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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  September 1, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we are live in the field at the hot spots and we have reports. >> on the school's on the power grid, firefighters in and the efforts there. but first want to start in the weather center with john travel. because what we need to know is how hot is hot and what is the day. that is the hottest. so the very hottest weather still ahead of us today, we get our first taste of 100 degrees and then we're going to rocket past that. >> come saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, the very hottest days on that sunday and monday, labor day itself looking lik an absolute scorcher likely to be breaking records and staying in the triple digits for multiple days. that's part of the problem. it's just not each individual day getting very hot. it's the coma nation of all of them. and that continued exposure to the heat. >> that really begins to provide a risk to your health and also really ups fire danger. your view outside right now at the east bay hills. nice and clear. look at these temperatures. we are clear right now. but temperatures are still staying cool right now. it's a lot of 50's 60's. just a few 70's
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returning for areas like brett. what at 75 santa rosa? you're only at 54 right now. good chance to get outside. get the job out of the way. get the dog walked. definitely take care of any sort of yard work you need to get done because outdoor exposure this weekend is something you just don't even want to think about. take it easy. give yourself that full permission to relax and cool down. don't want to expose yourself to the searing heat. it gets to the point is actually quite dangerous when we're talking temperatures as hot as we will be looking out there to excessive heat warnings which take effect saturday morning at 11:00am. those will last all the way through tuesday night for all of our inland areas. watches all the way out to the coastline. today is just our first taste of the triple digits. as i mentioned, it really is this weekend, saturday through tuesday gets the hottest dangerous conditions. hydration is key here and avoiding those afternoon hours. i'll talk to you more about what exactly will see. still ahead, john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your bridges really quickly. an 18 minute ride into the city maze to that
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fremont street exit. >> the san mateo bridge 80 to one o one about 21 minutes. no accidents or delays. i'm seeing there. to center fell bridge about a 13 minute ride tolls to one o one and the golden gate bridge. 35 minutes on this thursday morning. >> reality is we're living in an era of extreme extreme heat, extreme drought as a consequence of mother nature's fury. >> the governor warning and talking about climate change the day before this heat wave kicks in in california, a state of emergency is in effect right now because of the heat. governor newsom made that declaration yesterday hoping that it would mean that we would conserve energy and watch fire danger. triple digit temperatures as john was just saying, expected all around the bay and for many days to come and each day getting hotter until we top out on sunday and monday. plus, the state's power supply has been a concern already.
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>> well, a flex alert was extended through friday, at least a flex alert is when the state's energy grid operator asked you to cut down on electricity, use to avoid from overwhelming the power grid. well, in anticipation of more people blasting their acs. the california independent system operator. they want to get ahead of all of that. everyone's running. the race is at full blast and then going ahead and using their usual appliances all at once hacks and actually trigger power outages, which are going make matters a couple of things you can do. you can prepare before 04:00pm today by taking that time to your living space. i said see much lower than usual. and also if you have an electric car or you know your laptop, you want to get all that charged up just in case, what's going to happen with the power. >> a major appliance is the time to use them. is. now this morning because by 5 o'clock, that's when if you have a c they want you to crank it up to 78 so that you surge. you know, we power surges and then
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also that's when you can just use a fan and it will help a lot if today, before you go out, draw the drapes, turn off all the lights to keep your house. i'd like to say as a cave. so when you return in the afternoon, you're not baking all this can help reduce the stress over the power grid. that flex alert continues friday from 06:00pm until 09:00pm. there are cooling centers open as well. for those of us don't have ac. and that's pretty dangerous someplace like morgan hill. that's why they've got a cooling center. exactly. kron four's will tran is live there. he's going to tell us all those updates. you need to know. >> if it's too hot for you outside, there are cooling centers available to you all over the bay area. if you're in morgan hill, which is expected to cook, well, stop by the centennial recreation center. in fact, they open up at 5 o'clock in the morning. this is available to you. you have all the seats and looking on the other side of those windows. you have a swimming pool that's available at around 1 o'clock. that slide.
