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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 23, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a tuesday and i'm james. let's start the hour right with a check of weather and traffic before we get to the headlight. plenty of time for need a light jacket this morning and then maybe more to come later this week a light jacket. perfect this morning. and with that slight cool down later this week, at least it's going to be a whole lot more comfortable for inland areas, comer afternoons because we've been so hot lately. >> cooling down a little bit. i don't think too many of us will mind that. as for current conditions outside, you can see some low grave of san francisco. visibility is holding all right for most areas because it's cloudy. blanket is sitting right above us. by the time we reach 08:30am, still pretty gray a little bit later in the morning towards 11, you'll see
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a couple of pockets of low gray still hanging on in the bay. most of us haven't cleared up. and by noontime, we're pretty down with the great for most areas. just some fog hanging on at the coastline. now,rent conditions, nice and dry. so that's going to bode well for you as you step outside his door. you mentioned i really got to worry about is the light jacket as you are getting out their 50's and 60's for current temps right now. all right, john, thanks to that gray forecast to make some plans with. >> if you're hitting the roads today, heading into the city about 2 minutes to make it from the maze to that 3 months tx, you can see the meteor lights are on now. so traffic starting to build there at the bay bridge toll plaza. 12 minutes running 80 to one o one heading across towards the peninsula. check out richmond. sandra fell bridge seven-minute drive as you travel out of richmond toast to one o one. and if you're in the south bay, 33 minute ride traveling up from 85 to menlo park darya. james, back to you. thanks for in a 61 and our top story. oakland's police chief is pleading for witnesses to come forward who may have seen something.
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>> and when there was a brazen killing of an asian woman in little saigon. now that woman was a prominent dentist in the community. crawford's will trend is outside her office in the east bay with more on. >> where the investigation stands this morning, will. >> at this particular point, james they're still searching for the shooter or shooters in this particular case. i'm in front of one of her offices in the east bay. let me show you her picture. she had just turned 60 years old. recently. her name was lily shoe. she was a dentist, well-known in the community and before that, about 5 years ago, she actually joined ballet and she became really good at that. and it was her valley friends that remembered her yesterday. among many other people. now on sunday afternoon at around 2 o'clock, she went to little saigon. she and her partner pulled out, never even got a chance to get out of her car when all of a sudden a white lexus pulls up, tries to rob or fires multiple times. lee
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shoe with die from her injuries. they're still searching for that white lexus, but they're also searching for a white tesla four-door because that four-door tesla was near the location. they get their hands on the surveillance footage, but they believe that white tesla, whoever was inside, could be a person or people would have evidence early. some details to track down the shooters and this particular case. we've got a chance to talk to oakland's police chief. he is all but begging that person or people to come forward to help them solve this case. >> the vehicle that we would like to speak to or the occupants of that vehicle is a white tesla four-door vehicle with distinct characteristics. our investigators are seeking to identify and speak with the occupants of that vehicle. what we saw here was so tragic and i hope that someone out there is inspired to share what they saw. we cannot allow people who commit these type
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of crimes to remain in our community. >> okay. so let's talk about the distinctive characteristics one and had a bike rack in the back and we're talking about the white tesla. also, it had probably a luggage rack. so they're still trying to track down the people inside the tesla, hoping that they would come forward with information. in the meantime, they're also canvassing the area. yes, they get their hands on that surveillance footage. but let's face it will live in a day where people, whether it's homes or businesses, they have cameras as well. so they're still working on that to get more footage of surveillance video that they can track down at least the license plate of that lexus so they can pass it along to the public. back to you guys. >> ok, thank you very much. well, well, as the investigation continues, friends of shoe and the community are mourning her passing, asking for, you know, more more protection basically the oakland asian community gathered at city hall
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yesterday afternoon here. some of the activists that where they're demanding that the police and the politicians do more to prevent this ever escalating violence a ainst the aap i community. >> who says we need all the people to play their part to the work. it's the night all the empty promises. >> the president, the oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce says that the oakland city council needs to do more to protect residents. >> community members held a vigil near where that attack happened at east 11th street and 5th avenue in oakland, proffers taylor act. it was there. >> flowers, candles and community messages now lie in the area where 60 year-old lilly shoe lost her life on sunday after she was shot and killed. >> attempted robbery in oakland saigon neighborhood. she was a beloved dentist who lived and worked in oakland. just love her. >> just think she's so kind. i
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always a very >> smiling, even sang was one of doctor shoes. patients in close friends saying says they also participated in ballet classes together and recently had a recital where they also celebrated shoes birthday just a couple of weeks ago. says she's still in disbelief after just celebrating shoes life. she was something she was. she was so she was going to with us long. >> you know, she was so beautiful. all the stuff that she's cool. so we everybody angry and and end it. >> neighbors and community members commiserated together on monday sharing their growing concerns for oakland residents. care because happen. >> i saw everything. and the street. the i want to that.
