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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 20, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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from getting the first down? yardage is 4th in 2. well, will be a time out. this will be a 30nd timeout. >> with the game one, 33, 9. >> do a field goal here to get the ball back with. e a half an you still have an and drive down the field. pick your own field goal. exactly was talking about? >> here's some key dates to remember the roster reduction down 5 more on tuesday and the joint practices will start. er and the next friday night, the last preseason d game with new england before the final cut down on august. 30th. so here are the dolphins for the lead. a 46 yard attempt. >> he's 26. 47 sanders on the way.
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>> later, stay in front. one. 34 to go. >> we don't think these preseason games just look at the reaction from the head coach. just it's could hold just took that left, it's like when you're for el >> i look at the reaction too, from the from the radar. players are loving it and you work hard. but i think you're trying to tell culture winning support. preseason doesn't matter. we want to win every time we go out there, put that rating uniform on. you
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>> this because it just isn't in sadr and nobody sets the. it's no been out here. sets to just going to bounce it outside. just can't allow that to have bad defense. look even u more raiders running back depth n on display. >> 36 yards got good awareness, staying in bounds. >> back to the football going down. what i liked. dj turner walking they're great. >> just run of the night. las vegas and it might be taking the time right here. can practice. what opportunity to get a win. come back get a patriots for couple days. 4 to the upper to the job and pressed. i'm short time. josh.
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short time with josh and how he has handled this i like the way his team. i don't think this gentleman right there gets enough credit for being one of the best play college football. >> you know, you look at the job. he did it with tom brady. look at the job he did last year. back he really football around the quarterback does well see much of the same this year. with pro bowls, their car. 3 phases score. >> they rushed for one. 46. they pass for one. 45? when they get the win over miami, 15 to 13. >> still some work in the offensive line plenty to get cleaned up. you go back and watch the film. you look at the stakes, but it's a lot of good individual effort at and i love chance that will be played really well. really a
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lot of tackles had to set. >> there was the 2nd half for chase garbers play both 3rd and 4th quarters makes a good throw. lakes. we made some good decisions. it's place he held the ball couple times. the right situation. >> fox exact. >> thought he acquitted himself very when you guys intrigue about now with the scrimmage is coming up and the >> beth: how did i feel now that the scrimmages coming up with the patriots? >> game i for me. it's just i just said i got to get that offensive line straightened out fast, everybody get on the e
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same page now know again in year 2. and then you're right. they have one more game than they are in regular season. that is where everything really matters. >> patriots coming off a week this week of practice against carolina. there's there starts set the coaches and battle some of case and this case, it gets a little of the keep it under control, man. oh, yeah, yeah. you know, i said this morning the spirit is willing, . but have linked the candidate down there. we'll and look at this good just 2 penalties as well. that to me continues to be impressed coming. you look at you look at time possession. look at this up with a way run the football get better. that's talked about a lot here. the first couple weeks getting off of blocks i some good things are going on there. i'm i'm. i'm encouraged watching this game. i think josh mcdaniels. really really nice good healthy competition,
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i think is going to make for some really tough decisions with this coaching staff. when you get down to the final 53 touchdown run for n white. the safety for both the field goal from daniel carlson. everybody. >> nation on the road and a job in south florida for villain. we'll see you next friday night were the preseason. new england last vegas coming your way.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> really quickly, check polls right there feel anything. >> 2 california highway patrol officers are being credited for possibly saving a woman's life after a fiery crash on 5.80, in dublin. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm dan thorn kron four's. harris spoke with one of the officers about the experience and how that woman is doing tonight. >> i just know that that blood was not. >> was not circulating. so that was that was the big thing to end. just happy we got there. we did around 2.50 wednesday morning, california highway patrol officer able moran. >> was working at typical shift. >> when you got called to a multi vehicle crash, blocking the fast lane of i-580,
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westbound just east of north livermore avenue. >> tell that one of the vehicles was completely on fire. >> from the distance, officer moran told me his first concern was that someone was inside the vehicle. luckily there wasn't. but there was a woman on the ground. >> she was unresponsive. officers determined there was 2 separate crashes. the first involved, a solo female driver who crashed into a concrete wall. the crash left the woman's toyota camry resting in the fast lane. officers say she exited the car. that's what a nissan altima crashed into the camry and forcefully knocked the woman to the ground. chp says the camry went up in flames. that's when officers arrived and started to try and help her really quickly check your right there. and it's feel anything. officer moran and sergeant michael thomas moved to a safer location. >> and started performing cpr. a civilian pulled over to help decisions. assistant actually a stop by with jason elliott.