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if that doesn't get you down here, i don't know what will you have television? you can come down here and do that as well. it won't charge you for the lobby, but if you want to work out, you want to play basketball. you remember or you can pay for a day pass. come on down. they have plenty of vending machines. you bring your own water, bring your own food. you can work out. check this out. a lot of people are getting their workout done as quickly as they possibly can. all the fans are open and just going full speed to try to cool it down. and we're still early in the morning. so that's one of the tips i want to pass along to you. of course, the other tip is drink. plenty of fluids. don't leave your kids or pets inside the car and perhaps the best it especially since we all love our fur babies. put your hand on the ground if it is too hot for your hand, can you imagine how hot it is for your fur babies pause? so get the walking down as early as you
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can make sure try not to go outside because we do know many places will be in the 90's or even triple digits this place. i've said it all day long. this is like the cadillac of cooling centers. if you want to go to the mall that's available to you as well. for other cooling centers will just go to our website. kron 4 dot com. let you know where you can go because i've always said what's better than a c? free ac. >> all right. thanks for that update. will now that he could impact your commute if you're planning on taking bart? the transit system says they've implemented a policy to apply heat restrictions in areas more susceptible to heat-related impacts when temperatures reach the triple digits. the policy has been in place since to bar cars. dee rail between conquer and pleasant hill stations in july as a review showed that a rapid temperature increase of caused a real to miss a line. bart says they're going to increase track inspections during excessive heat events like today and the kids school
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today tomorrow and tuesday. it's still going to be hot in the east bay. we asked them what they're doing to make sure the kids are safe. >> and we've got various answers from all of the district's. let's take a look. round 4 is dan thorn has more. >> the temperatures are going to be going up for everybody in contra costa county and that includes school kids. the mount diablo unified schools. superintendent doctor adam clark is advising their districts, principals and athletic directors take precautions over the next week. those recommendations for students include drinking plenty of water or sports drinks wearing lightweight, light-colored clothing, avoiding outdoor activities between 10:00am and 04:00pm and using air conditioning remaining in cool places. during the day we put our students safety and their health and well-being as a top priority. and we know that all of our staff and our principles to as well. a lot of samuels is the director of communications and community relations with san ramon valley, unified schools. she says like other districts within the county.
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>> they're following guidelines from the office of education's ensuring that students are hydrating ensuring that you are physical exertion during the hottest parts of the day. >> and also ensuring staff is on young children and students with chronic illnesses. superintendent clark says there's been no district-wide directive to make any changes to the daily school schedule, but says strenuous activities like football practice should not be done during the heat of the day. school leaders within the county say families play an important part as well. >> it's important for parents to understand how extreme heat can affect your children. they are also recommended to stay informed w-th what their child's school and school district is saying about the heat over the next week. and we want everybody to get through this healthy. >> and being ready for it for school next week and beyond when hopefully close down a little bit. >> and now we also reached out to the livermore school
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district to ask how the district is racing for the heat. officials say they are limiting outdoor activities including a recess, physical education and some athletics. they also have their maintenance team on alert to deal with any issues with air conditioning. >> and cal fire is ready because of the heat. that raises fire concerns all around the bay area. cal fire is getting ready for the conditions coffers. justin campbell has more. >> on the agency's plan. >> cal fire says they haven't seen extreme heat back this that they will have to deal with this weekend and a long time. they say they're fully staffed, but they will also be bringing in extra resources. >> cal fire says this weekend they will staff their emergency dispatch center. they will also establish hydration units at fires. a hydration union is a pop-up tent for firefighters. they will have water and raid while they work around the clock. fighting fires. >> our biggest concerns are making sure that people are.
