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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 21, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ get a free storage upgrade and case with s pen when you pre-order. ♪dance♪ >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news >> drivers in the south bay trapped on the roads as several sideshows shutdown intersections and block traffic. good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 8. i'm dan thorn and i'm noelle bellow. another weekend of sideshow activity kept law enforcement busy in santa clara county. there were at least 3 sideshows saturday afternoon out there. kron four's amanda hari. >> takes a look.
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>> engines, >> revving and tires. screeching it's becoming all too familiar sound in some bay area cities. >> between 5, 7, 30 saturday evening. at least 3 sideshows happened in santa clara county. this is video from one in fdont of great america. the sideshows left people sitting in their cars waiting to get across you can see people runaways. police sirens get closer. there was another one near santa teresa boulevard in the 87 freeway off-ramp in san jose. people were throwing water at the cars. san jose police provided a statement saying, quote, >> we responded to sideshow activities at numerous locations throughout the city. all participants fled when police arrived, california highway patrol in hayward put out a message warning people
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that they're sideshow. task force would be out on patrol. sometimes on the weekends. we know when we have that nicer weather, likely to see some of these groups coming out. officer andrew barclay says sideshows can be dangerous to participate in because you can be fined or arrested or have your card taken away. >> it can also be dangerous for people to watch. the reality is. >> a lot of the people behind the wheel of these vehicles participating. are not expert drive bit. it's not uncommon to see them lose control of their vehicle going beyond what they're already trying too do and striking one or many people that are out there walking. that happened in san jose near lundy avenue in concourse drive. >> in san jose, it's illegal to be a sideshow spectator. the crime is a misdemeanor that can lead to a $1000 fine. >> officer barclay says if you see a side show, stay away
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from it. don't get of your vehicle and call 9-1-1 with any information. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> now, a different side show here in the city where 3 people are in custody. one of them being treated for injuries tonight. as you can see here, a handful of people riding their dirt bikes and atvs on the bay bridge. a few of them turned around and began driving the wrong way. when chp intervened. one of the riders hit a car near the bottom of the fremont exit ramp. he's currently in the hospital and the 2 other us are in jail. 3 bikes were impounded. we're following breaking news tonight. a body in a car then found in the lake where deputies have been searching for missing truckee teen kiley according to our sister station in sacramento and independent group of searchers. >> say they found the 16 year-old dead inside the car, which was located upside down 14 feet deep and prosser lake law enforcement have yet to confirm that information. we do know, of course, romney was last seen on august 6th at a
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campground in truckee at a party. deputies treating her disappearance as an abduction after her car also went missing agencies along with more than 100 volunteers have been searching for the teen ever sense. we're still working to confirm more information. stick with us right here on kron 4 and on kron 4 dot com for the very latest information. over in the east bay and oakland. cannabis dispensary was broken into for the second time in just 6 months. that dispensary captured the whole thing on surveillance video early saturday morning. the owners believe it was the same suspects from the first time ivy hill cannabis spoke exclusively with kron four's taylor bisacky. >> feels like the wild west. it feels like. it's just another level. hillary o'brien is frustrated and disappointed that thieves targeted her oakland dispensary, ivy hill, cannabis for a second time early saturday morning o'brien says the suspect seen in this surveillance video broke in using a stolen chevy truck in backed into the storefront
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just like they did the first time around in february. taylor have my bottom penny. that is the same however, this time didn't go as planned. thanks to new security measures inside the store. all of that effort and risk that they took. for nothing. and we opened almost am iran time. anyway. o'brien says lessons learned from the first break in help them fix the storefront in reopened the same day while the thieves did in the gulf with product like last time seen in this surveillance video from february. she says they caused about $70,000 in damages once again, a huge hit to the business. don't think that they're they're stealing from leaving their ceiling time. >> it's it's it's a says the community. there's no nurses, no rich people about the money. one like this. there's there's 20 folks keeping dream alive on a hope and a prayer doing something we think is awesome for the community. >> this is a common situation for many of the dispensaries that have been burglarized recently in the bay. area o'brien says it's hard to
