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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 26, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> now it and that breaking news takes us to oakland where police say 3 people have died in a shooting and the crash. good evening. thanks for being with us tonight on kron, 4 news at 10, i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan. pam and ken are off tonight. >> we first told you about this incident at 08:30pm, tonight, oakland police say it was a shooting that happened on mlk junior way and just after 7 tonight. police say they spotted a collision with several cars involved. full look live here at the scene
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right now in oakland. investigators say they also found a cyclist who had apparently been hit by a car and was pronounced dead at 2 other people were also found a dead. they had gunshots, identities of the victims are being withheld pending notification of next of kin. also in oakland tonight, police are looking for the man who fired shots on a bart train. it happened this afternoon shooting and injuring a man. it happened at the fruitvale bart station about one 30 on a daily city-bound train. police say the gunman shot the victim and shot at him several times before getting off. obviously chaos on the train. people were. >> on it and then the guy right away hasn't been caught. kron four's gayle ong has the latest. >> bart police remained on scene at the lake merritt station in oakland friday. that's where officers responded to a man with a gunshot wound. according to bart police chief and alvarez.
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the man was shot around one. 25 pm on a daily city-bound train leaving the fruitvale station. one individual opened fire with a handgun and wounded another male. >> the suspect immediately board that train and ran out of the flu bill, start for station and is currently still at large. the victim continued on to that on the train to the lake merritt station. >> the man shot was taken to highland hospital with life-threatening injuries. chief alvarez says the victim was likely targeted. >> we have no reason to believe that this was not a random attack. we are actively pursuing leads to apprehend the suspect. >> the shooting prompted major delays. trains stopped running at lake mary due to the investigation. service was later resumed. kron 4 caught up with bart riders about the incident. well, that kind of ruins the safety i've got to get home, will be coming back this way. i'm more concerned about safety on bart.
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>> now than i was just a couple of years ago. it seems like it's not as safe as it used to be. bart laid out safety measures in a statement that reads in part, quote. >> bart has a historically high number of uniformed safety staff on platforms and trains, including police officers dedicated to riding trains, new unarmed ambassadors, community service officers and fare inspectors. in addition, bar has a network of more than 4,000 cameras onboard train cars in stations and other public areas. chief alvarez's also assuring writers shootings on bart trains are rare, very traumatic. >> enclosed areas. so we understand the banks. there are writers would being in an enclosed area such as a bart train, luckily high presidents and having more present in our system were mitigating some of these issues from recurring. the chief says multiple cameras captured the shooting. a description of the suspect will be released. >> after the agency reviews surveillance video. so i will continue to take end just.
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>> be and hope that. the police presence increases or are there more safety measures being taken? >> you kron 4 news. >> a two-year investigation by the chp is golden gate division resulted in the arrest of 5 people who are said to be involved in a large scale cargo theft operation. the chp says the suspects are responsible for more than 1 million dollars in stolen cargo. you see it all there as well as the seizure of $250,000 in cash. the raid happened earlier this month with the help of the southern california division. >> this bust was was huge for us. its service to southern california. we're very fortunate. obviously, that has statewide agency. we have resources from, you know, here all the way down to la. we were able to work with our counterparts of our southern division as well as various different law enforcement organizations down there be
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able to identify and locate these individuals and conduct this raid. >> items recovered include products from google, microsoft, sony and apple. authorities are not releasing the identities of the suspects, as they say, it may compromise the ongoing investigation. a 15 year veteran with the contra costa county sheriff's office is facing charges of theft and possession of illegal guns. deputy matthew buckley was arrested at his home yesterday. details of the investigation of not been released, but charges filed against buckley include grand theft of a firearm, destroying or concealing evidence and possession of a controlled substance. he's been booked into the contra costa jail and is being held on a bail of $175,000. buckley is on paid administrative leave from the sheriff's office. now to a community in mourning that gathered tonight to share words of praise for lily
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shoes. the beloved east bay dentist who was shot and killed in oakland last weekend. they were also using medication tonight to make a plea for peace in the community. >> kron four's ella sogomonian is in the newsroom and joins us live with more l a. >> well, catherine grant, she was killed in what police called a botched robbery just last weekend in oakland's little saigon neighborhood. that's where family friends and the community gather tonight in her honor and to call for an end to violent crime. >> friday night the community gathered for a vigil in honor of lily shoe. the 60 year-old was killed in oakland last sunday. just a few weeks after her birthday, she was shot at least twice when she and her partner pulled into the city is little saigon neighborhood. the group shared their growing concerns for oakland residents and voiced outrage at increased attacks against asian americans and pacific islanders made yet turning point park communities. >> communities have been overlooked for decades. what may be a new chapter? a moment
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in which we can say. who can i lean on? and immediately we have hand so oakland city council, president nikki fortunato boss. >> so city officials need to send clear communication to criminals that these types of crimes will not be tolerated. that type of violence needs to be held >> and we're also coming together because we have to those losses. we have to and more than anything to show. oakland should be a peaceful town. police are still looking for the suspect who came out from a white lexus. the pulled up next to seize car. >> and mor people inside of a white tesla that was near the shooting in case they have more information. the tesla had a distinct roof rack as well as the bike rack in the back. >> oakland police department is now providing 24 hour patrols in the little saigon neighborhood. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news.
