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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 18, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us. bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey we have been talking about the weather conditions over the past few days trying to prepare you for all of the heat we've been seen in john trimble has been doing a great job of stay on top of all of that, john. it was a hot one for me last night. will it be a hot one for us tonight? >> glad to say not as hot as we make our way through the rest of the forecast. so we saw another hot day yesterday. obviously tuesday was the very and today as we begin to round
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out the week, we're going to be seeing temperatures that or at least not as hot. i don't want to say cool just yet, but we're getting in the right direction. your view outside looking very foggy down in the bay itself, your east bay hill. sure to look good. but that fog is super condensed soup or compressed at the surface. and that does mean where you're running into it. we do have some very low visibility pocket. so i do want you to take it a little bit slower as you're entering outside this morning. allow yourselves a few extra minutes to get into the office to get into work wherever that's out. a couple of misty spots near the coast to so watch for some wet conditions near the coast. what we don't have today is the monsoonal moisture that brought us isolated showers yesterday. so most of us are in the clear as far as that goes, it's just some misty conditions at the coast and some fog advisories for coastal areas. heat advisory remains through friday for solano county as well as portions of the lake and mendocino counties. current temperatures mostly in the 50's light jacket kind of stuff, especially with the fog out there. berkeley at 56
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degrees. currently oakland hayward over to san mateo at 58, a couple of 60's in areas like conquer dublin on over to livermore and on up into saint helene at this morning later on today, temperatures will rise into the 90's at our warmest inland 70's along the bay 60's at the coast. a little cooler than yesterday getting in the right direction. all talk about even cooler weather. still to come raining the let's look at your traffic this morning about it. >> tim in iran into the city may so that fremont street exit. well, the san mateo bridge a 80 to one o one just under 13 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. our richmond center fell bridge pretty nice and light for you there about a 9 minute ride. let's check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the soles. he talked about that fog we've been seeing across the golden gate bridge still going to take about 20 minutes to make it as you're traveling. the not and and developing news. investigators
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in contra costa county say they will not file additional charges in the murder case of alexis kate. gabe's family caught on the district attorney to file these charges because they believe the mother of a lexus. his ex-boyfriend helped cover up her murder kron four's. amanda harry has the latest for us. we're still hopeful something. >> good will happen because so it's still an ongoing investigation after a nearly 2 hour meeting with the contra costa county da's office in law enforcement. quentin really emerged optimistic about the next steps in the investigation to find their daughter. alexis is still hoping to get the 23 year-old woman from oakley was first reported missing in january. investigators believe she was killed by her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones of antioch jones was killed by police in washington state in june as they tried to arrest him. investigators think joan travel to his mother's house shortly after killing gate jones mother alicia coleman. clark was briefly detained in may on suspicion of aiding and
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abetting. but later released we strongly feel that, you know something definitely marshall is gone. why? why? >> why still keep the information shared? she can anonymously call the tip line and say. tell, you know, tell them that. just tell us where she but on wednesday, investigators told the gabe family that at this point there's insufficient evidence to establish that clark newer son killed a lexus or that she assisted him after the fact. >> chief assistant district attorney simon o'connell says they'll continue to investigate and will re-evaluate if they get additional evidence. there's also >> a legal and a need for evidence. there's some investigative aspects that we agreed upon today. the game say they've only spoke to clark once since alexis disappearance. she called them after jones was killed. he
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fought. >> that call was very sincere. and then we found out that's it wasn't. she was advised by her attorney. to call us. >> the da's office says finding alexis's body could be the start to getting her family. the justice. they want it. we are going to find a lexus. >> when we find alexis, we're going to have some more answers to the manner in which she was killed. that is going to give us further tools in order to assess who else may be chargeable in her death in martinez, amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> well, one person has died following a multi vehicle crashes happened at concord. it happened just before 6 wednesday evening on monument boulevard and lacey lane concord. police say they were 3 vehicles that were involved. investigators closed the roadway in both directions as they investigated. what happened that has since been cleared. no word yet on what led up to that crash. and the contra costa county district
