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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  September 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the shape of life for your kids. you have that chance. all right? all right. thank you, dr. sophy. thank you, dr. sophy. [soft music] [station identifier] >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> 3 big stories tonight. the first takes us to buckingham palace. a live look here where a nation and people all over the world are mourning the loss of queen elizabeth. the second. >> and in the bay area test of endurance as dangerous temperatures again are blanketing the region. we are in the middle of an unprecedented 9th straight day of a flex alert. this is power problems continue to plague several local neighborhoods. more on those stories momentarily. but we begin
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tonight with some breaking news, a gruesome and shocking discovery. >> was made this morning on the peninsula. welcome into a busy night on kron. 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus. i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis. it was a horrific crime discovered on the peninsula. a young mother be headed late this morning. >> in the area of laurel street and magnolia avenue. police held a news less than an hour ago. kron four's dan thorn was there and has the latest. dan? well, catherine, we are learning tonight that this 25 year-old woman was killed with a sword. >> san mateo county deputies say that she was attacked just before noon today on laurel street in front of her home. deputies were first called to the scene around 11 50 this morning. witnesses reported that there was a woman being attacked out in the street by the time they arrived on the scene, they had found that woman dead and kron has confirmed tonight that the man cut the woman's head off with
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a sword. investigators say that the killer and the victim did know each other, but they did not elaborate in a press conference that was held at substation within the last hour. take a listen. >> there was an ongoing relationship between the 2 and we believe this is an isolated incident. there is no ongoing threat to the community. >> know that this man has been arrested, but his name nor the woman's name have been released at this time. deputies did confirm that the woman has 2 children. they did not witness her death, but several people here in the neighborhood did witness are being killed. investigators telling us tonight, but they are also still looking for the weapon that was used in this killing. we talked with some neighbors who couldn't tell us much about this woman, but they tell us that they are obviously shocked by what happened here. shocked that in a quiet neighborhood like this, such a brutal killing would happen. of course keep you up to date as we learn more information about the
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circumstances surrounding what led up to this attack and then eventually killing will be on later on tonight. and also be keeping you up to date online. that's the latest here live in san carlos. dan thorn kron, 4 thank >> another big story today. she was one of the most pivotal figures of the 20th century recognized across the planet. today the world is marking the death of queen elizabeth. the second she died at age 96 at her summer home in scotland. members of the royal family rushed there after getting news. her health had taken a turn for the worse. and that will look live at the scene outside buckingham palace. it is very light there now. but earlier, huge crowds. but people have been gathering all day to remember, in most cases, they only queen they've ever had and remembering her remarkable life. she was britain's longest reigning monarch holding the crown. >> for an astounding 70 >> years. and the queen has been a symbol of stability. and at times a turbulent era
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that saw the decline of the british empire and overwhelming scrutiny for some dysfunction in her own family. the public's abiding affection for the queen helps maintain support for the monarchy during a string of scandals and drama. >> her son, he is now king charles. the second released a statement saying cats actually king charles, the 3rd at this point saying we mourn profoundly the passing of a cherished auburn, a much love mother. i know her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country, the realms, the commonwealth and by countless people around the world during this period of mourning and change my family and i will be comforted and sustained by our knowledge of the respect and deep affection in which the queen was so widely held. the queen's rule did spanned 7 decades. 13 u.s. presidents, 15 prime ministers. she made a
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lot of trips to the u.s. during her reign, including a trip to the bay area and sacramento and 1983. that's where she met the speaker of the state assembly at the time willie brown kron four's rob nesbitt. talk to the former mayor of san francisco about the queen's staff and he's live in the studio. you'll be interested in what his memories are, rob? yeah, catherine had a lot to say because whether it's a berth, wedding or death when the royal family's in the news, the world is glued to the tv. that was the case today for the death of queen elizabeth. the second you can say they met her mayor willie brown. ken. >> she was the queen for the ages and queen elizabeth. the second was honored thursday in san francisco. from the union flag and mark hopkins hotel being lowered to half-staff to the 96 tolls of the bell at grace cathedral one for every year she was alive. reverend malcolm young reflected on the loss of the head of the english church percent of duty or sense of commitment measured sense good judgment. >> i think that all of us want to do whatever it is that we