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i'm so to do this. to tell you, youngsters. >> to stop doing that by that. how the shooters, the active shooters, the people who are in what to do because you want to come up. stop it. because you killing not only a human ally. thank you to community. >> city and community leaders also spoke out about the growing attacks against asian americans and pacific islanders saying all communities must come together to stop the senseless violence. this is an oakland issue. >> they could see here the racial solidarity and support of doctor shu. i really want to acknowledge that this is not an asian pacific islander issue, it's an oakland issue in oakland, taylor kron. 4 news. >> well, richmond police have their hands full after responding to do 2 deadly shootings. police say one of those deadly shootings was a drive-by shooting. it was first reported about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. 5th
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str et and mcdonald avenue right in front of the 4th street park. police say that's where they found a 30 year-old man dead in the street. and a 65 year-old man was found shot in the park nearby. he was taken to a hospital with major injuries, but is expected to survive. officers say at least 40 rounds were fired and then the second shooting happened about an hour later this time in the area mcdonald avenue and 24th street. that's where 35 year-old man was shot in the stomach. that victim later died at the hospital. >> 6, 0, 8, and today they're going to do autopsy on the remains that were found at the bottom of a reservoir in placer county to see if, in fact it 16 year-old kylie, rodney, which her family says that that we've got monica adn done that with more on the story was located inside prosser lake. >> located within the search zone that we have been searching since the very beginning. more than 2 weeks after the search for 16 year-old kylie, rodney began.
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authorities believe she's been found. fox 40 spoke saturday with the volunteer group adventures with purpose as they searched nearby waters. then on sunday the team announced they found kylie's 2013 silver honda suv in prosser creek reservoir place to sonar boats in the water. >> by 11:15am. detected an object underwater using cutting edge garment sonar, technology. i was able to then confirm that it was, in fact, a vehicle in roughly 14 feet of water. and only 55 feet offshore. >> the vehicle down area that law enforcement had previously searched. the lake was extensively search with side sonar within our ow v we had divers, we had swimmers. there are numerous boats. >> yuba county, ala me to nevada placer swimmers came from washoe county. we had divers from every single one of those agencies and then some. so how is it that law enforcement was unable to locate counties car sooner?
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the car was reported at 14 or 15. however, the water level. >> since the 60's also dropped a vertical 3 and a half to 4 feet, which could be, you know, 20 to 25 feet offshore. so a lot of things changed in in those aspects. another factor, the practice and expertise in using this kind of equipment. and also, you know, with my understanding of the vehicle was upside down, that also makes it more difficult. and it's still 2 things coming above that can also make things difficult. we want to drive to see for ourselves just how close kylie may have been to the party. we drove down 2 different routes like how his car may have been driven through before ending up here at prosser creek reservoir. >> and both of them were about 3 quarters of a mile in distance. captain sam brown says that this investigation is ongoing and they can't rule out foul play just yet. >> the for the community that's rallied around the rodni-nieman family news is devastating. my heart goes out to of them. i just i'm glad that i'm know there's not a huge question. mark, getting more. >> and then to the east, we
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have. >> we are. they have for the family. has their daughter. >> that was monica de anda reporting. again, just as that reporter stated, this investigation does remain open top. see today. >> the fbi says they're going to be analyzing the vehicle and the chp to has launched an official traffic investigation as well. so we'll see what the results of all of those various investigations reveal. >> pleasant hill police are asking for your help in locating this girl. 14 year-old lie low >> lyla. >> she left home 3 days ago and she might be headed to she stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall. as you can see, she's got long brown hair, brown eyes weighs about 110 pounds was last seen wearing pajamas and could be with a friend. that's what her family is suspecting right now. anyone who may have seen her or knows her whereabouts is being asked to call pleasant hill. police. we'll
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take a break at 6.11. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the face of coronavirus response. >> doctor anthony fauci announcing he is stepping down, though. he says he's not retiring just yet. we'll explain. plus, the east bay municipal utility district has agreed to pay a hefty fine for dumping waste water into the san francisco bay last year. and after the break, sideshows popping up throughout the bay area this weekend. we'll tell you what one san jose officials says needs to be done to stop it. and we are in the midst of a cool down at least starting things off a little cooler than yesterday with some. >> mid-nineties instead of upper 90's and triple digits inland and getting even cooler towards the end of the forecast. that's to come. >> and we are seeing some slower spots out there today. is you head out on your tuesday
