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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 7, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at this heat wave. >> is on track to be both the hottest and the longest on record. everyone has to do their part to help step up for just a few more days. >> tonight at 9 governor newsom today stressing the importance of managing our power. you storing this marathon of a heat wave as the
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stress on the power grid is expected to continue along with the sizzling temperatures through the end of this week and tomorrow will somehow be even hotter than today. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 9, everybody. i'm grant lotus. >> and i'm catherine heenan. we did not want to hear tonight's flex alert did just and but tomorrow's flex alert will be the 9th in a row. we're going to take a live look right now overlooking san francisco after a a hot day, a kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here. laurent, what's the a blistering hot still inland today in some spots along the coastline to cool down. >> now, see a little bit of a sea breeze kicking actually have some patchy fog moving along the coastline. so we cooled off just a tad today in spots, especially near the coast. but boy, these temperatures are going to soar again if you can believe it, it's going to be only a little hot. it's going to be a lot hotter by tomorrow afternoon. i think we're getting near record levels in some spots, especially inland. maybe the santa clara valley by tomorrow
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afternoon. how hot, maybe as high as 110 degrees. so maybe not the one 16 or so. but boy, 110. that ought to do it. that's hot enough. now there's some hope that as we get this weekend, much cooler weather is on the way. but there's also a slight chance of some thunderstorms moving on through temperatures for today. 107 degrees today in livermore is 106 in antioch, 103 in concord. so yeah, we cool. the wasn't 116 in those spots, but still unbelievably hot lot of 90's around the bay. that's very comfortable. 70's along the coastline tomorrow. again, we've got advisories for heat warnings for heat going up in the bay and the valley is expected to be much hotter tomorrow before and we finally start to cool things down in the weekend. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. well, sales force is now facing criticism for some of the lights on its headquarters during this week's flex alerts. videos have been circulating online showing several buildings in
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san francisco where it seems like the people in charge of the buildings are >> not doing their part to conserve power. kron four's gayle ong live in the city tonight with details on this. good evening, gayle. >> good evening. grant and katharine people sharing their thoughts on social media at this hour. so force is still lit up on the top of their building. you may see behind me earlier had the message that said flex alert. >> video posted on reddit is criticizing sales force for telling san franciscans to power down while the building shows it kept most of the lights on through the night. >> this spring, a heat wave sending energies soaring in the state. >> on tuesday, temperatures in san francisco grand upper 90's to avoid blackouts. cal iso issued a flex alert to call on residents and businesses to voluntarily conserve energy. people took to social media to weigh in on the sales force tower. one post reads, quote, flex alert on sales force tower tonight. have you tried turning the lights off an empty office buildings. another reads a classic sales force tower. reminder to turn
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off the power while using a bunch of power surrounding high rise buildings could also be seen with the lights on kron. 4 reached out to cal iso about saving energy during flex alert in high-rise buildings. a spokesperson says flex alerts are voluntary. cal iso flex alert website gives tips for office and commercial buildings that include turn off unnecessary office lights set the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher turn off any office equipment that is not currently in use or look for sleep or power. saving models in between uses during the day. >> and we reached out to sales force for comment but have not yet heard back live in san francisco, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> all right. thank you, gayle. meanwhile, cal iso has announced it will not have to implement any preplanned rolling blackouts tonight. and unfortunately, though, does not mean that all power outages are over. kron four's. ken wayne is in the newsroom with the latest on outages all over, but particularly cannes
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in the south bay. yeah, catherine and it's not as bad as it was yesterday at this time. we do have outages but not as many outages. go to the map and show you what we're talking about. all of these green dots represent a fewer than 50 customers without power. so not a lot, particularly in north bay. we have nap and petaluma. they're had some significant outages up there yesterday. not the case today, but look at the south bay. there is a concentration here, especially as we drive into a highway 101, and tully road. this area here. this is more than 5,000 customers without power. in fact, if you teach them to drive in all the way down, you can see just how many neighborhoods and and down individual lots don't have power right now. so that is the biggest hot spot in the bay area in terms of not having power. and then there's this widespread outage in morgan hill. look at this entire areas around anderson reservoir. now, this is not as densely populated, of course, is san jose, but it does cover a lot of territory here on the
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west side of 101. you're looking up by us river reservoir and all the way up toward mounted on a county park. so a big area in morgan hill and through san martine. overall, though, we're looking way better tonight. then we were last night and of course, we've got another hot one tomorrow. so this is not over yet. back to you guys in the studio. all right. thank you very much. can yesterday's record breaking heat did put record-breaking strain on the state's energy grid prompting an energy emergency alert 3 by cal iso. but a breakdown in communication has utility companies putting blame on kauai? so for outages in some bay area cities and except resulted in outages yesterday by local utilities and healdsburg palo alto alameda, all during peak energy demand. >> at that time, we notified utilities across our service territory to load in preparation for possible rotating outages.
