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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  September 8, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> it is a day of great loss. the queen elizabeth, the second leaves a great legacy. today. the crown paul says. >> now at 3 o'clock, she was one of the most pivotal figures of the 20th century. today, the world mourns the passing of queen elizabeth. the second britain's longest reigning monarch. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. go live right now to buckingham palace where it's 11 o'clock at night. the flag there has been lowered and
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there's a very large gathering outside of the gates. people started showing up there as soon as they learned the doctors were concerned about the qheens health. they brought flowers with them. and there's a huge sense of community in mourning there right now. her son charles is now king charles, the 3rd and he released a heartbreaking statement just moments after her passing the death of my beloved mother, her majesty, the queen is a moment of great sadness for me and all members of my family. for more now on the life and legacy of the queen reporter tamsen fadal gives us a closer look. >> elizabeth alexandra, mary windsor was born into royalty. the first daughter of the duke and duchess of york later king george, the 6th and queen elizabeth. the first she became heir presumptive after the abdication of her uncle king edward, the 8th in 1936. and after the passing of her father in 1952, a 25 year-old with elizabeth was officially named head of the commonwealth
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queen elizabeth. the second was for nathan on june. second, 1953, beginning rain. that included major political changes meetings with 12 sitting u.s. president in more than a handful of hardships at the time of her death with elizabeth was not only the longest living in longest reigning british monarch, but also the world's longest serving female head of state in a royal tenure that long didn't come without criticism and controversy. the first being her engagement to prince philip. some royal advisers deemed the prince who had little financial standing. it was foreign born in on suitable partner for then princess elizabeth. regardless the pair married in 1947, and had their first child. prince charles. less than a year later, they had 4 children total. charles princess anne, prince andrew and prince edward charles married his wife, princess diana of wales in 1981, the fairy tale wedding was broadcast to a global television audience. it's 600,000 spectators lined the streets near saint paul's
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cathedral to catch a glimpse of the couple. >> which receives a from the crowd. >> but despite fairytale appearances, all of elizabeth's children struggled in their personal lives. she referred to 1992 as her annus horribilis or horrible year during the first 3 months of her 25th year on the throne, she witnessed the breakdown of prince andrew's marriage, his wife, frances era and princess anne's marriage took westry and captain mark phillips later prince charles formally split from his wife, princess diana. the pair officially divorced in 1996 2 months after the queen urge them to do so. perhaps the most devastating in most enduring tragedy of the queen's reign came in 1997. with diana died in a car crash a year after her divorce from charles. she left behind 2 children. young prince william and prince harry. the glamorous activists was an international icon. the tragic death left a lasting impact on the royal family's
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legacy. mourners left offerings outside of kensington palace for months on september 5th, 1997, queen elizabeth pay tribute to her late daughter in law during a live television broadcast. her funeral took place in westminster abbey the next day. the youngest son of diana and charles harry later left the royal family with his american wife, actress meghan markle. in a bombshell interview with oprah. >> the pair accused members of the royal family of racism. markle clarify the queen wasn't involved. just a month later, the queen lost the love of her life. prince philip at the age of elizabeth maintained a high approval rating throughout reign in the long serving with a monochromatic outfits. elaborate hats and well
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as much of a pop culture icon as she was a nation's figurehead when england hosted the olympics in 2012, she started an opening ceremony sketch along side. james bond. actor daniel craig on the stage. she was immortalized by helen mirren and the tony award-winning play the audience on screen. the royals were featured on the critically acclaimed netflix series the crown elizabeth's oldest son. prince charles is next in line to the throne at 72 years old is the oldest heir apparent in the history of the monarchy. >> that was temps in fatal reporting for us this afternoon. and the reactions are pouring in. president biden issued a statement saying queen elizabeth, the second was more than a monarch. she defined an era. he went on to say in part, quote, she was the first british monarch to whom people all around the world can feel a personal and immediate connection. whether they heard her on the radio as the young princess speaking to the children of the united kingdom are gathered around their televisions for her coronation
