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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 24, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> 10 that he would be employing more log city. >> why? because the criminals are smart. people too. >> now at 10 around the clock, police patrol now in effect and an oakland neighborhood following a recent string of deadly crimes, including the murder of a beloved local dentists. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan, the oakland police department announced the patrols today in the little saigon neighborhood and that change. he's coming amid growing demand for more protection for samantha harris spoke to city leaders about the change. she has tonight's top story.
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>> i have always been advocating for highest seed of oakland to get more resources so that, you know, we're to capture and, you to preventing crimes happened not only in just wanted to areas that apd and tie a suitable current president of the oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce. karl chan is excited about the police department's latest announcement. >> 24 hour patrols of the little saigon neighborhood. we know you are what? because it's proven working in oakland, chinatown. this comes after the area has been plagued by violence in the recent months just on sunday, 60 year-old open dentist. lily shoe was killed in a botched robbery in little saigon. in the oakland police department announcement, it said, quote, the immediate response will be coordinated between several units within the department to ensure additional resources are present in little saigon. >> 24 hours a day that chance as they still need more resourceshroughout the entire city of oakland. and he says he's working on solutions
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to make that happen. what i thank you. do at this point. >> also trying to ask for the help from the county sheriff and also working with the and the highway patrol and also what the federal at the eye we need as much help as possible. oakland city council president nikki fortunato bass says city officials need to send clear communication to criminals. >> these types of crimes won't be tolerated. we need to send a strong message that any person shun that attacks against ap. i people are not grounded in xenophobia and hate is wrong that these cases must be fully investigated. and these perpetrators must be held accountable. chan agrees that race a factor when it comes to crimes in little saigon. let's stop being afraid talk about the racial >> and that's talk about how we can and how to bring people together. he's encouraging people to vote in november to help bring about more change in oakland. we need to do many, many things together to fix up the system. but let's
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start with the politics. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> oakland police are calling on witnesses to come forward in the death of the dentist. lowly shoe surveillance video of the scene shows a white tesla. it has a roof rack a bike rack in the back. police believe the people in that car could be key. witnesses and they're looking for a lexus. there it is. they say it was being driven by a person or other people in that car involved in the shooting of shoe anyone with information is being asked to call oakland police. >> a big announcement for millions of americans still struggling to pay off their student loans. president biden announcing today a plan to forgive up to $20,000 in loans that money is available to borrowers who hold loans with the department of education make less than $125,000 a year and received a pell grant. the people who did not get a pell grant are eligible for up to $10,000 in forgiveness if they
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make less than 125 grand a year, the president said about 90% of eligible beneficiaries make less than $75,000 a year. >> we made incredible progress. advancing america's economic recovery. we've wound down pandemic relief programs like the ones on unemployment insurance and small businesses. it's time we do the same thing for students, loans. >> the move also pauses remaining student loan payments. one more time until the end of this calendar year bay area. congresswoman, as shoes sent us this statement about the president's plan. it reads in part student loan debt in the u.s. outstrips credit card debt today and is why this is a monumental step forward. these enormous financial burdens force too many young people to delay buying a home. we're starting a family. this is a godsend to so many of the significant step in combating the student debt crisis. >> college graduates kerns all very eager to know if they
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qualify for the loan forgiveness. kron four's rob nesbitt talk to a college director of financial aid. also somebody with 6 digits worth of student loan debt. >> all this means people who start finally crawl out from under that mountain of debt. president biden made good on his campaign promise wednesday to forgive student loan debt payments that are huge stress for millions of americans, including john paul warren with $250,000 and that i can't get to have. >> i can't get a car loan by that income ratio to high. he says president biden, student loan debt plan will be helpful, but he wants to see high interest rates lowered and for congress to guarantee that the public service loan forgiveness program will be honored. well after biden's presidency. this is a temporary solution to this very long-term problem that i'm going to have. and i think that the reason that i'm mostly concerned, the president's promise also impacts current college students, director of financial aid at cal state east bay. so huge of funny
