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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  September 2, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> now at top 4 news at noon, the labor day weekend heat wave bringing triple digit heat to the bay area from 4 meteorologist kyla grogan tracking the timing of that warm up. plus the cdc endorses a new covid-19 booster shots targeting the highly contagious omicron strain. how one bay area county is preparing to get shots into arms. and stopped and robbed. a foster city man says 2 men follow him and took his $30,000. rolex watch what police are revealing about their most recent arrest. >> from the bay station, you're watching kron. and
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news. >> hey, good afternoon. and thanks so much for joining us on the kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lin. let's start you off with a look at your forecast as we take a live look outside at the embarcadero here it comes, ladies and gentleman right there. beautiful shot of the outdoors. kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan has where things stand when it comes to the heatwave. hey, kyla. hey there. good afternoon, everybody. well, i have some good news, which is to say they're catching a little bit of a break today. so right now you can see 58 degrees in san francisco school at the coast. >> 57 in half moon bay, 16 hayward. there is some warmth out there and act already at 87 degrees. santa rose at 73. so we're cooler than we were this time yesterday. wednesday, livermore is on its way to hitting 106 yesterday. so 8 degrees cooler for you there right now. 12 degrees cooler in fairfield about 5 degrees cooler in san francisco. and the reason for that, of course, is we got some of that fog and there this morning also have a low pressure system to our
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northwest. that's tracking through quickly. and that's helping to knock things down. so we get a break. it's a bit cooler tomorrow. we're back off to the races with a warming trend beginning and then by sunday are excessive heat morning at our heat advisory begin. now those times have been adjusted a bit. the national weather service now putting our excessive heat warning sunday. that's 11:00am sunday through 08:00pm tuesday. and then that is the area that you see all in the hot pinks, essentially everywhere that's inland at all. and then around the bay and also in the north bay there in the area is orange. that is where our heat advisory is in. that will kick in sunday into the day. and here is why this is where the temperatures are going inland saturday, sunday and monday. you can see triple digits well into them sunday into monday. it looks like that's when the heat will peak around the bay. we could see temperatures get into the 80's 90's and out of the coast in the 70's. i'll be back a little bit. we'll talk about when this is all over. stephanie, back to you. looking forward to that. thanks very much, kyra. and everyone is asked to please conserve energy again today. the statewide flex alert goes back into effect. >> between 04:00pm and
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09:00pm. energy officials say the extreme heat and subsequent appliance in ac use is straining our state's power grid. so please do your best to conserve at the genie's weather forecasting teams says most of the bay area should be clear of heat related outages through sunday come monday and tuesday, the north south and east bay could see heat related outages and pg and e says it is preparing for that possibility. >> we will make sure that we have. >> i and the areas that are expected to be most impacted will also activate our emergency centers if necessary, so that we have people working. 24 7 monitoring the conditions, getting crews out to the right locations if needed. >> a pg and e has an online tool where you can just plug in your address and find out if you could be affected by these rolling outages. in case cal iso does call for a rotating power. rolling power
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outage rather. and you can find a link to that information right on our website. kron 4 dot com. it will. the creek. several parks are closed now and through the labor day weekend, the contra costa county fire department pushing this decision through over concerns of high fire danger. they say they also want to avoid hikers getting exposed to the extreme weather and suffering from heat related illnesses. contra costa county's health officer provided some safety tips. >> cern, more vulnerable people will suffer, particularly. >> as this goes on day after day after day. so that's why we're emphasizing to stay cool to get yourself to cooling center. >> to drink a lot of water. >> there are some open area parks in the east bay still open right now. they include wildcat canyon, tilden, huckleberry and anthony chabot parks. and these parts will start closing sunday through monday when the heat, as kylie just mentioned earlier, is really expected to ramp up.
