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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 31, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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advantage of this wednesday forecast. your view outside right now. little gray above the bay area that low gray is hanging out above us. so you're not really running into a lot of visibility issues. that's nice. as you are venturing outside, we've had a pretty easy morning forecast consistently the past few days and today is no different. good chance to get outside for the morning jog for the walk. skies will clear out nicely this afternoon and do anticipate temperatures too warm a little bit further than they did yesterday. as for current conditions, it's 50's and 60's out there. oakland at 59 degrees, san francisco. 58 well low 50's from cloverdale petaluma down through nevado later on today. you can see daytime highs rising back into the 90's for inland areas we've been holding on to the 80's for most inland spots so far this week. so this is going to be a change for the warmer bayside cities remain in the 70's. well, the coast staying cool only in the 60's. as for our bridges, we do have some pretty empty conditions out there still, which is always nice, especially if you
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do have to get up so early to get to work, to beat the crowds might as well see some good traffic. and that's the case at the bay bridge as well as the teo bridge fog free at the richmond center fell and our last bridge, the golden gate fog free and traffic free this morning for 31 san mateo assisted living facility under fire. police say a resident died and 2 others taken to the hospital after they drink dishwashing liquid at at the atria park senior living facility kron four's rob nesbitt spoke with an elder abuse attorney on past complaints filed against a 3 residents were taken to the hospital at the in just a dishwashing liquid at the atria park senior living facility. the family of gertrude maxwell telling kron 4 that the 93 year-old died after having severe blisters in her mouth, throat and esophagus. it's unusual because there's 3 people that i know of involved. >> i spoke with elder abuse attorney, katherine stabbed or who has filed 2 lawsuits in the past against the san mateo facility. according to a tree,
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a parked the residents were mistakenly served dishwashing liquid as drinking juice. stettner says similar to past lawsuits filed against a tree. a this is a staffing issue. lack of staff, lack of trained staff. >> and i hear just a systemic problem of that facility. that's something this bad would happen. it's just not a one off kind of situation. something's wrong. if something like this happens, maxwell in the other 2 residents suffer from dementia 7 or says that's an important detail because i like nursing homes, assisted living facilities like atria aren't supposed to accept new residents with medical conditions that make them dependent on others and people with dementia many times, you know, are people who require assistance with all of their activities of daily living in their statement. atria says they are conducting their own internal investigation and that the employees involved have been suspended. >> staff may be fired in court settlements awarded stettner says the life altering mistakes made inside assisted living facilities will sadly continue. state of california is going to issue a finding against them asked them to
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make some changes. okay. but my experience having done the since 1987 is those changes did not actually make the change. >> that was kron four's. rob nesbitt reporting. on to the next story. a 43 years. 43 year-old woman is being charged with a hate crime after police say she attacked a teenager wearing hijab in mountain view. the santa clara district attorneys office says this happened back on july. 1st on mountain views. castro street, the da's office says a to set big larry grabbed an 18 year olds. head scarf pushed her into a wall and put her hands around the victim's neck. she then took off on a bicycle but was later arrested by police. she faces more than a year in prison if found guilty. big larry is also facing charges from a different incident in june where she allegedly threatened another woman with a pair of scissors. the man who was caught on camera during a racist rant at a fremont taco
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bell a couple weeks ago is now facing charges of a hate crime kron four's taylor spoke with the victim about the latest developments in the story. >> it's a new year. in the opinion 81 feet that are on for news for should you this 37 year-old singh to gender on sunday shows him yelling anti comments and another customer, christian german while waiting in line. any freeman taco mask? don't come out public like >> nobody from the you know, i county district attorney's office filed multiple charges on monday against a dinner. >> including a hate crime in violation of civil rights assault and disturbing the peace by offensive language during the un says he's glad the suspect was held accountable. >> i was relieved to be honest and i was not surprised a pole. it was not surprised at and says the tirade went on for more than 8 minutes on
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august. 21st. >> at one point, the suspect is heard cursing at the name of india's late prime minister. something german says could be attributed to an independence movement. in india. you are the to meal >> your people were the one to put your head down whenever the suspect's motive. german says there should be no tolerance for such you have gone numb to these kind of things. we need to be sensitive. >> to a fellow human being. i'm taylor bisacky recruiting kron. 4 news. >> 4.35 the remains of this south san francisco man have been found at the bottom of drought stricken lake mead after 20 years thomas earned drowned in the summer of 2002 when he and his family took a boat out on the lake for a night right last week, the coroner's office called his son saying the remains had been found around the same spot re underground around 2 decades ago. right now. lake mead is that just 27% of its capacity. half a dozen bodies have been found since may.
