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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  September 8, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking up with this bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news here. we are september 8th. i'm reyna harvey. we've been talking about the heat, john, i'm not sure if we got any sort of reprieve. a break last night. what's going to happen you know what? it's an extra special feeling get past some day this because looking ahead at multiple days of triple digits has not been fun for us. >> thursday, second to the last day of not just the week, but second to the last day of these triple digits before some sort of relief this
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weekend in even more of that relief as we make our way into next week where we're sitting right now is clear skies at the golden gate. but we have seen marine layer holding up pretty well at the coastline. this is offering us some 50's and 60's at the coast. 60's along most of the bay shore. it is warm inland, though. brett, would you have yet to fall out of the 80's overnight? 83 right now, pittsburgh at 79. so some of our further inland areas not seeing a whole lot of relief. most of us across the bay, at least seeing some good weather to get those windows wide open. let that cool breeze. and while we've got it before, another scorcher of an afternoon ahead of us. the mill you're seeing here, it's another day with our excessive heat warnings in pink today, all the way into the evening tonight for inland areas in the south bay and then also looking at heat advisories continue to ride along the bay shore where we will be back into the upper 80's to low 90's today. so we're not out of it just yet. coastal areas, though you're only spots without advisories. continuing to enjoy a least little bit
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ocean cool. there. for this to inland spots. daytime highs today for your actually going to be a bit hotter than yesterday's were, but not as hot as monday and tuesday. we're so we are in for another warm one, potentially record-breaking for a few spots. not quite as historic as earlier this week. most of our hottest areas will hover just below 110 today. well, besides cities in the 90's that are warmest coastal areas hanging out comfortably comparatively only in the 70's. i'll be breaking down. everything you need to know right where you're at. still to come in your forecast john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your bridges this morning. a 8 minute ride traveling into the city. >> mace to that fremont street exit across the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge 80 to 101 about 12 minutes for you to make that commute this morning. our richmond center fell bridge 8 minute drive. so traffic is still light across all of our bridges. 20 minutes. 37 to the tolls. that is the golden gate bridge. all
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the time. he is now 04:00:02am. and we are taking a look at pg and e's outage map here in the bay area. as you can see right now, there are still a number of outages all around the bay area. so what we can see is that the majority of those outages right now are concentrated in the south bay. we got morgan hill among those cities that are affected, those orange areas are outages affecting between 500 and 5,000 customers. we're going to keep an eye on those outage to let you know of any new large outages that may developed. well pg and e is offering rewards for customers that do not use much electric. the electricity during flex alert hours. the money ward for each kilowatt hours say it will be uses a credit on your next electrical bill. >> it allows us to get them back to us as a program that allowed for the customers are earned. i think it's $2 for each kilowatt hour. so incentive for customers to say power and also sanitize our customers to do that. >> if you're not a pg customer, cal iso has a
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similar rewards program in place for people who can serve during flex alert hours to sign up, you can find links to both programs on kron 4 dot com. well, the iconic sales force is facing criticism for having their lights on during a statewide flex alert. kron four's gayle ong has more on that controversy. >> video posted on reddit is criticizing sales force for telling san franciscans to power down while the building shows it kept most of the lights on through the night. >> this during a relentless heat wave sending energies soaring in the state on tuesday. temperatures in san francisco were in the upper 90's to avoid blackouts. cal iso issued a flex alert to call on residents and businesses to voluntarily conserve energy. people took to social media to weigh in on the sales force tower. one post reads, quote, flex alert on sales force tower tonight. have you tried turning the lights off an empty office buildings. another reads a classic sales force tower. reminder to turn off the power while using a bunch of power
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surrounding high rise buildings could also be seen with the lights on kron. 4 reached out to cal iso about saving energy during flex alerts in high-rise buildings. a spokesperson says flex alerts are voluntary. cal iso flex alert website gives tips for office and commercial buildings that include turn off unnecessary office lights set the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher turn off any office equipment that is not currently in use or look for sleep or power. saving models in between uses during the day we reached out to sales force for comment about their lights but have not yet heard back reporting from san francisco, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> well, this week's he continues to put record-breaking strain on the state's energy grid. and now utility companies are putting the blame on kauai us so for outages in some bay area, cities. well, a mix of resulted in rolling outages in helzberg palo alto and alameda it during peak energy demand tuesday. cal iso spoke with us about the mix-up. >> at that time, we notified utilities across our service territory to load in