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attorney charged a 17 year-old with murder for his involvement with a shooting that happened at a 24 hour. fitness in brentwood. police say an argument turned into a shooting that killed one person and injured 3 others. the da says the teen was one of 2 suspects detained and later arrested on august 11 during the early stages of that investigation. the second suspect was released after investigators determined he was not a shooter. the 17 year olds name is being withheld because of age. authorities say the case remains an active homicide investigation. well, a swastika flag at an el sobrante home is on display again. a neighbors are not happy about it. a viewer sent us these photos of the upside down american flag. we're going to show you that with a swastika on it. neighbors say they're concerned because a school is right in front of the home. and this is the second time the homeowner as part of the flag since march. well, the homeowners not breaking any laws. the display is protected by the first amendment protections of freedom of speech. well,
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police in las vegas arrested in oakland, man, they say caused a panic for hundreds travelers. a las vegas international airport you're looking this is 33 year-old stefan mathis, hutchinson reportedly told tsa employees he wanted to go home immediately and he did not want to wait until the next day for his flight. this all happened early sunday morning. authorities say hutchison than knocked over several metal line dividers pushed his way through tsa checkpoint that caused bystanders to panic and to flee tsa agents at jewelry screen. hundreds of people prompting several flight cancellations. hutchison's attorney told a judge that his client needs a competency evaluation, which the judge approved. well, thieves break into a community center in san francisco and steel gift cards that were meant to help by kids school supplies that have early yesterday morning on clinton street in the city richmond's district. these took off with $5,000 worth of gift cards and several laptops.
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>> this is definitely very disappointing to happen, to promise end of the serving the community all using families, especially school, very needy. and then we really hope that the automated we all have to work together to develop some action plan to prevent it from happening. >> well, the community center says they do not have money to replace the gift cards. but this is still a setback for. they do have money replace, but this is still a setback. and if you would like to help the community center, we have a link to where you can actually donate over at kron 4 dot com. well, the south bay, san jose police have arrested a 5th suspect in a string of violent home invasion robberies. this dashcam video captured one of several incidents. san jose police say the group involved went to a home on summerdale drive on may 31st and held a family at gun point and they stole valuables. there. now in june, police arrested 4 suspects including a juvenile. there's not pitcher of the year. the 5th suspect israel. my show was arrested wednesday. his charges include home invasion,
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robbery, burglary, as well as false imprisonment. workers held at knifepoint by robbers who broke into a popular san jose bakery. these are all caught on camera and police are now looking for the 5 people responsible. the air owner at peters bakery off rock avenue says it happened about one 30 in the morning. how for taylor is aqi? has that update? >> they immediately came in. >> put some of our employees at knife point started asking, hey, where's the money was to save? cap peters was shocked when he got the call that 5 suspects seen here in this surveillance video. rob is family shop peers bakery early wednesday morning. it started just looking through out the big 3 looking. you're looking there, see what they can find. they went out front. >> i'm trying to get into cash registers, but there was no way to get in. so they quickly abandoned that. peters says they eventually found a storage area containing petty cash in tips and made off with
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less than $1000. they were in and out of the bakery in less than 2 minutes. peters says he's thankful none of the 8 employees inside at the time were physically hurt. >> he says the family bakery is 86 years old, but it's only experience 2 or 3 break-ins over the past 5 decades. however, peters says other small businesses in the area have recently been hit by burglars. there is patrol officer. >> literally sitting in front of the bakery while this was happening. they were parked in front of the bakery while everything was happening in the back as they were looking for other break, ins along alum, rock and white road at the time. peters says it's frustrating to see these burglaries and break-ins continue. we don't have the means in place or the desires inflation to say 2. partial and criminalization when there's no disincentive for committing crimes. why she did not commit crimes that they
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know that their punishment week are going to be nonexistent. he says the suspect's getaway vehicle seen here is a distinctive white bmw, 5 series. >> that has a black front panel. silver front rams in black runs get any information about the suspects. >> please contact the san jose police. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news >> well, coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news in alameda county. you might have noticed the water nearby isn't berkey brown. now local environmental group is testing the water to find out what's behind the issue. >> and the cdc is shaking up the organization after critics caught out their response. the covid-19 and monkeypox. we'll talk more about that and we get back from break. well, for
