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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 17, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> fromethe area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us to just leave. okay and me. >> yeah. as promised it was pretty toasty yesterday, especially for our inland valleys. i know in my neck of the woods, we did get up over 100 as john had predicted and did well. i was out on the water and it said 80 on that. so i mean, i know like san francisco proper, probably so, yeah. good morning, john. yes, san francisco couple neighborhoods did tap into the low 80's. we've got 107 in livermore yesterday, which was a record broken. so even if you were in the 80's, you are dodging the worst of the heat. that's for sure. this is your view outside right now, the low gray sitting in san francisco. we have a mix of advisories today. and part of that has to do with the fog at the coastline and the heat inland. we also have some thunderstorms building across parts of the region. now, these will be far and few
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between. but we do have a couple of isolated showers right now in the south bay through sunnyvale and mountain view even had a lightning strike in eastern solano county earlier we have some visibility issues near the coastline. the that's the dense fog advisory. while another heat advisory returns for solano county today. right now, temperatures are mostly in the 50's to 60's, although a couple of spots like san jose double in livermore, brentwood in fairfield never left the 70's last night. so stay pretty warm for a few areas during our evening hours. i'll be breaking down exactly what today's he looks like. still in the rest of your forecast right now. don, thank you for that. ok, if you are traveling into the city this morning, about 7 minutes for your drive. >> as you're heading from the maze, 2, that fremont street exit this morning on the way to work. i got a flat tire. so this is just a warning to everybody. check your tires before you leave your house this morning. you want to run into those delays. san mateo bridge, 12 to one o one heading across towards the peninsula. let's check on the
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richmond center fell bridge 8 minutes tolls to one o one in the south bay traveling up along one o one. a 27 minute ride. 85 to menlo park darya. james, back to you. thank you. reyna happening today, a statewide flex alert is issued because of that weather. and not surprisingly, this means of course, you need to cut down on the amount of electricity use, especially during peak hours. >> with kron four's will tran. he's standing by live in the east bay at the p g any station with more on what we need to jacket at this early well. >> no jacket because right now it's 74 degrees. livermore doesn't have to do a lot of wiggling because it's already sky high. as far as i'm concerned with the temperature. but they do expect it to be 98 degrees in livermore before it's all said and done. you can see those pg any trucks right behind me. they might have to be dispatched. not sure how they turn off the power, they are prepared to turn off the power annually or just a flip of the
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switch. if we all use too much power because they saw what happened yesterday strangely enough yesterday was not a flex alert, even though it's supposed to be hotter yesterday. >> then it is today by a few degrees. but they saw enough yesterday to go ahead and say. >> you've been put on notice if we all collectively used too much power, we could be facing rolling blackouts. there is a little bit of good news guys in the fact that if you need to use major appliances, if you have to do cooking laundry dishwasher, your ac by all means fire up your ac. now because we're not in the window for the possible flex alert and the rolling blackouts, they say cool your house as much as you possibly can. in fact, set your a c right now to 72 degrees. get cool. try to open up your doors in their early morning hours to get that nice morning, erin. and then close the door close. the drapes peak has come. 4 o'clock. that's when the flex alert
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begins. take a look at your screen. we want to pass along some tips to you. i've already mentioned that right now is the window of opportunity use all the major appliances that you need for cooking and laundry after that, whether telling you to change your thermostat from 72 to 78 degrees that way won't kick on. so that won't put the load on the power grid. don't use major appliances. and by all means turn off any lights that you're not using. so we have been put on notice and the bottom line is, regardless of all this true story, guys, i got my pg and pg e bill yesterday. never mind flex alert. i'm turning off the power because i saw the bill. so that should be a motivator as well. but the bottom line is you don't need a jacket this morning because it's another uncomfortable day. and let me show you it's already 74 degrees in livermore. >> all right. with guns out, he likes to say will. all
