see that they're celebrating his first career hit. >> won't get a smile out of him though. couple batters later. jonah bride goes the opposite way for a base langley. air scorers a's pad their lead to 2 to nothing. top of the 7, 3, one a's one out this andress he gets holder. this one and the 2 run shot extends oakland's lead to 4. they go on to win it 5 to one game 3 of their 4 game series tomorrow. now back to days, they made some moves today. they released outfielder stephen piscotty. and scotty, he was. pleasanton native. he is a pleasanton native, i should say, joined a's in 2017 after requesting a
9:42 pm
trade to oakland from the cardinals to be closer to his mother who was battling a l s he was one of the main factors first and getting to a back to the playoffs. back in 2018 at 27 home runs that year. it was also announced today that a starting pitcher paul blackburn has been shut down for the rest of the season with inflammation in his right middle finger. the nba announced today there will not be any games on election day this year as part of a plan to promote people to get out and vote. all 30 teams in the association will play on november 7th. instead the night before the midterm elections, the full nba schedule is set to be released tomorrow. i will be looking forward to that. and guess what, if you want to watch the dolphins and raiders on saturday, kron 4 is your place to be. we will kick the day off of raiders gameday at 3.30, leading right up to kickoff. and then soon as that game wraps up, we will have our raiders gameday post game
9:43 pm
show kate rooney, myself, the raiders. it will be a party come join us on saturday. all right, ashley, look at sports. we'll be right back after the break. i'm bringing back two of my fan favorites, french toast sticks and my former employee mark hamill. jack? let's do this!
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okay? french toast sticks and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time.
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when a truck hit my son, mark hamill, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ people who get 3 of my french toast sticks always wish they got 6. but nobody ever orders 6 and wishes they only got 3. it's called math people. french toast sticks starting at $2.00 are back at jack in the box. >> president biden signed the inflation reduction act into law. today the president held a signing ceremony at the white house finalizing a
9:46 pm
landmark piece of legislation, a win for democrats. reporter anna wiernicki. he's in washington with more on what is in the bill. >> good evening. this is a huge legislative victory for president biden and democrats and the celebration today is a long time coming. democrats have been pushing for a bill like this to make it to the president's desk for over 18 months. >> the inflation reduction act is now law. one of the most significant laws in our history. president joe biden signed the sweeping 750 billion dollar health care tax and climate bill into law on tuesday alongside key democratic lawmakers who helped push it through congress. this law, the american people won and the special interest lost. the bill includes the biggest investment ever to fight climate change caps prescription costs for medicare recipients and helps millions pay for health insurance. and it's going to mitigate the climate crisis is going to protect our families.
9:47 pm
the pa administrator michael regan says americans should see the impact of this bill quickly and on you know, families will see a savings of $500 from the energy bill. >> so there is a trickle effect here. this starts immediately that people will see from a long time for a long time coming. but the bill passed congress without republican support missouri congressman jason smyth called the bill a reckless spending spree. so lots of spending up front. >> lots of debt up front and then maybe savings 8 years from now. how is that going to put out the fire of inflation? >> the white house says this is the first of many events. they'll have to focus on the rollout and implementation of the new law for now in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> united states military has completed a ballistic missile test out of the vandenberg air force base in santa barbara county. the air force global strike command says that the test launch was conducted to, quote, demonstrate the
9:48 pm
readiness of u.s. nuclear forces. now the test was actually originally scheduled for august 4th, but it was delayed to avoid escalating more tensions with beijing. this following china's show of force little earlier this month, which was a response to house speaker nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan. >> i whether time now is we get a check on the 4 zone forecast. a live look here above san francisco and it is still hot and a lot of parts of the bay, maybe not the city but elsewhere. yeah. but still a nice evening out there. kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about he yeah. hot temperatures showing up today. triple digits inland. the sign of things going to start changing tomorrow. in fact. >> could get very interesting around the bay area tomorrow outside right now out of sfo, skies are mostly clear. we have seen some patchy fog moving along the coastline, but it's compressed right down near the surface because that strong ridge of high pressure so you're seeing that wide range of temperatures. you've
9:49 pm
got 50's mid 50's in half moon bay right now. you head inland. you're still at 86 degrees in lemore. 82 in concord, 87 in antioch, a lot of 70's, these even in and around the bay. so really just feeling those cool fx out toward the coast. now we're going to see that ridge weakened the next few days and slowly cooling things down. but at the same time, watch out for the monsoon. we saw a little more active monsoon develop across the sierra nevada today. now the models are starting to hit. we're going to see a little of the subtropical moisture begin to slide back toward the bay area up out of the south. so tonight looks like we're going to be in for some changes late tonight early tomorrow morning. kind of wrapping around the circulation here. you've got high pressure over the 4 corner states. lot of times you get these storm systems. some former hurricanes, former tropical fall apart. the moisture gets kind of wrapped around that ridge of high pressure cycling around the same time. we've got low pressure coming up from the south as all of tomorrow morning, we're looking at kind of a funneling effect. you're going to see high a low pressure off the coastline just swirling around this way. high pressure
