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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 21, 2022 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> another weekend of sideshow activity kept law enforcement busy in santa clara county. there were at least 3 sideshows saturday afternoon. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm noelle bellow and i'm dan thorn kron 4. some in harry has a look at video of those sideshows and how >> one city is trying to prevent them from happening. >> engines, >> revving and tires. screeching it's becoming all too familiar sound in some bay area cities >> between 5, 7, 30 saturday evening. at least 3 sideshows happened in santa clara county. >> this is video from one in front of great america. the sideshows left people sitting in their cars waiting to get across you can see people
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runaways. police sirens get closer. there was another one near santa teresa boulevard in the 87 freeway off-ramp in san jose. people were throwing water at the cars. san jose police provided a statement saying, quote, >> we responded to sideshow activities at numerous locations throughout the city. all participants fled when police arrived, california highway patrol in hayward put out a message warning people that they're sideshow. task force would be out on patrol. sometimes on the weekends. we know when we have that nicer weather, likely to see some of these groups coming out. officer andrew barclay says sideshows can be dangerous to participate in because you can be fined or arrested or have your card taken away. >> it can also be dangerous for people to >> the reality is a lot of the people behind the wheel of these vehicles participating. are not expert drive it's not uncommon to see them lose
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control of their vehicle going beyond what they're already trying to do and striking one or many people that are out there watching that happened in san jose near lundy avenue in concourse drive. >> in san jose, it's illegal to be a sideshow spectator. the crime is a misdemeanor that can lead to a $1000 fine officer barclay says if you see a side show. >> stay away from it. don't your vehicle and call 9-1-1 with any information. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> well, 3 people are in custody following a sideshow that happened this afternoon on the bay bridge video from around 3 o'clock shows a handful of people riding their dirt bikes and atv's on the bottom deck of the bridge. chp tells kron 4 the estimated one to 200 off-road vehicles took part in this. a few of them turnaround began to drive the wrong way. when chp then got
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involved, one of the riders hit a car near the bottom of the fremont exit ramp that person suffered major injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. police say the injured rider is one of 3 people in custody tonight. officers say 3 dart bikes were impounded. >> in the east bay, thieves broke into an oakland cannabis dispensary for the second time in just 6 months. it happened early saturday morning. the dispensary captured the whole thing on surveillance video and believes it was the same suspects from the first time around ivy hill. cannabis spoke exclusively with kron 4 taylor bisacky a story you'll see only see on kron 4. >> feels like the wild west. it feels like. it's just another level. hillary o'brien is frustrated and disappointed that thieves targeted her oakland dispensary it. he'll cannabis for a second time early saturday morning o'brien says the suspect seen in this surveillance video broke in using a stolen chevy truck in backed into the storefront
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just like they did the first time around in february. taylor have my bottom penny. that is the same however, this time didn't go as planned. thanks to new security measures inside the store. all of that effort and risk that they took. for nothing. and we opened almost am iran time. anyway. o'brien says lessons learned from the first break in help them fix the storefront in reopened the same day while the thieves did in the gulf with product like last time seen in this surveillance video from february. she says they caused about $70,000 in damages once again, a huge hit to the business. don't think that they're they're stealing from leaving their ceiling time. >> it's it's it's a says the community. there's no nurses, no rich people about the money. one like this. there's there's 20 folks keeping dream alive on a hope and a prayer doing something we think is awesome for the community. >> this is a common situation for many of the dispensaries that have been burglarized recently in the bay. area o'brien says it's hard to
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recoup from something like this with little support from being somebody somewhere in the city of oakland is listening. can see. and that we can figure out a way to. move past this and not expect that every couple of cars going drive-thru. i'm happy where insurance is a drive-thru. it's just going to be one being boarded-up storefront. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> happening now, bart service is recovering after a person was in the transbay to barnes says the trains began rolling again just after 9 o'clock phone. a service interruption for about 2 and a half hours. you should expect delays to continue as bart is resuming their service through the 2. but bart says that their service recovery is in progress. >> we want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight. taking a live look out at sfo. if you're headed out of town, looking like not a bad night to do so. yeah, not bad out there at all. meteorologist rodriguez joining us now with a look at
