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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  August 17, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> and we've got another red alert for that means it's going to be hot again. little less hot, not cooler. less happened yesterday. less hat for sure. because we're still going to be up there in the upper 90's to low 1. 100's for some of our >> inland communities. we've got john talking about that to start things off in the weather center. hey, john, because exactly right. i'm trying not to stay cooler today because that makes people think, oh, we're done with that. >> because it is just less hot today. at least we're not quite as hot as yesterday was we'd saw records broken in areas like livermore getting up to one. 0, 7, for your tuesday wednesdaye only going to be 98. still hot. not as hot. your view outside right now is looking pretty good. we do have some low cloud cover moving over san francisco and we'll monsoonal moisture that's working its way across
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the region. this is actually resulting in a few isolated pockets of what could be some rumbles of thunder as we see this monsoonal moisture pushing overhead. san francisco parts of the peninsula and very isolated patches of the east bay currently looking at some light rain. we're very foggy at the coastline enough so that we do have a special weather statement out there with some dense fog advisories right along the coast and then heat advisories back today for solano, mendocino and lake counties. current temperatures are mostly in the 60's. it's a cool start to what will be another hot day. so capitalize on the nice feel that we have for the time being definitely get out there. walk the dog, do any sort of yard work that you need to get done here these next few hours. reyna. john, thank you for that, ok? so we do have some delays to tell you about if you are. >> traveling in the south bay, northbound one. 0, one south of rolling out an accident there. this is in san jose. you can see 6.80 and as you're traveling along one 80 here, no major issues. if you want to go on and off on those
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2.80, might be a good alternate for you there as well. 22 minute ride into the city may see that fremont street exit, no accidents or hazards along the bay bridge. just 15 minutes. a 80 to one o one. if you're taking the san mateo bridge and we'll get a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute a 13 minute ride as you head from the tolls to one o one darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's get back to the big story, which is the heat and a statewide flex alert because of it today. and we want to avoid brownouts if we can. so we're going to be asked to cut down on your electricity use this afternoon properties will tran actually standing by the east bay out of the p g station with that. >> details we need to know. well. >> what you need to know is if you have some cooking some laundry, do it. now the window is wide open, but it's lance shot at 4 o'clock this afternoon pg and e says they will keep their finger on the button and if necessary, because so many people are using power that they don't have enough to spread it around that they will do. rolling blackouts. so keep in
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mind, you can do it now. use your ac. get your house is cool as you possibly can before. mother nature clears up the road and really starts to bake. in livermore, it's around 74 degrees this morning, which is why i'm not wearing a jacket. it will be 98 this afternoon. take a look at your screen. these are some of the tips that you need to know to say power and ultimately let's face it to save money user places. now until 4 o'clock this afternoon. that means the major appliances, no problems. keep your thermostat at 72 degrees even lower if necessary. if you feel it because come 4 o'clock, they're asking you to change it to 78 degrees or higher. if you're even nicer. 79, 80 degrees. >> don't use major appliances and also if you are not using any lights or anything like that, you leave the room, turn off the lights, unplug appliances that you don't use. that all adds up because if we're also called nnadi and we
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don't conserve power, that means rolling blackouts well happened. so you have that window of opportunity is very comfortable right now. pg e have been rolling in and out at this location. they are ready to go. they didn't do yesterday. it was hotter. they didn't do it yesterday, but they're putting you on notice. all of us on notice. we're all in this together. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. we'll well. let's talk to for your health about the impacts to you. with temperatures getting this hot. you really do need to know the signs of heat related illnesses like heat exhaustion. >> and heat stroke. so let's go over it heat exhaustion, according to the cdc, will result in symptoms like you see here, dizziness, excessive thirst, heavy sweating, nausea, weakness. if you start to feel any of those symptoms, you really want to try to start getting your body temperature down because if you don't, it could escalate to heat stroke, which is when you can experience confusion, you become disoriented. you become dizzy and in worst case scenarios, you could lose
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consciousness in any of these cases, especially for heat stroke. you do want to call 9-1-1 and get advice on how to get your body back down again. you want to hydrate, obviously use cool compresses. do anything you can to avoid either of these. and if you want more information, just go to our website. kron 4 dot com. that qr code will send you right there where we have all of these details about heat related to weather and its impacts on your health. plus, the watches the warnings. current conditions. your 7 day forecast. all of it. >> time now 7, 0, 5, and in the east bay, the family of alexis, gabe is continuing their effort to try to get their daughter justice. they know she was murdered and they know that the police say that her ex-boyfriend did it. so he can't be charged, but they want her brought. her boyfriend's mother charged with something for helping kron. 4 sarah stinson is live in martinez to explain why sarah. >> well, jury, that's exactly right. the family of alexis, gabe, they believe that her ex