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recoup from something like this with little support from being somebody somewhere in the city of oakland. >> is listening. can see. and that we can figure out a way to. move past this and not expect that every couple of cars going drive-thru don't have any where insurance is a drive-thru. it's just going to be one being boarded-up storefront. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> oakland police are investigating the death of a man found on the right of the side of the road this morning that around 05:00am police found the man 90th avenue in sunnyside street near the oakland zoo. the man showed signs of blunt force trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene. his name and age have not yet been released. opd believes this is a homicide but does not believe it is related to a traffic incident. >> turning now to our wildfire coverage tonight. we now know the names of those killed in the mckinney fire burning near the california oregon border. the siskiyou county sheriff's office says by using dental
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records they've identified the 4 victims. a 73 year-old kathleen shoopman. 76 year-old john cogan. 79 year-old charles k's and 82 year-old judith kaye's, all klamath river residents. shoopman was a former employee of the u.s. forest service at last check tonight. that fire has burned more than 60,000 acres. it stands at 95% containment. alameda county firefighters are back home tonight after spending 12 days fighting the 6 rivers lightning complex fire. >> burning in humboldt county, the fire has charred through 25,000 acres and is at 81% containment. >> we want to get your check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live in downtown san francisco tonight. that's the transamerica pyramid kind of covered in stocked in right now. it's gotten gloomier and gloom here. our some con on debris. but yeah, not just that high cloud cover but dense, low clouds and fog as well. affecting your sunday
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night commute. so let's take a look at current conditions out there right now. golden gate bridge. not too bad out there, but we are starting to notice that fog bank creep down a little bit closer to the roads. but right now, visibility not too bad to 6 miles, but >> we're tracking dangerous fog for those of you at half moon bay at or near 0. and it's only going to get worse during the overnight hours impacting your monday morning commute. >> give yourself some extra time. if you are heading to work or school im the morning, better lifting and clearing shortly before your new lunchtime hours. some of our bay area beaches still going to be pretty socked in there. but we are going to track a warming trend to start your work week. monday. temperatures out there right now, though. >> we're still in the 60's for most of the bay area. 58 degrees, though, for timber on petaluma at 57 degrees. but finally starting to cool down for those of you in pittsburgh in the eastern portions of contra costa and those of you on brightwood still in the mid 80's, even at this 8 o'clock hours, a very toasty temperatures there. but we're
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still tracking double-digit cooling is specifically for those of you in concord and livermore fairfield as well. but then when tracker for going to see a stronger sea breeze out there tonight. but then more of that offshore northerly wind pattern ramping up temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer than where we were today for your work week monday. good air particles. nonetheless. even with the mid 90's returning for inland valleys for most of the bay area, low 80's along the east bay shoreline with 60's along the coast. thanks to fog is details ahead on your full work week outlook just ahead in a few minutes. back to dan and well. murray said thank you. western states aren't the only ones trying to compensate for record-breaking dry weather. china. >> is dealing with an unprecedented drought right now. the country's reportedly dealing with the issue by generating much-needed rain with chemicals. according to state media, 3 month. cloud seeding project is underway in an attempt to protect the country's grain harvest. china had its driest summer in 60