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or watched her final christmas speech or her platinum jubilee on their phones. and she, in turn dedicated her whole life to their service. queen elizabeth, the second was estates woman of unmatched dignity and consistency who deep in the bedrock alliance between the united kingdom and the united states. she help make our relationship special. her legacy will loom large in the pages of history. and in the story of our world. we do have continuing coverage of the queen's passing on our website kron 4 dot com. you can read more about her legacy and learn what happens next. we'll have much more coverage for you throughout the hour here during kron. 4 news at 3 we will not talk about our weather forecast as it is another scorching day of triple digit temperatures across the bay area right now. any at 107 degrees livermore still sweltering at 110 but cool and half moon bay at 69 degrees. kyle is here now with our forecast. this is the last hot day we have to deal with
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during this. yeah, really sweaty weather. yeah. and you know what? livermore just right before our eyes just tied a record. a daily record from 1944, by hitting 110 degrees. that's what we're expecting in the east >> kind of didn't want them to make it, but they did north bay looking at about one to 2 to 108 south bay about 100 to 106. and that is what we're seeing. there you go. santa rosa right now at 1, 0, 5, 1, 0, 2, in nevado. you can see 99 in san carlos, 102 in san jose. it's toasty out there. it's dangerous heat, everybody. we've got one more day of it. as you can see here from our temperature map that shows you the difference in temperatures from 24 hours ago to now we are running anywhere from about 2 to 10 degrees warmer than we work sept half moon bay which is staying cool out of the coast. so we are under this excessive heat warning that does include those of you in livermore. that includes those of you up in healdsburg petaluma also down in san jose. all those areas in pink expires tonight at 08:00pm. we have that watch. that is the area in orange that also expires tonight at 08:00pm. taking it back to the bay. it's beautiful outside, right? we'vehgot the blue skies out there. but unfortunately, the
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heat is here for the rest of the day tonight. we will see our cool down start a little bit, but frankly, very limited overnight cooling. as you can see those temperatures there. some of them are going to be in the 70's overnight with those mostly clear skies. a little wind notice that shifting from just west to southwest an indication of some wind that's going turn around on us as we have some weather coming from the south at 2010 to 20 miles per hour. so i'll be back in just a little bit with your extended forecast. we're going to talk about how low these numbers are going because i've got really good news and the 7 day looking forward to that. but there is a statewide flex alert. it's been extended now for today. it started at 3 it last until 10 o'clock tonight. this is the 9th consecutive flex alert has been issued because of the ongoing. >> heat wave in has also issued a level 2 energy emergency. they're asking people to save power during this time. san jose mayor sam liccardo is calling out pg and e the mayor's office says 2 of san jose's hospitals were affected by the power outages over the past week, along with
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more than 30,000 homes. the cargo says the utility company has to come up with a plan to keep the lights on. at kaiser hospitals or face legal action >> so we're going to be sitting down with pg e in the days ahead to make that they are replacing aging infrastructure in the city of san jose to ensure we do not have blown transformers. but the next heat wave, if we don't see that there is sufficient budget applied and action applied to this problem, then we'll be going to the pc and in the courts. the 4th pga need to do the right thing. >> the mayor said the failures of the backup generators at valley medical cost. a lot of problems, including a loss of air conditioning, lighting equipment and computer access. we have reached out to pg e for a statement. we're waiting to hear back. rob nesbit. we'll have the story for us starting during kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock tonight. and the heat wave knocked out power all over the bay area. but people in morgan hill have been dealing with on and off
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outages for the last 4 days. we did hear from some the people who live there. they tell us this week has been brutal without any air conditioning. >> on an hour of sleep, but i have it as i want to go home. you want to go gets hot. morgan hill high. i mean, were you like hating life? >> there are still some outages west of morgan hill, but the power should be on for most people right now. and you can stay connected with kron 4 for the latest weather conditions as we get through this heat wave, you can scan this qr code right here. it will take you to our website where you can find the current conditions. the 7 day forecast a lot more. that's all on kron. 4 dot com. a coroner has identified 2 double homicide victims who are allegedly murdered by the alameda county sheriff's deputy. investigators say 24 year-old devin williams junior shot and killed. 42 year-old maria tran and her 58 year-old husband suntran in there home in dublin on colebrook lane. the couple's relatives are telling us an intruder entered the
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house just before 1 o'clock in the morning and then opened fire. williams is now in custody at the santa rita jail. and investigators say that williams and the couple knew each other, but a motive is still unclear. williams first court appearance is set for tomorrow morning. i'm going out of memphis, tennessee, where a gunman has been arrested after police say that he terrorized the city for 20 hours during a shooting rampage. police say the 19 year-old ezekiel kelly was live streaming this facebook last night as he walked into an auto zone store and started firing in another incident. he's accused of cali a suspected of shooting and carjacking a woman in total. 4 people were killed and 3 others were hurt in these random shootings. coming up here 3.30, today, the city of san francisco has decriminalize magic mushrooms. the benefits city supervisor say. >> the federally banned plant can bring to people. and at las vegas area elected ed a
