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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  August 17, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> now at noon, it's back to school for a lot of bay area students. today we break down some of the public health changes. you can expect for the first day of class. and we're not out of the woods yet when it comes to all this hot weather, the potential impacts on the state's power supply. plus, the possible lightning strikes on the way raising wildfire concerns. and as some look to escape california red prices, some apartment developers in mexico want to capitalize. details ahead. >> from the bay news station. you're watching kron. at noon.
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>> thanks so much for joining us on the kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lin. our top story today is the first day of school. we have kron four's camila barco catch up with students and parents returning to class. she's got a rundown of all the changes and improvements schools there of made from the curriculum to even the buildings. >> me. >> about 400 students are back in the classroom at san miguel elementary. this year's sitting much closer to each other. last year's kind when you have stay 6 feet apart when you're eating everything. but now you can too close to being cocked these you don't have to take a mask off and can like we get to interact more now. >> with all of our friends now and sort of better students are still being screened for covid-19 before going to school. >> but covid protocols have east across the sonny bill school district mask are now optional, but they're strongly
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recommended. and parents and volunteers are now allowed to step inside the campus is i think a lot of parents didn't even get to see their classrooms till the end of last year. so >> it's nice this year to just, you know, see what the kids are doing in class c the teachers, the doors are open. we can drop our kids to any the war the kids can interact with each other. they're in class together at san miguel elementary and columbia middle school, the spanish english dual language immersion program has expanded from kindergarten to 7th grade. it will also be offered to 8th graders next year. many melting pots were able to spring up at a different coach small over sunday, though, to really just get to know each other. and again, just building a sudden assets. it's a popular program and the research shows that kids can really begin to become bilingual early in elementary school, but we just want to continue that growth for them. superintendent michael gallagher says if you drive by ellis elementary. >> you'll notice some construction there in the
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process of constructing the district's second 2 story building this year, we opened up some new classrooms that we renovated and we opened up the front office. none of that was available last year. he says this year's motto is on word with equity and innovation. it's about being ready to move past covid and meeting the needs of the families of the sonny bill school district in sunnyvale, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> for many, it's the first time that classes will be in person and we want to help families navigate the new school year smoothly. kron four's terisa stasio joins us live now from marin county and theresa, you have a special connection to that school. don't you? >> i do at my daughter's started here on middle school today and they were full of anxiety. i wednesday depression. but there were certainly a lot of emotions, middle school and high school, certainly really a big step for a lot of kids. and that's what the mental health experts
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are telling us. they're telling us that it is really important to dow down to the basics. >> when we talk about kids going back to school, so many kids, we really struggled during the pandemic. i know that personally was very difficult for us zoom and then going back to truncated classes where there was also the issue of, you know, hybrid's in trying to keep track of what was going on. so now this is all going back full-time in-person mental health experts say that the data is quite clear. students struggle during the pandemic. there were suicides, increased rates of depression, anxiety and overall, a lot of difficulty trying to deal. now it is not a light switch and that not all of this is going away. so experts say it's important to be aware of what to look for an offer help to students, especially older kids attending middle school high school. i spoke with doctor nicole show stelter, who is the director of behavioral health and blue shield of california. she says steering students to start with the basics.