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turning now to the holiday weekend. if you're looking to get on the road later today, you can expect more chp officers on patrol. they kick off their maximum enforcement period at 6, 0, one tonight. and that runs through 11:59pm on monday. this does apply to roads across our state. officers will keep an eye out for anybody suspected of driving under the influence and the chp also wants you to remember to please buckle up, drive at a safe speed. and speaking of driving us, take a look at,gas prices across the bay area. napa coming in with the highest prices at $5 and $0.47 san francisco following not far behind just $0.3 cheaper, but why? how and fairfield, the cheapest in the bay area coming in at just $5 and $0.18. not too much of a difference there, but a slight one. and if you are looking for a getaway flight, you may want to get your terminal early. that's because millions of people are expected to travel for labor day weekend. kron 4 sarah stinson has a
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look at flights coming at oakland. >> it's been nonstop of the oakland airport. you can see lines on either side of me. labor day weekend. travel is in full swing with people heading out of town. very >> confidence that despite a long line will be able to make it on time during known as long as line ever been in the airport. people flying out of oakland say they're fleeing the heat wave for cooler temps in places that are normally way hotter than the bay area in arizona. the highs going to be like 101. so actually cooler than in you're cooling down in arizona. what are you guys going to we're actually going out on the lake. it's going to be 110 here. so at least we're going to 90. >> 9 news, oakland airport officials estimate 225,000 people will be flying because of the labor day long weekend. that is around 92% of what we saw pre so, yes, we're looking at a very busy weekend for u.s.. officials say already this has been the busiest
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summer since 2019, both june and july. we exceeded over a million passengers a so that is the first time that has happened. >> since december of 2019 and all summer long staffing levels have been extremely low to airports across the country. so here's a few tips to recommend that passengers arrive early just because we have a few more passengers than normal. and check with your airline and check the my tsa after the most recent information, according to the travel app, hopper are about 12 million people or so across the country are flying out this labor day weekend with flights costing about 23% more than last year. i'm sarah stinson reporting at the oakland airport. back to you. >> thank you, sarah. and this week the fda approved new booster shots targeting the omicron variant of covid-19 today south bay health leaders talked about their plan to get shots in arms. kron four's. charles clifford joins us live now from santa clara county with more details from public health. officials charles?
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>> hey there, here in santa clara county, health officials say they expect to receive the new booster in a few days and then hopefully have it available for people to receive the shots by late next week. let's go and take a look at some video here. now, the fda has approved the moderna and pfizer updated booster shots which are designed to help people deal with the omicron variant of covid-19. now the pfizer shot will be available people who are 12 years or older. they'll have to wait 2 months after they were vaccinated or the last booster before they can get the updated booster and the moderna booster shot will be available for people 18 years or older. and again, they have to wait 2 months since they were vaccinated since they received their last booster shot. now younger kids can still get sort of the classic booster. but the classic booster no longer available for people over the age of 12 or 18. now today we talked to health officials here in santa clara county. they acknowledge that people are tired of dealing with this pandemic pandemic. many people have mentally moved past that they do want to change their lives anymore. and doctor sara cody
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with the county says getting the booster is the best way to protect yourself and not have to change how you live. >> people are tired of adapting their people cannot adopt their behaviors for 2 and a half years and thats why it's incredibly important to have a updated vaccine, an updated booster that you can get boosted and you can feel more confident that you protected yourself against infection with the latest strain. >> back live, if you're looking to get a booster shot, the county suggest first reaching out to your normal health care provider of your private insurance. if you can get a booster that way, if you that's not an option for you can visit the county's website which is sec free backs with an x dot org and sign up to receive a booster shot from the county. but for now in santa clara county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. thanks a lot for that important information, charles. we appreciate it. >> and new at noon, police arrested 3 suspects in a
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$30,000 rolex robbery. this arrest comes after a license plate reader alerted officers and officers released this photo of the suspect vehicle. police say the suspects tried to use a fake jewelry scam on an 85 year-old man at a costco parking lot when that did not work. the suspects followed the victim and robbed him of his $30,000 rolex and took off. those suspects were later arrested in sacramento. and the search continues for suspect this afternoon after 2 people were shot in a san jose parking lot. this happening around 10, 30 last night along east william street and la plaza market parking lot. and that's near mckinley elementary school and martin park. police say both victims suffered at least one gunshot wound. and we are learning of another death in the bay area, a tree, a sieve senior living facility atria senior living confirming with kron 4 in a statement thursday, the death happened at their walnut creek
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facility, adding the resident appeared to have suffered a negative reaction to something they ingest it. the facility says they are conducting an internal investigation while waiting on the official cause of death. the staff members involved have been suspended. in the meantime, just days ago, a 93 year-old resident at a tree as san mateo location died after she was served dishwashing liquid instead of drinking juice. turning now to national headlines, we're learning more about what the fbi found during their search of president trump's florida estate. agents discovered top secret records in an office in storage room along with folders labeled classified with nothing inside. agents also found more than 10,000 government records with no classification markings at all. this all according to a more detailed inventory of the seized material made public by the justice department today, the inventory does not describe the content of the documents that but does
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illustrate the extent to which classified information was stashed in boxes at trump's mar-a-lago home and mixed among newspapers, magazines and other personal items. this also makes clear for the first time the volume of an classified government documents and the former president's possession. >> even though those records were to have been turned over to the national archives and records administration. and coming up later in our show, america's students get a failing grade mass kills and literacy at their lowest point in decades. where the u.s. secretary of education is placing the blame. and a young author from oakland finds national success. her exciting story up ahead. and nasa gearing up for a liftoff at its next mission to the moon. hear from an astronaut ahead of the big day.
