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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  September 7, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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to heat up again like yesterday. well, we set some records then we'll see if we're going to make the books today in the kron. 4 morning news which starts right now. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning or okay morning. i hope you slept. i'm sorry if this is wearing on you. but we've got to get through another day 2 or 2 or maybe or 3 ballots. find out for sure. we've got john with our team coverage is the weather center we've got will tread out dublin talking about schools having to adjust for the heat. and sarah stinson. >> in contra costa county with bart issues because of that, he john, let's begin with hard look at hot out there for sarah and will and you're definitely going to be feeling it again later today, despite not being a historically hot one like the past couple of days have been we've been shattering records. we should dodge one 10 today, but still triple digits inland. still dangerously hot for so many of
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us where we're sitting right now. we've got a little bit of cool brees pushing in right the golden gate bridge and over san francisco. you see that low cloud cover a sign of at least some moderating effect on the coast and on the bayshore. this is going to hit the spot side of the triple digits. all are inland areas, not quite tapping into that just yet you'll still be right in the midst of this heat wave. currently, we're in the 60's along the bay shore and at the coast, 70's for inland areas, fairfield hardly falling out of the 80's last night. you're still sitting at 80 degrees, not much of a cool breeze for you at all. for the rest of us. do open up your windows, get outside right now. enjoy this. at least mild morning before another hot afternoon. still under excessive heat warnings for all areas in pink. that's all over inland areas and the south bay downgraded from excessive heat warning to heat advisory along the bay shore. we're temps fall from the triple digits down to the 80's and 90's today. still hot. just not as hot as for the rest of the day today, you
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will see a couple low cloudy patches like you saw there just a second ago, right across the golden gate. aside from that, though, still a lot of sunshine at the coast and still too much sunshine for inland areas which will help temperatures to rise really quickly through the morning talking more about how long this heat will last still to come reyna. thank you for that. well, if you're traveling along 101 in the north bay southbound at pepper road in petaluma, there's an accident the year. so you are seeing slight issues even a little further down. if you're traveling in novato. >> things are pretty backed up there. 23 minute ride into the city maze to that. fremont street exit traffic has been gradually building across our bridges as the morning goes on 27 min, right, your san mateo bridge a 80 to 101 richmond center fell bridge about a 13 minute ride as you travel out of richmond and we'll leave you with a look at this down in mountain view. northbound 1, 1, south of moffat boulevard, another accident so slight delays darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. rain 802. and happening now. he has been affecting burke commuters in the east bay.
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yes. service between pleasant hill and concord is delayed this morning where kron 4 sarah stinson standing by out in pleasant hill to explain why and how long of a delay we're looking at. >> good morning, sir. >> good morning. service at bar from pleasant hill. concord has been fully restored, but keep in mind, there is about a 10 minute delay that you may experience in. all of this was due to an issue on one of the tracks and it took them hours to fix. they some of the cooler hours on the tracks, fixing it. and if you're heading out to sea to ride bart this morning, we're look because it's up and running and people wouldn't know the difference. but they're telling me that yesterday when they're riding in the triple digits, it was extremely hot. some describing as misrule because of course, they have to keep it slow and it's really hot on that train. now, you may wonder to what happened will yesterday. as i said, there's an issue with an equipment problem on the track
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between pleasant hill and concord. and so they provided buses overnight. they had to stop service completely. and then they were able to get one track open. and then about an hour ago, they're both. they're able to get both tracks open. and so that's really good because it's helping. our morning commute is getting people to work on time. otherwise, it could have been quite a mess. not caught up with one bar writer. he told me as he was heading up to one of the trains, what it was like yesterday. >> has been crazy. i mean, yesterday i got on board and i was just so hot in there. i step in and i just feel this heat wave. just it meant it. and the area mount man, it's going to be like ready along, right, especially since some community from the city all the way over here. i was and the bar, too, for a while. by the time i got here it was. it took longer than usual. >> yeah, it's taking longer than usual because not only
