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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  August 29, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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live with those details and what's causing all of the fish to die in the bay area. we ask a local scientists if people are also at risk. and people are in police are investigating a racist rant was caught on camera at a bay area taco bill. we have all those stories coming up in just a moment. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> thanks for joining us on this monday. august 29th. get ready for september because it's coming this week, even if you're not hey, we had a really windy weekend, ari. a lot of people experiencing that. >> we're hope and labor day weekend coming up. yeah. now or less when we're going to be prepared for some heat hide. know. now it's the heat, guys. we're going to be looking at a really hot forecast come next weekend. so i hope you did find a way to enjoy this past weekend. it's the nice cool down. that was only
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short-lived. you can see this morning. we've got some low gray out there. that's not stopping the sunshine from given us a wake-up call to the low clouds, though, you can see we do have a lot of sprees pushing into the bay area this morning on the flag there. but peer 19, as for current conditions, it is definitely great, but less and less so in cloud cover sitting about 1000 feet above the bay itself. so what does that mean for us? i mean, you're not going to be driving into the clouds this morning. so no fog, just a little bit of the clouds that you'll be looking up at by the afternoon. it's nothing but sunshine for us in a really nice one. temperatures just a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. this afternoon. right now, though we're 50's and 60's. so don't forget the light jacket as you're venturing out. rain on. thank you for that. let's get a look at your traffic this morning. no major delays heading into the city just under 14 minutes to make it from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit san mateo bridge, a 80 to one. 0, one. you look 15 minute ride for you as you travel across towards the peninsula. the richmond center fell bridge. no major issues there. just
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under 13 minutes. if you are traveling along i-80, eastbound east of davis street up in vacaville. we've got an accident there. >> so 2 lanes are blocked. that's along 80. let's check on the golden gate bridge. 30's of into the tolls are looking 20 minute morning ride. it's 71 and commuters are hitting birth this morning may be more cautious because it was a violent weekend in san francisco and oakland. police are searching for suspects in 2 separate attacks. one of them was fatal coffers will tran has been live outside of the bart station. you've been seeing people arriving this morning. are you seeing less or more? >> i'm seeing probably the same amount of people. it's still so busy and for a lot of people, this is their only transportation to get where they need to go. but they do have police officers patrolling the area. let's get right to the video. 2 incidents in the span of 2 days at 2 separate locations. 2 suspects and still no arrests. the latest one
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happened in san francisco yesterday afternoon at the 24th street mission, bart station. it happened above ground and they even have it on surveillance footage where 2 men get into an argument. one man pulls out a knife, stabbed. the other takes off from the scene. the victim thence staggers all the way down to the platform and then dies from his injuries. they had to shut down that look for any possible witnesses and that this particular point, guys still no identification of the suspect to pass along in that case. and then 2 days earlier on friday afternoon at the fruitvale bart station in oakland, a man was shot. bart police officers came out to the scene. he was alive, still rushed him to the hospital. and at last check this morning, he's alive. but he is suffering from life-threatening injuries. they don't have a description of the suspect who they're looking for in that particular case as well. but whatever they did in their investigation, guys, they did determine that this was not a
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random attack, that, in fact, it was targeted. so that probably made riders feel a little bit safer that these 2 people knew each other. but in the meantime, they're still working with witnesses. my suggestion, whenever it happens to barred, people tend to know especially the bart riders. just keep your head on a swivel. and just in case anything happens with you on the trains. but probably not. it's so minuscule, according to a police officer, i spoke to his far as the number of riders versus the crime that happens. but nonetheless, they are still searching for the suspects. back to it. >> it's a lot to the update. will a lot of my friends were held up on that part as well. so thank you for that update. police have at their hands full as sideshows broke out over the weekend in the bay area. one of them happened sunday around. 01:00am on 13th street, the south at s avenue in san francisco under interstate one. 0, one, as you can see, there's a whole lot of smoke from the burning rubber later in the video. you can see san francisco police
