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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  August 25, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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the way? and it wasn't much the security guards could do in barnett's case telling me the eventually targets loss. prevention team identified him because he was recognized from prior incidents. >> last week he was arrested in san leandro. he was booked into jail and charged in connection with the deaths. he's already been arraigned. shoppers say people are committing these crimes because they are desperate, think is this and it happened. yeah, inflation is. skyrocketed to gas prices that it was still some shoppers do not sympathize with targets last target. they make so much money every single day. who cares? damian garnet is also tied to other grand thefts throughout the bay area in alameda, philippe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> investigators in pleasant hill are still searching for 14 year-old lyla. patrick. the high school freshman has been missing since saturday. she
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was reportedly last seen wearing pajamas and her last known location was somewhere in oakland. police say it is possible she left her house in pleasant hill with a friend and was headed to antioch. >> san francisco state university police are looking for a man wdo is said to be responsible for an assault that left some one hospitalized. police say it happened tuesday afternoon near the school's gym on fund boulevard. the victim may have suffered a head injury when officers arrived, the attacker had already run away. the suspect described only as about 30 years old, 6 foot 5 so tall, heavy build short black hair with a beard and mustache. anybody with information is asked to call police. national news now and a judge in florida has ordered the redacted affidavit from the fbi connected to that search of former president trump's home in florida to be unsealed. and they expect that to happen by noon tomorrow at the latest. and of course, the
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big question, what is in those 700 pages of documents marked? >> classified, brooke shafer has the story. >> 2 weeks after the search of former president trump's home, the public will soon get the chance to see a redacted version of the search affidavit. the document could give us some answers into why the federal government sought a search of trump's mar-a-lago estate. the doj has pushed back on releasing the document in its entirety. so several legal experts say we should expect to see a heavily redacted affidavit. you can include me among those people who expect to see large chunks of redacted pages. a lot of just black. >> and nothing there. but a few words. there's a lot of information here which is sensitive to the investigation, which is classified from judge bruce reinhart motion on thursday afternoon. we know he agreed with the government's proposed redactions. >> we won't learn things like the identities of witnesses and law enforcement agents in
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the search of mar-a-lago or the investigation strategy. several media outlets and some attorneys have argued for the documents release citing intense public and historical interest. the public has a right to know why the government our love, go and search and then government has an equal interest the morning prevent any of the facts from being disclosed. >> in an effort to try to prevent investigation can gauge ever nice. this highly anticipated decision comes as an exclusive news nation decision desk hq poll shows 61% of people who responded approved of the fbi search of mar-a-lago. >> 62% trust the fbi and 57% trust the department of justice. but mister trump has continued to push back on the search altogether on his social media site. truth social today, he called the search illegal and said the fbi took things that should not have been taken.
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>> that was brooke shaffer reporting. well, for the second morning in a row, the home of a republican congresswoman, marjorie taylor. greene was the target of a swatting incident. that's when somebody makes a fake 9-1-1, call and then swat teams descend on that location. police in rome, georgia, showed up early this morning again, they say the call came in on what appeared to be a suicide crisis line caller reportedly was upset - about green's position on transgender rights. there's been no comment from green's office. >> all right, taking a live look outside on this thursday night that the bay bridge toll plaza and we have a good amount of fog here in some parts of the bay. and lawrence is back as a beginning to affect flights yet is. so finally, they're seeing some delays that have been talking very minute delays at all of that which is somewhat unusual. but out there tonight that fog rolling in there have been some minor delays half an hour there. you can see 27
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minutes in san francisco on arrivals and departures. oakland, no delays being reported there. san jose, no delays. if you're headed out there as well. we've got the fog, though, surging back on shore that on shore flow. the drizzle along the coastline and well, here we go. we're going to really fill in deeply i think tonight with low clouds and the fog surging well into the tri valley right to the delta as well. and that trough of low pressure just continues along the coastline. and that's deepening that marine layer so likely going to see some drizzle again out toward the beaches, a little damp out there early on. if you're headed out and about to be careful. watch out for that about 61 degrees. maybe a little wet in the sunset overnight. tonight, 68 downtown san francisco should be about 61 in pacific uncool. 62 little drizzle in the half. moon bay inside the bay. the temperatures warming up in the 60's as you make a way in burlingame, almost 70 degrees, little breezy in the afternoon. 71 in foster city. 75 in woodside. 77 amount to the south bay looking a lot of 80's tomorrow afternoon. should be a nice warm friday around the bay area. as you head inland and the temperatures a little bit on
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the hot side, low 90's, i think well inland, you get to dublin and also the livermore about 75 in union city. 85 moraga 72 in san lando, 90 degrees in danville about 88 in concord. 85 degrees in pittsburgh and 92 in hot into fairfield back toward the coastline. still low clouds and fog continue and that will keep you cool. their 50's and 60's beaches on the north bay. but and that we've got a big cool down for every one of those places that have been looking at those temperatures hovering in the 90's the past week or so. i think finally, some heat mid 80's as we head in towards saturday. slightly warmer on sunday. thanks, lawrence said next, police say 2 people were trying to sell the diary of a president's daughter how they ended up in jail. >> also, paul pelosi's wrecked porsche up for auction last trip in the 90 drunkenly crashed in napa.
