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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 17, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now it's 3. there are weather worries. dry lightning in the north bay and hot temperatures in the east bay all leading to fire concerns this afternoon. also a crash involving a big rig and several other cars has closed part of 6.80, in contra costa county. and we just got an update on when the lanes are going to reopen for the evening commute. also, the return to school comes with some big feelings for students. how to help kids thrive. and have the best year yet. >> from the local news station, this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> thank you so much for
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joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. we'll start with the weather because firefighters across the bay area are on high alert this afternoon. while some parts the region are still under a heat advisory. others are bracing for possible dry lightning. here's video of some of those ominous looking clouds from the santa rosa fire department. even so any spark could make it very easy for a wildfire to start today. there was a little bit of rain. we'll get to that as well. but right now, our meteorologist kyla grogan is standing by with a closer look at where that dry could strike today. and there are concerns of how that could spark a fire. yeah, the good news is a lot of that's been reported so far has not been cloud to ground meaning that it's staying up in the cloud itself are going from cloud to cloud as opposed to coming down and hitting the ground. >> that's good news that helps. but we did have some of it kind of rolling across the santa cruz mountains. you can see a little bit of that pickup and a couple of hours ago and, you know, it's just mentioned a little bit going right across the bay into the north bay. now i'm noticing as we get to the afternoon, things are actually getting better and not worse. that's good news. this is all
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monsoonal moisture that's been brought in. now. all these clouds are also keeping a lid on some temperatures out there. and certainly we can see it. 69 degrees right now in san francisco. but check out concord still hanging on to some heat there at 93 degrees. 94 in livermore. 95 in santa rosa. palo alto, though, coming in at 73 degrees. we do still have a heat advisory for solano county and that goes until 08:00pm tonight. that's the only part of our viewing area that still in that we're all dealing with a little bit of not great air quality, right? so we've see the yellow dots there that is moderate and that is due to the fires that are to our north. still bring some of that smoky hazy air in, as you can see to take a live look here. you can kind of see it. we are going to have a return of marine layer tonight. that will also help to cool us down. and fortunately, the wind has to change direction to really get all of any smoke or haze out of here. we don't quite have that yet in the forecast. we'll talk a little bit about about it when it come back with your extended forecast to see him back to you. thank you so much. east bay firefighters. they are on high alert a day and kronk force you all reports now that fire officials are concerned about the already bone dry
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conditions. >> combined with that threat of dry lightning. >> in a word assistant fire chief tracy debtors says the east bay weather in recent days has been on. we've had a lot of high heat. >> but there's some humidity in the air. we have a little bit of rain earlier and all this is making for some unusual fire conditions. debtors with the contra costa county fire protection district and says as always, the fully staffed hand crews on standby ready to dig fire lines around homes at a moment's notice. with the high heat and dry lightning strikes that are forecast. >> we are concerned fire starting due to dry lightning in some pockets of the county residents reported rain in the and and the humidity actually also helps obviously with the higher humidity. the vegetation doesn't trial this quickly. >> so it can decrease the chance of a fire spreading quickly. but we are in august and the vegetation is already dry. you can help firefighters out by reporting small fires before they become big ones
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and take simple steps to protect your home like safely removing dry vegetation. >> that has settled on your in contra costa county, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news >> in about an hour from now, the first flex alert of the summer will go into effect and when this happens, cal ios the organization in charge of the state's power grid. we'll ask everyone in california to conserve as much energy as possible from 4 o'clock until 9. tonight, operators predict that the grid will be the most stressed out during this time because of high demand for electricity, particularly from air conditioning. so here are some steps that you can take to conserve power. set your thermostat for 78 degrees or higher, turn off any unnecessary lights, keep your windows covered to keep the heat out of your home and avoid using any major appliances like ovens or dishwashers. and you can stay connected with us here on kron 4 for the latest weather conditions as we get through this heat wave of dry lightning spells scan a qr
