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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 29, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3, a historic moon mission delayed how nasa's moving forward with its goal to get humans back on the moons for the first time in decades. plus, a shocking twist this afternoon in the jimmy g saga. why he may not be leaving the forty-niners in san francisco after all. and our top story, new questions being raised about writing safely on bart. how more acts of violence are leaving. commuters on edge. >> from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> thank you so much for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 3 this monday. i'm
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justine waldman will begin with a violent weekend at bard and how it's raising concerns for riders. a man was stabbed to death sunday outside of the 24th street mission. bart station in san francisco. 2 days after a man was shot on a bart train near the lake merritt station in oakland. kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us now here live in the newsroom with how riders are feeling after this weekend of crime. thanks for joining us, rob. >> just enough. you follow the bar twitter account to stay up to date on delays. you notice more tweets about station closures because of police activity. that was the case again on friday and sunday. yesterday's deadly stabbing happening just outside the 24th street mission. bart station, according to bart surveillance video showed 2 men arguing near the station's elevator above ground. one of them taking out a knife and stabbing the other who staggered down to the station platform where he died. a train was the scene of a crime on friday when a man was shot multiple times near the lake merritt station in oakland while riding bart, he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries but is in stable condition at last
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check, according to police, the suspect fled the train at the fruitvale station and just like the suspect in sunday's stabbing is still at large. both is both incidents having bart riders questioning their safety during daily commutes. >> you always have to >> your shoulder. someone behind you a little bit of anxiety. when i see. it's a bad people coming onto the onto my trainer, whatever i get on there and they're somebody sleeping there. you never know what there. >> bart says they have taken a number of safety measures to keep riders safe, including uniform safety staff on platforms. police officers dedicated to riding trains and a network of 4,000 security cameras. reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. rob, thank you so much. san francisco police are investigating a brazen crime. they say a man stole an ambulance from 2 paramedics and then tried to run them over with. it happened. >> at 7 o'clock this morning
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on harrison street in the mission district officials say that the suspect approached the vehicle while the paramedics were sitting inside and shattered the windows with a wooden stake when the paramedics then ran away. the attacker allegedly then jumped inside the ambulance and took control, apparently trying to run the medics over. he then drove into the best buy parking lot in that area where police say he did some laps in the ambulance before getting out, hopping a fence and getting away. the paramedics were not physically hurt, but they're pretty shaken up the ambulance, as we've been looking at these pictures is damaged thousands of dollars worth of damages. and it has been taken out of service for now. bay area. police had their hands full with several sideshows over the weekend. one of them happened sunday around 1 o'clock in the morning and 13th street and south van ness avenue. that's in san francisco right under the highway. 1, one over past oakland. police say that they responded to a massive sideshow late on saturday night. it drew as many as 200
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spectators and 500 cars. oakland police say 7 people were arrested. 8 cars were towed and 4 citations were issued. a big boost for firefighters in the east bay after being closed for 9 years. a fire station has re-opened in contra costa county kron four's charles clifford explains how the community will benefit from this new resource monday morning. the contra costa county fire protection district reopened fire station for in unincorporated walnut creek. >> the station was closed back in 2013 due to the economic downturn with service restored here. the district will now be able to provide not only fire protection, but emergency medical services to this area. the reopening of the station has been in the works for 2 years and is the last step in getting the district back to where it was before 2013 restoring fire station for us is one of our last and restoring this level of service. >> across the fire district. >> it marks that we are not