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>> skill it's something i think draconian. i think it's mean-spirited. i think something specially the area that we live in, something that counter to her to our values. >> that is san mateo county supervisor david who's pushing back on foster cities, a controversial plan to possibly kill dozens of wild geese. city officials say that for years now they've tried to control the goose population using nonlethal methods, things like dogs repellents to try to keep them from leaving a mess on the sidewalks and grass. but they say nothing has worked in july. the city counsel okayed a plan to try to get permits to kill them possibly by breaking their necks. supervisor can wants the city to avoid slaughtering them. the city's plan is not a done deal, though. they say they still need several
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government permits before moving forward with it. >> this is the 3rd year of a severe drought in santa clara county. and today valley water d authorities held a summit they talked about the current supply problems. kron four's justin campbell has that story. >> recycling is a message to that. what you like to see? fields is a sustainable water supply for future. john, for ella with santa clara water says dollars will flow to recycling and the purification of water. >> and here is how it works. >> water filtered through stainless steel screen with poor openings of 300 microns valley. water will take highly treated wastewater. that currently goes to silicon valley. advanced water purification center. you're fine. the water to meet drinking water standards, then pump that back to your fossett. now, this process is already being done at the facility, but the water is only being used for industrial and commercial use valley
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water would now like to make that water a part of the drinking supply. they're also working to build another advanced water purification center, a 600 million dollar public private partnership. but until these 2 things happen for ellis, as you can also help to buy following the water regulations, 2 million people. >> have to understand the situation we have much conservation levels of people, and must be listened to. and if you're too. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> and kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us now in the studio with more on what we're looking at for the weekend ahead. and how things have been a drought conditions. you're talking about 2. right. severe drought still holding steady in the bay area. but out of the 90's and cooling down into the 80's for our warmest inland valleys, cooling trend. >> officially going to begin tonight. check livermore. 93
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degrees, 5 degrees above average in concord. not that far behind 91 degrees. so hot temperatures inland but very pleasant along the coast. a downtown san francisco warming up to 68 degrees. so no one certainly complaining there. temperatures out there right now, widespread 50's and 60's. but check out our hottest inland valleys. and chuck, 74 degrees. nearly 20 degrees warmer the downtown san francisco in half moon bay currently in the mid-fifties at 56 degrees. let's take a look, though, at current conditions out there right now. we are tracking fog us throughout the embarcadero and it is starting to make its track across the east bay shoreline with the bucky ball out there right now in full view and future cast for going to show very dense, low clouds and fog. visibility already dangerous out there along the coast and even the east bay shoreline at or near 0. and it's only going to get worse during the overnight hours impacting your saturday morning. commutes of you do have any saturday morning plans. make sure to plan
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ahead. head out the door a little bit earlier because it is dangerous fog that we're tracking going to bring us some coastal drizzle as well making for slick commute on top of that, the better lifting and clearing by around your new lunchtime hour for most of the bay area. so radar for we are tracking that deep marine layer and also going to bring us around a drizzle fest along the coast and east bay shoreline, even extending to our inland valleys. for those of you in the north bay and east bay. so pretty much everyone in the bay area going to get impacted and it will bring us about traces amount of measurable rain on a count of that. wish we could get some more showers this time of year. but typical summer pattern with that deep marine layer and drizzle to start out our mornings. but overnight lows tonight, widespread 50's out there this evening. but we are going to cool down significantly, especially for those of you in livermore near double-digit cooling. remember, we warmed up to 93 degrees today tomorrow. only warming up to 84 degrees. so nearly 10 degrees cooler with
