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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 18, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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kron. 4 morning news at >> let me be the first to tell you. it's thursday jays thursday playing along tomorrow. it's friday. i'm darya and james got gust 18th temperatures. i noticed in my neighborhood were so lightly less hot yesterday. okay. i'm starting to feel guilty. i have wanted to say anything. i've been so comfortable so wonderful. and this morning where the big boy it that cold. i guess, john, if you're near the coast of the bay, you're getting the benefit you're definitely getting the fog this morning for sure. it is a chilly morning for some of us. that fog is paroled in and that is going to contribute at least to a less hot afternoon around the corner, too. >> so we are seeing some changes out there. the less hot kind of changes, your view outside right now from san francisco looking very grey. i would recommend the jacket for sure. and i also recommend a few extra minutes if you're traveling up and down highway one or one. 0, one, especially as the spots offense, especially do have some low
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visibility areas. still in the midst of what is going to be some wet spots on the roads. it's not because the monsoonal moisture today, but rather because of the fog in some misty conditions that will come along with that, a heat advisory remains in solano county through 08:00pm tomorrow. not quite done with the heat yet. just done with the hottest of temperatures. current temps are in the 50's and 60's right now. i'll be talking about how hot this afternoon will get. still to come. great job. thank you for that. well, we've been talking about the fog. we do see some fog along. >> the golden gate bridge. so as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls about 19 minutes for you. make sure that you're being safe this morning as you're traveling. 7 minutes, though, mason at fremont street exit. no issues along the bay bridge. let's check on the richmond. sandra fell commute toast the one o one just under 9 as you're traveling out of richmond and in the south bay long one about 27 minutes. if you're traveling from 85 up to menlo park darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 5, 0 one. and the developing news this morning, investigators in
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contra costa county are not going to file additional charges in the murder case of alexis, gabe? yeah. gabe's family called on the da to file these charges because they believe the mother of a lexus as boyfriend helped cover up her murder with crawford's amanda hari. with more on the story. >> we're still hopeful something good will happen because so it's still an ongoing investigation after a nearly 2 hour meeting with the contra costa county da's office in law enforcement. >> quentin really emerged optimistic about the next steps in the investigation to find their daughter. alexis is still hoping to get the 23 year-old woman from oakley was first reported missing in january. investigators believe she was killed by her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones of antioch jones was killed by police in washington state in june as they tried to arrest him. investigators think joan travel to his mother's house shortly after killing gate jones mother alicia coleman. clark was briefly detained in may on suspicion of aiding and
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abetting. but later released we strongly feel that, you know something definitely marshall is gone. why? why? >> why still keep information shared? she can anonymously call the tip line and say. tell, you know, tell them that. just tell us where she but on wednesday, investigators told the gabe family that at this point there's insufficient evidence to establish that clark newer son killed alexis. >> or that she assisted him after the fact chief assistant district attorney simon o'connell says they'll continue to investigate and will re-evaluate if they get additional evidence. there's also >> a legal and a need for evidence. there's some investigative aspects that we agreed upon today. the game say they've only spoke to clark once since alexis disappearance. she called them after jones was killed. he fought.
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>> that call was very sincere. and then we found out that's it wasn't. she was advised by her attorney. to call us. >> the da's office says finding alexis's body could be the start to getting her family. the justice. they want it. we are going to find a lexus. >> when we find alexis, we're going to have some more answers to the manner in which she was killed. that is going to give us further tools in order to assess who else may be chargeable in her death in martinez, amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> well, the contra costa county district attorney charged a 17 year-old with murder for his involvement in the shooting at a 24 hour. fitness in brentwood. police say an argument turned into a shooting that killed one person and injured 3 others the da says the teen was one of 2 suspects detained and then later arrested on august. 11th during the early stages of the investigation. the second suspect was released after investigators determined that he was not the shooter.