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were there some delays because of equipment problems, but they were also just slowing down the trains due to that. he take a look at this video we have from just a few short months ago where there was a derailment. that is what barr tries to avoid at all times and at all costs, they make sure they take all the proper precautions necessary to make sure derailment does not happen. and so they do have to have those chains going slow and we're going to see temperatures rise into the triple digits again in the east bay. so expect some delays. expect some slow trains. get to where you need to go, at least for now. i'm sara stinson reporting live. we'll send it back to you. >> melting, are you ok? 8 o'clock? >> i'm in the shade. this bart station is me in the shade. so i am, you enjoying it. but no jacket has been needed for 2 straight days. insane that warm already. alright, thank you very much, sara. sometimes to people's tempers get short. and then when you add some problem like with bart or for example, vta they're having
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trouble to in santa clara county. >> then, you know, like let all these people yesterday. it wasn't fun for them. they're about 40 bda buses. >> that had to be pulled off the routes because of a heat related mechanical issues that they were having. so you can see these people, we're inconveniences about 10% of normal weekday schedule. that was affected. so it's just something to you. my beloved as you start your day today. yes, yesterday's nightmare is over a field. if that was a problem for you. but you just don't know what's going to be in for today. so just approach it, you know, with as patients, patients would be good as much grace active issue came light. >> and also be patient. if you have no power and we're dealing with that once again today, we're looking at the wide view here of pg e's power outage map. and boy, you can certainly see the majority of indicators where power is still out is concentrated in the south bay bay area wide. we've latest numbers from pga shows what, 4,292 customers without power. but in the south bay, where you see all those dots, that's where the
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majority of those outages are. we've got about 3600 customers without power right now. no word from pg e on when it will all be hopefully they'll be on. you know, rolling, though, pulling restorations out throughout the day and maybe get stuff a little ac before the peak heat this afternoon. that would be nice or at least if and you know that there are power outages to the east bay. >> last night pockets, a lafayette were in the dark for hours. residents is not their first time this week either they had a blackout on sunday. they had to power outages on monday and adding it up. those all lasted for hours. here's what one man says about it. he's live there for 40 years. the basic question was. why is my street suffering power outages? 3 4 times in the last 3 days. >> ans we've checked with neighbors in orinda, rog and so forth. they've not experience the same thing that really caught our part because
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out so temperatures in the house close to 85. >> cash and it's it's almost worse when it's a nicely thing like they're talking about their neighborhood. >> no power. and then they go well, they got power well at least if there's a massive power outage junior all in this together. anyway, we'll keep you posted throughout the morning. >> on power outages and don't forget the pg and e has that app. you can get in where you can report it out. you can also be aware of what's going on and when they might fixed issues. yeah. so once again flex alert that just got to keep reminding you about that. cal iso saying they're hopeful that the strain on the grid won't be as strong today since temperatures are coming down just a little bit. >> but it's still plenty hot and people are going to be running their a c's. so again, the remind you the flex alert is in effect from 4 until 09:00pm, which means no usage or at least minimal usage of any large appliances. like your ac, like your dishwasher, like your oven until after 9. and you and like you, you said it to 79 because a c i don't have ac. i use my fan. i hope that's ok. so yeah, that are
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than the ace and my sister didn't use the toaster. i mean, she didn't want to draw and electricity because, you know, you don't want power to go for everybody. and that is the risk of pg. and e is saying it again and again. just warning you. >> that you've got to conserve energy because they don't want >o have rolling outages. the governor expanded his emergency declaration yesterday to free up resources just in case that way. the state can respond easily if there is anything that needs to be done. energy officials say that just a little bit of saving goes a long way. >> most important message right now for anybody that would, you know, you're my voice or see this interview really is conservation little things that they can do. all of it will make a big difference in helping with our electricity supplies. >> some republicans have criticized newsom's administration for shifting all the attention on renewables instead of investing in the power grid. >> well, happening today, the dublin unified school district is also going to try to keep students and teachers safe during the peak heat of the afternoon during this heat wave. now they have a half days to send him home and
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hopefully cool off their covers. will tran is in dublin with more. hi. well. >> dropping off their kids right now they shouldn't go too far because they need to be back in a few hours because it's going to be half days today. tomorrow and friday because of the heat. you might be able to see some of the perspiration on my brown right now. can you imagine how hot it would be inside if the a c out because there's no power. they don't want to play around. and that's why they gave the parents the advance notice yesterday they didn't tell the parents they got a text early afternoon that the kids were let out immediately because at the extreme heat, which could translate to dangerous conditions for the kids. and that's why they went ahead and sent the text late yesterday afternoon telling the parents were not going to catch you off guard again. you are being notified that you will have to pick up the kids a lot earlier than a normal day. now i got a chance to talk to some parents. they say