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arriving to break up that sideshow. call for has reached out to sfpd for details. but so far we have not heard back. are investigating a racist rant at a taco bell in fremont kron four's taylor bisacky has video of the verbal assault and talks of the victim. >> well, come out. it's a new year. and the opinion h one chris nguyen gentleman is the victim behind the camera in this video. he says he began recording after this man started yelling racist comments at him. while german was waiting for his order at taco bell on fremont boulevard last sunday. few minutes later, he again said because they've been on leave. >> urged to read and write you. you don't need to be fed beef that you guys should you be if you indian, should you be if you don't jeremy says this was their only interaction before the man went on his mask. don't come out public like
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>> nobody from i'm not here to pick a fight 2.41. >> and he said, you know, you do that you know, a shame. it's disgusting. >> the new spot on the jenin says that's when he and a restaurant employee called fremont police. >> he says the man continued yelling for more than 8 >> says he waited inside the taco bell for officers to arrive. worried that the man might be waiting outside for him. you. >> fremont police are still investigating this incident. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> in the north bay over 20 people including parents and mine is were involved into fights to football game. it happened on friday at windsor high school. police say that first fight involved 20 minus near the game's entrance and
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exit gate parents of the miners also got involved and a school resource officer tried to break up that fight. what's more officers arrive? the miners ran off to kaiser part over half an hour later, another fire broke out between 20 to 30 people. and that happened near the intersection of been golly, drive and starve. you drive. police say this time they were fine with bats. there were also reports of people yelling that they were going to shoot each other. police say half of the miners in the second fight were involved in that first one as part of retaliation. 2 women were arrested, one of them 60 years old. 2 miners were hurt and one was suffering from a cut on the head after being hit with a blunt object. the other had a leg injury. police say the fights are believed to be gang-related. 7, 0, 7 is the time and harmful algae is spreading and thousands of dead fish are being killed by around the bay. right. local scientists now believe it's because of harmful algae that are. >> growling in the water. call for sarah stinson live in
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foster city. and now that the sun has come up, sera, are you seeing some of the fish out there? >> we are now that the sun is up this morning. i saw a surge in down over there to tip a fish and it's pretty big hits on the shores here in foster city. this is what we're starting to see. pop up more and more across the bay area along the shores. it's bad because this this algae bloom that continues to spread and kill fish causing hundreds. and then now thousands of them to belly up. take a look at some video we have from oakland yesterday afternoon. the oakland yacht club. the organization says they've also seen fish washing up including striped bass sturgeon. the one that i saw over here and even seen sharks, which is very rare. they're reporting large body or even large number of dead fish in several bay area. watch, including lake merritt, alameda estuary. that point placed in sausalito where i'm at foster city. you'll notice the water in the bay is also
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really brown and murky. and that is due to the lg forming red tides. the nonprofit be bay keeper says this is caused by sewage and fiery discharges into the bay and organizations as the regional water board needs to get this under control. he said so far. >> it's not harmful to pets or to humans, but that's not to say that you shouldn't get out of the water. if you see that murkiness pc, the dead caught up with an avid fisherman who's very concerned about this. >> by taking pictures more than 6 sturgeon, that's where step over here. some very large fish in the 50 inch range, which is its trophy for a lot of fishermen. it feel it hurts. it hurts to see him like that because you can only, you know, catch so many. and and every every time we let one go and we're fishing, we think, oh, man, it's going to make it is going to do fine. we'll catch you again. but in this not so. >> bay keeper scientists, they say the algae will die off eventually know if you see a large number of dead fish were