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the 17 year olds name is being withheld now due to his age. and authorities say the case remains an active homicide investigation. >> it's 5 o for a san jose bakery was robbed and the workers held at knifepoint. check it out. we've got video of what happened from inside peters bakery off of alum rock avenue. these people coming to the bakery. they push a worker against the wall. there and the employees were held at knifepoint. and then the robber is asked where the money was. the owner says eventually there was a they found a storage area that had some cash in it and they made off with $100,000 and he says other small businesses in this area have also been hit by burglars. >> there is patrol officer. literally sitting in front of the bakery while this was happening. they were parked in front of the bakery while everything was happening in the back. if they were looking for other break, ins along alum, rock and white road at the time.
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>> at that, you can see the worker initially confronted. the owner says this bakery is 86 years old. and prior to this break in, they had only experienced 2 or 3 burglaries in the last 50 years. >> okay. 5, 0, 5 is that i'm having right now. a strike at kaiser permanente is going into day 4. now. mental health workers have been on the picket line since monday. they're demanding the hospital improve their working conditions. kron four's will tran is live in redwood city with more. will. >> james stereo, we're about 55 minutes away from day 4 of the strike. they usually start every day at 6 o'clock in the morning until 2 o'clock in the afternoon. and they did tell us on monday. here's video of it on monday when we covered it live for you in the kron. 4 morning news from san francisco that they say this is an indefinite strike until they reach a deal. now, when this started on monday, james
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and they were talking about locations in san francisco, san jose, sacramento and fresno involving about 2000 workers. now it has grown to many other locations, including santa rosa and my current location in redwood city. the workers say this is not about money, that they've already reached a deal concerning a pay raise. they say their main argument is getting more staff in here so they can spend more time working on their current patients and new patients. if they need help that when they call kaiser that they will be addressed quicker than the current staffing levels. we will be here and we will talk them once again. coming up at 6 o'clock in the morning, a word to the patients more than likely because all the workers are not inside, but they're outside. you might want to call ahead to see if your appointment has been pushed back. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> 5, 0, 7, the time and food service workers at sfo are
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going to be rallying today to demand stable wages and better working conditions. this comes after the workers voted to authorize a strike. they say they want the airport to increase their pay as well as improve their health benefits. the rally starts at 01:00pm in terminal 3. the food service workers. yeah, they're charged $20 for a piece of pizza. can't pay their employees. must say, as i complain about the price is when i buy stuff there. >> the workers always so nice. yeah, you know, i'll be like $6 for water and that this is pleasant, they're clearly not making a mint off the no. no, i find them very good to high 5, 0, 8, right now. and a new invasive species of mosquito has been identified in contra costa county. yeah. and health officials say getting bit by one of them could very well make you sick with kron 4 sarah stinson in conquer to explain for us this morning. sarah. >> and this is a stubborn species of mosquitoes and they are aggressive. so that's why the mosquito and vector control district here in contra costa county. they're
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working around the clock to try and make sure that they are get these out here. they want to eliminate these mosquitoes and make sure that they don't spread this species. it's the one of the first they found in this county. it's in martinez. so the right now they're really focusing their treatment and elimination efforts there. they're doing surveillance and treatment in the area where they found the mosquitoes in martinez to make sure that eliminated before becoming widespread. officials say these mosquitoes are very aggressive day biters that can transmit viruses like zika and diseases like yellow fever, mosquitoes can hide in vegetation and debris, which makes it hard to find and eliminate them. so the control district is really setting up traps. they're going door to you and to your door and say, - can we look in your backyard, so be aware of that. this is a specific species is not native to california are usually found in tropical areas around the world. they're introduced through travel most commonly when people move and they bring in potted plants or maybe the party plans are brought here to be sold. these invasive mosquitoes are small