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years. and this newly released footage shows meteorology workers shooting silver iodide rockets into the sky. the video that appears to show rain falling from the sky. it comes in the midst of a record-breaking drought that's left chinese reservoirs at half, half their normal levels and residents dealing with a shortage of drinking water. >> well, runners hit a home run or oracle park today after completing the 13th annual giant race last year. the race only included a 5 k and staggered start in less people. and this year, 4400 people signed up for the event that included a 5 k and 10 k race for you can see right here. everyone took off all at once and took runners for the embarcadero and back to the finish line inside oracle park after getting their medals. they got to hang out and enjoy the feeling of of soaking it all in there on the field. people saying that they do this race for all sorts of reasons. >> they're sending the giants, but i didn't 16 5 kids. my 16
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and help you get better at mostly. that's one of my favorite things. love that you've fallen in love with running to it. and i look forward to continuing to chase him across the finish line. i cannot keep up at this point organize like it to be like a work so i get a bunch of friends to kind of enjoy the weekend and then we cut out to brunch afterwards. >> all right. sounds pretty good. organizers also included a virtual option for those people that didn't want to run there, but maybe want to do it on their own at all. >> well, over in the east bay, the ki the walmart on outbreak today. kiwanis and key club members from local high schools works to fill the bus with supplies for local students in need that stuff. >> coming up in this hour kron, 4 news, an emergency on the freeway leading to a bundle of joy. how firefighters out date soon-to-be mother in a scary situation. >> plus parenting. it's pricey. details on just how much parents are estimated to
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spend on raising their children. >> but first, a 4 year-old boy kicked out of school for refusing to wear a mask. the school district now facing some backlash. what they're saying about the situation when we return. between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness
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prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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>> welcome back. national news tonight. 3 arkansas officers have been suspended after a
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video of that beating a restrained man on a sidewalk has gone viral. yeah, we want to show you this video because we believe it's important to do so. but >> we're also warning you that the content of the video is graphic and disturbing. this video here showing 3 officers, one mulberry police officer and to crawford county deputies pending a man of the sidewalk. one of those officers then repeatedly strikes the man in the head while another can be seen meeting the man over and over in the back. and one point the first officer lifts the man's head up and then slams it into the pavement. once the officers are and then notice that they're being filmed, the jester a bystander and they tell them to back the expletive up. >> a crawford county sheriff's office has responded to this incident on facebook saying in part, quote, in reference to the video circulating social media involving to crawford county deputies, we have requested arkansas state police conduct the investigation and the deputies have been suspended pending
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the outcome of the investigation. they go on to say, i hold all my employees accountable for their actions and will take appropriate measures in this matter. and quote, well, so the mulberry police department has confirmed their otficer is also on administrative leave. >> here to some positive news tonight on the covid-19 front, the world health organization says globally cases have dropped and deaths are down and its weekly update. the health agency reported 5.4 million new cases last week. and that's a drop of 24% from the week before deaths also falling by 6%. but remains high in asia. overall numbers are down worldwide except for the western pacific and southeast asia. >> first lady jill biden meanwhile, has left covid-19 isolation after testing negative for coronavirus. she's been isolating in south carolina after testing positive for the virus on tuesday following a vacation there. the first lady did reunite with president joe biden, though, at their beach home in delaware earlier this
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afternoon. >> a 4 year-old boy was kicked out of school in the south bay for refusing to wear a mask in class. this all happened at tire cuff elementary school in mountain view. the. >> boy's father recorded the moment when the school principal tells him to take his son home and isn't escorted off campus by campus police officer. the boy's father says he tried for several days sent to school his son to school with a mask. but his son says he finds some uncomfortable father also saying his son was inconsolable and trying to get him to wear one. the mountain view with some in school district has since eased the mask mandate after santa clara county was no longer considered high risk for covid transmission. now masks are still required on buses in band and choir. also at large events and for all campus visitors. well, the the mountain view weston school district superintendent released a statement saying in part, quote. >> i'm disappointed that civil discourse is no longer the