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they don't have any problems with that. >> good idea. we're looking out for everybody here. we just want people to be safe and we want people, you know, if there's another is working to do right. >> know a lot of parents are caught off guard yesterday. can understand that. you know, we were trying times just trying to work together with the community. and i think >> as long as people staying on this heat and cool places, i think most of the parents understand >> along with letting the kids out early once the kids are inside, especially the elementary school kids, they will not be let outside for any physical activities. they've canceled games moving forward, at least for the rest of the week. and they're also telling people if you have practice try to do it before school or after 07:00pm. it's an inconvenience, but a lot of parents i've talked to say they're ok with it because safety should be the number of front number one priority for the parents and the kids. and i got to tell you, i don't blame the school district at
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all. i mean, look at this. you can already see me sweating. can you imagine how hot it is? you'll sweat more then if the teacher gave you a pop quiz. just like when you're going to test. all right. yes. >> alright 11 coming up on 11 12, he's 20 as you see the questions yet known 11. 12 is the time. but we've got lots ahead here on the kron. 4 morning news. there's. >> a new report that says fbi agents found documents so secretive and former president trump's home that they were involved in a foreign nation. we have more on what was >> and today we are still looking at triple digit temperatures inland, but at least backing off of them right along the bay shore, coastal areas getting some relief. still a few more days of these triple digit highs all the way up through friday, talking about w
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>> it's 15 is the time right now. it was a. >> pat one. sure we were just talking about we're going to dog days because that heat is going to go out. john's going to sleep and have a big lunch and probably take a nap you. stayed inside all yesterday. yeah, well cause that's i tried to walk in the shade. it was even do after that today. still hot still, not as hot along the base. it will be a little bit better for us. were james, is >> better than it has been a staple? stay below 110. that's yeah. working our way. at
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least in the right direction. but we were so high yesterday breaking records left and right that even some progress in the right direction. it's going to take more than that livermore. it's been 2 days in a row at that record. shattering one 16 hottest numbers ever recorded for the bay area. today's 105, is 11 degrees cooler than that. that's a significant drop. but you're still in the triple digits. napa and santa rosa right behind at one 15 yesterday, redwood city, san jose also shattering those records yesterday. now, as far as we go today, we are at least tapping into motion. cool their little bit. a low cloud cover right over the golden gate. this is moderating temperatures at the coast right along the bay further inland. you don't have much relief. still triple digits in play and even more them into thursday and friday. so yet to be done with this heat wave just yet, in fact, tomorrow, temperatures going to spike a bit further likely reaching one 10 for one more day before falling back into the lower triple digits on friday. as for our excessive heat warnings, they do remain inland in the south bay,
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although taking a step down into just heat advisory territory right along the bay shore as temps fall from the triple digits to the 80's and 90's in those spots right along the bay coastal areas. you're out of advisor advisory territory. nice one in the 70's for san francisco. that's a lot better. the rest of the bay area, though, not really sure that cool down just yet. you're still 80's 90's along the bay shore, which is improved, but it's still hot, especially if you don't have ac san jose at 98 today. morgan hill 101 still well into the triple digits. i mention livermore still at 105, hayward fremont and the 90's. while oakland up to richmond in the 80's, how to spot today being vacaville at 107, benicia barely holding on to those 90's at 99 for you. santa rosa through nevado each at 97. tomorrow's highs like i mentioned, spiking a bit further up to one 10 that will make it the 3rd hottest day of the week on average friday, 102 the triple digits before 90's inland saturday and 80's
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by sunday. bayside areas are already tapping to 80's and 90's and you'll get your 70's by saturday coastal areas cooling down into the weekend. rain. >> that way. our highways are busy right now like 5, 80 84 traveling from crockett down towards the maze. it's going to take you 45 minutes to make that drive walnut creek. 24 westbound. if you're traveling down, 24, they're to 5.80, just under 15 minutes heading into the city right now. 22 minute drive mace that fremont street exit. also the san mateo bridge busy. 28 minutes. 80 heading across towards one on one. well, 8.80, right now, san leandro down to milpitas around. 56 minutes for your drive in the south bay. if you're taking 101. now, almost 65 minutes traveling from 85 to menlo park to 80, not as busy, but you are seeing some traffic along there as well. a 3rd woman to drive antioch into concord's to 42 and down here in mountain view. northbound 101, south of moffat boulevard still got