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i'm looking out for their own making sure that they're staying cool and hydrated. >> chelsea burkett with cal fire says you can help control fires 2 by cutting your grass early in the morning. burkett says when the temperatures get hot cow fire season, mainly 2 things. some people stay inside while others go outside to the lakes and she has a warning for people planning to be out on the water. it's important too. >> no, use any flotation devices and make sure you're paying attention to bodies of water and how they're moving. you don't know how to swim. it's probably best not to be in the water. >> yeah. berkey goes on to say you see light colors that i am wearing. make sure you wear light colors that will help them and will also help you by staying cool. so they won't have to go to so many heat related calls. they can focus on their job, which is fighting fires. reporting here in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. all right. we'll go and take your phone now and scan this qr code because we have that 7 day forecast. we also have
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>> locate local cooling centers and ways that you can stay safe in this intense heat. >> oakland police are looking for a couple seen on video committing a lewd act in public during an a's baseball game last week. >> a lewd act in public means a act and that's what they say. these 2 2 people are seen doing. so they're looking for this couple. >> the video was posted on twitter and it showed them in the act and the very top row, an empty area of the oakland coliseum. but there was a game in process. defense attorney paula canny weighed in. >> we have is a video that got leaked. it. so. they'll have to authenticate that video is being taking place at an a's game. >> if they are found and charged and convicted, the couple could face up to 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. >> well, still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, president joe biden will
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address the nation tonight. we're going to tell you what to expect. and bart is celebrating 50 years in the bay area and keeping us covered with the eve. people discovered out there rain covering all the states who we are looking at 108 for fresno and reading >> sacramento, bakersfield up 206 today said 74 in san francisco, something you want to enjoy. it's just the start of triple digits talking still to come.
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>> 9.14 right now and it is a first day of a heat wave and this is a long one. it is yes. sometimes we like to focus on that one day. that's the hardest by the fact that it's so long you get 1, 2, 3, 4 days. you don't get a the heat without the break. and that actually does that up. your body starts to respond to it. i and less good ways. and that's when you can really suffered heat exhaustion. so you want to get outside at the right times. don't give yourself a nice long afternoon hike. it's just not good for ya. and it's definitely even a risk for those of us that feel like we can get out there in the heat. make sure to take advantage of our cool morning hours and then take it easy during your afternoon hours. you've got every reason to. >> looking outside at berkeley hills right now, skies are nice and clear. you can see a little clouds at the coastline. we do have a light on shore breeze. this is going to moderate temperatures out the coast. we do get our first
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taste of triple digits. and wind, though, is daryn reyna mentioned. it's our first day of this heat wave, a heat wave that really only intensifies into saturday through tuesday. that's what will be widespread in the triple digits inland. flirting with 100 degrees for some spots, even though most of our coastal areas will stay in the 70's this weekend. i do expect pockets out there to get a lot hotter than that. it all depends on who accesses any sort of cool sea breeze. some spots will be cut off from that in which case you will see pockets at the coast that will get really hot as well. as for temperatures today, not hot enough just yet for excessive heat warnings were going to save those for saturday morning at 11:00am through tuesday night at 08:00pm advisories all the way out to the coastline. although the warnings themselves and pink for the entirety of our inland bay area. today's daytime highs, 60's and 70's for san francisco 60's right at the coast and 70's 80's to even low 90's right on the peninsula in woodside, right at 90 degrees, redwood city to
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mountain view in the upper 80's south bay temperatures, mostly 90's. now morgan hill, you've got your cooling center opened and good reason why at 97 degrees today, livermore or one of her first spots up to 100. well, fremont hayward up to san leandro still in the 80's oakland in richmond. you're holding on to the 70's this weekend. you will be seeing much warmer temperatures, antioch in vacaville 101. 0, 3, well, santa rosa through center fell all in the 90's. tomorrow's temperatures likely avoiding the triple digits but only for one day. we're going to blast past 100 degrees by saturday, hottest of temps sunday and monday. that's when we'll be breaking records likely. and that continued exposure of triple digits all the way through wednesday means give yourself every reason to take it easy. get outside during morning hours for the dog walks for needing to get chores done and find a good reason to get to the movie theater them all cooling centers or just a friend's house that has a seat during afternoons reyna. john, thank you for that. let's check on
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your bridges today. a 20 minute drive traveling from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit. >> about the san mateo bridge you're down to 14 80 to one on one. all richmond center fell commute about a 14 minute drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 28 minutes on this thursday morning. 9.17, and happening today. a critical court hearing is set. a judge will decide whether or not to appoint a special master. >> and donald trump's mar-a-lago estate case and is hearing comes 24 hours after the doj filed their response to the request with images of the documents seized from trump's home. tom dempsey has that story ahead of a closely watched court hearing on thursday dealing with the rate at mar a lago 2 and a half weeks ago in a new court filing, the legal team for former president donald trump highlights how agents found classified documents inside before downplaying the matter. >> saying, quote, this discovery was to be fully anticipated, given the very nature of presidential records
9:19 am
simply put the notion of presidential records which contain sensitive information should have never been cause for alarm. earlier this week, the department of justice sent to the filing of its own and for the first time show this picture of the classified records seized by fbi agents. some marked top secret in the filing the department detailed an alleged effort to deliberately conceal evidence and obstruct an investigation. the allegations led to the former president firing back on the social media platform. truth social on wednesday where he wrote terrible the way the fbi during the raid at mar a lago through documents haphazardly all over the floor thought they wanted them kept secret. lucky id classified. the latest filing by the trump team made no mention of the documents being declassified, though the department of justice even addressed the matter, writing its own filing, quote, these are precisely the types of documents that likely constitute presidential records. and trump has no right to have them returned.
