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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  August 19, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news >> good morning and happy friday to you. thanks for waking up with us. i'm daria and i'm james am. as the time we're looking at, still some great conditions outside with some low clouds here along the % embarcadero that you can see behind us. i think there will be enough sun to go around for everybody by the weekend vote that john? yeah, it looks like this afternoon is going to clear up really nicely. but you wouldn't know it looking out there right now. we are definitely gray for a whole lot of the bay area for your morning hours. >> that gray, though, a sign of the moderating effect that we do have at least on our bayshore in coastal areas keeping the spots really comfy your view outside quite hours. definitely gray right now at least not super foggy there. we're seeing cloud cover lifting gradually that has
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improved visibility, not as wet as it was. earlier this morning, we had some misty drizzly conditions, too. now skies will be dry today, especially as we dry out and clear out into the afternoon. we do have one lone a heat advisory that's for solano county actually extended all the way into tomorrow. as far as our current temperatures go, we're in the 50's and 60's right now. so light jackets, sweaters. that's the kind of morning we're in the midst of later today will be trading in those sweaters for some sunscreen. we've got another hot day inland. i've got more on your forecast. still to come reyna. john, thank you for that. well, we're still seeing delays along 80 this morning in the last hour. >> we had a hot spot that was right at a pow. they are reveal. so now that all lanes are back open, just seen residual delays a 40 minute drive crockett down towards the maze factor that into your morning commute. >> 30 minutes what you finally reach the maze into the city to that 3 months to excellence. check on our other bridges. >> san 80 to one o one just under 60 minutes for you. there. and if you're traveling along one o one in the south
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bay, a 41 minute ride up from 85 into menlo park. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain, 81 and our top story. at least 2 people are dead after 2 small planes collided. midair happened yesterday afternoon out in watsonville at the airport. there. >> kron four's will tran has been following the latest for us from the crash site. >> well, >> james, i am standing in front of one of their planes that slammed into the ground. the ntsb they should hold a news conference a little bit later this morning. right now, the cause of the collision. they just don't know why 2 pilots at a small airport had a miscommunication, were both trying to land at the same time. >> this does not appear to be a happy ending because at this particular point, guys, do know that 3 people involved altogether. they're just say multiple fatalities, but that this scene on the other side of the airplane dicey at times. so this could possibly be one of the fatalities. let
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me show you video. this all happened at around 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon when both pilots of a small airplane. what both recess knows. one was trying to land. the other was trying to land as well. and then they ricocheted off each other. one plane slammed into a hangar, burst into flames. the other when a short distance. but then ultimately collided with the ground. the authorities came out here. they try to put out the fire. not exactly sure if they even had a fighting chance meeting there were rushed to the hospital to allow doctors to try to save their lives. we got a chance to talk to witnesses who are at the scene is what they heard and what they saw. >> and i heard that and i threw something kind of like playing like i like that. and right after that collision like sound like a huge car collision right outside mouse. heard a loud boom. >> shook our rob road or in the back. they're pretty hard. walked out front here to the sidewalk. a big clue was low
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black and white and a lot of fire on the asphalt. >> so it is terrible. of course, that people died from the collision, but it could have been a lot worse and i'll show it to you. but even just tell you. but i'll show it to you. look at the homes right behind me. this is on the other side of the fence will move the camera over here. alot show show you this is about maybe 30 yards from the wreckage. so imagine if the pilot did not come down here when a little bit further, slammed into homes with people inside, especially at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. >> all right. thank you very much. well, 8, 0, 4, is the time and for your health. california department of public health has just issued its quarantine guidelines for monkeypox. yeah, they kind of lay out what we should do for exposed or infected to the virus. kron 4 sarah stinson following that story for us in san francisco. sarah.
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>> yeah, things are finally coming together with the monkeypox response here. we finally getting some guidance from the state health department and the demand for the vaccine is slowing down. we're here at the monkey pox clinic ad occur. berg san francisco general hospital. and there's only about maybe 10 people in line compared to hundreds of people in line just weeks ago. so we're heading in the right direction. we're finally getting this. you know, to a point where responding, well to a virus that spread mostly through skin to skin contact, causing rashes or sores. let's take a look at what's recommended. >> from the state health department. if you come down with monkeypox people. but the confirmed case should isolate at home. don't go to work or leave the house until the scab on those sores have fully healed. and also terms of unresolved for at least 48 hours. if you have roommates isolate in a separate room in your room, stay there. avoid close skin to skin contact with other people and animals.