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if black bodies and have white stripes. i'm so glad i don't have to look at this video because they creep me out. i'm terrified of mosquitoes. let's take a look at some tips from the control districts. you know what to do, toss out any amount of standing water. these mosquito eggs can stick into surfaces. so after dumping out the water scrub bird bats containers, outdoor pet dishes. >> any pots where you're pouring out that standing water? get that container anything, though, that that is and scrub and make sure you're doing that and report any day biting mosquito bites. you may get to the county mosquito and vector control district. they want to make sure that they know if you get bit you can come over maybe look at the area where you tive and then if they find them, they can eliminate them. i think the most important thing is getting rid of these mosquito eggs because that way it does get elected and they limit them. they can get rid of more mosquitoes from developing or
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growing. now, the last time they saw this specific mosquito species in california was about 10 years ago. so that's why it's so important to get this out here and make sure you report any of those mosquito bites. very important. darya james food, mosquitoes that could out they're attracted to me by so yeah, get rid of so i want to clarify. and if you know this, so it's no other counties. >> it has not been the this type of mosquito has not been found in any other counties. >> contra costa county says the first species that they have found. and so then they said the last time they saw in california is 10 years ago. so from understanding, yeah, it looks like contra costa counties from the species and they're trying to make sure it doesn't spread. yeah, more counties all right, sarah, thank you very much. you 5.11 now. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. new covid variants are emerging. >> in different countries
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lowe's has what you need to protect and brighten your home. with exterior stains by cabot and paint from hgtv home by sherwin-williams. save at lowe's today. the east bay hot weather and scattered showers. >> made for some unusual fire conditions in contra costa
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county. the fire protection district says that they're already on high alert, obviously because of the drought. but they are also watching out for lightning strikes. fire crews are thankful for the rain at the same time. they're not fully staffed. and so they're really country, you know, worried about making sure that they did control lines and everything around homes. it. >> lightning were to spark a fire. >> rain does help. and and the humidity actually also helps, obviously with a higher humidity. the vegetation doesn't this quickly so it can decrease the chance of a fire spreading quickly. but we are in august and the vegetation is already dry. >> our fighters are asking you to report any small fires that you see kuz a quick response. >> can help prevent a small fire from becoming a big problem. and also, as you know, removing dry vegetation from around your home is very important and reducing wildfire risks as well. california's firefighting efforts got another boost as we prepare to enter the worst
5:16 am
fire season. that's what they're anticipating state firefighting services teaming up with military base. fire crews. they're forming an all hazards strike team now called team blaze consisting of several smaller fire engines, which can get to that higher areas and help with fighting fires and also search and rescue. each engine can carry up to 4 people and 300 gallons of water. so that's good news. i was surprised by the water. we're leaving and i'm saying to john o, well, it's really that one area with isolated, you know, showers and wow. other of in red. and it was all misty rain. yeah. it was kind of it was rain. that monsoonal moisture was a definitely present for a lot of folks yesterday, yeah, it was fun to look at for just a hot minute here and there across the bay. those pop-up showers and thunderstorms was the concern. the lightning strikes obviously. >> as we're talking to cal fire about does up your
5:17 am
concern for fires. but simultaneously, the rainfall helps out just a little bit. so it's kind of a yesterday, indeed. >> as for this morning, much more simple, much more familiar to us. it's just foggy out there. so any wet spot you see this morning? that's going to be misty drizzly conditions, not so much from the monsoonal moisture sparking up thunderstorms like yesterday. good air quality for most areas. worst of air quality is still held up north of the bay area where we have those fires burning just west of the trinity alps. monsoonal moisture has worked its way out of the region on up into the very northern tier of tme state and western nevada did see some lightning strikes in the coastal ranges of the north coast yesterday. now what we're seeing here in the bay area's a much calmer forecast ahead. sure, it's a foggy start, but we do have sunshine this afternoon and some fairly hot weather still not as hot as we have been but hot enough. that heat advisory still in effect for solano county through 08:00pm tomorrow. solano county still looking at highs, climbing as warm as the upper 90's in san
5:18 am