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only seen about 2 to 3 here in foster city. but if you see a couple where you're at, make sure you call your local water agency can also send a tip into bay keeper. and as i said earlier, i mean, it's probably a good time for us all to stay out of the water. if you're seeing that murky water for seeing a dead fish will multiple dead fish. i want to avoid getting in that water daria reyna back to o. all right. thank you, sarah. >> what we have some breaking news because it nasa's launch of an unmanned rocket to the moon this morning has been scrubbed because of a fuel leak they couldn't fix gonna try again on friday. amanda holly has the latest. >> at 322 oeet high. the sls rocket stands taller than the statue of libtrty when it launches. it will be the world's most powerful rocket. this test flight will send the orion capsule on a 42 day mission around the moon. >> artemis is the new era of lunar exploration and is
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fittingly named after the twin sister of apollo. i can tell you there's an energy and there's an excitement around the kennedy space center. i would say across the agency and all around the space coast as we get closer and closer to this launch after a decade in the making. artemis one is a necessary first step in a series of increasingly complex missions to the moon and beyond with no astronauts onboard special mannequins with sensors will keep track of vibrations and g force upon launch. they'll also keep track of the amount of radiation the astronauts will be exposed to in deep space. and this is a test flight. all right. >> it's a not without risk. we have a analyze the risk as best we can. and we've mitigated also as best we can. >> the largest heat shield of this kind ever built will be tested as well. orion will re-enter the earth's atmosphere about 25,000 miles per hour to keep the future
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crews inside safe. that heat shield will need to withstand temperatures half as hot as the surface of the sun. about 5,000 degrees fahrenheit. that sets us up for the future missions, which will have crew on board. so artemis to hopefully launching in 2 years or so. plus or minus. >> that will have 4 astronauts on board going around the moon. and then after that artemis 3 and future missions will actually land people on the move. >> so the promise was one of the engines has 4 engines and the next launch. like we said that september 2nd, it depends on how the trouble shooting those that doesn't work, then they can try again on labor day. i'm happy that they held off until they got everything in order. so that will be good. all right. well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news police in union city are searching for surveillance video after a man was shot in a parking lot will be right back after the break.
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>> 7.15, and it has been 59 years since thousands of people marched on washington to fight any qualities towards african-americans. and over the weekend, many families brought their children to the mlk memorial to honor the moment in history. well, doctor martin luther king junior spoke to a crowd of more than 250,000 people at the lincoln memorial where he delivered his famous. i have a dream speech for many doctor 59 years ago symbolizes a turning point in this country was finally starting to recognize some of their wrongs. >> we have come a long way,
7:16 am
but we get we still got a long way to go. unfortunately, it something racism, some that i believe is toward. so until people stop teaching hate, there will always be hate. >> well, the efforts of doctor king activists like john lewis and others help bring the 1964 civil rights bill that ended segregation a year later. the law signed by president lyndon b johnson prohibits discrimination on the basis of race color, religion, or national origin. 7.16, is a time right now. we're taking a look at the weather today going into the holiday weekend, no big changes, guys. it was a cool weekend behind us. i know you guys saw some breezy conditions too. >> now we're going to be moving our way into what is about to be some triple digit temperatures on in the labor day weekend. september is the hottest month for the bay area. so living up to all those heat expectations. nice morning, though. we've got the low cloud cover sitting across the bay area not stopped the sun from beaming its way through, though it's been a very nice morning. so far, no
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visibility issues, but we do likely have some haze hanging on today. not enough for a spare the air alert, but enough for an air quality advisory from the bay area. air quality management district. the smoke from those fires burning to our north up in the 6 rivers complex and then up into northern oregon. as for the bay area, we are in the midst of some calm conditions. as far as the skies go a bit breezy, though, right through the golden gate up through richmond and out to the carquinez. we'll be seeing that cooler shun wind trying to make its way for the stimulant on through the north bay. as for future cast skies. great this morning. sunshine this afternoon. skies great tomorrow. sunshine tomorrow afternoon. it's a pattern we've repeated time and time again the past couple of weeks and we'll see again the next several days. today's daytime highs in the 60's and 70's for san francisco 60's right along the coast and then 70's and 80's along the bayshore burlingame, 78 for your high foster city as well as palo alto mountain view and sunnyvale each in the upper