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that accident. so you are still seen slight delays there. darya james, back to you. >> thank you, renay. 8.18 is the time and some big national news. fbi agents who searched former president donald trump's home at mar-a-lago found documents about another country's nuclear capabilities and military defenses. this is all according to a report out of the washington post. now, it's not clear which country was identified in these documents. but the post, as you may remember, reported last month that the fbi fbi had been searching for documents related to nuclear information. we just didn't know the context. this perhaps may give us a clue. the former president, those calling the report a hoax. the fbi collected more than 100 classified documents when they search mar-a-lago last month. and on monday, a federal judge did approve trump's request to have a special master review. those documents that were found in the search. >> former trump white house adviser steve bannon expects to turn himself over to prosecutors in new york tomorrow. bannon says that he thinks he's going to be
8:20 am
charged in the case and where he's accused defrauding donors who gave money to pay for a wall along the southern border. a federal case against bannon ended before trial when he was pardoned by president trump. bannon denies the charges calling them phony. earlier this year ban and was convicted of contempt charges for defying a congressional subpoena. and he said to be sentenced in that case next month. >> well, in national news, senate lawmakers are back on capitol hill now and just as they return the white house's covid-19 response team is begging them to take some action. washington, d.c., correspondent basil john has the latest. good morning. the white house says by the end of this week, more americans will have access to the new covid vaccine, but they are worried about what could happen right around the corner. >> lawmakers have made their way back to the halls of congress. the senate gavels back into session. >> after a season of immense productivity. but as soon as they have returned, the white
8:21 am
house covid response team is urging congress to help get more resources out what we may have the vaccines today. 4. >> folks for this fall vaccine effort. we don't know what's coming next. hhs secretary xavier and white house covid response coordinator doctor ashish jha say it will get harder if lawmakers don't step up. congress is aware that if we do not continue to fund the response, things we can easily go backwards. additional funding would go towards more tests, ppe and vaccines. we need to play the long game against this virus that is going to require additional resources from congress. for now, the white house is encouraging everyone to go out and get the new vaccines. and chief medical advisor to the president, doctor anthony fauci. it's back to the covid vaccine to follow a similar schedule to the annual flu shot with annual updated covid-19 shots matched to the currently circulating strains for most of the population. the white house also says that those who caught covid
8:22 am
recently can wait a few months to get the new vaccines reporting in washington. i'm basil, john, thank you. basil. happening today, the official white house portraits of former president barack obama and michelle obama will be >> unveiled. president biden and first lady doctor jill biden will be hosting the former first family at the white house. the unveiling of portraits didn't occur former president donald trump's presidency. one artist painted president obama. the other painted his wife. the portraits will hang in a ceremony and a ceremonial area of the white house should have the same person do that. you know, i'm saying is it's not going to look >> the same at all. you know, mean, the style that is this is a very different. different artists, ok? well, we shall see. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. could elizabeth holmes get a whole new trial and why would she will tell you? this labor day, save on select major appliances and get free delivery. get the lowe's exclusive whirlpool laundry pair,
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>> 25 the time san francisco police official steps a school officials are introducing a new plan to confront the rise in deadly drug overdoses and tackle the street drug market. so san francisco recovers is the name of this program. it was created by a group of san francisco supervisors. the plan is to use millions of dollars from recent opioid settlements to support people struggling with substance abuse. if approved, the board will discuss solutions like expanding housing resources and providing education and job training for those in
8:26 am
recovery. nearly 1700 people in san francisco have died from drug overdoses since january of 2020. >> disgraced theranos founder elizabeth holmes is requesting a new trial in a court filing yesterday. her attorneys claim a key witness for the prosecution regrets the role that he played in her conviction earlier this year. holmes was convicted on 4 counts of voter fraud during that trial, a former theranos lab director testified that he repeatedly raised concerns about the accuracy of blood test that were being given to patients in their court. filing holmes's lawyers argue that that lab directors now expressing misgivings about his testimony. holmes is currently out on bail, but she faces up to 20 years in prison when she is sentenced next month. it's not clear when the court's going to rule on this request for a new trial >> well, here's a quick look at the temperatures that we're expecting again this afternoon with triple digit heat for the inland valleys to the east and to the south with hot temperatures, everywhere else
8:27 am
will be back with complete coverage in just a minute.
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>> so you don't have power today and or a c and it's a million degrees. my question is, would you go to the movies? because i just saw one that's just about scrabble.