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>> that was tom dempsey reporting. the doj argues it already completed its review and a special master is not needed. that hearing is going to be held at noon. happening tonight. president biden will deliver a prime-time speech at philadelphia's independence hall. who's going to talk about what he calls an extreme threat on democracy. washington correspondent reshad hudson has more. >> good morning. the president rarely gives these major primetime speeches, but the purpose of this one, the white house says this is speak directly to the american people. >> the president thinks that there is an extremist threat to our democracy. >> tonight outside of independence hall in philadelphia, president biden will deliver a prime-time speech on protecting the democracy. the white house says the speech will frame the upcoming midterm elections as part of the ongoing battle for the soul of the nation. not only are we fighting for the soul >> of the nation, but we need to continue to be vigilant. in recent days, the white house has sharpened its attacks on
9:21 am
republicans as the quote, culture mac, a party. >> much of that is related to the threats against the fbi over the search of former president trump's florida home. the republicans are the most energized part of the republican party. republicans are this extreme part >> of their party. but republicans are hitting back saying president biden should be focused on high inflation crime and the southern border. >> and tonight's speech comes as president biden is ramping up his travel schedule ahead of the november midterm elections reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. >> well, now that health officials are able to get at least 5 doses out of a single vial of him pox vaccine contra costa and santa clara counties are starting to offer second doses to those who received at least their first dose. 28 days ago, sarah, to schools also expanding that group of people eligible to get their first dose of the inbox vaccine make you first doses available to all and bisexual
9:22 am
men as well as trans people in san francisco. but community providers point out there are still plenty of people who have not received their first dose. >> we're working across the city with other community-based organizations and san francisco department of health to ensure that health care's more opportunities for multiple screenings may be available are created for those folks who may have been a little has a tent up and up until this point to get vaccination. >> as the city of san francisco is seeing a steady decline in fox cases in the last week they've dropped into the single digits. those who are seeking a vaccine are asked to check with their primary care provider. first. >> it's 9.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, we've got more information about a freeway shooting that happened in oakland.
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peninsula. palo alto. police are looking for 2 men who robbed a couple at the stanford shopping center. it happened. >> yesterday afternoon, 2 armed men stole jewelry and a purse as the couple was in the parking lot. and then the 2 robbers left in 2 different cars. one of those right here, white dodge challenger. and then the other was a white audi sedan. one of the men, in fact, got stuck in traffic and rammed his car into the back of a toyota. so you get away. >> and the east bay, we're learning more about a freeway shooting on interstate 5.80, a 9 year-old boy and a woman
9:26 am
were shot while riding in a car. it happened on tuesday night in oakland. chp says a woman was driving the car. the young boy were inside a toyota camry after the shots are fired. they exited the freeway and then crash that car on 35th at and brookdale officers arrived and found that car riddled with bullets. the boy was sitting in the front passenger seat and suffered a gunshot wound. the woman was also hurt in that crash. but they're both in stable condition. chp has not found a motive for the shooting. they have not released any suspect information at this time. oakland police are asking for your help. they're trying to find the owner of this car because they say this car was involved or connected to a triple homicide. that happened friday night around 7 o'clock on martin luther king way. 2 people were shot and a cyclist was hit by a car and all 3 of them ended up die. >> coming up, kaiser
9:27 am
permanente. nurses are looking for better and fair contracts on live with what nurses have to say. it's been like working at the hospitals.