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>> thing sense and what i mean by that just really simply don't underestimate impact good sleep. >> you know, staying hated eating as as good as you can. i know that's always difficult when things get busy it's hard for parents to do that or guardians. you know, caregivers, but our kids to, you know, this is this is. we kind under estimate what eating good getting good sleep. getting a little exercise again. the basic stop andrus to make impact of those things. >> so schools in session right now, i'm going to be talking to parents and students as they come out. i have twins, stephanie, and i'm sure that one we'll talk and one will not because one will take pictures. one will not. and that's kind of the point that the doctor is saying that we all have to honor. who these kids are. what helps them then calling also to the basics of like making sure that they
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have good sleep and make sure that they're eating well, the best you can i know as a parent to try my best. >> g ing okay. do a protein that is your carbohydrate? and of course i get i roll because now i've got teenagers or tweens or whatever. they're just sickening. all they want to do is watch stranger things right? that is that is the hot new show. but you know what? we size sense that would be what we would consider a very cool mom. we look forward to your conversation with at least school. >> not >> i'm not cool at all. they say that i chronically embarrass him, which i remind them. that's my job, right? yes, my job is to understand to dance, whatever. >> well, you know what? i'm sure that they're set up for your help and then be get set up for success thank you so much for that live report. >> well, did you snap a first day of school picture with your kids? you can share with us here at kron 4. just e-mail it to us. that breaking news at kron 4 dot com. we're going
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to post it on our website and even possibly show it on tv. get those in treason. let's talk a bit about our forecast now as we take a live look outside at the freeway near walnut creek. traffic moving quite nicely. there seems a bit overcast or i'm not sure if that air pollution, but we just kyla grogan here to help that. for the sake, i let so many options, right? so many options will smoke a little haze, little heat. it's all out there today. taking a look at temperatures that we're going to see a little bit of a better run. certainly one of people and places that your temperatures will be knocking down a bit today from where you were yesterday. currently 63 in san francisco are at 88, though, in livermore. you see the heat is an antioch. 86 79 in santa rosa. >> season i 70's around the bay air-quality. we do still have some of that smoke coming down from the 6 rivers complex fire. well to the north of us. and it has affected our air quality, but a little haze out there, livermore right now showing moderate air quality everybody else not doing too poorly. we should see a little improvement in that tomorrow in spots in the bay. this is where we're going today. this
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is where the relief is. everybody conquered. how about 95? that's better than yesterday. 97 in livermore. 98 an antioch. 71 in san francisco about 93 in santa rosa and about 88 in san jose. we do still have one area viewing area that is in that heat advisory that goes until 8 o'clock tonight. that will be our solano county fairfield in benicia. so hang in there, everyone. keeping an eye on some lightning that's been popping. we'll talk about that when it come back in just a bit for now. send it back to the desk. thanks very much, kyra. >> and with that in mind, officials are asking people to please mind their power consumption. a flex alert has been issued for the afternoon in response to all that hot weather that kylie was just talking about. so if you have any cooking or laundry to do today, you might want to get it done before for this afternoon. energy officials say if we use too much power, we could end up seeing rolling blackouts. and that's something we certainly want to avoid. some of the power saving tips for you here. keep your windows covered to keep the heat out. if you can. and
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after 4 o'clock turn off any unnecessary lights and also set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher. happening now, all southbound lanes of 6 ad remain closed after a massive crash. just look at that involving a big rig and several cars. this is in the pacheco area in contra costa county. this crash happening shortly before 8 o'clock this morning. crews remain on scene cleaning up this mess, including diesel fuel that spilled onto the roadways. there's no estimate yet for when these lanes will reopen. drivers heading south from solano county are told to cut through valais. whoa by taking interstate 7, 80 80 instead, you can expect heavy traffic in that area. happening today, a monkey pox vaccine clinic returns to berkeley. and this is set for wednesday at noon at steam works pads on for street. the business is working with the alameda county public health department to host a clinic. they're set to administer 300 shots first come first serve and they are only providing the first dose of the shot. so
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keep that in mind. steam works. bass says they will hold other clinics over the coming weeks. and we continue to track the monkeypox outbreak. here's a look at the latest case numbers for you in the bay area. san francisco county reporting the highest number of cases at 600 los angeles county, even higher. there are to 962 reported cases. there. all in all, california reporting nearly 2000 cases of monkeypox. in national news, president biden signed the inflation reduction act into law on tuesday. democrats say it will lower energy and health care costs. republicans in congress opposing this legislation, calling it a spending spree. reshad hudson has the latest. >> good morning. the new law is being celebrated by white house officials in climate advocates. the next step will be trying to sell it to the american people with this law. the american people won and the special interest last
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tuesday, president biden signed the inflation reduction act into law, calling the massive climate health and tax legislation. historic. >> it's about delivering progress and prosperity to american families. joining the president were key democratic lawmakers who helped push the bill across the finish line like west virginia senator joe mansion ice. it is not a greenville. it's not a >> lubitz, a red, white and blue really is. it's the nation's largest investment in climate. it directs nearly 400 billion dollars in climate and energy programs with tax credits and incentives to cut emissions by 40%. >> over the next 8 years and it's going to mitigate the climate crisis is going to protect families. >> the bill passed congress with no republican support, missouri congressman jason smyth called the bill a reckless spending spree. so lots of spending up front, lots of debt up front. >> and then maybe savings 8 years from now.
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>> with less than 3 months until the november midterm elections, president biden plans to hit the road in the coming weeks to explain what's in the landmark piece of legislation reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. >> coming up later in our show, we get this week with oakland, mayor libby shaft. we'll ask her about new funds for low-income students and how soon they'll get here. stay tuned for that. high rent prices putting the american dream out of reach for some californians why some say they're searching for itself of the border.
