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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 8, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news leave about. we have loved to pray about is crazy. >> now, 10 a peninsula community in shock after a young mother killed with a sword right in front of her home will have the latest on the investigation. >> plus, governor newsom declares a state of emergency as the mosquito fire continues to rage in the sierra with no containment. but first, after 9 days of sweltering conditions, the bay area is expected to finally cool down from a record breaking heat
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wave. >> this is how hot it got around the bay area this afternoon up into the 90's in antioch, not as hot as it's been in recent days, but still plenty warm. these are the temperatures where these are the temperatures right now. looking into tomorrow, those numbers will finally be coming down. thanks for joining us for crop kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore, our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the cool down for us tonight. lawrence. yes, guys, we're looking at some cool weather developing around the bay area. the temperatures on the hot side in spots today. of course. >> we have that record breaking heat out there boy, 112 degrees. that was a record a little more. but my goodness, it was incredibly hot. 111 in concord, a 104, in san jose. that was a record 207 in 87 degrees. much more comfortable in the san francisco and 68 in half moon bay. so those temperatures, yeah, they did snap. back now by tomorrow afternoon. we're talking about some big
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changes. finally that sea breeze started to kick in. and you're going to see those temperatures cooling down, especially inside the bay along the coastline. so set of upper 80's in the san francisco. you're in the low 70's tomorrow. all oakland, instead of the hot 90's, you're in the upper 70's and that's how it's going to play out take another day or so before we really cool down the valley. as you can see, the triple digit heat showing up in places like concord and also into livermore outside. right now, though, we are seeing some changes in that sea breeze has started to kick in and won't be long. i'm seeing some fog developing out there off the coastline. expected to see a couple patches moved to the golden gate bridge just a little bit later on. but a couple records going down in san jose at 1, 0, for one. also in gilroy today. amazing to think that those other spots where records today, but still boy hot enough of well above the average, some of these temperatures as much as 25 degrees above normal for this time of year. giving idea just how hot these numbers are running outside, but looks like finally going to see those temperatures dropping off. you see right now, 59
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degrees in half moon bay still hot inland. you're 97 in brentwood, 88 degrees in livermore. 89 in concord. so take some time for that cool marine air to head inland. but it will soon much cooler weather expect for the weekend. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. a shocking killing on the peninsula. woman. the headed by a man in front of her home in san carlos in broad daylight. and the man has been arrested. san mateo county sheriff's office is looking into the motive for this. >> well, for live in san carlos tonight with more, dan. >> well, pam and ken, we're learning tonight that this 25 year-old woman was killed with a sword deputies were first called to the scene this morning just before noon after witnesses told them that she was being attacked in the street in the middle of the day. police got to the scene there. but the woman was already dead. san mateo county deputies swarming magnolia avenue and laurel street in
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san carlos on thursday morning. it was where a woman was beheaded by a man armed with a sword. >> neighbors stunned by this heinous crime. i'm unbelievable. we've got a lot to pray about is crazy. several witnesses told investigators they saw the 25 year-old woman being attacked in the street before she was brutally killed in front of her home. deputies would not elaborate on the relationship between the victim and her killer. there was an ongoing relationship between the 2. >> and we believe this is an isolated incident. there is no ongoing threat to the community. >> deputies found and arrested the man shortly after the violent attack. they say he was apparently suffering from some sort of medical emergency. details on that were not released. as of this report the weapon used in the crime has not been found. neighbors say they're sad that this mother of 2 was killed in such a disturbing way. >> pray for her and her family.