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70's, san jose at 83 for your high looking at 70's from union city hayward up through oakland while livermore danville and vacaville are only 3 spots in the 90's, fully how at 77 degrees while santa rosa through center fell in the 80's, getting your lookahead temperatures remain in the 80's today and tomorrow. after that, though, the warming starts and really like clockwork. thursday, september first is when we'll start to see the heat really building inland by labor day weekend. we are in the midst of those triple digits, triple digits inland 80's by the bay and get ready for the return of some hot weather. giannis a warm weekend coming up, ok? if you're heading into the city right now, meter lights are on. >> still a little under 15 minutes to make it from the maze. 2 that free month's g excellence check on the san mateo bridge. 80 as you're heading in a cross towards one o one, the peninsula. you're looking at a 14 minute right there. all richmond center fell commute up. things are still pretty light over the air. still under 13 minutes to make it from richmond center fell and the golden gate
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bridge 30's into the tolls are looking at a 20 minute morning right on this monday. >> 7.18, right now. and for your money, if you don't mind sitting through commercials, you get netflix for 7 bucks a month. but you'll need $3 to go to the movies this weekend. jane king is live nasdaq with those stories and more now 3 bucks out there. that's a good deal. >> absolutely. take a big bright. i mean, i think this will fun. so some movie theaters in the call and check before you go will offer $3 movie tickets saturday in honor of national sentiment day. so it's a one-day event. it was announced by the cinema foundation effort to reinvigorate interest in film going after the pandemic. well, for cash strapped consumers, labor day could be a good time to get a deal and beat some of this inflation labor day sales are already underway with big discounts on clothing and appliances and outdoor furniture. now shoppers can save more if they take advantage of sales. tax holidays, credit card rewards in cash back bonuses. retailers have a glut of
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inventory and they're discounting items to clear out space for holiday goods. many of already lower profit expectations for the year. and they say that people are pulling back on spending, especially clothing and home goods. so they're going to be doing some discounting try to move the merchandise and netflix looking at $7 a month for its upcoming ad supported streaming plan, which is expected to launch early next year. according to bloomberg and at supported version of disney. plus is set to debut in december at 7.99 a month. it will have 4 minutes of ads per hour live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king bacteria. 4 minutes to save you 5 or 7 bucks. that's not a terrible deal. >> not a terrible deal. although i kind of feel like if there's to be free, it's just saying, yeah, hey, i yeah, i know. say sometimes you actually like the so there's more entertainment for well, in national news, people with federal student loans have been applied to get that
7:21 am
$10,000 for given. >> and there's the people that are still complaining. politicians saying it's not fair. our dc correspondent john hudson takes a look. >> good morning. it's not just republicans who are criticizing president biden's plan to forgive some student loan debt. some democrats say it should have gone further to focus on bringing down the cost of college. it's an announcement millions of student loan bars have been waiting for. i think it's a good day. >> a lot of people off. >> president biden calls his plan to forgive some federal student loans up to 20,000 for pell grant recipients and up to 10,000 for individual federal loan recipients. a major boost. >> we've got for to be freed up to be able to go for more money to buy a home. >> ohio democratic congressman tim ryan says he prefers tax cuts over student loan debt forgiveness. just a lot of people out there making 30, 40 grand a year that didn't go to college and they need help as
7:22 am
well. he also says the plan should allow bars to renegotiate interest rates. but missouri republican senator roy blunt opposes the student loan debt forgiveness plan. i just thought it was monumentally unfair, unfair to people who didn't go to college because they didn't think they could afford it unfair to people who pay their loans back. and the white house is s mofending the move saying it won't lead to inflation, but republicans say they are buying it. reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. >> well, coming up on the kron g 4 morning news, you have new covid-19 boosters and they could soon be available. the latest on the efforts to update vaccines as the virus continues to mutate. we'll be right back after the break.