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says it applies to students with loans taken out by june 2022. getting inundated with e-mails from students whose families lost their jobs. >> you know who were impacted by covid. she says in her 10 years of working in higher education, she's never seen anything like this. japhanie hopes to see loan forgiveness. start by next month. csu east bay students graduate with a student loan debt average of around $24,000. according to the director of financial aid for those alumni who just graduated and we're having to deal with these loan repayments. that's going to be fantastic news for them. president biden says that the application for loan forgiveness will be available before the pause on federal student loan repayment ends on december 31st. in san francisco, i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> small business owners in san francisco's castro neighborhood are demanding action from city leaders. they want answers to the growing issues of mental health, substance abuse and vandalism in that area. and merchants say the problems crippling business. some of them say they might not be able to keep
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their doors open for much longer. kron first taylor, the second joins us from the newsroom with more taylor. well, this is not a new issue emerge and say it's gotten progressively worse since the pandemic. >> the castro merchantsa association sent a formal letter to the city earlier this month. and if their demands aren't met by clear actions to tackle these problems, businesses say they shouldn't have to hold up their end of the bargain. >> san francisco castro merchants are threatening to potentially withhold money from the city if their demands to provide help to the neighborhood aren't many business owners stop paying taxes and start that these for licenses? >> because the city is not providing the services that are supposed to be guaranteed based on what we're paying to the city. dave character with the castro merchants association says businesses in their neighborhood are fed up after dealing with years of vandalism, harassment and also drug use outside their store fronts are at a point now that it's next to impossible to run
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a business in the castro. when you're dealing with these daily issues that, you know, a small business owner shouldn't have to worry about whether or not their front windows going to get smashed. a day care worker says many people on the streets in the castro frequently experience psychotic episodes cause damage to their store fronts by breaking windows and harass employees and customers. he and other businesses have pleaded for help from the city over recent years, but says nothing has changed the game of whac-a-mole. they come out. they you know, they might clear up an encampment and then that had been returns. you know, 2 days later, another corner in its letter to leaders this month. the castro merchants association urges the city to designate 35 shelter in treatment beds for the neighborhood's homeless population. the association also calls on the city to provide monthly metrics on how many people in the castro are offered. services for says how many placements are made and create a comprehensive plan to address those who repeatedly
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declined help. the only way the castro is going to fully recover to the vibrancy that everybody remembers from the castro is to address these issues with the mentally ill. >> and the drug addicted get these people help and get them help. now. >> the castro merchant association says the neighborhood has 21% vacant storefronts right now. they say that number will only grow % with the city doesn't address and tackle homelessness and drug addiction in the area. i'm taylor reporting live back to you. thank you. taylor. there is a proposal in the state legislature. could mean changes for how street-food vendors operate across california. >> a lot of street vendors went to the capitol today calling on lawmakers to pass senate bill 9.72. it passed the assembly today. it would cut red tape that would simplify the retail food code, making it easier. for example, for street vendors to get health permits and health department approved food cooked food carts.
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>> to support this bill is help in street been this build economy, build generational sustain themselves. supporting us mean that you're supporting a small business, but also use a portion of that money. >> the california travel association has some concerns about whether food preparations would meet standards saying the bill strips away tools available to protect the health and safety of the public. that bill now will be headed to the state senate. it will have to pass there before going to the governor's desk. >> today we're getting a better idea of how san francisco's new district attorney plans to run her office. brooke jenkins released a new policy on cash bail in detention. kron four's dan kerman has a closer look. san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins says except in limited misdemeanor cases. >> she has no plans to have her. prosecutors see cash bail the disproportionate impacts