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to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home. >> mud now has agreed to pay $816,000 in fines for discharging about 16 and a half million gallons of partially treated wastewater into san francisco bay. >> happened last year and a yeah. so apparently this discharge contained chlorine at concentrations. that's toxic to aquatic life and he's been mud apparently had run out of the chemical that's used to remove chlorine from the waste water. >> so instead they just let that water going to the bay sf bay regional water quality control board obviously this was something they discovered. apparently that release happened during a major
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rainstorm. and so now got to pay that fine. i am happier than ever that i've for the first time in and too base. my dogs. >> no, because don't forget, you're talking about wastewater in the bay. yeah. and you know, they went swimming. yeah, i was 21 swimming. i mean, i didn't swim the dogs swam in the bay yesterday. the prince that that's just another reason they should bathe. your dogs 6.60. let's check the weather now. yeah, we've got john standard, but it's hot enough and you give him a bath. they can air dry and it's not a problem i get in the house wet. yeah. so it has to be warm morning. graham is completely averse to water so it doesn't go in the bay, but he also had still like it is he hates so much. but it is a nice day to maybe walk the dog out there today. i know they all of san jose looking not so bad this morning. it is just a little bit gray out there to get the morning started. now as we work our way through the
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day today. >> you will notice a few changes from yesterday. we're tapping into just a touch of smoke in the north bay. it's not enough for the spare the air alert to go into effect. but i do want to note that we have some winds from the north that's transported a little bit of that haze or direction should stay isolated to the north bay. other way, skies clear out really nicely come this afternoon and temperatures a little bit cooler had a bit of a dip in the jet stream to our north. that's breaking up the eye pressure ridge just enough. >> that its influence is loosening a bit. and we are in for still some sunshine this yesterday was today's highs in the city. 60's and 70's 60's at the coast. these numbers not very much the change from yesterday. it really is our inland areas that are in the midst of the start of a cooldown anyways. it's a tease for the south bay today, 70's 80's along the east bay shoreline. well, just barely making the low 90's in pleasanton livermore, as well as walnut creek in danville, clinton. i-76 vacaville. you 0, one today. you still are. . but it's only at 96 degrees.
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see the trend here. only getting cooler through the forecast by the weekend inland areas only in the 80's love that bayside cities remain in the 70's coastal spots in the 60's. great job. thank you for that. and we have an accident along highway 4. this is westbound west of railroad avenue in pittsburgh. >> so you are seeing delays as you're traveling through bay point, pittsburgh, just as you're getting into and heading into the city right now, meeting lights are hazard accidents across the bay bridge. the traffic is building there. 7 minutes. richmond center fell as you're raveling out of richmond along one o one traveling up. 85 to menlo park around 30 minutes to 37. no major issues. 17 looking great southbound, 6 city double down to fremont about 15 minutes. and let's check on 5.80, 80. a 90 minute drive from crockett down towards the maze. darya. james, back to you. >> its 6.18, right now and a proposal to seal the criminal records of many ex-felons in california has cleared a major
6:19 am
hurdle. yeah, in the state legislature now it's just one signature away from becoming law. we've got our capital correspondent eytan wallace with the story. >> keep in mind about one of every 5, california and says either been arrested or served time. >> well, now one california lawmaker hopes her bill will allow people records to get a second chance at life do the crime scene do the time? but for many offenders, the question now turns to what life will be like after prison, a life that could soon look different. all because of a bill sitting on the governor's desk. one is that the 7.31, the legislation would seal conviction and arrest records for ex-felons as long as they have not been convicted of another felony in the 4 years since completing their sentence and parole or probation. democratic state senator maria elena durazo of los angeles authored the legislation arguing the completion of a prison sentence to pave the way for a complete return to participate fully in society. she stresses the proposal would not include people who were convicted of
6:20 am
violent felonies and those who have registered as a offender. but as for the others also says their records too often turn into a lifelong sentence of limited access to employment, housing, education, and the ability to live a full normal life and provide for their families. but the bill does face a position. it goes too far. republistate senator brian jones of san diego says he supports second chances, but says this legislation page too much of a broad brush or telling the criminals. >> just wait it out. you can do what you want, you know, commit the crimes do the time. and then eventually in a short period of time, it just automatically going to fall off and your record is clean and several democrats agreed also that this just goes too far, also voted no on the bill. >> and the governor still has a little over a week to decide whether he will si n this bill into law or veto it. reporting here outside the california state capitol wallace kron. 4 news 6.20, right now. but we