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only back to where we used to be, but over and above where we used to be. >> and with hot weather in the forecast, the opening of station for now is not a coincidence. the county and the district push to reopen the station before this year's peak fire season. this spring's an increased risk for not only fire but power outages and increased demand for emergency medical services, especially for those who may be at risk during times of extreme heat. this is the right time and the right place to be adding this additional resource for this community moving forward. the fire protection district has a long-term plans to replace this station, which was originally opened in the 1950's. >> in contra costa county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> governor gavin newsom is deploying strike teams from across california to help crews in oregon contained a fast-moving wildfire. there. the creek fire exploded in size over the weekend. it is now burned over 10,000 acres since its first started 12
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days ago. there is 0 containment. officials say the fire began after lightning moved through the region. thousands of people since have been forced to evacuate. one home has been destroyed by the flames, but hundreds more remain threatened and smoke from that wildfire has now drifted all the way here to the bay area. as we take a live look outside right now will be able to see some haze that hanging over parts of the bay area today. and if we skip that will just go right to the main show here. our meteorologist kyla grogan has our first look at the forecast. which part of the bay area has the worst air quality because of that. and is there an air quality advisory or warning in effect? there is so an air quality advisory today and you can see this is up by that were gun border, the oregon california border. that's where that fire is just north that oregon border. >> the rum creek fire and that unfortunately, sunny smoke our way. so the north bay has been getting kind of the brunt of it. all those a little bit better at this hour. you can see those numbers that we've been back into the green. but you can see san jose fremont
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that area now in yellow, even kind of popping back and forth and as we look outside, you can see just a tiny bit of haze out there, right? like you kind of see, it's a little too high up there to be the marine layer, right? so, you know, that's what we're talking about. and we are all expecting that moderate air quality in in in places today. so it's not everywhere all the time. but it does look like this will be with us next day or 2 of show and smoke tracker. it's kind of pushing the smoke out to sea and then dragging it back in as we start to get our on-shore flow. so unfortunately, we're stuck with that today. we are going to see increasing clouds tonight. a little breezy southwest winds coming in off the ocean tonight. temps tomorrow will be ever so slightly like a degree or 2 warmer. but that's about it will be sticking with that moderate air quality. but as we look ahead, this is where the big story is. we just had an excessive heat watch put in place for saturday through monday. it is bay area wide because we're expecting very warm temperatures so inner east they were going way back up into those 104, 105 temperatures will be back in just a bit. we'll get into more details about that for now. send it back to testing.
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nasa scrubbed its historic artemis one rocket launch this morning after some engine issues. the goal of the project is to put humans back on the moon for the first time in 50 years. >> reporter brooke shafer has more now from cape canaveral. >> early afternoon briefing, nasa officials said they are not giving up after waving off the launch of their artemis one rocket on monday. they have solve several problems along the way. >> and they got to one that needed time to be solved. one of the rockets, 4 engines wasn't chilling to a proper launch temperature. >> that on top of other challenges like an issue with a vent valve and bad weather, we continue to learn. >> that's what we're doing. the highly anticipated launch at florida's kennedy space center scrubbed around 8.30 monday morning. nasa's launch team now assessing its options to get this 322 foot rocket.
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and its unmanned spacecraft into space headed for the moon. whether launches today, 3 days from now or a week from now, doesn't matter. >> what really matters is that it's successful. this mission must be successful. >> they cannot fail. artemis one is one of 3 missions to eventually get astronauts back on the moon. as soon as 2025. it would also set the stage for humans to eventually explore mars. it's a lunar mission 50 years after the last apollo mission, 5 decades later, nasa is also looking to make history by landing. the first woman and first person of color on the moon. you know, on earth. we've got it. >> oceans and vegetation. and it covers up all the evidence of what our early earth was like in the early solar system. and so we've got those answers on that. >> and so that's what we're going to go there and study. >> that was brooke shaffer reporting. nasa has a couple of options to try this launch again on friday or next week
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on monday. and if not, the launch could be delayed until mid september or even later, the nasa team is now going to go over today's data and they plan to announce their next steps tomorrow. coming up here today on kron, 4 news at 3, california is moving to all electric cars over the next decade. why another state is trying to stop this move. plus, something is in the water. what scientists say is responsible for killing thousands of bay area fish. and u.s. companies are on track to bring home a record number of overseas jobs. what experts say is driving this trend and what needs to be done to keep it going. that's next.