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what he could do. >> he assisted the cpr as well. livermore, pleasant fire department and folk ambulance personnel transported her to eat in the hospital. the next day i went to the hospital to check on her condition. >> they said she was in critical condition. the dublin area commander says he's proud of both officers involved, quote. >> their bravery and willingness to risk their lives is honorable. these officers lived up to their sworn oath, says public protectors had it not been for their quick thinking and actions woman could have been injured further, possibly dying. >> they're true heroes. it's this is what you want to do. >> and it's it results her. life being saved in. that's the best. that's the best thing possible. that's that's a highlight of my career. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> and let's get a first check of your 4 zone forecast. fog
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us is out there in full force. bring us much needed relief for inland valleys tonight. and that cooling trend going to continue for your 2nd half of the weekend as well. right now, visibility at or near 0 right along the immediate bay area coastline starting to extend into the east bay shoreline and making its way into the valleys overnight at or near 0 reduced visibility. so please drive safely for your sunday morning commute. better lifting and clearing shortly before your noon lunch. time hour. temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's 60's. but check out conquered 77 degrees. you're almost 25 degrees warmer than half moon bay at 54 degrees. and we are going to see though temperatures cooling down. thanks to that cool sea breeze mother. nature's natural ac. already starting to notice that westerly onshore flow. that's going to cool us down through sunday and also improving our air quality as well. bring a seasonal temperatures for the 2nd half
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of the weekend. your full weekend outlook and your full week forecast in just a few minutes. stand back to you. all right, thanks a lot. safety concerns on bart after a woman was sexually assaulted. >> while riding on a train in the middle of the day, she was traveling from richmond to san francisco, bart police have arrested the suspect and now the woman is calling on barr to improve security kron four's gayle ong reports. >> it was 11:30am, wednesday when a bar passenger on her way to work says a man came up behind her and put his hands down her shirt. she said when she told him to stop, he punched her multiple times in the face and held her against her will she managed to call 9-1-1. it snapped a photo of the suspect when he got off the train at the el serino del norte, a station police arrested the suspect. 21 year-old lead when meson enrichment. >> the contra costa district attorney's office has charged the man of attempted rape, battery and assault. the woman does not want to share her identity, but she wants to alert everyone to be safe and wants increased security on bart on saturday, a bart
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police car could be seen at the el serino del norte, a station. this writer says she will be more aware of her surroundings. i feel safe as you can be. >> it's just a matter taking necessary precautions is seen with calling you back that sort of thing. >> the san francisco bay area council, a group that represents many of the bay area's largest employers called the attack horrific and unacceptable and is calling on barr to redouble its efforts to address concerns about crime and safety. barr responded in a statement to kron 4. it reads in part, quote, barred is working to increase safety for girls and gender, expansive ute. there are not one more girl campaign to end harassment and gender-based violence on transit. and bart has a network of more than 4,000 surveillance cameras throughout the system that are monitored by police in operation staff and real-time in 2 different locations in el serino, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> a 4 year-old boy is kicked
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out of a school in the south bay after refusing to wear a mask in class. the schools among a few in the area with a mask mandate because of covid. this happening at the flu or cough elementary school in mountain view. the boy's father who is going by sean recorded the moment when the school's principal tells him to take his son home and is then escorted by a campus cop. the boy's father says that he attempted several days to send his son to school without a mask because his son finds them uncomfortable. the father also saying that his son was inconsolable when it came to trying to get him to wear one. the mountain view school district has since eased the mask mask mandate after santa clara county was no longer considered a high risk for covid transmission masks are still required on buses in band and choir and at large events and for campus, visitors, the mount us in schools, superintendent releasing a statement saying in part, quote, i'm disappointed that civil discourse is no longer the rule. well, i understand that not everyone will agree with
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every position we take. it is completely unacceptable to harass an employee in such a way that day and parents no longer feel safe at their own school, end quote, also in the south bay, late night argument inside of the family owned restaurant in union city ends with shots fired and 2 people injured kron forcefully to call top of the patron who heard the gunshots and has the story. >> alex returned to central plaza in union city to pick her car up saturday afternoon and she could not move it about 12 hours earlier friday night because it was trapped in a crime scene pretty scary. just kind of had to stay calm make sure that everybody was ok for families. late dinner at maybe colin do on alvarado. niles road was interrupted at around midnight. >> she says security guards calmly scored a couple of people arguing and pushing each other inside and de-escalated the situation in the parking lot. within 5 minutes, one of the security guards came in. and then after >> we heard shots fired were sitting in front window.
