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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 24, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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back. it is 4.34 all you early risers out there. thanks so much for joining us. i'm john shrable in for a harvey. >> who will be joining darya folsom at the 5 o'clock hour. if you want to stick around for that, well, for those of you that are getting outside the door in the next few minutes, you're looking at some pretty easy conditions to contend with. mother nature not offering up too much. that's going to interrupt you this morning. your view at san francisco's transit america building unimpeded by any low cloud cover. it's sitting right above the financial district. so you're doing well as far as visibility goes for most areas, the spots where you're not seeing the best of his ability, mostly right along the coastline and then up into hillside such as the east bay hills watch for some drizzle out there in those same locations, fog much like yesterday going to take a while to burn off today. got
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to have some patients with that. but we do get to an afternoon full sunshine unless you're just right along the coastline, current temperatures are in the 50's to 60's oakland, dublin, conquered in livermore at 61. alameda valais hole in the upper 50's while san francisco and timber on hanging out in the mid 50's right now as we move into the afternoon, you notice temperatures still warm but not as warm as yesterday was which was already cooler than the day before it. so we're cooling trend continues. inland areas will rise only into the upper 80's to low 90's. speyside spots in the 70's coastal areas in the 60's. quick look at our bridges. still looking really get out there on all of them. bay bridge is doing well. no backup at the metering lights. they're not even on the app. san mateo bridge also looking great. just a few taillights heading your way on to the peninsula. richmond center fell also pretty empty at this for 30 time. and that means if you are one of our early risers, you're definitely not running in to see the traffic just yet golden gate bridge. you are running into the fog, though. so watch out for that.
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we do have a dense fog advisory near the coastline. back to the news. the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in a crash in napa county and for the first time we're seeing video from the california highway patrol from the night of his arrest. kron four's justine waldman has the story. >> really grabbing on to program >> new video from the california highway patrol from the night a paul pelosi's dui arrest in may a test. >> i really don't want fall over itself. that's a >> in their report, officers in napa county noted pelosi had red watery eyes and appeared unsteady on his feet. the 82 year-old told officers he had 2 drinks and handed officers a card for the 11 99 foundation. a chp charity that supports officers and provide scholarships for their children comfortable doing the breathalyzer the evidence
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coming out the same day. the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi pleaded guilty to the dui charge. the punishment 5 days in jail and 3 years of probation. he already served 2 days behind bars. got credit for the other 2 and the remaining day will be done with community service. the defendant was found guilty of driving his blood. alcohol was a too. >> we have a single victim survivor who had moderate to mild injuries. he's never had to take anything more than advil. >> to alleviate his symptoms. thank god it ended up this way. photos from the chp report also show bruises on pelosi's hands. >> the extent of damage to his porsche with the airbags deployed and a detached bumper. plus, pictures of the smash gp crashed into on route. 29 despite the politics, the napa county district attorney says the case was standard and pelosi
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got a fair trial. all material decisions. >> have been handled the way they're supposed to be handled. >> pelosi will also be required to attend a 3 month drinking driver class install an ignition interlock device. that's where the driver has to provide a breath sample before the engine will start and pay thousands of dollars in fines. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> 13 people need a new home in san francisco after a fast-moving fire broke out at their apartment building. the citizen app video shows flames shooting out of the 9 unit apartment building at mcallister and divisadero more than 100 firefighters were on the scene for 2 hours. they kept the fire from spreading to other buildis, but not without difficulties. >> we've had items such as obstructed entryways. we've had items consistent with warning or for storage inhibiting our ability to make movement through the structure, to get to what we
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call the seat of the fire, where the active fires out. >> one resident suffered smoke inhalation and had to be rescued. 2 firefighters suffered minor injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. about 30 minutes after that fire was contained. another one broke out along the city's waterfront. this is also video from the citizen out a historic building near pier for caught fire and quickly became fully engulfed. the building was empty. it was built in 1925. and abandoned after heavy damage in the 1989 loma prieta earthquake. it sits on the pier. that's what that was not used. there were no injuries and the cause of the fire is still under investigation as well. for your health this morning. monkeypox now known as m-pox is now in all 50 states. wyoming reported its first case on monday. the u.s. almost has 16,000 confirmed cases more than 2600 of them right here in california. the spread of the virus is forcing