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right. good advice of a start, the dishwasher now. that's what i did because these hot temperatures are continuing. >> and your morning commute may be impacted because the heat bart is taking extra safety precautions on the rails to keep them from overheating. this is a problem that could lead to a derailment. that's what they want to prevent. kron four's terisa stasio has a look. >> it is this part. officials say that they are hoping to avoid a train derailment back in june on a concord bound train. hot temperatures were the cause on tuesday as temperatures climb past 100 and parts of the east bay train slowed to a maximum of 44 miles an hour. a bart spokesperson says that the slowdown could add about 10 minutes to a commute. >> it was a bit slower and they made an announcement that rain, i think are and that they were down the trains on purpose stream out there. cold says he appreciates the precautionary measures overall better for
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>> the nevada range tonight i've noticed that and this definitely stopping a lot more. so that was something i've never seen it like. usually it starts maybe a little bit, but it didn't stop as much. think that's better going off the yeah, i'm like i'd rather do that and get home safely in. >> have to worry about that. specifically. bart officials say the trains will be slowed between lafayette and bay point and between bayfair in san leandro to the dublin pleasanton stopped. >> and that was theresa stasi reporting for us. no word yet from officials if they plan to do the same thing today, james. well, for your health is important to stay safe and know the signs of heat related illnesses. so we wanted to take a look at the differences between heat exhaustion and heat stroke. and there is a difference. according to the cdc, someone who's experiencing heat exhaustion will begin to feel dizzy thursday may experience some heavy sweating and nausea and feel overall week. the cdc
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says those symptoms can get worse and that is what will lead heat stroke, which is what we have here depicted on the right hand side associated symptoms with that confusion, dizziness. as you can see, you can become unconscious as well. in this case, it's important for somebody to call 9-1-1. if you see somebody exhibiting symptoms of either heat exhaustion and heat stroke. you want to make sure they stay cooler if they can stay hydrated, that help avoid either of these heat related illnesses and you can stay connected with kron 4 for the very latest weather conditions and will help you get through this short little heat wave scan the qr code on the screen. that will take you to our website where we've got all the the information you need from current conditions to the various watches and warnings to your 7 day forecast. you can see when these temperatures will start coming down. >> thank you and 5, 0, 7. we want to change gears now from the heat and talk about the latest with alexis game. her family is continuing to try to get justice for her murder. they're going to meet with the contra costa county district attorney today and asked da to
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file charges, criminal charges against the mother of gabe's ex-boyfriend. kron 4 sarah stinson is live in martinez to explain why they want the mother charged and with what sarah? >> well, daria, the family of alexis, gabe, they have been fighting hard to not only make sure that this investigation stays alive, but also to make sure that the da here in contra costa county files, criminal charges against the mother of a lexus is ex-boyfriend. they believe she helped the ex-boyfriend cover up the murder of alexis, gabe. and so they protest outside this office and that was about a week ago and today they're going to meet in this office with district attorney, diana becton to get an update. news is a big deal because they've been fighting for this. so we'll see what happens. but the family says alicia coleman, clark, the mother of a lexus is killer helped him cover it up. alexis gabe was
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last seen on january. 26th investigators believe her ex-boyfriend, marshall curtis jones had murdered her. that even evening. the motive for the attack remains unknown. alexis, gabe's body has never been found in a timeline of events instructed by the investigators. jones is believed to have traveled to his mother's house shortly after killing gave. and then again, a few days later on february second, he flew to seattle to stay at his father's home. he was killed by law enforcement in early june. they tried to serve an arrest warrant for the murder of a lexus, but he was killed during that arrest warrant. the gave the figure they gave family. they said they say that justice has not fully been served and they are hoping for a big update today. >> marshall jones is but it doesn't mean the case is someone and that would his mother. lisa.