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concord. also cooling down in the mid 80's. those of you in san jose, 80 degrees. a santa rose at 83 downtown san francisco. exactly where we should be for this time of year. 66 degrees with oakland in the low 70's across the bay. so we're going to see little change through sunday and then a gradual warm up starting on sunday, even lasting all the way through thursday, september 1st is going to be a toasty one in lynn back in the mid 90's with little change a week from today. back to hugh grant and catherine. >> thank a breeze to the controversial homeless encampment in oakland will be closing today. a federal judge ruled it caltrans could start moving nearly 200 people out of the site on wood street. the site has been at the center of major safety concerns. namely due to recent fires. some of them huge kron four's terisa stasio has more on what is next for the in camp. >> a federal judge's message to hundreds of people living at a massive homeless
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encampment. it's time to go. >> not and i totally understand the bush huge. gaps in the way it will. treat the people at wood street. >> the area with its arby's and sprawling tense is one of the largest homeless encampments in oakland and home to a string of safety hazards. there is banned at least 250 fires in the last few years. one shut down the maze for several hours. another came close to an east bay municipal water tank farm. that is highly flammable. caltrans owns the land and has battled to clear the space for years. but last month, a judge temporarily banned caltrans from clearing the site after people living there filed a lawsuit. what proposal also seems to be from the city, the missing. what about property
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other vehicles and vehicles? the >> are there. shelter judge said he granted the temporary ban due to a lack of a planned, offer shelter to the residents. but late thursday, a new proposal was presented by the city and the judge approved the project with an order spelling out how it must go forward in phases with adapting to the needs of the current to residents. >> pretty that the vehicles that exist on the property are if they are going to be cleared in any way are allowed to be in a place where they can be recovered. >> the city is offering 40 beds in the first phase with the goal to offer more caltrans will be able to start removing some debris in early september. theresa kron, 4 news. >> new tonight at 10 san francisco's police chief is going public speaking out after receiving scrutiny over
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the department's decision to let the man go. who is accused of trying to steal a catalytic converter the incident happening earlier this month near 24th and as a street in the city's richmond district. 2 women told police they caught a thief in the act. they say police even pulled the guy from under the car and detained him. but officers let him go because they said there wasn't enough evidence to make an arrest specifically. the owner of the car was not there. and even though the man carried a carjack. he had not yet taken a converter sfpd. chief bill scott says he agrees with his officer's decision. he said in part, quote, when faced with the decision to make an arrest and in looking at the totality of the circumstances, sfpd officers determined that there was not probable cause to arrest the suspect. i support their decision because the facts as i know them confirm that there was not probable cause officers did determine
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the car had been stolen. it was later returned to its owner. and want to take you now live to oakland where police chief leronne armstrong is talking about 3 people who were found dead in a crash earlier. give you. >> some type of motive the bicyclist was struck by the vehicle with the people found >> it appears that is early in the investigation, but it does appear that the vehicle that was contained by the gunshot wound victim may have been the vehicle that struck the individual. >> the scenario that i some of us have heard that that was there was some kind of and this why some >> well, we know that there was an initial shooting. we know that there was a second shooting and then we know that after the second shooting, the vehicle. which the individual who had been shot was inside a. live from the scene. and that is the vehicle, too. that
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appears to have struck the bicycles. so it was the shoe the first that. >> but hit the ice. the person that shot first, been running away. i in the car that struck the bus. >> i think we still have to look into all of the video evidence that we have. we have to meet with the witnesses to be able to confirm that. but i so i'm not able to confirm that at this time. >> with the price was appears to be an innocent bystander. >> from all accounts, the by cyclists appears to not be involved in initial shooting incident. >> any idea what happened leading up to >> no, this is still i think there are several people that were out here that we need to speak to that salt. what occurred here this evening. and so we'll to do our investigation and hopefully identify those that may be able to share some more information with described what happened. >> bright daylight, 7 haven't done it. >> yeah, i mean, it's just unfortunate. i mean, again,
