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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 5, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> now news at 10 crews fighting to contain the flames wildfire sparks in the east bay. hundreds of people head to the beach on this hot labor day. how to stay safe. if you're planning a trip to the coast this week. >> plus, today's flex alert just ending minutes ago. but another one has already been issued for tomorrow with more rolling blackouts expected. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. that flex alert will go into effect tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. it ends at 09:00pm. it will mark the 7th consecutive day that energy officials called for power conservation kron. 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow at the weather center with the high temperatures that we could see tomorrow morning. yeah, unbelievably hot today. i think maybe even a little bit hotter tomorrow. >> it's really a possibility in today's temperatures are simply amazing. look at the numbers due to records. broking around the bay area 116 degrees and live more. can you believe that 108 napa
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santa rosa checked in at 112 107 in redwood city inside the bay. that's amazing. 104 degrees in san jose. 100 at the museum in oakland. that was a short record. but we work done there. we had record set a canfield at 107 degrees. record set of that at 97 degrees in gilroy. a blistering 112 degrees. but all around the bay area, even if they were records, they were incredibly hot yet 102 in hayward, 108 degrees in mount. do 115 degrees n antioch may not be a record, but simply amazing. 111 degrees in the bottle at 105 degrees in blaine along the coastline. temperatures, of course, much cooler, only in the 60's out along the beaches edge, but we're looking at another very hot day around the state. it is going to be scorching up and down. california is these temperatures expected to soar at least near may be slightly
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above what we had today. a cool along the coastline enough, a sea breeze. keep facts. they're down. but you get inside the bay. you get the valleys. we're looking at triple digit heat, in fact. well over triple digits by tomorrow afternooo. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. well, with temperatures hitting the 90's in san francisco today, that is cooler compared to the triple digit temperatures. >> in parts of the inland areas is still very warm for the city, which is usually covered by fog, but to early at this hour. and that fog always called mother nature's air-conditioning. most homes in the city, of course, are older. don't have air conditioning kron four's. taylor sackey joins us live in the city without people have been dealing with this heat in san francisco. taylor. >> well, ken and pam, as you said it, it may not sound like it's been that hot and san francisco compared to the rest of the bay area. cities. but again, most of the places here in homes here do not have air conditioning. so we definitely felt the heat here in san
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francisco. and most of the people that i spoke with today say that they left their homes because it was cooler outside than inside. >> this is the hottest. this is the i don't remember the day i walked out of that jacket except today. it's very difficult because we're not used to this kind of heat in san francisco. this is this is very, very rare for you know, so we're all milton high temperatures descended over san francisco on monday. >> forcing many to flee their apartments without air conditioning is don't have ac. have me are not. a lacey. is the fog. >> but we don't have the fog right now. we don't have ac. we left earlier today before it got too we actually went to angela islands which was and then a mistake we wear in 97. 98 degrees and enjoy island. an emergency vehicle had to come. i'm assuming for heat stroke, ali interior and her family are beating the heat. the only way many san franciscans know how definitely keep all the windows open be drinking a lot of ice water. meanwhile, others escape the heat by heading to places like the
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ferry building. we're trying gather. >> it's cooler in the ferry building than it is outside. somewhere in here in grabbing some cold snacks. going >> now here in the city, we can expect more high temperatures tomorrow. so i don't know. maybe we'll expect to see more people actually head into the office instead of working from home. if they have that privilege live in san francisco, taylor bisacky. >> kron, 4 news. all right, taylor well in the south bay officials are ready to literally bus people out of the heat. crawford's justin campbell reports from one of those cooling centers in san jose. as the sun beats down on the bay area, people without air conditioning at home are gathering at cooling centers in the south bay. it was unbearable in my house. >> and i have a window frame like when do fans booing standing oscillating fan and just putting cool down and i. >> karen lee washington, the more than 20 other people have
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come to this cooling center at the camden community center inside water snacks and a space to sit down and simply cool off. >> i think it's a blessing. it's a a lovely building. it's clean. >> it's quiet. and she pompous in her daughter. katie spent all day monday in the center after their house got too sauna that transit authority also helping people beat the heat. dta says told the driver you're going to a cooling center in your ride will be free. continuous days of 100 plus weather. out of the normal. >> angie and her daughter say they will be looking into adding central air at their home ali rice and beans. but i want a see. >> and with the extreme heat comes increased risk of heat exhaustion. that happens when