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♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ happening tomorrow, nasa makes another attempt to launch its new moon rocket. we'll show you a live look now from the launch pad at kennedy space center in florida. looks like we're working on that right now. there it is. >> now the nasa team did scrub monday's test launch of the artemis one because of engine problems. nasa says this rocket you're looking at now is the most powerful they've ever built. the launch aims to send an unmanned capsule around the moon and back a nasa astronaut to join us for a preview. watch. >> just the first step towards going to the moon so that in
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the long term we can go even farther and farther deal to place like mars. artemis one is an uncrewed test flight. that means there are no people on board. and of course, just like testing a new vehicle like a new car, for example, you want to have that test flight before it's ready for people to be on board. >> now, if this test is successful, astronauts could end up taking a lap around the moon in 2024. with a possible lunar landing set for 2025. incredible stuff. and let's move on to our next story here. bit of a space get got to tell you right now is that part of my childhood in florida, stephanie? so neat to see some of the steps. course, i had to make an art of his forecast because, you know, of course you do >> the thing that they scrapped for last time was not whether but that's always a consideration. and tomorrow wanted to point out there is a 40% chance of thunderstorms. that's kind typical for florida. they have a little wind. not bad, though, 5 to 10 miles out of the east-southeast. just to show
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you a florida kind of creates its own weather. you get 2 air masses coming together of that peninsula and then they need each other and set off. thunderstorms happens every day makes you a person who's very good at driving in rain. what i was a kid that something had to learn really quickly. this is a great cape canaveral where it's going to be tomorrow. you can see some thunderstorms there right now. a couple of systems kind of rolling through the southeast where much quieter, of course, as we head over to the bay today, it's all about the fog and kind of keeping things cool. and this low pressure system to our northwest that hasobumped our high pressure out just a little bit. just enough to give us a break for our inland communities, at least for a day. so here are the highs are expecting today. that cloud cover certainly helping. if you're in san francisco, 69 degrees, we're still have some warmth in the east bay. 96 in concord livermore, 97 in antioch, 92 up in santa rosa, 98 morgan hill. but other than that looking pretty good. we are under the excessive heat warning at all. the areas you see pink. so essentially all inland areas that starts on sunday, 11:00am goes through tuesday and then the areas around the bay that you see there in orange up in the north bay, that is going to be
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our heat advisory that kicks in sunday into monday. and that's really we're going to see the peak of this heat. so here's your extended forecast. you can see the rocket right on up into those 100 stick their sunday monday tuesday, going to come down the hill rather slowly on this one. so, stephanie, it's going to be a prolonged event and that's why the emphasis is on making sure you're safe and staying cool. back to you. thanks very for that update. happening tomorrow, college football is back for cal and stanford. >> the stanford cardinals open their season at home against the colgate raiders. kickoff for that game is set for 5 in palo alto. meanwhile, the cal golden bears also open their season at home. they take on the uc davis aggies kickoff for that game set for one in berkeley. and as a uc berkeley grad myself, i you know, i got to be rooting for my bear. so go bears. and from athletics to academics, a new federal study confirms a dramatic drop in student performance across the country during the pandemic. according to the national center for education
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statistics, the big the biggest drops were in math and reading among 9 year-old the new data finding reading score saw their largest decrease in 30 years. mass corps have their first decrease in the history of this study and students of color were especially impacted. mass scores drop by 13 points for black students and 8 points for hispanic students. the u.s. secretary of education blaming both the covid-19 outbreak and the trump administration. >> efforts were not there to safely reopen schools. there's a lot of rhetoric but no action. we need to create. i can do problem solving unifying back to basics, environment in schools. >> no good. the good news here is officials say that this is not a permanent problem. the education secretary and the president of the american federation of teachers who just heard from there say the decline in student benchmarks can be reversed. coming up, another look at the warm-up headed our way. what you need
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to know if you're planning to step outdoors this weekend. >> and the young author gets a shout out from oprah. how this oakland teen is sharing her success story. a young oakland
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woman's first novel is recognized by oprah winfrey. kron four's. pam moore introduces us to one of the east bay's rising stars.