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>> but investigators have so far not released the name of the victim or the killer at this time. we do know that this woman has 2 children and we're still working tonight to figure out what led up to this brutal killing reporting live in san carlos. dan thorn kron, 4 news. lots of unanswered questions. thank you, dan. out of the east bay, we're learning that the security guard was shot outside a hospital yesterday. >> has died from his injuries. the shooting happened on the campus of kaiser permanente in san leandro. police say the sixty-year-old armored car guard was shot while carrying an undisclosed amount of money. he was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. his name has not been released, but he had been working with garda world for almost 40 years. police say they have no suspect in custody. oakland police say at least one person is in critical condition after 2 shootings. police say one of the shootings happened shortly before 6 tonight on 27th street just east of broadway. the victim in the case is
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listed in stable condition. officers were then notified of a second victim was taken to a hospital. that person is in critical condition anyone who has information is asked to call oakland police. tonight, we're learning new details about the couple murdered by an alameda county sheriff's deputy. police identified the victims as 57 year-old innocent ran. and 42 year-old maria trend. >> then a son worked for the city of dublin for 29 years. as a civil engineer, maria tram was a nurse at the john george psychiatric hospital in alameda lieutenant ray kelly with the sheriff's office says the suspect devon williams junior had just finished working at the nearby county jail when he went into the couple's home and shot them on wednesday morning. hours later, the deputy turned himself in the couple's employers, remembering them tonight, the city of santa clara issuing this statement about innocent ran saying, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with his loved
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ones to assist our current employees during this difficult time, a grief counselor will be available. and the john george psychiatric hospital releasing this statement about maria tran saying, quote, our hearts go out to the family, friends, j jean ph staff and especially to those who worked closely with maria. she was a brilliant, an excellent nurse who cared deeply for those we serve the costa county sheriff's department says one of the 2 prisoners who escaped from the marsh creek detention facility on sunday. >> has been found. investigators say this morning they arrested ramirez vera there on the left of your screen and hotel. yeah. since been booked into the martinez detention facility. the other inmate, jorge garcia s kamiyah on your right remains missing. he was being held on charges that include vehicle theft and drug possession. residents are advised to lock their homes and vehicles that they live in that area. power outages continue to be a problem for thousands of people in tonight. san jose mayor sam
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liccardo is demanding answers from pg he was pretty mad about this. 3 san jose hospitals affected by power outages. this week. kron four's grant lotus joins us with more details on what happened. grant. we all know pg e's been in hot water for what happens when things get windy during fire season starting fires. >> well, now the hot weather has piccini trying to answer questions. why all these power outages have been reported. you had a bunch of them and the retail area of kelly road near king road and it took out cellular network. so you couldn't centex. you couldn't make calls earlier today here in this part of san jose power has been restored in that area. but mayor liccardo says and pence said he was angry. the utility has to come up with a plan to replace or repair its failing infrastructure or face legal action. >> so we're going to be sitting down with pg e in the days ahead to make that they
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are replacing aging infrastructure in the city of san jose to ensure we do not have blown transformers. but the next heat wave, if we don't see that there's sufficient budget applied and action applied to this problem, then we'll be going to the peuc and of the courts. the 4th pga need to do the right thing. >> the power problems throughout the bay area during this heatwave, particularly in the south bay. and you have santa clara valley medical center that lost its air conditioning. it's lights a computer access following a failure of its backup generators, regional medical center of san jose and o'connor hospital were the other 2 medical facilities affected by the outages in pg and e sent us a statement in response. it reads in part, providing safe and reliable electric and gas service is pg e's primary responsibility in our san jose division of the 118,000 customers who lost power at various times due to the impact of heat on our
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system. 70% were restored in 6 hours or less. so there's that pam and ken, we'll have to see. but mayor liccardo says and does in the weeks to come back to you. all right. grant, thank you. >> tonight, the mosquito fire burning in placer and el dorado counties has quadrupled in size. it has now burned 13,000 acres. more evacuations were issued today. >> it was tough just with people trying to, you know, it's entire. home. and so they're trying to, you know, pick and choose what to grab beyond what they already have. you know, the essentials, but like what schools they want to what vehicles they wanted. it was it was chaos. it's really tough. >> reporter monica deanda reports from a community destroyed by those flames. >> 2 days after the mosquito fire first started its wrath is evident along michigan bluff road. this home reduced to a skeleton, only 4 walls
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remain. take a look at these 2 target vehicles completely destroyed by the mosquito fire. and if you move on over this way to our right. >> you can see this is one of the homes that got the brunt of the fire. one of the only things left standing is that bike. >> the around here charred and this isn't the only home ruined by the flames of the mosquito fire. >> we made our way further down the road. and if you look on over this way, there's at least 7 cars here on this property that have also then destroyed by those lines. i feel so sorry >> keep the faith, keep the faith. that's all we can. that's all we could do. derrick jones has been up this eve her since he left his forest hill home wednesday afternoon. he tells us he knows plenty of people who live in the mission in bluff area. many of them now learning they don't have a home to go back to as the fire rages on. jones and his neighbors are now leaning on each other. >> as they wait, word scared to death that going to have a
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home. we got that. >> we still don't we still jones in his pups hope they won't have to wait much longer. but in the meantime, it's the support of his neighbors here at this church. it's keeping his spirits. >> up. >> it's like one big family. and we all showed up here. >> that was monica deanda reporting tonight. the wildfire is still at 0% containment tonight. we may have a new clue as to what started the deadly mill fire in siskiyou county nearby. lumber business is investigating whether or not a machine that malfunctioned sparks the flames. roseburg forest products company says it's working with investigators to determine the cause. 2 people died in the mill fire. 3 others were injured. the fires burned almost 4,000 acres. it is 65% contained tonight, not far from the middle fire. the mountain fire continues to burn in siskyou county. the fire is nearing 12,000 acres. it is 45% contained 243
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structures remain threatened and for have been destroyed. the cause af that fire is still under investigation. in southern california, new evacuation orders are in place for the fairview fire that's burning outside. have it in riverside county. the flames doubled in size since wednesday, burning more than 18,000 acres. it's now only 5% contained. 2 people died in the fire earlier this week. >> and now to england. this is a live look tonight at buckingham palace in london where crowds have been gathering all day and throughout the night to mourn the death of queen elizabeth. the second some people they're at this hour's. well, the palace, of course, home to queen elizabeth, the second raining through some of the world's most dramatic events. the sun is just come up over there in london. the queen steer the monarchy through war peace, economic transformation. >> and political fallout correspondent marni hughes shares the queen's indelible commitment to the throne as she leaves behind a legacy.
