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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 22, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> happy monday to you. i'm sorry and i'm james in on this monday morning. we're waking up to well week ahead that i think is going to get warmer. >> as we go, if i remember the forecast, well, why don't we get a refresher on that, shall we? good morning, john. today is certainly warm for sure. we are in for a hot one this afternoon with high temperatures climbing into the 90's inland. >> 80's right along the bay shore. a little bit of good news be on this, which will be very nice to look forward to. what we've got right now is the that barca out there looking nice in which is a little bit of cloud cover for the most part, sitting right above us. as for visibility, most areas are doing just fine. it's those hillsides that you venture up into where you're encountering some of the low grade that we do have to start otherwise skies are dry. no chances of rainfall. today we've got a smooth start to the week. i'd say get that extra layer on the light jacket, the sweater because even though temperatures are in the 50's right now, we've also got a steady breeze, which is adding up to a fairly
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brisk feel to this morning. i'm talking all the details of what to expect for the rest of the week. still to come john, thank you for right in the road. heading into the city right now, 7 minute drive maze to that fremont street exit. >> let's go ahead. and you look at the san mateo bridge of the richmond, sandra fell bridge 7 minutes as you're 5.80, tolls to one o one. well, the san mateo 82 want just under 13 minutes for you as you're traveling across towards the peninsula and in the south bay traveling up. 26 minutes starting at 85 up towards menlo park. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. a 55 0, one in our top story. oakland police are looking for the person who killed an elderly asian woman during. >> and attempted robbery. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon. it was in the little saigon neighborhood. >> that's where kron 4 sarah stinson is standing by for us. so that actually in the newsroom with the very latest on what happened here, sarah? >> yeah, the oakland city council president says she was outraged and sickened after learning about an elderly
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asian woman being brutally killed in broad daylight and now calls for justice to be served. the shooting happened in the little saigon neighborhood. take a look at this map right near lake merritt near the near 5th avenue and east 11th street. we have video from the scene where you can see police investigating the deadly shooting that happened. it's just after 2 yesterday afternoon city council president nikki fortunato base or bass says someone tried to rob the woman and then shot and killed her. oakland police are still looking for the shooter or shooters. bass says that those who commit violent crimes must be held accountable. the city council president put out a statement saying in part, what does it say about our community when we cannot walk down our street, visit a neighbor or enjoy a picnic on the lake on a sunday afternoon. we can and must do better. now, this is the second deadly shooting to happen in one month in the little saigon neighborhood. take a look at this video and asian uber driver khan roof
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and was killed during another attempted robbery. and the 2 people suspected video suspected of shooting killing him have been arrested. but after the shooting, the police chief said the department would put out more resources in the area and now reporting on another member of the aap i community being killed. now the city council president says she is sending love and support to the family of the victim. i reached out to oakland police were trying to get more details, but i have not heard back yet. so provide another report for you about an hour from now. for now, back to you. thank you very much. time now is 5, 3, 1, person was killed and 3 others hurt in a shooting that happened. >> in san francisco early yesterday morning near mission and 19th streets. police found 3 victims had been shot there. they were taken to the hospital and one person died. the 4th victim had non life-threatening injuries and was treated at the scene. no arrests have been made. >> local police were busy over the weekend with multiple
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sideshows across the bay area. 3 of them happening on saturday in san jose and left drivers frustrated after being held up in traffic. san jose police want to remind you that if you participate in the side shows you can be fined or arrested or have your car taken away. it can also be dangerous to for spectators. >> the reality is a lot of the people behind the wheel of these vehicles participating. are not expert drive it's not uncommon to see them lose control of their vehicle going beyond what they're already trying to do and striking one or many people that are out there. watch it. >> in san jose, it's illegal to be a sideshow spectator. the crime is a misdemeanor, but it can be well held to account $1000 fine, potentially for anybody caught. >> observing the sideshows. take a look at this side show in san francisco just last night, a crowd for viewer sent in this video of this. it was around 11, 30 in the evening near mission street and