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your body loses too much salt and water. if left untreated heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke. health experts say symptoms to look out for include a headache, does a new dizziness and confusion. also cramping in the arms and legs and stomach. they say if someone is showing signs of heat exhaustion that need to be cooled down and give influence. >> in the north bay, thousands of people lost power in the middle of the heat wave. so the city opened a cooling center to try to help them out well for some. and harry talked to some people who were trying to find relief from the heat. >> when i arrived in that, but it was 111 degrees. i spoke to some people taking advantage of the cooling center that said temperatures like that are just too hot to bear. >> this is idealistic. i mean, yeah. when they posted on facebook, i was here. the sidewalks of map over empty monday afternoon as temperatures reached well over 100 degrees. more than 4,000
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pg and e customers lost power around the same time. the city posted this message on social media announcing a cooling center at the napa senior center. i woke up this morning. it already 100 out and i was just so red and white comfortable. >> went to starbucks first a little bit. and then they went to the movie theater that come back to bring my work. and it was just told to it was just told still too high to be at home. kathy odom says she doesn't have air conditioning and she didn't know how she was going to get through the rest of her labor day holiday. >> until this cooling centers open. but we didn't know until 3 o'clock. where's like and they they had posted had cooling centers that are open each day. >> i would have appreciated more. we kind of knew in advance said carrillo was also cooling off at the senior center. but she says she's not too worried about the rest of the week. i had to go to work.
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so i'm going to be an air conditioned office at 7 o'clock in the morning. yeah, i'm to go home right after work. now. >> i might do is a disabled senior. and she's anticipating staying cool will be a challenge all week. >> she says long-term, there needs to be some more sustainable solutions. i think it shows going forward with the climate change. we do need to make changes. we need to look at different building materials. different designs. >> what we can do and because we can't rely just on air conditioning all the time. >> this we don't have the power and the power grid to sustain it. the city of napa is expected to post on social media if and where cooling centers will be opening throughout the week. >> in napa, amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> of course, today a lot of people turned up the air conditioning to try to stay cool. yeah, i did. and that put a substantial strain on
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the state's power grid conference. the moeny live for us in the newsroom. tracking the current outages around the bay ken and pam. despite efforts to conserve power, energy years is outpacing supply. so the state's energy grid operator predicted that this would be a problem. as last week we saw those temperatures begin to climb. let's take a look at the latest outages around the bay area, every shape and color is an outage. but we're really focusing on the one's that are highlighted in orange and red. those are power outages. that effect anywhere between 500 to more than 5,000 pg and e customers. and that could really be a lot more people in the home. so, for example, in the east bay, we see a red triangle over in livermore. so that's more than 5,000 customers without electricity there and in the south bay, we were seeing some orange around the milpitas area. so hopefully all these people have another way to cool off and not just rely on the ac. so this is a current strain on california's power supply that we're going to look out from cal iso. again, demand is
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close to meeting the current capacity for supply. so the california independent system operator is issuing another flex alert for tomorrow. conditions on the state's electrical grid are anticipated to be even worse tomorrow. so but the band possibly exceeding the all-time record set in july of 2006 when ban was just more than 50,000 megawatts in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank law. and if you want more tips on how to take care of yourself and this heat, you can scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to our website and there you can find current conditions in your neighborhood cooling center information. the 7 day forecast and more. well tonight, a fast-moving wildfire still burning, but it has certainly been slow down. that's happening in martinez. he's been named. the franklin fire more than 100 acres. it started about 6.30, this evening. the containment has grown to 75%. that's the good news. but not before the flames got dangerously close
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to area >> causing quite a bit of panic. >> we i don't know 167. we had a cow's an errant that my barnes. you know, and houses very concerned. and that kind got worried. so i came to see him now. it's my on my friends here, my neighbors and my and the run up and see if i can help them out. >> there was an evacuation warning issued for some neighborhoods nearby. those the borders have since been cleared >> so far this holiday weekend, more than 800 people have been arrested for dui by highway patrol officers. chp is in the middle of its maximum enforcement period. officials say 18 people have also lost their lives in crashes so far this weekend. the chp says last year 43 people were killed in car crashes on roadways in california over the labor day weekend. is santa rosa police arrested a suspected drunk driver. they say after he ran over a police sergeant at a