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that cash bail had on mainly communities of color. it, you know, it's people who are socially economically disadvantaged course, which oftentimes correlates with communities of color. and that's something that i did not >> want to ever reinstate for that reason. but jenkins is modifying the office's policies when it comes to asking judges to detain defendants without bail prior to trial. i want to make sure that as a policy we are prioritizing public saf ty in our in our analysis and our process. for example, detention requests may be made for repeat offenders, selling large quantities of fentanyl as well as those involved in violence. anyone who's committing a violent crime in san francisco certainly is a situation where we will be considering filing a pretrial detention motion. like i said, people who have been given less restrictive opportunities to be out in the public while their cases are pending. but who have continued to violate those are are people who we will have to conduct that analysis with people who prior
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violent crime in their history. that's something that we also should be taking into account in assessing the risk that they pose to the public. jenkins predecessor, be dean also instituted a risk based process for requesting no bail detention. but jenkins said the analysis was flawed putting too many chronic and violent offenders back on the street pending trial. the prior simply had a focus on eliminating cash bail, but not making a lawyer's conduct. the analysis correctly on whether or not someone posed a public safety risk such that we needed to take a different course with that person. but in a statement, san francisco's public defender says jenkins tharacterization of this new policy is limited is disingenuous as the stated policy is both broad and vague. already we have a number of misdemeanor attorneys who each have a handful of cases where the prosecutors sought pretrial detention most concerning da jenkins policy will increase
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the number of people caged prior to trial. dan kerman kron. 4 news. the number of deadly crashes in san jose. now up to 43. >> police say a man involved in a crash in may died today of his injuries. that crash happened may 9th in the area of santa teresa boulevard and allen avenue. police say a man driving a 2002 lexus rear and did a truck then suffered a cardiac trauma. both drivers were taken to hospitals. investigators are not releasing the name of the man who died. and 23 people were killed while walking in san jose this year. the last incident was a hit and run in july and city leaders there have launched what they call a traffic camera pilot program to try to help catch criminals with the help of license plate readers. >> they held a meeting today to go over the specifics and address privacy concerns are ella sogomonian. listen into that meeting is here now live in the studio with the
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details. what's going on? well, a lot of people on the call, as you mentioned, we're concerned about privacy. first and foremost. they want to know what these cameras are intended for. >> so listeners on the call were assured that the images that are gathered from the traffic cameras will not be used for anything but to solve crimes that are being actively investigated by local police. the first camera was installed in april at the intersection of moderate and curtner streets. the san jose police department credits et camera for helping them catch to criminals. just this week, each cameras rented for $2800 per year, cpd say is much less than the cost that is dedicated to an officer. if they had one on each street corner that is identified as a high-risk area for either car crashes, shootings and sideshows. >> does not automatically enforce anything like traffic infractions. it's used to support police investigations. and if there is any point in time where a police officer
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florida where the camera automatically pick something up, which in this case is not speed. it is not running a red light. it is exclusively if it is part of which an active investigation that the term. hot list is to say a vehicle. that's part of an active investigation such as stolen. >> the digital privacy officer who you just heard from specified that the cameras will be clearly marked and strictly be used to support investigations, help amber and silver alerts to find stolen vehicles deter reckless driving and enforce parking limits. he went on to say that they will not be used to profile someone based on race, skin tone or any other physical characteristic and it won't be used for anything immigration-related. neither will they be used for automated tickets because that's illegal here in california. they're only looking at the plate itself and rarely if ever do they contain a person in the picture. sjpd only will share images with neighboring law enforcement agencies to help them out in an investigation
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and will not sure footage with federal or out of state agencies. no one will have access to cameras who has access to the cameras can search through the images without having a specific reason. at the end of the day, there has to be a case number for an open investigation to be entered in order to access those files. san jose city council will review and approve the plans to move forward with more camera installations in september live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thanks. l a. >> take a look at this. this is what is left of a back yard in san jose after a grass fire started on the side of 6 ad and then spread onto the adjacent property on east and rife in san jose. flames destroyed a newly-built shed along with an outdoor treadmill and many other items. fortunately, the homes were spared. firefighters managed to quickly put out the fire and neighbor used a hose to slow it down before firefighters arrived. nobody was hurt. the cause of this fire is being investigated.