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weeks, the water in the oakland and alameda estuaries has been a murky brown color. >> the phenomenon is known as red tide blooms a local environmental group is now testing the water to find out what's behind that problem from wars. gayle ong has that story. >> from a boat, we get a closer look at that. he like brown waters in the oakland alameda you see it right here. the environmental group, san francisco bay keeper received reports at the end of july of
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syria's discoloration of the water by house the department of public health tested the water and founding harmful algal bloom hetero >> so that is a species that is known from around the world to cause what are commonly referred to as red tide, bags. >> wednesday morning a sample was taken for the san francisco estuary institute. blooms of this are relatively rare a particularly in the middle of summer. scientists in renn says the red tides can have a negative impact on marine life. it's quite possible that when dies, you have a scenario where bacteria will that that allergy something a lot of the oxygen out of the water and you could have fish kills. in shallow or part of the day, now go blue may not be harmful to humans, but those expose can suffer irritation. and burning eyes. >> carolyn cahill is in the water daily. she's a program director of the east bay rowing club. thankfully, the
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city of oakland opened up showers for us in the morning and afternoon. i'm just this week, actually. rowers feel a lot safer, being able to wash off. >> after rowing as for how long the water will stay this way. it's unfortunately there's nothing that we can really do about this bloom at this time. >> and we really just have to wait and see what happened. hopefully we won't see any serious harmful. harmful impacts. in the meantime, ren and his team will be monitoring in studying the red tides. >> experts say the cost can be a number of factors from the ongoing drought to sewage treatment plants. many of do not remove nutrients. that's an essential building. block. how it that fits with. he's really taken off here in the estuary and throughout the at this point. so far, there is no official warning from the health department, but the cities of oakland, alameda and alameda county issued caution signs go on kron. 4 news.
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>> well, will the port of oakland is reporting a drastic 20% drop in overall volume from july. the port says in july of this just under 117 1000 containers, the numbers down from july 2021, when the port move nearly 163,000 containers. now the ports as protests by independent truck drivers over 85 at the port is the primary factor. you're seeing that decline. the port was closed nearly a full week last month because of those protest. port officials say their backlog about a month because of those looks like we're going to be seeing a lot of activity at the port from now until they're able to on backlog. all of those items and just like you would work at the port and a lot of people who work down there. people are going to be out and about today, john. i know it's been rough for a lot of folks who work outside. will it be difficult today? heat wise for them working. probably comparatively going to feel pretty good for a lot of people. that's not to say we're out of the heat yet,
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though. but you will notice that today's temperatures. >> are starting to be a little less uncomfortable in more tolerable. so we're getting there for sure. we're looking outside this morning. low gray that's sitting the right above san francisco. this dense fog is resulting in some visibility issues near the coastline. we're seeing some improvements in our air quality, which is a bit of good news to the north, though we are seeing some bad air quality just west of redding as you head up into the trinity alps out towards the humble county coastline. these areas have been seeing wildfire smoke up there now locally in the bay area, conditions of dried out after yesterday's monsoonal moisture, northern california still seeing those showers. we had some lightning strikes up in the trendy out yesterday just north of the bay area and then also seeing some heavy rainfall in the form of that monsoonal moisture out of the great basin of western nevada, comparatively really calm here in the bay area. and we're going to stay that way. high pressure ridge still firmly in place. keeping us dry and
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keeping us hot for a few more days. just not as hot as we have been. still heat advisory for solano county and that actually lingers through 08:00pm on friday. a look at temperatures will show you why now 60's for san francisco today. it's 60's at the coastline to back to normal out there, mostly back into the 70's along the bay shore. and we are welcoming that cooler feel on the bay after some 90's just a couple of days ago. san jose, your back to the 80's after a few days of 90's down. 86 livermore at 93 while hayward a comfortable 76 in oakland, a nice 73 danville. at 92 walnut creek falls to 89 degrees. antioch vacaville, still hanging on to the 90's, but you are no longer triple digits in these spots. as for next 7 days, you'll continue to see temperatures cool towards monday and tuesday. our coolest days of the forecast will only be in the upper 80's inland with 70's remaining by the bay and 60's at the coast. right? john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your bridges this morning heading into the city may so that
