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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  August 23, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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neighbors have reached out to local agencies for help which refer them to the state's department of fish and wildlife. they're telling us well. >> have to just shoot them. there's nothing we can do. you can apply for a permit. through the fish and wildlife. and once we granted, you can shoot and kill them. that's, of course, allowed only while following local gun ordinances. last week she had trappers look around. they passed on the job because they said the space was to asked for their operation. i think the drought has a lot to do with it. i really do. this community sits on the mountains next to the concord pavilion end. it was just back in march when neighbors discovered pig damage for the first time. mary butler has hasso them on surveillance video passing through her yard. i retired. it isn't a joke. it's a worry i have because if they tear up my lawn, that's a significant investment to r >> i don't even know what they're capable of doing. some neighbors are considering a
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switch to drought resistant landscaping and eliminating their lawns all together. >> in concord, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> firefighters in san francisco had a busy day. crews were able to contain a fire here at an old building on up here right next to the aquatic park pier in the fort mason area. this is citizen app video showing the flames. a lot of smoke. the fire started around 3 this afternoon. firefighters say the building was abandoned and there are no injuries to report that peers not open to the public. see all the win there. fanning the flames. so the buildings out open to the public. how did this fire start in an abandoned building? investigators tonight are looking into the petaluma teen accused of stabbing his father to death made his first court appearance today. >> 19 year-old christopher hopkins was arrested on murder charges sunday morning after police found him at the crime scene. the victim was 49 year-old james hopkins junior.
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now so far, police have not released a motive. and the antioch police department is looking for this 14 year-old girl who went missing yesterday afternoon. melinda jackson was last seen around 4.30. >> in the area of buckskin drive. police describe her is being about 5, 8, 340 pounds with maroon braids and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a yellow, hooded sweat shirt, white shorts, purple crocs and a black backpack on or anybody who sees jackson is asked to call antioch police. the port of oakland approving a 2 million dollar contract for the design of a project aimed at reducing the ports carbon emissions. the project includes the replacement of a substation and electrical infrastructure for generating solar power. this will help the poor transition too, being carbon-free, heavy duty trucks and cargo handling equipment are also involved here. oakland's port director says they will use the money to
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upgrade part of the utility system and increase the capacity there for using renewable energy east bay mud has agreed to pay over $800,000 for discharging almost 17 million gallons of partially treated wastewater into the san francisco bay. >> happened last year in october. the discharge contained chlorine at concentrations that are toxic to aquatic life and east bay mud had run out of the chemical used to remove the according to the sf bay regional water, quality control board. the wastewater was released during a major rainstorm. >> following years of retreat over the last month, the water level at lake mead has risen more than 2 and a half feet. almost 50 a billion gallons of water were added to the lake officials at the bureau of reclamation say one reason is the recent monsoon rains storing the last 4 weeks. officials say runoff into the lakes tributaries in reduced water releases from hoover dam
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are adding to the water levels, making it go up. however, the bureau says this is not sustainable since the majority of water and the colorado river basin, including lake mead, comes from melting snow in the colorado rockies. all right. speaking of rain and whether we're back here in the bay taking a live look outside 6 ad in walnut creek. another hot day inland. plenty toasty credit for his chief. meteorologist lawrence karnow joins >> with a look at have a little those temps are going to stay. yeah. those 90's again in the valleys coast side. they had drizzle a deal with this morning. >> actually, measurable out there to for hundreds of an inch of drizzle out along the coastline, going to be damp again out there for tonight. the fog already starting to move on shore through the golden gate bridge and headed to the bay. right now. more of that on the way at sfo. you see some of the clouds come over. the mountain tops there making their way to kind of broken in between. we are going to see that fill in tonight, though. but cool fog
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already settling in the half. moon bay, 58 degrees. a pleasant 85 in san jose. 88 redwood city still hot 96 in concord, 100 degrees in fairfield right now. 91 in nevado and 100 degrees in cloverdale. so hot temperatures away from the coastline. that's way it's played out. that's what we'll continue. it will still stay hot inland, although the trend will be towards some cooler weather as we get in toward the weekend. right now, the fog is starting to surge back on shore again, that on shore breeze is blowing. keeping you cool out toward the beaches in the fall. going to fill in the bay overnight. tonight, the winds. yeah, it's been blustery at times again over 20 some 30 mile an hour gusts as you make your way into san francisco and into the bay. otherwise high pressure kind of on hold here. we've got a little trough, this kind of carbon itself out along the coastline that's going up to deepen that marine layer again for tonight, bringing it back into the bay. and it's probably going to be deep enough. again, we're talking about more measurable drizzle along the coastline. so if you're coastal dwellers, be ready to be a little wet tomorrow morning. when you wake up. >> an uptick in ransomware