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>> all right. time for a look at the 4 zone forecast as we look live at a very foggy downtown san francisco. we like the fog, especially during the drive fire season. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with us now with the look at how things are going to be cooling down. yeah, really fortunate so far through this part of summer and got a long way to go. >> right now we've got that on shore breeze. we've got that fog. that's ringing the humidity level up in the atmosphere and that suppress the fire danger around the bay area. still, it was hot spots inland. you're still work your way into the 90's in places like livermore and conquer but said the mid-nineties like yesterday. you're in the low 90's today santa rosa really catching a breath of fresh air with some cooler ocean air moving in. 83 degrees there. so the hot 90 65 degrees right at the average in san francisco. 72 degrees in oakland and 84 degrees in san jose stepping outside right now. we've got plenty of clouds along the coastline, some dense fog, some drizzle moving in along the coast
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right now to 63 in palo alto. 61 in fremont clear skies in the concord, 67 degrees. 72 in pittsburgh, a warm 78 in brentwood and a cool 54 degrees in petaluma. alright, fog all along the western half here. the u.s. you can see the coastal areas and the monsoon start to pick up again. but so far has been a big factor, least not in our area in the desert and has, but the low clouds and fog are really surging on shore today and brought the drizzle along the coastline. measurable amounts will be that way again. i think tomorrow morning. so be prepared for that. we've got a weak trough kind of digging out along the coastline as it begins to move in along the coast. that's just enough to help deepen that marine there and bring us some low clouds and fog. and yes, probably more. that drizzle overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. so don't be surprised to wake up early in the morning. we're talking about along the coastline. that's a good temperatures, of course, up to the beaches. thank you, lawrence. thanks. once first responders and other emergency personnel in contra costa county are no longer required to be vaccinated against covid
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or tests for the virus regularly. the county rescinded the order today, but a year after first issuing it, the county's health department sent us a statement that reads in part, the original health orders were issued last year at a different stage of the pandemic response. the goal of these orders was to reduce the spread of covid through vaccination or screening testing of unvaccinated first responders. a year later, the vaccines remain highly effective at reducing hospitalizations and death from covid. we also now have more tools to fight covid than ever before. house speaker nancy pelosi met with health leaders in san francisco today. her home turf for. >> talking about the change is expected from the inflation reduction act. it is designed to reduce health care and prescription drug costs. we are about the kitchen table of america's working families. how can we lower cost increased paychecks and again, make communities safer. pelosi
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says prescription drug costs have been capped at $2000 and that seniors and others who get insurance through the affordable care act. we'll be able to save on their premiums. >> happening tomorrow, state air regulators are expected to approve laws to phase out the sale of new gas powered cars at banning them altogether by 2035. if this measure passes, it would be the first such banned worldwide and given the size of the california economy, the move would cause a ripple effect across the u.s. car market and other states that followed california's lead on tighter vehicle emissions. well, they could follow suit earlier this year, the biden administration reinstated california's ability to set its own emission standards, a privilege which had been rolled back by the trump administration. the new law would not affect used vehicles, allowing them to be bought and sold beyond 2035. >> in martinez tomorrow,
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vector control workers are planning to spray the water front area. this is for mosquitoes and they'll be doing that between don and 08:00am. we'll use a truckmounted and set aside. that area is bordered on the north by the carquinez strait and on the south by railroad tracks on the west by railroad tracks and abarca darrow street. the problem, of course, a large number of mosquitoes and the ongoing concern over the west nile virus. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10, the race for mayor in oakland is getting messy and more complicated. the controversy over a last-minute change in the deadline for candidates to file. >> also, the alarming spike in dui arrests and one bay area city will have the latest numbers and tell you what police are trying to do about but first, a verdict has been reached in a lawsuit involving photos of the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant. his daughter and 7 others. how much the county of los angeles has been ordered to pa
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call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ angeles county will have to pay kobe bryant's widow, 16 million dollars for deputies and firefighter sharing pictures of the 2020 helicopter crash that killed the basketball star, their daughter and 7 others took cell phone pictures around during the 11 day trial. vanessa bryant testified that news of the photos having heard they were shared around
10:25 pm
violated her privacy and caused emotional distress. the jury deliberated for about 5 hours and reached a verdict on ironically, what is kobe bryant day celebrated in la august 24th because it represents his jersey numbers 8.24, it's also the day after his birthday, kobe bryant. but it turned 44 yesterday. >> in texas, the uvalde school district has fired police chief pete arredondo over his handling of the massacre at robb elementary school, 19 children and 2 teachers were killed. the school board's unanimous vote today came 3 months to the day after the tragedy. the district has been under mounting pressure to punish officers for allowing the gunman to remain inside a classroom with children for more than an hour. arradondo is the first officer to lose his job following that shooting.
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>> nurses providence santa rosa memorial hospital continue to pick it over payroll issues at the facility in july. providence switch payroll systems which caused an error in paychecks. the hospital says the majority of caregiver paychecks have been corrected. but workers tell us the paychecks they received were not correct. and other say they have missed entire paychecks. >> it's just been a i called the peril disaster. i personally was ordered to pay period $1600 people paychecks have heard of unemployed is one. but who had to sleep in a car because she didn't have money for gas. outside of work. she would sleep in a car so she could go to work. >> hospital officials tell us they have been giving off cycle paychecks daily with the correct retroactive pay. however, people picketing told us that's not true. under the union contract, the hospital
10:27 pm
has 7 days to fix any payroll errors. this issue has now been going on for more than a month. >> next at 10 o'clock, the continuing search in the east bay for a missing teenager. we're going to hear from her high school community is they are hoping for her safe return also, all the little boy wants to do is to go to disney world how his family says the community can help make that happen. and a bill to keep some california bars open later has been defeated just like similar bills in the here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health,
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provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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to see transformation come to them. growing controversy in the race for oakland, mayor, the problem, a last-minute change of the filing date that has led to several candidates being disqualified. and one of the mayoral candidates is a civil rights attorney who says what has happened just doesn't add up. kron four's terisa stasio reports. >> more lies with ended meet elisa victory. she was an oakland mayor, real candidate until recently when she was told she didn't make the cut. >> i submitted 100 nomination 50 required. as the middle 11 endorser signatures. only tenant required. >> victory is a civil rights attorney. she says that she and several others were caught off guard recently when the city clerk of oakland.