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rule. while i understand that not everyone will agree with every position we take. it is completely unacceptable to harass an employee in such a way that day and parents no longer feel safe at their own school and >> time now to get your check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look at conditions in walnut creek do n't seem to be any issue traffic wise sun setting now. yeah, not not to finally out there looks like there's a little bit maybe over on the hillside there, but definitely not what we've been seeing here in the city. in terms of the fog monday. we expect that. but what are the temperatures like a little bit cooler today? murray said, yeah, big cooldown. double-digit cooling for our warmest inland valleys in the north bay and east bay checkout livermore in concord. >> you are either at or near triple digit heat yesterday. but near average for those of you in livermore, 88 degrees exactly where you should be for this time of year with concord, 4 degrees below average. so hope you enjoyed that. 84 degrees beats being at 99 degrees like yesterday and 101 degrees for those of you in livermore warming up
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into the low 70's for downtown san francisco. but fog dust out there in full force definitely making its presence known across the bay over berkeley. but temperatures right now, widespread 60's. 73 degrees, though, for antioch, about 15 degrees warmer than downtown san francisco at 58 degrees. thanks to that cool sea breeze and also marine layer influence but radar for going to track that marine. they're only getting thicker and more widespread. we could start to notice some patchy coastal drizzle as early as tonight continuing during the overnight hours into your monday morning commute. but that high cloud cover quickly going to dissipate. we're tracking 5 to 10 degrees of warming to start your work week monday. and even back to school monday for a lot of bay area students. very interesting forecast in the days ahead, especially wednesday morning. we do have this storm out in the pacific. that's going to clip the san francisco peninsula coastline that could bring us a few 1. 100's of an inch of rain continuing also through
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thursday. that storm trying to creep closer along the coast. but it looks like it's going to hold back out in the pacific. but really just tracking traces amount of rain at best. but it is nice to see some drops, especially along the immediate coastline overnight lows. tonight, though, we are going to see widespread 50's and 60's 65 degrees for antioch. so mall there with santa rosa. only cooling down to 52 degrees and 10. a daytime highs tomorrow. temperatures really going to ramp up, especially for those of you in santa rosa, flirting with that triple digit heat novato not that far behind upper 90's there with mid 90's for east bay valleys in concord and livermore. and we're going to see 70's and 80's around the bay area shoreline with temperatures for the most part cooling down after monday. so the good news is we just have one hot day in the next 7 days. and then near average highs. no big weather changes, but it is going to be nice to possibly see some light showers wednesday morning and thursday morning. some excited about that. and that's kind of a couple light showers or knee in the along
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the immediate coast. so hopefully it goes a little bit for a little you know, try alright reason. thank you. >> well, a federal appeals court has granted senator lindsey graham's request to delay his testimony in front of a georgia grand jury. the court issued a >> a temporary hold today on the testimony to look into whether members of congress are protected from such subpoenas. the grand jury is investigating whether anyone broke the law by trying to overturn then president trump's loss and the 2020 election. >> well, despite her landslide primary loss last week, wyoming congresswoman liz cheney says she has no regrets about her political career. cheney is a republican. she's now focused on keeping former president donald trump out of the white house. she launched a new political organization to fight trump and any election deny ers. she says that means supporting their apartments. former vice president mike pence, meanwhile, continuing to be a top name mentioned for a presidential run in 2024. as
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he makes it very clear he didn't take any classified documents with him when he left office. this comes after his former boss says mar a lago estate was raided by fbi agents. pence condemned the action saying he's, quote, deeply troubled that the fbi conducted a search warrant. donald trump is under investigation for potentially violating federal laws. still ahead here on kron, 4 news at a preparations taking place in ukraine ahead of the country's independence day. >> why president volodymyr zelensky is issuing warnings ahead of celebrations. plus, turkey day is still months away. so why are experts suggesting you get your holiday bird sooner rather than later?