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bay. the family of missing oakley woman. alexis gabe is continuing their effort to get justice for their daughter. >> as kron 4, sarah stinson reports gabe's family is set to meet with the contra costa county's district attorney today. >> the family of alexis, gabe will meet with the contra costa county district attorney as well as with investigators. they're hoping to get an update after they've been calling on the da to file charges against alexis is ex boyfriend's mom. they believe she helped cover up her murder. >> we >> this meeting comes after a protest here at the county office in martinez with family and friends gathering calling on da diana becton to file the
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charges against alicia coleman. clark police believe her son marshall curtis jones killed alexis on the evening of january. 26th and february marshall went to seattle to be with his father. police went there to arrest him for alexa says murder in june. but while serving the arrest warrant, marshall was killed by police. at one point, his mother was detained on suspicion of aiding and abetting. but the district attorney decided not to file charges and she was released. the family says justice was not fully served in. they're hoping they get a good update in today's meeting, the game family has also called on california attorney general rob bonta to investigate this case. supporters of the family wanted to come back out here to the county da office like they did last week with the protests. they want to see what happens in this meeting. but family wrote on facebook saying they don't recommend people to do so. it's going to be very hot out here around 3.30, when that meeting starts and they expect the meeting to run long. we'll continue to
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follow this as it develops. for now, i'll send it back to you. >> that was sarah stinson reporting for us. and that meeting we have confirmed is set for 3.30, this afternoon. all right. let's talk a bit about our forecast as we take a live look outside at coit tower. a little bit of cloud cover out there. but was it seems to be looking pretty headlines reading that. it's another warm day the forecast. kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan here with more on what we should expect as we step kylie, hey there, stephanie. it's going to be another nice day in san francisco. let's face even though it's hot inland. it's pretty nice right now around the except for we do have a little bit that stormy weather popping up. we'll talk about it's all courtesy of high pressure. that's what's warmed us up. it's going to relent a little bit and that's what's going to cool us down. we do have some of these thunderstorms because of the interaction between these pressure systems that's drying in this month. sunil moisture and a little bit of tropical moisture likely as well this time of year. but this is what that produces, right? there's the ground truth right there. we see lightning that is starting to pop and it has been going
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around kind of moderate this morning and then into the santa cruz mountains. and i just notice also it's kind of starting to show up now in parts of the north bay right there, sandra fell. you can see one that went through there. so we're going to be unsettled as we go throughout the day today. and that's going to be the story. basically we're keeping an eye out for the potential for dry lightning. that's the concern here. something they could touch off fires. we hope not to see today. so please be very careful today if you're out and about everybody, unsettled weather is going to pull back tonight. so things will start to improve as we get into the overnight tonight and tomorrow, even cooler temps for those of you who've been roasting and sunny skies. let's take a look at that. extended forecast will show you that little bit of relief is coming our way. temperature wise as we get into today and tomorrow. notice by friday we pop up a degree or 2, but then we're going to head back down as we head towards the weekend and then will start next week with temperatures in those upper 80's as opposed to some of the triple digit heat. those of you inland that have been unfortunate the last few day. stephanie, back to you. and thanks very much, kyra. turning now to our wildfire yla mentioned, lightning is causing some pretty serious concerns.
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another fire is burning right now in yosemite national park. this one confirmed to be sparked by lightning. firefighters now working on containing the red fire. you can see video of it on your screen right now. that's burned nearly 400 acres so far. it's the 3rd major wildfire to spark in yosemite this year. this all happening as fire crews deal with the oak fire that's burned almost 20,000 acres and is 98% contained? it's now illegal to possess a used catalytic converter in south san francisco. the city council is making it harder for thieves to try and sell them. kron four's amanda hari reports on the new regulations. >> it's a real problem. it's not just a real problem in south. there was a school. it's a problem within county is the problem. it in the state of california as well. a problem that's costing victims. thousands of dollars south san francisco police say people are often left paying about $3,000 for places stolen. catalytic converter.