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>> so we ought to step down. union city police say 2 men, 28 29 years old, respectively wounded, suffering non-life-threatening injuries. police say they are victims and are for years but never had an encounter like this restaurant. co-owner alonso by is says the incident does not make sense because it's believed the people who were arguing left before shots were fired. he says another car showed up and at least one person opened fire on a group of people in the lot. >> there's car debris on the pavement because the restaurant patron got spooked by the gunfire and crashed in an attempt to speed away. we want to maintain a good reputation. >> and have customers feel like they're safe, bringing their families and kids here. i mean, hopefully it's something people understand. it was out of our control. i feel safe. i think the city safe is just >> wrong place. wrong time. you know, people at this time no arrests have been announced. >> in union city, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news.
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>> the california department of health will be referring to the monkeypox virus as pox. monkeypox got its name because it was first studied in monkeys in the 1950's. the organization says the virus needs a new name since there's a race's history of black people being referred to as monkeys. california's department of public health says they've been using the new name and pox or just written mpx and documents for about a week. the world health organization says it is working to find a new name for the disease and it is having what they are calling an open consultation for it, meaning that anyone wanting to propose a new name, ken, do so online. happening tomorrow, a monkey pox vaccine clinic will be opening in oakland. it will be held across the street from the oakland lgbtq community center on lakeshore avenue. the clinic runs from 10:00am to 2 o'clock in the afternoon through september. the 25th this location well, not be accepting walk-ins. so if you want a shot, you have to make sure that you register ahead
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of time. the raiders organization has been on the cutting edge edge of diversity and inclusion for decades. most recently, the organization hired the first african-american female to be the president of the team. kron four's. noelle bellow has more on the future of raider nation from sandra douglas. morgan. >> we have to make sure that our employees understand that every single thing that we do is for that shield and 4 and the raiders and just the legacy and the rich history that holds putting fans first. that's what's top of mind for new raiders. president sandra douglas. morgan, it a really surreal and douglas morgan has been a trailblazer her entire career. she became the first black city attorney in the state of nevada, served on the nevada state athletic commission and was appointed the first chairwoman of the nevada gaming control board. now she's the first black woman to occupy the president position for an nfl team. i'm going to go in and do the best thing that i can with the raiders not going to let my
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gender or race. >> you know, the fact that i'm a mother, anything else kind of get in that way. it shouldn't come as a shock that the raiders organization is the one to pave the way like this. former raiders owner al davis was known for promoting and enforcing diversity in the league. >> hiring tom flores, the first latino starting quarterback in league history in 1960, who would go on to be the first latino head coach. he also hired art shell, the first african-american head coach in nfl history in 1989 this recent move to higher. douglas morgan shows a clear desire from current owner mark davis to carry on the legacy. his father started happy to be a part of such a historic organization that has always prided itself on its values, its commitment to excellence its commitment to diversity and equity and inclusion. >> and now that i'm in this position and knowing that i have mark support to encourage those principles, you know, not only throughout the raiders, but throughout the nfl. it just really makes you