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do it in the best possible way. the longest-running british monarch made her first visit to the u.s. in 1957. returned several times after including a trip to sacramento in 1983. where she met the speaker of the california assembly, willie brown. so there was so many things, a parent in the world. >> to talk to somebody as important as this woman. >> was unbelievable. the former mayor of san francisco was surprised by how candid the queen was during her conversations about state government. >> i don't even think and in a moment, she was him. impacted by her actual title in our actual importance from state leaders to u.s. presidents the queen cross paths with countless political figures. san jose state university professor katherine olson says the 96 year-old always remained a political. her views on politics. she kept herself a man. she was an excellent terms >> president biden and president biden saying thursday that the queen's 70 year reign defined an era. his
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statement reading in part, quote, queen elizabeth, the second was estates, woman of unmatched dignity and constancy who deep in the bedrock alliance between the united kingdom and the united states. she help make our relationship special. there will now be 10 days of mourning before the queen's funeral is expected to take place. grace cathedral in san francisco already making plans to stream that funeral live for the public to watch as they have done in the past. for other royals reporting live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. governor newsom releasing a statement that reads in part california joins the united kingdom. the commonwealth. >> and people around the world in mourning the passing of her majesty queen elizabeth. the second as we reflect on her incomparable life and legacy. our hearts are with the king and the queen conch sort the entire royal family during this time of great loss. and we have continuing coverage on the queen on our website. kron 4 dot com. you can read more on her life and legacy and learn what happens next after her passing. >> happening now, we are under
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yet another statewide flex alert today. it is the 9th in a row. it was extended. began a little earlier and did a little later beginning at 03:00pm. it will and at 10:00pm tonight. >> and could force chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now. lauren, she said yesterday we're going to snap back. yeah. and boy, it's it's hotter than ever. yeah, right. george nutley blazing heat day. you know, 111 degrees. even warmer than that in some spots inland. hard to believe it. yes, and we've got hot again. here we go. but this will be it. i think this will be the beginning of the end for this heatwave tomorrow. those temperatures start to tumble and we can't take much more. just been unbelievably hot along the coastline today. the temperatures warmed up as well. beautiful toward the coast, but much cooler compared to the valleys. still 109 degrees in livermore 111. and brett, what a very comfortable. 65 in half moon bay, 111 in pittsburgh right now, 111 of fairfield checkout conquered 109 degrees. 103 of
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fairfax want to wait in the bottle 102 in petaluma 109, in saint lina. so unbelievably hot temperatures again around the bay or maybe some records fall. we have tabulate those ear in the next few minutes. simply a hot day and so advisories for the heat continue until tonight. we're expecting a things to come down after tonight. there may be some extension of some of those heat advisories well inland. but overall, it looks like the temperatures will start to come down as we get to get into tomorrow as more of a sea breeze going to kick in, maybe even a little fog begins to show up along the coastline and then much cooler weather expected for the weekend. but this dome of high pressure going to be a little distorted now. and so the same time you've got an area of low pressure actually former hurricane that is beginning to move up in the california here in the next 24 hours. and that will bring whth it. some clouds, those clouds. we're going to help to cool us down as we head throughout the weekend up the week and that ridge is well to the right now. the sea breeze is already blowing that on shore flow continues. it will start to cool you down around the bay
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area. so tomorrow we're still be hot inland. i still think some temperatures up to the triple digits are still 104 degrees in liberal 100 foreign caulk or maybe 104 in antioch. but you feel the cool down really along the coastline inside the bay. much cooler for everyone this weekend. all
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people in morgan hill have been hit hard. they've been dealing with on and off outages for the last 4 days. we heard from some folks there who tell us this week has just been brutal without air conditioning. >> on our asleep, by had it as i want to go home, you want to go gets hot. morgan hill high. i mean, were you like hating life? >> yeah, it really had above 100 almost every day this week. still some outages. west of morgan hill tonight, but the power they say is on for most folks in the morgan hill area tonight. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo is angry with pg and he says to san jose hospitals were affected by power outages over the past week along with more than 30,000 homes. the mayor says the utility simply has to come up with a better plan to keep the lights on that. the kaiser hospitals or face legal