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>> marshall's mother, alicia clark. she was actually briefly detained on may 19th and suspicious of aiding and abetting, but da backed and decided not to file charges against her. and she was released on the family of alexis, gabe. they even called on california attorney general rob bonta to investigate this. but we'll have to see what happens during today's meeting. it starts at 3.30. and as you heard in that interview with the family member, it was loud. it was intense. lots of supporters. the families saying don't come out here because it's going to be too hot. and this meeting could run too long. last time they met with the da. it was about 2 plus hours and they want to make sure all their supporters are safe during this hot heat. for now, i'm sarah stinson reporting live in contra costa county. back to you. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> 5.10, right now and some in san francisco say they're concerned about what the city is doing to protect members of the aap i community because there been recent attacks. as we know, community groups held a town hall yesterday because they want to get answers directly from the city's
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police chief and district attorney. a suspect punched somebody punched a 65 year-old woman in the face multiple times in the richmond district last week that the latest attack on july 31st. a 70 year-old asian-american woman was robbed and beaten and kicked in the head in her apartment in the lobby of her apartment building in the 100 block of san francisco street. >> since july 31st, we've had 3 members of the asian elderly. defense insists lee and brutally attacked. >> there have been 4 arrests made in this case. 18 year-old darryl moore and 3 minors were arrested for that attack. the sfpd plans to increase foot patrols. the da brooke jenkins says that her office has created a new unit known as a vulnerable victims unit dedicated to cases involving in the city sfpd and the da say they're going to be working closely together to
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make sure that offenders are held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> in the north bay, a world class runner says that a coyote attacked him while he was out for a run on a trail in the marin headlands dean kern, as he says he was obviously shaken by the encounter. he just opened up an energy bar says while he was on this long run last friday when the coyote came out of nowhere and lunged for the food. >> when we it's a real problem with people feeding coyotes, ok? so the main source of all wildlife conflict, wildlife, human conflict, including with panties, is access to fit. >> yeah. he says he tried to shoot the animal away with his hiking poles, but it fell on his face in the process. but he did manage, he says to hang on to that energy bar, the golden gate, national recreation area is underlining the fact that this was not an attack with the coyote was going for the food didn't bite the man. they say, quote, while we appreciate the coverage on this, we want to emphasize that the injury
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shown were caused by a fall. the coyote did not bite the individual involved in this encounter. >> 5.12, right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, legionnaires disease detected in the south bay. we're going hear from a southern california couple infected when they were in san jose. and oakland. police are jose. and oakland. police are using a strategy i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation? to not get fired again... i can work with that. actors! spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time. meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget, so mom keeps her alerts on full volume. hey! what? it's true! and that's all thanks to chase first banking.
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east bay. there were more problems at the west oakland, homeless encampment on wood street video from the citizens app shows what firefighters were dealing with. there was a fire in an rv yesterday. crews are working to clear the area out. this latest fire was in the same area that several other fires broke out in recent months. that includes a fire back in july, which threaten to the underside of the macarthur maze. it resulted in traffic being shut down on northbound 8.80, for a time that fire also started just as crews were also trying to clear out an encampment there. >> it's 5.16, right now. want to get a look at the weather. you were just talking yesterday. all i feel better. people have to work like firefighters outside. i again, it's going to be how it is. yeah, triple digits once more. we've got john in the weather center to explain. good morning, john. yeah, we feel bad for people still today but maybe not as bad as the one. 0, 7 we had yesterday in livermore, you'll be down at least into the 90's today. so it's still not comfortable by any means. but hey, at least not as searing hot as your tuesday was a little bit of
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fog sitting over san francisco right now. that same fog is actually resulting in some very bad visibility issues along portions of highway one where we're seeing fog. it is very compacted in very dense. so watch your travel up and down the coastline. in addition to that, we've actually had a couple thunderstorms popping up to. you see this monsoonal moisture working its way in from the south. a couple of light sprinkles for the south bay and then a lightning strike in the eastern solano county. we're sitting with smoke. we have another day with some haze. you probably noticed it. if you look at the horizon yesterday, you can see that narrow band of dark haze out there. that's the impact of some wildfire smoke that has pushed into the bay area. again, the monsoonal moisture making its return this morning. hot day ahead of us. even though not as hot as yesterday enough so that we do have heat advisories in solano lake and mendocino counties, though, in effect from 11:00am today through 08:00pm tonight. as for today, a couple of clouds working their way across the bay area. a couple
5:18 am
of sprinkles possible this morning as a result of that monsoonal moisture. but that doesn't last for long skies will clear out nicely this afternoon for bayside in coastal areas. it's going to feel more comfortable for inland areas, not as hot but not comfortable just yet as we move into tomorrow, even a little bit cooler. and that cooling trend continues into the weekend when we finally see some much needed relief. triple digits remain for the central valley. we will see nears many of those here locally 60's and 70's for san francisco and out along the coastline. it will be 80's for most of our bayshore cities. burlingame, 82 saying carlos in redwood city of 87 while south bay temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's, east bay. also 80's to 90's. livermore. you're still hot at 98 degrees. but down from yesterday, oakland to richmond in the 70's will antioch at 98 vacaville. brentwood are only 2 spots hanging on to 100 degrees. here's a look ahead next. 7 days temperatures remain in the 90's inland
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through saturday. we do catch a break from that, though. and by sunday and monday, we're only in the 80's inland bayside cities fall from the 80's to the 70's. great job. thank you for that. ok, if you're traveling alone, northbound 6.80, just south of the key role here in san jose. >> we got an accident. so slight delay as you're making your way along. i 6, 1, no major issues. so that's the good news in iran into the city. makes that fremont street exit. let's check on our san mateo bridge. 12 minutes. a 80 to one o one all richmond center fell commute as you head out a return. just 7 minutes for you. and then like we mentioned that incident is there. but one, 0 one. 27 minute. drive traveling from 85 up to menlo park. daria, back to you. thanks. a lot rain. it's 5.19, and the oakland police department has a new strategy to make the downtown area safer. >> there's been a string of serious crimes in recent weeks in the department has been closing off now streets in busy areas to cars and increasing their patrols downtown oakland's police chief leronne armstrong says he wants oakland to be safe.
