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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  August 25, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> and that breaking news, former san francisco public works. director mohammed nuru sentenced to 7 years in federal prison for taking bribes while he held the position. thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5, everybody on vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. nuru was arrested in january of 2020 and has been at the center of this federal investigation ever since. >> our dan kerman is at san francisco city hall been following the sentence hearing all day long, what can you tell us at this point?
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>> actually, we're live at the federal courthouse and it was just here about an hour ago where nuru was sentenced. his attorneys had wanted night. his attorneys wanted 3 years. i should say he could have been sent into as many as 14 years in federal prison. it ended up at 7. >> former san francisco public works director mohammed nuru was sentenced thursday to 7 years in federal prison and a $35,000. fine after pleading guilty to accepting more than a half million dollars in bribes and kickbacks. prosecutors say over 12 years nuru betrayed the public trust by accepting money, trips and other goods and services from city contractors and developers in return for steering city business their way. prosecutors sought 9 years saying nuru believed he was above the law and the lengthy sentence would deter other public officials from taking part in this level of corruption. new ruse attorneys called for a 3 year sentence saying extra years, don't create more deterrents. they also pointed out new routes,
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recent heart attack his diabetes and his years of community service as contributing factors on his way out of court. nuru had nothing to say to reporters. but in a letter to the judge, his attorneys say he indicated both shame and remorse. >> now, again, nuru just the first of these many blocks that have fallen since his arrest. there have been other government figures as well as private individuals who have either been arrested already have pleaded guilty to corruption charges in this city hall corruption scandal. >> that's the latest reporting live from the federal courthouse in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> thank you, dan. and reaction to newer sentences coming into the newsroom tonight. the fbi, san francisco bureau releasing a statement that reads in part today's sentence sends a clear message that public officials who abuse their power for personal gain will be punished. the fbi's investigation into this case is not over. we will continue to unravel and disrupt
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corruption within the city of san francisco. and we're also hearing from the san francisco public works department. their statement reads in part, we maintain its 0 tolerance policy when it comes to an ethical and or illegal behavior among our staff. despite the challenges at no time did the hard working men and women of san francisco public works waiver from our obligations to take care of our city. and we just received this statement from mayor breed's office. it says that the mayor has fully supported the federal investigation from the beginning and has encouraged full participation by all city employees. >> it's critical that those who break the law and violate the public trust are held accountable. the mayor's focus over the last 2 years has been restoring that trust by implementing reforms and bringing new leadership that serves the residents of the city and the hard-working people who work in our department. >> enough is enough. that is the message coming from an alameda county supervisor tonight, nate miley who says
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he's is fed up with all the recent crime in oakland and as our kron four's haaziq mod-yoon reports for us tonight. >> he's not alone in not holding back his disapproval of the cities handling of public safety. >> you know, i'm i'm extremely angry. >> alameda county supervisor nate miley has had enough of what he calls lawlessness in oakland, anyone, city leaders to do something about it but pushed me over the edge >> was this most recent killing of of the the dennis over little try a little aside gone. i mean, we've seen dispensaries that have been robbed. we've seen smash-and-grabs. we've seen strong armed robberies. same side shows we've seen so much going on in oakland that the lawlessness is just out of >> is the city leadership not meeting this moment? >> i mean, i would hate to. go on record, but i really have to because i try to stay in my
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lane. i don't think the city's the city leadership is meeting this moment just because it doesn't seem to diminishing. it seems to be increasing. have you reached out to the city council? president council president? i had a conversation to conversations. in fact, supervisor miley is calling out the president of the oakland city council. nikki fortunato bass and her council colleagues as elected leaders tasked with keeping the city safe. and as a resident of the city for 40 years. >> or as a taxpayer in the city who we pay a lot of taxes and the city city. government has an obligation to us for public safety as a core service. and i think their family and he is not alone and no longer holding back his disapproval of the oakland city council is handling the public safety. earlier this week i spoke to oakland, chinatown, chamber of commerce, president carl chan who had this to say. >> i know i'll be ripple deeply politically correct. i have to say it's ok, you know.