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another since list since his violence in our city. obviously so tragic to lose 3 people and one incident. and it's just, you know, it really highlights the fact that there are far too many people in our community with guns and willing to use guns in broad daylight. and so it's just really challenging for us when we have these incidents that happened like this, that obviously take so many people's lives. can you confirm that one of the victims of the >> i cannot confirm the identity of the individuals at this time and to next a kid on yes, they're all were male. thank you. >> you've been watching a news in oakland, the oakland police chief, chaos on the streets of oakland talking about the fact there was a shooting which led to a collision. several cars involved. 3 people dead, including a cyclist that they
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were talking about. apparently an innocent victim who was hit by a car, possibly because the driver had been one of the people shot. yeah. less than a week after a lily shoe, the east bay dentist was. >> shot and killed. also in oakland, this one tonight was a they say was still daylight a little after 7 o'clock near 27th and mlk junior way. but the chief there was saying, yeah, almost exasperated that at the ongoing violence that there were 2 shootings in it. it seemed like someone who was found shot t will was shot in a vehicle. the car that he was in then hit this cyclist. and so you have 2 people who were shot and killed and then like or a person on bicycle who was just in the wrong place. it really wasn't a tragic situation. and yes, oakland police chief sounding a very frustrated. >> still ahead, a domestic
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violence call. it ends with a man dead in oakley. what police say led them to shoot and kill that man and a lyft ride turning violent after the passenger attacks. the driver, police say the passenger was after. >> and coming up next, a little inflation relief when direct deposit checks for some people anyway could begin showing up in bank accounts.
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>> california lawmakers reaching a deal to try to ease the housing crisis in the state. this new here's the bills would open up the state's commercial land for new houses to be built. officials say california needs to build about 310,000 new housing units per year over the next 8 years to fix the current shortage. the bills are scheduled for a vote next week. governor newsom then decides whether to sign them into law. >> tonight, millions of californians are waiting for their middle-class tax refund. the direct payments also referred to as inflation relief will be sent out this fall payments ranging from about $200 to 1050, depending on income that the number of dependents, people who rely exclusively on social security or disability could get as much as $700 direct payments could begin going out in october. >> in order to beat back
10:25 pm
inflation, federal reserve chair jerome powell said interest rates will have to stay high for some time in response to that news. stocks, we're way down losing more than 1000 points was the dow. the nasdaq took its biggest plunge since june. ali, knowledge that the interest rate increases will hurt u.s. households and businesses, then that the economy will be weaker. there will be job losses. but he said this pain. it would be far greater if inflation were allowed to just balloon. keep going up and up. george machete, a financial advisor at morgan stanley in the east bay told us it is better to have short-term pain, then to wait and have inflation get out of control. >> you have inflation longer at 9.10%. that means your roeding all the shaking that you've ever had. it doesn't take really very long for inflation to eat up all your savings. and so you're paying just, you know, double for think so. that's just not going to happen because the federal reserve is going to,
10:26 pm
you know, rates to cool the economy down. and so that can help us going forward in 2023. >> at this point, the fed has raised interest rates now for months in a row. and next week, jobs report and the consumer price index report come out. both will have an impact on the next round of interest rate hikes. >> coming up next why would men willingly sign up to use a device that gives them craps the answer ahead. >> and tracking your dad away forecast for this weekend. your full see our outlook and your cooler bay area staycation forecast after the break.
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between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27.