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preparation for possible rotating outages. >> cal iso says it never ordered utilities to actually begin rolling blackouts. the mix of reportedly happened in discussions over the phone. well, that miscommunication causing some chaos for several businesses in palo alto kron. four's taylor is at the top with a bakery owner lost power for several hours. there. >> you know, mak room with misfits bake house is baking up a storm working overtime on wednesday after tuesday's power outage caused miss shipments and delays literally loaded up the oven. >> and it was the bakers have been considering all the equipment decided to go. bye-bye with that. you akron is the owner and baker at misfits big house in palo alto. >> he says the bakery lost power for several hours on tuesday, causing a major disruption to his business was nerve wracking. i had. >> all that bread and of and i wasn't sure if it's going to hold temperatures enough for
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it to finish. but hope that you do that was getting ready. >> to be bake it and >> so that went bad and had to toss it and at that point i'm not sure if this is going to happen again rest of the evening or not. that crum says he bakes everything fresh daily and losing any ingredients comes at a high cost since his bakery focuses. >> on gluten-free, grain-free and low carb breads and pastries very and dear to me, especially the low car. >> one, i used to be well over 500 pounds. and that's how i lost the weight. but also a few people. my family very about it. you know, the big thing is. alternatives that they can enjoy that. you don't have to feel left out says he serves a large population of people with allergies across the country. >> who count on regular deliveries. he says he was disappointed to miss those shipments on tuesday due to a power outage caused by a miscommunication between local
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utilities stream. you know, and i didn't. >> you want to think about yeah, i don't have any kind words. put it that miscommunication. that affected. god knows how many businesses and households in this heat. i just i can't even imagine has been running an operating misfits bay kelso low over the last several months due to a shortage in workers while he was able to save most of the goods. this time he says this sort of miscommunication is an unacceptable added stress. >> that can cost businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars. that crum says orders have been ramping up for the fall season and another power shut off could be detrimental to the business in palo alto taylor sackey kron. 4 news. breaking overnight. a man is now in custody after going on it several hours long rampage. >> that killed 4 people in memphis, tennessee, 19 year-old kelly was taken into custody around 09:00pm wednesday night. police say kelly recorded his actions on
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facebook. kelly was arrested when he crashed during a high-speed chase. at least 4 people were killed and 3 others were wounded. so far their identities have not been released. police have not released a motive yet. in the east bay. the search is on for a gunman who shot and robbed a security guard wednesday morning at the kaiser campuses. celie and roll. so far. we know the guard is a 60 year-old male. he's in the hospital right now in critical condition. kron four's terisa stasio has the latest on that investigation. there. >> just a lot going on. everybody was in a panic. everybody didn't even know how to react. everybody was just shocked. kaiser permanente. patient responding to the brazen shooting of an armored car security guard wednesday right in front of the emergency room. entrance at the hospital say lee andrew campus, the guard police say was shot as he left with a bag of cash and definitely scary with a places right beside the be a lot of patients sick patients. so that >> terrorism for like, you know, staff and i guess of community members as well. so
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we spoke to a kaiser permanente employee who works in the lab. >> right next to the emergency room where the shooting happened. she says the hospital went on lockdown for several hours as police swarmed to the scene. >> single suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper torso. he was immediately brought into the er at kaiser. he subsequently been transported to an area hospital. lieutenant barajas says detectives are combing through surveillance camera footage looking for a getaway car and the suspect you can't even describe it. i'm not going do this. family and injustice by. >> you know, explaining how scientists it is. it's just another senseless act of violence that happened in the middle of the day at a hospital of all places. police say it is unclear right now whether this was a random act. >> or if the armored car was followed to the hospital, just the location of where this was
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done and what time it was done is is is unique. i mean, to commit such a violent crime around so many people. i don't know. you really must not care or do prefer money? but there's no excuse. >> insanely under theresa stasi, a crown for new year's. coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. bird flu has been spotted in the bay area. >> what you need to know to keep yourself and your furry friends safe. we'll be right back. dc a number of democrats are attempting to 5 same marriage. we'll have a live report from dc breaking down. what's being done to get the bill on the table.
