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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 28, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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at known. >> right now at 9 bart police still looking for the man who fatally stabbed someone this afternoon at a san francisco bart station. good evening. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm noelle bellow, the 24th street mission. bart station was closed for most of the afternoon following that stabbing. but service was restored just a few hours ago. trains now stopping there again. kron four's amanda hari was at the scene all day long gathering information. she joins us live now from the newsroom. amanda, what was it like out there? >> well, there were a lot of people standing around the station wondering what was going on. some are just trying to catch the train. but for more than 4 hours, trains were not stopping there. and the area was blocked off. >> i don't know but it's very sad and disturbing. >> the 24th street plaza above the 24th street mission. bart station in san francisco became a crime scene sunday afternoon. our police say their surveillance cameras
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showed 2 men arguing near the elevator around one 40. they say that's when one man stabbed the other. the victim then walked down the stairs into the station and collapse on the platform. kenneth love grant works in the area say versus life and was problems lie. >> just like something that helps a lot more. police said the suspect ran away after the stabbing and they're still looking for him. >> park personnel attempted to save the victim but were unsuccessful. love grand wasn't at the plaza when it happened, but he says he uses the bart station all the time and he's not sad to say, like i just hear stuff like this happens all the time. >> the victim has not been identified yet. bart police say they're working with san francisco police and other law enforcement agencies to identify and apprehend the suspect. amanda hari kron, 4
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news. >> amanda, thank you. sideshow activity happening across the bay area this weekend yet again. take a look at this one that broke out on 13th and south van ness avenue under interstate one. 0, one in san francisco last night. as you can see, a lot of smoke from that burning rubber just filling the air and filling the area under that overpass later in the video, you do see cops arriving. they were able to break up that sideshow happening just around the same time over in the east bay, several sideshows drew a nearly 200 spectators and invelved more than 500 cars in oakland. this is some citizen app. video of the scene. >> you can see people in standing in the middle while the car circle around them. police say sideshows went on last night and early this morning all across the city, 7 people were arrested. 8 cars have been towed. 4 citations were issued. down to the peninsula. police swarmed a palo alto downtown parking lot
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earlier this week and last week and arrested 2 armed are car burglary suspects. 25 year-old tommy miller. >> and 25 year-old nino fee up-to were both in possession of loaded firearms while trying to get away their car actually sideswiped a cop car and then hit another parked vehicle. police say they recovered property recently stolen from 3 separate car burglaries. they were then booked for multiple charges, including 3 counts of felony car burglary, conspiracy and carrying a loaded firearm with the intent to commit a felony. new statistics released by the state department of justice show violent crime in california is up despite arrest rates going down. the figures released show 150 more homicides than 2020 making it the worst year since 2007 rates of other violent crimes were also up 6.7% from 2020
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while property crime rates rose 3%. this uptick in violent crime was accompanied by a decrease in the total arrests made down more than 7% since 2020. happening tomorrow. air quality advisory has been extended through tomorrow to 2 fires burning north of the bay area. the bay area air quality management district says smoke from the 6 rivers lightning complex fire and the rum creek fire burning in southwest oregon are to blame for this. officials say elevated air pollution levels are likely but a spare the air alert, not in effect mean it's not too bad. but if you're sensitive, do what you can to stay inside. keep those windows and doors close. do you want to get you? check your forecast tonight. taking a live look downtown san francisco. absolutely beautiful night out there. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez standing by. she's been tracking the smoke. that's going to be headed here to the area. yeah. and we're only going to see more good during the overnight hours.