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code right now and we'll take you right to our website. kron 4 dot com. we can get the current conditions in your neighborhood and also the 7 day forecast. happening now. a massive crash involving a big rig and several cars has shut down some lanes of i-680. this is in contra costa county just north of arthur road in martinez. the crash happened just before 8 o'clock this morning. and crews are still on the scene clearing up this mess, including diesel fuel that spilled onto the road. the southbound direction. one lane just reopened. that's the update we just got. and the northbound lanes are still blocked. drivers heading south from solano county are being told the cup prove a lie told by taking interstate 7.80, and 80 instead we know there are some injuries but way to get more details on what happened the update for you tonight during kron. 4 news at 5. the man accused of attacking daniel luna of oakland in the parking lot of so fi stadium in la pleaded not guilty today. brian alexis cifuentes
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faces one count of battery with serious bodily injury for the assault that happened in january during the nfc championship game between the forty-niners and the rams when a suffered a serious head injury and was put into a medically induced coma for nearly 2 months. so 20's is being held on $30,000 bond. he's due back in court for a hearing on october. 17th. his lawyers are saying that video evidence will show that stuff went as was not the aggressor in this incident. it is the first day of school for thousands of students across the bay area today. and it can be a difficult and emotional time for many children, especially after surviving the stress of the pandemic. and for more on what mental health experts are advising to help kids deal and thrive. kron four's terisa south co joins us now live from warren county. theresa, i know you've been going through this year. mom working mom, get your kids off to school. so what are some tips that we can pass on to parents about how we can have the best year yet?
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>> well, they have a lot of tips in just a man has a fellow parents yourself. and so as you know, this can be a lot of fun to look forward to, but it also can have a lot of challenges. so here's some advice for mental health experts. >> mental health experts say the data is quite clear. students struggled during the pandemic. there were increased rates of suicide depression and anxiety for some of our families. their parents have lost jobs or are they lost loved ones? >> just it's and it's under heavy, say underwhelming to say there's a lot going on. but there is a lot going on. doctor nicole stelter is director of behavioral health at blue shield of california. >> but signs of the sizing the basics to create a solid foundation for kids to thrive. she has meeting children's needs of where they are at is also good for their mental health. really simply don't underestimate impact of good
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sleep. >> you know, staying hated eating as as good as you can. and that's always difficult when things get busy and we kind under estimate what eating good getting good sleep. getting a little exercise again. the basic stop and arrest made to the impact of those things. i spoke with some parents who volunteered at home middle school larkspur. >> about how they are helping their kids transition back into the classroom and to be able hear away for 2 and it's a new school i said it's fix it that a lot about seeing friends again and being around the community and >> we were just talking, teachers, everybody come together and they're so close and they throw thing just really >> personally in our family, we talked about limits. so
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kind of like going back to the basics and limits about, you know, going to bed at a regular time. the doctor also mentioned like sometimes, you know, like schools not starting for everyone today, but you can go and like have a practice trail and that can help kids be in that mindset so that they're ready for that first day. but getting back to of course, screen time. i talked with a doctor a lot about how much is too much. what do you do about what they're seeing online? how do you balance ed, how you manage them being teenagers and all of that stuff. so it was a fun conversation. extremely educational for me as well. and hopefully we've got some tips out of that in addition. so how is your doing just a? >>yoh, they're great. i was telling kyla that i made 8 meals before 08:00am today to get everyone ready for one shes breakfast snacks and at that didn't even include anything for me. so it's already been busy. >> first thanks, teresa.