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>> newly released video shows a toddler being rescued in sacramento. now this is back in june. police say a woman and her former boyfriend, they got into an argument. the boyfriend took their 2 year-old son into the apartment. that room and refused to come out. the police say the man started setting fires in the back that's what you're seeing right there. they say both the man and that shower unconscious when they found him, they were taken to a nearby hospital. well, bird flu is in napa county and health officials are reminding the public to avoid direct contact with wild birds after an animal testing positive was detected. the viral disease
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occurs naturally in wild birds and can infect domestic poultry and other animal species, as well as humans. however, the risk of humans transmission is very low for now. bird flu has been detected in bird flocks in several counties, including santa clara solano, sonoma and contra costa counties. so again, be mindful of that. >> something else you got to be mindful love on this thursday, especially approaching. >> yet another weekend is the heat. we're trying our best to beat >> is a struggle. this week. we are seeing multiple days of those triple digits. we've already seen our hottest temperatures in bay area recorded history, not just one day, but 2 days in a row for our neighbors out livermore who have been hopefully finding as much of the ac is possible. much as the rest of us have been really quiet morning on the embarcadero right now. i haven't been seeing a lot of you out there just yet. it is a nice and cool morning for beside and coastal spots. well are inland. areas are starting things off. fairly warm right
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now. we're seeing a light. i'm just really modest inland breeze. that's pushing in some of this ocean. cool there. keeping temperatures moderated along the coastline beside areas. you're still going to happen to 80's and 90's inland areas certainly still another day in the triple digits by no means done with this heat just yet excessive heat warnings in pink for all and the east and north bay. all of the south bay as well as up and down the peninsula in our upper elevations. heat advisories for bayshore much like yesterday. only spots not under advisory, our coastal areas and nice to see why golden gate park mid 70's today. another beautiful day out there in the park. well, looking at 60's and 70's for most of our coastal spots, 80's to 90's. for most of our bay shore spots. burlingame at 95 saying carlos redwood city at 98 degrees. each south bay temps, triple digits. san jose 101. today. nearing that for fremont at 98. well, pleasanton and livermore at 108, sure does beat one 16,
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but it's still high concord at 109 walnut creek and danville, among other hottest of spots. at one 10, oakland at 88 antioch in vacaville, as well as pittsburgh 109, triple digits as well from santa rosa through center fell getting your lookahead temperatures tomorrow are last in the triple digits quite the fall into saturday. highs barely making the low 90's inland and by the middle of next week, we're barely low 80's for inland areas. that's around a 40 degree drop in temperatures from our peak daytime highs earlier this week to wear will be midweek next week. a huge drop for inland areas. taking us back to some relief bayside areas fall from the 90's to the 70's as soon as tomorrow. coastal areas pretty steady in the 60's rain, john david, that, ok, let's get a look >> at your traffic on this thursday morning. 7 min light ride into the city. may's to that fremont street exit. how about the san mateo bridge for 80 to 101 about 12 minutes for
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you. there. well, traveling out of richmond, that is about a 7 minute ride for you tolls to 101 and the golden gate bridge 30's into the tolls. a 20 minute ride the time for use. now 04:17am, and it's back to school and back to work. hackers are ramping up cyber attacks against schools. the threat so serious government agencies are warning schools that they could be the next target. well, just tuesday, we learned that los angeles unified school district, the second largest school district in the country was the victim of a cyberattack. >> as staff with tell us the detective a unusual activity. the monitor about a billion that's with a b. >> billion events and attacks a month on our own networks in the city. >> the fbi is recommending that districts take these steps to protect themselves, implement a recovery plan. in case data does become compromised and create and maintain and least one offline data backup of all files. well, detectives with the
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warren county sheriff's office have arrested an oakland man after finding him with a large amount of illegal narcotics. police say 29 year-old kristin diaz de la so 12 ounces of methamphetamine to an undercover detective. when detectives arrested him in sandra fell tuesday night. he was found to be carrying fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamine. he's being held on $150,000 bail. in national news, senate democrats are planning to bring marriage equality legislation to the floor even though they still don't have 10 republicans who will support that bill. washington correspondent basil john joining us from dc with the latest. good morning, basil. in a good morning. and yes, democrats are optimistic that they can make this happen in the next few weeks. >> and they're keeping this as a top priority. a vote will happen. senate majority leader chuck schumer announced that the senate would vote on legislation to protect same marriage vote on marriage. equality will happen on the