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>> now at 10, 30, we are learning tonight. 3 people have been killed in a shooting and a crash in oakland this happened a little after 7 o'clock this evening on mlk junior way and 27th street a few blocks from the climate. high officers say they spotted a collision that happened with multiple vehicles involved. this is the scene. also a cyclist involved. >> the police chief there, lauren armstrong spoke about the incident just a few minutes ago. >> well, we know that there was an initial shooting. we know that there was a second shooting and then we know that after the second shooting, the vehicle. which the individual who had been shot was inside a. live from the scene. and that is the vehicle, too. that appears to have struck the
10:30 pm
bicycles. >> the bicyclist is dead and 2 people who were shot are also dead. police say they were pronounced dead at the scene. their identities at this point are being withheld pending notification of next of kin. >> police in oakley have a shot and killed a 58 year-old man that police say it happened after de-escalation tactics went nowhere indeed. and here we are now. the suspect reportedly opened fire on officers kron four's fleet. reports. >> a woman in oakley call 9-1-1 late thursday night distressed and in fear of her life explaining to dispatch that her boyfriend was driving around town while holding a gun and he wouldn't let her out and said he was going to kill her and himself when the couple reached the woman's home on theresa lane, lieutenant robert says the man started shooting inside the house. she was able to flee the residence on foot and she called 9-1-1. and then
10:31 pm
officers responded to the scene during the 2 and a half hours that followed the tenant. roberts says officers reached out to the 58 year-old suspect, but he never replied. >> a drone confirmed he was armed inside the home and just before one, 30 in the morning he showed his face came to the front of the residence and fired at officers that were in the street in front of the residence. >> then he went back towards the house and he was shot by one of our officers was very surprising because they've been very quiet over there in recent years. police and nextdoor neighbor lindsey say there's only been one emergency call from the house. lindsey says she called police about a year ago when the victim in this case was roughed up by the man shot by police in the-morning and said it is, you know, and i feel bad for her. but at least now i know she'll be safe. >> and else will happen or the victim is with family recovering from the incident. in oakleaf all kron. 4 news. >> we'll stay in the east bay.
10:32 pm
now the chp has arrested 2 people in connection to 2 separate freeway shootings that happened earlier this summer. one of the shooting. so it was caught on a driver's dash camera. >> you >> scared certainly. but physically, okay. the bullet narrowly missing the passengers on board, leaving them shaken up. this happened. june 14th on 5.80, eastbound near grand avenue in castro valley. authorities say they arrested july on face on of san leandro last week in connection to that shooting >> now the second arrest stems from a shooting on 6.80, in contra costa county. this was a north of stone valley road. a car shot at several times, july 21st. nobody was hurt in that incident. the chp says they arrested edwin toby, the 3rd a pleasant and they consider him the main suspect during the arrest. police say they found several guns and evidence of drug trafficking.
10:33 pm
a lyft driver was taken to the hospital after being robbed by a passenger yesterday. san francisco police say the suspect is 39 year-old east bay resident marvin sexton accused of stealing the driver's phone. then beating him and carjacking him. it happened in the area of market in fremont and not far from the embarcadero bart station police chase that person on i-80. he was driving the victim's car. he was later arrested and booked for carjacking. felony battery and probation and a probation violation. vanessa bryant's attorneys are saying that the 16 million dollars that she was awarded in her lawsuit against los angeles county. we'll go to charity. she sued the county over grisly photos taken at the scene of the 2020 helicopter crash where 9 people were killed, including kobe bryant and their daughter gianna. her attorneys say all the money will go to a nonprofit sports foundation, which benefits young athletes.
10:34 pm
they say that lawsuit was not about money, but about justice for the victims. the fast and furious franchise includes 9 movies in one spin off in many scenes were shot in. >> one la neighborhood that is instantly recognizable to fans. but recently there have been more and more sideshows around there and some neighborhood residents are protesting the filming of the latest movie because they believe the fast movies encourage regular people to drive recklessly their reporter. nancy loo has more. >> the sound of protesting at the la intersection made famous by the fast and furious franchise. a clear contrast to the sound of this. smoking and squealing tires. residents claim that life imitating art is a daily nuisance every single day i had to deal with it. waking up in the middle of the night having restless sleep.