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>> california may not be the only state to ban the sale of gas powered cars last year. lawmakers in virginia passed a law aligning that states emission standards with california's meaning of nothing changes it too, will issue the gas pan and phase it in over the next 13 years. but since that law was passed, the state elected the new governor who is now not happy with the current situation. reporter jackie defusco explains. well back when democrats were in charge here, they passed a law virginia to a list of more than a dozen other states. >> that follow california's vehicle regulations. now we're learning that starting in 2035 new gas powered vehicles will not be delivered to dealers
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here. that is unless republicans get their way. >> big changes down the road for new car sales in virginia. but governor glenn youngkin wants to pump the brakes. youngkin declining our interview request but saying in a statement, quote, i am already at work to prevent this ridiculous edict from being forced on virginians. california is out of touch. laws have no place in our commonwealth. california's new regulations will still allow drivers to use existing gas cars and buy used ones. but the sale of new gas of the vehicles will be phased out, then banned by 2035 in their spot on the lot. electric, hydrogen and hybrid cars. democratic lawmakers in virginia like delegate lamont bagby says the state needs to be a leader in the transition to carbon-free. we can't go back which we can have a gin. you're looking like the flintstones and neighboring states looking like the jetsons. meantime, republicans want to hit reverse on virginia's new law.
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>> delegate says the state's infrastructure just isn't ready for a surge in electric car sits just going to be impossible. >> for us to meet those standards this year. cost of it is is going to be prohibitive and that on law. and the virginia automobile dealers association tells me that many of their manufacturers are already planning to go all electric by 2035 or even before they say that following california's lead. >> could help virginia compete for what is currently a limited supply. for example, state data shows that less than 3% of car registrations are by hybrid and electric vehicles. right now. that was jackie defusco reporting for us this afternoon. >> and working from home could soon become. a much bigger cost. a new survey found that 14% of u.s. employers plan to cut wages for employees that do not come into the office. analysts say in many instances, remote work has boosted productivity while lowering the cost of business. and now the companies are trying to pocket those
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savings. the trend is catching on overseas. one british law firm says they'll slash paychecks up to 20% for at-home workers and other companies are preparing to do the same. well, looks like more manufacturing jobs are making their way back to the united states. something that the biden administration is excited to see. our washington correspondent basil john, reporting now on the changes come to the job market. he's live for us here from washington. thanks for joining us. basil. >> well, just being good evening. and yes, recent report show that an increased number of jobs are coming back from overseas. and the administration wants to see more of it. >> we consider this a very welcome trend. white house council of economic advisers, jared bernstein says bringing manufacturing jobs back to the u.s. is an important part of strengthening the economy. but we think it's really important to build much more be cillian to supply a recent report from the reshoring initiative estimates nearly 350,000 jobs will return this year. a new
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high in the decade long trend. it's not just that the pace onshore is ongoing. it's accelerate reshoring initiative founder and president harry moser says companies are recognizing it makes sense to keep production close to home. it's constructions. >> and here it is structured. should get the covid they a can how they do russia, ukraine and hangover. everything you see is the risk china decoupling. however, moser says the trend present a challenge. >> because not enough, americans are trained to work in manufacturing. everybody wants to go university study sociology or philosophy or something and some cough and not getting a job you know that while we have. >> and in 2 billion 2 million job openings for people with skills and >> now moser is advocating for the administration to promote the skilled workforce in order
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to bolster the numbers and have more recruits available in the future. reporting live in washington, i'm basil, john. >> so are there any other ideas like some incentives that might bolster the work force? are they doing to kind of entice people? >> yes, well, one of the suggestions that actually came up was a possibly having a loan program set up by the government. so you could have people who would enter into apprenticeships and they would get paid while the work and learn and that way you're able to increase the numbers that end up in the manufacturing industry. >> basil, john, live for us in washington. thanks so much. the national red crisis could be getting worse with millions of people saying they're likely going to be victims soon. according to the u.s. census bureau, the median rent price has now topped $2000 a month. 8 and a half million people are behind on their rent and about half of them say they could face eviction in the next couple of months. most eviction moratoriums rent freezes and assistant programs that had been put in place