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official for killing this journalist. the motive is pointing to revenge. and thieves got away with equipment worth thousands of dollars. we're go
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get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ the mosquito fire burning in placer and el dorado counties quadrupled in size wednesday. it's now burning nearly 7,000 acres. that's being fueled by
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hot and dry conditions. the fires burning in rough terrain and steep canyons making a tough and dangerous for firefighters to reach. >> the use of bulldozers is limited. so much of the work is falling and firefighters, an inmate crews on the ground. they do have some support from the air. we see that here. several plans dumping water and retardant on the flames throughout the day. >> it was tough just with people trying to, you know, it's their entire. home. and so they're trying to, you know, pick and choose what to grab beyond what they already have. you know, the essentials, but like what schools they want to what vehicles they wanted. it was it was chaos. it's really tough. >> hearing from some of the people evacuated there, the fire did prompt evacuation orders that remain in effect in placer and el dorado counties. this fire is 0% contained and there are new evacuation orders in place for the fairview fire that's burning in riverside county. the flames doubling in size since wednesday. that's now burned more than 18,000 acres. it is 5% contained and 2 people died in that fire earlier this week. as we come
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out of this stretch of super hot weather will take this. look here live in walnut creek and can see just how dry it is out there. meteorologist kyla grogan is here now with our forecast and we're not kind of entering the danger of fire season. you know, we are. we are and there's no way to sugarcoat it. and i wanted to show the humidity levels because we are so bone dry right now is you've got all this heat out there. we have all the dry brush as well. you can see it's just 10% humidity. that's how saturated the air just to say. >> not much you can see in fairfield 13% in about a 10% in livermore. so what it means is fires can spread very quickly. so we look at a couple different risk factors, right? we're talking about fire season high temperatures. we've got that dry vegetation. we sure have that low humidity levels you just saw. we certainly have that inland and wind which will get a little bit of with our on-shore flow. and thankfully it's onshore. and that's kind of a cooler moister air mass as opposed to the offshore. the get later in the season. but just a reminder be fire safe because 95% of our wildfires are caused by people and power
3:17 pm
equipment. and speaking of that, we are under spare the air alert. you can see where some of these fires are sending smoke our way and certainly over the next 24 hours to 48 hours pulling us, he thinks get just a little bit worse. as you can see, some of that starting to roll over from that looks like for the mosquito fire. we also have a hurricane to the south. we have high pressure in control and we've got a hot day on our hands. so one more day, we've got those inland 1, 100's in the cooling finally starts as we get to friday. so quick, look at your current temperatures. you can see morgan hill 104, right? what? one, 11, concord and 1, 0, 6, 1, 0, 9, and fairfax and boy, look at santa rosa at 105. i'll be back in a bit and we're going to talk more about your extended forecast coming up. guys, back to you. thanks so much. well, the sales force tower is facing some criticism for having its lights on during a statewide flex alert. there's video posted on reddit showing sales force told people here looking at it to power down. well, it kept most of the tower lights on. so people on social media were criticizing the company for using so much electricity to
3:18 pm
tell people to conserve energy. well, kauai, so says the flex alerts are voluntary. only on kron. 4 in oakland, business owners out thousands of dollars in equipment after his technicians were robbed twice in less than a month. >> one of the incidents captured on camera enforcement. harry spoke to the owner of oakland, a router and plumbing. >> for me, it's is very disturbing and hurtful. >> to seeing can plumbing honored. not but sarah says in the last month his plumbing technicians have been robbed twice while trying to do their job. the second incident happened on tuesday, september 6th and it was caught on their customers. home security video story straight for my guys were targeted. the serveral lee the block a few times before they decided to make their move. in this video. you can see the suspect approached a technician one holds up his arm as if he has a gun with
3:19 pm
gun. to my technician. 2 others that were there at the same time. >> and the that release, the camera equipment. >> and you know that thing in. >> pretty simple playing there. >> they say that are here to take your camera. >> don't by a team. >> you know that. i that july just he was a coward. >> we'll let you guys go at the end of the video. you can see the suspects, take everything and run away. but sarah says they use video equipment. the costs about $20,000 to do inspections of sewer lines for people who are buying or selling a home. he says a similar incident happened back on august. 12th both times he filed a report with the oakland police department. he doesn't believe his particular business is being targeted. he believes it's the neighborhoods that are tracking the criminals are more.