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>> welcome back for your money tonight. parents know raising kids takes patience and understanding and these days. it also takes quite a bit of cash. a new report by the brookings institution says the average family will spend about $310,000 raising a child for 18 years. that averages out to just over $18,000 each year. this is now a 9% increase from the previous estimate. this estimate covers a range of expenses, including
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food, housing, clothing, and health care. unfortunately, those numbers are only expected to rise as current inflation continues to be factored in. it. >> well, it's 3 months away, but analysts are already warning about rising prices because of inflation and the bird flu outbreak production costs for turkeys are up from last year and they expect those prices to be passed on to consumers. usda predicts prices will be 23% higher. and last year. >> amazon's finding new ways to boost revenue. it's planning to add a second prime day this year right around the holidays. typically the annual event takes place in july for the holidays this year. amazon is also increasing prices for third-party sellers, adding a fulfillment fee from mid october to mid-january. it's expected to increase costs for sellers by an average of $0.35 per item. amazon added a fuel and inflation surcharge to seller fees earlier this year
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as well. >> the cdc is investigating an e-coli outbreak in 4 states after dozens of wendy's customers fell ill. the fast food chain is removing lettuce from its sandwiches in ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, in indiana. according to the cdc, there have been 37 illnesses and 10 hospitalizations associated with the outbreak and many of the patients reported eating sandwiches with romaine lettuce at wendy's restaurants. officials are not currently advising people to avoid eating at wendy's or to stop buying or eating romaine lettuce. nearly 200 episodes of sesame street have been pulled from hbo. max, the streaming platform has been purging films and tv shows in recent weeks as it's preparing to combine with another streaming service discovery. plus, fans of sesame street say they were surprised to see hundreds of episodes mostly from the first 40 years of the show had been removed its the latest shifted hbo max following the merger of its former parent company
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warnermedia with discovery inc in april. >> still ahead here at 8 o'clock firefighters tending to a soon-to-be mother along a busy freeway. details on the incident coming up right after the break.
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>> well, it was a special delivery in the north bay as firefighters helped deliver a
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baby on the side of the road. this really happened. the mother and her family on the way to the hospital. but the baby just couldn't wait. kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> firefighters got an unexpected halt. >> a mother about to give birth. this was a little different be on the side of the freeway. >> the call came in just after 6.15, saturday evening. the mother's suv parked just and road on interstate 6.80. >> we went out there and she was in a pretty complicated presentation as far as delivery goes, the niche, a fire engine and truck 11 found the mother in active labor firefighters. dan purdy helped deliver the baby and the mom does most to work. the mother and newborn were taken to the north bay medical center. >> according to fire chief, both mom and baby are doing well when they arrived at the emergency department. well, pretty calls this a rare case. he says he's responded to at least 6 active labor calls. you know, it's just a protocol that we follow. it's part of our. >> our schooling, you know, becoming paramedics. really?
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it's emt scale. >> and so it's just support them on. and the during the whole process and, you know, just just a cyst. >> and we're still waiting to hear back from north bay medical center for an update on the family reporting from in a shack your >> that is just such an incredible story. and i really do hope that the that the whole family is healthy and safe and will not. hopefully we can get make a great story down the this is a live at the bay bridge tonight along the embarcadero sun has set. we've got a cooling trend going on until tomorrow morning. wake up. i yeah. and then we're going to warm up by our monday afternoon. so it's going to be quite a little bit of the world weather roller coaster ride like we're used to this time of year. >> pretty typical for the summer months. the let's take a look right now at your getaway forecast. we are seeing that fog bank out there with fog us to making its way over san francisco international airport and then
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radar for tracking the return of that marine layer starting to make its way into most of our bay area valleys with the radar for showing better clearing. and the good news is those of you heading out to this year in the coming days, not going to contend with any monsoonal moisture. in fact, are tracking a very dry, clear outlook, very seasonal temperatures as well by late august standards, mid 80's for truckee and south lake tahoe. and then we're really going to be on cruise control for the next couple of days. a lot of sunshine little change in the weather department there. so mid 80's for those of you heading out to the sierra for the next couple of days. so enjoy that. ut temperatures out there right now, widespread low to mid and upper 60's. but we are seeing low 70's still for san jose. mild forecast there. but check out to broad. 56 degrees with bryant would in the low 80's and pittsburgh, 70 degrees. as you step outside, most of you may not even need a sweater if you're heading out in the eastern portions of contra costa. but temperatures tomorrow going to heat up 5 to