12:20 pm
but the problem isn't limited to one area. these are photos of converters recovered by san mateo police on august 4th, this security video shows a thief in vallejo literally lifting the car off the ground to take someone's converter between january of 2021. >> and june of >> this year, we've investigated 433 cases of this that's >> we're averaging about one tonight. and that's just in south san francisco earlier this month. fremont police say they recovered at least 300 suspected stolen catalytic converters from recycling business. berkeley police posted this video of someone underneath the car back in 2021. now city council in south san francisco is saying they've seen enough they've created an ordinance to make it illegal to possess any used catalytic converter that is not attached to a vehicle unless you have a valid documentation. and this is actually >> going to give us law
12:21 pm
enforcement tool, too. kind of help stop this or slow it down. at least sergeant sean kearney says before this ordinance they would make stops and find suspects with converters in their cars. >> but because they didn't catch them in the act, they could do anything about it. he for everything that we have, that that happened and drivers as well. there's also devices that can be on your that makes it a little bit more difficult for >> someone to move earlier this year, san jose introduce their action protect program, encouraging car owners to get their converters marked so they could be more easily traced of stolen. now in south san francisco, a person called the use converter faces a
12:22 pm
misdemeanor charge, which may include a fine imprisonment or both. i'm happy that we are kind of. >> leading >> this and i do hope that. >> other cities do the same amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 news at noon, how former president trump may have changed the outcome of the primary elections. and we're keeping an eye out for legionnaires disease. a socal couple sharing their story after they say they caught the disease in the south bay. ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ ♪ ♪let's go♪ ♪ ♪ahh yeah♪ ♪ ♪step to rhythm like♪ ♪you're going out tonight♪ ♪dance get with the groove and♪ ♪dance get up and move let's♪ ♪dance kick off your shoes and♪ ♪show me how you♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪
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your health. we're tracking the spread of legionnaires disease in the bay area. >> santa clara county detected new cases this week and napa counties saw cases last week. medical experts say legionnaires disease is a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria called legionella, which grows in warm water. symptoms include severe coughing, muscle aches, fever, shortness of breath, and headaches. you can take up to 2 weeks after exposure for those symptoms to set in. kron four's dan kerman connected with a southern california couple who stayed at a south bay hotel and say they got sick with legionnaires disease. here's their story. >> i get little teary we have our journey. >> in late june redone, dan miles, we're at a hotel pool and spa visiting family in san jose the next week the fatigue
12:26 pm
started followed by fever, stomach problems and difficulty breathing. we just basically slept from. >> tuesday evening till i'm sorry morning. at 1 o'clock i finally called the paramedics. >> before they knew it, this long beach couple was hospitalized with legionnaires the legionella bacteria often finds its way into fresh water in improperly maintained cooling towers are pools or spas to get by inhaling contaminated. >> there are souls of water. they contained the legionella bacteria. dan miles was put on a ventilator. and while things were touch and go for a few days, both he and his wife recovered. >> though for dan getting back is energy and lung capacity is process. this came out of blue, a u.s..
12:27 pm
>> and it really reinforces the idea of just taking care of yourself on a daily bases. so that you're in a better position an investigation by the santa clara county public health department. >> led to the aloft hotel in san jose where the mile stayed here. legionella was detected in the spot filter and the spot was closed. i feel that this could be our mission to educate. hotel workers not to scam >> the to people who travel. take your car into strips chicken to come easy and to healthcare. workers. don't forget about legionnaires and most importantly them, i'll say maximize your time with family and friends. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> coming up in our next half hour on the watch for lightning strikes that could spark the next big fire. details in your forecast with cuyler broken. foodbank. ask for help. how high inflation
12:28 pm
is impacting their mission to help the community. and right after this break, i chat one-on-one with oakland mayor libby schaff about the big headlines coming out of the bright side of the bay. you're watching the kron. 4 news at noon. stay with us.