3:20 pm
>> affluent neighborhoods. it's not it's not really happening in the but it is happening in the afternoon its work were they with the thieves know people can 4 >> remodels he says his goal is to make people wear these types of crimes are happening. he says it happens every day in the city of oakland, but he's staying put very proud to born or racing open. and that's bulls big. >> decision for me to name my company open over you know, i'm here for the long run. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> those men, harry reporting for us. we're also hearing that from owner that his technicians, i know that it's not worth losing their life over a piece of equipment and that they should do what this man. did and they just let the suspects take their stuff. still ahead tonight, the future of reid hillview airport in santa clara is hanging in the balance. officials scrambling to solve. >> and i'm going let issue we have the latest on where things stand right now. and
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all with no monthly service fee. black lives matter movement is centered around a top executive accused of stealing more than 10 million dollars in donations. >> reporter nicole berlie has the story.
3:24 pm
>> an internal power struggle at black lives matter boiling over into a contentious legal fight. hundreds of activists from the more than 2 dozen official black lives matter chapters around america sewing their central fundraising arm and its newly installed director shallow mayabb hours accusing him of stealing millions of dollars in donations to line his own pockets. the lawsuit calling bowers head of a consulting firm, a rogue administrator, a middleman turned usurper whom they allege still more than 10 million dollars from black lives matter donations awarding grants to his own consulting firm while charging the foundation. huge fees and deliberately misleading. blm is leaders to remain in power. highly paid consultants who himself upwards of 2 million dollars in a single year and is now taking away our social media platforms and is using them to amplify things that
3:25 pm
are not in line with what we are building black lives matter formed in 2013 in the aftermath of trayvon martin's death and exploded in size to more than 40 chapters globally by 2016, raking in 10's of millions in donations. but it lacked a formal structure with each local chapter operating autonomously linked only by a set of guiding principles by 2017 organizers created the black lives matter global network foundation. quote, as an administrative organization to raise funds to provide financial support for local level community efforts and by 2020 black lives matter existed as to co-operative entities, the non-profit grassroots movement made up of dozens of local chapters and the global network foundation. the centralized administrative arm that collects donations and allocates them to the individual groups. the purpose of the global network foundation was to support the work of chapters. that is not what is happening. blm was
3:26 pm
thrust back into the national spotlight after george floyd's death in 2020 leading to a record 90 million dollars in donations in about that. blm is former leader patrice cullors says the group was not staff nor prepared to deal with colors who had already come under scrutiny for financial mismanagement, including a controversial purchase of a 6 million dollars. california home step down in 2021. >> but the lawsuit accuses bowers of going against the agreed upon transition plan in an effort to cling to power, even changing the passwords for the group social media accounts to lock leaders out bowers and the global network foundation flat out deny the accusations, calling them slanderous and devoid of reality. they say they've attempted to privately resolve the issue with the grassroots groups on 10 separate occasions and instead accused them of financial malfeasance and misusing funds, including an unsanctioned trip to jamaica and $10,000 monthly
3:27 pm
stipends for leaders who claimed they were volunteers. that was nichole berlie reporting for us bowers and the global network foundation. >> flat out deny the accusations. next here, 3.30, kron four's on storm watch. as we track hurricanes on both coasts of the u.s. one could help cool down our temperatures this weekend. so kyle is going to join us with the forecast. that's next. and remembering the queen wore on the legacy of the monarc
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>> our top story. 3.30, bells ringing at san francisco's grace cathedral honoring queen elizabeth. the second she passed away this morning at her summer home in scotland, surrounded by her family. she was 96 years old. kron four's definitely land spoke with a local professor about the queen's historical accomplishments. >> over the past 70 and of course, she's the longest reigning them british monarchy in history presided over a number of very important changes britain and its empire with the breakup of the british empire a variety of its a former colonies joining the commonwealth the modern political britain, including that devolution for wales and northern ireland and scotland.