6:21 am
told you yesterday what was going on with doctor anthony fauci that he was not going to be working for the government. and that's right. stepping down from his top job, their star. >> chief infectious disease expert, but by years and he's going to stepping down from that government position. what will he do next? let's go to alexandra limon in dc for the latest high. >> hey, diane, james, good morning. what doctor fauci says he is not officially retiring while he is stepping down from those government positions. he says he plans to move on to the next phase of his career. on monday, doctor anthony fauci announced he's stepping down. >> as both advisor to president joe biden and as director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, a position he's held since 1984. in a statement, doctor fauci called it the honor of his life to have served as head of that institution. doctor fauci began building his healthcare legacy when he helped the country through the fight against aids. in the 1980's
6:22 am
and 4 decades later, he led the efforts to get the country through the coronavirus pandemic. first becoming the face of the covid-19 response team for the trump administration. but doctor fauci fell out of the former president's favor as fauci is medical advice clashed with trump's push to return to normalcy. fauci has advised every president since ronald reagan. in a statement, president biden thanked doctor fauci for being a dedicated public servant, even before doctor fauci is announcement. some speculated fauci would step down before next year to avoid being drawn into any investigations. if republicans win control of the u.s. house in the midterm elections. doctor fauci denies that has anything to do with his decision. meanwhile, republican senator rand paul said in the statement that fauci, his resignation will not prevent a full-throated investigation into the origins of the pandemic and said fauci
6:23 am
would be asked to testify this in reference to the theory that the pandemic may have originated from a chinese lab leak. now, doctor fauci says he'll spend the next few months preparing his department for his departure. and after that, he wants to take on a role that allows him to mentor and inspire the next generation of scientific leaders. reporting live in washington. alexandra all right, thanks. a lot of alex, i think is a big basketball fan to do over that. i remember we could be watching a lot ask probably. all right. we'll take a break here at 6.23. >> coming up in a moment, college enrollment rates are dramatically low since the pandemic, but it's not just because people don't want to take some classes anymore. we'll tell you what's contributing. >> to the retention crisis that we're seeing at that we're seeing at universities, big
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♪dance get up and move let's♪ ♪dance kick off your shoes and♪ ♪show me how you♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ get a free storage upgrade and case with s pen when you pre-order. ♪dance♪ >> 6.26, in since the pandemic started. college enrollment has dropped nearly 10% nationwide. and california is even worse about 14%. yeah, universities are hoping enrollment would rebound by now, but that doesn't seem to be the case. and if that wasn't bad enough enrollment at community colleges. >> is even worse. a lot of students say they're questioning whether taking on college that is worth it considering they can get jobs right now offering competitive pay during a labor shortage. now, i would argue all people are realizing it's not worth paper that not it doesn't lead to a better job. >> you know, you can get better job by going to trade school or by, you know, for going college all together as a degree from some of the
6:27 am
highly selective schools that, you know, the 50 or so highly selective schools in america where and roman and certainly not the climbing. >> and but there's the long run. if you're wondering if college is worth it, keep in mind that the data still shows college grads do earn significantly more through their lifetime. then people who don't have a college fortunately for many, it's going take a lifetime to pay the about that feels that way. 6.27 right now. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news trouble at the antioch police department. what is going on that the mayor just announced a police officers are under investigation. and governor gavin newsom rejected a bill that would open safe injection sites in cities like san francisco. and this morning francisco. and this morning city leaders are s meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client,
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>> 6.30, right now and we're checking out the weather for you on a tuesday morning. we are. we've got john standing by. we're expecting cooler temperatures today, john. i remember right? >> the winds changing, maybe bringing us a little bit of smoke to. yeah, as we are i know is we have dodged the smoke so well lately. we do have a little taste of it in the north bay because of that northerly wind that has been pushing it along the coastline. now, a little bit of good news. we don't have a no for a spare. the air alert. but if you do detect a little cent of that smoke, especially in northern sonoma and napa counties up in the lake and mendocino counties. that's what you're picking up on. as far as the rest of the bay area goes, this is that marine layer that you're looking at this morning over san
6:31 am