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>> a >> leyla modly just turned 20 in june and she is already getting rave reviews for her debut novel called night crawling. i'm going to she's doing book readings here and around the country. it is wrong and innocent. at the same time. >> all the polls and no one ever seemed to leave. nobody it is set in oakland, her hometown. and the backdrop is a real-life police scandal calling follows 17 we we can follow her as she becomes involved with and that would give police officers to sexually exploit her and and the book follows the aftermath of and explores, you know, black girlhood and vulnerability. layla is referencing a heavy, real world subject. she was just 13 or 14 when the explosive oakland police scandal was unfolding. the 2015 case
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involved officers from oakland and a number of other bay area police departments. >> having with a teen girl who was called celeste co-op. the scandal led to firings resignations, reprimands and more. >> dark threats to explore in a first a novel. >> nonetheless, layla says her own love for oakland is also key to the story. i wanted the ability for it. these characters and for chiara in particular. >> to show that she she loves this city. she finds value all of the connections of the love that she has in her life is very much formed on this foundation of of the streets and of oakland. layla says growing up her dad like to write her mom like to read. she learned to love both. >> poems journal stories all when she was young. she went to oakland school for the arts and became a part of the oakland youth poet laureate program a can only be believed
12:25 pm
by those who have felt the same ache in their loved ones. then at age 16, she won the title here oakland. >> last night i got off a plane rolled my neck, celtic crack and said, honey, i'm i didn't even realize. >> how special oakland was intel? did leave. it allowed me like this. this freedom to to be my own in a city that i think it just really does. value are and freedom and and exploration. so i really period because everything in in the uk is going to close to day. >> she finished night calling and while at smith college was finalizing publishing when she met her and weekends. >> the pandemic hit. so back home to the bay area. >> and then she got the ultimate surprise. >> yeah, reason it is book club
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>> i was the most shocking day of my i thought it was going on to a team >> and it ended with miss winfrey. >> they're holding can't believe your skill mastery already. it's layla even her father is i can't really tell me one day she was reading a book and she said i'm going to write finish this she went away to college. next thing i know she we all must be wondering how it how so much with it captured by at that age. >> readers acknowledge in night crawling lay low rights like someone much older and she's already thinking about what's next for hannah poetry
12:27 pm
collection. ck so kenand 2. >> my roots and poetry. and then i am working on another novel, too. and it continues to explore themes of like forgotten. sidelined black girls. but in a very different way. >> wow. big congratulations to her. and coming up in our next half hour, sonoma county is set to launch a guaranteed income program. what that means and the plan to help struggling families get back on their feet. also for your money, atms becoming a trend. the latest feedback from financial experts. and we have another update on your hot and dry weather forecast and the response from local fire crews. you're watching the kron. 4 news at noon.
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♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ right. welcome back. let's talk a bit about our forecast now is and as we take a live look outside at the north bay. >> from our mount tam camera, this is one of my favorite cameras because it always provides for a beautiful view out there across from meteorologist kyla grogan is here with details on our upcoming forecast. hey, kyla. hey there. i agree with you. i love that about can't you? it's like you're a bird, right? yes, her step. they're checking out the bay area. such a beautiful view. >> to get right to it, folks, we're going to have a very hot weekend coming up here for this holiday weekend. i know it's time everybody gets out about, but i just want to make sure you're aware. these are the temperatures we're talking about in london even around the bay. you can see mid 80's to low 90's out the coast. we'll have 60's and 70's. so that will be the cooler spot. and that is why, of course,
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that we are under this excessive heat advisory at all. the areas you see kind of the few should color, which is essentially everything inland and that goes, as i mentioned sunday through tuesday. and then the area that you see kind of an orange, that's our heat advisory. so lower temperatures but still well above average around the bay and in the north bay. and that goes through sunday and monday. here is one of the reasons we're getting a break today. live look outside. as you can we did have some amazing visibility issues this morning. i could not see the car in front of me driving across the golden gate bridge, but now we're starting to cover quite nicely. as you can see, even the coast getting a little bit of visibility back as we head into the afternoon. so catching a break today, a little bit cooler before things kind of warm back up as we head into tomorrow. tomorrow are going to see those inland 90's. we're also going to be under a spare the air alert tomorrow as we see air quality. unfortunately deteriorate and then by sunday are excessive heat warning and our heat advisory begins. so let's talk about today. temperatures right where we should be in san francisco about 69 degrees. mid 70's in oakland. not bad, right? 85 in san jose livermore concord, santa rosa, you're definitely