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council member of the senate district kind of down in week in they decide on area in district 2, you know, and you know, she's not doing the best job, ok? >> oakland city council president nikki fortunato defends her record on public safety. i am incredibly proud of my record. >> to promote safety and a vibrant community in little saigon where there has been an increase of violence. we're doing a number things. i'm working directly with our community in the area are community. our businesses as well as our chinatown community in little saigon. i have outdated money in our budget so that we can create a business improvement district. i have money in our budget. and i spoke with the deputy chief about opening up a police watch station or substations. so there can be more police presence. however,
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supervisor miley is saying it is not enough and is calling on the council president to convene an emergency public safety meeting and to include him because he says he is willing to help. i would come to the table and offer whatever suggestions. >> recommendations i can provide to the city leadership and i would bring the county officials, the sheriff's department, the district attorney, a public defender probation, a public health who ever we need to bring to the table to be a part of that discussion. >> haaziq kron. 4 news. >> in the north bay, samara fell. police are looking for 2 men who they believe robbed a 7.11 in car jacked one of the customers. the incident happened at the 7.11 on north of san pedro street tuesday. early in the morning. police say that the 2 man in the picture entered the store with guns. they demanded cash. they took the money and then carjacked one of the customers and ran away. officers were able to locate the victim's car on been dola drive. but
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could not find the suspects. anybody with information is being asked to call sandra fell. police license plate readers are coming to conquered. the city council voted to bring them. that's expected to cost about $800,000. >> 65 cameras will be installed all over the city and on some police cars. the city says the information from those cameras will go into a police database. the idea they say is to help officers with ongoing investigations that might involve stolen cars or amber alerts. the cameras will be installed over the next 3 to 6 months. >> california will begin phasing out gas-poweled cars with the deadline of 2035, the california air resources board unanimously approved that policy today once in effect, people would still be allowed to drive gas cars and purchased used ones. there are a lot of questions you because you can imagine with this remove we get the very latest now from our capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace. >> the meeting here lasted
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some 5 hours in the bottom line is this in 13 years time, all new cars sold in california must be electric. >> and us, all right. >> with that in animals vote, the california air resources board officially approved a plan that come 2035. will require all new cars and passenger trucks sold in california to be electric. today's action by the air resources board will bring cleaner air to california. >> bill mcgahan with the coalition for clean air attended the meeting to express his support for the plan. a plan that by 2026 will require. 35 1% of new cars sold in california to be electric with that number. increasing to 68% by 2030. and finally 100% by 2035. to any hope of delivering healthy air to californians we need to reduce pollution from motor vehicles. but the plan has some concerned about how it
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could be implemented with opponents pointing out of california energy commission study showed the state has just over 70,000 plug-in charging stations. now but will need 1.2 million by 2030, to meet electric vehicle demand. very admirable goal to want to create cleaner, greener, healthier communities. >> but at what cost? we have to make sure that this works for job creators. that board members say this is the right move for california. this is solvable. >> and think we have no choice but to move forward. but thoughtfully, this is really historical as many said. >> and in ways that, you know, we're going to look back on this day and say how amazing it was, what pulled off. so kudos to everyone. >> now, this will not apply to used cars and anyone wishing to buy a new car after 2035. can do so. but of course, only across state lines reporting here at the california state capitol, a tonn wallace kron. 4 news. >> as california abandons these gas powered cars today
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in richmond to congressman john garamendi as well as county and city leaders attended the road to 0 of end and they discuss their vision of how to transform hydrogen into transportation power. >> are seeing around you. assure hydrogen fuel. partnership is not new. a day spent 20 years. just to make happen. now. and we can bring energy systems. >> renew renewable >> and it's going to be hydrogen. experts from the carla industry also attended the event they shared their knowledge of the latest technologies from fuel cell and hydrogen innovators. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at 5, the former president's political and legal future at stake. the deadline a federal judge has given to justify the
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fbi search. trump's south florida home for classified and the warning leaders in california are issuing to the federal government about monkeypox vaccines in the state. >> and we've got a live look right now. traffic on interstate 80 in were an accident involving a big rig is backing up the. >> evening commute. as you can see there. we're going to bring you the latest details. >> meteorologist lawrence karnow. lots of fog along the coastline. lots of sunshine everywhere else. and the monsoon is back. we'l