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for your health this morning. if you or someone in your household is not claim that final round of free at-home covid test. >> from the federal government, you should do so now because your time's running out, federal government will stop providing those free at-home covid test this friday, september 2nd, congress has not provided additional funding to replenish the nation's top college test. and the last round of offers came back in may or you could get 8 tests per household. you can still place an order for the next one over the next 5 days. just visit covid dot gov. slash tests and your soon to be able to get a new this is the version of the covid vaccine that's going to. >> the more effective against omicron the biden administration is going to be doing this approval. they're
7:26 am
expecting any day now sometime after labor day you'll probably be able to get shots from moderna and pfizer. they both have applications for emergency use of their shots because the shots better guard against the ba 4 and ba 5 strains. meantime, rating, you were just talking about the free test going away. a lot of people are testing and they think they're not sick and they're going to work. >> and it turns out they had covid. so that's risking an outbreak. most of those people who are doing this, they ever have a mild symptom or maybe no symptoms at all. so you might not even know they have covid, especially with the variant ba 5. that's one of the things very tricky. you might even tests negative. you know, if you do the at-home test. so they're if you go to and by then, you know, or the sorry, been for 5 days. you've actually been sickened in, know your spreading. so doctors say. >> at the first sight, you don't feel well, you should probably stay home. >> coming up next on the kron, morning news, ukraine is
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celebrating its independence. we're going to show you how the bay area honored the country and as the war. their work continues to rage on. we'll be right back after the break. this labor day, we want you to enjoy all the fall things, without worrying about affording all the things. so, we promise to have your back, if you just promise to take in the fall colors. seasons change, but our lowe's price promise is everyday. shop fall at lowe's today. ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪
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this labor day, save on select major appliances and get free delivery. get the lowe's exclusive whirlpool laundry pair, with the 2-in-1 removable agitator that lets you customize any load. get the products you need this labor day. >> 7.29 and we're checking out the weather for august and september. and john john has a very long some really great
7:30 am
ideas because of the warm temperatures for labor day weekend. john, excited about that. i know some people really looking forward to that hot last official weekend of summer. you know, that's the end of the summer travel season. so capitalize on it. we're making quite the transition from the cool weekend. we just closed out with to the really hot temperatures we have just around the corner. so take your pick. if you didn't like the cool this weekend, you've got something to look forward to your view outside right now. nice and bright over some of the low cloud cover that's sitting right across the bay itself. here's the good news. cloud covers. well above us, you're not driving through any low visibility or fog or anything like that. not even any drizzle at the coastline. all of us get our window of sunshine this afternoon. inland areas get a lot more of
7:31 am
exit. >> the san mateo to one o one is still at a little under. i'd say about 16 minutes because you have a slight delay as you're traveling along the air. let's go ahead and get a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge a 13 minute kroll as you're traveling out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. no issues, no delays. things are looking good. 20 minutes on this monday morning. >> 7.31 is the time and the east bay, a man is recovering after he was shot in union city in a parking lot across forcefully. chagall has the latest on that investigation. there. >> union city police officers spend saturday morning and early afternoon canvassing the town and country values center on whipple road for surveillance video. they are hoping to find images that after the events leading up to a shooting outside stopped and around 3 o'clock in the morning that kids and my kids would be out of o'clock in
7:32 am
view that if i'm out at 3 o'clock in the morning, i'm going to get my little snacks to see that in. >> was it police say a 28 year-old man was shot in the parking lot and then taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries before officers arrived. >> police have not released any information on the person opened fire. some people frequent the area are concerned to hear a man was shot considering that union city isn't such a place. but this is at least the second shooting with injuries reported in the past week. >> last saturday morning, 2 men were wounded after a gunman opened fire on a group of people outside a family owned restaurant. a lot activities going on late at night when we're or manager is his family's next door to quick stop. he says the tenants in the shopping center have banded together by collectively asking the landlord to be put private security in the area. >> he says in recent months safety has become a concern. they will like some 25 patrol
7:33 am
here. >> stars starting like this with something just to just to c shouldn't say aside from quick stop all of the businesses in the shopping center are closed at 3 o'clock in the morning, including a bar which shut down an hour before the shooting. and police have not indicated the victim was a patron there in union city fleet to ball kron. 4 news. >> well, on the peninsula, police warned apollo downtown parking lot earlier last week and they arrested 2 armed car burglary suspects. police say someone called saint. 25 year-old tommy miller and 25 year-old nina full they were driving around looking inside of cars to see what they could steal. we're trying to get away their car actually site swapped a cop car. they hit another parked car. police say they recover property recently stolen from 3 separate car burglaries and they were built for multiple charges, including 3 counts, a felony car, felony burglary, conspiracy and carrying a loaded firearm with the intent to commit a felony. it's 7.33.