10:31 pm
>> called on august. 12th. >> and forming. heard there had been a mistake. the deadline to file was that day. the 12th, not the 17th, which was in the candidates printed handbook. i say, you know, what are you reasonably going to do since this is your air? >> they said all we can do is call you directly. you can tell you got to get down here and i did all of that. i guess is very stressful. it was. >> a huge success and milestone just to have filed. i did not find out until tuesday morning when i had to physically walk into the clerk's office because nobody respond to me. but there was any insufficiency in my signatures. victory says she reached out repeatedly to the city attorney's office but hasn't heard back about her disqualification related to her endorser signatures. >> a city spokesperson tells kron 4 the clerk's office made a clerical error looking at the wrong state election code section determining when filing was to take place.
10:32 pm
however, we believe that we need to do everything that we can to make sure that it was a is able to put her name on the ballot council member and candidate sheng tao is supporting victories, fight to be on the ballot to really honor democracy here, right? that's what it's all about. oakland city council member and also made real candidate, loren taylor tweeted his outrage on the deadline fiasco in defendant victories right to be on the ballot as well as 3 other disqualified candidates by the clerk's office. the open spokesperson said that they regret the confusion this has caused, adding, quote, neither the city clerk or any other city official has discretion to alter or waive state election laws, including authority to extend the filing deadline in, quote, victory says that she may seek legal recourse. theresa kron, 4 news. >> candidates to be the next mayor of oakland will be taking part in the nonpartisan forum, the center for elders, independents will host the
10:33 pm
candidates next tuesday at the laney college theater. it starts at 6 o'clock. the candidates will talk about things including senior health care, housing and public safety. >> the search continues tonight for 14 year-old lyla patrick. the teen from pleasant hill has been missing since last saturday. police say she was last seen in oakland wearing pajamas, possibly with a friend possibly headed to antioch. so investigators have been searching for her and all 3 cities. her classmates at college park high and pleasant hill have been circulating photos on social media in the hopes of finding her. >> just knowing that we're missing a student news, but it doesn't become takes away from the whole spirit that we're trying to have to have. you know that about her when she comes back, she's going to be supported by the student body. we're going to be there for her. her family is going to be there for. >> police say there's no indication at this point that patrick has been kidnapped. a reward is being offered for information leading to her
10:34 pm
safe return. >> a former prison warden at the federal prison in dublin is facing charges for alleged abuse of inmates. the department of justice says 55 year-old ray j. garcia is charged with 7 counts of sexually abusive conduct towards 3 women. and one count of making false statements to government agents. the doj says garcia lie to them about his conduct. however, he allegedly asked multiple inmates to undress and touch top 3 victims in a matter. according to officials, a jury trial for garcia is set to start in november. if convicted garcia faces a maximum sentence of 60 years. >> all california bars will continue to close at 02:00am state senator scott wiener had introduced a bill that would extend the hours for alcohol sales. but that did not pass in the state assembly today. the bill would have allowed bars. and san francisco,
10:35 pm
oakland and la to stay open until 03:00am on week nights. 04:00am on weekends. has pushed similar bills before all of them have been defeated. opponents have argued the change would only lead to more drunk driving accidents. south san francisco police are reporting an alarming increase in dui arrests. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon talk to them about what they're doing to try to keep buzz drivers from getting behind the wheel. >> you're looking at a photo of the vehicle on the train tracks here in south san francisco. the adult male driver was arrested for being under the influence. police say the timing was very fortunate because these train tracks are active. 24 hours a day. >> if there was a it would have been. catastrophic. >> it happened in the overnight hours saturday near south linden avenue at dollar street. investigators say officers from a neighboring
10:36 pm
police department followed the vehicle into south city. were officers there assisted in making the that driver pulled onto the tracks. think it was parking lot. >> officers got out subsequently contacted that driver and determined that driver was under the influence south san francisco police officials say in 2022 driving under the influence arrest are up 62% a year to date. we've made 112 arrest. that's from beginning of this year. until about now. that sounds like a lot. it is a lot. it is a lot compared to the 69 dui arrests made at this point in 2021. here are more photos from this year's driving under the influence accidents in south san francisco. investigators say they can't quite put their finger on why there's been an increase in duis. but >> they say they are taking additional steps this weekend to deter it dui checkpoint. >> so we will be out there in force. please do not drink and drive. first of all, you get