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california is now one step closer to mandating kindergarten for all children. a bill approved by the state senate monday night is headed to the governor's desk. it would require children to complete a year of kindergarten before entering the first grade. this would take effect beginning on the 2020 for 2025 school year enrollment in kindergarten decline statewide by 61,000 students in this 2021. to 2021 school year. the santa clara county board of supervisors gave us an update on the mental health and substance use in the county. the county to clearing both issues a health crisis at the beginning of the year. kron four's amanda hari explains the county's progress so far. >> the facility currently working there's not care and support that we can provide a often in cases and people fall through the cracks when it comes to mental health community members listened in as the santa clara county board of supervisors received
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an update on the mental health and substance use crisis in the county. >> many people took the opportunity to voice their support for more services here to support to voice my support for the changes mentioned and supervisor ellenberg. in lee's memo, i urge the board of supervisors to hold the county administration accountable for meeting the needs of people with mental disabilities, especially in the midst of a recognize mental health and substance use. crisis. county officials say they're reaching out to the community to try and figure out what is needed in february. we had mister that community wide survey. >> a first of its kind for deployment to find out the general state of our communities, mental health. >> and substance use means the county held. 25 virtual community discussions to get more feedback. >> they say they're still dealing with a shortage of mental health providers and they're working to bring more people into the field. the works develop a behavioral health profession, public awareness, campaign and leaders say they're also trying to find room in the budget for more competitive salaries and get people
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credentialed. the supervisors voted in support of monthly update on mental health and substance use of the public crisis and receiving reports related to financial resources of expanding behavioral health system capacities. i'll add formally and to incorporate into the motion that will set the board will start receiving monthly reports on the behavioral health continuum of care. they also voted to stop the plan to construct a new 689 million dollar jail. the county's a focus on establishing more mental health and addiction recovery services and said instead of spending millions of dollars on the new jail amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> 4.38. the state assembly passed a bill that aims to help homeless people across california senate bill 13. 38 would allow court ordered treatment plans for unhoused people who are suffering from severe mental illness or substance abuse disorders. backers of the bill say the goal is to provide assistance for people who need it most to help get them off the streets.
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>> this is a mega step that we're taking today. not think it's the right step. and so again, i want to be able to one sleep at night now will be able sleep at night because we're doing something. nothing good happens until we make that first step. >> this is the first step. let's make it together. >> critics including human rights watch came out strong in strong opposition to the proposal arguing court ordered treatment will not work. the group also feels the bill does not do enough to address housing. the legislation must pass before the senate before he heading to the governor's desk. the clean energy jobs and affordability act of 2022. is now on governor newsom's desk and some say it will help him achieve some of his climate goals. the proposal calls for the state to set specific targets over the next 2 decades. supporters say if signed into law, the legislation would help ensure california reaches newsom's
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goal 100% renewable energy in the state by 2045, it will require renewable energy and 0 carbon resources to supply 90% of all retail electricity sales by 2035. 95 1% by 2040. >> we just don't wake up and 2045 and figure out this is where we need to be. we'll on mark where we need to be in 2030, 2035. 2045 and it will force to do things and pieces and get there. >> opponents including assembly member minority leader james gallagher have argued newsom's climate goals are too costly for the state and the everyday california. happening tomorrow, president biden will address the nation in a prime-time speech. the white house says the speech will be about the quote, continued battle for the soul of the nation. the catch phrase here and on throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, the president will give his remarks in front of independence hall in
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philadelphia. the speech comes a week after the president returned to the campaign trail with fiery comments aimed at the gop and trump loyalists. his remarks are expected to touch on the progress the nation is made and how rights and freedoms are under attack. a first of its kind research center is coming soon to oakland, the doctor. huey p newton foundation is launching a center for research to action to huey newton's vision and share the history of the black panther party. the foundation says it hopes to achieve doctor nunes visions, a research center that would shape the ongoing black freedom struggle while also keeping the history of the black power panther party. the center will host organizing workshops and speaker series as well as promote social science and public policy research. the facilities will include a think tank oral history. studio, virtual reality experience and archival expo exhibition.