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no. also, let's take a look at smoke tracker for because we are going to see the smoke and ash from those 2 wildfires to our north stream through the bay area. and those southwesterly breeze is going to push all of that smoke and ash even into the east bay and south bay as well. so no spare the air alert in effect, but w are going to have an air quality advisory that has been extended through monday because of these moderate air particles that are going to continue into the bay area. but it is making for beautiful sunrise and sunset. so get your phones out there and keep those pictures. handy incident. a kron, 4 news, especially the weather department because he certainly love to show them off on air and online. the let's take a live look outside for your sunday night. we're tracking the return of fog us out there making its trek across the bay into the east bay shoreline out there right now. widespread low to mid 60's for most of the bay area. but antioch, the one outlier in the low 70's. so you are few degrees warmer than santa rosa. already cooling down to
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58 degrees. thanks to that cool sea breeze and also that marine layer so temperature trend, not that much of a change from last night around this time. but when tracker for we are still tracking gusty winds out in fairfield, calmer conditions for everyone else in the bay area. >> and then warming up for the start of your work week monday with hot temperatures for your labor day weekend. more on that in my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to embry said thank you over to the east bay freemont police investigating a racist rant caught on camera. the victim says he was waiting in line at a taco bell on fremont boulevard when a man began randomly yelling at him. kron 4 s taylor bisacky has the story. >> well, come so. it's a new year. in the opinion h one chris nguyen gentleman is the victim behind the camera in this video. he says he began recording after this man started yelling racist comments at him. while german
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was waiting for his order at taco bell on fremont boulevard last sunday. few minutes later, he again said that pick up a but don't need. >> urged to read and write you. you don't need to be fed beef that you guys should you be if you indian, should you be if you don't need jeremy says this was their only interaction before the man went on his tiring mask, don't come out public like >> nobody from the i'm not here to pick a fight 2.41. >> and he said, you know, you into is that you know, a shame. it's disgusting. >> the new spot on the jenin says that's when he and a restaurant employee called fremont police. >> he says the man continued yelling for more than 8 >> german says he waited inside the taco bell for officers to arrive. worried that the man might be waiting outside for him. you.
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>> fremont police are still investigating this incident. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> well, more than 20 people including parents and miners were involved in 2 different fights during a football game in the north bay. it happened friday at windsor high school. police say the first fight involved 20 miners near the game's entrance and exit gates. parents of the miners also got involved there. a school resource officer tried to break it all up. once more officers arrive. those miners ran off through kaiser park than half an hour later, another fight broke out between 20 to 30 people. this happened just about a mile and a half away from the original scene. police say this time they were fighting with bats. there are also reports of people yelling they were going to shoot each other. police say half of the miners and that second fight were involved in the first one. and it was all part of retaliation. 2 women were
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arrested, one of them 60 years old. 2 miners were hurt. one had a cut on the head after being hit with an object to the other, suffered a leg injury. police say the fights are believed to be gang-related. windsor high school did release a statement saying in part, quote, we are relieved there were no weapons or serious injuries occurred while on campus. we have not received any information about that subsequent event, but we hope everyone is safe. take a look at this. san mateo police pitch to end a how about a little furry friend earlier this morning. one of the officers found an injured little deer crawling onto a nearby freeway on-ramp officers spring into action to rescue that little fella. you can see them kind of wrapping it up in a blanket. the deer's a little skittish there. they were able to get in the patrol car and transport him to the peninsula, humane society to get checked out. >> coming up, commemorating ukraine's independence day here in the bay area on a day
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darkened by a deadly missile strike. the details coming up. plus, the special olympics happening in the east bay this weekend. taking a look at some of the action. but first hearing from brigham young tonight after a fan yells, racial slurs at one of its players during a game.
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wait. you're a night manager and mom and birthday cake baker? so adding “and” student might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your “ands.” national university. supporting the whole you.