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♪never touch ground, never enough♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪ ♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪ ♪ ♪everything's everything's alright alright♪ get a free storage upgrade and case when you pre-order. >> the oakland police department unveils a new strategy to make the city's downtown area safer. this
12:31 pm
coming after a string of serious crimes reported in recent weeks. the department says they're now closing off traffic on streets in busy areas and increasing patrols in the downtown area. oakland police chief armstrong says he wants oakland to be safe for residents and those visiting the area. >> anytime you have firearms, alcohol and drugs and play. it leads to a in most cases, not good outcomes. and that's really our effort to reduce the number of guns in that area. that is the amount of shootings and homicides, but also make it safe for all visitors of oakland to come out and have a good time but feel safe doing so. >> chief armstrong also called for the public support by simply reporting crimes or adding cameras on the outside of businesses or homes. the chief says videos can help solve ongoing cases and hopefully deter people from committing crimes. meantime, concerns continue to grow over violent attacks involving san francisco's asian community. community groups held a town hall tuesday to find out the
12:32 pm
response from law enforcement kron four's taylor bisacky has more. >> it was it just the way i look at? it bird. khan says he's frustrated and disappointed to hear about more attacks against asian american elders in san francisco. he says he volunteers with a group called united peace collaborative, which began patrolling chinatown in march 2020, one of the seniors was attacked viciously and died because of and on july 31st. the 70 year-old asian-american woman was robbed to be in and kicked in the head inside her apartment building lobby on the 100 block of francisco street since july 31st. we've had 3 members of the asian elderly. >> defense insists lee and brutally attacked. investigators announced
12:33 pm
arrests in this case on monday identified the suspects as 18 year-old darryl moore and 3 juveniles. >> the ages of 11, 13 14 san francisco police chief bill scott address this recent violence against asian american at a town hall meeting on tuesday. some people are afraid to go outside to go out of their houses and we cannot allow that to be the case in this great city. chief scott says sfpd increase patrols and foot beats and it continues to re-evaluate hot spot areas. meanwhile, district attorney robert jenkins says her office created a new unit known as the vulnerable victims unit dedicated to cases involving the most vulnerable populations in the city, including elders were holding those who do choose to commit them accountable in a way that sends a message. >> that this type of conduct is no longer tolerated in san francisco in san francisco, taylor kron. 4 news. >> and right right now here on the kron. 4 news at noon. we're going to catch up with
12:34 pm
oakland, mayor libby shaft. he joins us live right now to talk a bit about what's happening in the town. mayor schaff, good to see you again. hi, good to see you. so just to start things off they're the big headline. everyone is continuing to talk about was vice president harris stopping in stopping in. oakland has helped announce a 50 million dollar fund to provide low-income students with major services and opportunities. so walk us through the significance of that move. well, this is huge. this fund is going to serve 30,000 oakland kids. >> between now and the year 2035. these are college savings account. scholarships that really are going to reach every child in need in the city, whether they are babies born to medical eligible parents are oakland public school graduates who qualify for free lunch. they will be entitled to this financial support. >> and how soon will that funding be made available and
12:35 pm
distributed? well, it's going already these programs at the oakland promise are showing tremendous results and that 50 million dollars is in the bank. now it's going to take about 4 years to scale up to every single child. >> but within 4 years, every graduate of a public school, every baby born to a medical eligible is going to be offered this incredible and really, we want every child and every family to see that they're most audacious dreams can come true. and that their city believes in and so obviously we have a lot of different headlines to get to. so let's talk a bit now about kelly evans, a nomination to the state supreme court. she's now a judge with the alameda county superior court from oakland. and i understand that, you know, her personally. >> i do. i got to work with her wren she was in the
12:36 pm
governor's office. fierce advocate for justice, total oakland or through and through so thrilled that she will be serving our state's highest court. >> in can you speak to her that you touched on this earlier? but could you speak to maybe some specific experience that she might have that would make her best qualified for the job. >> you know, she and i worked on some very careful immigration issues where our criminal justice system and the ability to convert sentences have a profound impact on someone's immigration status and their ability to stay united with their families. she has a great legal mind was able to navigate these very complex issues and really deliver justice for our community. ryan today that you're also celebrating a pretty important anniversary. and oakland, the 60th anniversary. i'm your sister city bond with fukuoka japan. so how are you marking this important day? well, i'm about to greet mayor talk. she
12:37 pm
not? and his delegation from fukuoka and then later this evening, we will be going to lakeside park right on the shores of lake merritt to unveil a beautiful mosaic that honors the 60th anniversary. this is oakland's longest-standing sister city relationship in particular. we love the exchanges. the homestays that our students have with each other's families. some have had 3 generations of exchanges with fukuoka. well, is it cities become a sister city? you know how that process works. there's there's a process by which i'm a citizen group has to be formed in the city. we have a very active fukuoka sister city association here in oakland. but this started in the year 1962 in part because council member gallup, you know what? have frank ogawa plaza in front of city