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7.11 gas station on college avenue early friday morning. the police sergeant was struck by a vehicle after apparently waking up the suspect who refused to get out of his vehicle after being found passed out at the wheel, trying to remove the man from the car. the suspect allegedly put the car in reverse while both doors of the car were open, accelerated and knocked an officer to the ground. that officer had minor injuries after fleeing the scene. officers found the suspect and arrested him without incident. tonight. cal fire is responding to 14 large fires across the state of california. one of the most destructive fires burning right now is the mill fire that's in northern california. >> 2 people have died in that blaze burning near the town of weed in siskyou county. authorities confirmed the individuals were adult females one age. 66, the other 73 years old. that fire has burned more than 4,000 acres. it is 40% contained tonight. more than 130 structures have
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either been destroyed or damaged in the blaze. the other fire burning west of the mill fire is the mountain fire. flames started just hours after the mill fire erupted them out. a fire exploded in size. this now burned more than 10,000 acres. it's only 10% contained tonight, nearly 1400 homes are being threatened by both of these fires, forcing thousands of people to leave their homes. the cause of both the male and the mountain fires is under investigation in southern california, firefighters say the route fire near cass take off. i-5 is now. >> 98% contained. here's some just saw some video. the worst of the flames. it broke out last wednesday. quickly consume more than 5,000 acres, destroying 2 homes, 2 northbound lanes of the freeway will stay closed until tomorrow as caltrans assesses the damage, which you can see there. tonight. there's new wages and workplace protections for fast food workers across california. and those are just 2 of the actions that will come from governor gavin newsom signing
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ab to 57 that new law clears the way for a fast food council to be created. it would be made up of labor and management to set basic standards for workers in the industry. newsom says he's proud to have signed the bill on labor day to honor those fighting for workers rights in california. >> proud of the men and women of organized labor, particularly labor day for their extraordinary work over the course of decades to power workers to give them voice and choice in the fight, not just for wages, but better working excited that. well, you it's it's it's this feeling is a feeling >> i was for us and i want to share with everybody and there's going to be higher wages. there's going to be penalties for her weight each >> the international franchise association, which opposed the new law, says, quote, this bill is a fork in the eye to franchise owners and customers at a time when it hurts most. i continueto hear over and
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over how local franchises do not know how they will be able to make it once this bill goes into effect, underrepresented communities will be hit hardest. other news tonight, a federal judge has granted former president trump's request to appoint a special master to review the documents that were seized during the fbi's search of his mar-a-lago estate. this will significantly slow down the federal government's criminal investigation of the former president. our washington, d.c., correspondent evan lambert reports. >> in a win for former president trump and his legal team, a judge he appointed has ruled in his favor. >> her labor day ruling granting his request for a special master to review documents. the fbi seized in the august search of mar-a-lago. judge aileen cannon concluded, quote, the court hereby authorizes the appointment of a special master to review the seized property for personal items and documents and potentially privileged material. trump and his legal team argued for a special master or independent
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3rd party to go through the thousands of documents. now in fbi custody claiming some of the materials may back to him because of attorney client or executive privilege. the government argued the request was moot given they had already had a team review the documents and filter things out and that it would slow down their criminal investigation. but cannons order further explained her decision saying, quote, the investigation and treatment of a former president is of unique interest to the general public and the country is served best, buy an orderly process that promotes the interest. in perception of fairness in his first speech since the fbi raid, trump railed against the fbi and doj a few weeks ago. you >> when we witnessed one of the most shocking abuses of power by any administration in american history. >> the shameful raid and break into my home. mar-a-lago was a travesty of justice. >> but last week we got the most detailed look yet at what
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the fbi found, including 48 empty folders with classified markings and more than 11,000 other government documents. prosecutors argue they should have been in the possession of the national archives and that, quote, efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government's investigation by trump or his legal team. remember after his lawyers signed a document in june that no other documents with classified markings were in trump's possession. the august 8th raid revealed at least 11 boxes containing documents marked classified. >> that was evan reporting tonight with about 10 weeks until the general elections in november called for political analyst michael yaki shares his thoughts on how some republicans are getting ready. >> what you're seeing right now is a lot of nervousness by by the republican party. you seen a lot of candidates for office on the republican side scrubbing their website to mention of mentions of donald trump scrubbing their websites from mentions of of their