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>> now the san francisco school district. welcome back kids. and they did some fun events today. there were lots of activities at schools all across the city. so here's what it looked like at john o'connell, high school in the mission district. the superintendent matt wayne and other school leaders are wishing all the kids and parents, too. i'm sure a good school year. in the south bay. the classroom experience is going to look a little bit different this year for students in the sunnyvale school district kron four's camila barco has the story now. >> me. >> about 100 students are back in the classroom at san miguel elementary this year, sitting much closer to each other. last year's kind when you have stay 6 feet apart when you're eating everything. but now you can take talked you don't have to take a mask off and can like we get to interact more now with all of our friends now sort of better students
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are still being screened for covid-19 before going to school. but covid protocols have east across the sonny bill school district. >> mask are now optional, but they're strongly recommended. and parents and volunteers are now allowed to step inside the campus is i think a lot of parents didn't even get to see their classrooms till the end of last year. so >> it's nice this year to just, you know, see what the kids are doing in class c the teachers, the doors are open. we can drop our kids to any the war the kids can interact with each other. they're in class together at san miguel elementary and columbia middle school. this spanish english dual language immersion program has expanded from kindergarten to 7th year. it will also be offered to 8th graders next year. many melting pots were able to spring up at a different coach small over sunday, though. >> to really just get to know each other and again, just building sudden assets. it's a popular program and the research shows that kids can really begin to become bilingual early in elementary
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school, but we just want to continue that growth for them. superintendent michael gallagher says if you drive by ellis elementary. >> you'll notice some construction there in t e process of constructing the district's second 2 story building this year, we opened up some new classrooms that we renovated and we opened up the front office. none of that was available last year. he says this year's motto is on word with equity and innovation. it's about being ready to move past covid and meeting the needs of the families of the sonny bill school district. school officials say some students are doing independent studies, which is a form of remote learning. but more than 5,000 students have returned to in-person learning across the sonny bill school district. >> in sunnyvale, camila barco kron. 4 news 8. >> coming up here at 3 o'clock, local police are trying to make the downtown area safer. we'll have more on this new strategy. and the alameda food bank needs help. how inflation is making harder
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for it. this area to get served. also, a key republican figure says former president trump is to blame for her primary loss will have more details in a live report
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one bank for now. for later. for life. following the results of primary elections all around the country. wyoming republican congresswoman liz cheney lost her primary race
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on tuesday by a lot. >> trump backed candidate. cheney attributed her last directly to opposition to former president trump. washington correspondent anna wiernicki is now joining us live with more on how much influence the former president had on other key races. thanks for joining us. and >> and of course, well, former president trump's name wasn't on the ballot, but it's clear that he still has influence over the republican party. trump has vowed to oust any republican to turn their back against him starting with cheney. >> wyoming republican voters fired congresswoman liz cheney in tuesday's primary giving a landslide victory to her trump backed opponent. now the real work begins. cheney said following her primary defeat that her fight against the former president is not over. i have said since january 6 that i will do whatever it takes to ensure donald trump is never again anywhere near the oval office. and i mean,
3:17 pm
>> cheney voted to impeach trump and has been trump's loudest republican critic in the house. she is vice chair of the committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol. donald trump has a list of the people he's been going after and his top targets have been the 10 members of the house. >> that voted for his impeachment. todd belt is a political management professor at the george washington university to see a sitting congresswoman go down and such a staggering defeat really underscores the power of donald trump over the republican party. only 2 of the house republicans who voted to impeach trump will be on the ballot in november. 2 resigned and trump backed candidates won 6 other races in alaska. republican senator lisa murkowski survived her primary race tuesday. she was the only senator in her party up for reelection who voted to convict the former president and was on trump's hit list.