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boyfriend's mother covered up the murder of alexis, gabe. and they think that she should be charged. and so far she has not. so they have been protesting outside the county district attorney's office. they've been trying to make sure that something happens. but so far nothing. that's why they have a meeting today. hopefully they will get an update from not only the district attorney but also from investigators. because keep in mind the body of alexis, gabe has still not been found. so they are trying to keep this case alive and active. this meeting comes after as they said that protests here, the county office, martinez, you can see video of family friends of the game family calling on da diana becton to file charges against alicia coleman. clark police believe her son marshall curtis jones killed alexis on the evening of january. 26th in february, marshall went to seattle to be with his father. police went there to arrest him for the murder of alexis, gabe. but while serving the arrest warrant, marshall was killed
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by police. at one point his mother was detained on suspicion of aiding and abetting. but the district attorney decided not to file charges and she was released. the family says justice has not been fully served. >> marshall jones is but it doesn't mean the case is someone and that would his mother. lisa, former employer. >> you can hear the passion of the protesters that were out here at the county district attorney's office. those supporters want to come out and wait until this meeting today is done and is here with the update. but the family wrote on facebook. it's going to be really hot outside. and this meeting is expected to go long so they don't recommend people to come out here. but they definitely love the support. now that meeting starts at 3.30 this morning and will continue to follow it for now. send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you, sir. thank you,
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sarah. some people who live in san francisco are concerned about what the city's to protect members of the ap. i community after been recent attacks that we've told you about there was a town hall yesterday the police and the police chief and the district attorney's office gave people direct answers about what's going on this after a man punched a 65 year-old woman in the face multiple times. that was in the richmond district last week on july 31st. a 70 year-old asian american woman was robbed, beaten and kicked in the head in the lobby of of an an apartment building in the 100 block of friends, cisco street. >> since july 31st, we've had 3 members of the asian elderly that have been since brutally attacked. >> there were 4 arrests in that case. an 18 year-old named darryl moore and 3 juveniles. sfpd plans to increase their patrols. and the da says that her office is created vulnerable victims
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unit dedicated to cases involving of those that need the most protection in the city. and the sfpd nda say they're going to work very closely together to make sure that people are who are prosecuted or held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. >> all right, 7, 0, 8, he's the time and happening right now. students are heading back to school this time in sunnyvale. and this year you'll notice multiple schools were upgraded over the summer kron four's camila barco takes a look at what's new in sunnyvale. high camilla. >> good morning. you guys. so yeah, it's back to school for the sonny bill school district. more than 5,000 students. all right. back to the classroom here in the district. and the district is also starting new school year with some new projects. take a look at the school district is actually giving giving alice elementary a facelift. you can see the construction going on. and in the last few years the district has spent some time renovating 3 other schools. and aside from the construction, you guys, the district is running for all electric buses and one natural
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gas bus. now inside the schools, the district says that they are expanding its spanish english dual language immersion program here at san entry and columbia middle school. they've expanded the program from kindergarten all the way through 7th grade and next year they'll be offering it to 8th graders the students and are back and now volunteers and parents are to the district is welcoming back. as welcoming them back on campus after covid didn't allow them to. and as far as the they're gone. but they're still strongly recommended on public spaces and darya james, no more social distancing. so you can say that this is the first school year that you will see no mask really being warned that social distancing is gone. the desk aren't separated anymore. it kind of feels like the old times the kids are going to be super excited that can hug each other. they can sit next to each other fairly closely. covid a thing of the past. but classes do start here at 8
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o'clock. so we're still waiting for the kids to arrive to school. in the next hour, we'll hear from school officials about what it's like to be back and talk a little bit about the new school projects. but for now, i'll send it back to you. don't you chew gum and sticking out of the dais? know that's an oldie but goodie. >> haha, thank you very much. camila. well, if you've taken a picture child first day of school, share it with us. we've been putting the call out for the past week and a half now to e-mail us. your pictures to breaking news. a kron 4 dot com. so keep them coming in because we're to our website and as promised, we're sharing some of them on air. and here's some of the photos that have come in with everybody. young old getting ready for their first day of school. some pretty great shots here. students excited brothers and sisters ready to head out for the first see the bigger kid on. i know my kid. my son is 21 today. you know, and i remember that picture. don't start crying. thank you. and keep those pictures coming. >> 7.11 is the time. and still