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>> possible as it turned out. cal iso never did start ordering utilities to begin rolling blackout. however, some utilities did that anyway after a misunderstanding of the order, it was done over the phone, not on e-mail or on paper. the miscommunication did cause restrictions and some chaos for businesses in palo alto, which lost power for several hours yesterday. kron four's taylor. sacking explains. >> you know, mak room with misfits bake house is baking up a storm working overtime on wednesday after tuesday's power outage caused miss shipments and delays literally loaded up the oven and it was the bakers have been concerned. all the equipment, the type to go. bye-bye with that. you akron is the owner and baker at misfits big house in palo alto. he says the bakery lost power for several hours on tuesday, causing a major disruption to his business was nerve wracking. i
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had. >> all that bread and of and i wasn't sure if it's going to hold temperatures enough for it to finish. but hope that you do that was getting ready. >> to be bake it and >> so that one bad and had to toss it and at that point i'm not sure if this is going to happen again. rest of the evening or not. that crum says he bakes everything fresh daily and losing any ingredients comes at a high cost since his bakery focuses. >> on gluten-free, grain-free and low carb breads and pastries very and dear to me, especially the low car. >> one, i used to be well over 500 pounds. and that's how i lost the weight. but also few people. my family very about it. you know, big thing is. alternatives that they can enjoy that. you don't have to feel left out says he serves a large population of people with allergies across the country. >> who count on regular deliveries. he says he was disappointed to miss those shipments on tuesday due to a power outage caused by a
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miscommunication between local utilities stream. you know, and i didn't. >> you want to think about yeah, i don't have any kind words. put it that miscommunication. that god knows how many businesses and households in this heat. i just i can't even imagine has been running an operating misfits bay kelso low over the last several months due to a shortage in workers while he was able to save most of the goods. this time he says this sort of miscommunication is an unacceptable added stress. >> that can cost businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars. that crum says orders have been ramping up for the fall season and another power shut off could be detrimental to the business in palo alto taylor sackey kron. 4 news. >> and so people who conserve energy during these flex alerts too help people avoid outages will be rewarded this year pg and e started its power saver awards program that customers can sign up for
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the money awarded for each kilowatt hour saved will be used as a credit on your next electrical bill. >> it allows us to get them back to us as a program that allowed for the customers are earned. i think it's $2 for each kilowatt hour. so incentive for customers to say power and also to sanitize our customers to do that. >> if you're not a pga, new customer, cal iso has a similar rewards program in place for people who also can serve during flex alert hours to sign up for that. you can find links to those programs on kron 4 dot com. >> the search is on tonight for the person who shot and robbed a security guard. this morning. it happened at the kaiser campus in san leandro a brutal crime here. and so far all we know about the guard. it sees a 60 year-old man. he's right now in the hospital in critical condition. crowd force theresa has the latest on the investigation. >> just a lot going on.