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alameda boulevard and they were stuck there. traffic for about 25 minutes because of this. police responding also stuck in the traffic. eventually, though they were able to break it up. no word on any arrests or anything. >> well, 3 people are in custody now following a sideshow that happened on the bay bridge itself. it was about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon broke out. and you can see a handful of people here riding dirt bikes and atv's on the upper deck of the bay bridge. chp says about a 200 off-road vehicles participated in this. a few of them turned around again driving the wrong way. when chp got there, one of the riders hit a car near the bottom of the fremont exit ramp that person suffered major injuries and had to be taken to the hospital. 3 dirt bikes were impounded. >> it's 5, 0, 5, and a developing story that we're following. the body of 16 year-old kylie, rodney, is believed to have been found by a volunteer dive team in placer county. the group says they found what looks to be
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her car. >> with a body inside garage, paul saga with the latest. >> a car pulled out of the creek reservoir in nevada county adventures with purpose and independent dive team who made the discovery believes it to be the car belonging to missing 16 year-old kylie romney. they're also reporting her body was found. how he has been missing for more than 2 weeks after being last seen at a large party on the morning of august. 6th at the processor family campground. authorities said last week her cell phone last pinged near the lake have kind of a combination of the. >> fear and a massive search began spending over 2 weeks. >> and then saturday adventures with purpose. join those efforts remaining in contact with investigators. they spoke with fox 40 saturday when they checked nearby lakes. when you miss it, a loved one or friend. >> we're a community member and you don't know. it's a nightmare. so what we provide
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is is those answers. when we're able to that's what we're hoping to do in this case. the team is from oregon has millions of followers on their you, too. can they're known for traveling around the country to so far, a full 23 to 6 man team declined to speak of their discovery but told fox 40 divert nick wrenn down the car were taken our resources and the intel that we've been provided. >> and we're trying to. see different avenues, different places to look. their goal is to bring some closure to a family without answers stuff that i don't want to find >> if she's here and something has happened to her, i do. i want to be able to provide the family and this community. answers so they can properly lay her to rest. >> that was gurajpal sanga reporting for us. the chp hasn't confirmed the identity of the body. however, we understand it will be holding a news conference at 11 o'clock this morning. >> it's 5, 0, 7. and today
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congresswoman jackie spear is thanking health care workers on the peninsula. yes, she is hosting an event to show her appreciation for all the hard work that they do. kron four's will tran standing by in burlingame with more on that event. good morning. well, >> we are less than 2 hours away. this is something that she has routinely done. it's going to happen again at 7 o'clock in the morning. the last time she did, this was a few miles from this location and she wants the thank them once again. in fact, let me show you video of the last event. this was approximately 5 months ago and we were there as well. she showed up. she brought flowers, the fire department. the police officers were there. she was to thank them at a time when covid cases they were still on the rise and they were considered deadly at that particular time. she wanted to thank them for what they did at the present time. and then in the previous time for just enduring just the covid crisis. so she came out there. she shook hands. she took
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pictures. she personally thank them with this speech. she's going to do that again. and after it was over, she turned her attention at that particular time. russia invaded ukraine. so i got a chance to ask her about that and all things happening in washington, washington, d.c., that's going to happen again. we will get reaction from the workers and hear from jackie spear when she arrives and just like she always has. she has a lot of things undermine. it is always must-see tv, james and area. hopefully you guys will keep it here. as far as the viewers, she has a lot to say and we will be here when she arrives in about 2 hours from now. back to you. >> okay, thank you very much. well, it's 5, 0, 9, and still ahead on the kron, morning news, a federal judge could rule to unseal the affidavit that led to the search of former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. we'll tell you why they are so hesitant about this decision. and in oakland dispensary broken into for the second time this year,
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why the owner believes the same thieves struck again. >> and today is set to be the hottest day of the rest of the forecast after today won't be so warm, but we're still in the upper 90's to low triple digits today. bayside areas in the 80's coastal areas mostly in the 60's. your forecast ahead. >> and hit the road on this monday morning. we're keeping a close eye on your commute. we'll have an updated look at those drive times. once we get back to break.
