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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 27, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> right now at 60 investigation continues tonight after 3 people were killed in oakland, 2 of the victims shot the other hit by a car. thank you for joining us tonight at 6. i'm noelle bellow. dan thorn has the night off. oakland police do not believe the person hit by the car was involved in the initial shooting that took place last night. kron four's gayle ong has the very latest details. it's just unfortunate. i mean, again, another senseless violence in our city. >> obviously so tragic to lose 3 people. one incident,
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oakland police chief leronne armstrong providing an update late friday night. police responded to reports of a shooting and car crash on martin luther king junior way and 22nd street in west oakland just after 07:15pm. we know that there was an initial shooting. >> we know that there was a second shooting and then we know that after the second shooting, the vehicle. >> which the individual who had been shot was inside of. live from the scene. and that is the vehicle, too. that appears to have struck the bicycles. chief armstrong says 3 men died at the scene. >> 2 found with gunshot wounds. the cyclist appear to have been hit and killed by a car from all the by cyclists appears to not be involved in initial shooting incident. police closed off the streets as homicide in traffic units remain on scene for several hours combing through evidence, interviewing witnesses, trying to figure out what led up to the shooting say really highlights the fact that there are far too many people. >> and our community with guns and willing to use guns in broad daylight. and so it's just really challenging for us
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when we have these incidents that happened like this that obviously take so many people's lives. the identities of the victims are being withheld until family members are notified. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. >> gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> bart police meanwhile, are investigating a shooting on a bart train that unfolded yesterday afternoon. happened on a daily city-bound train leaving the fruitvale station around one 30 in the afternoon. police say one person was shot. the suspect ran out of that rain and flood the station. he is still at large. the victim, however, arrived at lake merritt bart station, suffering from life-threatening injuries. police are calling the attack a targeted one. >> so at this point based on video that we have received at this time, we're pretty confident that this was a a random attack. it appears to be that it was a targeted attack. and as we continue our investigation and we continue to look through video and
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collect that will confirm what we believe happened today. >> police say they will release a description of the suspect once they're able to look at surveillance footage. the lake merritt bart station has since reopened. now this morning, a homicide took place in near lake merritt just before 9.30, this morning. police responded to sycamore street and northgate avenue for a report of a person shot. the man in oakland resident was pronounced dead on scene. his identity has not yet been released as police are working to inform his family. if you have any information on this homicide dressed to contact oakland, police, homicide. union city police meanwhile are investigating an early morning shooting their forcefully call reports a 28 year-old man was shot in a parking lot and no arrests have been made. >> union city police officers spend saturday morning and early afternoon canvassing the town and country values center on whipple road for surveillance video. they are hoping to find images that
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after the events leading up to a shooting outside stopped and around 3 o'clock in the morning that kids and my kids would be out of the o'clock in the there. if i'm out at 2 o'clock in the morning, i'm going to get my little snacks to see that in. >> was it police say a 28 year-old man was shot in the parking lot and then taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries before officers arrived. >> police have not released any information on the person opened fire. some people frequent the area are concerned to hear a man was shot considering that union city isn't such a place. but this is at least the second shooting with injuries reported in the past week. >> last saturday morning, 2 men were wounded after a gunman opened fire on a group of people outside a family owned restaurant. lot activities going on late at night when we're also, manages his family's next door to quick stop. he says the tenants in the shopping center have banded together by collectively asking the
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landlord to be a private security in the area. >> he says in recent months safety has become a concern that will be like some 25 patrol here. stars starting like this with something just to just to watch out to sea. shouldn't say aside from quick stop all of the businesses in the shopping center are closed at 3 o'clock in the morning, including a bar which shut down an hour before the shooting. and police have not indicated the victim was a patron there in union city fleet to ball kron. 4 news. >> to the south bay where police are currently investigating an overnight stabbing in san jose. it happened around one 30 this morning around quimby road. and kara stein, way, police say a teen was stabbed and is now dealing with some life threatening injuries. police do not have a person of interest or a motive at this point. it is 6, 0, 5, so we get you a check of your forecast this evening. taking a live look from our mount tam cam karl. the fog has come and strong this evening.
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meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez standing by with a look as it cooled things down for definitely, especially for our warmest inland valleys. noel, out of the 90's and in the 80's, our warmest city out there right now. >> antioch at eighty-four degrees. your about 27 degrees warmer than half moon bay in the mid-fifties things tough august and it's arriving a little bit earlier, which is just an indicator of how cool it's going to get tonight. and even through the 2nd half of your weekend, we're noticing 8 degrees of cooling for fairfield, 7 degrees cooler. for those of you in livermore. little change along the san francisco peninsula coastline. but definitely feeling that relief for santa rosa and avato about a handful of degrees of cooling out there for your saturday evening. and here's a look at that thick marine layer visibility not to battle on golden gate bridge, but it is going to worsen during the next couple of hours. but we are seeing pretty socked in conditions with a lot of cloud cover over our bay area. beaches over pacifica and half moon bay.