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>> 9.29. want to get a look at the heat wave with starts today. and it does not end until really next wednesday, right on exactly the triple digits in play all the way through the middle of next
9:30 am
week. after that, we will be in for a nice cool down, but not before multiple days of temperatures. that will be quite dangerous. d a if you continually exposure self to them. so take it is every reason to take it a little bit easier in the days to come get outside during the morning hours. like right now, it's really nice out there. your view outside at coit tower is nice and clear. we had some morning cloud cover all since gone now and look at these current temperatures. pretty comfortable for a lot of us 50's and 60's brett with a sign of what's to come, it's rising quickly out there inland at 79 now, kelsey bill at 78 followed closely by pittsburgh. 73 degrees. currently some 60's hanging on in livermore, dublin in concord, while oakland and alameda at 62 the next several days only get hotter and we do have excessive heat warnings taking effect at 11:00am saturday morning for the inland north bay and east bay as well as upper elevations on the peninsula. advisories all the way out to the coastline during that same time frame. so even though our inland areas will really take the cake as far as the heat goes,
9:31 am
all of us are prone to some hotter than normal temperatures dangerously hot conditions. so plan to stay cool, hydrated plan. outdoor activities during the morning. take it easy and find some may see in the afternoon reyna. john, thank you for that. well, we do have a hot spot if you are traveling along. >> 80 westbound east of highway 4 up in hercules. we had an accident there. 2 lanes are blocked. so things are going just a little slow along 80. if you are traveling from crockett down towards the maze, be mindful of that. 21 ryan mays to that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge, 13 80 to one o one. let's check richmond center fell bridge of a 12 minute ride and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 26 minutes. >> 9.31 and the kids are in school and it's hot. so what are the schools doing to keep them cool in this heat wave for sarah stinson has the latest in walnut creek. >> yeah, it's going to be a hot day in walnut creek with triple digit temperatures and to keep the kids cool in the classroom. the staff here at
9:32 am
valley verde elementary, they've got it dialed in and they plan to keep kids in the air condition. classrooms as much as possible. even p e classes will be held indoors. so kids and parents here aren't too worried. if i just take my sweat shirt off. >> whenever i get. warm, you know, we just got air conditioning back and now it's working. >> yeah, i think they always do a great job. they're always really responsible. so and if it's too hot, they do. indoor pei know they do a lot of like the golden eagles and things that the kids really like. so they do a good job. scorching hot temperatures can be dangerous, especially to those students who may suffer from chronic illnesses. the mount diablo unified schools. superintendent doctor adam clark is advising their districts, principals and athletic directors take take precautions over the next week. >> those recommendations include having students drink plenty of water and liquids, having them wear lightweight, light-colored clothing and avoiding outdoor activities between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. they're
9:33 am
going to use air conditioning and have the kids remain in cool places throughout the day. school leaders within the county say families play an important part as well. it's important for parents to understand how extreme heat can affect your children, especially with the hot long weekend. ahead, parents will need to balance keeping the kids cool and entertained. we're going to the movies for the 3 maybe day. so they're excited about that. i'm definitely not support. i am. we may try to to beach, but >> they might be crowded lot of time at the we're going to head to the beach, i think stinson beach sunday morning. >> and this heat wave is going to continue on into next week. so when kids return to the classroom on tuesday, they're likely going to experience triple digit temperatures again. there are some great tips on the department of education online on how to keep your kids cool. for now, i'm sara stinson reporting in walnut creek. back to you. >> all right. thanks for that. sarah. well, in the east bay, starting today, walnut creek will close open space parts because of the heat. walnut creek open spaces includes
9:34 am
3,000 acres with 7 miles, a neighborhood trails. those include the borgias ridgeline bridge. so ridge and sugarloaf, all of which are going to close the day through labor day. they're expected to reopen on september 6. >> time now is 9.33. and happening now, thousands of kaiser nurses all across the state are hitting the picket line. yeah, they are calling for a better safety measures and nurses for the patients as well. kron four's camila barco live in walnut creek. you've been talking to some of them out the air. what are they asking for? camilla? >> well, die. reyna. things are just wrapping up here at the walnut creek location. but these nurses are not going to stop asking for better working conditions. i spoke to one employee. he summarized what it's like to be working at the hospital. he says that these nurses are heroes, but kaiser permanente is treating them like zeros. take a look at this video. this is the turnout earlier this morning. while these nurses picketed for better working conditions, they say kaiser permanente has