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>> in national news tonight, a brigham young university fan has been banned for repeatedly
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yelling slurs at a duke player and threatening her during friday night's women's volleyball game at smithfield house tonight, we have reaction from byu students. i think that's very sad that that happened today. many byu students are talking about the incident at last night's byu versus duke match. >> lesa pamplin tweeted about what happened saying her goddaughter. the only black starter for duke's bully ball team was called a racial slur every time she served and was threatened by a white male. that holder to watch her back going to the team bus. but i think what happened last night >> is is disgusting. i think it represents for university. i think the university should have taken put your action against byu today releasing a statement in response saying in part we will not tolerate behavior of this kind. specifically the use of a racial slur at any of our athletic events is absolutely unacceptable. >> byu going on to say if and was banned from all byu,
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athletic events and that although this person was in the student section, they were not the byu student poses to all the. >> fans of to a feel for them. it's just really sad. it's it's awful that. it shouldn't who we are. it doesn't represent who we are. >> closer to home here. a small plane completed a forced landing near watsonville. it happened saturday afternoon, according to the federal aviation administration, a single engine cessna c one 72 made that forced landing at manresa state beach. 3 people were aboard the aircraft but no injuries were reported. the faa has opened an investigation into the incident earlier this month. you'll remember, we reported on a plane collision at watsonville airport. that crash took the lives of 3 people. a little bit of back and forth between hollister police and the oakland zoo this weekend. on friday, a mountain lion found roaming around the neighborhood was shot by police after it charged at an officer fish and
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wildlife or they're attempting to tranquilize that big cat when it lunged and those shots were fired by police. now the animal was taken to oakland zoo for treatment, but it did die from its injuries. unfortunately, hollister police now frustrated with the way oakland zoo described the incident on its social media accounts. the police department posted yesterday saying that characterize their actions as having been reckless and impatient. they say they followed the lead of fish and wildlife and active thoughtfully in the best interests of every living being at the scene. the zoo has now responded today saying the department was not named in their post nor judged by the zoo. they say their focus was to educate the public about the growing issues around human wildlife conflict and nothing more. 9.15, here. we want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast tonight taking a live look at the bucky ball there on the embarcadero. again. pretty quiet along the embarcadero tonight must be a little chilly out there from meteorologist rodriguez standing by. she's got a look
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at just how warm we got today. yeah, very pleasant. temperatures from coastal valleys, in fact, are about 4 degrees above average for downtown san francisco. >> flirting with 70's today for the 2nd half of your weekend in concord, barely in the low 80's. when you should be putting with 90's this time of year and seasonal temperatures for oakland and san jose. mid 70's to mid 80's. so no one in the bay area complaining about today's forecast. we are tracking the return of mother nature's natural ac and also some of that marine layer a little bit patchy out there along the coast, going to be more defined and more widespread during the overnight hours. but temperatures out there right now starting to cool down in the 50's along the immediate coastline of the bay area with fairfax currently at 57 degrees. the coolest city out there. but brentwood, you're about 20 degrees warmer. still in the mid 70's at this 9 o'clock hour. believe it or not, with everything else in between radar for though, we are going to track that murray mayor right now off the coast, going to make its way inland,
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becoming more widespread into our valleys overnight, impacting your monday morning commute with a round of patchy coastal drizzle to go along with that. but quick clearing and warmer temperatures to start your work week monday. so we are going to see temperatures overnight holding steady from last night, widespread low to mid and upper 50's antioch, though the mall, the city at 62 degrees and temperatures about 5 degrees warmer than today for warmest inland valleys in the east bay conquered antioch and livermore. all flirting with the 90's. 89 degrees for your work week. monday forecast. and that's exactly where you should be for this time of year. some seasonal temperatures there. mid 80's for santa rosa and fremont at 83 degrees of peace and oakland, about 10 degrees cooler than that. but seasonal nonetheless at 73 degrees in downtown san francisco on cruise control, flirting with low 70's to start out your work week. monday forecast and we're going to notice very little change from monday through wednesday, but then starting out september on a
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hot note, in fact, we're calling it steam tymber here, the kron, 4 weather center. and it's certainly going to feel like that the summer heat will be on even the labor day the unofficial end of summer. it's going to continue labor day weekend, even through your labor day monday center, the bay area summer that well the san francisco summer, i guess. yeah, getting into the 80's still even in the city is going to be interesting. luckily the coast looking good 60's and 70's. if you want relief just head to the beach. thanks for being us. >> well, now to the very latest on the war in ukraine. the country going back and forth with russia. >> about attacks at or near europe's largest nuclear power plant. today's report intensified fears the fighting could damage the plant and cause a massive radiation leak. ukrainian officials say russian strikes hit areas across the river from the power plant. meanwhile, russia's defense ministry says ukrainian forces attacked the plant twice over the past day. russian forces took control of that plant soon after the war began. neither side's attack
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claims could be independently verified. but back here at home, hundreds gathered at golden gate park to celebrate ukrainian independence day. this year's event dedicated to ukrainian culture and supporters who are standing by ukraine during the war kron four's gayle ong. was there. >> this year's ukraine day celebration coincides with the 6 month milestone of russia's invasion today that you that these hundreds gathered at golden gate park sunday afternoon as performers took the stage. ukrainian independence day was on august 24th the day commemorates when ukraine declared its sovereignty from the soviet union in 1991, we the in we you know, we have we and great people and we will file the
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event was put on by the ukrainian-american coordinating council. organizers say the event is dedicated to the ukrainian people and their supporters. >> we're standing up for freedom against one shot this year. nicklas likey a first generation. ukrainian attended this event last year. >> he hopes people will not forget about the sacrifices being made in ukraine's. a lot of conflicts. >> in the the that are happening and people just forget about those and go on to other things. but, you know, the people in ukraine. >> i mean it every day. we're o% looking that same for. and you know. >> different than it was 6 months ago in san francisco, gayle ong kron. 4 >> well, hundreds of athletes came together to show off
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their skills this weekend at the special olympics. northern california softball competition was held at heather farm park in walnut creek. competitors played hard, have fun and they were cheered on by their family and with intellectual disabilities. look like a lot of fun out there. still ahead, the government set to suspend the free at-home covid testing program. >> and about a week we're going to tell you why after the break. for decades, i've worked at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness.