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attacks here in the bay area has local fbi and cybersecurity officials sounding the alarm? our kron 4 noelle bellow has details now on the businesses most at risk and what you can do to avoid falling victim. >> and somewhere in general has been. >> running rampant bay area businesses be aware of zeppelin ransomware, according to the fbi, san francisco and the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency or cessa the last 2 years have seen a tremendous uptick in attacks from these believe there's about 2.4 billion dollars worth of damages caused by rats more attacks last year. i'm very confident, unfortunately that we're going to surpass that number. this year's special agent, elvis chan believes we may be close to 3 billion dollars in damages by the end of 2022. >> bay area companies in the healthcare industry are particularly at risk and traditionally target hospitals with targeted because they. >> they they're they're
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example like a target. rich inside were poor. kind a systems breaches happen users are utilizing organizations are utilizing old out software. but they aren't the only ones. earlier this year we reported on the forty-niners being hit by hackers claiming to have stolen the team's financial data. >> the bay area's transportation sector education sector university and intermediate levels as what was it, companies are of concern as well. they will send you an email or a text. there's going to be a link in it. you're going to click on the lake. >> and that will execute the malicious software. the ransomware. >> currently just 20% of victims report attacks to the fbi. usually the hackers were quest ransom payments in bitcoin with initial amounts ranging from several $1000 to more than a million after gaining access to networks. the number one tip don't pay them. these are criminal organizations that we're dealing with and they're not trustworthy. so >> there's no guarantee that paying ransoms will get your data on lock for that. you
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won't get it again in the future. instead, contact local authorities immediately to give yourself from becoming a victim in the first place. make sure your companies requiring multi-factor authentication to your systems. >> keep all your operating systems and software up to date and do not click on any links from e-mails. if you don't know who sent it in san francisco, noelle bellow kron, 4 news next. stop. >> could this be the end of ikea instructions? scientists say they've come up with self assembling furniture, get out also residents are protesting the filming of the popular movie franchise in their neighborhood. why they're telling hollywood to go burn rubber somewhere else.
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embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. and furious. movie fans are looking forward to the next installment of the action series. but some residents of la is angelino heights neighborhood. >> they're not so excited. some scenes of the new movie are filmed in their neighborhood. the residents say that is attracting street racers, many of whom are doing donuts in the residential area. the the group is planning a protest this week to thwart scheduled filming. they say they're holding the protests to, quote, honor the 178 people who have been killed by street racers in los angeles and the shame universal for their callous
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disregard for this deadly epidemic of street racing their started rather their films have started and continue to promote fatal car crashes are going up. according to the national highway traffic safety administration. >> this year, the highest amount of deadly car crashes since 2002 deadly traffic deaths are up 7% compared to last year. the report also shows the number of fatal car crashes where were declining until the pandemic started in 2020. but experts say risky behavior such as speeding and driving under the influence have been increasing in recent years. >> still ahead, a former trump campaign manager is saying the fbi raid on mar-a-lago is increasing the chances of him making another presidential run. we'll explain after the break.
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to see transformation come to them. search of mar-a-lago continues. political consultant paul manafort says that this is all actually helping former president trump. >> manafort was pardoned by then president trump for bank and tax fraud convictions in 2020. he also oversaw much of trump's 2016 campaign and manafort is now saying that the search of mar-a-lago not only likely increased trump's chances of running in 2024, but manafort warns the search poses a threat to democracy newsnation's. kelli meyer
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reports. >> new details today of what was inside some of the documents at former president trump's mar-a-lago home. according to a letter from the national archives, trump took more than 700 pages of some of the government's most classified documents. the message to one of trump's lawyers dated may 10th saying the initial review of materials taken from the white house after trump left office identified items marked as classified national security information up to the level of top secret, adding that there are, quote, important national security interest in the fbi and others in the intelligence community to get access to these materials. the highly classified government secrets inside 15 boxes recovered from trump's florida estate in january. this doesn't include the records recovered in june or the most recent search just 2 weeks ago, the letter made public shortly after trump entered a legal fight over the fbi search. trump pushing to
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stop the investigation into the materials taken in that search until a special master is selected. that's an outside attorney appointed by a judge to oversee the review of evidence. the former president says the department of justice is treating him unfairly and privilege materials may have been seized. now close allies of former president trump say the fbi search is making a 2024 run more likely for trump. >> not only is he the past political opponent, he very likely could be the next political opponent. so the unprecedented nature and the threat to democracy. i think is very grave. but doing something like this, paul manafort, the former trump campaign manager convicted of bank and tax fraud and later pardoned by trump. >> telling incoming news nation host chris cuomo that he thinks there's a quote, 96% chance trump runs again. you believe. >> the former president, donald trump is going to run again in 2024, you still believe that? absolutely more so now than it did 2 weeks ago.