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everybody was in a panic. everybody didn't even know how to react. everybody was just shocked. kaiser permanente. patient responding to the brazen shooting of an armored car security guard wednesday right in front of the emergency room. entrance at the hospital say lee andrew campus, the guard police say was shot as he left with a bag of cash and definitely scary with a places right beside the be a lot of patients sick patients. so that >> terrorism for like, you know, staff and i guess of community members as well. so we spoke to a kaiser permanente employee who works in the lab. >> right next to the emergency room where the shooting happened. she says the hospital went on lockdown for several hours as police swarmed to the scene. >> single suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper torso. he was immediately brought into the er at kaiser. he subsequently been transported to an area hospital. lieutenant barajas
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says detectives are combing through surveillance camera footage looking for a getaway car and the suspect. >> you can't even describe it. i'm not going do this. family and injustice by. >> you know, explaining how scientists it is. it's just another senseless act of violence that happened in the middle of the day at a hospital of all places. police say it is unclear right now whether this was a random act. >> or if the armored car was followed to the hospital, just the location of where this was done and what time it was done is is is unique. i mean, to commit such a violent crime around so many people. i don't know. you really must not care are desperate for money, but there's no excuse in sally, under theresa stasi, a crown for new year's. >> in alameda county sheriff's deputy is in custody tonight. he is accused of shooting and killing a couple in dublin. investigators say 24 year-old devin williams junior shot and killed a 42 year-old woman and her 58 year-old husband in
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their dublin home on colebrook. elaine, a relative says an intruder entered the house just before 01:00am opened. fire about 12 hours later, williams surrendered. he was taken into custody in fresno county. investigators say williams and the couple they knew each other. the motive is not clear. >> he grew up in a very fluent >> home. well, loved. >> graduated from college with honors was a remarkable young person. how we got here today. it will be part of our investigation. >> williams has been with the alameda county sheriff's office for a year assigned to its court services division in oakland. and before that, he worked with the stockton police department. >> that would 4 exclusive in oakland. business owner has lost thousands of dollars worth of equipment after his technicians were robbed. now
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twice in less than a month. yeah. and kron four's amanda hard talk to the owner of oakland, router and plumbing. >> and has video showing those crimes happening. amanda? >> the owner tells me the people who work for him are like members of his family. so to see this last robbery caught on video is very upsetting to him. >> for me, it's is very disturbing and hurtful. >> to seeing what can plumbing honored. not but sarah says in the last month his plumbing technicians have been robbed twice while trying to do their job. the second incident happened on tuesday, september 6th and it was caught on their customers. home security, video story straight for my guys were targeted. the serveral lee the block a few times before they decided to make their move. in this video. you can see the suspect approached the technician one holds up his arm as if he has a gun with a gun. what the to
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my technician. >> 2 others that were there at the same time and demanded that release, the camera equipment. >> and you know the thing >> pretty simple playing there. >> they say that are here to take your camera 2 more by you know, that i want like to see was a camera. and >> we'll let you guys go at the end of the video. you can see the suspects, take everything and run away. but sarah says they use video equipment. the costs about $20,000 to do inspections of sewer lines for people who are buying or selling a home. he says a similar incident happened back on august. 12th both times he filed a report with the oakland police department. he doesn't believe his particular business is being targeted. he believes it's the neighborhoods that are tracking the criminals are 7 more. >> affluent neighborhoods.