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so when prop 27 promised solutions to homelessness, i took a good, hard look. it's not a solution. 90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27.
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>> your help tonight. if you or someone in your household have not yet claimed the final round of free at-home covid tests from the federal government. you should do so right now because time is running out to federal government's going to be will stop providing those free at-home covid tests this friday, september 2nd, the department of health and human resources says congress hasn't provided additional funding to replenish the nation's stockpile of tests. the last round of offers came back in may where you could order 8 tests per household. you can still place your order for that over the next 5 days. just visit covid dot gov. slash tests. this comes as millions of americans could
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soon become eligible for updated covid vaccines. the biden administration reportedly plans to offer boosters targeting new omicron subvariants after labor day moderna and pfizer filed for filed applications for emergency use of the shots last week. which protect against the ba 4 and ba 5 sub variant strains of omicron. meanwhile, health experts say they're noticing more and more californians are showing up to their jobs while infected with covid and of course, increasing the risk of an outbreak. most of those sick workers have either very mild symptoms or none at all. probably don't even know they have covid-19 might think it's our g's. that's especially true with this ba 5 subvariant as many patients aren't even testing positive for 4 to 5 days after showing symptoms. doctors are reminding workers even with mild symptoms, you can still spread the virus. so if you don't feel well, stay home from work. coming up a little bit later on in our
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show. if you like family friendly, fast casual restaurants with the mediterranean flair. stick with us. vicki liviakis. introducing us to a new san francisco spot in tonight's dine. and dish. >> plus, dead fish popping up all over the san francisco bay area. after the break, we'll talk to an expert about what's causing this. >> and i'm tracking your full labor day weekend forecast for those of you looking to get away or stay in the bay area, it's going to be a hot one for this upcoming weekend. more my full forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome back to around for news at 9. an alarming number of fish have been seen floating belly-up all around the bay. it's all due to a harmful algal bloom spreading rapidly across the bay area. this is video from san francisco bay keeper this afternoon. >> showing hundreds of small dead fish at the oakland yacht club. the organization says they've actually seen all kinds of fish washing up, including striped bass sturgeon and even sharks. they're reporting large body or large numbers of dead fish in several bay area waters, including lake merritt, alameda estuary oyster point sausalito among others. these massive fish kills we're seeing is prompting environmental groups to suggest people and pets stay out of the water around the bay. here to talk a little bit more about this is bay keeper. staff scientist and ren. and
9:30 pm
thank you for joining me here. first and for those who don't know what is an algal bloom, our algae bloom and why is it so hazardous? and now the bloom is when. >> any kind of biological you idle plant and just starts to grow out of control and the ones that are most problematic can release toxic. toxic substances that can kill a fish indoor people. luckily, this bloom is not known to be toxic to people, but it can kill fish. >> okay. okay. you say, it seems this amount of fish being killed is pretty unusual. is the size of this bloom unprecedented here for the bay. >> yeah, this is essentially a sort of black swan type of that in terms of we've never seen it before. the models that can really predict that this thing could have happened. and it it's just grown and grown over the last month to pretty much all parts of the bay.