7:34 am
we have a follow-up now to a stabbing that was >> fatal. it happened over the weekend. a 16 year-old was killed in the area of quimby road. and kara stein way near lake saturday in san jose. first responders performed cpr. then the teenager was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. and police say there was a second victim. an adult was found stabbed in the same location. he was taken to hospital but is expected to recover. they still don't know the motive or what led up to the stabbing. it is the 26 homicide of the year in san jose. police are asking for your help in finding a man accused of stealing several items from a 7.11. well, police say the suspect entered the store on had a little boulevard south at d street on august 6. they say he stole several times and left on a bicycle. well, days later, he entered the same store and stow more items this time. police say the suspect threatened to hurt the clerks
7:35 am
and try to dissuade them from calling police. he then left the scene writing off and a light blue mountain bicycle. police describe the suspect is being possibly a white man with a medium to large build around 40 years of age. it's 7.34 and their new statistics out from the state department of justice and they show violent crime in california is up. but arrests are down 150 more homicides happened since 2020 making it the worst year since 2007 and other violent crime was also up by 6.7% from 2020 property crimes rose by 3%. and at the same time there was a decrease in the total number of arrests down more than 7% since 2020. as the war in ukraine continues. the country is also celebrating its independence from the soviet union. yeah. hundreds of people who gathered at golden gate park to celebrate the country's culture and its
7:36 am
accomplishments over the weekend. kron ford's gayle ong was there and has their story. >> this year's ukraine day celebration coincides with the 6 month milestone of russia's invasion today, the event is hundreds gathered at golden gate park sunday afternoon as performers took the stage. ukrainian independence day was on august. 24th the day commemorates when ukraine declared its sovereignty from the soviet union in 1991. is we should in we ship you know, we have we and great people and we will file. >> the event was put on by the ukrainian-american coordinating council. organizers say the event is dedicated to the ukrainian people and their supporters. we're standing up for freedom against one here. nicklas to
7:37 am
likey a first generation. ukrainian attended this event last year. >> he hopes people will not forget about the sacrifices being made in ukraine's. a lot of conflicts. >> in the the that are happening and people just forget about those and go on to other things. but, you% know, the people in ukraine. >> i mean, it's everyday that same for. and you know. different than it was 6 months ago in san francisco, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> all right. well, still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news as a cover. san francisco general hospital is celebrating its 50th 100 50th anniversary. find out how they plan to commemorate this event. plus, a new restaurant in the dogpatch neighborhood of san francisco. they're offering a little bit of greece right here in the bay area. can't go wrong with that. want to explore the
7:38 am
menu. and after the break, the a's beat. the yankees won. the giants got swept in minnesota over to have those highlights for you. coming up, john. and we'll have highlights this afternoon in the form of some unimpeded sunshine. after all this low cloud cover. there's san francisco and oakland, low 70's today while san jose will be in the low 80's. >> today, the coolest day before the heat really kicks in the year later this week. those details in your those details in your forecast. meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget, so mom keeps her alerts on full volume. hey! what? it's true! and that's all thanks to chase first banking. freedom for kids. control for parents.
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wrapped in cadbury chocolate, the world is suddenly overflowing with joy. cadbury caramello. >> 7.40 right now and san francisco mayor london breed declared yesterday august 20th to be zuckerberg. san francisco general hospital day. the hospital celebrating 150 years in operation coming with all kinds of art festivities and things like that. right now they're accepting applications from artists to create sculptures for the 2023 hearts in san francisco art project has a history of this hospital includes opening one of the first aids clinics and the whole united states now is back in the 1980's. well in the south bay, it's national breastfeeding month and good samaritan hospital in san jose. they're hosting a milk drive today to help support parents and babies in the community. hospital invites mothers to drop off extra frozen milk up to 9 months or
7:42 am
less from 10:00am to 02:00pm hospitals. also going find free education on the latest health guidelines for mothers and their babies. we'll be right back after the break. ♪strutting your way into my heart♪ ♪take your hat off make yourself at home♪ ♪how about stay the night then strut on home♪ ♪day 1, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪day 2, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪day 3, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪guess what, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪i like your strut,♪ ♪do you wanna go struttin' struttin'♪ ♪you like my strut♪ ♪do you wanna go struttin' struttin'♪ ♪you like my strut♪ ♪then let's go struttin' right now♪ ♪
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7.44 and if you love casual
7:45 am
greek cuisine, this could be your place covers. vicki liviakis takes a look at a tasty spot in san francisco. >> so it was a little bit of greece in san francisco because zena says it's all about the ingredients are just minimal, freshness and minimal preparation. new to the dogpatch neighborhood. this is location number 5 in the city with plans to expand in the north south and east bay. so what is family friendly? fast casual with a mediterranean flair? sure you can do pick up at the counter dine-in and meet the ever popular lamb or chicken rotisserie or. >> here at the new dogpatch location pull up to them as a bar and grab a and glass wine or beer being great >> everything you know, has always revolved around >> owner charles billi zone family had a restaurant, but he gets his inspiration from the souvlaki joints. you see all over athens. >> and then we have this as a bar. this marble bar with its own menu.
