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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  September 2, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news. you see it here. dangerous conditions in far northern california have helped fuel a major destructive wildfire that just started and it's burning in siskyou county. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect near the city of weed. that's near the oregon border. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us on this friday night. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. hundreds of homes are being threatened by. >> but they're calling the mill fire 5,000 people now being told to pack up, leave their homes quickly. we're currently getting reports of structures that are burning in the area. also, we're getting
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reports that several people have been injured. that fire has now burned more than more than 900 acres. take a look at the map. there are a large area of siskyou county east of i-5 under evacuation orders. tonight we have some more images here of the fire captured on. >> caltrans cameras in the region. the communities of weed lake chefs, tina and edgewood are all affected. highway 97 is currently closed in the area. we'll continue to follow this story again. this just breaking and we'll have updates throughout the evening. let's go and check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to kind of weather conditions. >> crews are dealing with they're a much different than where he is right now at it. alameda crown royal beach yet a lawrence. it. >> yeah, right out of crown beach here in alameda and that sea breeze is blowing in really a welcome sign here. we've had talking to all the hot temperatures lately, the possible record breaking heat
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coming our way. but boy, get that nice breeze out here. feeling the effects of that. now, of course, getting the fires going in these kind of conditions. you get that seabreeze going in the afternoon. always a dangerous time to get these fires. but look out there right now out on the bay. you've got the kite surfers out there enjoying the sunshine and the when, of course, their kites as well and looking beautiful out there right now. sky staying mostly clear now around the bay area. that's way it's going to be. we did have some patchy fog early on this morning. >> along the eyes looking good there across the state. but yeah, we have seen some fire conditions developing in parts in around that fire. you can see those temperatures pretty hot spots around there into the 90's there, too. so that's a concern. it's going to get hotter as we headed toward the weekend. those temperatures over the weekend going to be soaring into the triple digits. you get up around reading a place like this in the kind of a heat wave. they're talking about 112, maybe 115 degrees. you can imagine trying to fight a fire
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in those kind of conditions that are guy that's live from your guys back to the studio. i lawrence, we'll check back with you throughout the evening. >> this holiday marks the end of what first responders are calling the 100 deadliest days. it's a time period. that's bookended by the memorial a day and labor day. weekends, combination of alcohol parties and the extreme heat. our real recipe for disaster conference. philippe reports emergency rooms are bracing for a busy stretch. >> emergency departments up and down the state are dreading the influx of patients expected over the labor day holiday weekend. part of these big weekends i get i do get nervous. that's because registered nurse tammy knows what's likely coming. she manages the emergency department at dignity health's dominican hospital in santa cruz. typically she says her hospital sees a 25% increase in patients this time of the year and leading up to the weekend. green says her staff has been clearing space,
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ensuring that all patients who are appropriately ready and able to go home. >> we're getting them discharged and home prior to the weekend. that way, we have more availability within the hospital. should we need to admit more patients? green says alcohol is a driving factor associated with injuries. whether people are drinking and boating or driving were drinking and being active without proper hydration, even younger people. we've had people in their 20's have to come into the emergency department experiencing heat heat, stroke and needing receive a couple liters of fluid. first responders refer to this stretch between memorial day and labor day as the 100 deadliest days culminating this weekend. >> green hopes people take precautions, especially with the high heat. i really would not mix alcohol and water sports, but she does recommend having some water with every alcoholic drink you consume and begin hydrating the night before you plan to go out.