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some people to change their behavior. kron four's ella sogomonian has the details. >> people at highest risk of contracting m-pox are changing their habits. the cdc shared a study by emory university that says, bisexual and other men who have with men are taking steps to protect themselves. 40% reported they reduce their number of partners. 50% reduced onetime encounters and 49% surveyed said they're hooking up with less partners met on dating apps or insects, venues. doctor peter chin hong with ucsf said it's good news that people at highest risk are paying attention and doing what they can at this time. i mean, i think >> you know. it is a actually a positive sign that people are looking at what's going on in the community. >> but he laments that. it's also an indicator that people are resorting to individual risk reduction because there aren't enough vaccines to go around. i still think that
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people should be in the community until there are more people vaccinated. >> so there time as much breakthrough infections. because, again, we haven't been able to vaccinate people in the and the gold standard way, but hopefully we will soon as we get more and more vaccines. he went on to say that the more precise the messaging is about the health risks and prevention. >> the better off everyone will be when preventing m-pox from spreading to the general population. >> that was ella sogomonian reporting. the doctor says the best protection is 2 doses of pox vaccine. as more people are getting vaccinated or contracting the virus, the community will reach immunity at some point and that can last for years. san francisco health officials say the city will get another 1600 vials of them pox vaccine in the coming days. that will make about 8,000 doses. available to high-risk residents. the people who are now eligible include men who have with men and have had multiple
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partners. also, anyone who's had close contact with someone who has or might have the virus. we have a list of vaccine clinics listed on kron 4 dot com. an uptick in ransomware attacks in the bay area. has local fbi and cybersecurity officials sounding the alarm the last 2 years have seen a tremendous uptick in ransomware attacks. the fbi, san francisco in cybersecurity infrastructure, security agency believes we may also be in 3 billion dollars in damages by the end of 2022. currently only 20% of victims report attacks to the fbi. usually hackers will rick rest request within some payments with amounts ranging from several $1000 to over a million after gaining access to networks. the number one tip don't pay them. >> these are criminal organizations that we're dealing with and they're not trustworthy. so there's no guarantee that paying the ransoms will get your data on lock for that. you won't get it again in the future.
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>> instead, contact local authorities immediately to keep yourself from being a victim in the first place. keep all operating systems and software up to date and don't click any links from e-mails. you don't know who sent. after weeks of uncertainty, a popular jazz club in san francisco's. he asked for a neighborhood is staying put club deluxe announced it was closing earlier this month. but the clus owner was able to reach an agreement with the property owner yesterday kron four's rob nesbitt has the story. the disagreement between club deluxe in the landlord was over past rent and future rent. >> covid regulations and shutdowns having a strain on the business. but lovers of the jazz club or willing to go down without a fight. ever since it was announced that club deluxe had plans to close their haight ashbury location. >> there was a mood change at the popular jazz club, tenor, saxophone and clarinet is cameron ortiz played what he thought would be his last
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performance there sunday night. we get to play that the last song in my just like really like, you know, you like people liked here, not including myself, what he and the audience did not realize was that supervisor dean preston would bring the club's owner and the property owner toss investments together at san francisco city hall monday. yesterday we had 6 and a half hour. >> mediation and in the early evening with the deal that's going allow the club to stay open in its current location for years to come. >> i'm more than excited to hear that. according to the supervisor, there were disputes over what rent was owed and what the lease agreement between the 2 parties would look like in the future. negotiations have derailed until monday. it's a long-term it is one that will allow us to move forward in dominating them today for the legacy business registry. >> a title offered to businesses in operation for 30 years or more offering financial assistance and benefits to both the business and property owner. supervisor preston is a previous co-owner of the market street music venue. cafe du nord.