5:20 am
>> for those who are living there and those who are visiting. >> anytime you have firearms, alcohol and drugs play. it leads to a in most cases, not good outcomes. and that's really our effort to reduce the number of guns in that area. that is the amount of shootings and homicides, but also make it safe for all visitors of oakland to come out and have a good time but feel safe doing so. problem is, you know, they don't have enough officers. the department says the public has to do more because of that to help as well. if this is going to work, he says that you can do that by simply reporting crimes and also any cameras that evening at a business or a home helps out. the chief says those videos help them to solve cases. >> 5.20, is the time right turning our attention to some national news. now we have president biden signing the inflation reduction act into law on tuesday with democrats saying this will lower energy and health care costs. let's hope so. all republicans opposed to it. they say it's a spending spree. let's go to dc now. talk to rashad hudson about it. hi, rashad.
5:21 am
>> hi, james. and darya. well, climate activists in the white house are celebrating this new law. >> the next step will be trying to sell it to the american people. with this law. the american people won and the special interest last tuesday, president biden signed the inflation reduction act into law, calling the massive climate health and tax legislation. historic. >> it's about delivering progress and prosperity to american families. joining the president were key democratic lawmakers who helped push the bill across the finish line like west virginia. senator joe mansion i said is not a greenville. it's not a >> lubitz, a red, white and blue really is. it's the nation's largest investment in climate. it directs nearly 400 billion dollars in climate and energy programs with tax credits and incentives to cut emissions by 40% over the next 8 years. >> and it's going to mitigate the climate crisis is going to
5:22 am
protect families. >> the bill passed congress with no republican support, missouri congressman jason smyth called the bill a reckless spending spree. >> so lots of spending up front, lots of debt up front and then maybe savings 8 years from now. >> and with just 3 months until the midterm elections, president biden will be headed, hitting the road in the coming weeks, trying to sell this to the american people and to explain to them what exactly is in this landmark piece of legislation reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. ok, thank you very much for a shot. >> it's 5.22. and coming up on the kron, 4 morning news, a local starbucks is trying to unionize will
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>> 5.25 is the time and employees at a starbucks store in san francisco's castro district voted to unionize the national labor relations board says that everyone involved has 5 business days now to submit any objections, if not, the results will be certified in starbucks has to begin bargaining in good faith with the union. we talked to an employee from that store about all this. >> it's tough these days. and i think i think everyone we all just need to realize worth a lot more this company. and i think they're nothing without us. >> well, that starbucks stores just one of many where workers are taking similar steps here in recent months.
5:26 am
>> doordash is soon going to be delivering more than just food. they are working with so that they can deliver things that you purchase at facebook marketplace. the deliveries are limited to small items that would fit in the trunk of a car. so, you know, i got a sofa on facebook. you can't do the delivery area also limited to just 15 miles facebook marketplace has a separate service call that dolly, if you want to buy something bigger. doordash co-founder was appointed to meadows board of directors earlier this year. so they're cooperating. >> we'll take a break here at 5.26. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. recent attacks on the asian american pacific islander community. >> in san francisco have left many feeling unsafe and they want some answers from city leaders. and we're also again, reminding you about how warm temperatures are going to be this afternoon. we're already off to a fairly warm start for places like livermore, antioch, san jose. already in the low 70's. we'll have more your forecast coming up.