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>> 5.12, is the time in the national news ports around the world are still reeling from pandemic disruptions and now a dock worker strike in the united kingdom could very well deal. another blow to the global supply chain. we've got kelsey kernstine taking a closer look now at the new challenges america is facing at home in this ongoing supply chain crisis. >> as the nation deals with ongoing supply chain issues and west coasts harbors are played by bottleneck traffic. the ripple effect now slowing down shipments into the east coast and gulf coast ports and borders that were avoiding congestion at western gateway. ce are beginning to see slowdowns from new york to houston. supply chain is whether you were talking about the west coast or the east coast, it's just gotten more historically on the west coast
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with last year's, a drama that is then increasingly congested on the east coast lately during the first 5 months of this year, the volume of loaded containers reaching the port of new york and new jersey rose 12% from the same period a year ago. surges of inbound cargo and limited storage is slowing down. dockworkers and trucking companies trying to handle the situation. a situation that is bound to create even more problems. it is horrific at the ports in the east coast ports just simply aren't as large and they can't handle as much. so even though there's less volume, it's just as bad as far as congestion goes. shipping officials believe a slowdown in cargo may come soon as retailers are cutting back due to a slowdown in consumer spending and large amount of inventory from last year. but overseas worries with workers striking at the uk port of felixstowe. we may continue to see supply troubles here stateside. we are a globally connected world. so it will undoubtedly affect us. >> that was kelsey currency reporting the issues at the
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ports, especially on the west coast, are making a long journey even longer with some shippers taking longer transit times to get goods to shelves. as we all know, we've been experiencing this for more than a year now. alright, turning our attention wildfires. a new wildfire has prompted mandatory evacuations in nevada county over the weekend. it's called the pleasant fire. broke out about 4.30 saturday afternoon and has burned about 48 acres so far. it's right near al creek road and lost ranch way. that's just west of nevada city. these photos are from cal fire as they were above it. the fire is 85% contained. so they made some really good progress in getting this thing surrounded. hopefully they can get it fully contained here before too much longer. another fire burning near lake clear lake in lake county. it's called the point fire. it broke out saturday night near anderson road. >> and panorama road west of lower lake burned about 14 acres. plus, it is 90% contained right now. it's good news arts strike teams from alameda county's fire
5:16 am
department are back home now after a 12 day deployment at the 6 rivers complex fires. the department shared these pictures on twitter saying that everybody made it back safe. nobody was hurt. a total of 12 fires were sparked by lightning back in august to early august, actually in both trinity and humboldt counties this morning, that fire is just under 26,000 acres and is now 81% contained. i was wondering, did i smell anything or did i i thought it ok and i think it's psychological some time now. it's depending on the winds are against the winds were but blowing in our favor, john. they were below and our favorite guys. so we didn't really pick up on much this weekend, which is good news. also such good news to see containment on each of those 3 fires. we just talked about pings. that means firefighters really getting the upper hand this weekend despite the fact that it was hot out there testament to all the hard work being done for sure. >> that first fired the 6 rivers complex. you can still see a lot of smoke from that drifting into areas like
5:17 am
reading but not for the bay area. we also have fire still putting up smoke in the sierra nevada. none of that is making its way our direction. so we're overall looking at some pretty good air quality as we kick off this new week. now, as far as the big picture set up goes, not a lot to coming in are up this high pressure ridge, which has resulted in thunderstorm activity for the desert southwest, but not so much here locally. what we've got locally as clear skies for the bay area, a few passing clouds this morning for sure. you'll notice those the sun comes up but skies clearing out very nice this afternoon as we move into tomorrow morning, another dose of some fog and some low clouds followed by more afternoon. sunshine for your tuesday. tuesday is actually expected to be a little cooler than today as today, the hottest of the remainder of the forecast. that does mean triple digits for the central valley from bakersfield to reading here in the bay area. it will be 60's and 70's for san francisco. some 60's at the coastline with mostly cloudy skies at the coast and lots of
5:18 am
sunshine, 70's and 80's along the bayshore foster city right at 80 degrees. palo alto at 85 south bay. temperatures in the 80's to just barely low 90's. while the east bay looking at 70's 80's along the shoreline to some 90's for inland valleys, hottest of spots today, antioch in vacaville at 99 and 101 degrees after today. as i mentioned, we start to cool down process. it's only 80's to 90's for the rest of the forecast inland and 70's along the bay shore. rain on. thank you for that, right. if you are traveling along the south bay may be hitting 1 one. >> southbound south of story road. you have an accident, the air, but just a slight delay. you can see no major back up the air from that accident. so that's good news. >> 8 minutes to make it into the city may so that fremont street exit. let's go ahead and check on the richmond center fell bridge tolls. the one o one down to about 7 minutes for you at this time. >> san 80 to one o one just under 13 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. let's check on 1,