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your forecast there, dana. well, yeah, let's take a look at your sunday night 4 zone forecast because we are tracking the return of that fog monster fog us out in full force. not just the high cloud cover but dense, low clouds and fog to contend with this evening. so make sure to drive safely along the bay area coastline and east bay shoreline. right now, half moon bay and oakland seeing the poorest visibility at or near 0. and it's only going to get worse during the overnight hours impacting your monday morning commute. if you're heading to work or back to school or all of the above, make sure to give yourself some plenty of time. >> before you head out for your monday morning, better lifting in clearing shortly before your new lunchtime hours that today we saw a cool sea breeze finally bring relief to our warmest and hottest inland valleys. good air quality tonight. that's going to continue through tomorrow as well. temperatures for the most part about a 15 degree difference with antioch. still in the mid 70's. don't even need a sweater. if you're walking out very comfortable temperatures there. make sure to bundle up,
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though, for downtown san francisco. 57 degrees. and we're seeing double-digit cooling right now for those of you in concord, even at this 10 o'clock hour compared to 24 hours ago, ages just an indicator of how hot it was yesterday, reaching out or near triple digit heat for most of our east bay valleys. when tracker for though, going to see those offshore winds out of the northwest already making its presence known. and that's going to continue contributing to our warming trend hottest day monday. your full 10, not what coming up in just a few minutes. back to dana. noel. >> all thanks a lot. after 15 days of searching, a heartbreaking discovery, the body of 16 year-old kylie rodni's believed to have been found by a volunteer specialized diving team. the group adventures with the they discovered her car and her remains under the surface of the process reservoir today. that's where we find garage >> he joins us live from nevada county with the very latest details
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>> hey there, guys. so far the sheriff's office has not given any confirmation of the car and the body that they found and this reservoir are of kylie rodni's. but we just learned just a few minutes ago they're going to be hosting 11:00am news conference tomorrow to try to provide an update as to what they found here. but let me go and fade out of the way. but you can see there in the distance. the light is still on. that. as with every move that car and the body a few hours go as investigators continue to protect that area. and the investigation continues to try to figure out if that car and body long to kylie >> a car pulled out of the creek reservoir in nevada county adventures with purpose and independent dive team who made the discovery believes it to be the car belonging to missing 16 year-old kylie romney. they're also reporting her body was found. how he has been missing for than 2 weeks after being last seen at a large party on the morning of august. 6th at the family campground. authorities said
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last week her cell phone last pinged near the lake have kind of a combination of the >> fear and horror. a massive search began spending over 2 weeks. >> and then saturday adventures with purpose. join those efforts remaining in contact with investigators. they spoke with fox 40 saturday when they checked nearby lakes. when you miss it, a loved one or friend. >> we're a community member and you don't know. it's a nightmare. so what we provide is is those answers. when we're able to that's what we're hoping to do in this case. the team is from oregon has millions of followers on their you, too. can they're known for traveling around the country to so far, a full 23 to 6 man team declined to speak tonight of their discovery but told fox 40 divert nick wrenn down the car were taken our resources and the intel that we've been provided. >> and we're trying to. see different avenues, different
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places to look. their goal is to bring some closure to a family without answers stuff that i don't want to find >> if she's here and something has happened to her, i do. >> i want to be able to provide the family and this community. answers so they can properly laid rest. >> back out here live as you take a look at the west shore up roster creek reservoir as investigators still here. now we did reach out to the family and the family spokesperson did tell us that so far they have not received any confirmation of the car in the body that the law enforcement took out of. this far our of kylie property reporting live in nevada gurajpal sangha. back to you guys. rush ball. thank you. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at 10 alameda county firefighters returned home after spending several days battling wildfires in northern california. plus, a protest today at people's park in berkeley. what the group was advocating for. and we return
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an emergency on the freeway leads to a bundle of joy. how firefighters helped the soon-to-be mom and a scary situation. kron. 4 news at 10 situation. kron. 4 news at 10 continues in just a bit. californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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>> developing news tonight in arkansas. that's where 3 officers have been suspended after a video of them beating a restrained man on the sidewalk. >> has gone viral. we want to