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ahead on the kron 4 morning news. >> what you can get in a swimming pool. a couple got legionnaires disease while visiting a hotel in the south. they will tell you more about it. and oakland police are using a new strategy will show you how they're trying to make the downtown safer. >> hot but not as hot. all. tell you what that means in your forecast. >> and a few delays out there. we are actively tracking those drive times ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ ♪ ♪let's go♪ ♪ ♪ahh yeah♪ ♪ ♪step to rhythm like♪ ♪you're going out tonight♪ ♪dance get with the groove and♪ ♪dance get up and move let's♪ ♪dance kick off your shoes and♪ ♪show me how you♪ ♪dance♪
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>> welcome back into some 14 right now. and therefore has tons of sunshine and we're all going to get plenty of it come later on this afternoon. and some may actually get a raindrop or 2 this morning as it turns out where that be jon bon getting a little shower this morning. we're also seeing a few isolated showers on the peninsula. >> and elsewhere across the east bay, it really has to do with monsoonal moisture, which is making its return to the bay area this morning. you can see some of those dark clouds sitting across the bay. a couple of lightning strikes up the coast of monterey even had a couple of those out into eastern solano county earlier. there's your light rainfall that's working its way through portions of right now. even right along the east bay shoreline. these are just pockets of brief rain popping up this morning. pretty calm for the bay area compared to that offshore thunderstorm sitting just off shore of santa cruz at the moment. now, if we zoom out across the region, can see we still do have some wildfire smoke not going to be as much of a problem as yesterday, but stilltgoing to be something that those of us with those respiratory sensitivities may be able to pick up. we do have
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the monsoonal moisture. we have the heat and we have the continued dry weather aside from this. blame it all on that eye pressure we do have another heat advisory for solano county, mendocino and lake counties. not as hot as yesterday, but still pretty warm climbing into the 90's and even a couple low triple digits this morning. we have those spotty showers again. that's that monsoonal moisture really coming down late morning, though, rest of the day looking consistently dry and sunny. tomorrow's temperatures will be a little cooler than today as we're tapping back into more of that cool ocean air, which is going to really have a helpful effect on us, especially come the weekend dropping temperatures into the 80's and even 70's. today's highs, though, it's well into the triple digits for the central valley holding on to a couple of those numbers here in the bay. it will be 60 70's for san francisco at the coast. and after yesterday's 90's along the bay shore, we fall to the 80's along the bay today. nice change. we're moving our way in the right
7:17 am
direction. san jose still hanging on to 90 degrees while freeman to hayward in the 80's livermore. you are one. 0, 7 yesterday today. only 98, which is no longer record breaking oakland, berkeley and richmond in the 70's while vacaville and brentwood are 2 spots at 100 degrees today. petaluma at 90 tomorrow's temps fall further and we should level out for a couple days after that before further dropping into the upper 80's inland by sunday and monday, bayside cities will cool from the 80's to the 70's for the rest of the forecast. after today. great. tom. thank you for that. hey, if you're traveling along one o one in san mateo just at east 3rd avenue. >> we have an accident. you are seeing delays there. look at 2.80, though. no major issues. if you want to go ahead and hop on that, 82 also another good route. 22 minute ride into the city maze to that fremont street exit. let's go ahead and get a look. san mateo bridge about 17 minutes. because of the accident were seen a slight delay 80 to one o one. well in the south bay, you go along one o one a 40 minute right
7:18 am
now from 85 up towards menlo park. we are look at 2.80. we don't see issues there. if you want to take that and crockett down towards the major looking at about a 29 minute ride. you're taking 24 westbound traveling from wanna creek down to 5.80. it's going to be a little under 15 minutes. darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain to 17 the time for your money. this morning, an analyst firm says that a severe housing downturn is possible and the fda clears the path now for over the counter hearing aids. we've got jane king live, the nasdaq to explain. good morning, jane. >> yes, james, good morning to you. so the fda will allow hearing aids to be sold over the counter without a prescription to adults. they've been talking about this for years. finally made the decision yesterday. the high cost of hearing aids discourages millions of americans from buying the devices. and health experts say untreated hearing loss can contribute to cognitive decline in depression. so people with mild to moderate hearing loss will be able to buy those 8 at stores over the
7:19 am
counter as soon as october. well, the probability of the severe downturn in the u.s. housing market is on the rise. according to credit reporting agency fitch fitch's projections suggest u.s. home prices could sink by 10 to 15% alongside a roughly 30% decline or more in housing activity over the next 2 years. meanwhile, redfin's has a home so cancellations search to another two-year high as buyers pulled back, worried about a recession and walmart and target said supplies of baby formula are improving. however, target said it will still limit the purchases both at stores and online for the time being the shortage began due to the pandemic supply chain and then got worse in february when abbott close the manufacturing plant after reports of bacterial infections and the nba will not schedule games on election day to encourage voting teams will also share information on voting and registration deadlines ahead of the november 8 mid terms by from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to you. all right, jane, thank you as always. have a great day.