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>> it started it was first detected alameda's that right. >> yeah. alameda that allen. yes. that channel between oakland and alameda, its where its first started that that really took off in lake mary and areas around not now. it's just gone throughout the south bay and now it started to spread up into the north bay. and we even saw white sturgeon over in stinson beach. we don't know if that came from the bay or there's also toxins outside the bat that could have caused this. okay. how concerned are you for our marine wildlife right now? >> i'm very concerned given the fact that we've never seen this before. and, you know, this is just a harbinger for things to come in terms of what climate change can bring and the fact that we have a lot of wastewater plants are disturbing, a lot of nutrients and that's really the that we can control here to reduce these kind of things happening in the future, which is a high priority going forward.
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>> for those of us who do like to be out in the water, i know you said that it's not necessarily deadlier is harmful or does it seem to as harmful towards people? a lot of us. i know even here at kron 4, we started taking up kayaking, paddle boarding, that sort of thing and like sausalito bay, should people be concerned about participating in water, sports like that right now? >> i i would personally refrain from sending people at the dolphin club are still sitting right now. there have been reports of things like skin rashes, nothing crazy. and but i wouldn't advise against doing things like in direct water, contact recreation, like kayaking and that kind of thing. so just know like prolonged time in the okay. >> i mean, this is already gone on for for about a month now, i think was about a month ago that it popped up in an alameda estuary. what's the outlook here and do something like this just clear up on its own is something we can do to help. get out of there.
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>> yeah, unfortunately is nothing we can do. we really just have to wait and like i said, this is never happened before. you can't say when it will and but however, with with the days getting shorter you know, these things tend to kill over time and but, you know, that can also lead to a town center problem. so we've got to keep on the lookout for for impacts going forward. >> all right. and anything else that you think people should know about this current algo blown? >> now, just keep your your eyes out. if you're out down by the shoreline, you see anything out of the ordinary. please report it to bay keeper or or san francisco. san straight institute. >> ok and ran with bay keeper. thank you so much. we want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look across us and the san francisco bay right now. meteorologist rodriguez joining us. i feel like we're starting to get a lot hotter over the next couple of days,
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too. so people are going to want to be getting out on the water, something to just be aware of if they yeah, exactly. no. well, especially for this upcoming labor day weekend forecast. >> it is definitely going to be a summer sizzle. so let's take a look for those of you looking to get away in the sierra at tahoe. right now live look at san francisco international airport tracking that patchy marine layer. bring us cooler temperatures along the coast along with that high cloud cover. but very dry clear conditions. >> for those of you in the sierras. so temperatures starting out monday, very seasonable. in fact, we're going to see some high clouds streaming through the eastern portions of the sierra, but dry and clear for those of you at south lake tahoe and even for truckee as well. future cast for going to show south lake tahoe. 82 degrees with truckee warming up into the mid 80's. and that's going to replaced by 90's by next weekend, specifically sunday into your labor day monday with triple digit heat for the reno area as well. so we're
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going to notice very summer-like temperatures, scorching heat leading up to that labor day holiday. but from now, until then, though, monday through wednesday, we're going to see a slight bump in temperatures on tuesday and wednesday. a lot of sunshine with highs warming up into the mid 80's. going to be replaced with low 90's by this upcoming weekend. but temperatures out there right now in the bay area cooling down along the bay area coastline in the 50's. thanks to that marine layer and cool sea breeze 60's. as you make your way inland with the exception of brett would still in the mid 70's out there right now for your sunday night. slight bump in highs for concord n livermore. flirting with 90's where you should be for this time of year and seasonal temperatures for oakland. 73 degrees downtown san francisco about 5 degrees above average for your monday in the low 70's there. but no one complaining. but then i know we're all going to come play next weekend. i know it's the unofficial end of summer, but the summer heat going to continue for your long holiday weekend. triple digit heat inland even through
