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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  September 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we are a family, and families stick together. [dramatic music] [audio logo] >> from >> the bay local news station. we now with breaking news. >> the breaking news tonight at 5 o'clock parts of the bay area are bracing for rolling blackouts tonight. pga it pg and e is warning more than half a million customers. their power may be cut for a time due to high energy demand. and this comes as the bay area is being slammed with a record-breaking heat wave. don't have to tell you that temperatures soaring above 110 degrees and parts of the east bay today. thanks for being with us tonight. at 5 o'clock, everybody. i'm grant lotus. i'm catherine heenan in for
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vicki liviakis tonight. while at risk. >> parts of the peninsula, the east bay and the south bay, all of them and places could face blackouts. kron four's dan kerman has been tracking the latest from pg and e and california's power grid operator. and dan, what we know tonight. >> well, the power grid operator watching the power grid right here just to keep our eye on things and how close for coming. you know, it turns out that we came very close to those rotating outages last night. but people cut back enough. so we weren't in for that. but the heat is worse today. and as a result, we might be in for those rotating outages. tonight, the other thing we have to keep our eye on are those heat related outages. one is planned. one isn't planned. tonight with electricity demand forecast at an all-time high of 51,276 megawatts. >> we're going to need at least 2000 megawatts of additional flexible demand. we're back up generation to avoid an energy emergency
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alert. 3 and the real potential for rotating outages around 2.30, tuesday afternoon, cal iso issued a video statement. >> warning that the potential for rotating power outages was approaching today. the demand for power on the california grid is expected to be at an all-time high. >> and we've entered what is going to be the most challenging days so far of this unprecedented heatwave pacific gas and electric has responded by notifying 525,000 customers across their service area that they may be impacted if cal iso moves to stage 3, we didn't want to notify our customers with as much advance notice as possible. >> of that possibility customers can go to pg and e's rotating outages website and plug in their address to see if they may be impacted. and if so, when pacific gas and electric says not, everyone will be out at the same time and some areas will not be impacted at all. these outages will last about an hour to 2 and we do just want to let
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folks know >> that there is that possibility so that they are as prepared as possible. in addition to rotating outages pg and e is preparing for unplanned outages. >> when transformers blow because they haven't had time to cool down. this is something we already experienced mostly on monday night. we did experience outages impacting about 45,000 customers. we have been able to restore those by it is very extreme or >> really needs a chance to hold out. >> so 2 things you have to keep in mind tonight, one of those heat related outages. those are unplanned when the transformers just below because they haven't had a chance to cool off pg and e moving crews in that direction and the direction they think that could happen because of the heat. the other thing are those rotating outages. and again, cal iso says it's a possibility pg and e has like 525,000 customers know they
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could be part of those rotating outages. again, we're still waiting from word from cal iso. in the meantime, people being advice cut back as much energy as possible. in the meantime, reporting live, dan kerman kron. 4 news back to you in the studio. thank you, dan. and we have a list on our web site of all the zones that could be impacted by these rolling blackouts. scan the qr code there. >> use the little camera on your phone that will take you right to the section on our web site that will show you the areas that could be affected by this. >> and if you are not sure which zone you live in, a lot of people don't know allison, the money and he's standing by to show us how to determine that. i what the people need to do. >> well, catherine pga has a website that customers can use to find out if their block is included in tonight's rotating outages, we have a link up on kron 4 dot com. that will take you to that pg and e resource. so for example, take a look at your screen. you can type in the address or the name of a park like todos santos in
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california. and you can scroll down in there and you can see right there it is. as we entered todos santos park in concord, california, then it reads this address is in the outage block 4 d so if you to see this block will be affected, you can get their estimated shut off times. you go to their outage block table under today's rotating outages listed by block. and that's how you can find out when that will happen. so at this time, it says it could happen today could have already happened. that started at 4 o'clock between 4 and 09:00pm. and so here is the total list of the blocks and their numbers. so this is a way to find out these rotating blackouts and what zones there. and they are being called blocks as mention, but areas labeled zone 50 are deemed essential places like a hospital. so if you happen to live around a place like that, that has to stay up and there are chances that your power will stay on
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because of the location like that. so there's another page that is a really good resource during this time during this heat wave. eugenie here lets you know where power has been shut off already. and that is most likely due to the heat. a significant number of customers more than 5,000 are suffering without electricity in the south bay. right now, you can see is marked by these red triangles. so we're going to be tracking this every half hour for you guys here in the newsroom. in the meantime, we'll send it back to you. ella sogomonian in the newsroom for kron. 4 news. >> all right, alex, thank you very much. i'm chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. was he was going to say when are we going to get a break? but looking at this, not yeah, that for quite yet for a while. we're going to dealing with the heat into the weekend. but again, another. >> very, very extreme hot day. and so you're talking about dangerous conditions for people if they lose power up there. but call grandma, call grandpa. check on the kids. make sure they're ok. i mean, this kind of just wears you down day after day. and this is another day of extreme heat. 105 right now, cupertino