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it's not it's not really happening in the background, but it does not mean were they with the thieves know people going for >> re miles, he says his goal is to make people wear. these types of crimes are happening. he says it happens every day in the city of oakland, but he's staying put to very proud to born or racing open. and that's was a big >> decision for me to name my company open over you know, i'm here for the long i'm not going >> he says that his technicians know that it's not worth losing their life over a piece of eduipment that they should do. what this man did and what the suspects take and harry kron, 4 news today to see it. but all right, lisa, nobody got hurt. thank you, amanda. >> meanwhile, crews are racing to put out this fast moving wildfire in placer and el dorado counties. this one, they're calling it. the mosquito fire started around 6 o'clock last night. the placer county sheriff's office has issued several evacuation orders for communities right
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near that fire. while there are no structures threatened at this time, they say the fire is burning in steep. difficult to get to to rain. that is just loaded with dry vegetation. >> fuels are really stressed meaning the vegetation, the brush timber. it's now in the september we haven't at rain for the better part of, you know, 6 to 8 months the fuels are very, very stressed. >> as of the latest update just a few minutes ago. it's estimated the fire has burned almost 6,000 acres and it is 0% contained. >> lawrence is back. you know, it's kind of troubling to think that every time we hear about a new wildfire, it's a point where we're not surprised. yeah, i know. and this is that time of year where we're really in that critical point where these fires can break out almost anywhere and well, we've got the mosquito fire now to contend with. and of course, that comes on the top of all that extremely hot, record-breaking heat. and so the winds really not that big of a problem this evening. it
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is fairly calm in and around the fire, but it is also extremely dry. humidity levels down into the 20% our region and probably gonna drop off into the teens by tomorrow. so bone-dry conditions up there. and of course, you've got the guess where that wind is blowing that smoke. it's blowing right toward lake tahoe where you can see here that smoke will travel along here from the fire. and there you go. they're looking at some very, very poor air quality in the lake tahoe area. so if you're planning to head up there, be aware you're likely to see a lot of that smoke from that fire move in that direction. and we continue to see a westerly wind back into the bay area. we go and you could see some hazy conditions all around. some of the yellow showing up out there. we've got high pressure now building in again overhead. surprisingly, we've got some good conditions in live more but not so good. hazy conditions in the half. moon bay, not tomorrow. i think that ridge strengthens and that is going to trap a lot of the plude right down the surface. again. and that means poor quality, the east bay and possibly the south, a
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moderate conditions in the north and still looking good along the coastline. but look at these temperatures tomorrow. okay. we cooled off today and was still 107 degrees little more tomorrow. maybe you're at 110 in livermore on the tri valley and where east to the east bay hills are talking those won 10 or so in those areas. the santa clara valley, probably temperatures near 100, maybe just over 100 degrees. only cool place again tomorrow is out along the coastline in the 70's guys. all right, lawrence, thank you very there were more heat-related service delays on bart today. trains of. >> i've got to travel at slower speeds when temperatures reach triple digits. that's to help prevent damage to the tracks or even derailment today. train services were delayed about 10 minutes or so on the antioch line, dublin pleasanton line sfo in daly, city lines and the berryessa line delays are likely to keep happening the rest of the week. >> the costa county district attorney's decision not to
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criminally charge antioch police officers in the 2020 death of angelo quinto will not be the end of that matters. if the family is arguing that officer misconduct led to keep those staff. now at the family's request. >> the state attorney general has agreed to review the matter. kron four's dan kerman has the story. >> i was still with i was the mother of the late angelo quinto said contra costa county's district attorney. he's now part of a coverup since she chose not to prosecute antioch police officers for her son's death back in 2020, do not understand how to >> yeah, no cluess the we'd for all the police were called to the family home because kato was experiencing a mental health crisis. >> at issue, whether the restraint used by police cross the line and caused keep those death. >> obviously, something happened with these officers
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because he was breathing a mom who was holding him. there was loss of oxygen that didn't happen. but within 5 minutes of the dead content, mainly rain did he was active been held by the police down on the floor and various kinds of position. so i view this case is clearly case with criminal charges should have been brought. and it's an event the of alton and involuntary attorneys for the family say the evidence points to police misconduct. >> but the district attorney not only chose to ignore it but suggested illegal drugs, including fentanyl, played a role in his death, even though medical reports show that not to be true, the va needs to be able to explain. >> how they ignored all the evidence of asphyxiation. now the family has asked attorney general rob bonta to review the matter. >> and he has agreed. i know the tooth. >> will prevail. we have the
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>> attorneys for the family say they expect the attorney general's review to take anywhere from 4 to 6 months at the state building in oakland, dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> coming up, a controversial ruling in texas. why a mandate for employers to cover hiv prevention drugs has been struck down. >> omicron boosters or hear details on the statewide rollout and how to get a shot. if you're eligible. >> and just how magic are these mushrooms will have the latest. a bay area city to decriminalize psychedelics as scientists debate. there are potential benefits.
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you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets
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and into housing. yes on 27.