10:37 pm
arrested. there's time to go to court and all of that. there's approximately about a little over $13,000 in fines that you'll be facing. i'm not to mention you lose your license and all that for. >> for what? in south san francisco has made you a kron? 4 news. >> homeless camp today in sausalito ys main ship park is no more. you see the fencing here. that's all around. you have signs keeping people out of their crews clear this out last week after reaching a settlement with the group representing the people who had been living there. the homeless camp first formed back in 2020 mile or so south of the park. but when it grew too large for the site, the city allowed residents to move to the park main ship park. and that soon became a problem for many neighbors. >> at the beginning, things were neat and clean because they just arrived. but, you know, i walked by here every day and slowly, you can just see a lot clutter and dirt and
10:38 pm
smells and it would just get to the point where it was so overwhelming >> and get this sausalito officials paid about 30 people, $18,000 each to leave the camp and let them decide where to go next. the city of san francisco is buying 2 more buildings and will the urning them into housing? mayor breed announced today the city received a little more than 73 million dollars in-state homekey awards to buy city gardens on 12th street and mission in on mission street. the purchases would add 250 new homes for people experiencing homelessness, including the first building dedicated to families under the mayor's homelessness recovery plan. the city set a goal of buying or leasing 1500 new units over the course of 2 years. >> now to the 4 zone forecast as we look live sfo another day that had a lot of farc. >> yeah. here we are on wednesday starting to look ahead to the rest of the
10:39 pm
weekend. dare we say the weekend laurent's. yeah. about that. not too far away now, but the monsoon has started make its way back into the state. we saw that last night again this afternoon, the thunderstorms started to pop up. you can see, especially in the desert, some big thunderstorms rumbling through there. and so watching for the possibility of flash flooding, a plan head to southern california, maybe palm springs and those areas. but watch out some big time storms rolling through. look at storms moving through right now. a lake havasu city in the park or and further south. you can see the storms had along. 95 there as well. but you better watch out this entire area tomorrow continuing under a flash flood watch is we're likely going to see return the monsoon tomorrow. those pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon could give rise to some flash flooding. some debris flows got to watch out. if you're traveling in the deserts, the next couple of days. all right. it's all about the fog around the bay area right now. the surge, low clouds moving on shore right now. moving into the bay as we speak and a very thick low layer fog
10:40 pm
settling in for the night. you can see it over san francisco right now. some of the buildings disappearing in the fog tonight and that drizzle already showing up. the good news is the air quality has been fantastic today. another great day with that on shore breeze and that fresh air, a green everywhere you go. and that's what it's going remain. i think for tomorrow, too, as it looks even the high pressure of trying to build in a just can't quite get here. there's a trough of low pressure developing along the coastline. here it is. and that's just enough to deepen. the marine layer brings that nice fresh air ramp up all that fog moving on shore. now tonight. yeah, it's going to be pretty gray in spots overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. that drizzle along the coastline, measurable amounts are probably out toward the beaches to so watch out for that. really probably going to see as much for hundreds, maybe 5, 100's of an inch of precipitation along the coastline and some of the weather spots. so, yeah, that's a pretty significant drizzle event. i think temperature-wise, let's going to be a big break down again. we've seen that's a really the better part of august. now you've got the cool sea breeze along the coastline. you get
10:41 pm
the fog in these temperatures. now, most 30 degrees cooler out toward the beaches in the 50's and the getting close to 90 inland. but these temperatures kind of backing off just a bit. so about 89 degrees in little more about 89 in concord, about 76 degrees in napa. all right. as we look toward the end of the month, if you can believe that we're getting ready for september, these temperatureso looking to cool down as we get into saturday and sunday running a little bit below the average then may be warming up just slightly as we head toward tuesday and wednesday of next week. but you have that fog could be something else. the good news is i'm starting to look at some long range forecast with worry about el nino la nina conditions and drought conditions. we may start to see return to least el nino neutral conditions, maybe possibly el nino conditions by late next winter will see what happens. it it. that means we might get back that rain that we so desperately need could least late-season. yeah. thank you. okay. >> still ahead, we're going to tell you, but a dream trip for a little boy from the east bay who is fighting a rare cancer. what his family says would