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senate floor in the coming weeks. this push comes after the house already passed legislation in july. >> the white house is in support of this commitment. the president is is a pro champion >> of the rate for people to marry whom they. >> they choose so far only a few republicans have given their support to this legislation and democrats will need 10 to make this bill a reality. missouri republican senator josh hawley and texas republican senator ted cruz have already given the bill a thumbs down. i think that's not in the constitution. the constitution leaves this issue. states. >> that's always been the case for 200 plus years. this bill is not solving any real problem. >> but it is causing a very significant problem is in particular, deeply harmful to religious liberty. >> democrats want this to be a standalone bill but are open to the idea of incorporating it into a government funding bill. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says that will cause more problems. >> i think the key to getting to see are gone with the least
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amount of controversy. is for it to be clean. >> now many lawmakers are still optimistic that they can keep this bill as a stand-alone bill and they hope to have this pass before the end of the month. reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. >> all right, basil, thanks for breaking that all down for us. well, back here at home and alameda county sheriff's deputy is in custody, accused of >> shooting and killing 2 people. investigators say 24 year-old devin williams junior shot and killed a 42 year-old woman and her 50 year-old husband and they're doubling hold on colebrook lane. the couple's relatives stated that an intruder at into the house just before one wednesday morning and opened fire. williams surrendered about 12 hours later and was taken into custody in fresno county. investigators say williams in the couple knew each other, but motive is still unclear. he grew up in a very fluent. >> home. well, loved.
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>> graduated from college with honors was a remarkable young person. how we got here today. it will be part of our investigation. >> williams has been with the alameda county sheriff's office for a year assigned to its court services division in oakland. before that, he worked with the stockton police department. 4p>> coming up next to the kron 4 morning news. well, musk's request for his twitter trial to be delayed as been tonight. so what's next for the billionaire? we're going to be right back after the break.
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>> well, insurers are no longer required to cover hiv prevention drugs under the affordable care act. a federal judge in texas on wednesday ruled that the requirement violates the religious freedom of a christian own company. it's not immediately clear what kind of impact this ruling would have, but it could determine whether the rest of the law's preventative care coverage requirements or remain. the rule was challenged by texas employers who argued violated their religious freedoms by forcing people to pay for coverage that conflicts with their faith and personal values. hiv prevention, drugs known as prep. they reduce the risk of getting hiv by 99%. analysis
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shows at overturning the preventative services requirement could threaten access to life, saving care for nearly half of the country. well, the request by elon musk to delay the impending toured twitter trial has been denied. the denial comes after the former twitter head of security revealed that the company had allegedly misled mosque and the public about the number of bots and fake accounts are on the platform. attorneys from us will be allowed to use the whistleblower report as part of their argument in an effort to provide reasons to exit the 44 billion dollar acquisition deal without being penalize. the trial is scheduled to begin on october 17th. most legal team had hoped to push the proceedings back another month. >> still ahead of the kron, 4 morning news, there might be a new law that would allow for a heat wave ranking system. break down what that could mean and what could happen if it's signed by governor newsom will be right back.
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>> a local back to the kron 4 morning news. hopefully last night was a little easier for you in terms of getting the sleep because it's been hot for a lot of us. and today, unfortunately, another hot day. good morning to yeah. another one rain. we're looking at triple digits back with us for 2 more days today. and tomorrow. that will be the end of it waving goodbye and
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good riddance to some of these triple digit temperatures that have been bringing. >> historically hot conditions, especially at the start of the week where we're at right now, clear skies over the golden gate bridge. we are not seeing any fog out there whatsoever, but we are getting a nice dose of ocean cool there specially at the coast and some of us along the bay cooling us into the 50's and 60's in the spots you head inland. it's a much different story with 70's and 80's for current temperatures. not a lot of evening, really for inland areas, but definitely tapping into ocean cool there for areas closer to the coastline. as for our inland spots, it's yet another day with those excessive heat warnings in pink, the inland east and north bay as well as the south bay and upper elevations on the peninsula. right back up to those triple digits. heat advisories along the bayshore much like yesterday. they'll be 80's to 90's for these spots. only spots out of advisory territory being right along the coastline, including san francisco today is going to bring ample sunshine again. we're talking sunshine all the way out to the coastline,


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