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>> understanding the stress of the small business for the reality is it is. >> it is often just to break even business at club. deluxe owner sarah wild showing her appreciation to supporters in a statement saying, quote, your love of this venue has helped the landlord understand it is worth supporting the small business by offering a fairly soon. >> a popular jazz club that will be staying put after attracting music lovers to 15, 11 hay street. for 33 years. just really excited to hear like the music fast load, like, you know, >> you know, really haven't gotten that really anywhere else. >> chief operating officer of air toss invest been sent a statement to kron 4 regarding the lease agreement with club deluxe saying, quote, our goal in the months of working on this was to get to the successful outcome we have today keeping the club open. we're very appreciative of supervisor preston for his work helping to get this deal done. reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> so good to see some good news there. but the wlex coming up next on the kron. 4
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morning news. another rampage by wild pigs. but this time in concord, the mess they left behind in the plans to tackle. the problem will be back. ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ ♪ ♪let's go♪ ♪ ♪ahh yeah♪ ♪ ♪step to rhythm like♪ ♪you're going out tonight♪ ♪dance get with the groove and♪
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4.44, welcome back. a little bit of good news. water levels at lake mead in nevada are up about 58 billion gallons. >> the levels at the drought
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stricken lake are up by about 2 and a half feet in the last month. one reason is, well, the recent months soon rains all across the region. also the runoff into the lakes, tributaries and fewer releases out of hubert hoover dam. it's encouraging but not considered sustainable because of the low snowpack in the colorado rockies, which is where most of the lake mead's water originates. getting a look outside here locally. we're also in the midst of drought conditions, but we are also seeing some fog this morning, which is nice to at least have some sort of out there, even if it isn't in the form of rainfall. this is very dense fog out the coastline, which will result in a few spots of drizzle, half moon bay. visibility is fine, but there are spots up and down the coastline which are foggier than others. smoke was seen yesterday, especially across the north bay. a little bit less impact from that today as the northerly wind pushing into the bay area starts to diminish a bit. skies will be clear but a z on the horizon from time to time. high
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pressure ridge is still firmly in place. this is going to keep us dry, but we're not going to be quite as warm as we have been in this forecast. futurecast shows a few spots of drizzle near the coastline. it's going to take some patients for skies to clear out today. but once we reach the afternoon, we're going to be sitting, anderson for everywhere, except for the immediate coastline. tomorrow morning, more fog. and it's also going to be a foggy morning before skies clear out into tomorrow afternoon. your dose of sunshine before another push of fog into the start on friday. as for today's daytime highs, a cool range of 60's in the city. that's a little cooler than we have been remaining cool and cloudy at the coastline in the 60's while 70's to just barely low 80's up and down the bay shore. temperatures continue to gradually fall today. this is enough to take san jose down to 84 degrees and enough to drop areas like double in all the way up to concord, back into the eighties union city hayward up to oakland in the 70's while berkeley and richmond not leaving the 60's.
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billy, how at 78 our warmest spots being antioch in vacaville in the mid 90's. still, we'll continue this cooling trend as we work our way through the rest of this forecast. highs falling back into the upper 80's to low 90's for the remainder of this week and only in the mid 80's for your inland daytime highs finally some relief for these areas that certainly have been seeing a lot of hot weather lately. now some bad news to report out of the east bay. the bay bridge may be doing just fine, but we do have a fatal accident that has occurred on california. 13 southbound just north of redwood road in oakland. as of right now, we do have reports of the second lane from the left being blocked. but there are some delays expected here. so that is something that you'll be contending with as you do, make your way in this community, east bay. as for the san mateo bridge, things are a-ok. making your crossing here just a few headlights and taillights pushing across the bay. a look at the richmond, sandra fell bridge also looking good. we don't have a whole lot going on just yet
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golden gate bridge. just a little foggy as you make your crossing there. 4.47. and lawns and landscaping are being chewed up by wild pigs in concord. the feral hogs hit one community back in march and now it appears they're still hungry. kron four's philip to call shows us the damage. >> for the past 3 weeks, a family of at least a half dozen wild pigs has been running through the canyon creek subdivision in concord, tearing up landscaping for dinner. can clearly see. they've started digging up the long, long time. resident lori rebar says one neighbor's property was constantly damaged by what the community believes was a single feral hog back in march. but it stayed away after the neighbor installed flood lights. now the problem is back and the pigs have multiplied whole family. yes, and the dad is huge. and he really scares me. several private lawns have been dug up, but neighbors are equally as frustrated with the
4:49 am