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5:30 am
house want to do it like yesterday. it's going to get pretty hot this afternoon. john. trouble in the weather center to explain. good morning, that flex alert means you're probably get the laundry done earlier to not just because it is hot. we are seeing such a cool start to the morning which is nice to get a little taste of a break from the afternoon heat that we do have again later today. at least not quite a searing hot as yesterday. looking out there this morning, it's breezy. it's not super foggy at the bay bridge, but it is definitely foggy towards the coastline. look at this. we have some isolated showers working their way up the peninsula right now. couple roles of thunder are possible. these are very brief showers. >> but enough to get roadways wet in a couple pockets along 2.81. 0, one had some lightning strikes in eastern solano county earlier. this just has to do with monsoonal moisture across the region towards the coastline. we do have some fog advisories out there. very dense fog at the coast. another heat advisory for solano county as well as lake and mendocino counties to our north. a break from the
5:31 am
heat this morning. we're 50's 60's and 70's right now. later on today. we do still have some 90's and even a couple of triple digits hanging break down where to find those in your forecast thank you for that will. if you're taking 5.80 or 80 this morning heading from crockett down towards the maze, a little under 60 minutes now. 24 westbound wannacry down a 5.80. you're looking at >> 11 minute drive this morning. traffic really hasn't picked up there. >> 8 minutes into the city that free must exit. so we're moving along pretty nicely. >> san mateo bridge a 80 to one o one about 12 minutes for you heading across towards the peninsula. you are slowing down along highway 4, 17 min run out of antioch into conquered. and let's check on 6.80, southbound doubling down to fremont about 15 minutes 80 here you can see southbound and northbound side both pretty nicely darya. james, back to you. thank you. ran a 5.31, for your health this morning. the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease. >> has been discovered in a south bay hotel. yeah. and now
5:32 am
a southern california couple who stayed there and got sick. >> he's telling their story. kron four's. dan kerman reports. >> i get a little teary we have our journey. >> in late june redone, dan miles, we're at a hotel pool and spa visiting family in san jose the next week the fatigue started followed by fever, stomach problems and difficulty breathing. we just basically swept from. >> tuesday evening till i'm sorry morning. at 1 o'clock finally called the paramedics. >> before they knew it, this long beach couple was hospitalized with legionnaires disease. >> legionnaires, disease's pneumonia cause my particular group of bacteria called legionella uc berkeley epidemiology professor arthur reingold says the legionella bacteria often finds its way into fresh water in improperly maintained cooling towers are pools or spas to get it by inhaling contaminated. >> there are souls of water. they contained the legionella
5:33 am
bacteria. dan miles was put on a ventilator. and while things were touch and go for a few days, both he and his wife recovered. >> the ford and getting back is energy and lung capacity is still an ongoing process. this came out of blue, a u.s.. >> and it really reinforces the idea of just taking care of yourself on a daily bases. so that you're in a better position an investigation by the santa clara county public health department. >> led to the aloft hotel in san jose where the mile stayed here. legionella was detected in the spot filter and the spot was closed. i feel that this could be our mission to educate. hotel workers not to scam. >> the to people who travel, take your clearing and tips that you can use e and to healthcare workers. don't forget about legionnaires and most importantly them, i'll say maximize your time with family and friends.