3:31 pm
she had a very longstanding diplomatic will. she acted as an intermediary between the british government and other nations on countless occasions. >> and more reaction is pouring in today. top lawmakers in washington are remembering queen elizabeth. the second as a diplomatic force over her 7 decades on the throne. our washington correspondent jessi turnure reports and there are spots. flags fly at half-staff from the white house to the u.s. capitol in honor of queen elizabeth. the second i dare say we will never see leader quite like her. >> for as long as we live the queen 70 year reign overlapped 14 american presidents from harry truman to joe biden and she met nearly all of them. in a statement, president biden said the queen was more than a monarch. she defined an era such a remarkable leader. >> i'm such a successful. >> in 1991, queen elizabeth also became the first british monarch to ever address a joint session of congress
3:32 pm
where she touted the united states and britain share the spirit of democracy and the 2 countries alliances during the gulf war. we have a from history, but we must not allow aggression to succeed. the senate's top democrat and republican called the queen a true public servant and credited her with improving the ties between the u.s. and uk. thanks to hurt. the special. relationship. >> between the united states and the u k games, even more special significance. shippers audit over a period of historic strengthening. of the alliance between our nations. change the course. history. >> the house returns to washington next week. members plan to pass a bereavement resolution on tuesday and then adjourned for the day in her honor in washington. i'm jessi tenure. a lot more on the queen's life legacy on our website. kron 4 dot com. but we are monitoring 2 hurricanes on opposite ends of the
3:33 pm
country. >> we'll start in the atlantic ocean where hurricane earl is thinking it could pass near bermuda as a category 3 storm bringing storm conditions to the island today in the pacific. we have hurricane kay. it has made landfall in mexico's baja, california peninsula. and that storm has already dumped torrential rain in northern mexico causing flash flooding. it is expected to weaken as it enters cooler waters. but kay could bring heavy rain and gusty winds to southern california by the weekend. pilots here now tracking the changes that this hurricane is going bring us here in the bay area. yandy diaz getting kind of interesting, though. i wanted to start to see those kind of dueling hurricanes, right? i want to start with early because it just so happens. >> that earl is you see a little tiny dot right ther that is bermuda. they're just catching the outer rings overall right not a pleasant place to be at the moment. let's head over to the pacific and you can see our pacific hurricane, which is kaye. and there it is right now sitting at 75 miles per hour. so what category one moving about 14
3:34 pm
miles per hour to the north northwest at the track? has it going right along baja peninsula and then it kind of comes some truck pulling rolls around a little certainly do that sometimes. but in the meantime, it throws a lot of moisture towards california. and you're seeing that right here in future cast. there goes southern california. we will start to see clouds from that as we get into sunday. and, you know, you see a little moisture trying to make its way. i don't think are going to see anything the way of rain. the central might have a tiny shot at it, but likely we'll just be looking out for rogue thunder storms that come from some of the instability that comes along with that. and we'll see some wind from the south and a little bit of cloud cover and not really a lot of cloud cover out there today. lots of blue skies as we've been heating up. i mention the livermore. one 10 is the daily record there beating from the 40's and it was 1944. you can see 105, in santa rosa. 94 in oakland, 91 in palo alto 109, in antioch. but here's the good news. i'm so happy to be able to bring it to you. well, we get through today. then tomorrow, our inland communities. and i know this sounds kind of crazy as they're only going to be in the low 1, 100's, but you know, 102, is much better than
3:35 pm