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even animals in the home. watch all clothing and bedding that is used by the person that has the virus, especially items that have touched any stores and disinfect surfaces. if you share a bathroom with someone, make sure the surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. after the use of the person with monkeypox, you can cover up on hield soars with band-aids or gauze. if you live in close contact with others, you can also wear a mask around those people to make sure that everybody is safe. now, there's a lot more recommendations and it gets very detail from the state department. we have those details on our website. kron 4 dot com and back out here live. you can see again. >> that very short line yesterday, the monkeypox clinic gave out 349 doses and they were able to serve everyone waiting in line. and today it's open from 8 o'clock until 4 in the afternoon. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in san francisco. back to you. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> 6, let's turn our attention to the national front with our
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monkeypox coverage because the white house is also taking some new steps now to combat the monkeypox outbreak. 1.8 million doses of vaccine are going to be made available starting on monday with a special focus on health agencies that are hosting large lgbtq events. this, of course, as monkeypox cases continue to rise from coast to coast. >> we're learning how well these vaccines work against monkeypox and in this specific outbreak, this is a 2 dose vaccine series. we expect protection to be the highest 2 weeks after the second dose of the vaccine. >> 50,000 courses of the treatment drug t pox is going to be made available next week. and that number is 5 times greater than the reported case load right now in the u.s.. so hopefully that brings the spread to a stop. meantime, a health officials in contra costa county are opening up an online system to schedule appointments. >> for monkeypox vaccines. kron four's theresa stasi. it takes a look at how it works. >> it will ask patience too
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self a test meeting. eligibility criteria? because right now vaccine is still relatively scarce. and so we are prioritizing docents to those folks who are just higher risk exposure. nicole britto with contra costa county health department. >> is there registered nurse over saying the county's monkeypox distribution explains what the fda emergency use authorization. they can now get more doses out of ailes allowing them to vaccinate more people to slow the spread of the virus. and now it's psta authorization. update. >> we are able to give intradermally which only requires a fraction of that do so one 5th of the dose to get the same time and response. it goes just sent to the skin similar to like a tb test. yeah. and your skin has a lot new response. and now a lot more than a minute to she's underneath that. and that's why a smaller dose works as well. britto says as they get more vaccine, they are also able to offer it to more clinics in the county. just this week alone, we are able to go from just having 400
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appointment slots to a standing just in the next 2 days. an additional 700 so >> that's a really big shift. and so the following every every week as our vaccine comes into our hands, we're going to get out into the community. now as theresa reporting and each day they're going to be updating that web site as they get more doses to a lot more people to be able to get vaccinated. >> and in addition, the contra costa county and santa clara county going to the new dosing protocol yesterday, the san francisco department of public health began instructing vaccination providers to begin using the intradermal method on adults and they expect that most san francisco sides are going to be completely switching over to that technique by the time the next vaccine allotment comes, they're not sure how much they're going to get. but san francisco has asked for 11,000 more doses. and there will be a monkey pox vaccine clinic opening in oakland this weekend. it's going to be located across the street from the oakland lgbtq community
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center. you can find it there on lakeshore avenue. they'll be running on sundays from 10 to noon starting this sunday and that runs through september. >> well, governor newsom's office is now calling out the city of oakland and threatening to pull funding over the city's handling of a well-known homeless encampment. a letter sent to the city attorney criticizes how oakland's leaders plan to house people at the wood street encampment with proper stance or with a closer look at what's happening. >> it was the fire that lit the match to hundreds of homeless people potentially having to leave the wood street encampment. a federal judge prevent caltrans from sweeping the sprawling site last month. but now the governor's office is criticizing the city of oakland while threatening to withhold more than 4 and a half million dollars in funding. >> in a letter to the oakland city attorney, newsome's legal secretary says if oakland is not step up, the state funding will go to other cities to help in their fight against