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warn you the video is graphic and disturbing. it shows 3 officers, one mulberry police officer into crawford county deputies pinning a man to the sidewalk. one officer repeatedly strikes the man in the head. well, another is seen mean the man over and over again in the back. at one point that first officer then lifts the man's head up and slams it into the pavement. once the officers notice they're being filmed by the bystander. they just are over at them and start pointing and tell them to back the expletive up. >> the crawford county sheriff's office has responded to the incident on facebook saying in reference to the video circulating social media involving to crawford county deputies. we've requested that arkansas state police conduct the investigation and the deputies have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. >> i hold all my employees accountable for their actions and will take appropriate measures. >> in this matter and quote,
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the mulberry police department confirms their officer is also on administrative leave. now to the north bay where there was a special delivery as firefighters in benicia help deliver a baby on the side of the road. the mother and her family were on the way to the hospital. the baby just couldn't wait. >> kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> but firefighters got an une.pected >> a mother about to give this was a little different on the side of the freeway. >> the call came in just after 6.15, saturday evening. the mother's suv parked just and groove on interstate 6.80. >> we went out there and she was in pretty complicated presentation as far as delivery goes, the nation fire engine and truck 11 found the mother in active labor. firefighters stand pretty helped deliver the baby in them. and as most to work, the mother and newborn were taken to north bay medical center. >> according to the fire chief, both mom and baby are doing well when they arrived at the emergency department. well, pretty calls this a rare
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case. he says he's responded to at least 6 active labor calls. you know, it's just a protocol that we follow. it's part of our. >> our schooling, you know, becoming paramedics. really? it's an empty skill. and so. it's just support the mom and the. during the whole process. and, you know, just just a cyst. >> and we're still waiting to hear back from north bay medical center for an update on the family reporting from in a shack your >> new at 10 tonight, uc berkeley police investigating an assault against a transgender victim at people's park in berkeley as a hate crime. that happened this morning just before 7.45. at the housing construction site. police say 3 suspects assaulted the victim with a shovel. i'm kicked them causing injuries. one person has since been arrested connected to this attack. 2 others remain at large. the condition of the victim is not known right now. anyone with information about the attack is asked to contact berkeley
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police also at people's park today and protests following the removal of several trees. this afternoon's gathering. >> focusing on those trees that were cut down by uc berkeley as they're moving to convert the park into student housing activists say some of those trees predate the university's ownership of the property. so today they built an altar in the center of the park, made some speeches and gather around what they say is the only remaining redwood on the site. >> these trees has the story. well, go, everyone them in people's park. people's part. know that thing some love. top of the morning. we'll morning. let's get back to building. >> uc berkeley paused construction at the park 2 weeks ago after several tense clashes between protesters and police at the park. >> richmond police are searching for the suspect in a
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deadly shooting. it happened around 2 45 yesterday in the south side park near south 6th street and virginia avenue. police say a 33 year-old man from hayward was shot and died at the scene and his name has not yet been released. anyone with information about this shooting, those asked to contact richmond pd. >> oakland police are investigating the death of a man. they say they found a dead. he suffered from blunt force trauma. police responded to the 2100 block of 19th avenue around 5.30, this morning. they found a man suffering from those injuries and he later died at the scene. this is video from the citizen app. police say their preliminary investigation does not show the man died in a traffic related incident. his identity has not yet been released. >> 9 people are without a home tonight following a fire at an apartment building in oakland happened around 7.30 this morning on the 600 block of 23rd street. firefighters arrived and discovered flames creeping into the structure from the back of the building. this is video from the citizen app as well. you can see those