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that's why you're in the mid 50's out there right now this evening. and when tracker for it tracking that cool sea breeze. a little bit gusty for downtown san francisco. 23 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts near that. 25 mile per hour range as his fairfield out there right now. and the cooling trend going to continue through sunday. it is going to be the coolest day of your next 7 day forecast. before we warm up for your upcoming work week forecast. more on that in just a few minutes. back to you know, well, murray said thank you. if you didn't know yesterday was national dog day. a lot of people were celebrating all over social media. >> what better way to celebrate than with a reunion. 10 year-old rocket is back home with her humans. after being found walking down the street in penn grove. photo posted by sonoma county deputies. they put out a post asking for residents to help find her owners. eventually they were able to deputies say pup is ecstatic to be home. i'm sure that straight ahead, your family and friends of those killed in the uvalde.
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>> mass shooting rally for tighter gun control in texas will take you there. plus, the doj releasing a redacted version of those documents allowing for the search warrant at mar-a-lago. more on those documents and what was found inside. and after the break. deputies find a body in a lake and napa county. more on the incident surrounding the
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>> new at 6, a body found in lake berryessa after a boating accident friday night. napa deputies say the accident happened around 05:00pm. search crews. we're out all evening searching for the body hours later, they did find one. no word on what caused the boat crash. but they do believe it is the cause of death. police make another arrest in the deadly gym shooting case that happened in bryant. would investigators announced friday they've arrested a 20 year-old pittsburgh man as one of 2 people who opened fire at the 24 hour. fitness on lone tree way back on august. 11th officers arrested the suspect at a home in antioch wednesday where they took him into custody with no issues. he's now being held at the martinez detention facility and is facing one count of murder. coming up, you may want to put down those potato chips. why scientists are linking anxiety and depression to junk food. >> and after the break, why
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california lawmakers are pushing for a bill that lets sick and dying in may. it's out of prison.
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>> welcome back. uvalde families gathering in texas is capital today demanding governor greg abbott take action toward gun safety. the march for our lives rally started outside the governor's mansion just before 6 o'clock this morning. several families of victims in that deadly school shooting at robb elementary school playing
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audio of their children's voices recorded before their deaths. rally. organizers say they're urging governor abbott to call a special session to raise the minimum age to purchase an ar 15 to 21. >> because of 18 year-old boy with an ar 15, my sister never got to celebrate, become in double digits. she will forever be 9 years old. >> you have to be 21 to buy a case beer. but in a year a gun to kill kids. >> that does not make sense. >> 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in that massacre rally. organizers say they are urging governor abbott to call a special session to raise that minimum wage or excuse me, raise that minimum earlier this week, the uvalde school board fired police chief pete arredondo after allegations he made several critical mistakes during that mass shooting. california lawmakers meanwhile, are working to allow more ill and dying
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inmates to be released from prison. >> legislation allowing this to happen just cleared the state senate and now heads to the assembly for final approval. supporters say current standards are filling prison beds and is costing taxpayer money. critics say some of the ill inmates could still be dangerous, though, if released. we now know more about the fbi's search of former president donald trump's florida home friday. the justice department released a redacted version of the affidavit. the fbi used to get a search warrant. washington correspondent reshad hudson reports. >> friday the justice department released a largely blacked out affidavit explaining why they needed a search warrant for former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. it's a very serious investigation. the filing revealed in january trump returned 15 boxes of records to the national archives. the fbi says 14 of them contained a disorganized mix of
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classified information and raised concerns. additional national security secrets remained in an unsecured area at mar-a-lago. it's not like stealing a stapler from your former employer on the way out. the affidavit included no details about the 11 sets of additional classified records. the fbi says it recovered after the search on august 8th media attorney deanna showman says the public has a right to know what led to the search and the government should have provided more information about the requested redactions, whether it's safety of witnesses. >> you know, integrity of the investigation, surveillance needs. >> the fbi wanted to keep the entire affidavit under seal. but a federal judge required this redacted version. president biden says it's up to the doj to decide trump's actions compromise national in the meantime, showman says she will keep fighting to have more information made public
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reporting in washington reshad hudson. >> time now for a check of your forecast. taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you can see all that fog really come in and hot. well, cold, i meteorologist rodriguez. take a look at just how warm we got today because the sun was out for quite a bit. yeah, but out of the 90's. so that's the good news for our hottest inland valleys. noel. in fact, livermore, you were at 93 yesterday, cooling down to 89 degrees, which is right about where you should be for this time of year. so i hope you enjoyed that relief, especially conquered 91 degrees yesterday today warming up into the mid 80. so you are actually below average. so enjoy that. >> a little bit warmer along the coast, 70 degrees for downtown san francisco. i don't think anyone coastal valleys is complaining about today's forecast and going to see a slight cool down for the 2nd half of your weekend. but temperatures out there right now, half moon bay, the coolest city at 56 degrees bright 30 degrees. warmer at