10:42 pm
bring the family some much needed, joy. and next in sports, the giants played pretty early today. could they get to in a row in detroit? also check in on raiders and
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants had an early start today. 10:00am local
10:45 pm
time. they were on the field and ready to go in the motor city taking on the tigers and would you look at that? some fans from freeman made their way to detroit. watch this one. so logan webb. he was dealing had a no-hitter into the 5th and simply imploded. victor reyes rips one up the middle that eats up brandon crawford, who is called a 2 run single later in the inning. cody clement. hits a flare to right. another run comes on in to score 3. nothing. tigers, the implosion for web continues. this harold castro hit got wet, pulled from the game. also scored another run. the giants go on to lose. 61. they split the short two-game series with detroit out goes the fans, but they're going to minnesota. so hopefully the judge and get a win for them. there. let's head to oakland a's looking to salvage one against tomorrow. as just give me 1, 6, ending no score with the bases
10:46 pm
loaded. chad pender slices liner to right. that knocked in 2 runs a on top 2 nothing. top of the 9th now marlins down 2 to one. but nick fortes, hi. this one up one swing of the just out of step ground, reach it figuring go to extra bottom of that have now skibo. i love that. last one to center. >> it's deep lineup. >> to bring in the man from 3rd. >> throw home. not even close. a's win 3 to 2. the bronx bombers come to town tomorrow. yankees a's at the coliseum will have a live report from that game. the raiders and patriots have been holding joint practices all week ahead of their preseason matchup this friday. >> for the most part, the players enjoy this atmosphere because they finally get to hit someone who is wearing a different jersey. and according to onlookers that raiders offense looks as good as advertised slicing up that
10:47 pm
patriots defense but their car. he's been around the block. never too high. never too low. he said good practice reps mean nothing. if you can't put it all together in the game show more stuff. you know, it's not as fun l a. you know, for everyone to you know, that kind of stuff. and so i think i've always loved about it. i think if i'm honest, we still room to you know, i think that >> there's some things that we did really well today. there are some things that when we turn the film oh, wow, you know, stuff didn't even catch your some stuff that you ever had a good place for everyone. excited. but like, oh, man, this close to not not been so good, right? and so. i think that you can get a lot accomplished rather than just, you know, 14 or 15, no snaps in the preseason game. >> and if you want to see that's raiders patriots game friday. kron 4 is your place to be raiders. patriots for 38 games. start will have raiders gameday of 4 and then soon as this one wraps up, we'll have
10:48 pm
our post-game show. josh mcdaniels versus old team. a whole lot of drama. the starters will play kron. 4 is your place to be kate rooney kylen mills. they anchored anchor that coverage. this weekend. cooper's will take the court at menlo school and after 10 to raise money for an important cause. the steel mike shoot out tournament was put together to honor the life of michael harris, who is the son of forty-niners former forty-niners president. i should say peter harris, michael was killed in a boating accident back in 2015, harris was a popular basketball player at menlo school. he also worked there as a counselor and a coach sunday's tournament will include a game of knockout, a basketball skills clinic and a silent auction with prizes like warriors luxury suite tickets. proceeds will benefit the children's health council in palo alto. >> well, i wish more than anything in the world that he could be here living his own life to the fullest, the least
10:49 pm
that i can do that is friends can do that is family can do is making sure that we're creating new memories with him. by the way, he's impacting other people through his legacy. so the foundation is our way of creating new memories for michael and how he lives his life and impacting more and more people. >> all ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ ♪ ♪let's go♪ ♪
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♪ahh yeah♪ ♪ ♪step to rhythm like♪ ♪you're going out tonight♪ ♪dance get with the groove and♪ ♪dance get up and move let's♪ ♪dance kick off your shoes and♪ ♪show me how you♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ get a free storage upgrade and case with s pen when you pre-order. ♪dance♪ here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
10:51 pm
downtown districts have really been struggling to climb back to the hustle and bustle of
10:52 pm