9:35 am
not addressed the nurses concerns for the health and safety at work. they want a new and fair contract that includes health and safety provisions that address the dangers of infectious diseases. you also want workplace violence prevention standards to protect nurses. >> and minimum staffing guidelines that ensures safe patient care and they say they don't have the protections they need to work. they say they're short-staffed and there's a lack of personal protective equipment. spoke to one nurse. she describes the working conditions at the hospital. >> well, you know, it took us forever to get proper ppe and we still are fighting to every day. we never feel like we have the health and safety language. you know, that's gear. that should be guaranteed to us to ensure a safe workplace. in addition nurses go days and days on end with no meal and no brake relief. >> we had nurses in our intensive care unit work 100 days straight without a day off. that's how bad the staffing crisis. now. debra
9:36 am
katz office, the senior vice president of human resources for kaiser permanente, northern california. >> center response to kron 4 about today's pick it. she said in part, quote, we are committed to continuing to provide our nurses with competitive compensation and benefits professional opportunities and a work environment committed to their well-being and safety kits office went on to say that they are working to hire more employees. she says since 2021, they've hired more than 3,000 nurses to date for kaiser permanente facilities in northern california. the dire reyna, this nurses that i just spoke to say that's not enough. it's a revolving door. nurses go in. then they leave. and it's because they don't the proper care and training that they're supposed to receive. now they've been year, but they say that there's been little to no progress with kaiser permanente. they say that they'll be negotiating with the hospital with with management, for the better contract for the next 3 weeks. but they say that they don't know what's going to happen
9:37 am
after that. if they don't reach an agreement, i'll send it back to you. thank you for that update. camilla. >> time now is 9.36. and starting today and all month in september, you could really save on bar. they're offering a 50% discount on all the published fares for the entire month of september to celebrate their birthday. it's the system's 50th anniversary. so they're going to have an event on september 10th at lake merritt bart station in oakland, where they're going to have food trucks, music games and they're going to open a time capsule. so that will be kind of fun to see what's in there. one yeah. if you want this, you have to load your clipper card. if you use a printed ticket at the vending machines, you're going to get charged. the regular price. it's 9.37. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, the cdc is going to vote today. >> on whether to give us those new boosters, the one that protects you against omicron. and also coming up, we'll tell you how to keep your pets safe
9:38 am
during this heat wave, john. yeah, i think about the pets and yourself as you're venturing out the day like today will bring a few triple digits for this to inland. it's really just the start, though, even hotter weather in the days ahead of us. the days ahead of us. >> i've got your forecast. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27. if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, the choice is clear your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together.
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9:41 am
we told you, authorize the shots yesterday, they're supposed to protect against the omicron. variant said they protection against original covid as well. they're by moderna and pfizer recovery for ba 4 and ba 5 and the original covid. the moderna is for 18 and older. pfizer's booster is for 12 and older. they haven't decided yet what to do about the littlest americans. but they're hoping this prevents a surge in the winter. >> it's nice that the covid numbers have been going down. the hospitalizations have been going down. we want to keep that trend and getting this better booster will be an important step. >> after the vote today, then we will if the agency's director signs off when the shots will actually go into arms. it will obviously be sometime after labor day. 9.41. is a time right now and we are following the heat wave that starts today and it doesn't end until midweek. oh, my gosh. look at that live shot. don't things look still in hot? >> even though you can.
9:42 am
>> feel it on feel it as soon as you head outside this morning. we'll have more in just a few minutes. ♪ strutting your way into my heart ♪ ♪ take your hat off make yourself at home ♪ ♪ how about stay the night then strut on home ♪ ♪ day 1 i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ day 2 i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ day 3 i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ guess what i'm in love with your strut ♪ ♪ i like your strut, do you wanna go struttin' struttin' ♪
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>> in the south bay, san jose is celebrating after the city overturned a 30 year old ban on cruising and let the low riders role kron four's photo journalists. rudy garcia was there.