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>> it's 7.19 and the oakland police are trying something new to make the downtown area safer. there been a a string of serious crimes reported in recent weeks. so now the department is closing off streets to cars and busy areas and also upping their patrols in the downtown. oakland's police chief leronne armstrong says that he wants there to be safe for residents and those visiting. >> anytime you have firearms, alcohol and drugs play. it leads to a in most cases, not good outcomes. and that's really our effort to reduce the number of guns in that area. that is the amount of shootings and homicides, but also make it safe for all visitors of oakland to come out and have a good time but feel safe doing so. >> and the chief wants your help because he says, you know, they don't have enough officers to really canvas the area the way they would like. so the more cameras you have, the better they say if you put him up at your home or your business and the key is he says people have to report crimes.
7:21 am
>> well, after 35 years of serving in law enforcement, brent woods, police chief thomas hansen says he is stepping down. he's retiring. he worked his way up the ranks from officer to sergeant to lieutenant and then captain before being promoted to police chief back in 2017 hansen's last day will be september. 30th. in the north bay. a world class runner says the coyote attacked him while he was out for a run on a trail in the marin headlands dean kern, as he says he was obviously shaken by the encounter. he says he just opened up an energy bar and was eating it while running friday when the coyote lunged for the food. >> as i've subsequently it's a real problem with people feeding coyotes, ok? so the main source of all wildlife conflict, wildlife, human conflict, including with coyotes, is access to fit. >> yeah. now leah runner says that he tried to shoot the animal away with his hiking poles, but and in that process, he fell then hit his
7:22 am
face on the ground, which is why he had those injuries to his face. the golden gate, national recreation area is underlining the fact that he not injured by the attack. the coyote didn't fact, they went on to say in the post, as you can see here, quote, while we appreciate the coverage on this, we do want to emphasize that the injury shown were caused by fall. the coyote did not bite the individual involved in this encounter. it's 7.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a local starbucks is trying to unionize. a barista tells us unionize. a barista tells us why. unionize. a barista tells us why. hmm that's great. you're great! i'm here to save you. i'm good. cool. i think we should see other people. you know if you could just let your hair down. a little bit down! no no no no no. no no no! you're so far away, can't hear ya! the home with dunkin' is where you want to be.
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>> 7.25 the time employees at a starbucks store in san francisco's castro district have voted to unionize. the national labor relations board says that everybody involved has 5 days now to submit any objections. and if none are turned in, well, the results are going to be certified and starbucks will have to begin bargaining in good faith with the union. we talked to an employee from that story. here's what he had to say. >> it's tough these days. and i think. i think everyone we all just need to realize worth a lot more this company. and i think they're nothing without us. >> well, at starbucks stores, just one of many where workers are taking similar steps in recent months.
7:26 am
>> doordash is soon going to live or more than just food that they are working with. to deliver what you buy on facebook marketplace. the deliveries are limited to items that are small enough to fit in the trunk of a car and the delivery area is limited to 15 miles away from you. a facebook marketplace has a separate service. if you buy some big, it's called dolly. they'll ship the larger items. doordash co-founder was appointed to meadows board of directors earlier this year. so they're cooperating now. >> it is 7.26. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, the city of south san francisco is trying to crack down on catalytic converter thefts. we'll explain what they're doing to try and stop it. and here's a quick look at temperatures this afternoon. we're expecting once again for our inland valleys to get awfully warm upper 90's, maybe even a triple digit here. and there, john, trouble with the forecast coming up and talking about a few rain drops to explain.