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position on abortion. they're really worried that the confluence of these 2 things could take could take away from what was to be a sure victory by the republicans in january this year. >> during the weekend, former president trump returned to the campaign trail with a rally on saturday in pennsylvania for doctor who is running for u.s. senate. >> britain's foreign secretary liz truss has been chosen as the new head of the british conservative party. and that puts her in line to be confirmed. this prime minister trust is expected to be formally named prime minister tomorrow after meeting with queen elizabeth. she is a close political ally of former prime minister boris johnson. political experts say truss is likely to continue johnson's conservative policies. >> all beliefs resonate with the british people. beliefs in freedom in the ability to control your life in late taxes, in personal responsibility. >> trust will be taking office as a mounting economic crisis
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drives up prices. there. the holiday weekend, not free from sideshows. this takeover happened in san francisco's mission district around 12, 30 this morning was that valencia and both this lasted about 15 minutes before it was finally broken up. it's not just a problem here in the bay area. police officers all over the country are now dealing with intense sideshow. yeah, alex cappa has details on how some departments want to escalate their response. over labor day weekend. police across america continue their crackdown against illegal drag racing in street takeovers in chicago. the police impounded 7 cars connected to dangerous stunts and drifting cell phone video from a street takeover last week shows several cars picking up heavy smoke while spectators cheered on. >> the chicago task force is
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using videos just like this to identify cars for seizure. cpd says its track down. 44 more vehicles, which will be impounded. in memphis. police say they're overwhelmed with street racing complaints. it's a massive intake individuals coming in doing these things. so >> we have to get better with laws. the mayor is asking state legislators to grant the police the ability to seize and crushed the cars of repeat meanwhile, in los angeles, angry residents picketed in protest of the filming of the 10th installment of the fast and the furious franchise. these people say the film glorifies bad behavior and risky driving. people do what they think is cool. they see on the screens. that's what happens. i think it's cool. so they do >> tonight in washington state to authorities have suspended the search for 9 people who went missing. one a float plane crash yesterday
10:21 pm
afternoon. at least one person was killed. that body was pulled from the water last night. the plane was flying from friday harbor, an island. they are going over to renton nears a seattle. that's when the plane went down. the cause of the crash is not known. >> shades of san francisco's embarcadero a close today for waterfront bike race passing right outside the kron. 4 studios. it was getting under way. this is the g road to san francisco. course ran through battery and green and the late host streets. i don't know how they did in all this heat, but they still ahead, tonight's 2 brothers leave a trail of blood after a spree of deadly stabbings. the search for one of them tonight after one of the suspects was found dead. plus, the latest developments from monkeypox and how it could affect your heart. plus, turn your kitchen floor into a dance floor. we take a look at the fridge that can change colors.
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tonight, new data shows americans are spending more money on beauty supplies despite limiting their spending elsewhere. amid the high inflation. >> recent research found that
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the the sales i face and lip makeup have gone up across stores. major retail stores target and macy's and nordstrom all highlighting strong sales experts believe the rise in sales could be what is known as the lipstick index. it's been used before a ferry that lipstick sales rise during times of economic downturn. and look at this lg. introducing a refrigerator that changes colors based on your mood. the mood up fridge as it's called, has 4 color changing led doors on its outside. users can control the colors, depending on their mood or for a special occasion. he can also the connected to blue to thicken synchronized with the beat of the music. lg has not yet revealed the price, but can says he already was one disco ball in the ceiling and you have a catch. a ride in your kids alright, some serious news. still ahead, 2 brothers accused of starting a deadly
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stabbing spree >> the manhunt tonight for one of them after the other attacker was found dead, a senior citizen being hailed a hero. how a ukrainian man shot down 100 million dollar russian plane. well, something's biting beachgoers along the west coast. we're going to take a look and tell you what to look out for when you're in the water. and another day of heat headed our way. in fact, this heat wave going to stick around for quite a while. we'll tell you how long with our 10, a 10. >> coming up next. ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪
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>> now at 10, 30, we're continuing to track the heat. here's a look at how hot it got today across the bay area. just look at these highs. 116 in livermore, 111 in the bottle. santa rosa, 112. the place to be was half moon bay. 66 hard to believe those temperatures to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by >> what's going to have the rest of this week? yeah. hard to believe they might even get a little bit warmer than that. i mean, today was just absolutely blistering around parts of the bay area tomorrow. we could actually see those creep up a little bit more. and so watching that very closely. some dangerous heat settling into the bay area. so this will be day number 2, round 2 of significant heat like that that just tax your body, especially if you lose power, you have a way to cool off if not along the coastline. it's just tough that tracy. so this is what we're dealing with right now. you've got a cool
10:30 pm
59 in half moon bay. you get to live more. still 89 degrees at this point in the evening. 87 in dublin. still 91 in concord. 99, almost 100 and brentwood right now. 97 in pittsburgh. it is 85 and save lehman 19 cloverdale on 78 in santa rosa. so simply amazing temperatures around the bay area right now. give me an idea of where we're going from here. so advisories again inside the bay. you see all the areas shaded in orange parts of the north bay, too. and that will continue to be effect right through the next few days. now the heat warnings have been extended originally. they were talking about maybe to monday. now national weather service extended all the way to thursday. this is going to be a huge dome of high pressure, the 6 around and bridge this record breaking heat not only tomorrow, maybe some more records as we head in toward the latter part of the week as well. onshore breeze kicking in right now just a little bit anyway. and that's some good news. but that dome of high pressure will build and strengthen for tomorrow. settling in so anywhere away from the immediate coastline. and i mean, right at the water's edge ago, mile inland,
10:31 pm
these temperatures heating up in a hurry. it's going to be hot. so breaking down your numbers around the bay area tomorrow, downtown san francisco about 88 degrees. you'll be cooler in the sunset of 72. what a difference. a short distance there may be. 81 in pacifica, 78 in daly city. 91 in millbrae and burlingame tomorrow about 92 in san carlos. 97 in mount view, the south bay filled with triple digit temperatures. maybe 109 in sunnyvale. that's amazing. inside the bay, 104 cupertino, 100 the santa clara. so you cut off the effects of that ocean breeze and you can get some really some crazy numbers by tomorrow afternoon. again, looking at maybe 116 degrees and live more 112 in pleasanton one 12 in danville, about 114 and walnut creek, raga. just amazing heat all around. and of course, cooler along the coastline. but the next few days, here we go. go to start to bring these temperatures down just a little bit on wednesday. we're talking still 106 degrees. the hottest spots inland. think we
10:32 pm
we warm up a little bit on thursday. cooling back down on friday. this weekend. looks like that's when we'll see the significant cooling down. but we've got a tropical storm likely to fall apart to the we're tracking very closely. some of that moisture of ends up in the bay area. then we have to start to worry about thunderstorms and that would be terrible after being keep like this. okay. okay. thanks, ok. today state held a news conference to talk about to the heat and the power conditions sent. talk about what's going to happen tomorrow. yeah, a crime for a job has been has details on how we can all conserve power. >> it's been a hot one, especially here in livermore, my phone reading a temperature around 112 degrees throughout the day. >> and those triple digits are expected to continue throughout the week. and that has cal iso concerned about the potential for rolling blackouts. the sun is out and many people are home and join this labor day. but that means increased energy demands and concerns from cal iso. president elliot mainzer. we're looking at energy deficit of 2 to 4,000 megawatts, which is as much as
10:33 pm
10% of normal electricity demand. we need to use every tool available to get even greater energy savings today. and tomorrow, mainzer says that consumers have been taking advice from the experts, but that there needs to be 2 to 3 times more energy conservation monday and tuesday to keep the power grid running smoothly. president of the california public utilities commission, alex reynolds offering some flex alert advice, stop using your washer and dryer dishwasher oven and stove all electrical appliances. >> and turn the air conditioner to 78 degrees or above state officials recognizing the significance of september heat wave saying ptuesday's energy deficit coul potentially break the state record. be cool. >> be hydrated. be connected. and be informed. cal iso says rolling blackouts are also a possibility during the heat wave working with big businesses to make sure energy consumption is lowered when workers return after the holiday and asking individuals to do their part from home during the week. you know, it's been a long haul and it's about to get even more difficult. but the efforts of
10:34 pm
electricity, consumers and our partners at the utilities and state agencies are making a real difference. state officials offered a lot of advice of what to do during a flex alert, but there's also things you can do prior to 04:00pm. think about pre cooling your home, charging electronics and running any major appliances before a flex alert starts reporting in livermore. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news with temperatures hitting triple digits across most and much of the pay area. a lot of people headed to the beach is to try and stay cool by >> parking lots were packed in pacifica. >> out on the water, hundreds of surfers waited patiently for right away. we talked to one beachgoer brought her son to the beach early. this is a great beach. >> i think it's the best day of first place to escape. >> if you plan on heading to the beach, remember son never swim alone. if you're ever caught in a rip current while out in the water, stay calm. call for help. remember to drink plenty of fluids and specially water and try spent too much time under the sun.