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philippe djegal kron. 4 news. >> in walnut creek, several open space parks are closed now and through the labor day weekend, the decision was actually encouraged by the contra costa county fire department. they say for 2 reasons. first high fire danger. secondly, they don't want anybody to pass out or need help in a remote area because of all the heat. >> final weekend, the summer is well underway as people take to the skies in the roads for the three-day getaway. but the heat, as we've been saying, coupled with the sheer number of travelers on the road, can lead to trouble both your car and with the increase of of fire danger. tonight, kron four's dan kerman talks to experts about what you can do to ensure a trouble free road trip. >> there's nothing like a road trip on a three-day weekend. highways heading north as well as those in the south bay and the east bay. we're filling up throughout the afternoon, but with temperatures expected in the triple digits, it's more important than ever to make sure your vehicle is road trip
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ready before heading out to the low right here. that be a guy with our name on a motive says the oil is one of 3 things to check before hitting the road. second is making sure the coolant is at the right level. cool. it is low. the drive-in is too hot outside. >> overheat. and you'll be stuck in the middle of the freeway. and finally, check to make sure all 4 tires are filled to the recommended pressure. still sometimes no level of preparation will keep you from breaking down, especially in this heat. so if you do have to pull over, you have to do it carefully. we have seen people pull off the side of the road and neither of their car still running or just the heat are. i that the vehicle up against excessively dry brush vegetation can easily start a fire. so it's critical that if you do have to go outside the road this holiday weekend that you pull off in a safe environment. >> and again, never into an area that's covered with dry vegetation, seasonal grasses. just steer clear of it. santa rosa fire marshal paul lowenthal says part of this one less spark campaign also
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applies to those pulling a boat or trailer. >> making sure you double checked or triple checked the change that they're not potentially going to drag. and again spartz part and potentially ignite. the fire is key, especially with the amount of traffic that's going to be on the roads this holiday weekend. aaa expected to provide roadside assistance to more than a half a million drivers nationwide this holiday weekend. >> and more than 123,000 of those drivers will be here in california. that's good enough reason to make sure you take steps. so you're not one of them at the golden gate bridge. dan kerman kron. 4 news. see all the roads in the cars will take a look at gas prices. lot of people planning to head out of town this weekend that has the highest prices. >> for average gallon of regular 5.47, san francisco not far behind $0.3 cheaper. vallejo and fairfield are the cheapest in the bay area coming in at just 5 dot. we say just $5.18 per gallon. there's a chp maximum enforcement period to keep in mind over the holiday weekend.
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it starts soon 6, 0, one tonight runs through 11. 59 monday night officers will be keeping an eye out for anybody suspected of dui or just driving dangerously. the chp also wants folks to remember to buckle up and drive at safe speeds. labor day travel purses in full swing at that. the oakland airport as well. this is a video from this morning. >> when flyers had to deal with long security lines, some the traveler said that is the longest line have ever been in. they also told us that they are fleeing the heat wave for cooler temps in places that are normally way hotter than we are here in the bay area. >> in arizona, the highs going to be like 101. so actually cooler than in you're cooling down in arizona. what are you guys going to we're actually going out on the lake. it's going to 110 here. so at least we're going to 98 9 news >> airport officials estimate 225,000 passengers will arrive and depart this weekend.
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>> a trip assisted living is back in the news tonight after a second resident there has died because of something they ingest it. this time it was at their walnut creek facility. atria sent a vague statement to kron 4 news that lacks details of what exactly was consumed. but kron four's rob nesbitt spoke with the president's son here who says his father's death was caused by a cleaning solution. rob joins us now with more details. cheese. rob, this is eerily reminiscent of something else that happened this week. it is doctor kerry can noon says his 93 year-old father suffered from dementia. >> he thought the memory care facility at atria walnut creek would be a good place when he moved his father there year ago. he's now questioning that choice. it was around midnight on august 24th when doctor kerry can noon was woken up by a phone call from this atria walnut creek assisted living facility. >> staff alerted him that his dad constantine can noon had to be taken to the hospital. i
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was always a surprise. i said why is that? he said because he drank some. >> cleaning fluid doctor. can noon rushed to john muir medical center where he says his 94 year-old father was in distress with burns inside his mouth early that same morning doctor can in went to a trip to see what the cleaning fluid was identified to work with and said it was alkaline age in unfortunately cause is pretty it can cause pretty severe injury. the incident happening just 3 days before gertrude maxwell's death. the 93 year-old was served dishwashing liquid at the atria park senior living facility in san mateo noon passed away on wednesday. his son frustrated with how the story from a tree has changed over time. essentially totally that. he didn't drink any of the substance the problem was is he is p. >> flaming hot cheetos. these kind of injuries that might get some perch in no way,
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shape or form can be caused by flaming hot cheetos. doctor says his dad suffered from dementia and was in the dining hall of a trio when the cleaning liquid was consumed a tree. a statement about the death saying, quote, it is uncertain what caused this reaction at this time? we believe it was likely food-related doctor can noone wants to see more transparency from the assisted living facility that he entrusted with his father's care. really frustrating. >> what i thought i was going to do, might into a place because he would be being at home. you know, >> according to a the staff involved have been suspended while an internal investigation is being done. doctor says an autopsy is scheduled for monday and he expects more serious action to be taken once an official cause of death is released. reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. rob, thank you. still to come on fox 4 news, why a trip to the store turned into what could possibly be a man's worst nightmare. plus, the corpse of the woman who was found by police inside a pet a little.