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going to be above average. but we're talking 90's and triple digits. livermore get up to one '06 yesterday that that might kind of knocked me out tomorrow. this is where the temperatures are going. so again, we'll see some those upper 90's in places like livermore, concord, certainly on antioch, santa rose in the mid 90's, morgan hill about 99 center, san francisco about 75. what will talk about next after this is the air quality really quickly to say the east oing to be unhealthy for sensitive groups. when i come back, we'll talk about this where you can go to cool down. so, stephanie, i'll send it back to you. thanks very much, kyra. one east bay community and their local fire department are using a new program to try to prevent disasters fires. >> kron four's terisa stasio tells us how it works. >> i tell people when i do community meetings is to practice your evacuation routes and have 2 ways to do it. one by foot and the other by car. those are things that we can do ahead of time. so that way when there is an emergency and we do want people to evacuate, they're
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not panicking. that's berkeley assistant fire chief kevin ravilla. >> talking to me about firewise the national community-based program offers a structured plan for residents to follow and hopes to trying to avoid disasters like this. the 1991 firestorm that swept through the oakland berkeley hills, killing. 25 people and destroying more than 3,000 homes and apartments. >> well, like about this house, is that the first thing is there plants are well maintained. they're healthy. and we're really like is the hearts gaping. >> privilege shared some of the fire. why steps one of them not having mulch close to home? >> well, multas combustible. they get enough ambers and you're going to have a lot and was coming off of a wildfire. it will land on that mulch bed right there. and it is a combustible. >> and how trees can be best rimmed, not overhanging the roof of the garage. we'd like
12:34 pm
to see trees branches at least 5 feet away from the roof. as well as 10 feet away from the >> he says the department offers community meetings taking deeper and to fire wise, tackling such issues as knowing your evacuation zone number, when we talk about far wise. >> one thing that the community needs to realize that they can do something, something positive to protect their property. >> he says temperatures typically rise in the fall. typically rise in the fall. but with climate change, fir season is becoming year-round, making it more important than ever to embrace a program like firewise and the berkeley hills, theresa kron, 4 news. >> turning now to the water crisis in jackson, mississippi, more than 150,000 people are either without water completely or they have to boil what remaining water they do have reporter dempsey or rather tom dempsey has the latest. >> that's better than he's
12:35 pm
been inside her home. shirley boils water in her kitchen to make it safe to use while a full blocking a cooler sit nearby in her bathroom, helping to store what continues to be in short supply. it's like playing russian roulette that you don't know if you're going to wake up with water. you know, if you've got water, you don't know what condition the word or z remains one of over 150,000 people in mississippi's capital city impacted by a boil water advisory in place for weeks and made even worse by heavy rainfall and flooding. >> that led to problems the 2 main treatment plants for houses and businesses. that means little to no water pressure and being unable to flush toilets and shower the schools having to set >> restaurants are able to operate. well, problems continue this morning. bring signs of progress from 7 distribution sites open to hand out bottles of water and hand sanitizer. >> to 600 national guard troops aiding in the response
12:36 pm
later today, the head administrator of fema also plans to head to the front lines after president joe of the state. all the talk of debt talks with was. >> we have we've offered every single thing available while the assistance helps make a difference. for now, the wait for running water to return to many homes drags on. >> and that was tom dempsey reporting for u.s.. emergency crews warn people in that area not to drink water from their faucets and to shower with their mouths closed. even if there is some water pressure there. ok? now, the latest jobs report, employers slowed their hiring in august in the face of rising interest rates, high inflation and sluggish consumer spending. the government reporting today employers added roughly 315,000 jobs last month. that's below average for the last 3 months. meantime, the fed is raising interest rates to try and slow further slow
12:37 pm
rather wage growth and hiring businesses typically pass the cost of higher wages on to consumers, providing the fuel for inflation. that officials hope by raising borrowing costs, they can reduce inflation from a near 40 year high. companies in california may soon be required to share how much a job position pays on their job. listings. state lawmakers approved a bill thursday that would require all companies in the state with at least 15 workers to include the hourly rate or salary range on those job listings. now companies with more than 100 employees would be required to reveal pay scales by race and gender. experts say salary transparency has become a growing focus for workers, especially with the introduction of remote work and the great resignation the bill has been sent to governor newsom to be signed into law. in the north bay. low-income families can apply for