10:35 pm
>> being completely thrown off on my day because i have to deal with this every single day, day in andnday out and now production crews are back in the neighborhood for filming a fast x the 10th installment in the franchise. >> activists fear the glorification of dangerous driving will claim more innocent lives. i had a dana 5 minutes. his body on mother's day. i had to tell her 6 year-old daughter that her mommy is never coming home. she still doesn't understand that mom is never coming home. the street takeover problem now stretches across the country despite public messages discouraging such activity. this one featured the brother of the late paul walker who was killed in a high-speed crash. let's be responsible. >> there's someone waiting for you at home. but just a week ago, a takeover in south la linked with a deadly shooting and then. flash mob looting and trashing a nearby 7.11 store. critics believe another
10:36 pm
film will only trouble. so here we are again, they're making another film that's going to glorifying and celebrate this type of behavior. >> that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. so far, no response from universal pictures about today's protest along with speed bumps, though another measures residents are calling on the city of la to do more to ensure that there is neighborhood safety. >> for your money, a new report says a lot of americans are having trouble paying electric bills because of inflation saying more than 20 million homes could have their electricity shut off because of the problem, so-called electricity inflation as roughly twice as high as the overall inflation rate for one out of 6 homes, the cost of electricity has doubled in the past 12 months. and adding to that problem, state moratoriums on power shut offs. those are ending since the pandemic is easing. >> whether time now as we get
10:37 pm
a check on the 4 zone forecast, a live look here at the richmond. sandra fell bridge late on a friday night embrace us picking a friday night. all right. what is the weekend look like? >> yeah. usually called fry a right happy friday. tgif bay area. let's take a look at your staycation and get away forecast live. look outside san francisco international airport. fog dust out there right now. it's only going to get thicker during the overnight hours tracking that deep marine layer spreading into our inland valleys overnight, impacting your saturday morning. so plan ahead there. but we're tracking a drier and calmer conditions for those of you in this there is going to be a fire weather watch for most of the northern counties into the east of this year. a but south lake tahoe in truckee out of that because we're going to see wind speeds. noticeably calmer. but to your north and east, you are going to see some gusty winds 30 miles per hour. and that's going to drop
10:38 pm
moisture content into the single digits as low as 8% starting saturday afternoon through sunday. so just a heads up. but fortunately not going to impact those of you heading out to south lake tahoe and even truckee low 80's there. so it is going to be a picture. perfect weekend, holding steady through sunday. plenty of sunshine with mostly sunny skies. >> and a little change there. so we're going to be on cruise control in the sierra all weekend long and for the bay area. >> we're going to see great air quality, not just tonight, but even through tomorrow as well. winds out of the southwest going to push that deep marine layer 20 miles per hour or less calmer as you make your way inland. but quite the temperatures spread out there right now this evening for your friday night 50's and 60's along the coast and for most of our inland valleys with concord, barely in the low 70's, but still pleasant temperatures nonetheless in brentwood in the eastern portions of contra costa. still trying to flirt with 80's out there at this 10 o'clock hour with 50's 60's. for those of you in the north
10:39 pm
bay petaluma 54 degrees. but check out napa. one of them. all the cities out there right now in the low 60's in our north bay valleys. but temperatures tomorrow about 10 degrees cooler for livermore out of the 90's and in the mid 80's has conquered oakland in the low 70's with half moon bay, barely in the low 60's. thanks to that deep marine layer napa. 75 degrees for your saturday afternoon. highs overall, very pleasant temperatures in our 10 at 10 outlook. we are going to heat up. in fact, the hottest day, almost 10 days from now back into the triple digits. all the more reason to enjoy this great weekend forecast with the cooler weather. thanks. my >> the white house monkeypox response team held a briefing today to discuss the latest developments around that disease. there have been nearly 17,000 cases of m-pox identified across all 50 states. so far the administration has rolled out more than a million vials of the vaccine as part of a four-part strategy. however, administration officiols say
10:40 pm
some communities are not doing enough to take advantage of the available supply. >> but supply of vaccine increasing. i think we have a new opportunity in strategy which is bringing vaccines to people as opposed to trying to help people find vaccine. >> is showing signs of cooling down and some of the hot spots like new york city and chicago. but health officials say there is reason to remain vigilant so far no one has died from m-pox in the west, but deaths have been reported outside the country. >> midterm elections now about 2 months away. and this week, president biden's approval rating hits highest mark in a year. 44% not high, but that is up 6 points from a record low in july, the president attended a kickoff rally and fund-raiser last night as democrats continue to see a surge in donations and support this after legislative winds on things like gun control tech, manufacturing, climate change, health care costs and
10:41 pm
the student loan forgiveness announcement this week will help apparently and lower gas prices. the president continues to take aim at what he considers the extreme of the republican party. >> the mag republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security. there are a threat to our very pham brace, embrace political violence. they don't believe in democracy. >> the president hoping for momentum to bring his message on the road to big swing states next tuesday. he's going to be in pennsylvania to talk about crime prevention. and as states across the country move to restrict abortion access the white house continues efforts to try to protect it. president biden held a roundtable discussion with local leaders to talk about what comes next. and hannah brandt has details from washington. >> i want to thank you for what you do as they scramble to protect abortion rights.