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are no longer required to cover hiv prevention drugs under the affordable care act. a federal judge in texas today ruled the requirement violates the religious freedom of a christian owned company. it's not clear yet what kind of impact this ruling is going to have. it could determine whether the rest of the law's preventive care coverage requirements will remain. the rule was challenged by texas employers. they are given violated their religious freedom by forcing people to pay for coverage, which conflicts with their faith and their personal values. and now says shows that overturning
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the requirement could threaten access to lifesaving care for nearly half the country. the city of san francisco has decriminalize plant-based psychedelics. that includes certain kinds of mushrooms pay ot the city's board of supervisors made that move yesterday. the resolution also says no city resources should be used for investigations tied to the use of psychedelics. the argument that they can help people with addictions, trauma and anxiety. next, we'll break down apple's annual new product event in cupertino today, including. >> many of the changes coming to the brand new iphone. plus, a local study of long covid try to figure out how common the issue is here in the bay area. how to best treat it. tell you how you can get involved in that study. and then we have details on a bill to create a first of its kind heat wave warning and ranking
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system. this one would rank high. so
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have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 9, everybody. you're looking live at the san mateo bridge on a night that is still warm. even hot in some places. all those headlights. they're coming from. >> half moon bay where they left the east bay today, too escape the heat. it was pleasant at the coast, but it
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is still stifling inland. yeah. and this is current now current temperatures 90 in 88 in livermore. 86 in concord and it's just brutal. yeah, it's not cooling off a whole lot. and many places. >> temperatures around the bay area again still well above normal for this time of year. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here with the latest. yeah, think those folks could be heading right back to half moon bay and the coast tomorrow. these temperatures they are going to soar again near record levels by tomorrow afternoon. skies, nice and clear around the bay area. we did have a hint of fog along the coastline, but just a couple of patches that high system begins to build back in tomorrow. well, that's going to take care of that. and we're going to crank up the temperatures. it is going to be hot just about everywhere you go. except right along the coastline into san francisco. you in the mid 80's 70's into the sunset. lot of 70's along the coastline tomorrow. stay warm. there
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inside the bay, though, getting hot in a hurry. 94 in burlingame, 97 in san carlos, 102, possibly in redwood city, 100 and mountain view, triple digits going to be more common in the south bay, the santa clara valley, 10205 degrees. then we really crank up the heat in the east bay. get over the hills there. 109, 110 degrees i think will be common by tomorrow afternoon. look at vacaville, maybe as high as 114 again tomorrow afternoon. 82 of the beach stenson. we will cool temperatures down as we head out over the next couple days. that major cool down doesn't really kick in until saturday and sunday. >> all right. laura, to the east bay, the heat has caused the dublin unified school district to shorten school hours with half days now, they have half days through the rest of the weekend. our outdoor activities have been canceled. we talked to some parents this morning who agree with these precautions. >> but it's it's been really hot and i work for the score campus supervisor. so it's super hot these days. i do
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agree. >> on that. it's a good idea. we're looking out for everybody here. we just want people to be safe and we want people, you know, if there's another power outages were thing to do right? >> the school district is providing grab and go lunches for students and working to adjust busing schedules. >> with record-breaking heat and a lot of people still working from home power. demand in the state reached an all-time high yesterday. california's independent system operator cal iso expect continued strain on the electrical grid and coming days, capital correspondent eytan wallace has the latest from sacramento. as you can see here at headquarters, the california office of emergency services has not stopped actively monitoring conditions statewide and as the extreme heat continues, so does the message to conserve. >> a map of current temperatures, a screen of statewide outages and an entire team to monitor it this is what it looks like inside the headquarters of the california office of emergency