5:34 am
>> dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> so again, what is legionnaires disease? let's go over what we just saw in oan's story. great story. by the way, it's a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria called legionella grows in warm water. and as you saw in the in that report, the symptoms include everything from severe coughing to muscle aches, fever, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, all of that. it can take up to 2 weeks after exposure for the symptoms to set in. as for prevention. well, it depends on how well building water systems are maintained, as you know, fell victim to improperly maintained pool water. oh, boy. all right. so from legionnaires disease are kind of monkeypox. now give you the very latest on that outbreak. here's the number of cases that we're seeing. >> in california and the bay area, san francisco has the most cases. 600. you can los angeles has more than we do the most in bay area, though, is in san francisco, followed
5:35 am
by alameda at 112 statewide. they're getting close to 2000 cases, 1925 the san francisco county jail reported one monkeypox case too. sheriff's office confirming that somebody who it was taken into custody on sunday tested positive before they were booked. officials say there have been no other exposures within the jail population and that person who tested positive is going to stay in isolation. and there are no other known cases in the jail. happening today, a monkey pox vaccine clinic returns to berkeley this week. it's going to happen tomorrow at noon at the steam works bass on 4th street. the business is working with the alameda county public health department hosting that clinic. they will give 300 shots their first come first serve. only the first dose is what you're going to get. their steam works. bass will hold other clinics over the next few weeks. >> well, it is now illegal to
5:36 am
have a used catalytic converter on your car in south san francisco unless you have the proper documentation. the city council adopted new the more difficult for thieves to sell stolen catalytic converters. so it's a growing problem. as we've reported all across the bay area. these are some of the photos of converters have been recovered by san mateo police earlier this month. and here is some sir kier, a t video showing a thief in vallejo lifting the car off the ground. and stealing someone's converter in a year and a half south san francisco police say they've investigated more than 430 stolen converters. they're hoping this new ordinance will help. >> and this is actually going to give us law enforcement tool too. kind of help stop this or slow it down. at least. >> earlier this year, san jose introduced its catch and protect program which encourages car owners to get there. converters marked. that makes them easier to trace if they are ever stolen.
5:37 am
>> the petaluma police department coordinate its first ever gun buyback over the past weekend, officers announced how many firearms they got. the department has a total of 150 firearms that were turned in from members of the public during this 4 hour event and of the one 50 59 were handguns. 89 were rifles or shotguns and 2 were assault weapons. one of those weapons was a ghost gun. and, you know, you may know ghost guns don't have a serial number brand model. nothing on him. police offered up to $100 per weapon turned into 100 if it was an assault weapon. >> we'll take a break at 5.37. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news yet another french bulldogs stolen here in the bay area. we'll tell you what the owner says happened and lawmakers from california to nevada, our valley now to take action on the climate will tell you why they say they need to act now to prevent more natural disasters and the giants coming from
5:38 am
behind to win in exciting fashion. it all came down to the bottom of the night. we'll have the highlights and we're foggy at the coast. not so much elsewhere. we do have another day of hot temperatures, though. look at this. we're still climbing into the upper 90's inland. some 80's right along the bay shore. another day to stay hydrated. but that sun screen on if you're heading out there. >> break down exactly what >> break down exactly what we changed our fries to make 'em hot & crispy every single time. high-fryve! and every single time, toby insists we “high fryve.” high-fryve? high-fryve. high-fryve!! it'll catch on. right?! try wendy's hot & crispy fries! preferred almost 2:1 over mcdonald's.
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5:41 am
happening. more and more with french bulldogs being stolen from their owners. the dogs, low maintenance. the fact that they're great for apartments and families make them highly desirable and many pay thousands of dollars to have. one is a companion. michel renaud sos beloved 3 month-old frenchie named frankie was snatched within seconds while grabbing his morning coffee and fremont 2 weeks ago. he says frankie is just another member of his family, loves them. he's offering now $700 reward for his safe return. >> and within a matter of 15 seconds of putting my on grocery items in my vehicle, he was picked up off the ground. tricky wasn't another pad or another animal. he was a member of our family. >> french bulldog breeders say the demand will remain strong and they recommend to get yours. microchipped so they can help keep track of them. >> and this is just the latest in a string of french bulldog not that have happened around the bay. look at all these cute dog is that have been taken 10 have been taken from
5:42 am
their owner since the start of the year. and as you can see the crime is not isolated to one area. it's really bay area wide. some of the dogs have been returned to their owners, but many have not. it's 5.41 right now. and coming up next, the big story in the bay area today is how hot it's going to be. again, it's easing off a little bit. they're still >> a flex alert and that statewide. we'll tell you everything you need to know about that. how to conserve power. stay cool. and everyt