francisco today. it will just be 60's. same for you right along the coast. most of our bayshore cities returning to a range of 70's burlingame at 78 foster city. also at 78 today out of the 90's for san jose. back to 86. still hanging on to 90 for those gatos morgan hill at 91 union city hayward up to oakland, all 70's. well, pleasanton and livermore. still low 90's. same in danville and our hottest of temperatures being in vacaville at 98 degrees today. now the rest of our forecast is a bit of an up and down. we stay but temperature. we stay on the same temperature trend today tomorrow into saturday. not a lot of change on these days but cool down into sunday and monday, highs falling into the upper 80's inland 70's by the bay. only briefly remaining that cool as temperatures rise back up into the 90's by tuesday and wednesday of next week. rain. john, thank you for that. well, we still have some fog along the golden gate bridge. so keep that in mind as you're traveling today. >> if you're taking one, 0,
5:19 am
one traveling up, starting to 85 to menlo park around 27 minutes to 37. no major issues in 82 moving along pretty nicely at this hour. 8 min, so that pretty much exits. the traffic is starting to build just a bit. there heading across towards the peninsula. 80 to one o one about a 12 minute ride. as you travel across. well, 8.80, right now, san leandro down to milpitas just under. 25 minutes for you. there. let's get a look at cracking down towards so that's 5, 18, 80 15 minutes. 24 westbound wanna creek down to 5.80, just under 13 darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 5.19, for your health as covid cases continue to go down. experts are saying that we >> should not let our guards down just yet. medical experts say the covid variant ba 5 may no longer be the dominant strain this fall as the virus continues to mutate the variant ba 2.7 5 is dominating india right now and be a 4.6
5:20 am
is increasing in the u.s. so far. neither variant seems to cause anything more severe. the data is limited, though, and we are learning to live with covid. but experts say that one thing remains clear. >> the immunity we have from our previous vaccines or boosters are giving is still very good protection against hospitalization and death. >> variant ba 4.6 currently accounts for about 5% of cases. more omicron specific booster is due in late september or october and my gosh, too many numbers. yeah, or 0.3, 5, 2, 5, you know, all you need to know is what that doctor just said. just keep up with the boosters and the shots. and you know, these this thing's going to mutate and you go well, speaking of covid-19 on the national front, we've got a major shakeup right now underway at the centers for disease control following criticism of how >> the national public health agency handled the covid-19 epidemic. washington correspondent reshad hudson has the latest on that. good morning was shot. hey, good
5:21 am
morning, daryn. james, the cdc shakeup comes as the agency moves from the handling the pandemic to now dealing with the nation's latest health crisis. monkeypox. >> cdc has released estimates. the director of the cdc is calling for drastic changes within the agency to better deal with health emergencies. it follows criticism of the agency's response to the covid-19 pandemic. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky said in a quote in our big moment, our performance did not reliably meet expectations. reforms include an overhaul of how the agency analyzes and shares data as well as changes to how quickly the cdc communicates information to the public along with that will come a new executive council, an equity office and a more streamlined website. the course correction comes as public health officials work to fight the latest challenge monkeypox. the virus has been declared a global health
5:22 am
emergency with more than 35,000 cases now identified around the world. and the cdc director says that some of those changes have already started to be implemented and others will take time. >> due to training protocols reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. thank you. reshad. it is 5, 22 and in the east bay, you can now schedule an appointment online to get a vaccine in contra costa county. >> vaccinations are going to be offered a covid-19 vaccine sites in richmond and concord. previously, you could only request to get an appointment at a yet to be scheduled. monkeypox vaccination make it a little easier for you. >> it's 5.22. and coming up on the kron morning news. the giants, their winning streak snapped. i liked after
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>> 5.25 the time. barry, a baseball now the giants looking to make it 6 in a row against the diamondbacks last night. unfortunately, it didn't happen, but the giants did take the lead into the 8th inning, but that's when the bullpen came in and collapsed. arizona scored twice in that inning and they go on to win by final 3 to 2. the 2 teams will play again this afternoon. first pitch at 12. 45? it's an afternoon game. >> at oracle park, the a's down in texas taking on the rangers game was tied. the 4th when sean murphy hits the second home run of the night. and that will give the a's the lead. and that's all they
5:26 am
need. oakland goes on to win it 7 to 2 handy when and just a reminder, if you're waiting for the raiders to play, it's all happening on saturday and we've got you covered. raiders versus dolphins in florida. coverage starts saturday at 3.30, don't forget, we've got pre-game and post-game wraps. >> 5.26 the time. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news reunited at last. a happy ending to a story that we brought you not too long ago. stick around. you'll want to see this happy puppy reunion. lowe's has what you need to protect and brighten your home. with exterior stains by cabot and paint from hgtv home by sherwin-williams. save at lowe's today.