8:30 am
stay home watching and take a nap either way. john, good morning. i can't see movies or even if i'm at home or in the theater. always. that's what the schedule due to. yeah. and you know what that hot weather makes. you want to just go home and take a nap. crawl up in the ac. if you have it. >> because it's not the most fun to be outside and be out and about on a day like today really hasn't been put on the past few days now for those people on this crews arriving to the bay area. well, they're in for not such a bad day at the embarcadero. we're back down to the 70's for san francisco after the past 2 days in 90's. this is some relief for coastal areas. currently we're nice and cooler at the coast, mild by the bay shore. not that mild right now. further inland, though, fairfield, you barely fell to 79 earlier this morning. that means you really remained in the 80's all night long. not a whole lot of evening relief. brentwood livermore, dublin, also hanging out in the 70's capitalize on this cool morning. well, we've got it because we've got another afternoon of inland excessive heat warnings. these actually
8:31 am
continue through tomorrow evening tomorrow set to be even warmer day than today. after today, we back down to at least below 110 degrees, but still triple digits inland bayshore areas. you do get some relief. now you're down to a heat advisory having work your way down out of an excessive heat warning yesterday, only 80's to 90's along the bay today. it's still hot, but a lot more tolerable. we have a little bit of fog at the coastline, really just a few spots of low clouds, a sign of that ocean cool breeze making its return to at least our coastal spots. i'll be breaking down everything else. you need to know the rest of this forecast still to come. so stay tuned for that. as far roadways goes this morning rain, you've been keeping us updated it does look like we've had a lot going on out there and things have always been busy, especially since a lot of people are trying to get to where they're going for gets really hot. you have an accident. this is a long 5.80, westbound west. >> far boulevard in oakland. so you are seeing a delay there and 13 as well as doesn't look much faster. so you might want to hop on
8:32 am
international. give yourself a little extra time to get around that heading into the city right now. 21 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. let's go and look at the san mateo bridge, 30 minute drive a 80 to 101. and it's just slowing along the peninsula side or golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 42 things are busy as you're traveling out there. we're checking on the richmond. sandra fell bridge tolls to one-on-one about 20 minutes started back to you 8.32. back to the side effects of the heat. a lot of businesses. well, there were food trucks that did not break because they don't have ac. we know how a construction crews called in their crews early and we know of a bakery when gun bakery in livermore couldn't do because they had no power for 14 hours. they brought as many perishables as they could into their homes. the owners did because they have power there. but at this bakery, the biggest seller sour dough bread, the heat and humidity can change the way it rises. and if it rises too fast, then it can collapse and you can't sell that.
8:33 am
>> everything based on frigid for space so all of our products we rely on probation and we bought a generator last year and decided to get that out put it on to the fridges and freezers to save more of our person and a nomination. >> yeah. and the livermore was 116 degrees 160 is the highest temperature they've ever yeah. more than 2,500 people had no power, by the way had. and you think of the timing on that. so arrest that to there's a and that not the that i want the pun, they got to get her another hot day today. well. >> so from bakeries to colleges, everybody's kind of shut down 2 in the east bay. we out they have a college. they're going to be open today. that's the good news. but they had to shut things down yesterday because of those scorching temperatures that we saw. so classes were canceled tuesday there was a power outage and the entire campus had to be shut down as the temperatures are just too
8:34 am
much for the grid. everybody was cranking the ac by mid-afternoon school. officials sent out an alert and pretty much the city at all cancels for the class for the rest of their canceled 3,000 pg e customers got that word of a now to jenna spokesperson emphasized the importance of all of us doing what we can to turn off. appliances were not using to try and prevent the grid from collapsing. >> yeah. conserve conserve conserve. that's the name of the big game. it's the 7th straight day that the state has called for a flex alert. this is really the time to buckle down the bay area's been doing really good at conserving its preventing those rotating outages. and it's working because the state not called for. those teaming up to. so we have to keep conserving today between the hours of 04:00pm and 09:00pm. really, it's it's unnecessary appliances. don't run them. could turn up see if you can. every little bit helps you might be thinking, oh, gosh, i've been doing this for several days now. but really, you know, don't let up. let's continue to conserve today to help out the state.