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>> i'm elizabeth alexandra. mary >> not exactly born to be queen, at least not birth. back in 1926. but her uncle's abdication pass the crown to her father after his death. elizabeth ascended to the throne at just 25 years old. the first televised coronation seen around the world in 1952. putting new queen inside people's homes like no boil >> husband philip kneeling before her only years earlier at her side for their wedding. >> 4 children together. the first the future king and the u.s.. site. >> as
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>> prince charles and his first wife, another mother to a future rumored source of ill-will princess diana's tragic death marking a defining moment in lives of its rain. addressed a so what i say to you now as queen and as a grandmother, i say from my home. >> we know a picture on the world stage meeting nearly every american president since harry truman dancing with the war. >> it forces with reagan watching baseball with >> this is a kick in the pants. >> the queen kicking off the london olympics in 2012 making double 0, 7 himself exercise a little royal patients. the longest serving british monarch ever marking a
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milestone after milestone. we just touched me to see 70 sizes of families, neighbors and friends celebrating together a diamond jubilee marking her 60th year on the throne. a massive party for her 90th birthday in 2016, we're visited the second. not safe. >> and that was marni hughes reporting tonight, brits living in the bay area are also lamenting the passing of the queen kron four's ella sogomonian caught up with the general manager of a bridge esteemed bar in the south bay. and she has more on that from our newsroom. l a ken and pam. the pubs, gm grew up in england and although has been living in america for many years, has always been proud of the monarch for her loyalty and unwavering commitment to her kingdom. >> the brit pop has been around for 35 years and is a popular spot around town.
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customers came to san francisco site to pay their respects. >> bringing bouquets of flowers to leave behind as a symbol of their sadness for the queen's passing, staunch royalist myself. the only monarch i've ever known is the. >> his queen elizabeth, the second. so my heritage is that and we knew he was getting old. >> but still doesn't make it any easier when she passed. bit of a shock today. but we knew it was you know. getting older, but you never expected to happen. >> the bread pub plans to be open on the date of the funeral ceremony for the queen abroad. once at is set in the newsroom, ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you. ella san francisco's de young museum tweeted out this photograph and the queen's memory. the tweet also reads, quote. >> in light of her passing, we are looking back on queen elizabeth's visit to the de young in 1983 for a state dinner during her brief address, she made the whole room left when she commented on the terrible weather during her visit to sunny california
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and governor newsom also responding to the queen's death today. in a statement that reads in part, california joins the united kingdom. the commonwealth and people around the world in mourning the passing of her majesty queen elizabeth. the second as we reflect on her incomparable life and legacy. our hearts are with the king and the queen consulate and the entire royal family during this time of great loss, unquote. coming up tonight on kron 4 at 10, 30. we'll have a look at how people in the bay area honoring her memory. >> world also saying goodbye to former cnn chief anchor bernard shaw, who died of pneumonia yesterday. shawn worked for cbs and abc before becoming cnn's lead anchor when it launched in 1980, one of his most notable reports pending a harrowing night from a baghdad hotel as missiles flew overhead when the u.s. launched the gulf war in 1991, bernard shaw was 82 years old. other news tonight, the
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oakland a's plan for new waterfront ballpark to the big step forward today. a judge rejected 3 lawsuits which it claims the ballpark would cause serious environmental and safety hazards. oakland mayor libby schaff released a statement saying today's order crews at the waterfront project which will bring 18 acres of new public parks to our beautiful shoreline for all residents to enjoy will be built to california's highest and most rigorous environmental standards. also tonight, oakland leaders have plans to return about 5 acres of city-owned land to a native make things right. the land in question is known as sequoyah point. and joaquin miller park. it would be given to local indigenous groups. >> today is a day where we acknowledge. >> the harm. that government and colonials ation has it
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done to the first people of this land >> we have a vision of a place in the hills that overlooks our territory. that has holds us in a basket as we offer prayers a way for us to tell our story has legs. sean people a way for us to engage our relatives from all walks of life interview stuart, in this land in the way that it should be. stewart again place oakland city council will hold hearings on the matter next weekend could make a decision by november. >> 2 residents of the wood street homeless encampment were arrested today for refusing to move out today. caltrans started clearing out the site where about 200 people live. spend the scene of scores of fires you in this file video, but not everybody living at the camp was willing to go quietly and that resulted in the arrest. caltrans says the site will be cleared in 3 phases. today's work was part of phase one. a federal judge ruled recently