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because of the pandemic have now expired. more than 30 million people say in the past year they've been hit with rent hikes, ranging from 100 to $250. well, this was a messy one. check out this tomato truck crash in vacaville and made a mess of the morning commute. it happened around 05:00am on i-80. the truck was headed westbound when it hit a car. and boy, everything in that truck just spilled out onto the road. the chp says the truck spun out of control, crashing to the center divide and all those tomatoes went down onto the eastbound lanes. 5 cars in total were involved in the crash. at least one person had to go to the hospital for their injuries. we don't have an update on their condition right now. the cleanup. took several hours, but all the lanes have since reopened. i-80. that is a mess, i as we take this live look outside here in a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. hey, no fog here right now. but we know that it will be back in our meteorologist. kyla grogan has
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our forecast was going make some like tomato sauce or ketchup jokes. but i know if you are stuck in that, that was not funny. not to second that you said something the hospital. i mean, that's the kind of thing you don't see coming right when you're driving. that's always the thing you don't see coming that you can't really do anything about. >> here's something we can see coming. we are going have an excessive heat watch as of saturday going right through the holiday weekend because we're going to see inland temperatures. >> ramp up into triple digits and even those of you in san francisco in around the bay are going to see some very, you know, incredibly warm temperatures for this time of year. i wanted to also just take a look at this. kind of interesting over the last couple of hours we had just a little cell pop-up win over napa. and now you can see with your cloverdale and heading now north of ukiah. we had a little lightning and it's going vary juiced up storm cell that that rolled through. so kind of everything else, relatively quiet. see just a litrle bit popping there over in the nevada side. so we are in that air quality advisory. see a little haze out there. we're expecting this to stick with us for the next couple of days. temperatures right now. it's been pretty nice out
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there. lots of sunshine. 58 in san francisco. we had some lovely inland 70's conquered 86. that's not bad. santa rosa, 78 for you. 77 for san jose and tomorrow. if you'd like today, we're going to see a repeat is going to be very similar. quite nice. we'll have a little fog tonight. and then there we go. 66 in san francisco, this nice 80's and 70's around the bay. i like that. so what we are going to see that's going to kick this heat up, though, we've had that low present, but low pressure system that kind of cool things down. but now we're going to see the high pressure build up. and that's why we're going to see all of these temperatures soar to take a look really quickly here. you can see by thursday inland temperatures up to those triple digits and then we really rocket into its saturday sunday and monday, unfortunately, just in this is dangerous heat right at the time when people want to have their outdoor activities, got to take it easy. unfortunately, it will look. >> keep our eye on and thanks, kyla new at 3, a florida judge says that she will likely appoint a special master to review documents seized from mar-a-lago by the fbi. former president trump's lawyers want a special master appointed to
3:22 pm
make sure nothing was taken beyond the scope of the search warrant. earlier today, the justice department completed its own review of the documents. it found a limited number of materials which may be covered by attorney client privilege. that may change whether the judge's decision. is to decide to have the special master is put in place. and the judge is expected to issue a ruling on that coming up by thursday. those free at-home coronavirus tests provided by the u.s. government let programs ending on friday that started in january and shipped rapid tests to americans through the u.s. postal service. the white house says the program is ending due to a lack of funding from congress. officials also say they want to preserve the supply of test kits ahead of the anticipated fall surge in cases. officials say distribution would resume if congress approves additional funding. still ahead, farmworkers front and center at the state capitol. what they are demanding from governor gavin newsom. and a
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you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. ask about vraylar bay where fremont police are investigating a racist rant caught on camera. the victim says he was waiting in line at taco bell on fremont boulevard when a man began randomly yelling at him. kron four's sacking has the video.