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10 degrees warmer than where we were today. low 70's today for downtown san francisco. warming up to 75 degrees to start your work week. monday with 82 degrees for oakland. but it's going to get downright hot once again inland, especially for those of you in our north bay valleys. santa rosa flirting with that triple digit heat. 98 degrees. not much better for those of you in our east bay valleys with concord and livermore in the mid 90. so we are going to be mild. but it's just going to be for one day after that. we're going to cool down to seasonal temperatures. and that's a really going to be for the rest of the next 7 days. little change in the forecast. slight shower chances wednesday morning and thursday morning along the coast, but giving way to plenty of sunshine and seasonal temperatures for your wednesday and thursday. highs. back to you, dan and well, remember, he said thank you, russia. authorities are investigating after the daughter of a close ally of russian president vladimir putin. >> was killed by a car bomb outside of moscow. daria, do geena a journalist and political scientist was killed
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after an explosive device was planted under her toyota land cruiser and detonated. did you know was the daughter of alexander dugan, an outspoken supporter of moscow's invasion of ukraine. authorities said both dugan and his daughter were in attendance at a russian nationalist festival just before the blast. officials in ukraine have denied any responsibility for the deadly incident. meanwhile, dennis rodman says he's going to russia to try and help get wnba star brittney griner released from prison. the former bulls star and hall of famer says he got permission to go to russia but did not say from home u.s. citizens do not need special permission to go to russia. although the state department does strongly discourage going there. rodman has also visited north korea several times in the past. he says he's helped get americans released from north korean prisons. griner has been detained in russia since february and was just recently sentenced to a 9 year prison term for possession of vape cartridges containing
8:36 pm
cannabis oil. the biden administration maintains it is working to get her out and there are ongoing discussions about a potential prisoner swap. rodman says he's hoping to go to russia this week. meanwhile, in ukraine, residents there are gearing up to mark 6 months of war. >> with russian edition at thirty-one years of independence from the soviet union. both of those occasions will fall on wednesday of this week. president volodymyr zelenskyy warned citizens that russia may try something he calls nasty and particularly cruel this week but urged his country to stay strong. many fear the russians would quickly overwhelm the outgunned ukrainians, but the united states and the west have provided a steady flow of weapons to help in their fight. russia has failed to take the capital of kyiv and the kremlin dial back military advances to focus on territories. it controls in the east and the south. still ahead here at 8 o'clock. if you're heading to angel island to maybe go for a hike, you
8:37 pm
still got to eat and got you covered in this week's. >> dine and dish? >> plus, demonstrators back at people's park in berkeley today. what protesters had to say about uc berkeley's new housing plans.
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>> mothers against drug deaths rallying today against drug overdoses in san francisco. the event was held at city hall for national fentanyl prevention awareness day they
8:40 pm
hand painted rocks to represent some of the lives that have been lost because of drug overdose. they also had a display of frames with each person's name who had died in san francisco. speakers included people who have lost someone to drug overdoses. district attorney brooke jenkins and city supervisors. >> need to put resources getting help to the people that need help. the most important thing i think we could do is send out the message that the days of the encampment standing out the open air drug sales is we need everybody in this building to be >> mothers against drug deaths reports more than 2000 people have died from fentanyl-related overdoses in san francisco since 2019 and of the 641 deaths last year in the city. a majority of those involved fentanyl. >> another form of protest at people's park today and berkeley. this afternoon's
8:41 pm
gathering focusing on the trees cut down by uc berkeley as they move to convert the park to student housing activists say some of those trees actually predate the university's ownership of the property. today protesters built an altar in the center of the park. they made speeches and gather around what they say is the only remaining redwood on the site. >> more of these trees has the story. go, everyone them in people's park. people's part. we know that thing some love. top of the morning. we'll morning. let's get back to building. >> uc berkeley did paused construction at the park 2 weeks ago after several tense clashes between protesters and police there. coming up in sports, evan longoria had a great day at the plate and in the field for the giants in colorado today. >> sports director jason dumas months will be here shortly to tell us if it was enough to secure a win for the giants. >> in extra innings.