8:35 am
>> and again, now that college is open today for class. so if you're wondering, you need to head out there, get your class in today and just a reminder that statewide flex alert that she was talking about has been issued now for the 8th consecutive day. cal iso saying from 04:00pm until 09:00pm tonight you're going want to make sure you turn off any large appliances. don't use them if you have a c said it's 78 or warmer and try and ride through that window. when we're expecting pq somebody give you the other tip again, i did coach hours 2 more yesterday. that fast? yeah. >> all right. one of oakland's most vulnerable populations is getting a little bit of help during this heat wave. the city has been setting up misting stations at 4 different homeless encampments. the city saying it's the first time they've actually done that. it was kind of at the request or at least of the suggestion of the cdc because they said that on house populations can be at greatest risk for illness during heat waves like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, especially if they're elderly disabled. now, if they're struggling with addiction or have medical conditions, they're all at greater risk.
8:36 am
>> in national news, governor newsom rejected a bill that would reorganize union votes for california farmworkers. and now supporters of that bill are getting some backup from the white house. alex caprariello has the story. >> at a time when all eyes are searching for unity among party lines. the president of the united states may be at odds with california governor gavin newsome. president biden has declared support for a proposed law, making it easier for california farmworkers to unionize. but governor newsom has made it clear he doesn't support this bill as it's currently assembly bill. 21 83 is already polarizing, sparking thousands of farmworkers tl march hundreds of miles to rally in support. it would also ease restrictions on voting by mail. important. these workers argue because it would ensure they would not be intimidated by their bosses to vote a certain way. employers have systematically used
8:37 am
deportation, not just the threat but deportation to retaliate. >> worker stand up for themselves, but it's that type of coercion that worries the california farm bureau which opposes this bill. but its concern is the potential threat from union leaders not far managers. we don't necessarily have a problem with farmworkers electing to be represented by a labor union as long as they have a free ability without coercion or intimidation to be able to make that choice. despite president biden's support, governor newsom has his doubts. he wants to help california workers unionize if that's their choice but takes issue with the proposed election process writing, we cannot support an untested mail-in election process that lacks critical provisions to protect the integrity of the election. >> that was alex caprariello reporting thousands of farm and are waiting to see what the governor decides. governor newsom has until september 30th to decide on this latest version. time now is 8.37. and still ahead on the contvo
8:38 am
morning news, apple's got something new up their sleeve. we'll tell you what it is. we're going to take a peek at the possibilities and waiting for that. >> that conference to begin at 10 o'clock this morning. craft cocktails mixed by robot in seconds. plus the machine that's like okay cup. but for fresh smoothies. i'm rich demuro. that's coming up. >> in tech smart. still triple digits inland today. tomorrow will spike even further upwards continuing our team juror us lee hot conditions inland evening lows. also not all that cool. there is relief
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want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless.
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they wrote it for themselves. >> 8.40, the time and happening today. apple is expected to debut maybe the iphone 14 lineup. that's the leading speculation as the company's annual september keynote event is set for this morning out of their headquarters in cupertino. the invitation you saw a moment ago showed again, yes, featured the night sky with a constellation of stars that form the apple logo. and some people are wondering cali, does that mean because oftentimes they'll have hints imbedded in the invitation as to what they might be unveiling. i liked your here like don't pin that carry on think you'd be able to call like other towns for a small amount of you never know. jay maybe has to do with night camera. not for talk. that's what i'm thinking. you can take pictures of the night sky, maybe with their new stargazing all right. well, i don't i don't know any will
8:42 am
all find out of 10. that's when it's set to kick off. >> and we're going to have a crew there. so our cameras will be rolling. let you know what they announce. we'll be right back.