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want more tips on how to take care of yourself. scan that qr code on your take you straight to our website. that's where you can find current conditions in your neighborhood cooling center information and the 7 day forecast, california set to become the first state in the nation to a solar panels over. >> water canals, that 20 million dollar initiative is called the project nexus. it will see 8500 feet of solar panels installed to help fight drought conditions. construction will begin next year with an estimated completion date in 2020 for the panels are expected to generate renewable energy. but here's how they fight the drought. they will reduce water, evaporation project is expected to take place in the central valley just south of modesto, at least a dozen states may join california in adopting the state's strict new clean vehicle goals. the new standards in california will require all new cars, new trucks and suvs to be electric or hydrogen powered by the year 2035. states such as
10:36 pm
washington, oregon, massachusetts and new york are expected to adopt the stricter standards too. others, though, such as minnesota are already fighting the standards in court. here's a scary situation. new at 10, a baby was rescued from a hot car on a 92 degree day. the oakland fire department released these pictures. >> they covered the faces of the mother and the child. they say the 6 month-old baby was accidentally locked inside the vehicle. this was yesterday. crews responded quickly to the scene. they say the baby is doing fine. according to the national highway traffic safety administration. 21 children have died from being left in hot cars this year alone. we continue to follow developing news out of the east bay as police search for 2 escaped inmates. these are the men, the contra costa sheriffs are looking for. deputies say they escaped yesterday from the marsh creek detention center on marsh creek road. that's in clayton. the prisoners on the left is
10:37 pm
33 year-old gerardo ramirez of richmond. he was in custody on weapons, burglary and vandalism charges. >> the second man is 28 year-old jorge garcia of pittsburgh. his charges include vehicle theft and drug possession. police say they are both considered to be considered dangerous and that anyone should avoid making contact with them to lock your cars and homes. if you live in the area of the facility and to call authorities, if you see that too. >> take a look at this. a train smashes into a car in berkeley. the good news is nobody was in the car happened about 5 this morning between gilman and curtis street that forced road closures for several hours. areas now clear and open for all traffic, a drive-by shooting in antioch left a man dead. it happened last night on mccauley street just before midnight. police say they found the man in the front yard of a from from a gunshot wound. they say the suspect vehicle fled the scene. the victim has not yet been identified. now to some shocking news out of canada,
10:38 pm
one of 2 brothers accused of a deadly stabbing spree has been found dead. yeah. the brothers are accused of killing 10 people and wounding 18 others at a dozen different crime scenes reporter sloane glass has the latest. >> one of the suspects, damian sanderson was found dead monday evening. however, the manhunt continues for the other attacker. his brother miles. sanders miles has a long criminal record and was known to police. canadian police are saying miles could be injured. his injuries were not. we can't confirm those injuries. >> but we do strong reason to believe that he has sustained some injuries for the 2 men believed to be behind one of the deadliest mass killings in canadian history. 10 people dead, at least 15 others fighting for their lives following this weekend stabbing spree in the canadian province of saskatchewan. police suspect.