7:46 am
>> here at them as a bar, the menu includes classic light dishes like dips and pita chips taking a course. everyone knows and loves greek yogurt cucumber and dill. don't let your fresh octopus. >> or these wicked little doughnut holes called look >> you won't want to pass on a cool swirl of frozen greek yogurt topped with either crushed. but cherry syrup or even olive oil and sea salt. of course, no good meze. goes without a beverage to wash it down. everything really just going to be sure. but can't do hostess glass from the vineyards of greece. yeah. must do your in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron. 4 news list host who very whatever you say and we could like toasting to the beginning of september, which i cannot believe happens this catch on. >> and it's going to get hot just in time. yeah, because september, believe or not, it
7:47 am
is our hottest month. so you think yourself all were in september fall right now. that's the rest of the for us. this is just the start of so we enjoy the nice little cool down this past weekend. kind of a little hint of fall, i guess. and now it's right that summer we go and temperatures this weekend are really going to feel like it for labor day. >> so get ready for that heat all over again. coit tower looks a little gray out there, but you've got the sunshine shining through there as well. you may see some haze, especially in the north bay. it's not enough for a spare the air alert, but we do have an air quality advisory issued by the bay area air quality management district and that smoke meandering its way our direction from the 6 rivers complex fire in northern california as well as fires in southern oregon. so if you have respiratory sensitivities, be a little wary of that. now, we also do have some breezy spots right through the golden gate on up through richmond in, especially on the delta and the carquinez looking windy. also some windy pockets on the peninsula to as you are venturing outside to enjoy what will be our coolest day of the rest of the forecast
7:48 am
today and tomorrow are most mild ones. after that, the he kicks into gear. as daryn mentioned, the start of september is looking like a scorcher. so enjoy the cool. we've got it. 60's and 70's for your highs in sf 60's at the coast and then 70's and 80's for our bayshore cities. burlingame, down through foster city, beautiful upper 70's palo alto mountain view and sunnyvale, even holding on to 70's today. well, san jose tolerable, we warm to 83. we've got 70's from union city to oakland will only 3 90's, livermore as well as danville in vacaville. there's going to be a lot more. the 90's come the latter. half of this forecast. so get ready for all those changes. santa rosa through center fell in the 80's today. tomorrow. as i mentioned, the cooler ones. wednesday, we start to warm up thursday. september 1st is when the heat really starts to grip us. and by the weekend, it's triple digits inland and some 80's right along the bay shore right now. john, thank you for that. ok, let's get a look at your bridges traveling into the city this morning. we're looking
7:49 am
>> 13 to 14 minute ride may so that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge, 80 to one o one heading across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes for you as you are making your way. amber fell bridge about a 13 minute ride travel richmond across towards sandra fell and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. no major issues or delays. there. if you are traveling along i-80 eastbound east of davis street in vacaville. we do have an accident that still there. so just a little slowing along 80. 7.49. right now, the giants hoping it's home sweet home today as they start their series against the padres because this was a nightmare. >> they were swept by the twins over the weekend was a brutal rain delayed last game. brandon crawford ripped a shot in right field in evan longoria comes into score on that. but they were out, don, in an extra one inning, walk-off win the giants, lose it a 2, 3, 2, the twins. and minnesota come 3 games. sweet. that drops a giant to 61 in 65
7:50 am
says it is what it i think we have to to come back. >> keep our heads down, keep grinding. keep working every day and and understand that there's there's still time and really fight and scratch nd claw to to stay in this thing. yeah, not in a good position. and i think we we all acknowledge i but we're we're still in the fight and that's all we can ask for. mean, i said this on a number of different cases that just does not matter who we play. it doesn't matter if it's the padres with the twins are the tigers before the twins? we we have to play our best baseball. we have to play our healthy as baseball. we have to players in the right spots and how to perform order for us to win. when we do that collectively as a team win baseball games that we don't >> oh, man, would it be funny if you went to capital one in first run in of course going as is always time. there's thrown it in. we give now they