5:19 am
1, as you're traveling upsell. 27 minute drive from 85 to menlo park 2.37, no major issues. 17. i'm not seeing any hazards there. and if you're taking 5, 18, 80 at this hour, just under 16 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thank you. reyna 5.18, and uc berkeley police are investigating an assault against a transgender person in people's park. >> and they're investigating it as a hate crime happened yesterday morning at the university's construction site for new student housing 3 people assaulted this person with a shovel. >> kicked them causing injuries. one person was arrested. the 2 other attackers, though, got away. we don't have a condition of the victim at this hour. well, also their people's park, a protest following the removal of several trees. >> this happened yesterday afternoon that protest focused on trees cut down by uc berkeley as they make room to convert that park into, as daryn mentioned, student housing activists say some of those trees predate the university's ownership of that
5:20 am
property. >> it these trees has the story. go, everyone them in people's park. people's part. we know that thing top of the morning. we'll morning. let's get back to building. >> uc berkeley paused construction at that park 2 weeks ago after several tense clashes between protesters and police when the university started construction of that new student housing project. >> time now is 5.20, and national news. the fallout continues after the fbi raided former president trump's florida estate tsa. now the department of justice is on the fence about unsealing the affidavit and letting the public see what's in it. we've got alexandra limon with the latest. >> good morning. a federal judge is expected to decide this week whether to release the affidavit or portions of that affidavit that led to the search on the former president's estate.
5:21 am
>> a federal judge must decide whether to release the affidavit that led to the fbi search of trump's mar-a-lago. you can learn a lot from the affidavit. you could learn what witnesses may have seen in terms of the handling of those documents on cnn state of the union, congressman adam schiff said he understands why the justice department is concerned about releasing information in an ongoing investigation. this is not the time to be giving essentially the trump lawyers a road map into how to intimidate witnesses or how to derail a legitimate investigation. but republican congressman mike turner said on cbs face the nation that the public wants more transparency. we're going to turn to the former president and more largo. they want to make certain that this is to the highest of there's an imminent national security threat. and turner wants to know if the fbi raid was necessary because in their document trying to keep the affidavit sealed. >> they didn't even allege that there was a national security threat on abc's this
5:22 am
week, wyoming republican congresswoman liz cheney said what she's worried about is what the former president did to compel authorities to execute the search. and she's concerned about the reaction from her fellow republicans. i was ashamed to hear republicans immediately and reflexively attack the fbi agents who executed the search warrant. >> now some democrats say the department of justice should at least release more information to congress for oversight purposes. but former president trump is pushing for the public release of the unredacted affidavit in washington. alexandra limon. >> well, coming up on the kron, 4 morning news, the forty-niners off to a good start in this pre-season. we'll have highlights from their
5:23 am
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>> 5.25 and sport the niners play the vikings over the weekend. second preseason game. most of stars in play. but as for the game field goal party until the 4th quarter. that's when nate sudfeld connected with to michael hasty. i was a 2 yard touchdown. >> and then they tack on 2 more with a 2 point conversion i now forty-niners winning it 17 to 7 and after the game javan kinlaw who had a key sack in this wind says he had a whole lot of fun again after having season ending knee surgery last year. he's just thrilled to back on the grass. >> i feel like totally
5:26 am
different player right? >> i mean, laboring on that thing for a long, long time. so, yeah, this has been a i really i like a time kind of get about like just playing football just having fun. you know, so i feel like i'm from to get back to it, having fun. and, you know, just really. being a kid again, you know, not not. i'm not in any pain. >> my gosh. okay. should be in for athletes like that. their whole that that's what they live for is to play that game and nothing worse than having sit on the sideline or be in rehab for a year. he's just so happy when you forget what it's like to have a normal body. cain at that age. >> all right. that i was with the texans this thursday and their next preseason game. >> and can offer that is five-fifty. all right. let's talk about the raiders. don't forget crop for your home for all the raiders coverage. their final preseason game set for this friday in vegas. they'll be taking on the new england patriots. and you can
5:27 am
watch that game right here. >> on kron 4, our pre-game coverage begins at 4 and we will have highlights of the raiders game of the weekend to they did win. so stay tuned for that 5.26. and up next on the kron 4 morning news, a 4 year-old boy is kicked out of school. >> for refusing to wear a mask will tell you what the school will tell you what the school district has to say about it. you really can't get much for 5 bucks these days... unless... ♪ you got that bag ♪ ♪ you got that biggie bag ♪ ♪ you got that bag ♪ is that a real song? i think she liked it. your choice of sandwich plus all this for just 5 bucks is worth celebrating. choose wisely. choose wendy's biggie bag.