francisco making for a really gray start to the day and it's going to take a minute for to burn off today. we are going to tap into more and more ocean cool there in the days to come. so by the time we reach noon, we do got the sunshine coastal areas, though, especially on the peninsula. you're going to stay fairly gray for much of the day. radar shows are dry skies aside from some drizzly pockets and current temps in the 50's to 60's. so make sure to get those jackets on this morning. something to keep you cozy as you are getting out there. now, as far as our roadways go, we are definitely going to be seeing some slowdowns. in fact, rain has been keeping us updated on the situation along highway so we do have an accident. they are. if you are traveling along highway 4 this morning right here, westbound just west of railroad avenue, we got an accident. so you are seeing delays. >> all the way to bay point as you're traveling, just heading out to an e at. >> heading into the city, meteor lights on 13 minutes. mace to that freeman. she exit no hazards or accidents along the bay bridge. that's the
6:32 am
good news. san mateo bridge. 13 minute. why a 80 to one o one along the peninsula. things are still moving very nicely. richmond, sandra fell bridge about a nine-minute drive tolls to one o one john this morning that he's like the week is moving really if you guys feel that is where it's life. i mean, it's already tuesday, which is still early in the week. but yes, moving to thank you very much. summer's 6.32. right now and governor newsom has vetoed making drug injection sites legal in san francisco, oakland and los angeles. yes, and some local officials not too happy about that, especially in san francisco with kron 4. sarah stinson following the story for us up in the newsroom. sarah. >> good morning. that's right. governor gavin newsom rejected a bill that would have allowed cities like san francisco to open safe injection sites where trained staff members would be on standby to help in case of an overdose in his veto message. take a look. he said in part, quote, i have
6:33 am
long supported the cutting edge of harm reduction strategies. however, i am acutely concerned about the operations of safe injection sites without strong, engaged, local leadership and well documented, vetted and thoughtful, operational unsustainable plans and quote, newsom has previously said he was open to the idea of safe injection some were surprised he opted to not sign off on it. supervisor matt haney, city attorney david chiu expressed disappointment by this. and so did san francisco senator scott wiener who authored the bill. he says these sites have been proven effective. >> with all respect to the governor you know, what you want is referring until the consequences is have been in place. for 30 years throughout to europe throughout canada throughout australia. they went into place new york city a year ago and they've been so successful. the new york city
6:34 am
mayor eric adams, the mayor of new york, who is a law and order. mayor, not only has embraced them but wants to make them 24 hours a day because they've been so successful. so i don't know what the governor is referring to for unintended consequences. what i do know is that these sites work. >> though some were in favor of newsom's decision, including the president of the san francisco police officers association saying these locations would have become drug dens, attracting more drug dealers to neighborhoods. mayor london breed is not happy with newsom's decision but says they will not be giving up on this and will continue to fight for overdose prevention programs. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. >> ok, thank you very much, tara. it's 6.34, in san francisco. police have arrested who they think attacked a 65 year-old woman. this attack happened on august 10th in the area of 26 avenue and geary boulevard. police think it was. 35 year-old terrence chrisman of san francisco who punched the woman multiple times as she
6:35 am
was walking on the sidewalk and then the attacker ran from the scene. officers from the central station used video surveillance to track down chrisman and arrested. taken into custody without incident. >> well, san jose police now investigating a stabbing near an elementary school had happened about 7 o'clock yesterday near washington elementary on first and martha street. the school was placed on lockdown briefly while police were looking for the suspect. they say the victim will be okay, though. they haven't developed to discern what the motive was. they haven't made any arrests either. >> time now 6.35. and as we were reporting yesterday over the weekend, there were so many sideshows in the bay area, many of them happening in the middle of the day in san jose kron four's justin campbell talked to a south bay official about how to put a stop to it. >> tires burning out. intersections blocked. a sideshow happening right outside of great america in
6:36 am
santa clara. another right off the 87 freeway ramp and san jose and a 3rd one happening by silicon valley university, san jose councilwoman deb davis says an off isn't off. these are really unsafe driving practices. >> that are are really putting the public. and being council member. davis says it's hard to hold promoters and organizers of sideshows. >> accountable. she says it's a cat and mouse game. know their own private channels getting these things organized per solution to. the problem is more police absolutely need more officers. >> to be able to respond to not only these events, but all of our traffic safety issues and public safety issues. davis says san jose has deadly staph police department compared to any other big city >> making it harder to allocate resources >> to stopping sideshows reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. 6.36.