one 10. and then by saturday, we're going to knock that down. another 10 to 12 degrees. we're going to stay there through sunday. and then by the time we get into monday and tuesday, even better temperatures coming our way. so i'll be back in a bit with more on that because i think that bears speaking about as much as we can just change. all right. let's do that soon. but now we're going to talk about how the city of san francisco has d criminalized. >> plant based psychedelics. that includes certain mushrooms mpo the city's board of supervisors made this move yesterday. and this resolution also says that no city resources should be used for the investigations tied to the use of psychedelics. the argument that the psychedelics can help people with addictions, trauma and anxiety. new now at 3 o'clock, a new chapter is being written in the battle over the fate of reid-hillview airport for decades. advocates and local leaders have fought to shut the airport down because of public health concerns as kron four's. charles clifford tells us members of congress are now joining that effort. >> a few years ago, santa clara county commission to
3:36 pm
study that found elevated levels of lead in the blood of children near reid-hillview airport. in response, the county ban, the sale of let it fuel at the airport a little over a year ago. but if a pilot purchases leaded fuel somewhere else, they can still land and take off here. that has raised concerns that the use of leaded fuel could still be causing health problems for neighbors. >> on thursday, some of santa clara county's top elected officials called on the department of transportation and the faa to do more to address the problem. >> because it is simply unacceptable in our community or any community in america for kids to be poisoned. i let it feel at airport if you can. >> land and take off with leaded fuel. you're going to pollute the children. this community in a statement to kron 4 on thursday, the faa said that they are working to move the country away from leaded aviation fuel. just last week, the faa cleared the way for an unloaded aviation fuel to be used throughout the nation's fleet. a piston powered aircraft, a major step forward. the statement was welcome news on thursday, but
3:37 pm
the county says the faa needs to move faster glad. we finally got a statement that it shouldn't take press conferences and it shouldn't take hearings to get. >> the faa to move. this is the last sector in transportation where leaded fuel is allowed. we don't have it in commercial aviation. we don't have it in our automobiles needs to stop. >> the faa says they are also committed to working with santa clara county to have safe lead free operations at the airport as things stand right now, reid hillview could close in the coming decade and that's because the county has decided not to accept the. >> federal grants needed to keep the airport operating. but for now in santa clara county, charles clifford kron, 4 news >> coming up, tense moments unfolding as officers ambushed and attacked while responding to a disturbance call. the encounter turned deadly as body camera video captured it all. and why the federal reserve says they have to move reserve says they have to move quickly on fighting inflation
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>> for your health. a study on the effects of fentanyl found that the drug impacts breathing several minutes before any of the sedative effects. 7 fentanyl is a powerful synthetic painkiller. >> that can be deadly if it's used the wrong way. researchers want look at a proper dosage in medical settings as the amounts were carefully increase in patients prior to surgery. a change in the brain signaled that some
3:41 pm
breathing problems were happening and that's what they found in the study. scientists say that this could help doctors administer the correct dosages before breathing is affected. the study was published in the scientific journal p and yes, nexus. >> still ahead, a possible revenge killing elected official has been arrested in the connection with the stabbing of a las vegas journalist. what he was writing about that may have a
3:42 pm
3:43 pm
3:44 pm
las vegas elected official is in police custody right now in connection to the deadly stabbing of a news reporter. police arrested clark county public administrator. robert, tell us at his home, investigators served a search warrant and confiscated vehicles in this homicide investigation. police say that they found dna linked to tell us at the scene. the suspect due in court this afternoon. he faces charg s of murder with a deadly weapon. we'll get the latest now from news nation. stephanie haines. >> this morning, clark county official robert ellis is in police custody following the stabbing deaths of las vegas. journalist jeff gear meant investigators searched tell us is home for hours wednesday following a meeting with investigators tell us return to his home after the search. any white protective suits.