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lowe's has what you need to protect and brighten your home. with exterior stains by cabot and paint from hgtv home by sherwin-williams. save at lowe's today. >> 5.29 right now and use a niche ice, a we get a lot of differences here in the bay area. was everything's different. you're boiling and i was cold. yeah, the weather. only need to drive what, 30 minutes and you're in. >> you're in the rain for world. you're in the given yesterday's chaotic whether join the weather. john's job, very like mike entertainment or michael same little different. either way. we are in the midst of some fog this morning. if you're closer to the coast, closer to the bay, a lot of us are looking at what's going to be some low
5:30 am
visibility as you're making your way onto roadways, coit tower, one of those spots where you're not even seeing. >> the entirety of the tower itself because of the density of that fog from santa rosa down through mountain view, over to oakland and out towards the coastline. all these areas are seeing at least pockets where visibility is below a mile right now. so you want to give yourself an extra few minutes as you're venturing out there. watch for some wet spots. not because the monsoonal moisture like yesterday which resulted in showers and thunderstorms rather just misty and drizzly conditions this morning still under heat advisory for solano county. no, we're not completely out of the heat, but we are backing off of it a bit. today's daytime highs will reach the 80's and 90's. right now. it's the 50's and 60's. so light jacket kind of stuff as you are getting outside your full breakdown in the forecast is still to come in. we'll be talking all about how much longer this heat will be lasting for in the meantime, that's not going affect your morning drive to work. i think the fog is going to be the bigger issue exactly. so we have a fog advisory along the golden gate bridge. if you are traveling
5:31 am
there this morning, this is going to take you 20 minutes, but you definitely want to try slow because look at all that dense fog there. >> the bay bridge, no delays. 9 minutes for you maze to that fremont street exit. let's go ahead and look at the san mateo bridge 12 in around. 82 want to one as you travel across towards the peninsula. and if you're in the south bay taken one on one about 28 minutes for your drive now, dorian gyms, we've been talking about this fog advisory. little. yeah, you actually have to take that comey route is really bad this morning, yes, it's all of but it ok i can tell you i didn't use the wipers as good my report. all right. be safe this morning that thank you, anna. at 5.31, is a time thieves center for her. but thieves break into a community center in san francisco and stole gift cards that were meant to. >> help kids buy school supplies. this all happened early yesterday morning on clement street in the city's richmond district. the thieves took off with about $5,000 worth of gift cards. it took several laptops to.
5:32 am
>> this is definitely very disappointing to happen to promise end of the serving the community all using families, especially school, very needy. and then we really hope that not only did we all have to work together to develop some action plan to prevent it from happening. >> and the community center says they do have the money to replace the gift cards, but it's still a setback. if you'd like to help the community center, we do have a link where you can donate a kron. 4 dot com. >> it's 5.32 in the south bay, san jose. police arrested a 5th person accused of being involved in a string of violent home invasion robberies. there's dash cam video right here and this captured one of several of these robberies, the group involved robbed this home on summerdale drive in may holding a man at gunpoint, robbing him stealing his minivan. >> and then used it in another home invasion. 2 hours after that in june, police arrested 4 people, including a juvenile under age. people are not pictured in the 5th suspect
5:33 am
was arrested just yesterday. his charges include home invasion, robbery, burglary and false imprisonment. >> but 5.32, a los angeles rams fan accused of assaulting a forty-niners fan in the parking lot of so fi stadium has pleaded not guilty at his arraignment yesterday. brian cifuentes faces one count of battery with serious bodily injury in that january assault. daniel luna of oakland was put into a medically induced coma for a time because of the head injury. he sustained in that fight. he woke up about a month later. so when test is being held now on a $30,000 bond, he's going to be back in court for a preliminary hearing on october. 17th. his lawyer says video evidence will show that stuff went as was not the aggressor in that incident. >> time now is 5.33. amid a rise in hate crimes across california state lawmakers, both sides of the aisle join together to say enough tom wallace talk with republicans and democrats about what is going to end hate.