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>> and that was kellie meyer reporting for us tonight. we could even learn more in the coming days about what led to the search of trump's home just 2 weeks ago. the justice department faces a thursday deadline to file a redacted copy of the affidavit with the magistrate judge who signed off on the along with an explanation for the suggested redactions. >> 2 men have been found guilty in the plot to kidnap and kill michigan governor gretchen whitmer in twenty-twenty adam fox and barry croft junior were convicted of 2 counts of conspiracy related to the kidnapping scheme and attempts to obtain a weapon of mass destruction. the result was a big victory for the u.s. justice department. a different jury just 4 months ago could not reach a unanimous decision on fox and croft but acquitted 2 other men which led to the second trial. fox and croft face sentences of up to life in prison. >> 2 atlanta police officers will not be facing any charges in the death of rayshard
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brooks, specially appointed prosecutor says officer garrett rolfe and devin brosnan acted reasonably during the 2020 encounter. they say officer devin brosnan faced a quickly evolving situation when brooks lunged and grabbed one of their tasers during the arrest attempt, brooks was killed in june 2020 when officers found him sleeping in his car at a wendy's parking lot. body cam footage shows a struggle during which brooks grabbed an officer's taser and fired it toward them as he fled. an autopsy concluded that he was shot twice in the back. >> whether time now as we get a live look outside the top out 10 will pious and the fog has been nature's air-conditioning recently. it's been hot inland, but nice and comfortable to coast. yeah, the fog could be our friend. first chief meteorologist and friend of the lawrence karnow unfair. and we're going to see a lot of fog out there tonight. again, i think. >> drizzle maybe a little heavy drizzle out toward the
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coastline. so be prepared for that up toward the beaches. that fog already moving in now and places inland. not so much. and that's why the temperatures have been that huge contrast over this past month or so. you can see that fog and a locked in along the coastline. high pressure so strong. it's kind of depressing that marine air so can't shoot all the way to the valleys along the coastline, though. there you go. half moon bay, folks of the band of the beach there for the most part, as you've got the fog moving in there and some cool temperatures to highs today. yet 72 degrees in san francisco with 77 in oakland, 87 degrees in warm in san jose. then we start to get hot little more. 96 96 also in concord and 95 degrees in santa rosa. that monsoon blowing up again in parts of the desert. you see all the way in arizona, a c, nevada. continuing you, todd. but all the way to mexico to and parts of a texas. but right now we're catching a little bit of a break across the state, a trough of low pressure, kind of diving in across the state. now just a week system that's going to amplify that marine layer just a bit. i think
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we're talking drizzle tonight. coast side, maybe couple patches drizzle inside the bay. temperatures. we're going break down like this plan on 60's in the senate. just going to be a little bit cooler around the bay area tomorrow. drizzle coast side out there toward the beaches. a little wet late night early morning. 66 in millbrae about 16 sec. carlo 78 sunny. it would side those temperatures in the 80's in the south bay by the afternoon east bay. you're still looking at the 80's, some low 90's in toward the afternoon hours, maybe size. 92. it was creek about 87 in danville and about 92 degrees in concord. as we look toward the delta, you're going to see that breeze blowing on through 75 degrees in vallejo, man. you got 59. you got that fog moving along the coastline. that's in some beach next couple days. those temperatures. yeah, they're gonna take a drop. it's going to be up and down just slightly over the next couple days. but drop it off over the weekend. temperatures much more comfortable saturday and sunday. mid 80's around much of the the upper 90's and that need to stay hydrated. either way.
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>> ever wonder what a black hole might sound like. will nasa has released a recording
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you have pretty weird haas. sounds like something you might hear in a sci-fi movie involving a black hole at socit. biggest sound can actually. travel in space normally because there's no oxygen to carry the sound waves. but nasa says that the gases surrounding this particular black hole and perseus galaxy cluster. well, those were able to carry sound waves that owns actually heavy process somewhat to be brought up into the range of human hearing because the scientists say other actually 57 oaves below middle c. >> how great would it be if scientists could actually make this happen? the furniture assembles itself right in front of you when you remove it from the box. ikea furniture. so yeah, that desk or chair would arrive and instead of having to sort through all those little tools and you know, fouls the items would morph into furniture right before your eyes. scientists in jerusalem have been studying this. they say
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it could really happen that way. the products can be designed to morph into 3 d structures during what they call a drying out process. all they would need is what they call a stimulus, which could be a change in room temperature or some sort of moisture way to go. i really understand. hey, it's good. it's a good thing. it was hit lot relationships that is for sure. they they said it's kind of analogous to how when you cut a tree down the wood alters as it dries. so about a sponge when you add water to watch. >> sherry, though, that the chip, that person that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. but we have a lot more news ahead tonight on kron. 4 news at 6. catherine heenan is here now with a look ahead at that. yeah, i believe that thing when i see you're not holding my breath. now be that guy. >> well, coming up at 6 o'clock, there is new dash camera video shows the moments when police arrested the
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husband of house speaker nancy pelosi will have the latest on his dui case coming up at 6 and a fast-moving fire at a san francisco apartment building. crews had to rescue people and from those flames. i'm catherine heenan. the news at 6. coming up next. here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide
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permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6.
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>> the fire is moving. what we call running the space. one in the open spaces of the building. this is something that is consistent with older built buildings in san francisco. >> now it's a large fire in san francisco and has left 13 people displaced affected 2 businesses. it took more than 100 firefighters to get this under control and almost square. hello, everyone, and welcome. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan and i'm grant lotus. ken and pam have the night off. more than a dozen people and several animals are looking for new places to call home tonight after this fire raced through a building. it was around lunchtime today. it happened at the corner of mcallister and a visit darrow kron four's dan kerman has been at the scene and has the latest. and we know especially in the city. >> the buildings are close together. things can spread quickly. this could have been a lot worse.


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