3:45 pm
>> investigators say cure man was stabbed multiple times last friday morning. they released this image of a possible suspect to skies with a bright orange vest and hiding their face beneath a large hat. >> investigators also shared an image of this suspected car which matches the description of the car. investigators towed away from tell us is home and not tell us. and then your clark county public administrator tell us lost a june primary election following several of and stories which revealed serious allegations that his office and and tied it to his reporting writing lagging numbers. follow a review journal investigation last month that uncovered in office in turmoil amid claims of bullying and retaliation and an inappropriate relationship between tell us and a staffer. social media shows tell us fired back at your men. this twitter post on june 18th says, quote, looking forward to lying smear piece number 4 by jeff dearman. i think he's mad. i haven't crawled into a hole and died.
3:46 pm
>> that was stephanie haines reporting for us this afternoon. >> fired. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> is underway for this disturbing encounter in cleveland that left one man dead and officer responded to a noise complaint on monday morning when he got out of his car. the suspect attacked him and that man later died at a local hospital. steve bannon has pleaded not guilty to charges that he duped donors of 25 million dollars in border wall fundraising campaigntmoney. the former white house adviser surrendered to new york authorities this morning and was led into the courtroom in handcuffs while telling reporters, quote, they will never shut me up. they will have to kill me. first, former president donald trump pardoned bannon on federal fraud charges in 2020, but he was later charged by the manhattan district attorney's office for the same alleged conduct. we're inching closer
3:47 pm
and closer to the weekend and to cooler temperatures. we're taking a look here at the current temperatures outside. >> still triple digits for much of the bay area. it's our last full day of this heat wave and the small guy conditions from our a camera there over the san mateo bridge. kyla. when are we going to feel this cool down? well, we're going to start feeling it. we get into tomorrow. certainly compared to today. it will be a little bit more like yesterday. we got a little bit of a break. these excessive heat warnings that you see on the area in pink and heat advisories that you see in orange. those are going expired tonight at 8 o'clock. an indication that will be headed in the right direction right now, though. i mean, it is just wow. look at these numbers. one, 10 in livermore, 109, in antioch, 105, in santa rosa. i'm almost getting used to this right. 94 to oakland, 102 in san jose. and there's nothing normal about it. tonight will have limited overnight cooling as we'll see some spots inland areas today. we'll only cool down to the low 70's. we'll see a little wind kick up. we get our sea breeze about 10 to 20 miles per hour. but this is
3:48 pm
the big story that i want to share with you, everybody. we are cooling down a bit tomorrow. we could see, you know, 100 10102. then to about 90 91 inland on saturday and sunday, monday and tuesday. we'll start to see some more cooling their tuesday wednesday, low 80's. how about that? that's back to where we should be. this time of year. we've all forgotten what that feels like steam. we do have breaking news into the kron. 4 news from a come to us from san carlos. what we have learned that a woman was beheaded. authorities say that she was killed in the area of world street. >> she was beheaded by a man with a sword. that's according to our sources. we have learned that the suspect is an adult male. he has been detained and has since been placed under arrest for murder. we do know that the woman was 25 years old. again, that's according to our source. we're still working to get more information on the story. but police are asking people to avoid this area as they investigate. they are saying, but there is no threat to the community. we do have a news crew headed to the scene right now in san carlos where a woman was beheaded by a
3:49 pm
person with a sword. we're going to update this story throughout the day for you right here on kron. 4. for your money. high inflation is a problem. lead ers in washington just cannot seem to solve, but they're trying to bring down prices and stabilize the economy. our dc correspondent hannah brandt explains how. >> the whole government seems to be talking and thinking about inflation, the federal reserve, the treasury department, the president and lawmakers all say they're working on solutions. we will keep at it until the job is done. the federal reserve is expected to announce another interest rate hike at their meeting in 2 weeks. and chair jerome powell says they have to move quickly because the public's expectations >> of future inflation will play an important role in the actual path of inflation. he says the longer high inflation is around, the more people will get used to it and that will impact their long-term buying habits. our job is to make sure that doesn't happen.