5:34 am
>> this all taking place here at the capitol just months after the california attorney general released new data showing statewide hate crimes are the highest they've been and more than 20 years. looking at a show of unity. democrats and republicans alike joining together to make clear they stand firm against hate. hate is not welcome here. >> we really do not have room for hate state lawmakers alongside members of the act against hate alliance, calling for more awareness and tolerance. it comes just about 2 months after attorney general rob bonta released this report showing hate crimes in california went way up between 2020 2021. when the state experienced 1763 reported hate crimes. the highest since 2001 anti-black incidents increased by 12 and a half percent. and tele tino by about 30% and anti-jewish by more than 32%. the lgbtq+ community saw a whopping 47.8%
5:35 am
increase in hate incidents while the asian american and pacific islander community saw the largest increase at more than 177%. that has really hit home. many of us for state treasurer fiona ma. it's personal. she knows people who are victims of hate crimes and now worries about her own loved ones. it is happening all throughout the to different ages at different locations. and this has to stop just calling on elected leaders to speak out as those here say preaching tolerance is just the start 1963. >> i come here as a graduate student. to america. >> 60 years after ccn immigrated to america from taiwan. he says there's more work to do work that starts with all of us. >> respect love and also bag help fighters. help america again. just to our response to put it here. >> attorney general bonta stresses he and his office are actively working to combat hate crimes, adding that local da's and city attorneys have
5:36 am
increased the number of hate crime cases. they prosecuted by some 30% reporting here at the california state tom wallace kron 4 news. >> well, an update now to a story that we first brought you wednesday morning. a french bulldog puppy snatched from his owner at a fremont 7.11, parking lot has now been reunited with his owner. frankie was taken from that 7.11, near fremont boulevard and son dale drive on august. 3rd, he was stolen while his own was putting something into his car. the owner offered a $700 reward to anyone who could return. frankie, although it's not known if that was a factor in the dog being found, but that reward was out there. owners of french bulldogs are warning others to keep an eye on their dogs while they're out and about because apparently the popularity of frenchies is resulting in more and more of them being stolen across the bay area. >> and here's another happy reunion blue the dog is now home. a little over a month ago, we reported that blew the yorkie was stolen during a
5:37 am
carjacking at the sonesta hotel in emeryville, the 2 year-old pup was still in the car when somebody took off with it, police found the car and no sight of the dog. and after our story aired, a few people reported seeing that dog around town and he was finally found near lake merritt this past weekend. and his family is sure happy to have him back. >> it's 5.37. we'll take a break. but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news in alameda county. you might have noticed the water nearby is murky and brown, a new local or should say now a local environmental group is testing out water. find out. >> what's causing that? so we'll take a closer look. meanwhile, many schools are returning to pre-pandemic normalcy, but the pandemic is still wreaking havoc on some kids mental health. we're going to speak to experts about what parents can do to help. and after the break, a san francisco harley davidson dealership roars back to life after being on the brink of closure will talk about the struggles they were up struggles they were up against.
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>> 5.40, right now. and this year's back to school season is going to restore a degree of normalcy. but many say that covid is still having lasting effects, which is troubling for schools and kids among them student mental health at reached a crisis level last
5:41 am
year. mental health experts say that keeping open lines of communications is critical. >> for some of our families, their parents have lost jobs or are they lost loved ones? just it's and it's almost a under heavy, say underwhelming to say there's a lot going on. but there is a lot going on. >> districts across the country are using federal pandemic money to hire more mental health specialist rolling out new coping tools and expanding curriculum that prioritizes emotional health. >> well, a mural and a protest unveiled in san francisco's bernal heights. it's called peace. san francisco. it was painted in response to the national epidemic of gun violence artists. kyle holbrook says he lost 46 friends and family members to gun violence and he's painted murals in 42 different states. and 43 countries around the world. the hope as for people to visit the mural, take photos with it and spread the message of peace. we'll take a
5:42 am
break here at 5.41. we'll be right back. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more.. catching my train... making moves... ♪ making a connection... a train connection. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks.