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>> the opinion >> tough christian gentleman is the victim behind the camera in this video. he says he began recording after this man started yelling racist comments at him while german was waiting for his order at taco bell on fremont boulevard last sunday. few minutes later, he again said that they pick up a but don't need. >> urged to read and write you. you don't need to be fed beef that you guys should you be few indians, should you be if you don't need jeremy says this was their only interaction before the man went on his mask, don't come out public like >> nobody something i'm not here to pick a fight 41. >> and he said, you know, you do that you know, a shame. it's disgusting. >> the new spot on the jenin says that's when he and a restaurant employee called
3:27 pm
fremont police. >> he says the man continued yelling for more than 8 minutes over >> german says he waited inside the taco bell for officers to arrive. worried that the man might be waiting outside for him. you. >> fremont police are still investigating this incident. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> breaking news just into the kron. 4 news from out of oakland where oakland's police chief leronne armstrong has just confirmed there was a shooting at madison park academy and that the suspect is in custody. that schools in the sobrante park neighborhood in east oakland. we do have a crew on the way to the scene right now. we'll bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. stay with us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o keep you updated. and next year, 3.30, the end of an era is officially upon us. tennis legend serena williams takes
3:28 pm
the court for what could be her final tournaments. plus, a who man is behind bars. what he's accused of doing to this little puppy. plus thousands of bay area fish are dying at a rapid rate, but advocates say needs to happen to prevent.
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3:30 pm
our top story, 3.30, thousands of dead fish are washing up all across the bay area. and local scientists believe it's because of a
3:31 pm
harmful algae. bloom is growing in the water. >> kron 4 sarah stinson has the latest. >> an alarming number of fish floating up dead at shores across the bay area, including here in foster city at bay wins park. we're seeing is sturgeon washed ashore. avid fisherman tell me this is very concerning by taking pictures >> more than 6 sturgeon. that's worst up over here. some very large fish in the 50 inch range, which is its trophy for a lot of fishermen. it hurts to see him like that because you can only, you know, catch so many. we're seeing these fish flow belly up around the bay due to a harmful algae bloom spreading rapidly. it's just >> grown and grown over the last month to pretty much all parts of the bay. the luckily this bloom is not known to be toxic to people, but it can kill fish. >> the nonprofit bay keeper says this is caused by sewage and refinery discharges into the bay. we're seeing all kinds of fish wash up, including striped bass sturgeon and even sharks,
3:32 pm
which is very rare. you also notice the water in the bay is really brown and murky. that is due to the lg forming red tides. >> these things tend to kill themselves over time and but, you know, that can also lead to a town center problem. so we've got to keep on the lookout for for impacts going forward. >> but in the meantime, it suggested people and pets stay out of the water around the bay until conditions improve. i hope they cleaned up. find out what's going on. if you can't fix the problem, at least make everyone aware so they don't get in the water. and if you see dead fish floating along the shoreline, you're asked to reported, you can call your local water agency can also send a tip 2 bay keeper. for now, i'm sara stinson reporting in foster city back to. >> now to half moon bay where later today we should know what caused a whale to die and wash up at manhattan beach. a viewer sent us this video and said that it seemed like the whale was injured. the california academy of sciences and the marine mammal center performed cropsey to determine the cause of death. the type of whale and likely age. eva
3:33 pm
way home and is now facing felony animal cruelty charges after allegedly throwing a puppy into a gas station. dumpster. the solano county sheriff's office says it received a call from the gas station earlier this month after a customer discovered this puppy in the trash. investigators say the puppy was still alive when they got there. surveillance video from over a debt mountain lion, fish and wildlife or attempting to tranquilize that mountain lion that they found roaming in the neighborhood. and that's when police say an officer shot the mountain lion after it charged at that officer. the animal was taken to oakland zoo for treatment
3:34 pm
but died from his injuries. hollister police are now frustrated with the way oakland zoo described the incident on its social media accounts. the police department posted yesterday saying that the zoo characterize their actions as being reckless and inpatient. they say they followed the lead of fish and wildlife and acted in the best interest of every living being at the scene. the zoo responded to us today saying the police department was not named in the post nor judged by the zoo. they say the focus was to educate the public about the growing issues. human wildlife conflict and nothing more. we'll go back now to the breaking news out of oakland where there has been a shooting at madison park academy. this is a school in east oakland. the police chief just confirm some of the details a short time ago. we do know suspects in custody, but let's get the latest now. >> our latest incident, i want to speak to that. we just are continuing to investigate
3:35 pm
today and one 30 pm officers responded to a shooting of a 13 year-old at madison junior high school in the 400 block of capistrano dry. officers were able to quickly and safely take the shooter into custody as well as provide medical aid to the student. we have recovered the firearm as well. sadly, gun violence is impacting our schools as well. you have heard from me over the last several weeks about a number of shootings and incidents that have happened in our schools and our playgrounds. this is impacting. every area in our city. nobody is immune from this level of gun violence. >> we'll continue to follow that and bring you the latest on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. but now we go to bend, oregon, where police say at least 2 people were killed after gunmen armed with an assault rifle went on a shooting rampage inside of a safe way.