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your labor day monday. very hot, dry conditions. so let's be safe out area. don't want to cover any fires next weekend and along the coast. it's going to be really nice. 60's and 70's. so enjoy that back to you know, well, remember, he said thank you down in southern california eastbound i-10. >> fully reopen today after being washed out by flooding last week. look at that eastbound lanes east of corn springs were closed for several days. and riverside county drivers face with heavy delays. while crews worked to reopened that stretch of the interstate. chp says construction is ongoing and drivers are being asked to watch their speed and of course, be aware of caltrans workers in the area. for your money. tonight, millions of americans soon going to have some, if not all of their student loans forgiven kron. 4 contributor rebecca solomon has reaction from senate majority leader and longtime proponent of a student debt forgiveness plan chuck schumer. families around the
9:37 pm
nation are bracing for some breathing room following the biden administration's promise last week to cancel $10,000 of student debt for low to middle income borrowers to wait for students. shoulders. >> for close to half of all new yorkers who have debt will be eliminated. >> and for all, the others will be reduced. senator chuck schumer applauds the president's plan, he says will greatly impact new yorkers by canceling at least 16.3 billion dollars in debt in the state. >> 2.2 5 million new yorkers will see some relief. senator schumer says loan service providers need to be at the ready for a surge of calls and questions set to come from borrowers this fall. the loan processors hire more people. >> inform those people. so in the next 6 weeks. when students will then have to apply. they can get information on how to apply and what it means to them so they can start planning, making it easier for students like sabrina, callous and son
9:38 pm
darryl holmen who have a combined student dead of $127,000. student debt cancellation means having a second chance to pursue the american dream. >> it means home ownership starting a family opening up the small business and that in a dignified life without the crushing student loan debt that we have, it gives me a lot of hope going forward. >> it also makes me think about my future can look with the debt cancellations that just happened in debt cancellation to come been grateful for this. >> happening tomorrow, r kelly's federal trial in chicago will enter its 3rd week. the singer facing child and obstruction of justice charges. 2 of kelly's associates also on trial accused of concealing his misdeeds during friday's testimony. one of kelly's most prominent longtime accusers took the stand. she broke down during cross-examination from kelly's defense attorney who pointed to conflicting statements she's made over the years. new at 9 petaluma
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police asking for your help in finding a man accused of stealing several items from a 7.11. take a look at your screen here. police say this man entered the store on petaluma boulevard south at d street on august 6th, they say stole several items and left on a bicycle days later, he entered the same store and stole even more items this time. police say the suspect threatened to hurt the clerks and tried to dissuade them from calling police. he then left the scene writing on a light blue mountain bicycle. police describing the suspect as a possible white man with a medium to large build around 40 years old. if you recognize the person in this picture, you are asked to contact petaluma police. today east bay firefighters conducting to trail rescues. oakland firefighters responding to joaquin miller park this afternoon to rescue a woman with an injured ankle. then they had to rescue a man on the cinderella trail after he
9:40 pm
fell off his mountain bike. no word on either of the victims conditions at this time. down in the south bay, valley pride parade was heldd san jose mayor sam liccardo tweeting out these fun photos of himself with a california assemblymember evan low and several others saying he was happy to ride and celebrate the resilience, the spirit and diversity of the south bay's lgbtq+ residence san jose sharks also in attendance joining the thousands of people who marched in the streets today today marked the culmination of more than a week's worth of pride events in the south bay. mark your calendars because oakland's pride parade is set for next weekend. well, an easier way to charge your stuff up. cooler with a bluetooth speaker and a simple phone mount for your car. rich demuro is taking a look at some gadgets on the go in tonight's tech smart. >> the best gadgets are those that make life easier,
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not like. how event mount clock? see, it's $40. finally. igloos. cool tunes brings back in 80's icon user sony walkman. plug in your headphone jack and they have speakers the $150 playmate. kool tunes combines a cooler and speakers but now uses bluetooth to connect connections, successful. >> it's water resistant charges through usb-c and the battery lasts up to 10 holds 26 cans. i had a blast bringing it to the beach. pairing is easy and there are volume controls on back. you've got so many things are already carrying. this is just an such a convenience of putting 2, 1, and also just brings an element of fun. that makes a statement. >> that cool tunes cooler is so retro and so much fun. they may come in a bunch of different colors and even versions with your favorite nfl team. if you want links to any of these gadgets, you can go to my website. it is rich