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>> at 7.29 right now and the big news is still the heat, although i see a cloud somewhere yeah, this is looks like our sutro tower camera looking down over san francisco. you do see some cloud cover in the shot there. >> john, to talking about some monsoonal moisture, all you're
7:30 am
going to want it. yeah. every cloud that you can get today. no kidding. hey, john, we'll take a cloud or 2. but for sure, it was just crystal clear and way too hot yesterday as we broke a couple records across the bay area's far as the heat goes today, it's still going to be a hot one, but not as hot as yesterday. and obviously a look outside. you do see some of those clouds, monsoonal moisture having resulted in a couple of showers and even a few lightning strikes zooming out across the region. we have a pocket of thunderstorm activity sitting just south of santa cruz. it has resulted in some offshore lightning and is working its way on the highway. one focusing a little bit more locally, though. some light showers right around the same detail. bridgeman span up into the north bay just crossing over san francisco. some light showers over the richmond center fell bridge on up into solano county and up into napa, too. as far as the rest of the day goes, this monsoonal moisture will work its way out. so it's really just morning hours. you've got to keep your eye out for it. aside from this. it's very foggy at the immediate
7:31 am
coastline. enough for fog advisories and then hot still inland enough for heat advisories in solano, mendocino and lake counties until 08:00pm tonight, starting at 11:00am this morning 50's 60's for most of our current temps. unless you're in brentwood, livermore, dublin, where you've been holding on to those 70's all night long. same for you in fairfield at 74. so some of us got that cool evening. others still stay pretty warm during our overnight hours. now, as far as mother nature is concerned has made for a couple of wet spots on roadways. never ideal as far as what you're driving. exactly. you always want to be careful. keep both hands on the steering wheel as you're traveling out there. but you all know that. >> we do have an accident of the south bay. it's a long one. 0, one here at east 3rd avenue, not of the south. a little further up in san mateo. so you are seeing some delays along one. 0, one you might want to take to 80 or 80 to maybe good alternates for navigating around that accident. 18 min wanted to the city. you can see that pretty busy as people are traveling into work. no accidents or
7:32 am
hazards. that's good news i just showed you this accident along one o one. so we are slowing down just a bit along the san mateo bridge about an 18 minute ride for you. there. let's check on a richmond center fell commute about 13 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond and hopefully you guys had a really good ride into work because, you know, i didn't know. left her in the bay bridge. yeah. i was an eventful thankfully. now the 2 i was fine. and i'm glad that somebody came to the rescue helps you choose i don't think you couch say this morning. yeah. thank you. 7.32. right now and for your health. >> bacteria that causes legionnaires disease has been discovered at a hotel in the south bay, unfortunately. and now a southern california couple had to stay a longer than expected after getting sick kron four's. dan kerman has their story. >> i get a little teary eyed indy of our journey. >> in late june redone, dan miles, we're at a hotel pool and spa visiting family in san jose the next week the fatigue started followed by fever, stomach problems and
7:33 am
difficulty breathing. we just basically swept from. >> tuesday evening till i'm sorry morning. at 1 o'clock by finding called the paramedics. >> before they knew it, this long beach couple was hospitalized with legionnaires disease. >> legionnaires, disease's pneumonia cause my particular group of bacteria called the juno uc berkeley epidemiology professor arthur reingold says the legionella bacteria often finds its way into fresh water in improperly maintained cooling towers are pools or spas to get by inhaling contaminated. >> there are souls of water. they contained the legionella bacteria. dan miles was put on a ventilator. and while things were touch and go for a few days. >> both he and his wife recovered, though, for dan getting back is energy and lung capacity is still an ongoing process. this came out of blue, a u.s.. >> and it really reinforces
7:34 am