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>> 5.44 is the time and another fire is burning in yosemite national park with crews working to contain. now the red fire, which has burned roughly 400 acres. it broke out just as crews are gaining the upper hand on the devastating oak fire. that fire was sparked by lightning deep in his 70's high country. and firefighters are now bracing for this new fire. that's red fire to grow as triple digit heat moves into the area. the red fire is the 3rd large wildfire now in yosemite this year. >> and yet, california, nevada leaders met lake tahoe talking about it. you know, the problem of climate change during their annual summit. senator alex padilla says that the lakers already suffered because of the caldor fire and because of the ongoing drought eases, california and nevada are working together to prevent natural disasters which are becoming more severe. but republican congressman tom mcclintock who represents residents around lake tahoe disagrees. he says
5:46 am
protecting the region comes down to one key thing. >> this all amid lee is a forest management issue. and this problem is not going to go away even if we all ride our bikes to work in the tofu for hamburgers. >> governor newsom was there just days after releasing his own climate to change goals. he says that he's working to make sure that these goals become legislation. >> all right. 5.46, let's check on the 70 valley expecting triple digit heat to arrive. we've already had that hearing will continue to have a today. yeah, we're going to have that for another day or 2, john, when when is it can ease off significantly because i know if we're going to notice a few degrees. exactly. and as such slow changes, you might not notice it from the day today, but by the end of the weekend, we will be in a lot more of a comfortable situation than we're currently sitting in, especially where we were sitting yesterday, fires burning in northern
5:47 am
california, still on top of the heat, resulting in some air quality issues for us. another day with less than ideal conditions as you're getting out there today, we're adding in a whole nother factor, which is some monsoonal moisture working its way into the bay from the south and east. let's get a little bit of a closer look here. we do have some isolated showers. these are super brief, but seeing a few of them on the peninsula stretching over the dumbarton bridge on over towards the null hayward and union city. do watch for some areas where you may see rain picking up for just a very short time. then moving overhead. this is due to that monsoonal moisture. the same monsoonal moisture that has been resulting in some thunderstorms for the sierra taking up the fire up there as well as resulting in that flooding across the great basin in the 4 corners region. we're just catching the very edge of it. so not packing quite as much of a punch, but be ready for it. nonetheless, high-pressure ridge that centered in place is contributing to the heat that we yet again are experiencing today. solano county,
5:48 am
mendocino and lake counties still under heat advisories from 11:00am through 08:00pm tonight. the rest of those heat advisories have expired as at least we're backing up the heat a little bit today, making today less hot than yesterday was tomorrow. a little less hot yet temperatures will fall further into the 90's inland and further into the 80's after yesterday's 90's along the bay shore. by the time we do reach the end of the week, you will notice those changes adding up with a much more comfortable weekend ahead of us. take a look at the interior today. we're still well above 100 degrees for the central valley. that makes our numbers closer to the bay and the coast not seem so bad. it's 60's 70's for a staff today and out along the coastline and after yesterday's 90's for a lot of her bayshore cities today, we are dropping into the 80's. so this is the right direction. redwood city, 87 san jose down from the upper 90's to just 90 degrees today. well, livermore notably down from one 0, 7, yesterday to 98 degrees today. this is still hot, but not as hot oakland,
5:49 am
richmond, berkeley, some of our most comfortable in the 70's while to triple digits remain in vacaville and brentwood. santa rosa through center fell in the upper 90's to low upper 80's to low 90's. by the weekend. it's mostly back down into the upper 80's by sunday and monday inland with bayshore cities falling back into the 70's. great. john, thank you. still tracking this accident along 6.80, northbound south of the guy road. so i ever seen a slight delay. >> also along want to traveling northbound. you see we have just a slight issues. you're traveling along san jose. no accident, the rta's traffic building 10 minute ride into the city. makes that free must exit traffic moving along san mateo bridge, a 80 to one o one. 12 minutes for you as you're heading across towards the peninsula. well, we talked about that slight delay to cause that to about 34 minutes and terms of drive times. 84 up to menlo park 2.37, there's no issue there. prague down towards the major looking at a 16 minute ride.
5:50 am
sorry. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 5.49, a pilot program is going to get roughly 50,000 a bay area. residents free access. >> to public transit for the next 2 years. the idea is to use a single pass for several forms of transportation. bart vta muni, other agencies using the clipper payment system. you'll be able to write a mall. the new clipper bay pass. well, first going to be distributed to students at some bay area colleges. and then after that certain affordable housing communities will get them. >> well, speaking of housing for your money this morning, the bay area housing market is apparently slowly cooling off new information from the real estate brokerage compass shows that home sales are down from this time last year. but some analysts don't think this downturn is a sign of a housing bubble popping instead they expect prices and they say they do expect prices to fall like this because that's what happens at the end of a record price climb. they add that with interest rates climbing as well. the market is responding as it should.