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when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> the car paul pelosi was driving the night. he got a dui in may. it's now up for auction. see it here in the lot. the 2021 porsche, 9.11, carrera s is in martinez that the lot the estimated retail value 168,000 bucks is presume. so obviously it's going to be sold for a lot less. you would think since he got banged up in the accident that night, the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi was arrested and charged with dui and causing injury. dash cam video. the kron 4 obtained this week shows pelosi
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refusing a breathalyzer test here and instead asking for a field sobriety test, which he failed. pelosi pleaded guilty to dui charges this week. >> 2 people have pleaded guilty in a scheme to sell things that had been stolen from president biden's daughter in 2020. amy harris tpmoved into a room recently occupied by ashley biden. she reportedly discovered things left behind including bidec's diary. they were eventually sold to the conservative group project vera tops harris and a man named robert kerr lander were each paid $20,000. eventually they were charged with conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property and they face up to 5 years in prison. as russia's war in ukraine passes the 6 month. mark president vladimir putin orders. >> his military to get bigger. putin wants to boost his armed forces by 137,000 people bringing the total to a little
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more than 2 million people in the military. he didn't say if he'll use the draft recruit more volunteers or do a combination of both the u.s. defense department said last week up to 80,000 russian troops have been killed or wounded since the invasion. >> a ukrainian nuclear plant was temporarily cut off from the electric grid today because of fire damage to a transmission line. that plant is right in the middle of fighting between ukraine and russia. russian shelling his being blamed for the damage backup generators had to be activated. but moscow is accusing ukraine of recklessly firing on the facility in any event. the problem caused a blackout and it has heightened fears of a catastrophe in that area which is still haunted by the chernobyl disaster. >> the a's will play host to the yankees tonight at coliseum. kylen mills is there. we'll have a full report next. in sports.
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as this game is getting already boast one of the best hitters in baseball in outfielder aaron judge new york slugger just hit his 40th home run of the season yesterday. as you continue, some are short history. judges on the brink of becoming just the 6th player in mlb history to hit 60 homers in a season before the trade deadline. new york was in need of a strong number 2 in their rotation. and that's where former a's ace frankie montas comes in. oakland picked up left-handed pitcher, jp sears and prospects lefty ken waldichuk righty. luis medina and second baseman cooper bowman will send him on toss and reliever. lou trivino to new york. montana's won't pitch in this series, but he was all smiles in the dugout for the game. montas said it's just great to be back in oakland, yankees manager aaron boone said it will be interesting play against 2 former yankees on the mound the next 2 you know. >> james is here before i was here a big-time prospect coming up in just come over here and done well for them.
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and jp, you know, we we saw. in some important games for us already this year, he's done a good job over there. so it's good to see those guys. i got say i didn't change law so they do a couple hours. he'll out on the field. so it's good to see them. but we turn the page and get to the competition. you're pretty sure. >> yankees outfielder giancarlo stanton returns tonight after missing more than a month with left achilles tendon night as he will dh in the 3 spot for new york first pitch. just a place. we'll have a look at the action coming up later on tonight in sports. meanwhile, on the gridiron, the forty-niners taking on the houston, texas, their final preseason game. we have seen some of the starters in action in this one tonight going on right now, by the way, quarterback trey lance, what 7 of 11 throwing for 49 yards will be exact once in. 22 snaps. he was under pressure
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quite a bit as the offensive line struggled to score. right now is 7 zip at half time. we'll have those highlights coming up at 8 o'clock. some major news of the nba today, the oklahoma city thunder announced that prize rookie forward chet holmgren will miss the entire upcoming season with a serious fracture in his right foot. colbert was her playing at a pro and game last weekend in seattle againsr lebron james. the injury to the number 2 pick up this year's nba draft dims the thunder's outlook for the 2022. 23 season significantly. it also could have an impact and whether or not teams allow their players to play in these pro am games or scrimmage is in the offseason. that's all we have for sports at 6 o'clock for now live at the coliseum and i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> all right. thanks very much. and reaction to president biden's student loan forgiveness plan is coming in. it includes people who argue it is too little people who say it's too much a sensitive subject for the many people struggling to pay for and
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education. but a new poll from news nation shows 47% of >> respondents said the cost of attending college made them. or their family rethink whether or not to go at all. it is so expensive. rich mchugh talked to some experts about how colleges and universities are able to charge so much. >> for most americans paying for college will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest expense they face in their lifetime averaging on the low end $10,740 per year for public in-state tuition. 2 $38,070 for private college tuition. but those are averages. many are nearly double that amount. the university of chicago ranking highest at 79,000, $356 per year. that's 317,000, $424 over 4 years, according to data from the college board, the cost of going to college