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flames just coming out from a second-story window. cause of the fire is under investigation. time now to get your check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. definitely a little wet out there from the fog for yeah. the fog rolls in brings the mist with it and all that debris surround riggins. joining us now. >> look at the forecast. a recent yeah, we could start seeing some patchy drizzle as early as right now. continuing through your monday morning commute. but we did see that cool sea breeze influence, certainly having a huge impact with our warmest is east bay valleys, livermore in concord. >> in the low to mid and even upper 80's today. and that's exactly where we should be this time of year. in fact, conquered just 4 degrees below average at eighty-four degrees. so 15 degree drop compared to yesterday's daytime highs are livermore warming up to 101 degrees. so much needed relief even though you remain average. nonetheless, it was great weather even along the coast, a few degrees of warming for downtown san francisco in the low 70's there. so no one in
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the bay area complaining about your sunday's forecast. hope you had a great day to head out and enjoy it. tonight, though, socked in with that thick fog bank. believe it or not, there's actually some bushes right around here that we can barely make out visibility at or near 0. so please drive safely. if you're heading out tonight and even through monday morning that some visibility is really going to be the poorest temperatures out there right now. 50's and 60's with the bright would in the eastern portion of contra costa. very pleasant at 76 degrees. finally starting to cool down there. but check out petaluma 55 degrees out there right now. thanks to that cool onshore flow. so radar for we are tracking a dense low clouds and fog and high cloud cover. going to bring us drizzle overnight. even extending into the east bay shoreline. but quick clearing thanks to those offshore winds, winds out of the northwest for most of our bay area valleys, warming us up 5 to 10 degrees but a cool sea breeze influence a little bit stronger, 30 miles per hour or less along the san francisco
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peninsula. but slight chance of some possible light showers really just glorified results wednesday morning into thursday morning. bring us about a few 1, 100's of an inch of rain possibly into friday as well. but overall going to stay dry. in fact, temperatures for the most part overnight lows tonight, 50's and 60's upper 90's for santa rosa, 90 degrees with mid 90's for concord. 75 degrees for downtown san francisco. and then near average temperatures, 10 days out. so just one hot day we can do a bay area. we can make it. i feel like it's it doesn't even seem that much hotter than than the rest of the day's yeah. on the 10 north bay, 100 degrees possible tomorrow. so that is going to be the biggest jump in temperatures. so just a heads up there. stay cool and hydrated. thanks for skies. >> mothers against drug deaths rallying today against drug overdoses in san francisco. that event was held at city hall on national fentanyl prevention awareness day. they hand painted rocks to represent some of the lives lost due to drug overdose. they also had a display of frames of each person's name
10:22 pm
who has died in san francisco. speakers included those who have lost someone to drug overdose along with city supervisors and district attorney brooke jenkins. >> you need to resources getting help to the people that need help. the most important thing i think we could do is send out the message that the days of the encampment standing out the open air drug sales is we need everybody in this building to be in agreement about that. >> mothers against drug deaths reported more than 2000 people have died from fentanyl-related overdoses in san francisco since 2019 and of the 641 deaths last year. the city, a majority of them involved fentanyl. >> still ahead, flash floods in utah. we'll tell you how many inches of rain hit parts of the state. >> plus, thousands of people hit the pavement for the 13th annual san francisco giant race will take you there.
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10:26 pm
following the heavy rainfall videos posted online show employees of some businesses having just walk through the knee-deep waters inside their establishments. according to the national weather service, some areas saw more than 3 inches of rain yesterday. >> runners hit a home run at oracle park today after completing the 13th annual san francisco giant race last year. the race only included a 5 k a staggered start unless people. but this year, 4400 people sign up for the event that included a 5 k and 10 k race for everyone ran all at once and took runners to the embarcadero and back to the finish line inside oracle park after getting their medals. they got to hang out and enjoy being on the field to soak it all in. people say they do this race for all sorts of reasons. >> they're sending the giants, but i didn't 16 5 kids. my 16 and help you get better at mostly. that's one of my favorite things. love that you've fallen in love with running to it. and i look forward to continuing to chase
10:27 pm
him across the finish line. i cannot keep up at this point organize like it to be like a work so i get a bunch of friends to kind of enjoy the weekend and then we cut out to brunch afterwards. >> organizers also included a virtual option for people who >> did not go to the race today. if they want to hang out at home and run it digital and they were able to do that as well. you said you wanted to do this. i really didn't realize that it already have. i know i didn't sign up for because i was like man that little slide. yeah. little slow in the race slow know this. but next year you can make them you can you know, training. i myself. not not be as bad as am. that's all we've got for kron. 4 news at 10. >> sports night live with >> sports night live with jason dumas says up next. i'm bringing back two of my fan favorites, french toast sticks and my former employee mark hamill. jack? let's do this!