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and we're following a major traffic alert in vallejo involving a big rig, a crash on interstate 80 west of highway. 37 has traffic all backed up. you see that big rig there, which is kind of perpendicular, not where it should be. chp says the left lane is blocked in the westbound direction and the left and center lanes are closed in the eastbound direction. this is a picture from the scene. quite an issue here. chp warning drivers to expect delays use alternate routes to avoid the area. it's not clear when the lanes will be back open, but you saw the chopper land there. the chp says 5 vehicles as well as the big rig were involved, that we don't know exactly what led to the crash, but we have traffic updates always on kron 4 dot com and we'll continue to follow the situation. they're
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near interstate 80, 80 and highway 37. all right. let's go and get a check of our weather around the bay now conference chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, guys, little of fog out there tonight. again, as you can see, more of that fog and even more drizzle along the coastline, maybe not. >> as wet as last night, but what what enough? the fog already begin to push on shore in a san francisco into the golden gate bridge right now on more on the way for in the valleys, lots of sunshine there. pretty comfortable fact. still warm. 85 degrees little more. it is 78 in san jose 50's with that fog along the coastline. 71 in san mateo, 64 degrees. a little breezy in alameda right now in the north bay. you've got 82 degrees in novato. 72 in petaluma and 77 degrees in santa rosa. all right. things getting active again. of course, we have the fog along the coastline. lot of drizzle overnight up toward the beaches early on. and then here comes the monsoon again in southern california. get over the southern sierra nevada, but really out of the desert, some the desert seen some big time. thunderstorms rolling through near palm springs in the south in the pine valley. look at the cells
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are rotating on through. they're looking for the possibility of some flash flooding all throughout that area that continuing thursday at 10 o'clock in the evening. so return of some of those storms tomorrow. if you're traveling in that direction, be very, very careful. love goya, anywhere east of riverside. we'll likely see some more the monsoon roll through there. the possibility of some more flooding right back. the bay area, though, we're talking about some pretty nice weather outside. in fact, tomorrow afternoon should be a nice day. you can see these temperatures. yeah, into the 80's. maybe some low 90's. well inland 60's and around the bay. maybe some 80's in the santa clara valley 50's and 60's co side over the next couple of days. well, we've got some changes coming. a big cool down in the works as we head in towards saturday. keep those numbers down through sunday and monday and then looks like we'll start to warm things up toward the middle of next week. but this weekend, yeah, another cold front come through more fog and clouds and drizzle and much cooler. he'll take the moisture keep the ground somewhat wet. absolutely. the calls for more monkeypox vaccines the time this time
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coming from senator alex padilla. >> the senator visited the vaccine clinic at zuckerberg, san francisco general hospital today. he is urging the federal government to stand at least 600,000 more doses here to california. nesbitt joins us now live from the newsroom with a look at them. how that number compares to the need for doses in san francisco. anywhere close the department of public health in san francisco had initially requested. 35,000 doses of the jail's vaccine. the department's director saying today that the virus could become endemic if that need is met and that soon. >> friday will mark the one 100th day since the first reported case of monkeypox in the u.s.. >> and the speeches at podiums continue this time. senator alex padilla calling for 600,000 more vaccines for the department of health and human services sustained periods of limited vaccine availability early on in the public health crisis. >> is a recipe for disaster. california surpassing 3,000
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m-pox cases, the second highest in the nation behind new york and san francisco director of the department of public health doctor grant colfax says. >> 12,000 shots of the vaccine are needed to stop the spread. if we don't do enough, we face the possibility that this disease could become endemic. >> and continue to harm people for the foreseeable future. while some parts of the country have started to offer second doses, san francisco's vaccine clinics continue to prioritize. first shots only infectious disease expert at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says those concerned about the delay should be put at ease knowing the effectiveness of first doses. >> the jumps out of the cars re the first shot and that boosters, just a reminder to the union says some in the same way, we think about boosters for covid vaccines. he expects second shots will be offered here within the next 6 months. cases continue to rise. but at slower rates. and the doctor says he's seeing a drop in serious cases crediting vaccines and those who have already tested because if you hot
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>> and parks, you not going to get it again. we think that you have. immunity for many years, if not lifelong. >> doctor colfax said today that the san francisco department of public health is expecting to get 8,000 more vaccine soon. but he did seem a bit skeptical of that promise from the feds referencing the last shipment of 1600 doses, which is far less than the 10,000 that came before that reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> thank you, rob. a new study reveals pfizer's. >> paxlovid actually provides little to no benefit for middle aged adults. researchers found that the drug did not help reduce hospitalizations for patients aged 40 to 65. but the drug did prove extremely useful for those 65 and older. that age group saw a 73% drop in hospitalizations and an 81% to lower risk of death. the study was published in the new england journal of medicine.