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>> had a little home has now been identified. plus kylen mills live for us from dallas l high school for their first game of the season against sarah state.
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>> i'm taking a live look at downtown san francisco. a flex alert is in effect until 09:00pm tonight. energy officials say the extreme heat is straining our state's power grid for the 3rd day in a row.
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>> want to check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who is live tonight in alameda at crown beach where the heat is not a problem, lawrence, it's really a tale of 2 stories depending on where you are in the bay area. >> really is. and that's how it's going to work out. even in the midst of this heatwave. yeah, it will get hot inside the bay. even here we're talking 80's, maybe some 90's on sunday and monday and the labor day. but overall, we've got that sea breeze going to the hot temperatures really in the valleys, a cool down a little bit around the bay area today. but look out there right now out over the bay. we've got nice clear skies, a little haze out there. the atmosphere. we've got the kite surfers out. a couple people out here swimming to enjoy the sunshine. >> and the cool weather while we have it here. but that hot weather really going to settle in for the holiday weekend. we're going to see those temperatures soaring outside numbers are going to be running up on the hot side. of course, we've got advisories inside the bay, including alameda oakland, all the way
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down in milpitas and across the bay. the palo alto in redwood city. those temperatures are expected get very hot this weekend, too. and then you see the areas in peak. those are the warnings for the high heat this weekend. the temperatures likely to soar to 100 maybe as high as 109 degrees or so as we head in towards sunday and monday and possibly into tuesday. so weather ssicking around now. not bad outside toward the coastline. now you've got 60's out of the beaches, but you're over 30 degrees hotter in some of the valleys. it's 95 right now in concord, 93 in livermore and 94 degrees in antioch. give you an idea of just a big difference in temperatures. the sea breeze, though, has been blowing. that's the good news that is keeping new cooler along the coastline. the temperatures for tomorrow, though, back in the triple digits in 100 to one in concord, one. 0, one in livermore 101 in antioch next few days. keeping those temperatures hot. how about that? over 105 degrees or so on sunday, then talking just some wind, credible heat as we head in toward monday, labor
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day and the beginning of this next week. this is a long heat wave just really getting started. got to be prepared for the heat and be prepared to see look for some place. cool. if your power goes out during this heat wave, guys, that's the latest. back to you. let's hope everybody keeps the power. but thank you, lawrence. good advice. there are other news now and arrests have been made connected to a rolex robbery. >> in a peninsula city police investigators tell kron four's haaziq license plate reader technology. >> play the key role in this case. >> so this is a picture of what we saw when we did a search for the white chevy tahoe and this is what you get. this is what the cameras will do. i mean, they're super clear pasta cities, license plate reader camera technology led police investigators to the vehicle and the edge lee used in wednesday's rolex watch strong armed robbery of an 85 year-old man. i mean, this an elderly gentleman that was literally attacked.
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>> plus, the city police chief tracy says the 3 suspects followed the victim home from costco. he was initially confronted. they're trying to wpdo some sort of jewelry rooms where they put on victorian takeoff. realtor worry. >> he didn't allow that to happen. and when costco, when he came back out here, they followed him home to people jumped out of a white chevy tahoe. one person held him while the other person. literally ripped his rolex watch off his wrist. >> while the suspects were making their escape. one of foster city's 20 flock technology license plate readers recorded the alleged vehicle used in the crime. that plate was then in turn into a nationwide flock safety hot list. 24 hours later, that same license plate reader technology spotted the vehicle in california. officers there made the stop and arrested 3 the 3 people that were arrested were alexandra.