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someone like lisa murkowski who's representative or state for a good, long time and has really high name recognition there. that's a difficult person to unseat. >> and former president trump reacted to changes loss on his own social media platform, calling it, quote, a wonderful result for america. for now live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> so and is there any indication how much influence the former president is going to have over voters when it comes to elections in november. >> well, right now, former president trump has a strong hold on the republican party base and that peace is what really determines the outcome in these primary elections. but when we did speak with political experts earlier today, they were hesitant to say if that influence would carry over through november the sea. that has a lot to do with the fact that there will be a higher vote voter turnout this november and a lot of moderate voters will have a chance to weigh in. obviously a lot can change over the next 3 months. and as of right now,
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it is very clear that the former president is still pulling strings behind the scenes. >> anna wiernicki live for us in washington. thank you so much. rudy giuliani has testified before a grand jury in atlanta as part of an investigation into whether former president trump and his allies tried to overturn the 2020 election results in georgia, the former new york mayor spent about 6 hours answering questions behind closed doors and then left the courthouse without answering any questions from reporters, both giuliani and trump have denied any wrongdoing. republican senator lindsey graham has also been ordered to testify as part of the investigation, though he is fighting that subpoena in court right now. and right now we'll talk about our forecast as we take this live look outside across a foggy shot of the golden gate bridge. wow. what a difference a day makes you this time yesterday we were sweating it out. it was so hot, but the temperatures have dropped dramatically. our meteorologist kyla grogan is here now with how much of a difference we're seeing in the past. 24 hours there today.
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exactly. it is in for those who are inland. it's a big difference in checkout fairfield. 21 degrees different right now than they were this time yesterday. think about that. >> napa, 16 degrees different. you can see 11 degrees different in san francisco to oakland, a san jose 14 degrees cooler. so we are seeing a bit of that. much-needed cooldown is take a look at the temperatures right now across the state. you know, you can see there are still some triple digits in the central valley, but that's a little more where you would expect to find them. and certainly up in reading 107 degrees are plenty warm out weather headlines, though. we're going to see those temperatures continue to ramp down a little bit as we get into tomorrow. so tonight, though, we're keeping an eye on the sky to wait for our storms to come down. that should happen as we get later into the evening. in are seeing things a little bit better now? calmer weather returns in earnest tomorrow and then cooler temperatures heading our way as we get to the weekend. so here is the big picture at a lot of lightning kind of firing up in and around the bay area earlier. but now notice it's more confined over areas over by mammoth lake that we're starting to see that lightning. so we are still
3:21 pm
going to looking out for the next few hours. high pressure has started this party, if you will, with the monsoonal moisture rolling in and interacting with another low pressure system. and that has been giving us those thunderstorms that have been kicking off. but tomorrow temperatures are going to be a little bit better than today. so you see no triple digits on the map. we will see low 90's in our inland east bay. but 68 in san francisco, 86 in nevado about 86 in san jose. not a bad looking forecast. a quick look at your sunday forecast shows talking about we head towards that weekend as we get into those 80's inland sunday into monday. just see back to you. all right. thousands of mental health workers, but kaiser permit permanente are on there. >> 3rd day of the strike after contract talks fell through over the weekend. they are calling for higher wages, more staff, an additional time for patient care. the workers say the job has become unmanageable with sky high case loads and no staff to match that demand. kaiser says it is committed to reaching a deal but that the strike may force the company to cancel non-emergency appointments.
3:22 pm
fast food workers from across california are camped out in front of state capitol, demanding lawmakers passed assembly bill 2, 5, 7, which is known as the fast food recovery act. it would create a council of 11 people to meet to negotiate every 3 years on behalf of fast food workers to fight for wages, benefits and better working conditions. i just would want to be able to receive. >> the that we deserve and better pay and better treatment and all. >> the bill is expected to have a full vote in the senate in the coming weeks. still ahead here and at 3.45, today, one bay area football team may not be taking the field at all and it's not because it's so hot out. also as the american dream south of the border, why some californians are considering a move to mexico.