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services. work halloween. yes, for short has outside the excessive heat is unrelenting. we're not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. that's the message from callaway. yes, just a day after demand on the grid was the highest ever leading the independent state operator to temporarily put in place an emergency alert. 3 warning of possible rotating outages. but around 5.30, tuesday after this emergency notification went out to 27 million phone statewide calling for immediate conservation. officials say the public heeded that advice and demand on the grid went down. we saw between 2000 >> to 2,500 megawatts of load reduction, which helped restore our operating reserves and ultimately enabled us to avoid a call for rotating outages. looking ahead, the strain on the grid is still there. and for the 8th consecutive day, a flex alert is in effect from 4 until 9 in the evening as calls to conserve remain. ultimately would encourage all californians understand. >> they have a role to play in the can help keep their neighbors or family member safe. that as a bill that
9:34 pm
would create the state's first of its kind heatwave warning in ranking system is now in the governor's desk. it calls for callaway has to be in charge of contact in california ahead of time in areas predicted to get hit by extreme heat and the system would rank the heatwave danger level similar to how scientists ranked the dangers of hurricanes before they strike. what this will do will allow us to hone in on where extreme heat waves will be any. >> so that we in to make contact with californians to prepare in hope it at the end result, it's saving lives and the governor has until the end of the month to either sign or veto that bill reporting here at cal. oh, tom wallace kron. 4 news. california is expected to get more than 1 million updated covid booster doses targeting the omicron variant. >> in july, medical experts called the omicron ba 5 the most contagious form of the virus. yet health officials say most americans may need to get a covid shot every year if
9:35 pm
they want the most protection. they say the new updated boosters are safe and protect against severe illness. hospitalization, long covid and death. these may be the last shots subsidized by the federal government despite this, california will still be able to receive boosters free of charge. >> california has received the first 600,000 of the new updated and they are becoming available clinics and pharmacies throughout the state. we are expecting an additional 400,000 of those us in the next 2 days. and we will continue working on getting them communities quickly possible. and remember in california covid pulsars are free of charge to consumers. >> white house covid response officials said this week people recently infected with covid can wait a few more months before getting this omicron booster.
9:36 pm
>> ucsf and san mateo county joining up for a long covid study called appropriately. let's figure out long covid it is paid for by the national institutes of health. long covid refers to physical and mental health symptoms that last long after an initial covid infection, including brain fog or fatigue. researchers are hoping to figure out how common the problem is in the bay area and ways to prevent it and treat it. >> we're trying to find out and try to understand better is what is covid doing inside of our bodies. do we are we caring residual virus? is our immune system just on hyper drive? even though there's no virus there and attacking itself, yos know what is driving long covid? we don't really know from a physical why people get the symptoms to get. and we also don't know who's at higher risk. >> researchers say they want to they want to study to include people from all racial
9:37 pm
and ethnic backgrounds, all walks of life. if you've had covid in the last 30 days and you reported your case to your local health department, you are already on a list of people likely to be called. otherwise, though you can offer to join the study and we have details on how to do that on kron. 4 dot com. >> after the break, we'll take you to an event in san francisco's chinatown where neighbors had a chance to get together and thank first responders and work together to prevent crime. prop 27 isn't a solution to homelessness. 90% of the money goes to out-of-state corporations. the homeless get very little. vote no on 27.
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homeless californians need real solutions, not false promises. prop 27 gives 90% of the money to out-of-state corporations, not the homeless.
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vote no on prop 27. it's a broken promise. >> the 8th annual chinatown night out was held tonight in san francisco's portsmith square. the facilities included a bunch of food. people had fun chance for neighbors to mangal meet people. san francisco firefighters and police officers. thanks to the ap i community there for supporting both the fire department and police department throughout the years. >> when you experience an incident reported grab to beat officer on the street, get their cell phone number. make sure they know about it because they care and they will do something about it. and it's important that they know. so want to encourage everybody to continue the process of reporting. if you don't want to call get their
9:41 pm
cell phone number. they have cars. they give it out. they work with all the time and report report report. >> that was something that was stressed tonight. how to bert to report crimes and you heard them allude to that. there they were handing out police officers, cell phone numbers. if you feel more comfortable calling a specific officer rather than calling 9-1-1. the forty-niners name their team captains today. but the most important position on the team. is not a captive head coach kyle shanahan. >> it's going to try to explain why his qb was left out of the mix.