3:50 pm
and we're committed to doing that job. the biden administration is trying to project confidence about the direction of the economy. i am more optimistic about the course of our economy. >> i have been for quite a while. treasury secretary janet yellen says recently passed legislation like the chips act in the inflation reduction act will have long-term positive impacts. it will help us achieve stable, sustainable growth and they'll move us toward a fairer and more resilient economy. but republicans blame democrats for creating the high inflation. and senator tommy tuberville is predicting ongoing economic pain the way they're handling their they they put us in harm's way. the economy is going. >> it's going really suffer the next couple years. >> republicans are also focusing on the economy in their midterm election pitches. they say with their party in power, they can get things back on track in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> let's check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight.
3:51 pm
tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. a democratic lawmaker in nevada facing lawmaker in nevada facing murder charges for stabbin journalist who was covering him. cable news networks not covering the story much and msnbc. >> isn't even mentioning he's a democrat. would this all be different if the suspect were republican? that's tonight on dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. and coming up next, webster's dictionary is adding some gen z slaying. if you don't know what you eat versus.
3:52 pm
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what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> the merriam-webster dictionary has added a batch of new words and definitions and a lot of these terms gained popularity during the pandemic. but many are just pulled straight from gen z lingo. so here's what made the list sus. that's a shortened version of saying suspicious or suspect going to be using that so much more now because it's official word yet. also being added, which continues to express excitement or as a verb, meaning to throw spahn kamin sponsored content. usually referring now to something that a social media influencer. my post also one classic reference made the cut to macgyver something, which means that you're coming up a way to improvise a solution with limited tools at hand. you know the show right? and
3:55 pm
another addition for the fall pumpkin spice. i think we know what that means and tastes like and the mixture, if you don't. it's a mixture of something that cinnamon nutmeg ginger cloves and allspice. the are making a comeback. the popular children's show featuring the 4 colorful characters of tele to be land coming to netflix in november. the reboot is bringing back tinky winky ditzy lala who the new episodes will be narrated by actor titus ferguson. the original teletubbies premiered of the bbc in 1997 before it came to pbs a year later. so appleby is now has its own lic loss. you can choose between 4 different flavors. get me hot. buffalo chili. kiss flex in be my honey pepper and honey bbq teen, which is described as having a smoky burgundy flavor, their $18. which one would you go for? >> that will i think that what
3:56 pm
you think that when you like smooch up with someone, it kind of like. >> my face like things. i think it's like when i was a kid in the bubble gum with us and i want eat it. i mean, it was the stories like tony. yeah, it felt so good. >> no, i do like some good though. >> hey, you know what? i'm not so wild about these temperatures were still stuck with this heat, one, 11 in livermore, one 11 in brentwood. what awaited dublin, 109, in concord, 104, nevado. you get the idea. it's hot out there. we've got just a few hours left of this heat advisory excessive heat warning and our heat advisory that is around the bay. >> and tomorrow we'll start to see things cool down. so this is what we're looking at for tomorrow. 72 in san francisco. yes, still 100, 101, but it's going to be better than today. 94 in santa rosa and 92 in san jose. a quick look at your extended forecast just to show you the cooldown. i'm not making it up, folks. there it is, right. cool down a little tomorrow. get right into some nicer temperatures as we work our way into monday, tuesday and wednesday. i have eat for our named cynthia. i want to
3:57 pm
bring justine in for a second to discuss that she can macgyver anything right when it comes yeah. yeah. so just, you know, want to bring you i think you had a few words. you want to say. love the producer. i do want to have a special goodbye. the huge thank you to set the are 03:00pm producer. she's been here 3 o'clock since day one. >> and he's executed the vision of the show with grace, precision and a lot of patients, the city is going on to pursue her passion. i'm really not sure how we're going to be doing this without her. i'm gonna miss you so much. thank you so much for holding me to a very high standard for trusting this process. and just overall being a gem of a human. everyone in this newsroom loves you were going to see so much you, cynthia.
3:58 pm
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