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>> welcome back to 45 on this sunday night. we're still dealing with this yeah, it's very terrifying considering that these are driest months and then we have our indian summer coming up. but the good news is it's holding steady severe drought conditions for
8:45 pm
most of the bay area, even with our many recent heat waves still under severe drought conditions and good air particles that thanks to that cool sea breeze cooling of down today, especially our warmest inland valleys. we actually cool down 15 degrees today. so good air particles today. that's going to continue through tomorrow as well. even when we see the return of those warm, dry, offshore breezes going to warm up our inland valleys once again. so fog us out there in full force and not only tracking that high cloud cover but dense, low clouds and fog already for your sunday night, we are seeing visibility at or near 0 along the bay area coastline, even extending into the east bay shoreline as well. so please drive safely when tracker for tracking winds out of the northwest. and that's going to be the big weather story tomorrow because we are going to warm up 5 to 10 degrees from today's daytime highs. and we're still in the low to mid and upper 60's for most bay area cities, dublin, 70 degrees as a san jose. but check out petaluma
8:46 pm
timber on in the mid-fifties there. so starting to get a little bit of that cool sea breeze influence. but temperatures heating up, especially for our north bay valleys, flirting with that triple digit heat. hot is for those of you in santa rosa. 98 degrees. 95 for those of you in concord with hayward and redwood city at eighty-four degrees. if you want relieve head to the beach, we are going to see temperatures in the mid 60's for half moon bay and then cooling down significantly by tuesday, right where we should be for this time of year. and then holding steady for the remainder of the next 7 days. a lot of sunshine for the rest of your workweek forecast and even into next weekend. a nice cool down as well. back to you, dan and well, thank agrees that if you're looking for something exciting to do with the family, hope the sunshine thought might we suggest angel island for a fun way to work up an appetite. kron four's vicki liviakis explores in tonight's dine and dish. >> angel island, the tiny spit of land just minutes by ferry.
8:47 pm
>> locals and tourist board the boat from timber on for a short ride that the state park a national historic landmark in july. lynn does have a long and at times controversial history as an immigration site you can hike or you can saddle up and buy can soak in the stunning views. it is a hall, though. more than 4 miles all around. and you do burn calories, that you worked up an appetite didn't. oh, that great going around the island. but man, i want options on the island are limited. there is the cove cafe overrun by. >> kids scoping out the chips and gummy bears. it boasts a ban just not playing at the moment today. special is a mimosa. ice cream is a good option. on a hot day or advil and ramen mean for sea sickness or maybe a hangover for the epicurean is there's always a picnic table to dine alfresco. but if you fail to pack a proper picnic basket, you might just want to it up and you and your bike hightail it back onto the ferry to
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timber conveniently located just a few feet from the dock of the bay and dine. and dish favorite bungalow kitchen. you can enjoy a cool beverage at the borrower. if you plan ahead, grab a bite of wrench that might include yogurt fruit. parfait, maybe a caesar salad or fresh clam chowder or just drink in the sights from your perch in watch with the ty brings in at angel island, vicki liviakis kron. 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> consistently inconsistent. that sums up the giants season perfectly after finally getting back over 500, they dropped a few and get right on back and there. but hey, the show must go on today. they had their series finale against the rockies and it was daddy daycare day at. rocky stadium. i look at those bad little kid hit each other with the hat. evan longoria had himself a day tie game in the 7th bases loaded as a golf
8:49 pm
swing but is in effect of golf swing. it's a grand slam matter of fact. 6, 2 giant who was 3 for 4 today with 4 rbi and this one went to extras topping 11, wilmer flores from slap set out to write mike yastremski tags up 9, a giant bottom of the 11th giants up a run when bernard skies a fly to right. lamont way gets the catch is going to make the throw to 3rd sam hiller tags longo with the great tag, but he's called safe. got to take another look at that strikes and they do and they call it out a double play to end the game. giants win. 98. let's hear from evan longoria after one of his best games of the year. cities. >> i feel pretty good in the case swinging the bat and just try to take it into the game. in the first at-bat, you get a hit. and so it's it's kind of a confidence thing. i mean, just trying to build days like today. you you recognize how much he has left in the tank
8:50 pm
into he's he's still excellent capable changing the game with his his glove his bat in his presence. and we saw that on display today. the performance and the a's looking to take 2 of 3 from the mariners. beautiful day at the coliseum. a lot going on in those stands today. >> bottom of the second a's up to one on for nick allen. and he takes this the opposite way for a base hit shea langley years comes on in to score a extend their lead to 3 bottom of the 5th. 3 to one aide, stephen vogt lines it up the middle. tony kemp. he scores oakland tax on another run. let's go a's. have a chance to add some insurance runs in lang years does so here laying the years have had such a great early start to his career. remember, he just made his major league debut couple days ago early last week is going to win 5 to 3. they'll host the marlins tomorrow
8:51 pm
after the game. mark kotsay had nothing but praise for the young and playing the years. >> great to see the kid having fun. he's, you know, really? come here and yeah, i think. for young catchers stepping into the situation, handle it, you know, pretty well. he's got a great as i talked about, he's got great passion for the you know, here obviously had a great game and contributed to this team's win. >> good for him. all right. that's look at sports. we'll be right back after the break.