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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of 2 hikers caught on camera in the hills near sacramento. air rescue teams were called in after the hikers became trapped on a steep hillside in calaveras county. this was last sunday. the video just being put out. they had spent the night on the hill, but in the morning decided they could not get out without assistance. the rescue team voice to the hikers safely out of danger and neither of them were injured. inflation and high prices are putting the pressure on renters all over the state. and now we're
3:26 pm
hearing from some people who are turning to mexico for some opportunities out. couple rio reports. >> i'm live in the mexican american dream because like i've become more mexican than american these days, making calls her living situation, the mexican american dream originally from nebraska, she and her husband built a home in rosarito mexico, about 30 miles south of san diego have been able to build a home. >> from the ground up, i kind of forgot over there. there was it was just getting too crazy. solomon lives in san francisco, but he, too, has his eyes on the mexico market. his father and brother already live there. it's almost a no-brainer for me. it's just i have to convince my partner. >> to and moving their. the fact is there's a massive difference in cost of living between the 2 countries, according to a site which helps people calculate pricing for food, utilities, childcare, and all other life necessities to rent a one-bedroom in downtown san diego. it will cost you nearly
3:27 pm
$2600, but you can get a similar sized one bedroom in tijuana for a little over 600. and complexes like the la jolla excellence condos, just 24 miles south of the border are advertising directly to americans offering beach views and luxury living with promotional videos in english, the complex as it can make dreams a reality. some americans living in mexico say those considering it may as well crunched the numbers to see if it's right for them to really just trying you know, like come down a different couple weekends. are we days during the week, bill, without the bite down here because a lot of people falling >> that was ouo. couple rela reporting for us. dairy food. banks are also feeling the impact of inflation. the alameda food bank says it is served over 400 your household since february. and overall, the serving 4 times as many families as it did before the pandemic. the executive director says most of the
3:28 pm
bank's new clients are people who have jobs yet. they're still having a hard time putting food on the table. the rising cost of food isn't just hitting families hard. it's also making it harder for the food bank to operate right now. what i'm spending the most money on is fresh produce. >> spending about $25,000 a month on a wholesale fruits and vegetables. because that's what i think people want the most. the bank is accepting cash donations because for every dollar donated, the food bank and by $7 worth of food donating. your time is also easy way to volunteer and help with the day-to-day operations. and you can find more information at alameda food bank dot org. next. at 3.30, california lawmakers are taking a stand against racial hate. how they plan to reduce violence. >> and the family of alexis, gabe says justice has not been fully served while they're not why they are now calling for more charges in the case. a
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big story this afternoon, the family of alexis, gabe says that justice has not been served. and right now they're meeting with the contra costa county district attorney's office and investigators. >> to get an update on the case. alexis family believes that marshall curtis jones, alexis's ex-boyfriend, covered up games, murder with the help from his mother. jones was
3:32 pm
shot and killed by law enforcement officers in june. the gabe family says justice has not been fully serve because no charges have been filed against jones's mother. the family attorney has asked attorney general rob bonta to intervene in this case. new at 3 o'clock amid a massive rise in reported hate crimes across california today, state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle join together to say enough is enough. our capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace spoke with republicans and democrats about what they say must have to happen to put an end to this all taking place here at the capitol just months after the california attorney general released new data showing statewide hate crimes are the highest they've been. >> and more than 20 years. we're looking at a show of unity. democrats and republicans alike joining together today to make clear they stand firm against hate. hate is not welcome here. >> we really do not have room for hate state lawmakers
3:33 pm
alongside members of the act against hate alliance, calling for more awareness and tolerance. it comes just about 2 months after attorney general rob bonta released this report showing hate crimes in california went way up between 2020 2021. when the state experienced 1763 reported hate crimes. the highest since 2001 anti-black incidents increased by 12 and a half percent. and tele tino by about 30% and anti-jewish by more than 32%. you know, g b t q plus community saw a whopping forty-seven 0.8% in hate incidents while the asian american and pacific islander community saw the largest increase at more than 177%. that has really hit home. many of us for state treasurer fiona ma. it's personal. she knows people who are victims of hate crimes and now worries about her own loved ones. it is happening all throughout the to different ages at different locations. and this has stopped just calling on elected leaders to speak out as those here say preaching
3:34 pm