6:37 am
on the clock. and when it comes to pox vaccine, second shots have been postponed. now to prioritize the first ones. >> calls went out last month to let people know that their 28 days between doses would be even longer with kron four's rob nesbitt to explain. >> i'm hearing more and more about how people are finding ways to get their second monkeypox vaccine shot. so i wanted to hear from an infectious disease expert, the what the science says about having a longer wait time between doses. it took 6 hours of waiting before jose luis gone was able to get his first shot of the monkeypox vaccine. he was able to make an appointment with his partner to get his second shot in sacramento. a month later, it took less time for us to drive all the way from so san francisco to sacramento got our toes and then come back. but it took for me to get my first dose. he says the vaccine clinic he went to in the capital city, received a surplus from the state allowing for second shots getting it was a priority because he seen the pictures of severe cases and heard
6:38 am
firsthand accounts of the pain. i've been really changing. my behavior is pretty significantly in order to minimize my risk. but i want to be able to go ahead and live life as normal. second shots have been postponed in most places per the cdc's recommendation. i went to infectious disease expert at ucsf doctor monica gandhi to get her thoughts on people finding loopholes in the system mean it's understandable that people are feeling anxious and they want to second shot. i would say, however, that there is a reason the way the doctor says aside from allowing first shots to get into more arms waiting between doses is also good for the immune system. it's really not a bad idea for the immune system to have a longer time between doses, at least 8 to 12 weeks. she says that massive amounts of vaccines are supposed to be coming from the federal government in october. we should be enough supply to allow for second doses. until then, she says the u.s. public health system needs to find a way to improve the public. in the u.s. has some work to do to increase the trust in public health. doctor gandhi
6:39 am
says second doses of the monkeypox vaccine are being allowed for those who are frequently exposed. and those with advanced hiv reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> and the family in the south bay is still continuing the fight because they're upset that their 4 year-old i was told they had to leave school because he wouldn't wear a face mask. yeah. the family says that sensory issues. the mask made him uncomfortable. the school at the time that this happened had a policy in place because the district above them. >> required masks in class. that requirement has since been rescinded. but the family is still deciding to take legal action. kron four's amanda hari explains. >> we want to toys and and legally we're loud voice. so that's my hold my ground on mountain view. whisman school district family says their 4 year-old son wasn't allowed to attend school because he didn't want to wear a mask. father sean took this video on august 18th. >> when the district required all students and staff to wear a face mask before changing it
6:40 am
to a recommendation later that day. >> it escalated to the point where the school told us child to leave. the principal came and met me with the resource officer and walked him out of class. sean says his family tried asking the school for special accommodations because their son has sensory issues but received none. the teacher basically threatening started my wife said if he doesn't wear it, he's he's going to he's going to start being sent. the district superintendent says, quote, we continually offer support to all students who feel hesitant about masks so that they can attend school often. this means the teachers and staff go above and beyond the call of duty. >> to find ways to help students adjust to school. something that often goes unseen or even an acknowledged. but shaun says they experience something different after seeing his son so upset. he told the school that he did not consent to them making his son wear a
6:41 am
mask. he retained a lawyer and filed a cease and desist the basis for the season. this is was left. >> like sean said this is an experimental product. it requires informed consent. if you don't have consent of the parents, you can't force it. when sean took his son to school again, that's when he says his son was removed with the assistance of an officer. later that same day, the school down rated their mask requirement to a recommendation. >> citing a change in the community. transmission risk. shaun says since all of this happened, other families have reached out to him. the more i'm doing this more and more parents and now the with school district are actually approach me behind the scenes. >> and actually gathering gathering support at multiple camps around district charney's lawyers say their goal is to help other parents understand that if they don't stand up. >> the masking requirements may never end. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> 6.41 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. it's the final game
6:42 am
for the preseason as we follow. the niners will break down what we can expect coming up in just a minute. definitely gray this morning. they're going to stay great for a little while that will actually help to keep temperatures. just a touch cooler. >> not that we won't get too many of sunshine later on today and we'll still be rather warm inland. snow has more. your forecast ahead. >> and you've already got off to a pretty busy tuesday morning. we are keeping a close eye on your commute will close eye on your commute will ♪♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system. with a painless, one-second scan i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7.