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the homelessness crisis. oakland officials have had plans to deal with those who are living on city property but newsom's attorney and patterson accuses the city of only focusing on those people. patterson writes, quote, the city suggestion that it has no responsibility for homeless individuals on state property unless there's a specific unless there's a specific earmark is simply has also criticized oakland as well as alameda county and caltrans for not coming up with a good enough plan. before closing the encampment, caltrans is expected to reveal their plans on housing. the nearly 200 people on its property by next week. reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> the governor's legal secretary has requested a response from oakland city attorney barbara parker. before the weekend. kron four's also asked for parker and council member carol fife for comment, though. neither have made a statement yet. 5 represents the district where
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that which treated camp and is located. >> it's 8.11 and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news bart is doing away with the controversial term used in police reports. find out what it is and how they're hoping it will help. if it seems like you've seen a lot reports about missing girls. >> it turns out, it says is seen that way. the really are seen that way. the really are more missing. gir californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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>> it's 14 right now and we are checking out the weather and go well. we can't see too much in this a little cloudy. this is above the clouds right there. so you can see the gray below and then it's just but sunshine up above the most interesting view. but most of our viewers have tells a story of what it what it's like out there today and they will get some later, everybody. we will. yes, we're going to tap into its a little patience this morning for sure. i know it's gray out there right now, but we'll get to what will be a nice, sunny and comfortable day for bayshore cities in our coastal areas. where is inland areas? you're going to be sunny and still on the hotter side of things. but yeah, that's a view above the gray that a whole lot of us are just in the midst of today. if you notice some wet spots on roadways out there, it's not because of monsoonal moisture, thunderstorms. it's really just the low gray having resulted in misty drizzly conditions earlier on this morning, high pressure ridge set up shop across the interior, helping to keep things hot for our inland valleys. also firing up thunderstorms again today for areas like the sierra nevada,
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then especially down into the southwestern deserts, in fact, so much so that we're seeing heavy thunderstorms, heavy rain along with thunderstorms for arizona and new mexico, prompting flash flood advisories in those areas. solano county are only spot in the bay area seeing it advisory and it's much different kind. it's just that heat advisory. we've seen the past several days extended into tomorrow because our inland areas are going to be so hot all over again. in the meantime, it's 60's and 70's in sf and at the coast, your spots to get to if you want to escape the heat pretty comfortable for the bayshore. at least not too hot highs in the 70's to a tease for you. a warm one for san jose. 87 while free might union city in the low 80's 90's continue for pleasanton livermore as well as conquered. well, 70's continue in oakland and san leandro hottest spot being vacaville at one. 0, one today will santa rosa through center fell in the 90's. tomorrow's temps around the same as today's. if you want to get outside in wind maybe into the backyard for a barbecue plan
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that on sunday it will be the coolest day of the weekend with highs falling into the upper 80's rain. don, thank you for that. if you are taking 80 right now. >> about 34 minutes to make it from crockett down towards so traffic has been slow since that hot spot that we saw early in the morning hours. 13 minutes. once you finally do reach the maze to make it into the city this morning. let's go ahead and check on our riches. sandra fell bridge about 12 minutes to make it from the tolls to one o one. so no major delays along the richmond, sandra fell commute southbound 6.80, doubling down to fremont about 15 minutes. if you are a hospital 8.80. >> it's the southbound side. we're seeing delays. >> not so much. the northbound side traveling through san leandro area. 27 about 30 traveling from antioch, into conference to 42. and let's check on the south bay. if you're traveling along one o one traveling from 85 up towards menlo park. a little under 36 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thank you,
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17 and bart's police department is making a change to their policy. they're getting rid of the term excited delirium. it's a phrase that been used to describe the suspects agitated or drug and his behavior, but it found there. there was a report done from physicians for human rights and they concluded that term it's not a valid medical or psychiatric diagnosis. and civil rights advocates say the term has been disproportionately applied to people of color when police tried to justify in-custody deaths. >> because of races application of the phrase, historically this fit right in line with what is a district-wide and the department to why approach to a anti-racist equitable police. >> and bart points to various incidents, not within virus, but they say various police agencies have used this to excuse misconduct upon suspect arrests. >> well, a year after u.s. forces withdrew from