12:38 pm
hall named for he was from fukuoka and he started this sister city relationship 60 years ago is incredible and of course, before we let you go couple asked questions here for where are we now with the howard terminal project? we are still swinging for the fences. i'm working very hard to get a complete deal in front of the city council by the end of the year, making sure that all of the infrastructure improvements that will make sure the project is successful and that we safeguard the operations of our port, that all of those are funded and ready to be delivered in time. and that is definitely going to rely on some grants coming through. we have a lot of applications in and we're hoping to hear some good news this fall, especially from that federal infrastructure funding that president biden signed into law, historic levels. and we want to see some of those
12:39 pm
dollars in oakland know, right? we're going to stay tuned for what happens with that. thank you so much. mayor schaff. a pleasure speaking with you today. >> thank you. all right. switching gears now talking a bit about our forecast right now. taking a look at the weather radar tracking the possibility of fairly of dry lightning strikes. >> lots of fire agenciis on high alert over this over a potential major fire because of those potential lightning strikes. a kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan here with more on what we need to know about kyla. yeah. the first thing to know is help the firefighters out. everybody be smart today and every day as we into the next few months, of course, we're getting into our fire season. so. >> this is not what you want to see the potential for some of these dry lightning strikes. unfortunately of monsoonal moisture that is starting to kick that off. the good news is only 2 strikes so far seen you've been what you cloud to ground, right? that's the dangerous when the rest of it seems to be cloud to cloud or within the clouds. so that's that's not as dangerous because it doesn't reach the ground here. you can see how some of these of rolled over the santa cruz mountains and
12:40 pm
also i saw a few roll across the bay. you can see that showing up there. so we're going to have to look out for this throughout the day today. opand things are going to be little bit better as we go into tonight. live camera outside shows you, though, in san francisco is kind of a beautiful day out there. a few clouds out there right now. those clouds giving us little cooler spots as well. 63 degrees right now in san francisco. you can see just 58 at half moon bay, morgan hill about 83. there is still some heat in the east bay dublin right now at 92 degrees. 87 in brentwood. and you can see as we head up to the north bay about 79 to santa rosa say to later, though, 87 degrees. so some people are still going to be pretty warm out there. we do have some moderate air quality starting to show up as well. this is because of the smoke that's coming down from the north. we'll see a little bit of an improvement in that tomorrow. but you see the smoke tracker here as i push it forward. it doesn't really clear out. we really need the winds shift direction to really get it out of here. so it's not going get more intense, but it's not. dunn also want to point out we do still have a heat advisory for those of us. a county that goes until 08:00pm. so the rest of our viewing area now is out of that. but still looking out for that heat. so
12:41 pm
looking at about 71 in san francisco today, 77 in oakland, 88 in san jose. i'll be back in a bit. we'll talk about your future forecast. back to you, thanks very much. kel and of course, and a great reminder that we can all do our part to prevent the further spread of those dangerous wildfires. certainly not easy fighting a fire with all this hot weather out there. >> you can stay connected with the kron. 4 for the latest weather conditions as we get through this heat. >> scan the qr code right there on your screen. you're going to be taken to our website. we can find current conditions in your neighborhood and of course, get the 7 day forecast. in national news. we're following primary election results across the country as washington correspondent trevor shirley explains, some major republican candidates lost their chance to compete in the november midterms. >> well, this was probably the least surprising development from last night's primaries. polls have shown for weeks cheney was likely to lose her race to harriet hageman who was backed by former president
12:42 pm
trump for years. cheney has denounced the former president calling him a danger to democracy. she's also vice chairwoman of the january 6 committee. in turn, the former president often rails on cheney and celebrated her loss last night. a gunman be cheney for wyoming's only house seat with around 66% of the vote to cheney's roughly 29% with cheney's to feed only 2 of the 10 house republicans who voted to impeach trump will appear on ballots this fall. the other 8 were defeated in primaries or didn't seek re-election. but not all trump critics lost last night in alaska. republican senator lisa murkowski advance to the general election along with general election along with her trump backed opponent, ranked choice voting system. murkowski is expected to pull in even more support among democrats and independents. this fall, murkowski voted to convict trump during his second impeachment trial despite their different
12:43 pm