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>> today, apple debuted its iphone 14 lineup along with several other new updates. kron four's justin campbell has details from the key note in cupertino. yeah, apple ceo tim cook took the stage today and what we found apple finding a way to incorporate health and safety features into all of their products. they unveiled. >> the new iphone 14 and iphone 14 pro features camera upgrades. it's great for selfies and professions that i was going throw rocks 48 alone with groundbreaking safety capabilities. crash detection automatically dials emergency services in the event of a car crash. what we really saw
9:45 pm
today was a lot of focus on health and safety. bob o'donnell with tech knowledge. his research is a prime example is the new apple watch series. 8 along with crash detection. it also helps with women's health. the watch will track their temperature to help women estimate when they ovulate for young families planning when they want to have children. that's a big deal. apple also unveiled a new watch apple watch ultra made for the ultimate outdoorsy person or athletes starting at 7.99, a bigger screen in a titanium case can also serve as your dive computer where maybe you're looking for some air pods spinner waste. can also change by it. with your finger on the air pods, pro charging case can be charged with your apple watch charger. the new iphone 14 watches and airpods pro. >> coming to an apple store near you soon. preorders for the iphone 14 will start on friday. if you want to put
9:46 pm
your order in reporting here in cupertino, justin campbell kron, 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> we are getting closer and closer to that season opener on september. 11th and the niners. they had an eventful day of practice out in santa clara. first, the players voted on captains. trent williams, george kittle, fred warner, jimmie ward, nick bosa and eric armstead are the captains this season. trey lance, he came in 7th, but shanahan said he only wanted to have 6 as for some s for some of the on the field stuff. i'm sorry. george kittle. he did not practice today because of a groin injury. kyle shanahan said point blank george did not feel good today and now his status on sunday is up in the air. that will be a huge loss. obviously. but back to this whole captain thing i mentioned that trey lance was not voted a captain. i personally was not shocked
9:47 pm
given the fact that he's been a starter for all of 5 minutes. but others were caught off guard a bit. kyle shanahan basically pull those folks to relax. and trey lance, he also chimed in. and look into that much of a 7th. >> the voting i just do want to put 7 on. they're not evil that's why i mentioned his name an accident. we just didn't want to don't allow it to the coin toss. i don't believe it's also his first year of starting for us. you know, i think, guys, do you know there's not many rookies who end up being the captain's. i know this is the second year, but these are looking for us in terms of his first time in our starting quarterback. i don't think i'm a 6 of those guys and the lie bozo because those guys involved played football a very, very high level. >> so yeah, situations are different. i'm i would. i vote if everything. one of those guys. so i think every station everyone deserves it. >> all righty. look at all those empty seats. why try to rosen that socal heat? dodger stadium? not me. at least bottom of the 5th guys up to
9:48 pm
the nothing until justin turner takes alex cobb on a ride to center and just like that, the dodgers snatched that lead top of the 7th. now same score get their get back. david below are he goes yard yet 3 home runs this series. we're all tied up. bottom of the 8th now is to it. dodger killer max muncy, my max muncy his 19th home run of the season. that would be all she wrote. dodgers wind 7 to 3 giants in milwaukee for a double header tomorrow. out to the coliseum a's hosting the braves. bottom of the people that, you know, score a's get on the board here. stephen vogt sends a shot to the gap in left center field. one run in to score. let's jump all the way to the is down. 42 and a robbie grossman puts this
9:49 pm
one away with a double to right. 2 runs score as atlanta win 7 to 3. oakland has lost 6 of their last 7 games. all righty. that is your look at sports. back to you guys. all right. appreciated jason this week. >> turn our attention back to the heat wave that is unrelenting. a live look here at coit tower in san francisco. catherine, a little bit of a update reprieve today, but it's going to even hotter tomorrow. yeah, i thought you're going to mention the flex alert day that we just found out a few minutes ago. they're going to >> started earlier. they're going to started 3 instead of 4. it will last until 10 at night instead of 9. so once i guess that's telling us something what are you watching? yeah, i'm looking at a hotter weather around the bay area. lot hotter in some spots will finally start to see the beginning of the cool down coming from an unusual source. we've got. >> a hurricane that is brewing in off the coast of baja. that
9:50 pm