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has skyrocketed rising at 5 times, the rate of inflation over the last 50 years. the question >> is why we've been selling college as part of the american dream. beth akers, author of making college pay and some people are willing to pay any price. that's a huge drive up and demand for higher education that allows colleges and universities to continue to raise the price year after year after year, the cost of college has gone up as we have as a country decided to subsidize higher education. naomi schaefer riley is the author of the faculty lounges. so the more we have thrown at pell grants and other forms of financial aid and grants, the more college administrators have felt free to raise tuition. and you could see these graphs just go up just like this. one of these universities and colleges using this money for one of the things that you definitely seen balloon in recent is the number of administrators on college campuses. there are all sorts of, you know, new deans of students to have new
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to ensure that there aren't too many microaggressions to ensure that kids are having fun and enjoying themselves. you know, to deal with remedial education, schaefer riley, are you schools are spending like crazy. >> installing lazy rivers on campus. >> paying their football coaches 11 million bucks a year. but spending fewer of those dollars on education itself. so colleges of said, oh, we can cut costs on the teaching, which is, of course, exactly where you want them to be putting their resources because for most parents, the whole point of going to college for good is that they are learning something. but colleges are like, oh, well, we take the cafeteria will take the lazy river will will have these high-profile tenured professors or publishing books and where we're going to cut costs is actually in the classroom. and i think that's probably what's most outrageous about the ladies. budgets are working. acres believes the power to bring the costs down. >> rest in part with the students. i want to say let
6:51 pm
the colleges do what they need to do to create the best experience for the student. the only way we're going to rein in costs is to empower consumers. that is the students to be critical of what it is that the institutions are selling them. if we empower them to be able to walk away when the price is too high and make sure they understand what it is they're paying. i think that's what's going to really bring price back in line with value in the long run. fascinating conversation that was rich mchugh reporting for us tonight. >> all right. whether time now to get a check on the 4 zone forecast. a live look here from the top of mount temple, pius where the fog is making its way over the marin headlands there. yeah, that's a beautiful shot. a lawrence is back. once you've keeping an eye on air quality, how does it look? yeah, looking good out there. you've got that on shore breeze blowing again. and we've really been fortunate so far. the better part of some are more of a westerly component, the winds. so even if we had some fires around the state, not seeing much of that smoke roll back into the bay area. so outside
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tonight, the fog is thickening up again. moving back on shore. you can see pushing in the bay right now as you look from the east bay hills and filling in and of course, toward the golden gate bridge racing through there right now. and the good news is most spots looking good. we've got mostly green out there except for eastern slama county. do have one area in yellow. well out there in the distance. but otherwise we're looking at some very good air quality likely to stay that way again for tomorrow afternoon. the sea breeze just keeps ramping up here. it's bringing us plenty of low clouds and fog. but on the upside, we get that nice. fresh air outside as well. you see the clouds out there right now all along the western half of the u.s. that will continue to be the case again tomorrow. that area of low pressure off the coastline will call in any swirling around out there making its way toward the coastline and wrapping up that marine layer once again, we're going to see that trough again, be reinforced by another front dropping out of the gulf of alaska. that will keep the cool air in place along the coastline for tonight. maybe a little more drizzle out there as well to temperatures tomorrow afternoon, maybe a degree or 2 warmer inland,
6:53 pm
maybe about 91 in lemore. 91 in antioch, about 78 napa and about 60 degrees in downtown san francisco. but then that cold front comes sweeping through as we head in towards saturday. i think that's going to be the temperatures down. mid 80 should feel a lot more comfortable for most valleys on saturday. slightly warmer on sunday, but comfortable and a little warmer as we head toward the middle of next week. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, not every day you get to hold an alligator and the police officers in michigan who consider this a highlight of their day. - you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours.
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>> catch for them little bit. that could take bigger. >> it's called again. >> it's fine because it's not huge, but discovering an alligator is really common for officers in florida, but not kalamazoo, michigan, where this is body camera video here shows just how so excited officer vicki anderson was when she and colleagues found the reptile this weekend or son was, guess you can say the braves to the bunch picking the gator up and taking it too. animal control. >> she said it was the national park service celebrating its 106 birthday today on this day in 1916,
6:57 pm
president woodrow wilson signed the national park service organic act into law today, the agency manages protected land, including national parks and monuments and all 50 states. the park's cover 113,000 square miles. that's about the size of germany. roughly 300 million visitors come to the parks every year, including, of course, you're basically in our backyard. a reminder reservation still required to drive through yosemite during peak hours and summer and for the upcoming labor day weekend, the tickets. we'll go on sale tomorrow morning heading.
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yep, that is exclusive. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: courtroom outrage. the husband on trial for kidnapping and raped his wife. >> you raped me. >> announcer: so why is he cross-examining her on the stand? >> you did attacked me. >> announcer: how could this happen? then... dog versus mail carriers. >> a 61-year-old when mauled to death by a pack of five dogs. >> announcer: wait until you went here what happened to this mail carrier. >> grabbed my arm come if you like it took us within. >> announcer: and the pastor arrest him. he was


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