tolerance is just the start 1963. >> i come here as a graduate student to america. >> 60 years after ccn immigrated to america from taiwan. he says there's more work to do work that starts with all of us. >> respect love and also few bag help fighters help america again. just our response to put it attorney general bonta stresses he and his office are actively working to combat hate crimes, adding that local da sin city attorneys have increased the number of hate crime cases they prosecuted by some 30%. >> reporting here at the california state tom wallace. >> concerns about what leaders in san francisco are doing to protect members of the aap. i community are not slowing down. community groups held a town hall on tuesday to get answers directly from the city's police chief and district attorney. one of the recent attacks was when a man
3:35 pm
punched a 65 year-old woman in the face multiple times in the richmond district last week. it was also on july 31st when a 7 year-old asian american woman was robbed, beaten and kicked in the head inside of her apartment, the inside the building's lobby that was on francisco street. >> since july 31st, we've had 3 members of the asian elderly. defense insists lee and brutally attacked. >> there were 4 arrests in this case. 18 year-old darryl moore and 3 minors. the police department does plan to increase patrols. and the da, brooke jenkins says that her office has created a new unit known as a vulnerable victims unit dedicated to cases involving vulnerable populations in the city. the police department and the da's office says they will be working closely together to make sure offenders are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. and today, the oakland police department now has new strategy to make the city's downtown area safer. and this is coming after a string of serious crimes reported in recent
3:36 pm
weeks. the department is now closing off traffic on streets in busy areas and increasing patrols in the downtown area. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says he wants oakland to be safe for residents and anyone visiting the area >> anytime you have firearms, alcohol and drugs and play. it leads to a in most cases, not good outcomes. and that's really our effort to reduce the number of guns in that area. that is the amount of shootings and homicides, but also make it safe for all visitors of oakland to come out and have a good time but feel safe doing so. >> chief armstrong also called for the public support by simply reporting crimes are adding cameras on the outside of businesses or homes. the chief says videos do help solve ongoing cases and hopefully deter people from committing crimes. happening tonight, the city of oakland is celebrating a 60 year relationship with its sister city in japan. the mayor of fukuoka and several members of
3:37 pm
the city council are in town and today they will unveil a new art installation at lakeside parks, japanese garden. we do get to check in with mayor libby schaff at the event. >> this is oakland's longest-standing sister city relationship in particular. we love the exchanges, the homestays that our students have with each other's families. some have had 3 generations of exchanges with fukuoka. and if you want to watch the event you can go, it's going to be at oakland's lakeside park garden center. the mural is called compassion, peace and community. >> to celebrate oakland's connection to cities around the world. the reception starts at 5.30 and the program begins at 6. so what is this? apparently this is what they call rain was coming down in san bruno this several parts of the bay area got a little wet today and our meteorologist kyla grogan here with how much rain we got. it
3:38 pm
was something is better than nothing. but it's so odd to see it in august. i was a little in that race fox and higher. >> it wasn't a whole lot. i know i'm and wash my >> so much. >> we'll turn now to our wildfire coverage just for a minute here because lightning is causing some concerns and other fires burning in yosemite national park. this one sparked by lightning, which is a concern. today. the firefighters are working on containing the red fire. it's burned nearly 400 acres. it is the 3rd mayor major wildfire to spark in yosemite just this year. it's all happening as fire crews are still dealing with the oak fire. it has burned almost 20,000 acres and that is now 98% contained. state fire fighting services have teamed up with california's military base, fire crews to form an all-new all hazards strike team. it's called team blaze and it consists of several smaller fire engines that could get
3:39 pm
into tighter areas and help with firefighting efforts in wild fires. and also with search and rescue operations, each engine can carry up to 4 people. 4 person, crew and 300 gallons of water too. to quickly start attacking the fires. >> coming up here, the flu season could be starting earlier this year. so when's the best time to get your flu shot? and a terrifying ordeal for one little league or how he ended up in a coma. we have the latest o
3:40 pm
californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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>> a 12 year-old little league world series player remains in critical condition after falling from a bunk bed at the players dormitory easton oliverson of utah's snow canyon little league suffered a fractured skull when he fell from his bed early on monday morning. according to an instagram account that was launched to provide updates on his condition. he was airlifted to a local children's hospital to undergo surgery and then put into a medically induced coma. a recent post say that his condition is improving. doctors are now weaning him off pain killers and scaling back its oxygen. his team, though, is scheduled to play its first game of the little league world series on friday. experts say that this year's flu season could start early. so timing your flu shot is key. health officials say the best time to get your shot is in september or october.