k really a strong hurricane. it's just write him a little bit more tomorrow. but you can see already affecting much of the baja area a l the way down to kabul. and they're going to see some heavy rain, probably some flash flooding along that area. maybe 10, maybe 15 inches of rain along this path right now sustained winds of 90 miles per hour. it's currently a category one you see was a make this track right there, possibly making landfall as a strong category one storm system, bringing some very heavy rainfall. if you head down to a mexico specially baja in the next couple of days, be prepared. you're going to see some significant amount of rain and some flash flooding. and then this is where it gets turns up near a california and starts to weaken quite a bit. but look at all that moisture rolling up into southern california, their talking probably about some flooding. there may be some flash flooding, some thunderstorms. we're going to see the clouds coming across the skies as we get to saturday. that's going up to finally knock down the temperature. what we're concerned about is the possibility of some thunderstorms says that system comes through. alright,
9:51 pm
temperatures for overnight lows tonight. yes, staying very mild out there. you've got 60's and even some 70's and warm in antioch furlough. so, you know, we're going tomorrow. these temperatures really going to soar by tomorrow afternoon. i think after briefly taking a little break around the bay area. looks like those temperatures tomorrow afternoon. 100 amount you 101 in san jose, 110 in some of the valleys along the coastline there. still some 70's there. but you get the idea very hot again for tomorrow. temperatures do start to cool a little bit on friday. much cooler, i think on saturday and sunday with those clouds coming through. the big concern as if we do see thunderstorms. that's a major problem after such a long wait, lightning could be a huge but that could be the big issue. yeah. thank you, more all right. >> well, it's a call you never expect to make fly. one man says officials didn't believe him at first when he called the report, what was taking a dip in his pool.
9:52 pm
have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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>> whether giving him a long, long look. booking elvis costello, but not every day. it's for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. the free event expanding its lineup for the first in-person festival since the start of the pandemic. costello will join other acts, including marcus, mumford allison russell loss. cafeterias. >> and will run from
9:55 pm
september. 30th to october. 2nd. you know, they are talking to a bear, a freshly baked cake. that was just too much for that bear to resist. z can receive them yet. okay. just went over the fence. we're being told i don't blame them. it was a fresh cake sundae. simi valley police had to scare the bear out of the house and not before he ate the chocolate cake and then he rummaged through the refrigerator. i'd love to have seen that this was happening after a woman who lived there and her son have locked themselves and upstairs bedrooms. fortunately, the bear did ignore the family dog in the garden before heading back to the hills. >> just one day prior to that, a bear was spotted swimming in another simi valley homes pull and going through their trash.
9:56 pm
the bear took its time in the pool. got a little soaking. hey, it's been hot. >> right? yeah, again, i don't blame the better. >> even played with a chlorine dispensing duck in the pool before getting out because you get bored. according to the homeowner when it called authorities to report this. they asked if he'd been drinking. it's not clear if it's the same bear. both incidents director says he was bare naked in the about if it's the same there. hopefully. >> he allowed the cake to digest before, you know, they say don't swim on a full. tell me that this was a cousin. haha. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. thanks for being with us this hour. >> and the news at 10 continues now with pam and ken after chocolate cake, you want to glass of cold milk. so that's why i went to the fridge makes total sense. it kind of done.
9:57 pm
>> all right. grant, thank you both. coming up next at 10, a surveillance video capturing oakland plumbers getting robbed while they are working. we hear from the company's owner who says this was not the first time his employees were targeted. it's a story you will only see here on kron 4. plus fire crews in the sierra battling a massive blaze that's burned thousands of acres and forced evacuations. there. >> we'll have the latest on the mosquito fire in placer and el dorado counties and get another flex alert issued for tomorrow. this one will last longer from 3 to 10:00pm. we continue to track power outages in the bay area. more heat expected tomorrow for news at 10 next.
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 beaves getting away with equipment worth thousands of dollars. the local business targeted twice of just trying to do its job, but thousands forced out of their homes after a wildfire burns in placer county. the triple digits making the firefight that much more difficult for fire crews and still no power for thousands of pg and e customers in the bay area all while more intense heat is on the way. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. parts of the bay area. finally got a break from the heat today. but the heat wave is not over yet.


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