prepandemic levels. >> uc berkeley study used information from phones and gps to see which cities are getting the most traffic and found to be 60 to north american cities included in the study, only 4. >> showed increased activity in their downtown areas when compared to march of 2019 here in the bay area. our downtown districts are seeing some of the slowest recoveries. the uc study says of all studies surveyed of all city survey downtown san francisco seeing the slowest recovery, the city's recovery quotient is at 31%, meaning its downtown area was recently seeing only 31% of the activity observed compared to march of 2019 other downtowns throughout california fared significantly better including oakland, san jose and los angeles. alcatraz is getting an infrastructure upgrade. the national park service announced today about
10:53 pm
35 million dollars in federal money is going to the golden gate. national recreation area to repair and seismic lee strengthen the concrete or from the island. the wharf is used by more than a million visitors every year. a dream will soon be coming. true for a little boy battling a very rare form of brain cancer in the east bay. >> he's going to disney world. yeah. excited about a just involvement. spoke with a 5 year-old and his family about how this trip would bring some joy back into their lives. >> you want to go to disney. a trip to the most magical place on earth would be a long ways away from the hospital beds. 5 year-old jammer everson is used to staying in. >> just before his 3rd birthday, his and then bradley everson. notice they're normally active. son did not want to walk or eat at the advice of their doctor. they took straight to the hospital
10:54 pm
where they found jammer had cancer over hunter tumors in his brain and spine. doctors found a very rare brain cancer in the little boy from newark and during the height of the pandemic, he started chemotherapy, which nearly crushed them on the stream and all treatments are not for. >> seeing 3 year-old a 5 year you know, for pediatrics jammers is nonverbal. but his parents notice the one thing that made him happy during his hospital stays. >> watching disney shows now the family has started a campaign with one of the time, a nonprofit with a mission to make sure no sick child feels alone. they are raising money to take a family trip to disney world to bring some joy back to their lives. want to make those memories. and now we actually. >> you have the opportunity, you know, it's just it's it's we just want to see him smiling. want to see them all smile. it's just been rough few years. jammers cancer has no cure. >> but happiness could sure
10:55 pm
help. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. >> the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. that's coming up in about a month will be in golden gate park. yeah, annual festival. and tonight we're learning a little bit more about what's in store, including some artists that will be taking part in the shows. and we have field shows that are in the course work in the park. he'll be held at venues around the city like the fillmore sweetwater, music hall palace of fine arts featured artists include marcus, mumford, bonny light horseman and moon. hardly strictly will be held this year from september. 30th to october. 2nd. >> and the silicon valley pride festival and parade coming to downtown san jose. that's this weekend. it will be from 8.30, until noon from north market from a west julian street to west san fernando. that festival begins at 6 saturday night at plaza
10:56 pm
de cesar chavez noon on sunday contestants from american idol andrew post queen of the universe will be there. >> and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us one last time for a check of the forecast and the fog isn't going away. no, pretty thick out there right now. and folks along the coastline, you have to worry about some pretty thick fog and some drizzle a little slick on the roadways early tomorrow morning by the afternoon, becoming partly cloudy. the breeze, though it is blown over. san francisco looks very, very great outside temperatures. 50's coast side. still some 60's in the bay still warm. 76 degrees if you believe that an antioch but overall looks like this trough of low pressure along the coastline. that's going to kind of hang around for another day. and that means it's going to just be enough to ramp up that marine layer, these more fog and low clouds and keep you cool out toward the beaches overnight. those going to be mainly in the 50's outside as we head toward tomorrow afternoon to find warm weather away from the coast. lot of 70's a few ways in the santa clara valley. still upper 80's in spots and then cool 50's and 60's co
10:57 pm
site. here's your 10 10 for as we take you toward the end of the month. and here we go. temperatures the next couple days, roughly the same cooling down with a cold front moving in on saturday and sunday as we head toward late next week. the beginning of the next month is thursday, september first. but looks like the temperatures then partly cloudy skies. cool. still on the coast, august kind of re spot. that's all gone by. so fast summer, it's going to come to a clise. speaking of coming to a close eye, that's it for kron. 4 news at 10. thanks for being with us and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> have a good day.
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