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>> the vehicle, paul pelosi was driving the night. he got a dui earlier this year is right here. and it's up for auction. the 2021 porsche, 9.11, carrera s is currently at a lot in martinez. this is video from that crash scene. the estimated retail value of the porsche, $168,000. however, there will almost assuredly be a good amount of money knocked off that price tag due to damage from this accident. the has been to house speaker nancy pelosi was driving the vehicle back in may when it was hit by a non-injury collision. no serious injuries. dash cam footage obtained by kron 4 this week shows pelosi refusing a breathalyzer. this is the mug shot and instead asking for a field sobriety test which he failed. pelosi pleaded guilty to dui charges earlier this week. 2 people pleaded guilty in a scheme to sell items stolen from president biden's daughter.
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>> in twenty-twenty, amy harrison moved into a room recently occupied by ashley biden. harris told a friend that she discovered some items left behind, including biden's diary. they eventually contacted conservative group project verot hassan travel to new york to sell them the items they were paid $20,000. each. they were ultimately charged with conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property. they face up to 5 years in prison. >> for the second morning in a row, the home of a controversial republican congresswoman was the target of a swatting incident. swatting is when somebody makes a fake 9-1-1, call and then swat teams sometimes rushed to the location. georgia police responded to a swatting call at marjorie taylor greene's home early this morning. the call was received on what appeared to be a suicide crisis line from an internet chat. police say the caller was upset about green's position on transgender rights. no response yet from green's office. it's very
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disorganized. and people are going to die. still ahead, more republican led states will ban abortions this week as >> so-called trigger laws go into effect. what the white house is committed to doing to try to protect women's
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>> more republican led states will ban almost all abortions this week following the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v wade. plus,
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take effect today in oklahoma, tennessee and texas. a federal judge temporarily blocked a similar ban in idaho scheduled to take effect today. our washington correspondent jessi tenure has more. >> many of the states, including oklahoma, already have anti abortion laws in place. but these new measures further restrict the procedure. that's a hopeful day. top republican leaders and a handful of red states including tennessee governor bill lee celebrate near total bans on abortion taking effect thursday that we protect the lives of the unborn. tennessee's law bans the procedure except in the case of severe or life-threatening health conditions for the patient and even then local doctors say they still worry about facing legal consequences. these laws will lead to fewer health care workers entering the primary care profession. a new ban in texas mir's tennessee's. it's very disorganized >> and people are going to die. oklahoma's ban calls for up to 10 years in prison and $100,000 fine for performing
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an abortion and idaho's measure makes anyone who performs an abortion subject to a felony. but a federal judge just ruled that state can't enforce this in medical emergencies until a challenge from the department of justice is decided the action as the biden administration's first lawsuit to protect reproductive rights since the u.s. supreme court overturned roe v wade in june. and we're going to be can committed to restoring the protections of roe. white house press secretary karine jean pierre says president biden sees protecting reproductive rights as a major reason for voters to elect democrats in november's midterms. women across the country. we're going to continue to make their voices heard to rick klien rights. >> taken from them by the supreme court. a kaiser family foundation poll found 61% of u.s. adults want their state to guarantee abortion access. >> and without row, about half the states in the country could eventually restrict or ban abortion in washington. jessi tenure. >> housing for the homeless. the local city getting more
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than 50 billion dollars to build affordable housing. >> plus, a training ground for new deputies. that's how some people who live in marin city referred to how the sheriff's office over polices that mostly black mayor in neighborhood was now watching deputies more closely. >> and political analyst michael yaki joins us live right after the break to talk about the judge's decision to about the judge's decision to release a here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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