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>> i-29 and we're checking out the weather for summer's not over yet. know hour is still in august. we've got john with
5:30 am
our warm weather forecast. good morning, john. yeah, definitely still hot today. we're looking at 90's, even a couple of triple digits out there for this to inland. not necessarily going to be the most comfortable one stepping outside for inland areas. but >> there is relief around the corner where we're sitting right now is really nice. we've got the bay bridge sitting under a a little bit of low cloud cover, but not talking as much fog as we had last week. there are some spots of low cloud cover making contact with the east bay hills and some spots near the coastline says you're venturing out there, espechally crossing over mountain passes or even just on the hillsides above the bay. watch for a few foggy locations. as for radar, we're sitting clear we don't have any monsoonal moisture this morning. so it's really honestly an easy start. the biggest thing you should think about is the fact that it is a bit breezy and that combined with these 50's does make for a brisk feel outside. so get those light jackets. the sweaters on don't want to be venturing outside without the jackets this morning. one of
5:31 am
the prepared for that cool field as far as what the roads are offering up arena standing by right next to be right now. not the foggiest morning at the golden gate. nice to see exactly not. the fog still saying there's a little fog along the go to a bridge. so be careful as you're traveling. >> 90 minutes, 37 to the tolls for your drive this morning. the bay bridge, 8 minutes mace to that freeman street exit traffic is moving along there. let's go ahead and check on the san mateo commute 80 to one o one just at 12 minutes. so traffic still pretty light on this monday morning. and if you're taking one o one of the south bay about 30 minutes, 85 to menlo park. i got a chance go down in santa cruz this weekend. hopefully you guys have fun as well due rides. i the whole boardwalk area, whole experience. a lot of salt water taffy more about this after the break of 5.31. right now, here's a story you'll see only on kron. 4 thieves broke into an oakland cannabis shop for the second time in just 6 months. yeah,
5:32 am
the owner fed up this happened early saturday morning at ivy hills, cannabis. the dispensary captured the whole thing. >> on its security cameras, hillary o'brien, the store's director of operations, believes thest are the same suspects that struck once before. now, brian says the thieves broke in as you saw there using a heavy or stolen chevy truck and back right into the storefront, just like they did the first time around back in february. and while the thieves didn't make off with product like they did last time, they still caused about $70,000 worth of damage. >> don't think that they're they're stealing from leaving their ceiling time. it's it's it's says the community. there's no nurses, no rich people about the money. one like this. there's there's 20 folks keeping dream alive on a hope and a prayer doing something we think is awesome for the community. >> this is a common situation for a lot of dispensaries and then burglarized a recently in the bay area, too. >> welcome. police are investigating a man's murder now which happened yesterday morning, right along 98th avenue at about 05:30am. we
5:33 am
have video from the citizens app to what police say they found which was a man suffering from blunt force trauma. he later died at the scene. unfortunately, they say the preliminary investigation doesn't show that the man died in a traffic related incident. so they're still looking into what caused his injuries. his identity has not yet been released. richmond police are searching for a gunman in a deadly shooting over the weekend. it happened about 2.45 saturday morning on the south side park area right near south 6th street and virginia avenue. police say 33 year-old man from hayward was shot, ended up dying at the scene. his name not being released just yet no arrests made either. we're still waiting for an update from police. we'll let you know when we get one. it's 5.33. and a 4 year-old boy was kicked out of a school in mountain view because >> he refused to wear a mask. it happened at tire coffee elementary school. the boys, father. >> recorded the moment when the principal tells him to take us on home and then you
5:34 am
they were escorted off the campus by a police officer. a campus cop. the boy's father says that he tried for several days to send his son to school with a mask. but his son says he finds them uncomfortable. the father also says his son was in console of all when he tried to make him wear a mask. the mountain view a school district. >> there has since eased the mask mandate after santa clara county was no longer considered high risk for covid transmission masks are still required. however, on buses and in the band and choir and big events and for campus visitors, the mountain view weisman school superintendent released a statement that says this in part, quote, i'm disappointed that civil discourse is no longer the rule. and i understand that the not everyone will agree with every position we take. it's completely unacceptable to harass an employee in such a way that they and parents no longer feel safe at their own school. for california