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know, all of i think the work that that i've done over the few over the last, you know, decades much, much more sweeter, though, the last couple of years brought a new location and quite a bit of turnover within the organization. >> douglas morgan is hoping to foster a sense of stability for the silver and black, just kind of trying to wipe the slate clean and focusing on a on a fresh new future. noelle bellow kron, 4 news. >> san jose is hosting its first navy week bringing sailors from across the fleet to the capital of silicon valley for the sailors. it has been a a week full of community outreach programs and service culminating with this weekend's italian family festa taking place at the history. san jose in kelly park. today's event included everything from wine tasting virtual reality experience that simulates what it's like to be a navy seal. and of course, there was food. >> and this event here, the italian fest would be the most longest event and the most
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popular event because it's maybe get number one. you get a lot more people coming out to it. it was really cool to see all of the navy man walking up and down in their uniform. it was very respectful and it was it was quite an honor. >> the fast the festivities continue tomorrow from 11 o'clock in the morning until 6 o'clock at coming up next, the happiest city in the u.s. right here in the bay area. newly released report. >> c ♪good vibes by moa l.m. munoz & ryan t. short♪ ♪ ♪bout to get down, living it up♪ ♪never touch ground, never enough♪ ♪bout to get down, living it up♪ ♪never touch ground, never enough♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪ ♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪ ♪ ♪everything's everything's alright alright♪ get a free storage upgrade and case when you pre-order. californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting.
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prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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report. it's a new one that reviewed selfies shared on instagram that says that the city of concord is america's happiest city. the website house fresh dot com conducted the analysis and base their results on how many people were smiling in their instagram selfie. stay use the facial recognition ap i to analyze images from each state as well as the 100 biggest u.s. cities in the locations were then ranked by percentage of people smiling, which was 79% of all southeast in concord in second place was provo, utah in 3rd was knoxville, tennessee, followed by charleston, south carolina and mesa, arizona. san francisco came in 15th at 62%. today was pretty it had me smiling today. let's take a look at the forecastctonight as the golden gate bridge, a little foggy out there, fog us try. and that would be called recent. oh, yes, especially this time of year. welcome to bay area summer. but i don't think people in concord, we are very happy about the weather today. dan. 99
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degrees. >> livermore even hotter than that in the triple digits. 101 degrees. what you should be in the mid and upper 80's. this time of year. so temperatures out there right now. >> widespread 50's and 60's livermore in concord. still in the low to mid 70's. but check out and talk. 83 degrees your 30 degrees warmer than half moon bay at 54 degrees. so just an indicator of how hard it was for our east bay valleys today. but we are seeing the return of fog us as it makes its trek across the bay into the east bay shoreline. bring us around of drizzle fest and also dense low clouds and fog. so just a heads up. if you do have any sunday morning plans going to be a great day for your sunday afternoon overnight lows tonight, widespread 50's and 60's. 52 degrees for santa rosa, antioch. 63 degrees at temperatures. cooling down 5 to 50 degrees from today's daytime highs with antioch in livermore. finally where you should be for this time of year. upper 80's, low 70's for
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oakland and downtown san francisco at 67 degrees in san jose at 83 degrees in santa rosa in the low 80. so it's going to be a great seasonal day sunday. monday, a slight warm up. but then near average weather returns tuesday and wednesday. but we do have a slight chance some light showers making its way along the bay area coastline wednesday morning and thursday morning, fingers crossed that pans out already. do my little rain. recently, thank you so much for that. thank you so much for joining us tonight for kron. 4 news at 10. we'll be back tomorrow morning. 07:00am to that.
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♪vibes♪ ♪ ♪got me feeling good♪ ♪vibes♪ ♪ ♪everything's everything's alright alright♪ get a free storage upgrade and case when you pre-order. californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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