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on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> i might have to get that cooler. that was pretty cool. >> thanks, rich. coming up here, christmas time is here way. it's not actually. but apparently at this north a costco, it is more on that just ahead. plus, the giants looking to take one game from the twins and avoid being swept in minnesota. giant fanatics giving an indication of what happened today. keibert easier with your keibert easier with your highlights. coming up. ♪ strutting your way into my heart ♪ ♪ take your hat off make yourself at home ♪ ♪ how about stay the night then strut on home ♪ ♪ day 1 i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ day 2 i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ day 3 i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ guess what i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ i like your strut, do you wanna go struttin' struttin' ♪ ♪ you like my strut ♪ ♪ do you wanna go struttin' struttin' ♪
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants chances of making the postseason was already pretty slim, took a major hit this weekend in minnesota this is supposed to be a team fighting for its playoff life. but you wouldn't even know it by how they played. let's go to the mini apple giants fans. plenty of them in minnesota and know what's happening though. wave in as san francisco's wild-card chances we go to the top of the 5th. they're down 3, 2 until brandon crawford rips a shot. >> into right field. evan longoria comes into score and just like that, we've got a tie game. but the twins respond in the bottom of the inning. max kepler with the shot to left center. that's warning track power right there. twins, go back up. it is for to 3 same inning. 5, 3 now gio urshela pops a flare
9:47 pm
to right the twins. hear mike yastrzemski. well, you can't make the play swipes at it. knocks it into the stands for an rbi ground-rule double the giants go on to lose after that 8 to 3. an oakland a's honored the 20th anniversary of that 2002 team that had a 20 game winning streak during the height of the billy beane in moneyball era. and the a's got things going pretty early in this one. stephen vogt. hits a towering shot. that's over the head of aaron judge in center field bounces off the wall, himself an rbi double a's up one. nothing later in the inning. dermis garcia a single to left. and that will bring voting to score garcia tries to make it to seconds. that he's thrown out. so a 7 to nothing lead after one top of the 5th. now they're up 4, nothing in adrian martinez, who was just called up from triple a he was
9:48 pm
locked in strikes out. josh donaldson here. he went 5 and a 3rd and only gave up 3 hits and one earned run 6 strikeouts as well. a's win 4 to one to 2 in a row from the pinstripes. and we've got some little leaguers. and that's what you've already been waiting to see. today was the championship game. hawaii versus curse out. watch the play here in the first. that's coming in hot. it actually hit the camera. that was drawn lancaster's pitch got away from him. smash that lens as you see her star runner comes in. they're up one, nothing but the hawaiian punch offense showed up in there half of the first and never looked back, kick up high and out taxes. 4th homer of the tournament to 45 feet out left and we're tied next. batter lefty come, angel rips a shot to right 2, 1, hawaii. they never trailed after that. hawaii went on to win 13, 3. get this. they outscored opponents 60 2, 5, during the tournaments. that's actually in saying big congratulations to hawaii. and
9:49 pm
finally, we are just 2 weeks out of the niners preseason opener against the chicago bears, one of their best players is already on ice. well, 2, actually, if you count jimmie ward, but right now we're talking about deebo samuel dubose suffered a bruise behind his knee. >> we're not trying fully understand that, but he didn't even practice today. tonight expected to be out all week. they said the bruise occurred during this player looking at it was during the texans game on thursday. the only target deebo had during the game got tangled up with texan quarterback stephen nelson. it's supposed to be ready for that opener in a couple weeks. but of course, we're going to monitoring that injury closely the way deebo plays so fast. so physical hard not for him to get banged up. >> from time to time, noel, back to you. kate. go i'm very proud of those kids. those very cute. thank you. >> we want to get your check out your 4 zone forecast tonight. taking a live look at transamerica. pyramid in downtown san francisco. no fog to speak of right now. we'll
9:50 pm