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prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27. >> bit of a great day at pebble beach golf course today, but it didn't stop thousands from checking out some of the world's most iconic and valuable cars at the 71st pebble beach concourse d'elegance today. car collectors, designers brands from around the world came to california coast to show off everything from old-school roadsters. 2 new age concept vehicles. lincoln actually marked 100 years of car making by placing one of its first-ever vehicles side by side with one of its new concept. cars called the centennial. >> as you say you haven't seen in person while you opened your right. so that's why we said, okay, well, how do you translate we get it mister, to
8:55 pm
kind of be open top that you can actually walk in and see what i the whole car is as ever remembered a loving it. >> lincoln at several other concept cars on display as did audi and accurate as well. bugatti and delorean also revealing some new vehicles over the course of the weekend to pretty slick somewhat space. yeah. well, that's the concept, you know, like futuristic type vehicle. but so much of it is was about like comfort he now i see. i think foot rests need to come back with classic cars. all have foot and that luxury in the back. and it's all about comfort. i think. well, a woman who lost her family heirloom wedding ring at a new hampshire beach breathing a sigh of relief. now, francesca teal says she was tossing a football around with her husband last month when her ring slipped off and fell into this and she couldn't find it and sadly had to leave the beach. well, tale, of course, went to social media asking for people with a metal detector to be on the lookout.
8:56 pm
and a 60 year-old man took it upon himself to put on a wet suit. >> and a headlamp. and while using his detector in the water after 3 days, he actually found it at the bottom of the ocean floor. he then returned it. husband got down on one knee and he put the ring. >> back on her finger about the kindness of strangers. yeah, 3 days like i was like out there looking for the amount of things i've lost and it's like, all right. i'm in the ocean and issue in the ocean. and you just like aleve, it i found sunglasses once in the ocean. really pretty cool. the rain bands wayfair's have i did lose a shoe in the ocean and i was like, well, you know, like a water. she like, well, and then we came back a couple days later and it had brought itself. we're so, you know it sometimes that i think valuable as a ring, though, right in air loom. that's where my water family heirloom kindness of strangers. you good. that's about all the time we got here for kron. 4
8:57 pm
news at yeah. but in just a few minutes, we're beginning at 9 and then we're going to be on again at 10 o'clock. so we hope you join us.
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8:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
9:00 pm
you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> right now at 9 sideshows. right now at 9 sideshows across the south bay. there were several sideshows happening in santa clara county last night. or excuse me, not last night yesterday afternoon, it large crowds and caused traffic to stop. thank you for joining us here. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn in santa clara county alone. there were at least 3 on saturday afternoon. >> the sideshows causing headaches for people trying to get around this weekend. kron four's man. harry has details on how one city he's trying to prevent them from happening in the first place. >> engines revving and tires, screeching it's becoming all too familiar sound in some bay area cities >> between 5, 7,


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