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105 in sunnyvale. thermometer, saratoga showing 110 degrees. i mean, amazing heat around the bay area know maybe not quite as hot in some parts of the bay. area's was yesterday. yesterday member we topped out at 116 in livermore right now. looks like the official high will be right around 113 still 107 degrees in livermore. pleasanton showing 110 degrees right now. black hawk, 100 degrees, 104. it was a creek, 104 port chicago, 90 benicia 87 in crockett, 112 in fairfield, one 13 in vacaville, 105 birds landing one 11 into real. this is so just blazing heat across the bay are i think after today we'll watch these temperatures back off a little bit and well, we could really use of these temperatures just too hot and day after day. just wears down your body. temperatures still soaring to triple digits in healdsburg. 93 in petaluma right now. you get a little bit of a sea breeze along the coastline. in
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fact, we watch as temperatures begin to drop a they soared to about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. then all of a sudden that sea breeze kicked in and the numbers begin to cool down. we're looking at 72 degrees right now in the richmond, very comfortable there along the coastline. still parts of 97 degrees and hot there. half moon bay about 73 degrees out on the coast. guys, back to you. boy, let's just at astounding. and in large part because of that, a spare the air alert has been extended through tomorrow. high temperatures are expected to >> create what they call smoggy conditions and this is the forecast map for tomorrow. you can see the inland areas in parts of the south bay are highlighted in orange, which means the air quality there is expected to be unhealthy for sensitive groups, especially that means kids, the elderly, especially folks who have respiratory disease, asthma should limit strenuous outdoor activity. the rest of the bay area is expected to remain in the yellow category. that is moderate air quality tomorrow.
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>> well, one temperatures that the trains tend to run slow part has been running trains at a slower pace in the east bay and says there have been a 10 minute delays throughout the day. kron four's rob nesbitt, talk to some people taking bart to walnut creek. he is live in walnut creek now with how people are coping. rob. >> catherine, many of the people getting off of that bart train. they had water bottles in hand because of the triple digits waiting for them outside. same thing here at the broadway shopping plaza where i am now, i've only seen a few shoppers outside beating the heat. everyone i spoke to ready for this heat wave to went. it was triple digit tuesday in several parts of the east bay, including walnut creek. it's where paul farrow wrote the bart train to from san francisco to visit with his sister to slide off the train and like, wow, this is really fun site. i without the phone. it was like. >> almost want to wait like 1, 7, 1, 8 others at the walnut creek station feeling the same extreme temperatures. cheryl bear now ski came from danville to pick up her
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husband from the train station. her car's transmission die in the heat. of course, you just running an errand. you don't have your water. you don't have all your you're just stuck out there. i mean, i've got the shade of a heart track here to to hide under construction workers in the area helped push your car to the side of the road. it offered some bottles of water to drink while she waited for a tow truck. one day. >> you get by you go ok, you're talk today. big deal. and tomorrow this is fine. this is gonna this. is this a be a week? plus, by the time it finally breaks. some shoppers at the broadway plaza were also out tuesday. >> wanting to wait another day to get their errands done in the shoppers and bart riders all saying the same thing when it comes to temperatures surpassing 100 get from point a to point b and spend as little time as possible out in the sun. i just want someone and i'm tired of some. i wanted to go like i made it to, you know, women for outfits my questions and things like that. so, yeah, i'm ready for this whole season to go on. ted. >> i'm surrounded by stores and businesses here at the
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broadway plaza. >> state officials say malls and shopping centers are just some of the places you can go to for leave if you don't have ac at home. and speaking of bart bart says it was just one of the places that you can find. relief is underground at their powell station downtown reporting live in walnut creek. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. thank you, rob. sub-area schools are trying to make sure students stay as cool as possible. >> returning to class after labor day, the nevada school district doesn't have air conditioning in some of its schools and it is therefore ending school early this week to try to keep students out of the hottest afternoon heat. this is part of the districts he plan that includes precautions to get through the heatwave. officials say that includes doing half-days that 3 campuses, including loosen elementary novato high school and he'll education center. >> you'll have p e indoors and very exercise on that. and then recess will also be indoors where they're going to play inside inside and just keep them kind of in the coolest part that we can. and
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then like i said, we're going to be providing lots of water. >> brutally hot nevado and no a c in the schools. the principal patel there says they hope to get air conditioning at loosen elementary by next summer. that way they would have to do half days if they had another event like this. but for now, the plan is that these half-days the rest of this week. >> and you can stay connected with kron 4 for the latest weather conditions as we get through this dangerous heat wave. if you scan that qr code, you'll be taken to our website where you can find current conditions and the 7 day forecast. >> coming up, san francisco rolling out a second dose of monkeypox vaccines or you can get one if you're eligible. plus, the search for a tennessee woman who was kidnapped has been brought to a devastating end. what investigators are saying about the man accused of a violent crime. but first, the bay area does continue to bake. triple digit temperatures will check in with peop flex alert! flex alert!