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people who get 3 of my french toast sticks always wish they got 6. but nobody ever orders 6 and wishes they only got 3. it's called math people. french toast sticks starting at $2.00 are back at jack in the box. >> look at the young and i used to dread and the summer. i mean, want to go back to school? no one, but grown-up. the nation is counting down the days summer is over because that means football. welcome to sports night live. i'm jason dumas, young jason is very, very well you're not excited because the school portion, it's understandable. we're so excited to cover football season. i'm kylen mills. >> and can't wait to see what the forty-niners to the
10:31 pm
season. jason? yeah, football is back. my shows are coming back into the grown up in niners and they had their second tuneup of the preseason on saturday. most of the starters didn't play, but there are still a ton devalue evaluate. how will the offensive line shape up? who will be the final running backs on the depth chart. the list goes on. you get the point and for the most part, most of this game, it was a field goal party until 4th quarter. then you see makes and phil find him. michael. >> tasty for the 2 yard touchdown. the forty-niners would tack 2 more with a 2 point conversion. they also held minnesota to just 136 yards with 2 interceptions passing yards. that is forty-niners won this game 17 to 7 after the game kinlaw who had a key sack in the win said he is having fun again after having season ending surgery last year. safety. i feel like totally different player >> i've been laboring on thing for a long, long time. so yeah, this has been a i really
10:32 pm
like a long time kind of get about like just playing football just having fun. you know, so i feel like i'm finally getting back to having fun. and, you know, just really. being a kid again, you know, not not. i'm not in any pain. >> he's really look good at the start of camp and in preseason soak island. the season starts 3 weeks from today. expectations are high for this group. the nucleus of this roster has been to a super bowl and an nfc championship in 2 of the last 3 season. so we decided to list our 3 biggest storyline of this upcoming season as we head into that opening match up in chicago september. 11th your hometown let's use our with number 3. the 3rd biggest storyline of the forty-niners season. it will be. >> the defense will the forty-niners defense be one of if not the best in the nfl? to
10:33 pm
me, there's no question the defensive line. the front 7 will be dominant behind the best defensive end of the game in nick bosa. if the secondary that gives me pause a couple of key pieces of the forty-niners lost in the offseason safety to cross the tart. also, quan williams, their main nickel cornerback jimmie ward. we know he's but like i said, tarts one of the big question marks who will fill his shoes at got a couple of different options. there who found october term various more is coming off an achilles tear. so that's still kind of a question mark, because, you know, you never know when players jumping back from an injury like that. also, george dome is a new addition to the forty-niners. however, he's really mainly played in special teams throughout his career. so he's still not necessarily proven. so i know what you were just going to see how that plays out and then the quarterback position. i think the nickel corners, the biggest question, sam womack and womack, the rookie has really impressed so far in the preseason. you just have to keep in mind, it's still pre season. that doesn't necessarily mean he'll perform
10:34 pm
the same way against first string players. you know, the teams that the forty-niners are playing and we're still looking at second and 3rd string matchups. so that's another cause for concern. what do you think about the forty-niners defense? >> i think this is going to be one of the best defensive units in football. you start with the secondary. i various ward was one of the most underrated pickups of the offseason. i've seen all the list, pop pickups of the offseason. you see all the names and all the wide receivers davante adams and rightfully so really good players. but charvarius ward was really good for kansas city last season. i think heps going to be great for the niners. he was having a great camp before he had that hammy. but i saw today that house and hand said he thinks he will be ready for the opener and i'm going to go off. i have a hot take right here, kyle and. >> okay. we'll i've got a 5 k race it up. i think bosa will be the defensive player of the year in the nfl. he had 15 and a half sacks last year. he's
10:35 pm