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>> georgie, 18 years old. no address. cao, make less to 22 years old out of spring hill, florida and robert mccleskey to 30 years old out of sacramento. chief tracy of lives says since the license plate readers were installed in november 2021, the cameras have played a key role in solving over 25 crimes. and she says she believes that this case would still be open without the technology 100%. this case goes unsolved unless they do it again somewhere we can connect them. >> and foster city has menu in kron. 4 news. >> the sonoma county coroner has identified the petaluma woman who was found dead inside her home is 80 year-old berget on grunt. police found her body on a couch in the living room last week inside the home on windsor drive. a cause of death is still pending, but her daughter, it's told police that on grin died in april of last year from natural causes. police are currently conducting a suspicious death investigation
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to find out if there was any foul play or neglect of care. police say on green's daughter had been living with her dead mother and she claims that she didn't leave her house since the beginning of the pandemic. >> well, a fee of police in contra costa county sheriff's officers are investigating an attempted kidnapping of a 14 year-old girl. they say the girl was walking to stanley middle school on monroe avenue around 8 o'clock this morning after being dropped off by a parent. that's when police say a man approached the girl asked if she was alone and then grabbed by the shoulder. investigators say the girl tried to break free, but he kept a firm grip. the girl eventually managed to break away and run away contacting school officials who then notified law enforcement. the suspect described only has been about 40 years old, 5 foot, 8 to 5 foot, 9 heavy set with the stubble facial hair was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with a white shirt
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underneath and dark colored pants. he was driving a four-door sedan. with stock wheels and mud spray on the driver side of the vehicle. anyone with information is asked to call lafayette police. >> the traffic stop leads to the discovery of a large amount of rainbow fentanyl among other drugs last night, berkeley police stopped a 21 year-old man, the area of san pablo and stanford avenue for allegedly driving without license plates. and that's when the officer learned the driver was unlicensed and took the man into custody after searching the 21 year-olds vehicle. police found over a pound of the rainbow colored fentanyl last month. a nationwide alert was issued by authorities for the drug law enforcement officials say they're worried that this brighter variation of the deadly drug could attract children to try it. still ahead, empty folders with classified banners among the items found in president trump's florida estate. >> a list of what fbi found later this hour and approved
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in ready for distribution. how santa clara county is working on getting. >> covid booster shots to people who live there.
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and into housing. yes on 27. >> in the south bay health officials in santa clara county are preparing to distribute new booster shots that will protect people. they say against the omicron variant kron. 4 s charles clifford reports. >> well, here in santa clara county, health officials are preparing to receive new booster shots that will protect people against the omicron variant of covid-19.
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now the fda has authorized pfizer and moderna booster shots. people 12 years and older will be eligible for the pfizer shot people 18 and over will be able to get the moderna shot. anyone wanting to get boosted will have to wait 2 months since they were vaccinated or receive their last booster shot before they can get this updated version. now, county health officials acknowledge that people are tired of dealing with the pandemic, that they don't want to change their lives anymore. and they say the best way to continue living your life and be protected against the omicron variant of covid-19. is to get these new boosters. people are tired of adapting their people cannot adopt their behaviors for 2 and a half years. >> and thats why it's incredibly important to have a updated vaccine, an updated booster that you can get boosted and you can feel more confident that you protected yourself against infection with the latest strain. >> now, if you want to receive the new booster shot, the
5:26 pm
county suggest first contacting your primary physician, your private insurance provider. see if you can get the booster that way. if that's not an option for you, you can visit sec free vax dot org and sign up to receive a booster shot through the county. but for now in santa clara county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> next with the wildfires exploding up north just this afternoon. how bad will the winds be during this heat wave? we'll discuss fire danger here in the bay area. take to the artemis moon rocket is set to launch tomorrow after the initial standoff was scrapped at the last minute. what this mission could mean for getting. >> humans on the moon and what governor newsom did late today to help the state agencies better respond to heat related problems.
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>> welcome back. whether time to take a live look outside camera right here in the crowd for studios. no fog in this part of the city. looking at the transamerica pyramid. yeah, you would know exactly by being in the city or where lawrence is a right now at the coast that it's going to be so hot. but lawrence, live for us at alameda in alameda crown beach. there. lawrence, what are the conditions of the fire conditions of for the rest of folks? >> if you can hear me because i the waves are crashing. >> i know. you can hear the sound of the waves, right? i
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mean, it does sound nice, especially when we're talking about a heat wave. there are a lot of folks that have been out here enjoying a swimming out here for a little bit there kitesurfing. this is one of the cooler spots around the bay area. of course, today. again, the temperatures sorey well in the 90's inland. but if you want to beat the heat, you could have to head awayl from those valleys. it is just going to be searing heat not only for the weekend, but i think really well in the next week. so i got to prepare for that. but looking nice out there over the bay right now, the sea breeze has been blowing in. that has been a good thing, of course, with fire danger. that's a concern. the winds kicking up right now not expecting any drastic winds, but we will see a sea breeze each day. fires get started during this time. they can rapidly spread. all right. in the meantime, though, it is beautiful out along the golden gate bridge. no fog to speak about their looking good. >> and a half moon bay. nice, clear skies right now, even along the coastline. i think. >> maybe is to hit the fog overnight tonight. temperature wise, still 102 degrees in brentwood. it is 93 degrees anve


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