10:42 pm
the biden administration is talking with state and local officials on the front lines of that fight about what they're seeing and the challenges that they're facing and how the administration can help local leaders. tell me conversations like this are critical as they partner with the biden administration and each other to find creative ways to protect abortion access. my message to the president is we need help. >> we're the last line of defense. and right now we need support. president biden has already issued executive orders meant to ensure women can travel to receive and have privacy around reproductive health care. the harris rpcounty, texas judge, lina hidalgo, wants to see more in terms of funding for contraceptives care in terms of support transporting women, an abortion out a statement finding these laws and court durham, north carolina mayor elaine o'neal says cooperation with the federal government is crucial. really has to be in more than 80 mount vernon, new york mayor shawn patterson, howard says states with abortion access have an important role, provide a safe haven for them that we have to increase the access that's
10:43 pm
available to those who will have to cross state lines. and kansas state senator dinah sykes hopes her state's recent vote to keep abortion rights in the state's constitution serves as a powerful example. it's going to take every day citizens said that we can write mission. ultimately, the president says the real solution is for voters to elect representatives that will pass federal abortion protections in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> make it. that symbol. there. >> i said what is going on, right? we're watching pain relief company someday showing men a new perspective on menstrual pain. this simulator is contracting the guys. muscles? to imitate abdominal cramps. the company hopes doing this will make fell as more empathetic towards women's health. one study found about 80% of women where
10:44 pm
are less productive at school or work because of cramps and other menstrual symptoms. >> yeah, feeling kind of sorry for the guys in the still ahead, burning man is back. we're going to hear from the first time burner, but just a week in the
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪ >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity.
10:47 pm
>> the countdown to the regular season is on final preseason game for the raiders in the books. and now a tough task will in the roster down to the final 53 players. that deadline is tuesday. but certainly some very positive takeaways from their win over the patriots at allegiant stadium. head coach josh mcdaniels taking on his former team in the final preseason game of 2022. in the 1st quarter patriots starting qb mac jones drops back starts to scramble. looking for an open receiver. he's picked off by look. masterson the undrafted rookie linebacker returns it for 30 yards, giving the raiders offense great field position. masterson one of the young players to really flash in the first 2 preseason games continues to shine the raiders in the red zone out. qb jarrett stidham pitches it to the 4th round draft pick out of georgia. zamir white house call. he's in for the touchdown. it's 9, nothing raiders. the teams exchanged a pair of field goals in the 2nd
10:48 pm
quarter. raiders up 13 to 3. >> after the 1st half, let's jump to the 4th quarter now. raiders have a 16 to 6 lead patriots rookie quarterback bailey zappe e throws an interception to isaiah zuber. the rookie from mississippi state. he brings it all the way down to the new england 32 yard line and then former cal quarterback chase garbers leads the raiders down to the 3 yard line garbers a four-year starter at cow, the handoff to britain brown, the rookie running back at ucl a here. >> for the touchdown. the raiders to and only touchdown of the game come off turnovers. pretty good stuff for the josh mcdaniels takes down his former team. the silver and black beat the patriots. 23 to 6, 3, 8, or send up a perfect for an out in the preseason for those who keep track of such things. all right. how about some baseball giants fans? sure travel well, and they were looking for a few wins in minnesota to get back into the wild card race didn't happen. twins jumped on
10:49 pm
the giants in the first carlos correa launching a 2 run homer out to left his 15th of the year. it's 2, nothing twins. now, 3, nothing. alex wood just imploded in the 3rd giving up 6 runs 2 outs and the bases loaded to bear to sell us tino ripping a bases, clearing double to left center field. twins go up 6, nothing. continues. and it's gary sanchez and with his 12th homer of the season out right? 8, nothing twins wood gave up. 8 earned runs in only 3 innings. the giants get shut out one >> want slugger aaron judge back in his native northern california, taking on the and he does what he does best hitting homers in the 50's. no score cranked a shot way out to center field. the 2 men on his 40th of the season. that's right. 49 that gave the yankees a 3. nothing lead. now they did make a comeback down