5:51 am
>> right now, we're not looking a thing like a crash, but the market is still trying to find its feet as to exactly where it's going. and of course, so much depends on what what happens in the in the greater economy. >> their prices have been trending down throughout the bay area. although wine country homes are still retaining their value. the brokerage says that that's because there are a lot of summer homes there, which tend to hold prices. well, even during the summer months. >> it's 5.51. and apple is ending its pandemic work from home policies. apple has set a deadline for employees to get back to in-person work by september 15th. those employees will be required to return to office at least 3 days a week. apple joins several other tech giants and requiring people to go back to work in the office in june, tesla's elon musk gave the order and was an ultimatum that they had to return to the
5:52 am
office or leave the company. actually, his quote was or pretend to work somewhere else yeah. >> all right. let's turn our attention to bury a baseball now. 5.51, the giants at home taking on the diamondbacks. could their winning streak continue? well, let's go straight to the bottom of the night. giants down by one and brandon crawford here. coming up, big with this 2 run walk-off home run over the center field. wall. and with that, the giants win it in the final moments. 2 to one. they've now won 5 in a row. teams will play again tonight. the first pitch at 6.45? they were trailing for just about the entire game until the bottom. i was pretty incredible. jumping for joy. the a's are happy to there in texas taking on the rangers. >> and oakland jumped out to an early lead and that's good never looked back the a's. when it finally was 5 to one. they're going to play again tonight. first, pitch 5, 0, 5 in texas. >> it's 5.52. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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we changed our fries to make 'em hot & crispy every single time. high-fryve! and every single time, toby insists we “high fryve.” high-fryve? high-fryve. high-fryve!! it'll catch on. right?! try wendy's hot & crispy fries! preferred almost 2:1 over mcdonald's. >> 5.55. and guess what we know now the lineup for fleet week just came it's happening in october, october, 7th to the 9th cut along the san francisco waterfront or wherever you in the past
5:56 am
years, just like in the past years will see the blue angels again. also the navy's leap frogs parachute will be there that's always cool to say yeah. and they're going to united is doing this show overhead with the boeing 7, 7, 7, that's always so cool. i see these commercial lines i don't like her because you're like shouldn't be doing it's a terrible thing makes me out. it's going to want to see that. it's ok anyway. the blue angels live show on kron, which is your best seat in the house? yes. octobeg 8th featuring the blue angels. how excited? and i top gun. so i fighter jets in also if you're in the football, you don't want to miss preseason. continue with the raiders they're taking on the dolphins saturday. our coverage starts at 3.30. so stay tuned for that, too. all right. it is 5.56 and we'll take a quick break. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news at.
5:57 am
>> 7 or 6, we've got a statewide flex alert that's been issued today because of the hot weather. so we're going to tell you what you need to know to conserve electricity will have a live report on that. and the family of alexis, gabe is meeting with the contra costa county district attorney today as they continue their effort to get justice for their daughter's murder. we're going to be live with details in just a moment. plus, the aap i community in san francisco is asking for answers now from city leaders as hate crimes against their community against their community continues to climb. we meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león. ooh la la! one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours.
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors.
5:59 am
prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
6:00 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us. it's going to be another hot one. i'm darya and i'm james. yeah. uptriple digit weather on tap a 06:00am. we're already starting to see warm temperatures in some of our inland spots. >> let's get things started with john in the weather center. good morning, john. yes, some of her further inland spots, guys just remain warm overnight and we are seeing a bit of a cool down near the coastline. but it's coming along with some dense fog. so this morning actually has quite a few factors to be breaking down for you. and a lot of it depends on exactly where you're at across the bay right now, looking outside at our berkeley hills camera, you can see that dense fog that to settle the right into the bay itself. this is resulting in poor visibility near the coastline. you add on top of that, some showers this morning. we have monsoonal moisture making its return to the bay area and that has resulted in a few areas of brief rainfall


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