3:43 pm
>> the flu might be stronger this season due to the low number of cases during the pandemic. so experts are saying these low numbers create and unity gap and that could spell trouble. they also warning it's getting the shot too early. the flu shots protection last for about 4 to 6 months. still ahead, another national shortage. >> how this one could keep a local football team from taking the field.
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bay. now where football season is about to kick off for the fairfield falcons, the 12 13 year-old boy say they've been practicing hard. >> even in triple digit weather. but as reena shaq's tells us, there's a different safety concern that could keep the players off the field entirely. >> we the knot. >> the fairfield falcons football team is just a week away from their first game this season left. 26 lesson ready facing a helmet. there is a national how much shortage linebacker for the come up. >> you can block and even showing to find helmets for the team. >> with artist condition and if you don't got helmets, august and just for nothing, if don't have how much we can the fairfield falcons football team combines 12 13 year-old
3:47 pm
students from area middle schools. >> the younger players are all set with their helmets. it's the older kids that desperately need help. we are currently in the process of looking finding renting buying. >> how much for our 13 12 yulee kids we have ordered our helmets and we ordered those in april from right, dale. and we still have no date that we're going to get them here right now. it is a scorching 104 degrees. >> but that does not diminish the spirit of these boys wanting to play football. all they need are their helmets. but time is running out that the kids would not be allowed to be on the field without helmets. they're supposed to have a scrimmage this week and next weekend is the start of the season for 36 players hopefully can sign up to 50 players. so what does playing football mean for crystal
3:48 pm
charles's twin, 12 year-old sons from sassoon middle school, everything. >> we just moved to actually in this is how they start. you know, building friends is with the football team. this is where they bond. >> i mean, yeah, we're just looking forward to this season. their coach says football is more than just a sport with the lives of these young players where the 12 or 13 year-old boys are at is at a tipping point your life is like. >> they're getting ready to transition into high school. we don't want the missing a beat for trying to stop them from. tearing off. so if football is what? that's what we want. >> it's really hard. it all we have to do is keep trying and keep going. >> all right. well, that was rowena shaddox reporting for us to the team could use some help getting those helmets. and if you're interested, we've shared some information and how you can get involved with details on our website. kron 4 dot com. something tells me people are going to step up to the plate. that's a baseball analogy. but it will still work in this case. we're
3:49 pm
going to talk about our forecast right now as we take a look at a wall of fog that's passing through the bay area right now. this shot should be showing us the golden gate bridge and it is much cooler today. and our meteorologist kyla grogan here now with details. what a relief. those like nature of air conditioning coming today. it really is. and r bet you anything, the folks in livermore who get some of that fog usually are going come on and come on in because they've been dealing with triple digit heat of another thing that we've been watch out for today is lightning. and you can see as i roll this back to 6 hours ago, you can see some of that lightning was firing up along monterey bay and then it kind of came up over the santa cruz mountains as well. and we got a little bit in the north bay, too. >> now things are getting a little bit calmer. and that, of course, is good news because the concern here is that any of that dry lightning could touch off a fire and we don't want that. but outside right now at san francisco's, we take a live look. you can see we've got blue skies, a few clouds out there, but it's been a pretty nice day. if you've been out by the coast has been downright chilly a little bit there in half moon bay there. 63 degrees right now. 66 in san francisco, there is heat in conquer their
3:50 pm
93. there is heat up in kelsey veal where they're 101 degrees. well, 90 in fairfax. that's not to say that everyone has cooldown. we also have a little bit of hazy smoke out there from the fires to the north of us. and that, unfortunately, is cars are air quality to deteriorate a little bit. we need to win to really change direction, to get that to kind of get out of here. and as you can see, a future cast here, it gets a little bit better is going to see a change in our flow of direction to a more southerly direction. but it doesn't fully clear out, unfortunately. so another live look here. you can see the golden gate bridge in shrouded in that fog. and i'll be back in a little bit with your extended forecast and we'll talk about when we'll see some nicer temperatures for everybody. back to you into that. let's check in now with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on newsnation. top congressional democrat sean patrick maloney is here to critique his own party. he says they don't have to speak to average americans and come across as elitist. i wonder
3:51 pm
how the squad will feel about that. that's tonight on dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. a quick break. but kron 4 meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot...