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>> 6.45 is the time. and in sports, it's the final week of the preseason for the forty-niners defensive lineman. arik armstead was actually able to get back on the practice field for the first time since he sprained his mcl during the first practice of camp. we have emmanuel moseley returning after missing the past couple of weeks because of a hamstring injury. so it's nice to see them back on the field and all in all is pretty good day for defensive coordinator demeco ryans. here's a little bit of what he had to say afterwards. >> we're always trying to be a physical team were trying to attack the ball. and you saw that from our guys. they went out. they did it in practice against those guys. last weekend. it continue to show during the games. i'm proud of the way our guys for that. they play with play with great technique and they attacked the put ourselves in position to win that game. help our team win the game. so i'm excited happy for what the guys put on tape this past definitely a lot of deep roster. >> guys, that kid. that that
6:46 am
guys that are going to help us win games. so definitely side to get back out there. you're working with them and build the continuity. >> no pressure, but james says are going super and i'm sure. but yet, don't worry about guys. if you're a raiders fan, you can watch them as well. and kron 4 is the place to be for that game. they are going to be hosting the patriots in vegas on friday. and our coverage starts at 04:00pm. all right, 6.46 is the time. let's also update you quickly on baseball to yeah. the a's hosting the marlins and top of the second. no score. the so our site, the mariners. no, it's actually the script is wrong. the tag is right there to marlins so the marlins hit that one little left field and they just they took the game. as you can see the beat, the a's 3 to nothing and they will play again today. all right, 6.46 is the time to let's check on the weather. we've got john stand by the weather center with a look. >> at our tuesday forecast morning. just hey, guys. it is
6:47 am
going to be just a little bit cooler out there today. not a huge difference from where we were yesterday. >> but we are seeing the signs down, especially for inland areas that i think we're going to welcome with some open arms skies are definitely great to start this day. you can see that at the embarcadero. that's not smoke you're looking at, although we do have some smoke that will drift into the for this northern reaches of the bay area. it's not enough for spare the air alert, but especially if you're northern sonoma napa counties. don't be surprised if you feel a little bit of that smoky conditions as you are getting out there. this is partly due to some northerly winds that have been pushing some of that smoke our direction. now after having dodged it for so long and having had some really good air quality lately, skies will clear out eventually. and we are in the midst of a subtle cooldown each day you're going to see temperatures falling just a little bit more. this is going to set us up for a much cooler weekend just around the corner. as far as today goes, skies will take some time in clearing, but we will get there and skies will be nice. and sunny this
6:48 am
afternoon. more fog and low cloud cover tomorrow. before more clearing tomorrow afternoon. just like today, today's daytime highs very similar in san francisco and elsewhere along the bayshore 60's and 70's at the coast, 70's and 80's along the bay. not a lot of changes in these spots now will be our inland areas. we'll notice temperatures just not getting quite as hot san jose. 84. well, low 90's in pleasanton and livermore hayward union city oakland. you're keeping the 70's around conquer down to danville in the low 90's. and after yesterday's triple digits, vacaville, you're only mid 90's. santa rosa just at 90 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures a little cooler yet. and by the weekend, our inland areas are only in the mid 80's. bayside cities will continue to c,ol taking us into the low 70's by the weekend and coastal areas remain in the 60's, right. john, thank you for that. will we still do have this accident? if you're traveling on highway 4 drive into pittsburgh? >> westbound west of railroad avenue got a lane blocked. so you are seeing things start to slow down a bit from your commute from antioch, into
6:49 am
conquered 60 minutes, mace that free month's g exit. so the meter lights on here at the bay bridge. let's check our san mateo bridge. 14 minutes 80 to one o one headed across towards the peninsula. well, 5, 18, 80. if you're taking that. 23 minutes. 24, if you're hopping on their west, bound 5.80, down to walnut creek just under 15 minutes for you to make that drive. and the south bay long one. 0 one. 34 minutes. 85 up to menlo park 2.37. no major issues to 18. 82 things are moving along and doubling down to fremont about 16 minutes along to 62 darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain in 6.49. and the man police believe is responsible for a decades old cold case is now back in california. >> gary jean ramirez was flown in from maui and booked into the santa clara county jail. the 75 year-old was arrested earlier this month as a suspect in the 1982 murder of karen stitt stitt was 15 years
6:50 am