10:39 pm
>> damian sanderson and myles anderson were behind it all, but their motive remains unknown. it appears that some of the victims may have been targeted and some may be random. >> so to speak to a motive would be extremely difficult. this point time. the first stabbings happening just before 06:00am local time. within hours. police issue dangerous persons alert across the province. the duo left over a dozen crime scenes across the indigenous community of james smith. cree nation. >> and the neighboring town of well done by midday. their car was spotted in the capital city of regina. >> about 3 and a half hours south sloane glass news nation. tonight. flood watches posted from alabama to maine with people in georgia waking up to streets and cars submerged. >> there is a state of emergency in 2 counties and the national weather service's situation is, quote, extremely dangerous. the agency says rainfall of up to one inch per
10:40 pm
hour has been causing creeks and streams roadways in urban areas to experience unusually high levels of water. and terrifying moments for dozens of people at a fair ride in india as after drop tower malfunction slamming riders into the ground. take a look. despite being strapped in the force of the impact sent a number of people flying into the air, 16 women and children were taken to the hospital. fair. organizers blame a technical issue for the accident. the local police commissioner there says he would take strict action against the fair organizers. >> warehouse tonight, doctors in portugal say getting m-pox also could have a negative effect on your heart. doctors in the european country are reporting that a 31 year-old man, they're developed acute myocarditis. that's a viral infection that causes the heart muscle to inflame the
10:41 pm
man made a full recovery and was released from the hospital. doctors say more research is needed to identify if there's a connection between m-pox and heart injury. a new study from uc san francisco finds people are not getting as much exercise as they used to more than 100 million people average less steps in the winters of 2020 2021. compared to 2019 people started to pick it up last year, averaging about 5,000 steps a day. but that still lower than 2019 is average of 5300. the cdc recommends adults get 150 minutes of physical activity every week. >> still ahead, tonight's cyber cockroaches, what scientists can now make a living bugs do with a switch of and how it could save lives. and next in sports, giants down in la taking on the dodgers said it was a home run and parade. >> director jason dumas has the highlights.
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10:44 pm
>> man is putting up billboards across california showing the grim reality of living on the west coast. thomas boeing is the artist behind the end of the dream project. he says he's not trying to be political but hopefully he does inspire change. he says each billboard shows homeless encampments,
10:45 pm
droughts and wildfires without any text or call to action. the artist says nearly 100,000 people see the billboards each month. he has received mixed reactions, but no one should ignore these ongoing issues. he says tonight, scientists say nra cause massive so-called doomsday glacier is barely holding. >> that waits glacier is the size of florida. it would raise sea levels about 3 feet around the world. if collapses completely. scientists say the latest findings show the glacier is capable of receiving a much faster pace than previously thought. tiny flesh, eating bugs, known as many sharks are wreaking havoc along the california coast and were recently found in san diego. according to marine life experts, the bugs are only a fraction of an inch long, but they have a powerful bite. they're found in very shallow water and travel in swarms of up to 1000. >> well, that was a russian
10:46 pm
plane falling from the sky. a top retiree is now being recognized for his sharp shot. he shot down the russian plane with his rifle, sending its spiral into the ground. the state border service called him a hero and gave him a medal. >> take a look at this. a drug-sniffing dog at a milan. italy airport found more than 30 pounds of cocaine in a wheelchair. there are comics were stuffed into the chairs. leather upholstery. authorities say the seized cocaine. it's worth more than a million dollars. they say the suspect immediately stood out from the wheelchair and was arrested. could face an increased risk of cancer because of their time spent in space. a new study found dna mutations in the blood of 14 astronauts who took part in the space shuttle program. researchers say the mutations could lead to blood cancers. the mutations were considered high due to the astronauts age. but researchers say they were still below a concerning
10:47 pm
threshold. and scientists in japan have designed a new remote controlled sideboard. cockroach equipped with a battery backpack. >> that is powered by solar panels. that's right. bugs are still alive, but wires attached to their oregon send electrical impulses that caused the insects to move right or left. researchers say the insects can undergo search and rescue missions without needing to be recharged. that sounds weird, huh? >> the winchester mystery house here in the bay area's hosting a celebration of life for the home's original owner and creator 100 years ago, sarah winchester, the heiress to the winchester rifle, fortune passed away in the mystery home. less than a year later 1923, the winchester mystery house officially opened its stores to the public. people have been fascinated by the home. strange architecture for years. holm's manager says they are dedicating the centennial celebration to the
10:48 pm
thousands of care takers who have worked in that home over the last 100 years. >> i need look at this time. it's i love you. they have a basketball. >> as to wreak, he has gone viral for his praise of corn is the next corn basset or of the state of south dakota. officials invited the 7 year-old to the corn palace this weekend for that honor to wreak famously described the vegetable has a big lump with knobs that has the juice in a video that has now turned into a tiktok sensation. the boy will also get a scholarship to learn about south dakota's agro tourism industry. >> the blonde beer chugging tennis fan who went viral last year is back in the spotlight. tv cameras back in the crowd at the u.s. open this weekend.