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coming up next on the kron 4 morning news bay area officials are urging people to save water as temperatures heat up. we're talking all of that. still to come.
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what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> 4.44 water regulators from around the bay area are gathering to urge conservation when it comes to outdoor lawns and gardens. kron four's charles clifford has details on some of the recommendations.
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>> well, it has been months since california has seen significant rainfall out of the grass is brown like you see right behind me here. and as we head into what could be the hottest part of our summer. officials are asking people to save as much water as possible with california on the verge of what could be a record-setting heat wave. the leaders of some of the bay area's largest water districts and the california natural resources agency are asking everyone. >> to save water. they're encouraging people to use water saving tool, such as low flow, shower heads and hose nozzles and reduce outdoor water irrigation. they say that long-range forecasts show that california could be headed for another dry winter that the best time to prepare is now. we all know that we're with in the 3rd year now. >> of a severe drought. throughout california and the west. and so we all need to be doing those things that conserve water august september, our months of heavy water usage, hot temperatures
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thirsty landscapes. we are asking californians to take advantage of these programs that you've heard about here today. too. make your home's make your yards more water efficient and take care to reduce water usage wherever you can. >> what are officials are also asking people to consider removing grass lawns in favor of drought-tolerant gardens. any water districts offer rebates and grants that can help pay for that transition. that's the very latest here in fremont charles clifford kron. 4 news >> and as we roll into september, we're doing so without any additional water. no rain in this forecast. if anything, just the very opposite, very hot and very dry conditions right in the middle of your labor day weekend to look at your forecast does show today the last day, august warmer than yesterday. but not quite are hot us just yet. i'd still recommend you take advantage of today if you need to get some stuff done as the heat is really going to kick into gear starting tomorrow, coit tower looks clear enough anyways. we do have some low clouds
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sitting above the bay, but nothing that is settled into the bay that would result in visibility issues. so we're good to go. as far as the fog is concern. nice northerly breeze along the coastline, having a cooling effect for coastal areas. well, our inland spots will be in the 90's more so today than yesterday. temperatures are on the rise today compared to yesterday. a little warmer already. tomorrow is going to be when we see triple digits again now and then come your labor day weekend. that's when the extreme heat arrives. we'll have heightened risk of fire danger records being challenged. also an increased risk of heat related illnesses as so many people will be venturing outside for the labor day weekend. it's temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees. if you're heading to the coastline, do expect warm to hot conditions out there. definitely more tolerable that our inland areas, though, excessive heat warnings in pink taking effect saturday morning lasting through tuesday night. now that's the entirety of your labor day weekend saturday, sunday into monday and even into tuesday as you head back to work, excessive heat
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watches and maroon stretching towards the bay and towards the coastline. so all of us under some sort of advisory as we move into this weekend with some of the hottest temperatures of the year so far, september by no means is the start of fall for us. just kicking that summer heat. the gear, 60's and 70's for san francisco 60's at the coast. it will be 70's to 80's along the bay shore with the burlingame at 78 san carlos redwood city, right where you were at yesterday. 81 south bay temps, mostly staying with the 80's. not a lot of change for you just yet. 70's remain along the bayshore. well, 90's return for pleasanton livermore and from danville up to concord, oakland, one of our most comfortable spots at 74. while vacaville are least comfortable at 97 today. it's really just the start because tomorrow will start to tap into the triple digits. and after that, we rise well beyond 100 degrees with highs, nearing 110 for some inland areas by sunday and monday of next week. that's when we could be shattering some heat records. if you're heading to
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the bayshore, expect some 80's to 90's there coastal areas this warm as the 70's in pockets could get even hotter than that. notice skies stay dry all the way through. if you do have outdoor plans, please be mindful of that extreme heat in the danger. it poses as well as the heightened risk of fires as temperatures get so so warm. a look at our bridges. the bay bridge still doing great. that's a bit of nice news for early risers. obviously you're getting up or something. last thing you want to face of some traffic. a look at the san mateo bridge is also looking nice. we've got a nice westbound commute at the limit. as for the richmond center fell also looking great. a few headlights heading your way into bergen county and the golden gate bridge is fog free. as you make your crossing there. well, back to the news. there is an expo that showcases the latest technology for the restaurant industry. rich demuro gives us a look in this morning's tech smart. the pandemic changed a lot about the restaurant industry. we got used a scanning qr codes and ordering food with our
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phones. >> recently i visited the western food expo to see what's next. >> from robots to tabletop chargers goes by here. the western food service expo is where restaurants go to see what's next. so there's a lot of trends that one to been around in 2022, if there hadn't been covid because it caused a lot of independent restaurants to do things they were doing before like lean on robots to do repetitive tasks. when man's koba works alongside humans, prepping multiples shots at once. we want to you know, the skills of the very like 10 years into this into this arm is a down camera. there's camera down here. servi from bear robotics helps with food running and busing tables. it's not meant to replace any and that's really not our, you know, our current and our goal. you know, it's really to help supplement can be complimentary to the service staff that's already there.