damage caused in common areas tended to by the homeowners association. i would like to make sure they go away permanently. mary says the pigs passed through her property but have not damaged any of it yet and hopes the problem is solved before it gets to that i can chase a go for something. but i cannot deal with a number of well. bores lori says neighbors have reached out to the state department of fish and wildlife and have been told they can file a wildlife incident report. the agency could then work with them on possibly securing a permit that would give them permission to shoot the animal he says she reached out to local trappers last week. they took one look and said they can't do it. it's too big of a job for them and they were willing to do it. i have a dog. >> and i walked the neighborhood in the evenings and now that it's getting darker earlier, i'm a little scared to come out. >> if it's stark considering the neighborhoods location in the mountains near the concord pavilion. the wild pigs have likely been impacted by the
4:50 am
drought and pushed into the community for >> in concord, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. thank you to leave. >> california lawmakers approving a bill yesterday to control the growing wild pig population. the new legislation lifts hunting restrictions. the bay area has seen these animals damage people's lawns, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. it now heads to california governor gavin newsom's desk for a signature. for your news this morning for your money this morning. the aviation consumer protection advisory committee hosted a public meeting this week to learn more about a proposal by the u.s. department of transportation for consumers to get their money back. if a flight is canceled or nelly reports. >> an exciting vacation can quickly turn frustrating for flyers win their flights are canceled. let lori kiley garcia, i felt like i just i'm thinking i was so nervous. >> the problem was they said to go online and 4hen i did,
4:51 am
there was no other flights to set up. it said february of 2023. >> and robert almeida who was forced to miss his sister's wedding because of flight troubles. i isis is upset because she didn't have my father a walking down the aisle. so she was upset and she's up to him out. there we go because of situations like these, the u.s. department of transportation is proposing changes to protect fliers. >> the proposal was heard by the aviation consumer protection advisory committee over zoom under the proposal. airlines and ticket agents will be giving out refunds quickly for a canceled flight. our flight changes were made. refunds would come within 7 days of the ticket was bought on a credit card or 20 days with cash or check committee member maria rodriguez says the airline industry is changing and it's important to protect consumers. i call it a transformative phase. >> it's an incredible transforming his face for airlines for consumers. and i believe that this the work of this committee is even more
4:52 am
important today. then it was pre-covid also under the proposal. >> flyers would get their money back if there are changes to to departure or arrival times or delayed by at least 3 hours for domestic flights or by lee 6 hours for internati nal flights, including changes to the departure or arrival airport. >> now ally reporting for us. the committee will make a recommendation later this year. stay with us. we'll be back.
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one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours. >> check this out. it sounds like something you might hear in a science fiction movie. but according to nasa, it's actually what a black hole sounds like. sounds can't travel in space, but because there's no oxygen to carry sound waves. but nasa said the surrounding this black hole in the perseus galaxy cluster. we're able to carry sound waves. the tones had to be reprocessed to be brought up into the range of human hearing because scientists say they're actually 57 octaves below middle c which is something that humans can't hear. the most popular road trip destination is california. that's according to automotive industry experts from motorcycle insurance.
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they reviewed instagram and tiktok date in july and came up with a list of the most popular road trips worldwide coming out on top big sur. the area got more than a million instagram hashtags and 90 million tiktok views. the area is often featured in movies and commercials, including the stunning oceanside stretch with winding turns their sea cliffs over the pacific on one side and on the other, the santa lucia mountains. so very popular on tiktok or a little instagram and tiktok celebrities. mother nature here coming up in the next hour, nurses will be picketing in santa rosa after not being paid for months. why they want to bring awareness to the issue and the police officer is caught on video as he leaves a homeless man in san francisco's richmond district. >> what's that about?
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lowe's has what you need to protect and brighten your home. with exterior stains by cabot and paint from hgtv home by sherwin-williams. save at lowe's today. >> happening now a daughter is found living in a home with the corpse of her dead mother for over a year. how police made this strange discovery and president biden expected to announce today if he's going wipe out thousands of dollars of student loan debt.
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plus, wild pigs running a in an east bay neighborhood. what are they going to do to stop them? >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> thanks for joining us. wednesday. 05:00am. this is about the time that james happened on that flight. i know. and you know what? let's make sure we wish him well. want to go see his son offers school college. not too long ago i was doing the same thing. so just it's it's a beautiful time. >> so he'll be back in in a few days. in the meantime, we're hanging out. hold the fort down. you're and john and the weather looks like it's pretty good was very ethereal this morning with job. >> the fog is that next week do that. i feel like definitely got that. the real theme to it, especially as you're stepping outside in some of our hillsides or near to the coastline where you are seeing some of that dense fog in places even making for some misty conditions out there from time to time.


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