9:45 am
>> so today means a lot because they're going lift the ban on crude and it's going to you know, allowing us to build our car, driving our cars and enjoy, you know, sort to the people as we proved them around. we'll be taking down the very last >> and just enjoying this moment history. things like good news. me. you know, my family growing up. i've always had old cars around me. my dad always had a lot cars and i've always heard of stories of people cruising down story my parents grew up using born and then as i was going right into my sister and i was in right here downtown san jose a lot of people throughout the years will be social profiles. centered out just proving their cars. >> today, we not only change history, but we embark on a union and bond between the city and a little writing community. this is proof that would tie patience and
9:46 am
perseverance. anything is possible. and now i think with this, this reversal is repealed is going to really allow our greater community to be able to see low riding in the low rider culture in a different money. get the pleasure of taking it now. a little bit and already myself, it's quite a moment. it's a lot to take and go enjoy that moment. and really, i think something that it's it's going to stand. is this a part of our history for a long time to come? well, it's a good thing. they already did that it's not going to be comfortable to be out in the low rider. can you imagine the next week this weekend? yeah. next few day without ac in the car. >> i was eating dinner in the car. we had this last heat wave. that's the only place to have a seat on was supposed to do this time. that's not a bad but we are definitely going to be doing some things differently this weekend. that's for sure that you probably initially planned on at least. >> so many people love to get outside and enjoy the ny
9:47 am
september days on labor day weekend. but here in the bay area, our warmest time of year often comes in september. and we're kicking up the new month with the bay. i would avoid too much outdoor exposure. plan your activities near the coastline or and morning hours better yet. take it easy and hang out in the ac. if you can find someone that has a looking out there at the east bay skies are nice and clear and we're still comfortable for now for much of the bay area. temperatures are warming up inland, but temps being moderated today near the coastline by this cool sea breeze that we're still at least tapping into this dome of high pressure is going to be sitting in place with us and resulting in building temperatures. today is just our first taste of triple digits inland really intensifying into saturday through tuesday. the core of our heatwave when temperatures will be flirting with 110 for some inland spots, although most of us at the coast will hang on to the 70's. it all depends on how much access to that cool ocean air will get. i expect there to be pockets near the coast. that heat up beyond the 70's up into the 80's and maybe even beyond that. so we do have excessive
9:48 am
heat warnings in effect for all of our inland areas. starting 11:00am on saturday, but advisories stretching all the way out to the coastline as well. so we're all going to be prone to temperatures. well, above average in potentially record-breaking right in the middle of all your weekend plans for the holiday 60's and 70's for sf today. 60's at the coast, 70's to 80's along most of the bayshore couple in 90's mixed in on the peninsula like in woodside in the south bay. also some 90's, san jose and tino warmer than you've been up at 91 fremont hayward up to san leandro. all 80's livermore can ignore that triple digit number for the first time today. oakland up to richmond in the 70's. you won't be there this weekend. getting warmer, antioch in vacaville, also in the triple digits today. and just the first of many days ahead of us, that will further rise through the triple digits. the very hottest being sunday and monday, likely right there in the middle of labor day. as i mentioned, avoid too much outdoor exposure, especially avoid getting outside for prolonged periods and exerting
9:49 am
yourself during this heat, especially with multiple days of it. your body is not going respond to it too. well, by the time we reach tuesday and wednesday morning hours, the time to get outside, take it easy. the rest of the time. reyna. tom, thank you for that. ok? so traveling along 80 right here, if you're westbound east of highway 4 hercules got an accident. >> we are seeing a slight delay as you're traveling there. so crockett down towards the maze factor that into your commute this morning. 17 minutes. what you do reach the maze to make it to that fremont street exit san mateo bridge, 80 to one o one about 12 minutes for you right? all richmond center fell just under 11 minutes. and let's check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 22 minute morning, right? with this heat wave. it's also important that you think about your pet. you've got to protect them from the hot temperatures. pets should limit their time in the sun. so make sure that you don't take them out too much, especially in the heat of the day, touch the pavement. first to see if it's hot, make sure there's plenty of fresh water
9:50 am