8:43 am
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the choice between prop 26 and 27? let's get real. prop, 26 means no money to fix homelessness, no enforcement oversight and no support for disadvantaged tribes. yikes! prop 27 generates hundreds of millions towards priorities like new housing units in all 58 counties. 27 supports non-gaming tribes and includes strict audits that ensure funds go directly to people off the streets and into there's only one choice. yes on 27. >> a 44 right now we're talking about how you know, everybody was melting and chocolate was melting to, i guess. in the east bay, it was so hot and he lost power and they were we know a lot of
8:45 am
different businesses. and one was see's candy. yeah, my wife or seek and texas saying we're running around trying to make sure the chocolate doesn't melt right, that the customers could still buy whatever they need it, even though the registers were down. a lot of these ripple chris sour dough bread. you can mess up food trucks. they did one of the cooking and using that hot oven in a truck in and all the stuff so they hopefully yesterday we we just have to hang on for another few days and we'll get through this heat wave come back to john, yet we can catch up with all the outdoor stuff next are now take it easy. and if you are definitely have workers outside a hope that you're giving them at least some relief because it is just not been fun for anyone out there. let alone to be working out there. this he just downright dangerous in many cases. >> what we've got this morning is clear skies above san jose. we normally love those clear skies past couple of days. the not been ideal, though, san jose, for example, hitting an all-time record high at 109 degrees yesterday. livermore 2
8:46 am
days in a row at that 116 historic for the bay area. napa and santa rosa right behind that at one 15 yesterday in redwood city at one 10, not fun. not safe. honestly, to be extending your triple digits in our coastal areas. a whole lot more comfortable. still searing hot inland, though we're out of advisories own at the coast. we are downgraded from an excessive heat warning to just the heat advisory along the bay shore. well, our inland areas still excessive heat warnings and still looking at some triple digits, although we should remain below 110 minutes, a little victory, but working our what self in the right direction. 70's for san francisco today, it's 60's and 70's right along the coast. whilst 80's to 90's along the bay shore. no triple digits right along the immediate short of the day, although in the south bay, you still do hold on to those 3 digit numbers for morgan hill. u.s.
8:47 am
gatos over to saratoga and campbell fremont hayward up to castro valley all in the 90's while triple digits remain from livermore, dublin up through conquered oakland at 84, our hottest spot being vacaville at 107, today. so no mad and even 100 degrees right below that from santa rosa through nevado. tomorrow's temps spiking a little further likely to be our hitting one 10 or above friday, still triple digits, but not as hot and saturday. our first day back into the 90's on average inland, a tease for next week. there's your relief bayside areas from the 80's to 90's. the next 3 days. 70's by the weekend coastal spots in the 70's 80's. before cooling 60's into the weekend. john, thanks for that. a few issues out there to tell you about like this one. southbound to 38. >> south of us period. bulevar me out an accident. so you are seeing some delays along to 38. and once you make it on 8.80, school in pretty slow traveling up north. also in
8:48 am
danville, northbound 6.80, north of diablo road. they got an accident. so you're definitely seeing some slowness law northbound and southbound there 6.80, heading into the city. 22 minutes that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge has been pretty slow. we're at 30 minutes now back down to 25 the 80 to 101. let's check on the south bay. if you're traveling up, 85 in menlo park around. 66 minutes to 37. no major issues for you. there walking down towards the maze that time 18, 80 about 36 minutes. and if you're taking 24 walnut creek down to 5.80, about 15 to 16 minutes. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. a 48 is the time and more and more restaurants are looking at food automation as a way to deal with labor shortages. this could be the future robots making everything. we've got rich demuro with a closer look in today's tech smart. >> recently i was at the western food expo and heard the same 2 words over and over labor shortages. it's a problem for the restaurant industry. >> an automated solutions are helping them overcome it.
8:49 am
>> it seems there's no limit to what engineers can accomplish. cases like they were part of the machine. this is a fully refrigerated cabinets that holds fresh mixers san diego. based back far solutions is building a fully automated cocktail maker. this makes all the drinks for people than ever see. there the machine consists of a nice been a touch screen assembly area mixers and alcohol where the magic happens. >> drinks run over. ice gets dispensed and greens. get this offense this where you pick it there is going change. if they have to garnish, we're going to get up and take it back on the table. much to bartenders, focus on the cost to a person found out. it takes just seconds to mix a drink. and how does it do on making a drink? so it does really well. i can make a craft cocktail about 10 seconds and it's precisely one 20 them out. so to get the same drink every time for something a bit healthier checkout kubo, cuba
8:50 am
is the kerry got everything juices smoothies calls last days for checks for the soups the machine uses. oversized pods filled with ingredients. our sheriff has designed recipes was on the fruits. no added sugar, no preservatives, no food dyes. kubo gives away the machine businesses by the special pods to use it. we do need to be on the right now. we have all restaurants coffee shops, restaurants with limited kitchens. >> co-working spaces, corporate offices, breakthroughs, universities, lounges in airports, often a pod. and it takes just over a minute to blend and dispense case pretty fresh. actually the best part the machine cleans itself. jason, very fresh ingredients. and i feel like ginger to tell a kick in the. now, whenever we talk about robots, there's always a concern for job losses. but the companies that make these automated solutions tell me over and over.