10:50 pm
3, 2, in the bottom of the 9th with a man on the david mckinnon strikes out swinging to end the game. yankees win 3 to have taken in the first 2 games of the series. this kind of baseball kind makes you really wish the regular season of the nfl would get here right? >> that's it for sports. now, back to you.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>> oscar meyer knows how to get free advertising. they are
10:53 pm
branching out into desserts with a hot dog flavored popsicle. you heard right? it is called the cold dog, although it doesn't actually contain any hot dog. got a mustard swirl. you see that their little food coloring is actually they say made of white chocolate. and you said some yellow food coloring. oscar meyer says the idea for all of this came from its quote, stupid or genius. the pentagon where you view this from a social media campaign, thousands of hot dog lovers apparently thought the idea was genius which led to the creation of this frozen treat. >> would yeah, i would grab one. i'm not just to try it. wouldn't you know? >> but but hey, that i absolutely that's why white chocolate on a hot dog and white just well, thousands of people from the bay area going
10:54 pm
hit the road this weekend heading to nevada to welcome back, burning that and kron four's rob nesbitt caught up with the first time burners. they're called. >> and really excited for a week in the desert. >> this will be the first burning man since covid the art music and sense of community will be back as well. some new policies learned during the last 2 years. waking dreams. that's the theme of this year's burning man that kicks off sunday. gates open today for those with worker access passes like gina jack alone to get in and set up camp. back cpac to the ceiling as she and her husband get ready to leave their el serino home to head to the playa for their first burning man. news that and outfits and just being able to. >> express yourself, however, and wherever you'd like to, she had planned to set up camp in black rock city in the past. but the pandemic had other plans. >> covid also postponed her wedding for 2 years. but now
10:55 pm
she's married his bike wheels. lights, disco, and ready for a week in the desert. there's a few similar stories of weddings that just were postponed because of the pandemic. and a lot of couples in the can >> have chosen at burning man to kind of be the perfect venue. she'll be staying in a camp with friends who have 10 plus burning man's under their belt. >> there will also be some new things that organizers came up with during their 2 years off camp led by burners of color and events on topics of diversity and radical inclusion. there has been a lot of, you know, historical and political things that have happened in the last 2 years. while also including the popular burning man, values of gift giving self expression and leaving no trace to preserve the environment. organizers say after ongoing conversations with medical experts, there will not be any health or covid entry requirements, meaning you will not need proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to get into burning man reporting in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news.
10:56 pm
>> i think i said it was a guy was obvious foreman, but been thinking about how to pop sickle high was see that i track to hot dog popsicle. sounded good to me. horrible to you. it's a cold dog, right? yeah. technically pasco. and you too are. and but you're very adventurous. catherine, burning man for you? >> not that adventures. okay. there you go. let's take a look at your final 4 zone forecast. happy friday. bay area temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's, especially along the coast, pacifica and half moon bay. 56 degrees. more than 20 degrees cooler than bread would still trying to flirt with 80's at this near 11 o'clock hour. 78 degrees with everything else in between for your friday night. so bundle up along the coast. but those of you in the eastern portions in contra costa, jealous. enjoy those pleasant temperatures out there this evening after your hot day. futurecast for though, is going to show
10:57 pm
widespread drizzle along the coast, extending into most of our valleys. bring us traces amount of rain. check out the san francisco peninsula in our bay area. beaches going to stay socked in with clouds and fog throughout most of the day, contributing to cooler temperatures low to mid 60's along the san francisco peninsula coastline and cooling down into the mid 80's for our warmest inland valleys and your 10 at 10 outlook still holding steady all week long until we gradually warm up by next week. >> sounds good. thank thanks for watching this popsicles this the season.
10:58 pm
here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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