look unreal in the preseason at camp. it's like how could take another level from what you did last year? he looks really good. and then, you know, the usual suspects, fred warner armstead, they're they're loaded on that side of the ball in that defensive line has a chance to be special. so i think that group is going to lead this team, special team, special things. but that leads us to our second storyline and this unit have a whole lot more question marks as you see the nice little graphic, the offensive line question marks galore course kylen good led by trent williams. >> who pound for pound is probably the best player in football. you know, that delay their first ballot hall of famer, one of the best office lineman ever. but after that, you just have a lot of up and down play. >> yeah, no, totally there's a lot of question marks. still they lost laken tomlinson, a guard in the offseason who's going to step up and fill that position. one of the biggest
10:36 pm
questions is aaron banks were just talking before we went on the show. i mean, drafted so high. you expected him to come in and be a starter, at least at that caliber close of that caliber didn't suit up early last season and now early on in the preseason like he's looked, ok, i know we're going to talk about there is one where he didn't one player down where he didn't trey lance at all. and giving up a sack as a result of it. that packers game. so i think there still are some question marks and whether or not aaron banks is ready, who starts if he's not? i just question tee offensive line that also the center position, which direction is that going to go? so i think offensive line is a big area for concern, especially with the young quarterback like trey lance. you don't want to leave a young quarterback running for his life all season. we saw what happened to joe burrow 2 years ago and then ending up with a season ending knee when he had a bad offensive line. the bengals and a very quickly make some improvements in order to get him some protection. i like i said, i just feel like especially with the young quarterback, the
10:37 pm
offensive line is going to be really, really key for the forty-niners offense. >> you don't know what you're getting with the guards from week to week and you still don't know who you're starting center will this late in preseason. i'm not sure that's a good thing. and then the biggest lightning rod on this roster and somebody who just always being debated is mike mcglinchey. some people love him. some people. think he has a lot left to be desired. so it will be like you said, you do not want your new quarterback running for his life week in week out and that leads us to our number one story line. i think everybody knows what it the first year starter trey lance, they've been building up to this for a while. whole lot of drama. the guy started last year still on the roster, but, you know, we know that is going to take care of itself soon. what type of season. the seattle, trey, lance kyle. and i think trey lance is going to have a good season, but not a great season. he still is a rookie. i don't expect to see him at
10:38 pm
bay. >> have a patrick mahomes type of first year as a starter in the nfl. however, i think you have a good season. it will take him some time on expecting to settle in. however, i think what we've seen from him in pre season so far have been a good indications up this potential. once again, it's preseason. you can't write too much into it. i feel like people little bit over and why some of the training camp numbers that we're seeing from him. i think that he has the potential to be a really, really special player with the combination arm strength, way he can use his legs the way you know, that he's developing a presence in the pocket as we've seen him really start to throw into this position. he's just still so new and so green and so on proven that i just don't see him coming in running right out the gate and big the superstar. but i think the potential is there. yeah, it's kind of a double edged sword for trey lance because >> i feel like the organization indirectly, not on purpose, indirectly put a lot of pressure on him because the met has been over the last year and some change. this is a super bowl ready roster. we
10:39 pm
just need an upgrade at quarterback. we have to plug in a quarterback who helped lead us to that final game of the season, which has been so elusive over the past couple years. but at the same time, he's a first year starter. and that's that's a tough ask for for years. started. i look back. i i don't know. the first year starter has never won a super bowl. of course. you know, ben roethlisberger went to a conference championship. mark sanchez back in the day, took his team pretty far as a first year starter, but it's going to be tough. and there's a lot of pressure. and the bar is jimmy grapple like he has to do at least better than what we think jimmy would have done if he doesn't. people start to ask, well, why would you trade 2 first-round picks and then swap another. we're getting the same type of production out of him. so. it will be interesting. but he has arm talent, as you can see right there. you know, that's why we play the game. it will. it will be a whole lot of fun. now, the team that kind of fleet shop and left looking