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87 degrees. so certainly notice seeing those warm temperatures a little bit on the mild side inland. but fortunately, no 90's to contend with this afternoon into early evening hours. santa rosa, 73 degrees of petaluma cooling down to 66 degrees in downtown san francisco. barely in the low 60's at 61 degrees. so we're starting to see that fog bang making it struck across the bay over berkeley. and so far, visibility not too bad along the coast. the port at half moon bay up to 4 miles. but it is going to get worse during the overnight hours. but we are going to see that quick clearing for most of our inland valleys by midmorning, little stubborn marine layer, though, for our coastal cities. so just keep that in mind going to see a little bit of a cool down tomorrow from coastal valleys with radar for tracking that fog bank out there, mainly hugging our bay area beaches and even golden gate bridge. but future cast for is going to show another round of drizzle fest patchy at best along the coast and east bay shoreline, maybe even extending into our east bay
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hills. that's going to bring some additional cooling for our warmest inland valleys tomorrow and temperatures overnight, widespread 50's antioch, though, the mild a city in the low 60's and we are going to see temperatures below average for most of our warmest inland valleys. mid 80's there, low 70's for downtown san francisco. and we are going to see 67 degrees for downtown san francisco in low 70's for oakland and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. tomorrow is going to be the coolest day of the next 7. before we warm up back into the mid 90's on thursday and even next saturday, one week from today. but fortunately, no triple digit heat in the forecast. back to you. >> murray said thank you for your health. eating junk food could be a cause of anxiety and depression. researchers say they found a connection between ultra processed food and more adverse mental health symptoms. the study included more than 10,000 participants reporting cases of mild depression and a number of days that they felt anxious.
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>> week one of college football is next week for most teams including cal stanford and san jose state. but technically. >> the season got started today and we're already seeing some good old fashioned upsets. >> this was a fun one fans of the nebraska and northwestern game all the way dublin, ireland got free beer after the wife. i went out to be the stadium. look at those great back and forth. game to the cornhuskers. anthony grant bounces off several defenders bullies his way. 46 yard. into the endzone huskers up 27 17 in the 3rd. but northwest back rita took the lead on this 4th quarter. 4 yard touchdown by evan hold a lead. they never gave up hope. finished with 119 yards on. 22 carries in northwestern wins it. 31 28 fans still waiting for their free beer. the forty-niners finished the preseason 2 in one but have some things to clean up before facing the bears in chicago on opening day. their offensive line has been porous. all preseason trey company were under
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constant pressure against the texans. the quarterbacks averaged just 6.8 yards per pass to pix got sacked 3 times. meanwhile, the running game could only muster 2.1 yards per carry in houston. forty-niners all-world offensive tackle trent williams who hasn't suited up this preseason. >> he's not worried. >> and i'm really gets along fee. that is i get frustrated training cow. it is going to say about before we gave, you know, we 9 we 17 and you know, extra game uniform, frustrated. now. how do i keep my head? and then, you plan offensive line is all about being consistent, you know, not getting too high and i get too low. so i think that approach for pretty much everything. >> meanwhile, the raiders finished a perfect 4 and o for head coach josh mcdaniels in his first season with the team even though it was their 4th preseason game. he was very pleased with the energies defensive unit brought against the patriots last night. the defense sacked patriots quarterbacks 4 times and had 2
6:26 pm
picks. mcdaniels appreciated that effort and said the team has been bringing it since day. one of camp. >> energy was really you know, playing in our stadium. it's easy to see whether be excited to do that. you we have a great atmosphere fans, a great job of produce an app for us and then i thought that the entire teams that are ready to you know, and they've done that since we got here. i mean, honestly, since the first day they were excited to work this week against the patriots in practice. you know, i think that's that's been kind of a hallmark of this group, got great leadership and guys that they really want to come in there and do it right. >> and speaking of doing it white has been crushing it in the little league world series today. looks like fun out there taking on tennessee for the u.s. title, hawaii up 2, nothing in the second when kick up paying out. drives in a run with a shot of the middle of the diamond. >> another run scores at hawaii adds to their lead 3, nothing. the way in the 4th with a man on their big hitter rest and do. his shot to center. and it's a 2 run homer
6:27 pm
that gave. so why a 5, 1, lead. and here's the final out. 5 one was the final score. it was a wise tournament. listen to this. they had a plus. 45 run differential during the series. that's how much they outscore teams. they basically ram through all of their opponents absolutely dominated. >> this really could see that those kids be so excited. well, i i just feel like watching kids love baseball is just always going that's all the time we've got for companies at 6. we'll back here at 10 o'clock.
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