see if there might be some fog tomorrow, though, for the giants game. every riggins. have a hey there. no. well, yeah. first pitch. we're going to notice a lot of sunshine and breezy winds out of the southwest 20 miles per hour or less at oracle park in temperatures. >> mid 60's. and that should be our average daytime high for this time of year. but instead we're going to cool down into the mid-sixties shortly before 7 o'clock in the evening and 40 with 70's for our afternoon highs for downtown san francisco. so it is going to be another beautiful yet mild day out there in the city and they're going to face off against the padres tomorrow by your monday evening. and let's take a look right now as you step outside for your sunday night. we are noticing some patchy coastal clouds with some of that marine layer over golden gate bridge. 61 degrees right now in downtown san francisco. 59 for those of you in pacifica. >> and we're seeing low 60's for berkeley temperatures, widespread mid to upper 50'p for most of our north bay
9:51 pm
valleys. napa, though 65 degrees hasn't felt that sea breeze influence just yet. but brentwood, 8 degrees warmer than that in the mid 70's at 73 degrees. so temperatures tomorrow certainly going to warm up for east bay valleys, flirting with 90's for concord and livermore. so out of the low to mid 80's and back in the upper 80's, which is exactly where you should for this time of year. vallejo, 81 degrees, as is redwood city hayward. 75 degrees with san jose in the low 80's at 82 degrees. and you're going to notice mid 60's for half moon bay. 63 degrees. one of the coolest cities out there in the bay area. thanks to that cool sea breeze influence and fog us. but fog is certainly going to be short lived because by thursday, it's going to be replaced by steam, timber. that's what we're going to call it because it's going to really warm up, especially next weekend for your long holiday labor day outlook, triple digit heat for hottest inland valley sunday into monday. and we are also tracking the artemis launch.
9:52 pm
what's going lift off by 8.30, monday morning and so far looking good. in fact, it looks like a very successful launch. we are going to see a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms along the coast, just 20%. so i'm expecting liftoff tomorrow. it's going to be very historic. can't wait to see. very early for us. but all checked the replay 05:30am, nasa's going to >> pop? that may be up into space. hopefully lightning or anything like and florida fingers crossed. thanks everything. thanks. >> well, if you love fast casual greek i think we've got just the place for of law already a favorite of some in san francisco. me as well. soon. there's going to another location. vicki liviakis has the details in tonight's dine. and dish. >> so it was a little bit of greece in san francisco because zena says it's all about the ingredients and just minimal freshness and minimal preparation. new to the dogpatch neighborhood. this is location number 5 in the city with plans to expand north south and east bay. so what is
9:53 pm
family friendly? fast casual with a mediterranean flair? >> sure you can do pick up at the counter dine-in and meet the ever popular lamb or chicken rotisserie or here at the new dogpatch location. pull up to them as a bar and grab a and glass wine or beer being great >> everything you know, has always revolved around >> owner charles billi zone family had a restaurant, but he gets his inspiration from the souvlaki joints. you see all over athens. >> and then we have this as a bar. this marble bar with its own menu. >> here at them as a bar, the menu includes classic light dishes like dips and pita chips taking a course. everyone knows and loves greek yogurt cucumber and dill gomez are fresh octopus or these wicked little doughnut holes called look you won't want to pass on a cool swirl of frozen greek yogurt topped with either crushed. but cherry syrup or even olive oil and
9:54 pm
sea salt. of course, no as it goes without a beverage to wash it down. everything really just going to be sure. but toast glass from the vineyards of greece. yeah. vineyards of greece. yeah. most to your in here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
>> well, take a look at this. it is not even september, but at least one bay area. costco, once you in the christmas
9:57 pm
spirit, all ready. look at this. photos are taken today at a costco in novato as you can see, decorative christmas items already on the shelves. they've got a snowman up there. some deer, a light post. if got this artificial christmas tree going for over $1000. so you now the christmas holiday, it is just 119 days away. it's about 4 months. who's counting, though, right? the so-called christmas create, though, happens when retail stores like costco push out christmas items months before the holiday. experts say this gets customers into the christmas spirit. it encourages them to start shopping for christmas gifts. and of course, spend a little bit more money might be good to start early on the christmas gifts. those here not to stress later. stick
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> a stabbing at a san francisco bart station leaves one man dead tonight. police searching for the person responsible. thank you for joining us tonight at 10, i'm noelle bellow, dan thorn has the night off this deadly incident comes just 2 days after a shooting on a bart train. the stabbing happened earlier this afternoon at the 24th street mission station kron 4. amanda harry has the story. >> there


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