the idea of just taking care of yourself on a daily bases. so that you're in a better position an investigation by the santa clara county public health department. >> led to the aloft hotel in san jose where the mile stayed here. legionella was detected in the spot filter and the spot was closed. i feel that this could be our mission to educate. hotel workers not to scam >> the to people who travel, take your car into strips chicken to come easy and to healthcare. workers. don't forget about legionnaires and most importantly them, i'll say maximize your time with family and friends. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> well, and the better reinforce in your mind what legionnaires disease is and how to avoid. it will reiterate some of the information there. dan story, first of all, it's a type of pneumonia caused by the bacteria called legionella. it grows in warm water and the symptoms can include everything from severe coughing and muscle aches, too
7:35 am
fever and shortness of breath and headaches. it can take up to 2 weeks after exposure for the symptoms to set in. so takes a while to incubate. as for prevention. well, unfortunately, that all depends on how well. building water systems are maintained. >> and we're continuing to track monkeypox as in the cases continue to climb across california. you can see there now 1945 confirmed cases statewide. la has the most in california right now. it's 962 followed by san francisco most in the bay area with 600 confirmed cases in alameda follows that with 112. and there's a case now in the san francisco county jail. one monkeypox case was discovered as police were bringing someone into custody to the jail sunday, they tested positive before being booked in. so they have been put in isolation. nobody is been exposed from that. and the sheriff's department says there are no known other cases
7:36 am
of monkeypox at the jail. and there's going to be another vaccine clinic. but lineup early cause. it's first come first serve. it's going to be tomorrow in berkeley at the steam works pass on 4th street and the first shots go out at noon. so you have to line up early because you've seen these long lines, the alameda county public health department is helping to host this clinic. they're going to administer 300 shots first come first served. this probably going to run out pretty quickly. we'll be covering this for you. of course, they're only getting about the first dose at this clinic, but steam works that is going to hold other clinics over the next few weeks. >> it's now illegal to have a used catalytic converter on your car in south san francisco unless, of course you have the proper documentation. this is just one way the city council is trying to make it more difficult for thieves to sell stolen catalytic converters. it's been a growing problem all across the bay area tech here is photos of some converters that have been recovered by the san mateo police earlier this month. and
7:37 am
here's security video showing a thief in vallejo lifting a car off the ground trying grab the catalytic converter from underneath in a year and a half south san francisco police say they have investigated more than 430 stolen converters and they're hoping this new ordinance will help that problem. >> and this is actually going to give us law enforcement tool too. >> kind of help stop this or slow it down. at least. >> earlier this year, san jose introduced its and protect program which encourages car owners to get their converters marked, which would make it easier to trace ever stolen. we'll take a break at 7.37. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news yet another french bulldog has been stolen here in the bay area. will tell you what the owner says. >> happened in this most recent case. plus, lawmakers from california and nevada vowing to take action to combat climate change. we're going to tell you why they say we need to act now in order to prevent more natural disasters
7:38 am
and the giants boy, did they come from behind in an exciting way to win at the bottom of the night? we'll have the highlights for you. coming up.
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7:41 am
>> the dogs low maintenance. the fact they're great for apartments and families make them highly desirable and many often pay thousands of dollars to have one as a companion. well, michael reynoso is beloved 3 month-old frenchie named frankie was taken within seconds while he was grabbing his morning coffee in fremont a couple of weeks ago. he says frankie is basically a member of his family. he's heartbroken by this theft and is now offering a $700 reward. >> and within a matter of 15 seconds of putting my on grocery items in my vehicle, he was picked up off the ground. thank you. is that just like another pad or another animal? he was a member of our family. >> french bulldog breeders say that demand is strong for these types of dogs rnd they recommend that maybe of make sure you get a microchip put into your french, hear any pet that you might have in case they do wander off or or stolen. you can track more easily. here's just a quick look at the number of thefts of french bulldogs we've seen recently with all the pictures we made this map to show you that it's just bay area wide.