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action. >> so we're going to be sitting down with pg e in the days ahead to make that they are replacing aging infrastructure in the city of san jose to ensure we do not have blown transformers. but the next heat wave, if we don't see that there's sufficient budget applied and action applied to this problem, then we'll be going to the peuc and of the courts. the 4th pga need to do the right thing. >> he says the failures of backup generators at valley medical caused a loss of air conditioning, lighting equipment, even computer access pg and e has not responded yet to our request for a comment. coming up, a huge wildfire lake tahoe. it exploded in size overnight. we'll have the latest on efforts to get it under control. what we're learning about the shooter who live streamed his 28 hour rampage. >> rising a neighborhood in
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without talking to your doctor. might have started. the deadly mill fire in siskiyou county. >> a nearby lumber business is investigating whether a machine but had malfunction might be to blame here. the roseburg forest products company says it is working
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with investigators. 2 people have died in the mill fire. 3 people have been injured. nearly 4,000 acres have burned that fire 65% contained. >> not far from the mill fire mountain fire continues to burn and siskyou county crews say the fire behavior tonight is moderate. you have some smoldering. some smaller flare ups. the fire is nearing 12,000 acres. it's 45% contained 243 structures remain threatened. tonight for been destroyed. the cause of this fire is being investigated. >> the mosquito fire is now forcing evacuation orders in placer county. authorities ordering people to leave their home safely of the fire in placer and el dorado counties has burned more than 8200 acres. it is 0% contained. it is in an area of rough terrain, steep canyons making the attack from the ground. a dangerous for fire crews. cal fire believes the extreme fire
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behavior will extend throughout the day. >> all right. whether time now as we come back here to the bay area and talking about air quality and you see the albarn pollack, pines area where that mosquito fire is burning. governor newsome talked about how that fire could affect the availability of hydro power, water power and then smoke and clouds from the fire could affect solar power. you know, you're trying to get all the power you can during these flex alert days, lawrence. this is complicating matters. yeah. just a blazing heat. we've talked about the hot weather here. the hot weather in the high country. triple digit heat. you're in rugged terrain, trying to fight a fire that was also putting out. >> its own heat and all that smoke up there. we just really difficult. of course, all that ground now and all the trees in the brush perfectly prime. now, this is really the critical part of our fire season. so, yeah, we're going
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to see that fire continue to blaze their across the high country. see all the smoke billowing from that fire. more westerly component, the winds there. you see those winds, not all that strong, 10, 13 miles per hour. but you get in around some of those canyons back in interplay with those winds that really kind of act like a focal point for some of those winds. and so you get much stronger gusts as those winds get funneled through some of those canyons up toward the area. so you see where that smoke is going almost due east. and that's the concern now. so a lot of that smoke continue to work its way in that direction. you see it headed up in the high country, too. more of that in the tahoe area. that's what they're going to be dealing with until that wind switches direction. you a plan to go up and told looking at the beautiful pristine conditions and they're going to see a lot of smoke and a lot of haze from that fire. you can see almost that fire almost due west of where lake tahoe is right now. back in the bay area, we are some hazy conditions outside our air quality have not been great for the last 7 days on to this big dome of high pressure tomorrow may begin to see a
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little bit of improvement, probably some poor air quality well inland again. mean, it's going to take some time. but this ridge to break down so nice, fresh breeze developing along the coastline. that should show some improvement. we see that outside right now that breeze continuing out there as we speak. but yeah, changes are in the works tomorrow. i think that wind really picks up toward tomorrow afternoon. a nice fresh sea breeze of ocean air rolling into the bay area late in the day. much cooler temperatures are on the way. >> thank you, lawrence. if you are interested in getting the latest covid booster shot is already available in many bay area counties. kron four's dan kerman got advice from some experts on when to get it and tells us how it is different from earlier booster shots. >> santa clara county has begun offering the latest version of the covid-19 booster, the new version of the booster has been created to be specific to the omicron variant and even more specifically for the subvariants ba 4 and ba 5. and