3:36 pm
officials say that the shooter entered the store around 7 o'clock last night. he shot one person, an entrance who was later taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. police say the shooter continued firing throughout the store shooting and killing another person the gunman was later found dead at the scene. a motive remains unclear. nfl rookie running back brian robinson junior is recovering after being shot during attempted robbery in washington, d.c., police say he was in a busy area of the downtown when 2 men may have been trying to steal his car. he was shot twice, but his injuries are not considered life-threatening. the washington commanders, the head coach, said that robinson is in good spirits. no arrests have been made. well, switching up and take this live look outside and a hazy shot of. >> downtown san francisco. they're in sort of the middle of the screen. can't even really make out the east bay today. we do have some hazy skies out there. and today is
3:37 pm
the coolest aay of the week. our meteorologist kyla grogan is here with the warm-up. that's on the way. yeah. i want to start a little bit about that haze, justine, right? because you may be wondering what's going on, what we do have some fires to the north of us. and as you can see, we do have pockets of yellow. that is moderate air quality seat around san jose fremont. we've definitely seen in the north bay. >> and as you move further north, that's where the problems are because we do have some fires. >> that are up right above california, oregon border. you can see that's where all the poor air quality is. unfortunately, it's funneling some of that air down here. so that's why we do see. >> a little bit of haze on an otherwise really nice day out there, moderate air quality. so we expect today and frankly, tomorrow, the next couple of days, well, that smoke kind of works its way down. so tonight we're going to be pretty quiet. we will have temperatures in the 50's across the board. coolest one of the map. santa rosa looking out for love at 51 degrees tonight. and you can see a little bit of a fog will be rolling in. it shouldn't be anything too bad. you know, it won't be as a drizzly as we've but last week >> certainly we will see some of that fog as we get into tomorrow morning. so we could see some slightly slick roads.
3:38 pm
now tomorrow is kind of a repeat of today. you can see san francisco expecting 66 degrees when the average normal right this time of year is about 69. 72 i i oakland, lee close to normal as well. san jose looking after 81 will see 89 in livermore concord and santa rosa about 83. pretty nice. right at or slightlbelow average. but this is where we get into a little trouble here as we get to thursday friday, saturday and even into sunday and monday, we've got inland triple digit heat. and that is y the national weather service has put from saturday to monday. the entire bay area now under an excessive heat. watch as we see those temperatures go into the triple digits in london. have more on that and come back in just a bit for now. send it back to desk. how does some real summer right there? >> serena williams, one of the greatest of all times, really at any sport ever begins. what could be her final tournament of her career today. serena will play her first round singles match at the u.s. open at 4 o'clock. our time win or lose. there will be a big ceremony after the match
3:39 pm
honoring all that serena has accomplished in her nearly 30 year career earlier this month, serene announced that she will be evolving away from tennis to focus on her family. but she left the door open for potential comeback saying, quote, never say never. all right. coming up here, it is cheaper, but it has commercials. details on the new subscription plan. >> that's coming to netflix and how much it could cost you. also what are people smoking these days? thehe surprising results of a new surv
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to see transformation come to them. this monday afternoon. according to a recent gallup poll, 16% of americans report smoking weed. the same survey found only 11% smoked cigarettes in the past week. >> that number is down 5% from this time last year, cigarette use reached its peak. the 1950's with 45% of americans smoking tobacco. nearly half of all americans sey they have tried marijuana and 2 thirds of the people that were polled say it should be legal across the nation. more children are adjusting flat round battery is known as those button batteries and it's leading to some serious emergencies. a new report finds that there is an average of one battery related emergency visit almost every hour among children under 18 children under 5 are