7:42 am
you have to be careful. >> if you have a dog that, you know is worth a lot of money. people steal it. unfortunately, that gives them a great motivation. and a lot of these cases, the dogs have not been returned to their owners yet. some of have the most of not. it is 7.41. right now. coming up next, the big problem in the bay area today, just like yesterday, a lot of heat. >> and you can see just why there's a flex alert today, which is, you know, this is why you want to use the ac. but they're saying, please don't real snow is going to have power. we'll have a live r
7:43 am
californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness
7:44 am
prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
7:45 am
>> 7.44 is the time and another fire burning in yosemite national park to tell you about. crews have been working to try and contain the red fire, which has now burned about 400 acres. it's the 3rd large fire to break out down yosemite this year. it broke out just as crews were gaining the upper hand on the devastating oak fire, which was sparked by lightning deep in your 70's high country. firefighters now bracing for the red fire to grow as triple digit heat moves into the area. >> makes me think of how we see the red skies, which are nice, but not what you want. and now california, nevada, they are pledging to help lake tahoe take action because of climate change to have a summit yesterday. and senator alex padilla was there isis, the lake has already suffered because of the caldor fire and the drought. he says california and nevada are working together to prevent natural disasters which are becoming all too common and
7:46 am
more severe. but republican congressman tom mcclintock who represents residents around lake tahoe disagrees. he says protecting the region comes down to one key thing. >> this all amid lee is a forest management issue. and this problem is not going to go away even if we all ride our bikes to work in the tofu for hamburgers. >> governor newsom was there as well. just days after he released his own climate goals and he says he is working to turn climate goals into laws. all right. let's check your forecast here at 7.46. forget john trouble in the weather center. looking at the skies forces for good reason. >> for 2 reasons, one, listen to >> the. yeah. yeah. a little not not quite. a storm chaser of look for every drop, right? we will look for those drops. we will take every one of them to. we've had a couple of showers working their way through the south bay earlier this morning on up the peninsula, even parts of the east bay on up through benicia saw a couple of light showers
7:47 am
earlier this morning where we're sitting right now in san jose. you can see some of those dark clouds in the distance. this all has to do with monsoonal moisture. the same thing that's well contributing to our heat from that high high pressure ridge that's built up. we are seeing some rainfall really limited at this point to just the north bay and a couple of pockets there right around alameda. if you're at least on the western edge of alameda and parts of oakland, you are seeing a brief resurgence of rainfall currently. now we are seeing smoke also across the bay area, not as much of an impact as yesterday, but wildfires to our north are certainly contributing to that. this high pressure ridge is contributing to the heat as well as the monsoonal moisture. the factors that we're talking all about this morning, monsoonal moisture goes away. come the afternoon as temperatures begin to build enough so that solano county lake and mendocino counties back into heat advisory territory between 11 this morning at 08:00pm tonight. few clouds this morning. skies clear very nicely this afternoon. it's going to be
7:48 am
comfortable towards the coast. but again, inland and uncomfortable afternoon. so take advantage of these next cool next few cool hours before the heat really builds on in later today. triple digits remain just as much as they did yesterday for the central valley. we're only seeing a couple of triple digit numbers here in the bay. most of us falling a little bit 60's to 70's for san francisco and at the coast as compared to yesterday's 90's along the bay shore today is going to be bringing highs mostly down into the 80's redwood city and san carlos. 87 san jose. you still got 90 degrees and still upper 90's for livermore and pleasanton the livermore. you are record-breaking one. 0, 7, yesterday. so that is better. oakland, berkeley and richmond in the 70's while our triple digit numbers remain in vacaville and brentwood, sonoma, you're at 92 and petaluma right at 90 degrees. even a little bit less hot. come tomorrow and we level out after that for a couple of days before temperatures cool further into sunday and monday back to the 80's inland 70's by the bay. today, the hottest
7:49 am
day of the rest of the forecast. but cooler than yesterday. so you can see the trend ahead of us is only bringing some relief rain. john, thank you for that. enable traffic has been pretty busy this morning. if you are traveling along a 80 at this hour. >> san leandro down to milpitas about 47 to 50 minutes of traffic. certainly picking up on the southbound side. you see a few delays as you're traveling along the northbound side when she reached 3 months. 21 minutes heading into the city maze to that freeman street exit. the traffic definitely has been pretty busy for us. 17 minutes, a 80 to one o one. we had an accident along one o one that is clear is right at 92. so you're still seeing residual issues from that crockett outdoors, the maze. look at that. a 41 minute ride traveling down happen on 24 westbound. traveling from walnut creek down to 5.80, just under 15 minutes for you as you're making that commute and traveling up along one o one. a 53 minute ride from 85 little park darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain at 7.49, a pilot program is
7:50 am
going to give about 50,000 bay area residents a free ride public transit for the next 2 years. the idea is use a single pass. it on anything you want to ride bart vta beauty. anything else that uses the clipper payment system. the new clipper bay pass first going to be given out to students at some bay area colleges. and then later to certain affordable housing communities. for your money this morning, the bay area housing market is cooling off slightly. we have some new information from the real estate brokerage compass. >> showing that home sales are down a bit from this time last year, though, some analysts don't think this downturn is a sign of a housing bubble popping. instead, they say prices falling after record price climbs is to be expected, especially with interest rates. now on the rise. >> right now, we're not looking a thing like a crash, but the market is still trying to find its feet as to exactly where it's going. and of course, so much depends on what what happens in the in the greater economy.