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npthat's what we're seeing circulating in the community right now. the hope is the new booster will be better at preventing infection the are doing great job at preventing serious disease, hospitalization and death. >> but then not doing such a great job out, stopping the enemy at the front door, which is what this new boosters promise is all about as long as your previous infection or previous booster was at least 2 months ago. the new pfizer booster is available to anyone 12 and older. >> while the new moderna booster is available to anyone 18 and older, if you and 65 >> put a good view on boose said if you're immune compromise, you should probably get it sooner later. but everybody you might want to time it. and of course, is an incident when the next stage will come. but many people think it will be late fall early december and that will be sometime in october. if you haven't gotten boosted in 2022. on acquired
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infection. you might also want to get it sooner rather than later. because that will basically increase your chances off an infection. the biden administration is touting this booster as one people could get annually like the flu shot. >> however, doctors say only time will tell if that proves to be a viable strategy. we are all, you know, hopeful that this will be effective for the next year. >> but we all recognize that possibility we may see new variants and need for other vaccines. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. still ahead, the future of the reid-hillview airport in santa clara still hanging in the balance. officials scrambling to solve a leg problem. we'll have the la
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you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪ continuing our coverage of this relentless heat wave. current temperatures right now and it looks like livermore and concord are winning the contest that you don't want to win 109 in those cities, antioch, not far behind at 106, 107, in santa rosa. and look at that half moon bay. 41 degrees cooler. then santa rosa, san francisco, warm for the city at 77 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the conditions as we are under a flex alert until 10:00pm.
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>> in other news, a new chapter is being written in the battle over the fate of the reid-hillview airport for decades now, advocates and local leaders have been fighting to get it shut down because of public health concerns as kron. 4 s charles clifford tells us members of congress are now joining that effort. >> a few years ago, santa clara county commission to study that found elevated levels of lead in the blood of children near reid-hillview airport. in response, the county ban, the sale of let it fuel at the airport a little over a year ago. but if a pilot purchases leaded fuel somewhere else, they can still land and take off here. that has raised concerns that the use of leaded fuel could still be causing health problems for neighbors. >> on thursday, some of santa clara county's top elected officials called on the department of transportation and the faa to do more to address the problem. >> because it is simply unacceptable in our community or any community in america for kids to be poisoned by leaded fuel at airport. if you can. >> land and take off with
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leaded fuel. you're going to pollute the children. this community in a statement to kron 4 on thursday, the faa said that they are working to move the country away from leaded aviation fuel. just last week. the faa cleared the way for an unloaded aviation fuel to be used throughout the nation's fleet. a piston powered aircraft, a major step forward. the statement was welcome news on thursday, but the county says the faa needs to move faster glad. we finally got a statement that it shouldn't take press conferences and it shouldn't take hearings to get. >> the faa to move. this is the last sector in transportation where leaded fuel is allowed. we don't have it in commercial aviation. we don't have it in our automobiles needs to stop. the faa says they are also committed to working with santa clara county to have safe lead free operations at the airport. >> as things stand right now, reid hillview could close in the coming decade and that's because the county has decided not to accept the federal grants needed to keep the airport operating. but for now
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in santa clara county, charles clifford kron, 4 news >> coming up, hurricane kay has made landfall in northern mexico where the storm is apparently headed next and elected official accused of murdering an investigative journalists. what police are revealing about the investigation. and it sometimes felt as though should be around forever. the world is marking the death of queen elizabeth, one of the most recognized figures on the planet.
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>> welcome back. the story of the week. he's been power outages. this is the life pg e power map showing where the outages are in the region. all of these or we believe most of these are because of heat related problems, equipment failures, overheating, and the like. but they are definitely not related to preplanned rotating. outages. either way, though, if you're without power right now, it's brutal. you see the different red, orange, yellow and green, indicating the number of people were without orange is the word we're not seeing any red. that's good. but orange indicates anywhere up to 5,000 customers are without power. this is the morgan hill area which we've been reporting on. they have been really hit hard by these power outages all week. so, you


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