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>> regional parks in the east bay have reopened today after they closed due to possible fire risks and the heat, the east bay regional park district closed about 40 parks over the labor day holiday weekend due to the intense heat wave. the fire risks were high and health officials are also concerned people might go into these parks and then passed out in remote areas of them, which could make resources difficult. you have
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to send crews hiking in there to help these people. the excessive heat warning is still in effect, though. so officials are recommending people cancel outdoor activities during the hottest times of the day. >> and kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with that. the latest, what's happening tonight? even very warm toward the coastline. we have some temperatures soaring in coastal sections over 90 degrees today. if you can believe that. so even there you're going to get out there in the water and enjoy the cooler water out there to bring those temperatures down and out of the beach yesterday, this was packed on labor day. this is the half moon bay right now. still some people flocking to the beach, but everybody had to go back to work today and even in the heat. so kind of a tough day to go back to work when it's just swell. turning out site, heat advisories and warnings going up. you've got the heat advisory even along the coastline until 8 o'clock this evening. then that will come down. you get warnings elsewhere around the bay area that will continue until 8 o'clock in the evening on thursday of these temperatures likely to back off a little bit for tomorrow, but not by
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much air quality outside. right now, you can see the places that are suffering get a big dome of high pressure overhead. not much in the way of wind and they see that what the red dot there near fairfield. also in pittsburgh live more freeman. you see the haze building up there with some poor air quality. likely going to see that happen in spots like that again tomorrow, even though the high pressure ridge will start to break down, it was not to break down that much. but the sea breeze continues to blow out there. we've not seen the knock these temperatures down just a little bit in parts of the bay area, but this dome of high pressure got a front coming over the top of it. that's going to flatten out this ridge a little bit that could allow for these temperatures come down a few degrees tomorrow. but i mean, just a few degrees. we're talking were 1101213 degrees tomorrow. we're down to 106 still still blistering hot in spots. well inland, you can see a lot of 80's and 90's around the bay and 70's co side. there's some hope on the horizon, but not before thursday as we see those temperatures warming up again before cooling down as we head in towards saturday and sunday and into next week. all right, lawrence, thank you very much. good luck trying to stay cool
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in the city of brentwood. >> one of the places with triple digit temperatures. in fact, since late morning and it did not help that one of the most popular places to cool off was closed to visitors. kron four's philippe djegal has that story. >> for those forced to work in the heat to put money on the table. the key is finding shade staying inside. kind thing you can do right now. steve bellone briefly stepped outside in britain would while working from home. he thought he could beat the worst of it. but the temperatures have already soared past 100 degrees before noon. it's hot. it's hot. it's been hot since this morning was hot last night going to bed. so it's hard to beat the heat. the heat caused devin mason to cut his time at the skate park. sure it gets harder to, you know, you just lose concentration. one option that is not available to people trying to cool off in town is the brentwood family aquatic complex. the city closed it down sunday through tuesday due to excessive heat. we want to get the safety of our staff. we have an ocean
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mandated heat illness prevention program, city recreation supervisor. stacey dempsey says the pools have to stay closed due to health and safety protocols that the complex is expected to reopen this weekend. our normal operation is about 12 lifeguards. we would need to quadruple that on temperatures above 111 and so. >> instead 15 lifers, we would need that point. you know, we're looking at 60 lifeguards. 15 minutes at outdoor work. and 45 minutes rest, period. every hour or so for us. it just wasn't feasible to be able to staff that the city has made the community center on oak street available to people as a cooling center. >> it will stay open from 11 in the morning until 6 o'clock at night through friday. >> in britain, it league to call from >> since a lot of people, as you know, been heading to beaches in recent days. safety reminders of being circulated. the advice is basic, but important. don't swim alone. for example, if you are ever caught in a rip current, try to stay calm. call for help.