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afghanistan. a new report is highlighting the differences in how people coming to america from afghanistan are treated during the immigration process compared to those coming from ukraine. so several news organizations requested documents from the u.s. citizenship and immigration services to highlight the differences. and the group found that the game temporary entry into the u.s. more than 66,000 afghans applied through a process called humanitarian parole. now that process requires filling out a mountain of paperwork and waiting months for an answer. it's also expensive, but almost $600 per person. by contrast, the documents show that after russia invaded ukraine, the u.s. created a special process for ukrainians which can be filled out online and for free. a san jose legal non-profit center wants to highlight the unequal systems and see that changed. >> i hope it's nothing that's intentional. that is something that they realize, ok, well, was actually working well for for ukraine. we can maybe a clear and quite a similar
8:20 am
program looked identical, but similar program for so we're just hoping that in the next few weeks or months, we will have some change in the way afghans are being taken out of afghanistan and pulled into the united states. >> well, the report uncovered government records show only 123 afghan humanitarian parole applicants were approved from july of last year until may of this year, while 68,000 ukrainian applicants were approved in a much shorter amount of time. >> we have an update now on a story that we reported on 3 bay area. teenagers have been found safe after they were reported missing on the last week. yeah, this comes after. >> a rise in missing girl cases with kron four's haaziq mod-yoon taking a closer look. >> there appears to have been an increase in reports of missing girls in northern california. the movie and the you are seeing more because they're paying more attention,
8:21 am
specifically paying more attention to missing black and brown news. that is one of the factors. an increase in reports of missing girls. according to jennifer lyles, the executive director of missy. >> an oakland-based nonprofit organization that specializes in helping young people that are at risk or experiencing exploitation. lyles says let youth make up about 5% of the population nationwide. but annually represent over 30% of the youth that go missing. the reason that they are kidnapped and taken in such great numbers because >> perpetrators know that nobody going to look at. and they had but we're seeing major but other young not our girl. >> and that the another factor she says in the increase of missing young people, the covid-19 pandemic, she explains. >> so, you know, during the pandemic we saw an increase. you know what's happening with
8:22 am
for if there's an increase in need, we've got an increase in homelessness. we've got increase it. its variants of the poverty, the folks in they have resources and patient you. that been is an increase in. it could this year. that's the question in in the trafficking you. >> jennifer lyles says while some girls are found safe, others remain missing. >> or worse, rethink their big 3. >> for missing you are. and like i said, before from the bowl, they so. >> as they come at kron 4 news. >> it's 8.22. and coming up, we might get to see what fbi agencies during a raid on former president trump's esta
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>> time now is a 25 national headlines this morning. the public may get to see some version of the affidavit that was used to support that search warrant for former president donald trump's. the state of florida reshad hudson takes a closer look from washington, d.c.. good morning. if the judge does release that information, it would only be a small piece into the doj is investigation of former president trump. >> it's been almost 2 weeks since fbi agents searched former president donald
8:26 am
trump's florida home on thursday. attorneys representing news organizations asked a federal judge bruce reinhart to make the affidavit behind the search warrant. public reinhart said he's leaning toward an sealing it with some parts blacked out. he understands that the public is going to likely be entitled. >> to some parts of this warrant application and its affidavit. >> the justice department wants the entire affidavit to stay sealed, arguing its release would compromise their investigation, but still in its early stages. but the judge said the doj had not met the high threshold for keeping the documents from being released. the affidavit is likely to contain key details about the boxes of classified records. the fbi removed from trump's home, but it is not the government's job to tell the public what is meaningful in terms of the release of its own information. a judge gave the department of justice a week to submit their version of proposed redactions reporting in washington. reshad hudson. back to you.
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>> it's a 26. and still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news coming up next. some california lawmakers are voicing concern and support president biden's crackdown on ghost guns whose for it and who's against?
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but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us. lowe's has what you need to protect and brighten your home. with exterior stains by cabot and paint from hgtv home by sherwin-williams. save at lowe's today. checking out the weather for you. we're live at the airport coming up. really its have a lot of credit. a live picture.