7:51 am
don't give up the play the padres tonight. it's going unite, ok? so let's go ahead and look at what's going on when it comes to the a's because the a's honor the 20th anniversary of the 2002 teen that ran off a record. 20 state wins during the height of the billy beane moneyball error. played the yankees with hopes of splitting the series. they got off to a good start. when stephen vogt hit a towering shot. >> over the head, aaron judge in center field. >> the kept adding to their school after that. and after that and the yankees managed to get one run on the board, but they could do more than that because the a's 4 to one. take that final 2 games from the yankees ace finished 5, 5, on this recent homestead, his manager, marco, stay listen. >> i saw last he had a big smile his face is kid. this kid just seems you know, maybe feet off a big, big triple a numbers do show kind of how he's able to go out and
7:52 am
perform here. and he did that today against, you know, obviously one of the better lineups in the league. 6 punch outs against lineup. so. changeup was was dominant today. we got a lot of swing and miss on the change-up in 2 strikes with his fastball. so it's a great start building. it feels good just to get a split out of the series to get a split in the homestand. we played the mariners wild card race. we played the yankees who are leaning by 9 or 10 games and to come out of this homestand. let me live out the marlins pitching the started. 3 starters. you went through there. so to get a split to go 500 this homestand. i think outstanding. but his >> yeah, it pretty man. and going to play the nationals tomorrow night 11 win. they bring it home and they do their best and they actually their best and they actually win somebody be right back. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27?
7:53 am
26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
7:54 am
what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27.
7:55 am
>> 7.55, and we're telling about the box office numbers just in time for the $3 saturday movies that are most theaters this weekend. so see if any of these appeal to you. there's the horror film. the invitation. that was number one of the box office making 7 million over the weekend. bullet train took the second spot, made 5.6 million and then came beast. and you want to see beast be. so it's going
7:56 am
to see bullet train to okay. so and i mention this because saturday is $3 a day to celebrate movies national movie day. think about what and go into boiling are pretty hot inland. so think about that for saturday 7.55. is the time right now. we'll be back. >> when you can't make it out, has nothing to be done. there. >> way before we go, we have we're going to alabama to get this story because it's so cute. that's a little tiny. go baby go, which is on the roof or the yeah. the hood of the cop car and then wait to see inside. there's another go and there will apparently one of them wanted to get arrested and the other one wanted or races record because he ate all of the cops. you like notes and stuff. so they're just kind of funny. we just thought it was cute. and when you see a little go like that, hopefully they were successful in all of it. hopefully the police let them go. well, still ahead of the kron, 4 morning news. we are talking
7:57 am
about the thousands of fish that actually washed up dead near oakland. >> why scientists believe it is the work of harmful algae blooms. so they're telling folks to stay away. plus, bay area bart stations are seen an increase in crime. we'll have the latest on the incidents they are looking into right now. we might impact your commute. we'll have more on commute. we'll have more on that coming up. this is a craft 170 years in the making. (sniffing) for bold, smooth flavor in every batch of black silk. it's something we pride ourselves on at folgers... yeah, i said folgers.
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>> happening now on the kron 4 morning news. it was a violent weekend art. a man was fatally stabbed at a bart station and the killer is still on the loose. we're live with those details and what's causing all of these fish to die in the bay area. we asked a local scientists of people really are at risk. and police are investigating a racist rant caught on camera bay area taco bell. we're going to be right up with the stories. stay with us. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news >> and thanks for waking up with us on the last monday of august radar be trying to figure out if i got everything i need to get done before we go into another month to are not sure. yeah. and we hit the new season which will be summer because it's going to be really warming up. and this week it was kind of cool and windy, i guess, dependin


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