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here's what's happening in the tech world. walmart is now including paramount plus in its subscription service. >> walmart plus launched in 2020. it's a program similar to amazon prime. it costs $13 a month or $98 for the year. it gives subscribers fast delivery discounts on gas and free. spotify premium for 6 months. now, users will also get a subscription to paramount. plus essential which lets you stream movies and tv shows. the new park starts in september. air tags help nav an airport employee who allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth of checked luggage to travelers arriving to an airport in florida, reported missing luggage. one suitcase had items inside worth $1600. another had $15,000 in jewelry. both bags had an air tag inside officers pinpointed the air tax location, then cross reference the address with a database of local airport employees that
3:55 pm
led them right to the luggage and thousands of dollars in goods. a 19 year-old airport worker admitted he removed the air tag from one of the bags. lesson learned you probably shouldn't travel without much jewelry in your checked luggage. and if you use an air tag, it's probably a good idea to hide it. the company behind pokemon go wants to jump start the tech careers of 20 people through a new scholarship program. ny antic will select 20 under represented individuals from san francisco, los angeles and seattle and teach them to code. they'll get a tuition-free. 14 week coding boot camp with the opportunity to then joined the company or another tech start up for a 6 month stint at the end of the experience, nan tech is partnering with tech elevator for the program which helps students become developers. applications are due september 30th. the program starts in october. i've got a link my website for details on how to apply. that is at rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and
3:56 pm
you are tech smart >> that we who want to check in with how grogan with a final look at the forecast here at 3 o'clock. so much cooler today and yes, the numbers local different. no triple digits. yeah. behind me is we take a look here. you can see there's still some heat out there. so conquer sitting at 95. but, you know, it's a lot better than yesterday. 92 santa rosa right now, 69 in san francisco. >> and as can see in palau toll in the 70's, which is kind of nice, we've been looking out for the possibility of dry lightning strikes today. you can see things are getting a little bit better right now than they were earlier. still some lightning happening, but now it is over near like mammoth lake in that area. so tonight we're going to see things get a little bit better at that unsettled weather starting to move on. temperatures overnight about 55 to 69 degrees of those are going to cool down to still a little warm but they're going to cool down a bit as we get into tomorrow, we're going to do even better check this out. so tomorrow we're talking low 90's for concord and livermore. 96 still for antioch. yeah, i know you're still a little warm out there. 76 and they were so nice around the bay. 68 in san
3:57 pm
francisco can see 91 in santa rosa. here is your extended forecast. pretty cool down a little further. we get towards the weekend to the next couple days. pretty static. we even bump up a degree or 2 on friday and saturday in la. but then sunday into monday, that's what we're going to see. those 80's return inland. and i know people are ready for that. so just seen, you know, we've almost made it through this. i'm very happy to say we haven't heard of any fire setting off today and that is great news. that is great returns for the weekend for anyone that's looking to. >> jump in a pool. yeah, a very and thank you so much for joining us here during kron. news at 3. we'll see you right back here tomorrow.
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