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>> clearly, people are heading somewhere under sunny skies, at least for this part of the airport. let's see what it's like for you around the bay high. john, like you put your bubble right over the airport. yeah. whatever else around it is a little foggy. we are seeing that same kind of effect going on up in the berkeley hills right now where you're looking out at some gray skies. but then the little window of sunshine making its way down in this web camera here. >> that's kind of just the way it's going across the bay as we are seeing this fog, this marine layer lifting and starting to burn off visibility at this point is pretty solid all across the region. you can faintly see that gray hovering right along the coast and in the bay itself less and less of that towards the afternoon. still looking at heat advisories for the central valley and solano county. in fact, that's extended through tomorrow. now as today and tomorrow for inland areas will be pretty hot. current temperatures 50's and 60's. now later on today, we are going to be looking at some daytime highs that are going to be really, really warm. so enjoy this cool weather. well, we've got it. will it be a commute? you enjoy. that's the question.
8:31 am
doesn't look like it is for some. it hasn't been so far. john and i have another new accident popping up this time along 6.80. >> just south of conquer avenue in concord. so you got 2 lanes blocked here. and so as you're traveling along, he's certainly getting some delays. >> heading into the city may see that pretty much the exit. 13 minutes for you. there. >> the san mateo bridge 14, 80 to 1 one as you're heading across towards the peninsula. well, if you're traveling out of richmond right now tolls to one o one. it's around 10 minutes for you. and remember, we had the hot spot just under an hour ago. that's now clear that was in him or even, you know, powell street exit. now that that's clear, residual delays. but it's down from 40 minutes now. we're looking at a 26 minute ride. well, we've been talking about the accident all morning and not seen as much of the delay that we saw at the start of the morning. so we're easy. not just a little bit out. there is good all right. thank you very much. >> time now is 8.31 and a raid in several cities has led to arrests now linked to the bay
8:32 am
area. rolex watch robbery spree. police executed multiple search warrants in oakland, another neighboring cities early tuesday morning. and officers in the end arrested 2 people and recovered 2 guns and a rolex watch in connection with these crimes. oakland police say that in most cases, the person or people committing these robberies approach victims and take their watches by force. opd is urging the public not to resist these robbers. they say property can always be replaced. your life cannot. >> gun control is front and center at the state capitol with democratic lawmakers voicing support for president biden's actions on ghost guns. but as our capital correspondent eytan wallace reports. not everybody agrees. >> an offense enough assembly member mike gibson of carson speaking with passion today alongside several of his democratic colleagues. all of them in agreement, gun violence in california and across the nation has gotten out of control live, taken away. due to guns, mass
8:33 am
destruction. they commend the president biden for his executive order set to go into effect next week. that would regulate ghost guns. guns made it home to avoid tracing for biden's legislation. as of august. 24th ghost guns will need to have a traceable serial number and the owners of the guns will need to go through a background check. we need to make sure that we take these weapons of war out of the streets and out of our communities. and we want to make sure that we keep our community safe. but critics argue more gun laws will not be effective. pointing out criminals will still get a hold of illegal weapons. national republicans coming out against the executive order with oklahoma senator james lankford arguing the legislation will strip law abiding citizens of their second amendment rights. still democratic legislators here in california insist more gun laws are on the way california is safer because of our guide loss. we're going to keep at it among the bill's going to the capitol now, a b 12, 27 authored by marin county democratic assembly member mark levine. the legislation would impose a 10% tax on
8:34 am
handgun sales and 11% tax on long gun sales. the revenue generated would fund a violence intervention programs. we must pass this to change the culture of gun violence in america in california and in our communities. and some remember, levine says he hopes his bill will get as much support as possible. >> because it will require at least 2 thirds support from both chambers reporting here outside the california state capitol wallace kron. 4 news. >> well, new san francisco data shows that overall homelessness is down more than 3% over the past 3 years in the city says it also saw 50% decline in unsheltered homelessness. that's the most significant decrease since 2005. but >> the study also reveals one group in particular is suffering significantly more from homelessness. kron 4 taylor bisacky takes a look. >> we were the first displaced workers. we were the first people to lose our jobs. we were the first people to lose i've been corrado. they go with san francisco's latino