9:50 pm
swirling around the opposite direction and they will both funneling some of that moisture right to the bay area. so there's a chance we could be talking about some scattered thunderstorms will shorten the models here as we head through the night tonight. you see the fog along the coastline, move in the bay already. but just a thin lair. and then there you go. tomorrow morning, just about 05:00am starting to see some of those pop-up showers in the south bay and then kind of slowly working our way through. that's going to be scattered. but there's a possibility. some lightning strikes embedded in these storms as they move through that continuing through the morning hours and then toward the middle of the day, even more little impulses rolling on through it won't be entirely cloudy. you're going to see some breaks in between the clouds. you'll likely see some of these beautiful clouds roll through. but a chance that lightning. and so concerned about that as a good the give way to starting some fires out there as well. temperatures tomorrow you look at the 60's and 70's in the san francisco patchy fog along the coastline cooler there. i think those temperatures still warm as you make your way into power. a lot on the south bay and then hot spots. but you got to watch out for the lightning still some triple digit heat well inland
9:51 pm
tomorrow afternoon. that will continue. county has some very hot temperatures there. an advisory for the heat there as well. but still looks like we're in for some changes here. we could see some really interesting weather tomorrow. mean it's fun to look at. but the fact that we're in our drought, things are so dry out there right now at this time of year. i don't want to see those lightning time you say what's right, like, you know, you're like, yeah, especially in morning will be yeah. >> it's for thanks for it. the streaming giant netflix's subleasing its former headquarters is in los gatos. a netflix spokesperson is telling kron 4 news that with so many employees now working remote or hybrid schedules, the campus on winchester circle is just no longer being used to it. full potential netflix's current headquarters. also in los gatos will not be affected by the move. the company reported a loss in subscribers this year for the first time since 2011. and it is laid off of her 400 workers. >> apple is ending its pandemic work from home
9:52 pm
policies. the deadline to get back to the office. september 15th, corporate employees will be required to return to the office at least 3 days a week. and some other tech companies are taking similar action or even going more. in june, tesla owner elon musk gave his workers in ultimatum return to the office or leave the company. next. snoop seems to branching out even more. the latest products from the hip-hop icon. and when you might start seeing it on store shelves ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ ♪ ♪let's go♪ ♪ ♪ahh yeah♪ ♪ ♪step to rhythm like♪ ♪you're going out tonight♪ ♪dance get with the groove and♪ ♪dance get up and move let's♪ ♪dance kick off your shoes and♪ ♪show me how you♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪
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>> deputies in san luis obispo county are not talking about a prime suspect, but a primate suspects. they say. the cutest little monkey. you've seen a cap of chichen mookie apparently called 9-1-1 from a wildlife sanctuary over the weekend. the called discontinued win dispatchers couldn't get good response when they called back. but it might have been a prank, but no, it was just that little guy they were sent. deputies were to the zoo, paso robles to see what was up. they found a little monkey named route or group. who had found it a cell phone. apparently it a golf cart. grab the thing and maybe use the face id and opened it
9:56 pm
up. started pushing buttons face may was having an emergency. you don't know >> already has his own wine and brand marijuana products. but now snoop dogg's getting into the cereal game. the rappers. >> new snoop loops coming soon to a grocery store near you. snoop says units like gluten-free froot loops with more corn, more flavor, more marshmallows. snoop loops are from the rapper's brought us foods company which already produces a number of breakfast products, including grits, oatmeal and pancake mix and syrup. leave you with that. kron. 4 news at night that. >> is it for us. catherine and pam are here now with a look at what's coming up next on kron. 4 news that i say snoop loops will not be in the health food for if it's not likely. i don't think it might be at the dispensary. >> thank you, vicki and grant coming up at 10 following a recent spate of violence
9:57 pm
against older asian americans to san francisco city leaders holding a town hall tonight to talk about what's being done to try and put an end to this troubling trend. and after the break, tackling the overwhelming problem of crime and east bay, oakland's police chief gives us a status report of meeting. >> there's still a lot to be done. the kron, 4 news at 10 coming up next.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. make it safe for all visitors of oakland to come out and have a good time but feel safe doing so. >> oakland pollution of iran are talking about new strategies to try and make downtown oakland safer for everybody. this as an arrest has been made in a recent fatal shooting. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us at 10. i'm pam moore. i'm catherine heenan for ken wayne. >> the chief says his department is putting a lot of effort into solving the kind of crimes which have plagued the business corridor over the last few weeks, especially kron 4 ella sogomonian talk to him. she's here. >> live with more on what they're planning to do. a lot. well, catherine and pam, they've learned the criminals really like to have close access to a nearby vehicle to for a speedy getaway. so. >> but they want to do is during busier days as have closed off streets.


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