5:35 am
department of health will be referring to the monkeypox virus pox going forward. >> the viral disease first got its name because it was studied in monkeys. back in the 1950's, the state late agency will be using the new name, though, explaining that historically monkey was used as a racist slur, a term in reference to black people. they're now referring to the virus has and pox or just mpx. when you see it in written documents, the world health organization says it's working right now to officially designate a new name for the virus. it's having what they're calling an open consultation at the moment, meaning that anyone wanting to propose a new name can do so on line. we'll let you know when they come up with that new official name. but in the meantime, you're going to be hearing us and others refer to this. virus pox. >> it's 5.35, and group called mothers against drug deaths, rallied against drug overdoses in san francisco happened over the weekend. this event held yesterday at city hall in san francisco. that was on
5:36 am
national fentanyl prevention awareness day. and you can see that the they actually had signs with the names of those who have lost their lives to drug overdoses and you know, they paid tribute to those who died. speakers included. people have lost someone to drug overdoses and also city supervisors and district attorney brooke jenkins. >> we need to put resources getting help to the people that need help. the most important thing i think we could do is send out the message that the days of the encampment standing out the open air drug sales is we need everybody in this building to be in agreement about that. >> mothers against drug deaths reports more than 2000 people have died from fentanyl-related overdoses in san francisco since 2019 and of 641 deaths last year in the city, they say a majority involved fentanyl.
5:37 am
>> in the north bay, 6 pop-up events were held in sonoma and marin counties to encourage residents to conserve water. this was on saturday. the snow and rain. water partnership held events and handed out water saving tools and devices. this is video from that pop up in santa rosa. it was held outside of the friedman's home improvement store and residents were able to pick up things like water buckets in low flow, shower heads and hose nozzles and toilet leak detection tablets. all of that other pop ups were held in healdsburg petaluma. they also sonoma mill valley and the bottle. we'll take a break at 5.37. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a baby was born on the side of the road along 6.80, this weekend. we're going hear from firefighters to help deliver the child. plus, college football season is almost here and we spoke with stanford football team about their preparations. so we'll have that coming up, too. and a little bit of good news. as far as air quality goes, we are looking at good conditions to start the week. >> we're also going to be seeing temperatures gradually
5:38 am
getting a little bit more comfortable as that was the good news ends. well, i'll let you know the rest of your forecast. >> all right. with that great air quality. we're also looking at some great traffic this morning. we'll have an updated look at your commute. give you those ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ ♪ ♪let's go♪ ♪ ♪ahh yeah♪ ♪ ♪step to rhythm like♪ ♪you're going out tonight♪ ♪dance get with the groove and♪ ♪dance get up and move let's♪ ♪dance kick off your shoes and♪ ♪show me how you♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ get a free storage upgrade and case with s pen when you pre-order. ♪dance♪
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>> 5.40. the timing for your money. this morning. amazon is finding new ways to boost revenue. it's planning to add a second prime day this year around the holidays. typically the annual event takes place in july, right christmas in
5:41 am
july for the holidays this year. amazon is also increasing prices for third-party sellers by adding a fulfillment fee from mid october to mid-january. it's expected to increase costs for sellers by an average of $0.35 per item. amazon added a fuel and inflation surcharge is well to seller fees earlier this year. so things are going to be a little more expensive for that amazon day. and the holidays ok, i was like what so more expensive yet things on sale and figure that i want guess. >> 5.41 right now. and today, the moreland school district in san jose is giving away free chromebooks to students for the upcoming school year. the computers are going to go on a first come first serve basis at the school district offices. they're giving a mile between 05:07pm. tonight the district had a surplus of more than 2300 chromebooks. i love the crowd, but it's what i have. families can get. one chromebook per students that
5:42 am
are enrolled in the district. very cool. 5.41. right now. we'll be right back. ♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right.