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5.44. and for weeks, the water in oakland and alameda estuaries have been a murky brown color. the phenomenon is known as the red tide blooms and a local environmental group is now testing that water to find out what's behind the problem. kron
5:45 am
four's gayle ong with a closer look. >> from a boat, we get a closer look at that. he like brown waters in the oakland alameda you see it right here. the environmental group, san francisco bay keeper received reports at the end of july of syria's discoloration of the water by house votes. the department of public health tested the water and founding harmful algal bloom hetero >> so that is a species that is known from around the world to cause what are commonly referred to as red tide, caroline bank. >> wednesday morning a sample was taken for the san francisco estuary institute. blooms of this are relatively rare a particularly in the middle of summer. scientists in renn says the red tides can have a negative impact on marine life. it's quite possible that when dies, you have a scenario where bacteria will that. that allergy something a lot of the oxygen
5:46 am
out of the water. and you could have fish kills in shallow or part of the day, now go blue may not be harmful to humans, but those expose can suffer irritation. and burning eyes. >> carolyn cahill is in the water daily. she is the program director of the east bay rowing club. thankfully, the city of oakland opened up showers for us in the morning and afternoon. i'm just this week, actually. rowers feel a lot safer, being able to wash off. >> after rowing as for how long the water will stay this way. it's unfortunately there's nothing that we can really do about this bloom at this time. >> and we really just have to wait and see what will happen. hopefully we won't see any serious harmful. harmful impacts. in the meantime, ren and his team will be monitoring in studying the red tides. >> experts say the cost can be a number of factors from the ongoing drought to sewage treatment plants. many of do not remove nutrients. that's an essential building. block. how it that fits with. he's
5:47 am
really taken off here in the estuary and throughout the at this point. so far, there is no official warning from the health department, but the cities of oakland, alameda and alameda county issued caution signs gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> i hope get cleared up at some point here soon. that the water sure he's been great. you know, for anybody who live along the water right now be thankfully been avoiding those triple digit temperatures we've seen in abilene ice and not choppy is good. i'll take another. yes, i enjoying the not choppy. this is the water lately. enjoying any water we can because well, our latest drought monitor showing just how behind we are as far as that achieving new water across the state. well, a little update to it today. always released on thursdays. a shows that the central valley is now entirely. >> back into that exceptional drought, at least the san joaquin valley south of
5:48 am
sacramento. this very bad news for the state's agriculture. obviously, we also advance of extreme drought into portions of the very for this east of the bay. that's in that red. most of the bay area itself is an orange indicating severe drought. this is definitely not good news. it was nice to see those showers yesterday, but certainly just a drop in the bucket. some brief showers really are definitely have to kick things back up during this winter season. as far as monsoonal moisture goes, it is worked its way out of the region. so we woke up to rain yesterday. that won't be the case today. heavy rainfalls up along the oregon border out in western nevada. if you do see wet roadways this morning, it's not because the monsoonal moisture rather, it's because of misty and drizzly conditions. that's the fog at play right there that is making for some lower visibility spots as you leave in the house to start high pressure, ridge is still in effect. we still do have thunderstorms possible in the sierra, but not in the bay area today. just some heat advisories for both lake in
5:49 am
solano counties, in effect through 08:00pm tomorrow. these are hot spots with temperatures still climbing well into the 90's, 60's for san francisco and at the coastline again or cooler areas while or bayshore cities will be in the 70's to just barely low 80's. definitely a drop in temperatures from the 90's in the spots just 2 days ago. san jose, you are in the 90's yesterday today. it's 86. well union city hayward up to oakland in the 70's pleasanton livermore and danville still hanging on to the low 90's. our hottest spot vacaville at 98 degrees today. a look ahead shows today tomorrow and saturday. not a lot of change remaining. pretty hot in london, mild by the bay and the coast. we see a nice cool down, though, into sunday and monday. that's what our warmest of highs inland will really only be in the upper 90's. temps rebound just a bit into early next week. rain. john, thank you for that, ok? so we do have a hot spot. this is southbound one. 0, one north of moffat boulevard and mountain view. >> now all lanes are blocked and they've opened up at least 3 of those lanes. so now we
5:50 am