10:49 pm
when they zoom, then that was her cue another brewer and check it down again. and she's become such a fan favorite. the u.s. open posted a video on instagram putting both of her viral moments side by side and even timing them. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> he really pounds those beers good for her. the giants. they are having the greatest year there will likely miss the playoffs just a year off of a 107 win season. but the most annoying part of all of it is the fact that the dodgers, the bitter rival to the south, have been kicking their butts all season long. the giants went into their matchup with the dodgers tonight having lost the last 10 games against them and and looking for when it was take your dog to the park day a huge fan that top of the 3rd giants down to one off for
10:50 pm
lewis brinson and he changes that with a swing of the bat. you can tell that one. goodbye. we're all knotted up at 2 couple batters later. jd davis. we've got a hold of that one. he breaks up the tie with that deep shot to center brinson is loving it. just like that giants to take the lead. let's go to the top of the 4th dji's up to one on for david. the lauren. it's a home run party tonight at a whole bunch of them. another 2 run shot. san francisco extends the lead. the 4. let's go to the top of the night. now. it's 64 giant brinson decide it. he wasn't done is hard not to be excited about this guy. his second home run of the game that just cleared the wall that pad the lead to 3 giants win for their 4th straight win. more importantly, they snapped their 10 game losing streak against the dodgers game 2 tomorrow. it's all news at
10:51 pm
this point, but it's still a big talker around the nfl and here in the base on keep talking about it, the forty-niners and their unique quarterback situation. trey lance, the heir apparent ready to make his true qb. one debut want to roster that is ready to make a super bowl run his backup. jimmy g. just a guy who's taken the core of this roster to a super bowl and an nfc championship game. but by the sounds of it, the shocking move to keep jimmy g around hasn't been viewed negatively within the locker room. in fact, mike mcglinchey of that, all of this squad was pretty forthcoming about his thoughts on the move today. >> they feel as though it's the best thing for our football team. and on top of that, i think jimmy feels best thing for him. and i think it's a win-win for us. i think it helps train. i think the relationship with the 2 of them have together is is great. work well and friends for, you know, you're change that raised in our building now. and think there's another no insurance policy for us
10:52 pm
we've been around this building were we lost the starting quarterback for a whole season or for a couple games and how that can really change the face of the football season. you know, so secret that was a really good so just gives us that that little, you know, that in of something does happen, the train. >> finally, second seeded rafi on the doll was eliminated from the u.s. open by france's tee the 24 year-old. >> become the first person to beat the dow at a major this year and a nice him. his 23rd grand slam title, the awful advances to the quarter finals. that will be on wednesday. let's see if his magical run continues. he is the 22nd seed in the tournament and clearly the biggest win of his career. and he was extremely emotional after it. love to see a good upset in sports. that's what keeps us coming back.
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>> presser from ohio had a bizarre encounter while he was on vacation. john mcardle celebrating his friend's birthday at a hotel pool in las vegas when he came face-to-face with his look alike. >> there's like a cabana on either side and then like a narrow pool. and i'm just kind of swimming through between the 2 cabanas basically. and i look over and everybody at this side that i don't know is pointed at me and laughing as i got really self-conscious. you know, look over at this
10:56 pm
guy and it looks like looking in the mirror. >> what and his doppelganger were twinning. >> right down to the glasses and the head. he says he's never met. anybody who looks so much like him. but he says people do often tell him that he looks just like actor seth rogan. but wow, that to look like twins separated at birth throw seth rogan and then ever met a double game now. yeah, me. neither can. yes. i did one time one time and and it was a weird to say and i couldn't get to him because we're an airport is on the other side of the immigration lands. like i want to go talk to that guy get his story. but >> oh, well, yeah. well, guys, hey, we've got one more hot day around the bay area. at least record-breaking need temperatures going to stay hot in the valleys. i think all week long out there right now, we've got mostly clear skies temperatures. look at these numbers. 87 degrees in concord. 85 little more. 96 in at this hour. that is amazing. so tells you where we're gone. as we head toward tomorrow
10:57 pm
afternoon numbers overnight lows. yeah, 50 60's. maybe some 70's for the valleys overnight tonight by day tomorrow. again, we're talking about significant. he triple digit heat 160 live, more 114 degrees in concord to get the idea your tent him. these temperatures to cool down a little bit on wednesday and then warming back up on thursday. the cool back down come friday this weekend, much cooler. but we're going err on the chance of some thunderstorms. all right. thank you. lost the careful out there, everybody and try to stay cool and we'll see you tomorrow tomorrow. you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates
10:58 pm
online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
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