for them. and if you have larger livestock, they too need to be a, you know, kept in even least in the shade. but people you know, backyard chickens or ducks or horses. and it's really important that, you know how to keep them cool and do whatever you can to keep them. >> as safe and as comfortable as possible. and keep in mind if you're out and about, you know, want to take your pet in the car because you cannot leave them and the current become so hot so quickly. >> and if you see an animal in a car and you're concerned about it. you can call 9-1-1 or if they seem like they're an acute distress and you need to get to them. california law protects you if you need to actually going to get the animal out of the car yourself. >> to remove dead fish from oakland's lake merritt is workers say there trying to get rid of all the dead fish before the holiday weekend because can you imagine that smell? an algae bloom started appearing in the lake back in may and has continued to grow ever sense. that's led to the death of several species of
9:51 am
fish. there. experts say that algae blooms at lake merritt are pretty common, but to have a that is this bad is pretty unusual. >> and in earlier this month, we saw both in lake merritt and again, kind of regionally across much of the shoreline for miles in either direction. significant levels of algae blow emerging. we've seen algae bloom in the past and like, mayor, this is quite a bit more than we've that we've seen any time recently. so we're continuing to work with our water board to perform additional testing. >> well, officials with oakland public works are telling people not to touch the water. any of the algae there. well, the post is not possible, but pretty much the giants are done and this sealed the deal. this loss at the wall, the pacres just ahead, a field at the giant oracle park shot 5, 4, win yesterday that pushed the giants 10 and a half games behind san diego and the hunt for the animals. 3rd wild card spot. >> just a month less. so
9:52 am
that's going to be tough overcome 3rd game in a row. san francisco put together a late push, came up short. the giants scored 4 times in the final 4 innings. ensuring had the one run shy. >> in every game in this series. they're going to play the phillies tomorrow night, i guess just for fun. >> michigan >> the a's wrap up their series against the nationals today. 3rd game, not the charm. yesterday. oakland could only muster one run early on. the nationals scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 5th. and then they added one to that later. and that made it a 5. one loss for the a's. the a's are going to at least readily washington with a split game. 4 is today at one. 0, 5, it's 9.52. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>> for a full morning news almost over. but let's go to the newsroom and see what's up with olivia horton, who's hosting live in the bay today. high libya. >> good morning, darya. happy thursday. we're almost through the week. coming up today on live in the bay. >> the silicon valley mom that was looking for a way to make eating healthy easier. how she saw the problem by starting her own business. then bestreviews is back with the top products for your home, including portable air conditioners with ones you can get on sale this holiday weekend. and speaking of labor delicious like patients, the
9:56 am
easy cocktails that youncan serve it your next backyard gathering and maybe you can use them to cool off which leads us into our question of the day. go ahead and scan that qr code today. we're asking what are some ways you stay cool, sending those tips and let us know and they could be read live on the show today at 01:00pm. >> right was an hour it's not pretty. how it? well, usually i'm on the floor laid out like dog with the dogs with like a fan. and it's really that he's behind my neck, frozen peas, frozen peas. that's actually a great little i think i think my stash that one in the olivia, the frozen peas, also help with headaches. and michael, how do they really but i would say that he does a little more pressing right now. really, really hot next few days. so today's first day of september, our first taste of triple digits. >> we kick it up a notch from saturday through tuesday. now, of course, is the middle of the holiday weekend. it is.
9:57 am
probably have some outdoor know both of you guys have kind of changed because your forecast stay out of the heat. so morning hours, great for the dog walks. i would say definitely consider the dogs during the afternoon hours. i little booties on cars are so sensitive and you have to stop your kids from wanting to be outside all day because i don't know. you know, they're going want to just play all nice trip to the beach. that's what i'm going that's the trip see him on ♪strutting your way into my heart♪ ♪take your hat off make yourself at home♪ ♪how about stay the night then strut on home♪ ♪day 1, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪day 2, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪day 3, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪guess what, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪i like your strut,♪ ♪do you wanna go struttin' struttin'♪
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