12:38 pm
financial help through a new guaranteed income pilot program. the two-year test program is expected to benefit 300 low-income families, providing them with $500 a month to qualify. families must live in sonoma county have a child under 6 years old or be expecting their first child applications are due by october 31st. and you can find details on pathway sonoma dot org. alright, cryptocurrency as that. a lot of highs and lows of the pandemic and you might even see bitcoin atms popping up at your local gas station. consumer reporter david lazarus got some advice from experts on whether it's a good idea to use them. >> they allow people to exchange dollars for digital currency for a roughly 15% fee. it's not that there's anything wrong with investing in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. the thing is it's and consumer advocates say that crypto atms, which could become commonplace in working class neighborhoods,
12:39 pm
serve as a to lure unsophisticated investors who may not understand what they're getting into. these atms are being put in places retail consumers don't have a lot of information about investing but are excited about difference want to get involved. >> are most likely to find this is something we have people put money like that. for me as a person. i'm looking up with this amount of money and the mission like this and wait to see else a cashier at the crenshaw district convenience store says about half a dozen people use the shops. big coin machine each week you get the feeling these people understand what cryptocurrency czar. >> honesty. i don't think crypto atms can be used to transfer money abroad, particularly to el salvador, which made bitcoin a nation currency. >> critics say they're also used by drug dealers and fraudsters to launder cash. the dustry says the machines allow people without bank accounts to dabbling digital
12:40 pm
currenendoes. way to do that. w do is prove thatanted do in pulled it in a savings account potentially invest, you know it is or how as they all that watches, bitcoin increases and pricing. >> they're gaining net worth in the process. sadler is a senior executive at a crypto atm company called digital meant. he's also executive director of a a aindustry group touting the benefits of crypto atm transactions are of the reputation that we have there. well aware that there is that that we really use it only the jurors activity of going to a gym. so as an industry, we're trying actively to prevenent that to the best. federal authorities are now talking about regulating cryptocurrency as if it was a commodity like oil, silver or gold. >> but here's the question. would you buy oil or goldou futures? >> but putting your money into bitcoin atm and hoping that you whilst the line go up and make think it's equivalent to
12:41 pm
going to a casino. sure you can make some money, but dogs are generally stacked against you. that was david lazarus reporting for us. >> and right now, big coin is hovering around $20,000 down from its all-time high last november when it hit over $65,000. coming up on the kron, 4 news at noon. if you drive an electric car, you can expect a change or charging habits. >> today the message from state officials as s head into another flex alert. plus, an east bay company says they can get your car clean without any water. we explain. the first bay area wineries haven't got creative during this heat wave. how they say they're managing to protect their harvests from these hot and dry temperatures.
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>> welcome back. let's talk a bit about our forecast now as we take a live look outside at the richmond bridge. traffic flowing pretty nicely. there are a lot of people getting an early start to their weekend looking to get away driver the labor day weekend kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan here with details on it looks like our taco forecast. it's really hard for me not to say i want to get away when you love it. i was trying to find opportunity will here. you actually seeing because of will a lot of it like rabbits to that. hey, if you want to be cooler there, no doubt about it. temperatures in the upper 80's, low 90's, perhaps in and around. this is south lake tahoe. >> should be pretty nice now. it does come with a side of
12:45 pm
yeah. that's a fire watch that you see in the dark red there. so reynoso points to the east. that's a fire watch. and then of course, they also have the excessive heat warning that we have in the area in pink. if you kind of go to the west and if you head to the north, yeah, they've got also heat advisory. so it's not without any caveats, right? but it will be cooler no doubt about it. taking a live look at half moon bay. pretty nice out there right now. they're starting to get some clearing getting some blue skies as another spot. that's going to be awfully nice. let's take you to sunday, which is going to be around the peak of the heat, looking for a high of just 68 degrees at half moon bay. so that is also another spot you can head to want to mention again if you're staying in the bay, if you're around the bay, we're under that heat advisory that kicks in on sunday through monday. all of the other areas inland that you see kind of in the hot pink. that is our excessive heat warning expecting temperatures well above 100 degrees. how high are we going? we'll take a look at our extended forecast. you can see inland spots expected to get up to one '08, one o 9 as the heat peak sunday into monday. we're
12:46 pm