8:51 am
>> they're not trying to replace humans. they're just trying to help them out so they can focus on more meaningful tasks. all right. let me know what you think. you can find me on social media. i am at rich on tech. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> well, ups is not using self-driving delivery cars. so right now they're hiring more than 100,000 workers. what they want to hire for the holidays because it's such a busy time for packages. as you know. so they're looking to really up there for some holiday season starts ramping up. a package was october and it remains high into january. these openings are full-time and part-time primarily for package handlers, drivers and driver >> also known as people lift boxes and logos trucks. all right. now to football. the nfl season kicks off tomorrow. the niners and the raiders, of course, don't start till sunday, sir. all waiting for that. the raiders are going to be facing some pretty high
8:52 am
expectations this season because they're coming off as they face the chargers in game one. they're coming off this season. playoff berth last season. so there's a lot riding on this head. coach josh mcdaniels says he's pretty excited for sunday. so well here. take a listen. >> this opening day is always fun because you get to play a game and then you're going to find out a lot more. you know, 3 hours after you start and you knew before the game started. so i'm excited to see what that's going to be excited to see where we're going to have to evolve we know we're not going to be that's that's it. it's him possibility on opening day. so but, yeah, definitely it definitely urgent enthusiastic. you can tell in there and we're excited to have an opportunity to compete on sunday. all stuck in the locker room and among the fans to raider nation getting ready for sunday kickoff is at one. 25 in l a meantime, the niners are going to be chicago taking on the bears with trey lance. the rookie making his debut. whenever they say first, wrote him a long but you know what?
8:53 am
those guys should try some birth give birth for real. here we go. and then you tell me how tough you are there right? have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping)
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8:55 am
>> okay, 8.55. check this out. we're going to see is a bear break into a house in southern california. looks like a guy. i am. looks like know what, but apparently there came through an open kitchen door in ventura. all week. air in
8:56 am
there right now. there's a bear in there right now, don. the people who live. their hit upstairs and called police a police came in why did the bear come in? that's the question. well, turns out because they left the kitchen. >> window open and baked a fresh chocolate cake. had it sitting on the counter. the bear just couldn't resist. oh, my gosh. words that light the sliding doors. next time we open stormwater and you see that had to scurry well out of the back slider and over the fence. so this is this is the cop going and going assign? i'm gonna find it. is it something? back >> wow. so. >> yogi berra put the cake down or make a run for it. i hope they're allergic to chocolate will look at john jump like up. you know, doctor, like outlines. yeah. it's a pretty good night. >> all 56 is the time. we'll take a break. coming up in the next hour. high temperatures all around the bay causing massive power outages. once again forcing businesses to
8:57 am
close down schools to let kids out early part to implement phase. we got all this and phase. we got all this and more coming up. you really can't get much for 5 bucks these days... unless... ♪ you got that bag ♪ ♪ you got that biggie bag ♪ ♪ you got that bag ♪ is that a real song? i think she liked it. your choice of sandwich plus all this for just 5 bucks is worth celebrating. choose wisely. choose wendy's biggie bag.
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you go by lots of titles. veteran, son, dad. -it's time to get up. -no. hair stylist and cheerleader. so adding a “student” title might feel overwhelming. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health. it's coming along. well, it can. national university, supporting the whole you. >> now on the kron 4 morning news. it's starting heat up this morning. will it be as hot and record-setting as we were yesterday, we will see on the kron 4 morning news.
9:00 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> good morning. 9 o'clock around the time we want to draw the drapes. if you're lucky enough to have drapes and aids and things to keep you cool this morning, we hope you do. i'm darya and i'm james. let's find out what kind of weather we have on tap for today. got complete team coverage of all of this outside with the kron four's will tran standing by in dublin where schools are having to adjust. you can see the beads of sweat forming on his brow. >> we've got sarah stinson in contra costa county because bart is suffering the effects things which as well. yes, that's right. and then table in the weather center with the temperatures that making all of us wet this afternoon. yeah, i'm still enjoying the ac. what we've got here in the studio. but looking at there and we'll get ready for that same heat this afternoon. it's going to be another hot one, but a little bit of good news. not as hot as yesterday was, which was the hottest of the forecast. >> another slew of records broken yesterday and it was no fun for anyone sep


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