8:35 am
task forces. >> he's not surprised by new city data showing that there was a 55% increase. >> in the teens experiencing homelessness from 2019 to 2022. with latino is only making up 16% of the city's population. this has been a disaster. >> so we we knew that this was we have been sounding the alarm. you know, we have been asking for support and this is why the latino task force came into existence to begin with because we knew that not only that covid was going on impact the health, but our community. but economically it was going to corrado. vega says. >> during this time, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, many workers lost their jobs in restaurants, hotels and office spaces. however, he says the latino community was in crisis long before the pandemic as market rate housing development has made it increasingly difficult for working class people of color to make ends meet market great pressures that are put on
8:36 am
housing in our neighborhood. >> just continue to increase. so, you know, people are literally priced out. he says the latino task force quickly learned that the resources and access for their community are lacking as 83% of unhoused folks in the mission district. we're not on a homeless housing, waitlist known as coordinated entry. according to a survey done by the task force, we need to be able to access those services and we need to be the front door that any let you know, community members can walk through >> and be able to access those services corona, vegas, as the latino task force is currently working with the city to improve access and resources for the latino community. meanwhile, the study also revealed that african-americans made up 38% of the total unhoused population >> in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> fairfield police chief deanna cantrell says that she will be retiring at the end of the year. now after being diagnosed with cancer for the second time. her first bout
8:37 am
with the disease was about 12 years ago. cantrell says that her 28 years in law enforcement has been rewarding. but this latest diagnosis is convinced her it's time to step back and spend more time with family. >> just time, you know, it's time for me to go spend time with family and to do some other things. and and it was a rude awakening that i'm just not going to live forever and and so i want to do some other things. >> yeah, control is fairfield's. first female police chief. she assumed the role back in october 2020. that child will now fall to captain dan marshall at the end of the year. >> it's 8.37, and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, we're going to see what happened in sports with the a's and the giants. >> or going hands on with samsung's most popular foldable phone. i'll tell you what's new for 2022 and why this hands let you get creative with how you use your phone. i'm rich demuro. that's coming up in tech smart. and if you liked yesterday, you're
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probably going to like today a little bit to repeating a lot of the same factors. hot inland, comfortable near the bay and the coast. greatest art sunshiny to finish your forecast ahead. >> and we have certainly not seen a friday light commute for you. we are tracking those drive times. we'll be right back after the break. the doctor will be in to see you shortly. ♪ hi. [ chuckles ] when you see things differently, you can be the difference. capella university looks at education differently. our flexpath learning format lets you set deadlines and earn your nursing degree on your schedule. make your difference with capella university.
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signal a possible shift. now from the long trending seller's market to a new buyers market, a new zillow report finds that they're dropping dramatically as sellers are lowering prices with less demand and the drop is outpacing the rest of the country, too. >> jose prices dropped 4 and a half percent in a single month from june to july in san francisco metro area, they dropped 2.8% from june to july. they're still up over 1.4 million dollars and more than one and a half million dollars in san jose. so this is still the most expensive part of the country, essentially. but that trend is that trend reversals? pretty striking. >> it is reversing an economist says this is the first time in a decade. the bay area home prices have fallen month to month nationwide. the cost to buy homes. still, though, 16% above last year and 44 and a half percent above prepandemic levels 8.41. is the time we'll be right back.
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes.
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prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27. samsung's most popular foldable phone is getting some upgrades. we've got rich demuro explaining in this morning's tech smart. samsung has been making foldable phones for 3 years now with no real competition. this is their most popular model. it's the z flip.