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5:45 am
and her family were all the way to the hospital, but the baby had other plans and couldn't wait for his gayle ong with the story. >> firefighters got an unexpected halt. >> a mother about to give birth to this one was a little different view on the side of the freeway >> the call came in just after 6.15, saturday evening. the mother's suv parked just and groove on interstate 6.80. >> we went out there and she was in pretty complicated presentation as far as delivery goes, the nation fire engine and truck 11 found the mother in active labor firefighters. dan purdy helped deliver the baby in them and as most to work, the mother and newborn were taken to north bay medical center. >> according to the tunisian fire chief, both mom and baby are doing well when they arrived at the emergency department. well, pretty calls this a rare case. he says he's responded to at least 6 active labor calls. you know, it's just a protocol that we follow. it's part of our. >> our schooling, you know, becoming paramedics. really? it's an emt skill. and so.
5:46 am
it's just support them on. and the during the whole process and, you know, just just a cyst. >> and we're still waiting to hear back from north bay medical center for an update on the family reporting from in a shack pool, a mom does most of what i really like that just assist. could those tomorrow baby both to and have a sister get in the other center? we've got a job with the forecast it was good weather for what time of day was it? o'clock at night was you want the hospital bed any ways. it is going to be another hot day out there for inland areas. but after today, things do start to get a little bit nicer day today. and we do eventually get to some pretty comfortable stuff for some areas that really need a break from the heat.
5:47 am
>> where we're sitting right now, quite our sitting under some low grade, which is above the bay area for the most part haven't tapped into wildfire. smoke is much that state to the north and east of us. so we've been doing well as far as air quality goes. most monsoonal moisture has been very, very far south down in the desert southwest. >> even south of la in the east of san diego. so bay area quiet compared to a lot of our neighbors and we're going to remain quiet or really calm and increasingly comfortable. forecast ahead of us passing clouds this morning afternoon, sunshine tomorrow morning. some more cloud cover some mist and drizzle at the coast followed by more sunshine tomorrow. a company, though, by some cooler temperatures today, it's still widespread triple digits for the central valley with reading at one '03, fresno at one. 0, 2, not quite as hot for our inland areas, but still warm 60's and 70's at the coast in san francisco. well, 70's and 80's along the bayshore millbrae a really nice 76 for you. 84 in
5:48 am
san carlos and jose, you'll be a 87 while the east bay sharing a range of 70's and 80's along the bay shore in the 80's and 90's for inland areas conquered up to 95. while oakland at 77, antioch, in vacaville, upper 90's to low triple digits are very hottest spots. tomorrow's temps fall into the low 90's that are warmest and upper 80's to low 90's is where we'll stay the rest of the forecast. bayshore cities fall into the 70's while coastal areas steady in the 60's. great job. thank you for that. if you are taking 24 westbound walnut creek traveling down to 5.80. >> around 11 minutes for you to make that drive this morning. so traffic is moving at the limit. >> 10 minutes maze that freeman street exit heading into the city via the bay bridge. >> san mateo bridge. 82 want to one year at 12 minutes as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. there. 5, 18, 80 crockett down towards the maze. now just at under 17 minutes to make that drive. also last 6, a tz traveling to walnut creek. don't see any issues there. one. 0 one. 85 up to menlo
5:49 am
park around. 31 minutes. darya james, back to you. >> it's 5.48, and older even more football. the college football season kicks off this saturday in the pac. 12. >> the stanford cardinal expecting a huge bounce-back season after finishing 2, 7, in conference play last year. players and coaches say they are just fine with being overlooked and underestimated. kylen mills has to be a >> 6.15. 6.15, the bus will depart. we're going to movies night. >> contrary to popular belief. it's not all work and no play on the stanford university campus. the cardinal football team enjoyed a rare break from the training camp trying to go to the movies this weekend. but make no mistake, the cardinal are locked in on the upcoming season after finishing last in the pac 12 north in 2021, the players say they're coming out this season with a vengeance. we're a
5:50 am