outcomes last night, both were koski and cheney shared a similar message. >> 2 years ago, i won this primary was 73% of the vote. i could easily have done the same again. the path was clear. but it would have required that i go along with president trump's lie about the 2020 election. it would have required that i enable his ongoing efforts to unravel our democratic system and attack the foundations of our republic. and so i hope that we do not become the party of one person. i hope that we do not become the party of donald trump. we need to be the party of those strong values. young women like me into a party. several decades ago. and after being out of politics for more than a decade, former alaska governor sarah palin is back. >> she'll appear on midterm ballots for alaska's open house seat. palin has trump's endorsement show face another republican and a democrat in
12:44 pm
that race. and last night, cheney said she'll continue to work to do everything she can to keep donald trump from becoming president. again. >> she also hasn't ruled out her own run for the presidency in 2024. reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> coming up, a wildlife scare in the north bay where a man says he had a close encounter with a coyote. and airbnb cracking down even harder on party rentals. but they say their latest move is. and up next, rental prices continue to rise in california. y home buyers stateside are keeping a close eye on the market down south.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
>> inflation and high prices are putting the pressure on renters all over our state. now we're hearing some people are turning to mexico for opportunity. alex caprariello reports. >> i'm live in the mexican american dream because like i've become more mexican than american these days, making calls her living situation, the mexican american dream originally from nebraska, she and her husband built a home in rosarito mexico, about 30 miles south of san diego have been able to build a home. >> from the ground up, i kind of forgot over there. there was it was just getting too crazy that curry solomon lives in san francisco, but he, too, has his eyes on the mexico market. his father and brother
12:48 pm
already live there. it's almost a no-brainer for me. it's just i have to convince my partner. >> to kind of moving their. the fact is there's a massive difference in cost of living between the 2 countries, according to a site which helps people calculate pricing for food, utilities, childcare, and all other life necessities to rent a one-bedroom in downtown san diego. it will cost you nearly $2600, but you can get a similar sized one bedroom in tijuana for a little over 600. inecomplexes like the la jolla excellence condos, just 24 miles south of the border are advertising directly to americans offering beach views and luxury living with promotional videos in english, the complex as it can make dreams a reality. some americans living in mexico say those considering it may as well crunched the numbers to see if it's right for them to really just trying you know, like come down a different couple weekends. are we days during the week building up and bite down here? because a
12:49 pm
lot of >> that was alex caprariello reporting for u.s. bay area food banks also feeling the impact of inflation. the alameda food bank says they've served over 400 new households since february. and overall, the bank is serving 4 times as many families as they did before the pandemic. the executive director says most of the bank's new clients are people with jobs. yet they're still having a hard time putting food on the table. the rising cost of food not just hitting families hard. it's also making it more difficult for the food bank to operate right now. what i'm spending the most money on is fresh produce >> spending about $25,000 a month on a wholesale fruits and vegetables. because that's what i think people want the most. the bank is accepting cash donations for every dollar donated the bank and by $7 worth of food. >> donating your time as a volunteer to help with day-to-day operations. they say is also appreciated. you
12:50 pm
can find more information at alameda food bank dot org. >> this? some wet weather spotted in san bruno this morning. you can see the droplets coming down, but that doesn't mean the california hasn't come out of it throughout yet. right? cuyler had not not even close, but boy, it is nice to see those >> and charles said that into that. and i'm so glad he did. so you can see it. i saw a few raindrops myself on the way and you might have seen a few as well. we had like a trace to up to maybe that a 10th of an inch. get up to higher elevation in some of our mountains. but it's mostly just been all about the concern for the lightning. and you can see where some of these showers are currently down in parts of the south bay kind of heading north. and we got a little bit up here as well. but the lightning is the thing and keeping an eye on because that's what could touch off potential wildfires. you see some of that kind of rolled across the monterey bay this morning. see, it's showing up there into the santa cruz mountains. and again, a lot of this has not been cloud to ground lightning and that's good news. if it just stays up in the sky, it's not as dangerous for touching
12:51 pm
off fires. that's for sure. we have another round. you can see some of showers roll through the last few hours and a few of those lightning strikes kind of headed into the north bay. let's talk temperatures everybody wants to talk about that. we've got that cloud cover that might keep a few places. a little cooler today. 61 right now in san francisco. but we do have that heat in the east bay still happening. just not as extreme as it was yesterday, as you see some of those upper 80's there. >> 79 degrees in santa rosa right now. your extended forecast shows you that, okay, we're going to cool down a little bit today. we're going to, you know, maybe taking a degree up or down tomorrow, depending on those inland communities. but they're going to see some more meaningful cooling as we work our way. the latter part of the weekend getting a bit better. also mentioned that lightning danger does ramp down as we get into this evening. so it's just keep it going. keep those lightning strikes from going down to the ground. obese. be fire safe today. everybody. yeah. in the north, a runner says he was attacked by a coyote. it happened on a popular trail in the marin headlands kron four's haaziq madyun spoke with the runner as well as fish and wildlife officials.