old when she disappeared on september. 13th. her body was found the next day she had been sexually assaulted and stabbed. 59 times. police say dna evidence suggests that ramirez is responsible. he's set to appear for arraignment on august. 29th. >> the fda has authorized novavax's covid-19 vaccine for emergency use for adolescents between the ages of 12 17 just last month. the fda gave the green light to the biotech company's 2 dose regimen for adults 18 and over company officials say they're hoping now to have more vaccine options for adults and children and that those options will increase vaccination rates, especially with back-to-school season upon us. the fda officials we spoke with says that novavax's vaccine could potentially appeal to unvaccinated people who would prefer a shot. that's not based on the rna. technology used by pfizer or moderna. >> 6.50, is the time and a lot of people use period tracking
6:51 am
apps as a way to track their menstrual cycle. yeah, and ovulation. but a new report takes a look at these apps privacy policies to see where they stand on hand again, from ation over to police during investigations. my shot the city has more. >> i hope >> our information is a weaponized against us like millions of other women. serena, why downloaded a period and pregnancy tracking app. serena says the app made life easier but she deleted it soon after the u.s. supreme court overturned the constitutional right to an abortion. you are concerned about law enforcement having your personal information. i was concerned i was concerned enough to just go ahead and say, you know, this app is a necessary for me. the problem with a period tracking app >> is that it could be used as evidence against a woman. researchers say they look to 25 popular apps and devices they found most have a privacy policies and they don't spell out what data could be shared
6:52 am
with law enforcement. the nonprofit says that means police could use the data to prosecute pregnant people chart or u.s. policy is a professor and common law expert at stetson law. how likely would it be for this data to be used in a case against a woman seeking an abortion? this is a brave new world. the professor says the law hasn't caught up with the technology. >> but she says when you provide information to a 3rd party. >> that makes it very easy for law enforcement to get because >> they can subpoena if they le cause to think that there's a crime they can go after that 3rd party. and the 3rd party doesn't have the same 5th amendment rights to object at this point. it's a little premature to say will law enforcement use these apps in the most pernicious ways that they could. but i am certainly worried about it.
6:53 am
>> 6.52 the time. we'll be >> 6.52 the time. we'll be right back. i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation? to not get fired again... i can work with that. actors! spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time. ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, ♪ ♪let's go♪ ♪ ♪ahh yeah♪ ♪ ♪step to rhythm like♪ ♪you're going out tonight♪ ♪dance get with the groove and♪ ♪dance get up and move let's♪ ♪dance kick off your shoes and♪ ♪show me how you♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ get a free storage upgrade and case with s pen when you pre-order. ♪dance♪
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6:56 am
everybody was trying to watch this few of them couldn't netflix had problems. but a star in hbo had problems the trying to work out those kinks so that everybody who wants to see this show can too many dragons for put up with the dragons in game of thrones. well, and i put up with the i didn't like the violence and i did like a lot about it. >> so i this isn't for me. but if you like dragons, it was to be really good. apparently i had a friend call and say if you watched it they want to start a viewing party once again like we did way back when it was a fan of last season. but >> nearly 10 million people enjoyed this premiere of this prequel. so it may just be as popular. we'll see. 6.56. is the time. coming up the next hour, governor newsom vetoing a bill that would have allowed for safe injection sites have a live report coming up. breaking down what you need to know and how some local leaders aren't too happy with the governor. meanwhile,
6:57 am
officials believe they may have found the body of truckee teen kiley, rodney. she went missing more than 2 weeks ago. we'll have the latest.
6:58 am
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we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> and happy tuesday to you. i'm sorry. and i'm james and on this tuesday morning, we want to check the weather because we're starting off with cool conditions and looks like today's going to be milder than it was yesterday
7:00 am
and everybody might get a little less hot. let's put it that way. john did. the is nice to focus on a little step at a time. and today is our first step downhill as we work our way to what will be a much cooler weekend just around the corner yesterday, we were still in the upper 90's to triple digits at our warmest today. we won't be there. you look outside at the embarcadero. still very gray and it's actually going to take quite some time for a lot of the bay area to clear out this morning that gray's going to have her with us for a few more hours by noontime. we're sitting under sunshine unless you're right along the immediate coastline and then a really nice afternoon to enjoy skies are dry. so no monsoonal moisture. couple of drizzly pockets near the coast. that's about it. 50's and 60's for current temperatures. it's a cool start to the day. so of course, don't forget the jackets and the sweaters, as i've been reminding you the past few days, i will be talking what the afternoon looks like. still ahead over to rain. a you for that. hey, hitting the roads. today we got an accident. this is northbound 8.80, at 98th avenue in oakland.


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