stronger team faster to know we were a year ago but dedication from these lot of guys could have left and came back. strong leadership on this football team supporting were healthy. so to help us with that 3 years, one thing, that he's been talking about is being entitled to nothing coming off a bad season last teams are going to hear us just when they see stafford on the schedule. so we'll have to go hour everything raptor. everybody's respect him. >> and that's what we're excited to do this year. i feel like we definitely have the guys. we have a motivation putting in the work and >> where to go out with a lot of starting quarterback. tanner mckee says he feels much more confident with the year under his belt and a stronger relationship with this loaded receiving corps leading wide receiver brycen tremayne is back after missing most of the 2021 season with a gruesome left ankle injury suffered in week. 5 tight end. benjamin, your os. it will be another key target after averaging more than 50 yards per carry last season. the secondary should be a strong
5:51 am
point on defense kailua. blue kelly has shown nfl potential a corner strong safety. kendall williamson returns after finishing 3rd on the team in tackles and 2021. and the cardinal received a major boost with the addition of oklahoma transfer patrick fields safety. i think the second there's going to be huge part of the i feel like. >> we're a little bit of a catalyst of the team. were guys have a little bit of moxie, little bit of swagger like traditionally these are supposed to. so we can just all, you know, use that chemistry to just help. this team safety. jonathan mcgill says playing with a chip on their shoulder. the cardinal expect to catch some teams off guard this season for you know, the rose is like the big is like, you know, that's that's the standard. the pac 12 championship is the standard for us as well as so. >> you know, we feel like we can do but, you know, the biggest thing is going to be earning, you know, that mentality earning that right, you know, to play in those games. and so we're just going to take it one game at a time when dad, it's you know, we've got a lot of, you know, momentum on the inside and in between. was that, you know, we feel like we can really make a difference and be, you
5:52 am
know, back to where we belong. and so we just can't wait to see what the future is going excited watch. sleep defensively are bigger, faster, stronger. there were a year ago. >> i think surprise people. >> can't wait to see him play 5.52. the time will be right back.
5:53 am
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>> all right. the theme of this segment is going to be a taste of history. a look back in a couple different ways. first of all, the los altos history museum is revisiting the 30's and 40's and a new exhibit all about food from those periods. it's called the fabulous food of the 30's and 40's on display there at the j gilbert smith house gallery. and it actually explores the culinary trends that were there during the great depression. and during the food rationing of world war, 2 people had to get creative that. these are all the different implements that you had a vegetable peeler and member at hand made a lot of food from right? using what you had americans needed to find, obviously creative ways to feed their families. so they talked. we talked to sharon a bark off the smith house committee chair about which foods are still popular today. that work sort of pioneered back them. >> spam. hot oatmeal.
5:56 am
>> things that we just take for granted today. we've actually put on display. >> the foods, the containers, the kinds of things that the people of the 30's actually 8 and used including tools that we have today. oh, my god, all of your favorites. >> suh exist prior all male white depression, world war 2, basically mush. all the best out that a while on shelves last. so while you did to be the case, not have much flavor, love it. and we also have to we'll have to bring it up a little bit later in the in the show this morning that the pebble beach classic car show. and you've got to see some of these cars will have that coming up in a little bit. all right, 5.56 and coming up as well. you're on the ground for morning news. health care workers get some love. >> from congresswoman jackie spear will take you there. and police are searching for the person who shot and killed an elderly woman in oakland. and
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> do this all over again. it's good morning. i'm and i'm james. and as we start out the week, though, yeah, it does. looks like we've got some decent weather at least kick things off here on a monday morning outside. and i was going feel like hot, you'll get that later a little bit later. yeah, you still have all the variety that everyone's here in the bay area just depends on where you're at. still hot inland, warm by the bay shore and cool at the coastline. and this morning, we're all on the cooler side of things. if you want to take the dog on a walk, just get out there. break a sweat on a jog. great morning for air quality is good, too. which is just the cherry on top. your view outside of the east bay hills is looking a little on the gray side right now. the cloud cover that we have a sitting right above the level. so what you're okay along your bridges as you are traveling across the mountain passes, you are running into a few spots of lower visibility. so be mindful of that. as of course, you venture out there. otherwise conditions are favorable for the start of the week were a bit breezy and a big cool with current temperatures. mostly in the a 's. so that means that feels


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