8:45 am
>> and latest version brings improvements to the camera and battery that early adopters have been asking for. >> with 10 million sold last year, foldable phones. still a new concept. samsung commands nearly 90% of the market. and this phone is tops the galaxy z flip for new for 2022 improvements to the camera and battery. folded. it's reminiscent of the flip phones were used to carry that those were easier to open and balance. with one hand, samsung says the flips been tested for over 200,000 holds. the phone is water resistant for 30 minutes. the fun here is in the form factor. it's a big screen but a bit narrow. there are multiple ways to take pictures and videos. double press the power key to activate outside cameras. >> or start inside and switch to the outside and the cool thing about reporting yourself is this phone makes it really easy because i have to do is sort of propping up or use the outside screen as a
8:46 am
viewfinder. you can get creative since the phone stays in a variety of positions, even use it can course aisle. >> there are lenses for standard in wide shots. but no optical zoom photos look good, but still a step below. samsung's top of the line. all truck. >> hey, video calls are effortless. it's actually pretty cool video chatting the galaxy z flip for has many tricks. pilton like a feature that turns a lower screen into a mouse pad. fun. i'm just not sure why you need it. the cover screen can accomplish various tasks, but it will take some time to learn. i do like how you can customize the clock. there is wireless charging, but stand-up chargers might not work as expected. overall, the samsung galaxy z flip for is a fun and capable alternative to standard phones. but it's more about embracing something new and necessity. >> this is a compelling device. if you want something that's completely different. the z flip for sells for $1000. but right now, samsung
8:47 am
has some generous trading offers that could bring that price down to a few $100. if you want to learn more, you can go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> have one of my house we happen to have one. we've playing with it. jason, who we work with gave us the phone. yeah, i'm with it's a little awkward. i'm not sold. i it is a little unfair to my phone of your side, too. but i mean, maybe the new 4 is going to have. >> you know, a lighter built. we'll see. we'll see. but he swears by. he loves it. so. >> they take a little breaks like a compact. haha. all right. let's go to the weather center. we've got john standing by with a look outside for pix. folks wanting to take pictures out there. john wells, little great behind. you is a little gray. i mean, yeah, it's just more fun. when you can flip your phone, give it something you could tempted to fidget with. yeah, you can ever close the smartphone. it's always staring you, but we are seeing
8:48 am
conditions out there today that are going to change the sunshine's going to be beating down on us soon. enough. hard to believe when you look at san jose which is just still sitting under that persistent cloud cover. >> we've got the gray from the south bay out to the coastline up into parts of the north bay, too. pockets of sunshine piercing through this high-pressure ridge sitting in place for a while. now. it's been really resulting in persistent monsoonal moisture for the southwest, arizona, new mexico this weekend high risk of flash flooding because of multiple days of widespread thunderstorm activity will have a chance of thunderstorms in the sierra, but not back here at home. biggest concern we've got is a continuation of warm weather inland. we have a heat advisory for solano county remaining in effect through 07:00pm tomorrow. now today's daytime highs will be comfortable and cool at the coast. warm along the bay and still hot inland. if you want to get outside your backyard and you live inland plan something for sunday. that's the coolest one 60's and 70's for sf and 60's at the coast. you'll get your window of sun
8:49 am
out there. 70's and 80's along the bay shore. more than a window of sun at the day. you've got warm, comfortable weather. some of our nicest south bay definitely on the warmer side. san jose all the way up to 87 while hayward through oakland only in the 70's pleasanton livermore, concord, in the 90's for your highs today and a couple of triple digits. areas like vacaville up to 101 degrees. sonoma and santa rosa at 94. so inland heat for sure. and tomorrow will be much the same. look at that. nice cool down into sunday as much as 10 degrees cooler for inland spots. taking us back into the 80's bayside coastal areas, not a lot of movement for eu, and that's ok, 60's 70's remaining through the forecast. rain. >> thank you for that. and we certainly been busy on this friday. if you are traveling along one, 0, one about 40 minutes traveling from 85 up to menlo park 2.80, to 37, both moving at the limit right now. let's go ahead look at the bay bridge maze to that fremont street exit about 17 minutes as you're traveling into city right now. well, the
8:50 am
golden gate bridge, we do have some fog. you can see there. so you might want to take your time as you're traveling. 21 minutes, 37 to the tolls crockett down towards the maze. we have that hot spot along 80 at the start of the morning. that's now clear. just residual issues. it's going to take you 26 to 30 minutes to make that drive. southbound 6.80, doubling down to fremont about 14 minutes. are you there and the highway for a 19 minute ride from into conquered james, back to you all. rain 8.50. let's talk football tomorrow. the worries are going to play the the niners are going to play their second preseason game. >> they're taking on the minnesota vikings. the 2 teams were practicing yesterday. you can see here, nick bosa was a standout for the niners. he had 2 sacks and a tackle for loss in a 3 play sequence. the defensive cordinator complimented the entire d line. >> our guys have fun and been doing outstanding again. can't