3:43 pm
at the highest risk, especially toddlers between the ages of one and 2. researchers say that prevention is key. they recommend that parents change the button. batteries away from children because shiny objects can be enticing can be really dangerous for kitty. in other health news, there's new research that shows access to paid sick leave can reduce the mortality rate of workers. according to syracuse university, a study there says that states that have laws preventing paid stick sick leave have higher mortality rates. researchers say if those laws will be changed, death rates could be reduced by 5% or more. the study's author also are saying the lack of paid sick leave increases the odds of economic hardship and in turn a suicide drug use and other harmful behaviors. still ahead this afternoon, a peaceful protest against governor gavin newsom. what farm workers say they're
3:44 pm
fighting for and why they will not leave the capitol steps until they get it. your projects done right
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>> we're following breaking news out of east oakland for you here on kron. 4 news at 3. we're a 13 year-old student was shot at madison park academy. this is in oakland and according to police, they say a suspect has been taken into custody and the gun used in the shooting has been recovered. police say that the student did go to the hospital
3:47 pm
and is in stable condition. we do have a news crew on the way to the scene. we'll try to have the very latest for you. coming up during kron. 4 news at 5 and always the updates will be on our website. kron 4 dot com should also note here that a suspect has been taken into custody. there is a 24 vigil underway outside the state capitol being led by farmworker advocates. they're urging governor newsom to sign legislation that they say would prevent voter intimidation within the farmers union. our capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace spoke with organizers about their message and you can see the presence here from the capital is much smaller than it was last week when thousands of people came here in support of this legislation. nonetheless, the message to the governor remains the same. >> support this bill. spanish music and a ceremony of sorts launched the beginning of what the united farm workers labor union is calling a 24 hour vigil in front of the capitol. all to urge governor newsom to
3:48 pm
support assembly bill. 21 83, it is just important that we're going to stay here as long as we need godly guys, the deputy political director for the united farm workers. she and fellow backers of the bill say it would make it easier for farm workers to cast ballots remotely in union elections. significant. they are cute because it would ensure farm workers are not intimidated by their boss is when deciding whether or not to join a union. they you know, just treatment. and that's the message that we want to give to. comes just days after thousands of people marched through the streets of downtown sacramento as part of the last leg of a 3 and a half week, 3 year, 30 plus mile march from kern county all the way to the state capitol in support of the legislation. >> newsom's communications director says the governor supports changes to state law to help farm workers better organized but noted he does not support the bill in its current form and is negotiating for changes. the statement said in part we cannot support and untested
3:49 pm
mail-in election process that lacks critical provisions to protect the integrity of the election. those in from the capital, though, say their message to the governor is clear. he's heard the people he seen the to do the right thing. >> and those here say they are prepared to stay this wednesday to the very last minute of the legislative deadline of 11:59pm, all to urge the governor to support the bill reporting here outside the california state capitol. a tom wallace kron. 4 news. >> now to an unprecedented crisis in the country of pakistan. monsoon flooding has left over 1000 people dead. heavy rain set off the flash flooding that washed away villages and crops this month soon season has affected all 4 of the country's provinces. nearly 300,000 homes have been destroyed. numerous roads are now impassable. there are power outages and it's affecting millions of people. part of interstate 10 in southern california has reopened after heavy flooding wiped out part of the road last week. there's the damage.