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expect to see more self-service ordering and touch screen kiosks. this is a solution for business owners to really save costs and also fill in for missing labor person. tablets are replacing the know pat. this portable unit there's some this do that. they want take 20 year-old and then versus a right there on the spot. we ought think that they got away from with these tabletop chargers, you'll feast easy knowing your phone won't be left for red. sometimes you don't have your own little charger. and so with people dynamics, this is a freestanding wireless charger that you could just place on your phone on finally, no flies in the soup. thanks to a life old with a vacuum inside as the flys go light to light, they had ours. they have the section they get trapped in. just don't forget to empty the fly ball. but every once in a while now, whose job is that? >> all right. more information on anything, i saw the expo. you can go to my web site for the link. it is rich on tech
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dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. nothing like robot servant you some food will right back.
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>> well, if your fall plans include more than just a pumpkin spice latte, maybe it's a trip to yosemite
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national park and the popular miss trail in yosemite has a detour. part of the trail is closed on certain days. a stretch of the mist trail will be closed during the week for the next 2 months. the closure is needed for maintenance and repairs. it will impact the half-mile of the mist trail along the merced river from just above the foot bridge to the silver in for an area. the detour is a mile longer. so get ready for that and fall as the john muir trail to clark point hikers will need to take this alternative route to reach the top vernal fall. and i can tell you it is gorgeous up there this time of year. it does get really hot, though. so bring plenty of water, especially for that extra mile a lot of people like to head up to 70 after the summer season so they can avoid some of the crowds. take a look at this. the titanic, like you have never seen it before. and under water crew captured the new high quality ak footage of the sunken ship revealing more
4:56 am
colors and details than previously been seen. researchers hope the new footage will help scientists understand how the ship has deteriorated after more than a century at the bottom of the ocean, the expedition plans to return in 2023. to take even more footage. wow, that's really cool to look at. coming up in the next hour, a school shooting in oakland has some wondering if the school district should bring back armed resource officers. >> weiss, every single several city officials don't think it's a good idea. and a woman was sexually assaulted at a transit center in palo alto. what police know so far about the incident.
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the fall season is finally her. philips sonicare makes so we promise to be there for you for any budget and all the celebrations. all you have to promise is to get in on the action. seasons change, but our lowe's price promise is everyday. shop fall at lowe's today. >> happening now on the kron 4 morning news, a car riddled with bullets, a shooting on
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5.80, in oakland live with the chp for the latest. a 71 year-old bay area woman attacked and robbed. her family speaks out about it. and breaking news right now. the justice department says classified documents were concealed and removed from former president trump's estate as part of an effort to obstruct a federal investigation. the kron 4 morning news starts now. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning far. >> happy fight all gust today. i'm daria and on rain. a lot of great things happen in this month. it september. i am too. and that would be tomorrow for the last day of august. what can we expect in the weather? john? i'm looking forward to it, too, but i'm not looking for the fortune asked in september that might be the one exception. it is going to be or


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