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you can often escape by swimming in a direction following the shoreline or towards breaking waves and then angling towards the beach as always trick. a lot of water avoid too much time in the sun. in oakland, one of the city's most vulnerable populations is getting some help during the heat wave water. misting stations are being set up at 4 different homeless encampment. the city says it is the first time it has provided that particular resource. >> and it's important to obviously stay safe and know the signs of heat related illnesses, especially as this heat wave drags on. want to take a look quickly at the differences between heat exhaustion and heat stroke. according to the cdc, somebody with heat exhaustion begins, you know, feeling kind of dizzy, thirsty, maybe you're sweating a lot and you can even become nauseous and feel weak. and none of that is good in the cdc says those symptoms can get worse and lead to heat. stroke and heat stroke
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is worse because that ken lead to death in a person and with this can start feeling really confused and dizzy and then ultimately lose consciousness. if that's the case, it's certainly important for someone else who is with that person to call 9-1-1, get them help as quickly as possible. if you're alone and you start feeling these things, call 9-1-1, yourself moving to cooler areas and staying hydrated can help avoid some of these heat related illnesses. doctor jeff line in from valley medical says it's especially important to watch out for the symptoms in our more vulnerable populations. and still ahead, why the white house covid team wants more money from congress. keep it here. are he coverage and much more news right after this.
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all right. let's take a live look at the state power grid that turquoise color there on the left. that's the power we are using. >> currently just over 51,000 megawatts and that kind of brown color, the brown and black there on the right. that's how much power the grid has in reserve. so even if you don't understand the intricacies of this grid, not much the grid's current capacity about 57,000 megawatts. so we have only about 6,000 in reserve. >> second doses of the monkeypox vaccine were administered in san francisco today. san francisco general had walk-in appointments until
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4 o'clock this afternoon. if you couldn't make it today, need a shot. walk-ins are welcome through friday of this week from 8 in the morning until 04:00pm. >> new booster shots have health experts really hoping we can avoid a fall. covid surge. but the white house covid team says the pandemic could get worse if congress does not act. reporter hannah brandt explains. >> the white house covid team says their pandemic budget is running out and now that congress is back from break, they're pleading with lawmakers to pass more covid funding. it may be time for a trip to your local pharmacy. get your updated covid-19 shot. as soon as you're eligible. a new booster was just approved specifically to find the latest variant the white house covid team says this could become an annual routine. i really believe this is why god gave us 2 arms. one for the flu shot and the other one for the covid shot. but along with this rollout, they have a warning. what we may have the vaccines today. 4. >> folks for this fall vaccine
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effort. we don't know what's coming next. they already asked congress to pass more pandemic funding 6 months ago, but that didn't happen. and the white house says their covid budget has been dwindling ever sense in order to make these new boosters free and widely available. they say they have to make tough choices and cut things like their free tese website. we need to play the long game against this virus that is going to require additional resources from congress right now. congress is debating a new budget for the upcoming year. the white house team says lawmakers have a responsibility. it is now critical, but you step up and provide additional covid-19 funding so we can stay ahead of this virus. specifically the white house is requesting 22 billion dollars for future covid vaccines testing and research in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> and still to come, we're keeping an eye on those rolling blackouts across the bay area let you know if you're in danger of experiencing any of them. what experiencing any of them. what what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27?
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26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. at 5.30. we're tracking the potential of rolling blackouts across the bay area tonight and kron four's ella sogomonian has been tracking which areas are. >> most at risk of losing power in what's the latest? >> so to be clear, these outages have not yet happened at this time. but pg e is warning customers that live in particular areas that they are
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separating into blocks. it can happen between now and 09:00pm. so they have set up a way to look up your neighborhood in their website which you can access through a link that we posted to kron 4 dot com for your convenience. and once you're on that resource page, you can monitor the potential power shut offs by typing in your address in this screen right here. you can put something like the name of the park toda santos conquered, as i did. and then scroll down and see that it has been designated under a space with a number and letter. so, for example, this one here is under outage. block 40 and that one is grouped under a rotating outage block in these areas. so again, the power can be cut off any time between now and 09:00pm, but it's not happened just yet. if you do live in an area that is a listed under what's called zone 50 now those are deemed essential places like hospitals. so if you live in or around that area, the chances are that the power will stay up and running. there. there's


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