3:50 pm
one eastbound lane opened up on thursday. drivers were still face with heavy delays over the weekend. while crews work to reopen it. that remaining stretch of the freeway in riverside county, the california highway patrol says construction. the still ongoing. we're taking a live look outside right now on our camera that shows us the bucky ball right side of the exploratory. and that's our neighbor. that buildings right across the street from the kron. 4 studios in school. when you're driving by tonight that the bucky ball, it's all lit up. and we want to find out about our forecast for this coming week. i was shocked to see as we enter september, we're going to be reaching triple digits. it's like summer is really just. temper are. that's our summertime. and you know, it's funny because that's kind of a common thing in california. at least it has been probably for the last 5 to 10 years that we start to see that he kicked up usually are looking out for the offshore wind. that makes things a bit warmer. that's not what's happening this time. it's really just high pressure building up and
3:51 pm
wanted to start. just a look at california's to show you were talking about monsoonal moisture. >> a little bit in nevada, not much. but there was this one rogue thunderstorm cell that had some lightning associated with. it went through napa county and then rolled right on up. you can see it's north of ukiah. thankfully didn't seem to be causing any damage. when you see lightning associated storm, you catch my attention. no doubt about it. tonight we're going to see temperatures about 50 to 63 degrees and patchy inland fog onshore breeze will be with us as well. so be looking out for that tomorrow. very much a repeat of today. some really nice temperatures expecting 66 in san francisco, upper 80's inland. so nothing too extreme. you can see about 77 redwood city nap about 79 degrees. so it should be pretty nice day. we do unfortunately have the one cabbie out of the fact that our air quality is expected to stay in the moderate category tomorrow. and that is, of course, courtesy of some of the smoke that's to the north of us. take a look at your sunday forecast, though. this is why we have an excessive heat watch kicking in as we get into saturday. now. notice by thursday inland temperatures hitting that 100
3:52 pm
degree mark. and then we just rock it up from there. by the time we get to sunday monday, we're talking one o 4, 1, '05, one. 0, 6, it's going to be a little bit of a rough ride. so one, make sure you're making your plans for the weekend. with that in mind. just make sure you have a good time. but she also stay safe just in back that this hot. yeah. well, after weeks of speculating where jimmy garoppolo will play football, this nfl season turns out he's not going anywhere. the forty-niners reconstructed the quarterbacks contract. >> and he will stay with the team this year in july, kyle shanahan said that the team would move on from jimmy g allowing second-year quarterback trey lance to take his starting spot. garoppolo has spent 4 seasons with the forty-niners. she helped the team reach the super bowl in 2019 and led them to the nfc championship game 2021, he's not going anywhere going to be still part of the red and gold this year. let's check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight.
3:53 pm
>> tonight on dan abrams live on newsnation. so many pundits and legal analysts seem convinced donald trump will now be indicted, but there was no indictment following the classified documents previously recovered this year. i say hold your horses for some straight sober, unbiased analysis of what could be coming joint. that's tonight on dan abrams live now. here's ashley with a look at them >> thanks, dan. tonight on banfield. plus, along was there. so was that no ice? but how many others were in and out of mar-a-lago with top secret documents in the pool room and how many might even spies. plus, 25 years after paducah, kentucky to school shooter is up for parole. the girl the left in a wheelchair has some thoughts on that. she's on banfield. you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> we'll take a
3:54 pm
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to see transformation come to them. learning new details about that ad supported plan. netflix is set to roll out sometime next year. bloomberg is reporting netflix will offer the service somewhere between 7 to $9 a month. that is half. as much as it is now most popular plan that's in effect right now tossed about $15.49. but there are no commercials with that. the goal is to attract subscribers were willing to watch them ads in exchange for a lower monthly rate. the james webb telescope has done it again after giving us some of the
3:57 pm
best in was detailed images of space ever released. the device is now captured a photo of an einstein ring. that's billions of light years away. this phenomenon occurs when 2 galaxies are lined up with one right in front of the other. the galaxy that's closer is in the center of the einstein ring. while the larger more distant galaxy appears to encircle the smaller one, forming a ring around it. it's like the 2 galaxies are spooning. the culling each other. that's looking right at us. thank you for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock on this monday. i'm justine waldman, tonight in prime time.
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