going to call it cooling on tuesday. not exactly but will start to cool down wednesday into thursday. but stephanie, it's going to be a bit of a rough go for the next few just make sure everybody's being safe. yeah, absolutely. good it s there. thanks very much, kyra. >> what is that? special time of the year at local wineries, the grapes are ripe and ready to come off the vines. but with that excessive heat that kylie just described hitting the bay area winemakers will need to make some changes. kron four's gayle ong reports from livermore. >> if you're hoping to catch some of the harvest here at wood family vineyards, you better be a night owl picking kicks off at 02:00am in a bid to beat the heat. >> this isn't our first rodeo runner would winemaker and owner of wood family vineyards is not whining about the hot weather. we've had more of a labor day weekends before. so i think the farmers know how to work with it. the winery's know how to work with that. it's usually a short-lived thing. we help from saturday through tuesday, the national
12:47 pm
weather service has issued excessive heat warnings for parts of the bay area. what plans to water the vineyard after friday's early morning pick to prevent the grapes from the hydrating in livermore. thursday, temperatures reached over 100 arrange wines. winemaker and owner larry dino is stopping harvest amid the high heat. >> but was able to get some of his grapes in ahead of time. we've got our whites and they came in earlier this week. >> so we put all of their stuff on hold until next week. so i would expect to get our rates far towards the end of next week. we're going to wait till after that. the heatwave, like would dina will make sure the vineyard as well watered before the great struggle but that could be challenging with temperatures expected to hit triple digits over the holiday weekend. >> and one thing the heat is impacting events. you know, canceled an outdoor concert was a hard decision as a part of was pretty much sold out. we wanted to go ahead and make sure customers are safe and i assume we're going have
12:48 pm
cancellations and both wineries will hold tastings indoors. it's hardly just do what we can do like everyone else. we have a larger tasting side in our music is planned to be inside this weekend. so we have music sunday. we have music monday as well. >> hopefully songs electricy holds that we have air conditioning year. >> meantime, in town, other events have been canceled and postponed until the he passes. so it's best to check in with your destination ahead of this holiday weekend reporting from livermore gayle oag kron. 4 news. and the heat can be dangerous and even deadly for people who work outdoors such as postal workers. >> a southern california congressman tony cardenas recently introduced the peggy frank memorial act to help those workers. hey, frank was a postal worker who died while working in the san fernando valley in a truck without air conditioning. now, the congressman's office says about 70% of the postal service's vehicles do not have a c this bill would require
12:49 pm
the postal service to install air conditioning in its vehicles within 3 years. that feels like. >> first of all, in inhumane its site. if they're not cargo, how are we not? how are we not providing air conditioning for somebody who's working all day to provide for us? feels us. >> the post office responded to the measure saying it's already implemented a national heat illness prevention program for all of its workers adding the safety of its employees is a top priority. stay connected with kron 4 for the latest weather conditions as we get through his dangerous heat wave can scan the qr code right there on your screen. there. and you'll be taken straight to our website where you can find the current conditions in your neighborhood. and a look ahead at the 7 day forecast. meantime, these flex alerts that we've been dealing with, have people wondering when to charge their electric vehicles. reporter pedro rivera has that story.
12:50 pm
>> normally this place is a little crowded. it is peak time to charge here at ev go in valley village. but most electric vehicle drivers are doing their part by plug it in from 04:00pm to 09:00pm during the flex alert. it's like charging your your cell phone. it really isn't a big deal during this record. setting heat wave cow. so is asking drivers to charge before 04:00pm to help relieve the grid. but is this a sign of the future for golden state drivers last month, governor gavin newsom laid out his plan to ban new gas per vehicle sales in the state by 2035. to reduce carbon emissions. so that means more evs on the road. drivers i spoke with say our infrastructure is just not ready yet. imagine you have 8 chargers in the match in the public toilets 1000 people and they often rely on those public toilets, mugly, 8 of them. and let's have a home charger. it's an absolute disaster. >> if we can't do these things today, how are we going to do when everything electrics? this driver notes that california has seen an increase in wildfires over the
12:51 pm
last decade and with rising temperatures that could mean even more flex alerts in the future. even become scarier. if you think about like a dying of wildfire where you can charge are poor and so have they through like what happened that situation, right? wildfires. there a big problem and they're going to be a problem with your gasoline powered car or an electric car mark keller with the electric vehicle association says the flex alert shouldn't hamper ev drivers because most >> people with electric cars would not ordinarily be charging their car at the time when the flex alert is happening, depending on your utility company, the ideal time to charge is between midnight and 07:00am off peak times charging during peak hours like 04:00pm to 09:00pm is usually $0.30 more per kilowatt hour. so for drivers nervous about the possible flex alert for this labor day weekend. >> here's geller's advice. you know, make make sure your car, your battery charged up that, you know, in the middle of the night when you're sleeping, let the car charge.