8:51 am
it's there christmas. erika know those guys did a great job working with r d line and all our guys have a lot of depth at that position. so all those guys, they come in and ways and they do a really nice job of working together our games. those guys do excellent job of working off each other and that's what's allowed them to be effective. >> kickoff for the niners game is 4 o'clock tomorrow. and the raiders also play a preseason game tomorrow. they'll be taking on. >> the dolphins in florida kron four's the place to be. we've got. >> the pre-game and post-game shows. so tune in tomorrow for the raiders at 3.30. >> all right. let's get you quickly updated on baseball as well. start off with the giants. great day at the ballpark for the kids get ice cream. best time ever. maybe the giants players needed some ice cream. his 9, washington. yeah, i it's because it didn't end well. arizona jumped out to the early lead and from there they never really looked back 5 to nothing. the final san francisco looking their wounds traveling to colorado. now they're going to take on the rockies with first pitch
8:52 am
set for about 5.40, in denver today. as for the a's now, it didn't go much better for the fact that went worse. they were in texas taking on the rangers and you can see the game here didn't go well. they were tied in the 4th inning, but the rangers pulled away in a big way. look at the final score there. 10 to 3. so the a's come back home. now they'll take on the mariners tonight with first pitch at 6.40, at the coliseum. the problem they don't have as good a food they need to that. i don't care. you know, that's why don't care if the giants their food all right. it is a 52 will be right back. lowe's has what you need to protect and brighten your home. with exterior stains by cabot and paint from hgtv home by sherwin-williams.
8:53 am
save at lowe's today. ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ ♪ ♪let's go♪ ♪ ♪ahh yeah♪ ♪ ♪step to rhythm like♪ ♪you're going out tonight♪ ♪dance get with the groove and♪ ♪dance get up and move let's♪ ♪dance kick off your shoes and♪ ♪show me how you♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ get a free storage upgrade and case with s pen when you pre-order at at&t.
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>> we are back at 8.54. and take a look at this. san francisco, first responders. >> had to rescue a dog out of the 7th avenue reservoir after a jumped over the wall and didn't realize it. but there's a 25 foot drop on the other side. the dog did hurt itself and they could hear it went bring so police, firefighters and of control. they all perform this pretty risky rescue, but it they were able to lift that dog to safety and everybody is doing fine this morning. no word on the dog's condition specifically but clearly it's better than it was when it was over the wall. >> well, it's a girl, >> when if you've been be overseeing kids, so excited about a library. now it's steph curry who announced that
8:56 am
kids you get a library which is so cool and the worries are started. a little zoom there. as you can see in oakland at garfield elementary school to welcome them back to class and to tell them about a brand new library edition. >> i talked to my friends at racquets and and also my foundation. eat learn, play rock and sand is giving everything that you need to >> pretty exciting. garfield elementary has been without a library for more than 10 years. and they probably ask if steph curry forever. so it's win-win. 8.56 right now. and coming up on kron 4 morning news, california's health department has laid out quarantine guidelines for monkeypox. we'll tell you what you who she's do. if you're exposed, stay away. and at least 2 people, diane, a small plane collision that happened mid air. we're having a life report to tell you what's going on with the investigation. plus, the city of oakland is in the hot seat
8:57 am
for its handling of the wood street homeless encampment.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> and thanks for waking up
9:00 am
friday, finest day. 9 o'clock finest hour. now, when when i'm daria and i'm james and start to see more sunshine now to some of these clouds begin to break up a little like it's kind of depends on where you are. it doesn't. john travel has a peek at everybody's neighborhood. high job. he yeah, we're looking at mostly still some cloud cover, but definitely peeks of sunshine in there, too. you can at least see things. so the cloud cover is sitting above the bay rather than us driving through it and losing some visibility because of that good news is we're not going to stay this way all day long. so if you're itching for some sunshine, you have it just around the corner right now. the bay bridge looks nice. it's just great overhead. but not a breeze at all there on the flag of a pier 15 and visibility is okay too. now we do have clearing skies come the afternoon, maybe to clear for some areas. heat advisories for solano county extended through tomorrow. right now temps are in the 50's and 60's. so still bring that light jacket with you as you get outside. brett, with our one of our warmer spots right now at 73 while berkeley timber


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