12:52 pm
>> i something rather terrifying happened and i 150 mile. travel around and i got attacked by a ultra-marathon runner dean car. nasa's has crisscrossed the globe. it is in an elite class as a competitive runner. >> yeah, i am. i've been running for most of my i've run on all 7 continents twice. he says that over the years he has encountered wildlife along the way. but when a coyote attacked him after he opened an energy bar last friday morning at around 03:00am while he was running an ultra-marathon on the slacker. he'll trail just a short distance from the north tower golden gate bridge visitor parking lot. that >> was a first and i was running along chewing, holding this bar. >> and as i turned this thing does jumped and hit me on the shoulder. and and i went straight straight on my >> kind of brutal. nasa says
12:53 pm
he used his running polls to back the coyote away. so here's here's what the polls look like. these trails in the room had lends a very popular among athletes, tourist families and locals like me. this is one of my favorite trails. unfortunately, you don't have to look hard to find signs of food, wrappers and beverage containers. evidence of things that will attract coyotes to look for food along the strip. as i've subsequently it's a real problem with people feeding coyotes, ok? so the main source of all wildlife conflict, wildlife, human conflict, including with panties. >> is access to fit officials at the california department of fish and wildlife say a coyote is attacking a human is extremely rare. yes, very unusual. you know, there's only a handful attacks each year statewide. i want people understand it wasn't it wasn't attacking me. it was attacking my food. >> did you give up that? know of are.
12:54 pm
>> i retain the granola all of our yes in the headlands has it made you kron 4 news. >> the 26 annual lake tahoe summit kicked off on tuesday, california. and about a leaders meeting to pledge action on climate change. senator alex padilla said the lake and the surrounding environment are in need of serious help after the caldor fire and ongoing drought conditions. he added california and must continue working together to prevent natural disasters, which are becoming more severe. but republican congressman tom mcclintock who represents people living around the lake disagreed. he said protecting the region comes down to one key thing. >> this all amid lee is a forest management issue. and this problem is not going to go away even if we all ride our bikes to work in the tofu for hamburgers. >> governor newsom also in attendance just days after releasing his own climate
12:55 pm
goals. he says he's working to turn climate goals into working to turn his climate agenda into laws. coming up next, calling u.s. drops his new fashion collaboration with get sold exclusively in needs. yep. you're looking at trash bags. >> we'll show you how to get a hold of this collection. is something you're interested in?
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
>> airbnb is taking new steps to prevent renters from throwing parties. the rental company will soon be using their new screening tools to find people trying to set those up set up those parties. and this works by tracking customers. rental history. then the software goes on the track. how far those customers may live from the home that they're booking. the tool is already testing which days the guests are renting. airbnb says the parties have dropped by 35% so far. these changes come after a house party in san francisco led to a fatal shooting back in 2019. and kanye west just released his clothing line, collaboration with gap. but the rapper is asking gap to display his yeezy line in these trash bags. you have to go through each bad for the right fit in the close, really sorted by item instead of color or size. and some items are listed for about $300, but it does a dumpster. diving is not your thing. you can also order
12:59 pm
these items online at yeezy gap dot com. very interesting. and that's going to do it for us here at the kron. 4 news at noon. lets send things over to olivia horton for live in the bay. olivia. >> hey, stephanie, i don't know about sorting through trash bags to getting item that i want, you know, but yea always does come up with some pretty cool clothing items and you he does. he does. i got to say it's kind of there's almost this trend going on in fashion amoeba that you probably heard about this. they released their own version of a purse that looks like a trash bag. so i don't know what's going on, but i'm not into it. what's going on with fashion either, stephanie. but speaking of fashion, it's back-to-school time and we're helping you get the kids ready >> from kindergarten to the campus, all of the must have essential for all ages. plus, we'll be taking a look inside the wine industry. how california wineries are creating sustainable practices from the vine. then they've been showcasing are in the bay area for over a century. >> this gallery that's continuing to focus on diversity in the arts. and we
1:00 pm
meet the founder of hip hop for change the way he's helping the youth in our community find their passion. so much happening today on live in the bank. >> welcome in to live in the bay. thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. i'm olivia horton. let's kick things off with case you missed it. >> tiktok everybody is clamping down on content creators in the next few months and preventing them from posting paid political messages in preparation for the u.s. midterm election in november, the company announced on wednesday critics and lawmakers accuse the social media app of doing very little to stop political misinformation and divisive content from spreading on the app. tiktok has already bans paid political ads since


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