12:52 pm
>> and that was pedro rivera reporting for us. well, ever heard of a car wash that did not actually involved any water. well, check this out. the no h 2 o is a mobile car wash detailing company that just started this summer in walnut creek. it gets cars clean with a special spray, but then gets wiped off with micro fiber klaas and we spoke with the car wash owner and he says it's important to help save water as california continues to go through a massive drought. >> you get a very big number of watershed. in fact, you get a number that is big enough to provide water for the nearly 1 million people who go without safe drinking water each year in california. >> no h 2 o is just in the east bay for now. but the owner does plan to expand his operations, very creative and wonder what the environmental impact of that would be. well, up next, big movie chains of a special deal this weekend. details on that right af
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
>> a new movie called honk for jesus. save your soul. interesting title. it follows a disgraced pastors journey to rebuild his congregation after a scandal. dean richards gives us a sneak peek in today's weekend movie review. >> allegations of misconduct. church may never be the same. lee curtis and i are going to get to the other staff.
12:56 pm
>> with the microphone man closest press is out of time. >> his style of the great month, entries like best in show where this is spinal tap honk for jesus. save your soul. follows the same style in sterling k brown place. the pastor of the southern baptist megachurch was hit with a misconduct scandal in an effort to rebuild his reputation and his congregation. he hires a documentary crew to record what he hopes will be a triumphant comeback for himself and his wife the over the top first lady of the church played by regina hall will not built on one specific true story. this story comes from a compilation of stories about fame and power gone wild. brown's past are child's feeds off the attention that he gets from being in the spotlight. ditto for missus, childs. both of these talented actors, beautifully balanced, the inherent comedy with the sharp shreds of truth and
12:57 pm
reality story wise, it's about the excess and hypocrisy of some who claim to be your spiritual leaders. but sterling k brown and especially regina hall. take it 3 steps beyond the satire with their very funny per trails of these very school football characters. just having some fun and making the most what's on the page of the script. you'll have some fun and a1little think about afterwards with honk for jea says save your soul playing in theaters and also on the peacock streaming platform. it's a dean's list b, but you can always get my movie reviews at home. video picks sent right to your phone's every week. just by texting the word dean. >> to 9, 7, 9, 9, 9, will be a great weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards. >> all right. happening tomorrow. if you love going to the movies, you're going to love this movie. tickets will be just $3 and most american theaters. it's part of a new national cinema day more than 3,000 theaters and 30,000 screens will take part in this
12:58 pm
and major chains like amc and regal cinemas are participating as are all the major studios. and we know the labor day weekend is traditionally one of the slowest weekends for theaters. reason why for these pretty steep discounts. 3 $1 for a film, not bad at all. that'll do it for us here at the kron. 4 news at noon. let's send things over to olivia horton for live on a great show for you today. that's that's a libya yet. >> how's it going? that sounds pretty awesome in a nice little way for everybody stay cool. do see a couple of movies. any a particular movies on your list for this weekend? i really like that one with each russ alba. that's coming now. it's 1000 years or something, something like that. but that looks really good. i think i want to see that one, ok, to my haha that that you should now coming up today. we have an amazing show for you guys today, stephanie. >> it's friday. so we're taking a look back at some of our great guests of the week. >> and this week was home we learned about how marc thomas home has been serving the bay
12:59 pm
area generations. how this family owned business started. >> then the finishing touch is always the >> we learned more about how leak out artists and candles elevate your roma plus, best reviews show. the top deals for home products that you can cash in on during this weekend's labor day. cell. how you can save up to 40%. and we're capping off our home week with expert advice from interior designer susan waxman. >> her tips on completing a space and how you can learn more from character road interior design. so much happening today on live in the bay. >> and happy friday, everybody. thanks for joining us today. i'm olivia horton. let's kick things off with in case you missed it, the
1:00 pm
statewide flex alert has been extended through today as temperatures continue to rise in the bay area. so between 4 and 09:00pm, you're being asked to conserve a little bit of energy. ai suggest that cooling your home earlier will help a lot. >> using bigger appliances like stoves and washing machines before 04:00pm. and then after stats to about 70 degrees and avoid using large appliances and turn off unnecessary lights, here are more ways that you can beat the >> it's hot outside. you can't make it to the cooling center. you're going to stay indoors and you're looking for the best way to stay cool. here are some tips that can help start but pre cooling your home in the morning. >> opening the windows and letting the cool air is. you ceiling fans and portable fans to circulate that cool breeze throughout the house. that's actually going to make a really big difference in


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