just have 2 that 2 of them are open and the other ones are close, rather. so i was going to say maybe take 82 or to 80. however, this delay doesn't look to be too backed up right now. it's just kind of hovering mountain view area. so you could just wait it out. if you don't want to hop on a 2, 0, one. 0, one. 11 minutes there so that fremont street exit into the city, no issues along the bay bridge. fog advisory along the golden gate bridge, richmond center fell commute. 7 minutes tolls to one o one. let's check in on highway 4 because you're starting to pick up here about 30 minutes from antioch. if you're traveling into conquered right now and we'll check on 6.80, southbound doubling down to fremont about 15 minutes. 80 here. a few delays. it's just seen as a traveling pass. hey, we're a long 8.80, northbound. the moving at the limit. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. reyna five-fifty is the time and the forty-niners are offering the city of santa clara. more than 3 million dollars. >> to settle a lawsuit. the 2
5:51 am
have been an ongoing fight over who operates levi stadium. the forty-niners say the deal would allow the city and the team to go back to a successful public private partnership that once existed and end wasteful spending on lawyers. the city council was supposed to vote on whether to accept the plan settlement. but after meeting for several hours, they didn't take any action. the potential deal comes as 2 city council members, russia hall and karen hardy face investigation from the state. the 2 are accused of accepting gifts from the forty-niners. >> well, the golden state warriors are putting out their fraud alert once again for the 2020 to 2023 nba season for single game tickets. they warn fans every year about resale tickets and the fact that there are fraudulent tickets out their resale tickets go on sale today and they want to remind you the last year they had to turn away about 500 fans that had counterfeit tickets. unbeknownst to them the fraud alert is a warning
5:52 am
to let you know about the dangers you could face if you buy tickets from unverified. a non verified 3rd parties. they, of course, would encourage you to purchase your tickets online directly from the team's official website where you can also buy resale tickets as well. so just be extra careful out there. if there's a deal for tickets, that seems too good to be true. it might just all right. as we know the pandemic has affected major businesses across the bay area, including one of the oldest brands in san francisco. harley davidson motorcycle brand is at a presence in the city for over 100 years. and when the pandemic took its toll on the local economy, the dealership >> came close to shutting down. >> parts and services manager scott ross and says the pandemic hit shortly after the new ownership moved in to the current location on mission street. and it well, i really did pose a real threat to keeping the doors open in his darkest days, going from 17 employees down to just 5 running the entire dealership. the company itself, scott, over a nearly 120 year history.
5:53 am
>> and so they've been through world wars. so i'm not sure that the pandemic a strong of take us out. >> ross and adds that it's still a challenge to fmnd new employees. they currently employee of 17 people. now they're looking for a few more. so if you're interested, get a good head on your shoulders for motorcycles, maybe give him a call. >> we'll take a break 5.53. we'll be right back. lowe's has what you need
5:54 am
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>> we are back at 5.55, the san francisco low rider council is celebrating their 41st anniversary at the embarcadero with a car show and hopping contest this saturday event. organizers say they're going to be celebrating culture community and history at piers 30 to 32. the event will end with cars cruising down towards mission street. the event's going to provide food art, live entertainment and low rider swagg organizers are teaming up with the san francisco latino task force to provide free covid testing as well and monkeypox information too. general admission will cost to just $20 and kids can get in free kick get no all day at 5.56. is the time right now. would you rather have the singer a mosquito bite? >> there's a new invasive mosquito that was found in martinez will have a live report. i want don't want these to bite you and workers at a san jose bakery were robbed at knifepoint. it was
5:57 am
all caught on camera. we'll tell you what ended up happening. what is ok? now
5:58 am
5:59 am
with kron? 4 morning news. some kaiser workers enter day 4 of their strike will tell you what you need to know if you have an appointment today.
6:00 am
>> a big development in the alexis gabe case. the new decision prosecutors made regarding her murder. and the forty-niners trying to make good with the city of santa clara. we'll tell you about the deal. they come forward with the settle the lawsuit. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday daria and i'm james and we're waking up to some fairly cloudy conditions, at least along the water lines here on the main see that behind this year. much cooler out there. i even shut the window this morning was kind of windy, john. yeah, the cool breeze. the fog that's pushed in all of it is adding up to some jacket where the conditions to start. we are going to be seeing still a warm afternoon, though. so it's a day of layers. bundle up this morning and then get ready for warm. but just not as warm of conditions later on today where we're sitting right now, things are clearing up a little bit at the embarcadero can see a little bit of sunshine peeking through amidst the low gray that is sro


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