10:40 pm
pretty good on paper to oh, yeah. definitely the raiders off to a 3, 0, start in the preseason pump. the brakes just preseason score doesn't necessarily mean much. still high expectations. i think a las vegas. >> the main focus is figuring out who will make the 53 man roster right now for las vegas. the backup quarterback position battle is really heated, especially head coach josh mcdaniels will make the final call on that. he's settling into his new role in las vegas. we'll pick it up in the 4th in this game. raiders leading by 6 dolphins in good field position. skyler thompson finds a quandre white. then watch this little stop and go movies into the end zone. white bus out some dance moves as well. dolphins take a 13 to 12 lead. however, a drive led by former cal quarterback chase garbers sets the raiders up for the go ahead. 31 yard field goal. >> las vegas leads by 2. coming up. we've got the final play with a minute and a half to go. miami with a 46 yard
10:41 pm
field goal try of their own jason sanders kicked going. the upright on the left side. raiders win at 15, 13 after the game. head coach josh mcdaniels said he's really excited about the potential of his team. 34. >> they did a good job of trying to get off to a fast start and then. you know, played played the entire 60 minutes of the game, which is what it took for us to to win. you know, we came here to do one thing, try to improve and and also win the football game. so appreciate the effort by the guys did a good, a good job now playing for the entire 4 quarters. >> jason, i ptsd are not allowed to say doin because of the double doink. the i remember that game. i was on ihe winning side of that when i was really happy. all right. as you could just see on the field, the raiders have looked pretty good so far this preseason off the field. they made a monumental move as well. the organization hired the first african-american woman to be president of the
10:42 pm
team. kron four's. noelle bellow has more on the future of raider nation from sondra douglas. morgan. >> you have to make sure that our employees understand that every single thing that we do is for that shield and 4 and the raiders and just the legacy and the rich history that holds putting fans first. that's what's top of mind for new raiders. president sandra douglas. morgan, it's a really surreal and douglas morgan has been a trailblazer her entire career. she became the first black city attorney in the state of nevada, served on the nevada state athletic commission and was appointed the first chairwoman of the nevada gaming control board. now she's the first black woman to occupy the president position for an nfl team. i'm going to go in and do the best thing that i can with the raiders not going to let my gender or race. >> you know, the fact that i'm a mother, anything else kind of get in that way. it shouldn't come as a shock that the raiders organization is the one to pave the way like this. former raiders owner al
10:43 pm
davis was known for promoting and enforcing diversity in the league. >> hiring tom flores, the first latino starting quarterback in league history in 1960, who would go on to be the first latino head coach. he also hired art shell. the first african-american head coach in nfl history in 1989 this recent move to higher. douglas morgan shows a clear desire from current owner mark davis to carry on the legacy. his father started happy to be a part of such a historic organization that has always prided itself on its values, its commitment to excellence its commitment to diversity and equity and inclusion. >> and now that i'm in this position and knowing that i have mark support to encourage those principles, you know, not only throughout the raiders, but throughout the nfl. it just really makes you know, all of i think the work that that i've done over the few over the last, you know, decades a much, much more sweeter, though, the last couple of years brought a new location and quite a bit of turnover within the organization.
10:44 pm
>> douglas morgan is hoping to foster a sense of stability for the silver and black, just kind of trying to wipe the slate clean and focusing on a on a fresh new future. noelle bellow kron, 4 news. >> great stuff there. we're just getting cooking on sports night live on the long gloria was also cooking today. he did his part for the giants. find out next. they could get a win out in denver. >> plus, an a's rookie shines in today's thrilling win at the coliseum. we show you who stepped up as the a's beat the mariners in exciting fashion. mariners in exciting fashion. when we come back. californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes
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