7:51 am
>> prices have been trending down throughout the bay area, we should mention the wine country, homes are actually retaining their value fairly well. the brokerage says and large part. that's because a lot of the summer homes that are up there tend to hold their prices during the summer months. >> apple is saying you got to come to work. you can stay home anymore. the pandemic policies are over. they've set a deadline for corporate employees to return to in-person work by september 15th. they are saying have to come to the office. at least 3 times per week. apple joining a lot of the other big tech companies that are requiring workers to go in physically and one of those tesla ceo elon musk his work as an ultimatum. he said return to the office or else you can leave the company. >> now, the bay area baseball where the giants took on the diamondbacks, hoping to keep their winning streak alive. and boy, did they bottom of the night. we have to go, though, giants down by one. and here's brandon crawford
7:52 am
sending this one deep to center field. >> that was far enough back to get over the wall and bring in 2 runs. and with that, the giants win 2 to one. you can see how the place just erupted. they've now won 5 in a row. both teams will play again tonight. first pitch at 6.45. and the a's win in texas taking on the rangers, oakland jumping out to an early lead. >> and they never looked back the a's win it 5 to one. the 2 teams are going to play again tonight with first pitch at 5, 0, 5 in texas. and a reminder we're getting ready for the dolphins raiders game. the raiders are going to play on saturday. a crown for your radar station for preseason. we've got all you need leading up to the game. starting at 3.30. and we also have a post-game show as well. it is 7.52 and we'll be right back.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
fleet week. >> all that was good. >> they're going to be >> the blue angels, everything is all happening. october 7th to the night. i thought as you're ready. no, but they're just announcing a tener. yeah. who's going to be here? yeah. and you might want to be on the waterfront. you can get a great spot anywhere, though. and you get a great smile on their special. we're having that again. they're going to the navy seals leapfrog team. they're going to have, of course, the blue angels thought, oh, my gosh. and
7:56 am
they're jumping out of planes and then the one that scares me, which is when you see that united giant jumbo jet, the boeing this year 7.77. but it shouldn't. you know, passengers are in there, not not on but i just it seems wrong to me. and i don't like it scares me. and the point is those scary. i love that. and i just saw tom cruise do his own thing. that's fun. and then our our special which covers, of course, the blue angels air show is going to be on october 8th. so you have to tune in. that's always the best seat in the house route. so stay tuned for that. coming up in october and coming up much sooner like in just a couple of minutes. >> we're going to tell you how it's going to be around the bay where a few degrees less. but that's not going to be much relief, especially because they're saying, please conserve electricity or they're going to have to give us power outages also were yeah. >> and the family of alexis, gabe is going to be meeting with the contra costa county district attorney today as they continue their push for justice in their daughter's murder are going to have a live update here just a moment. and the ap i community in san francisco is asking for
7:57 am
answers now from city leaders as hate crimes against their community. members continues to happen. these stories and more coming up as the kron. 4 morning news at 8 begins in morning news at 8 begins in just a couple of minutes. californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning. and thanks for hanging in there. sticking
8:00 am
through this heat with us. i'm darya and i'm james yet today going to be another hot one. sad to say not as hot but still plenty. that not cooling off. just getting less hot by a few degrees. less hot today. that's nice. but we're not out of the woods just yet. still looking at some 90's for inland areas. >> a couple of triple digits hanging on for our for this inland spots, at least back to the 80's along the bay shore. so there are some positives as far as the temperature law. scotus, your view outside at coit tower right now looks good. we have some low cloud cover and we've actually had a few isolated showers working across the bay area as part of some monsoonal moisture out there, including some showers right over oakland right now they're very brief. see, you'll see him passing overhead very quickly parts of the north bay in the midst of this as well. and we do have a thunderstorm sitting just off shore of the monterey bay and right along highway one just west of santa cruz. as far as the rest of the day is concerned. temperatures do heat back up. another heat advisory in effect starting at 11:00am for solan m


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