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fremont street exit just under 10 minutes. >> for your drive there, san mateo bridge, a 80 to one o one. you're looking at a 30 minute drive on this thursday morning. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell commute still nice and light about 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the toes. look at that fog. take your time as you're traveling 20 minutes. 37 to the tolls. in national news. a major shakeup is underway at the centers for disease control following some criticism of how the nation's public health agency handled the covid-19 epidemic. washington correspondent john hudson joins us live with the latest. good morning. were shocked. >> good morning. that's shakeup comes as the cdc moves for managing the pandemic to dealing with the nation's latest health challenge. monkeypox. >> cdc has released estimates the director of the cdc is calling for drastic changes within the agency to better deal with health emergencies. it follows criticism of the agency's response to the
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covid-19 pandemic. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky said in a quote and our big moment our performance did not reliably meet expectations. reforms include an overhaul of how the agency analyzes and shares data as well as changes to how quickly the cdc communicates information to the public along with that will come a new executive council, an equity office and a more streamlined website. the course correction comes as public health officials work to fight the latest challenge monkeypox. the virus has been declared a global health emergency with more than 35,000 cases now identified around the world. and the cdc director says some of those changes have already started to be implemented. others will take time due to training protocols right now. they were shot. >> well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news. okay. so let's go to this upcoming
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story. east bay firefighters were on high alert, wins it because of the threat of lightning combined with bone dry conditions. yeah. the contra costa fire protection district. they had a fully staffed hand crews on standby ready dig fire control lines at a moment's notice. well, in some pockets of the county residents reported seeing rain early wednesday morning, which is some good news for the fire crews out there. a quick response can help to prevent small fires from becoming large ones. and they say take simple steps to reduce the risk of wildfires. that just safely removing dry vegetation from around your home. that's how you can help them out. well, still to come on the kron 4 morning news, many schools are returning to pre pandemic normalcy, but the pandemic is still wreaking havoc on some kids. mental health spoke to experts. >> about how parents can help out. we'll be right back with those tips for you.
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year's back to school season will understandably restore a degree of prepandemic normalcy. >> well, many of coal that's lasting effects remain a troubling reality for schools because among them students, mental health has reached crisis levels last year. mental health experts say keeping open lines of communication to your children is critical right now. >> some of our families, their
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parents have lost jobs or are they lost loved ones? just it's and it's almost a under heavy, say underwhelming to say there's a lot going on. but there is a lot going on. >> well, the districts across the country are using federal pandemic money to hire more mental health specialists. they're rolling out new coping tools and their expanding curriculum, which prioritizes emotional health for these kids. and the sarah says a unified school district held a welcome back event for students on wednesday. lots of activity at schools in the city. here's what it looked like at john o'connell. high school in the mission district. as of usd superintendent matt wayne and other school leaders wanted to wish all students a good years. that's exactly what they did. well, still ahead of the fall, but morning news. >> reunited and it feels so good. a happy ending to a story we brought you not too long ago. stick around as you're going to want to see this happy reunion. and it
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involves middle baby call will be right back. back to the kron. 4 morning .-
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news at all for you now for 29 and going on for 30. >> we've been talking about the heat for the past few days of him, a fan on just about every night. you have to keep the fans on tonight or can i
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just kind of pull back from would say keep the fans out at least, but you can make that decision later on today. >> it is not going to be as hot. so some of us will be reaching a much more tolerable threshold. others of us, especially those further inland. yeah, you want to be keeping those fans with a look outside right now does show that compacted marine layer. that is the fog that you're running into in the bay and out along the coastline, really having an impact on visibility this morning. so take it slow are out. there are also a few wet spots, not because the monsoonal moisture like yesterday, but this morning because a misty drizzly conditions near the coastline, especially so foggy morning, a misty morning, but not a thunderstorm kind of morning like we had yesterday. fog advisories at the coast and we do have a heat advisory lingering until 08:00pm tomorrow for solano county. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's to 60's. it's a cool start to the day. light jacket, sweater kind of stuff. the oakland, alameda hayward, each in the upper 50's at 58. t


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