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that that allowed caltrans to begin clearing the property out of safety concerns since march 2020, more than 240 fires have occurred at that settlement tonight. 2 people are hurt in what authorities say was a gang-related shooting in uvalde texas. police say 4 people were taken into custody. >> that community, of course, still traumatized the shooting that happened today at a park just a mile away from robb elementary school. that is where 19 students and 2 teachers were shot and killed back in may. and in memphis, tennessee, a gunman has been arrested after police say he terrorized the city for 20 hours during a shooting rampage. they say that 19 year-old ezekiel kelly was live streaming on facebook last tonight as he walked into an auto zone store and started firing. kelly is also suspected of shooting and carjacking a woman there in all 4 people were killed. 3 others hurt in those shootings. tonight we're honoring that the dna of a public official has been found
10:22 pm
at the site of the las vegas reporters fatal stabbing. >> that official, robert tell us is now in custody after a two-hour standoff last night. the victim scene there is jeff gurman. he was german, rather who was found stabbed to death outside his home last weekend. you've been working on an investigative piece about tell us that man there before he was killed. earlier this year. german reporting on allegations of bullying and inappropriate relationships in the administrator's office. still ahead tonight, loan forgiveness pushed back the new plan from republicans to try to block student loan relief, leaving millions of americans in debt. plus, the new push to stop a repeat of drug offenders. what san francisco's district attorney has a store to get them off the street. >> and coming up next, preparing for space. a look at how astronauts are tr
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>> another interest rate hike could be coming our way. federal reserve chair jerome powell signaled those plans today. he went on to say americans will get accustomed to higher interest rates over time. the biden administration says it's confident about the direction of the economy, but some republicans project that the economy will take a hit. the smithsonian sharing its on its instagram page. how astronauts on the artemis one team, our training to walk on the moon going under water. nasa wants to send people to the moon again by 2025. the artemis one could blast off by the end of this month as after
10:26 pm
the launch has been postponed twice. nasa says it's now replacing some leaky seals and its moon rocket. >> coming up, the new push to hold illegal drug users accountable. we talked to san francisco's district attorney on the new plan she has for repeat offenders plus a truck driver. it's a motorcyclist and keeps on going dragging the motorcycle then hits a car charges. that suspect is now facing. and one of the world's thinnest houses on the market for 2 million dollars. but it's not the price. it's causing a lot of chatter online is where you'll find the and it seems like it's been hot for ever, but a cooldown is in the works will show you when with our 10 forecast coming up next.
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>> the sun has come up in london nears a live picture at buckingham palace. great britain is mourning the passing of its queen. it's about 06:30am, in the morning friday morning there in london. queen elizabeth, the second died today here our time at the age of 96 after 70 years as the monarch. and take a look earlier thursday in london, a large double rainbow appeared over buckingham palace says the official statement of the queen's death was displayed on the palace gates, who was a hopeful sign to many in the crowd of a bright future. ahead for the
10:30 pm
country. the queen made many trips to the u.s. during her reign, including a trip to the bay area and to the sacramento area. in 1983. that is where she met the speaker of the state assembly. the time willie brown for us, rob nesbitt, talk to the former mayor of san francisco and former speaker about the queen's passing. >> whether it's a berth, wedding or death. when the royal family is in the news, the world is glued to the tv. and that was the case today for the death of queen elizabeth. the second you can say they met her or san francisco mayor willie brown can. she was a queen for the ages and queen elizabeth. the second was honored thursday in san francisco. from the union flag and mark hopkins hotel being lowered to half-staff. the 96 tolls of the bell at grace cathedral one for every year she was alive. reverend malcolm young reflected on the loss of the head of the english church. elizabeth is incredibly important person around the world. and and >> the people our congregation really respect and admire her very much so. >> we will miss her very much.
10:31 pm
the longest-running british monarch made her first visit to the u.s. in 1957. returned several times after. >> including a trip to sacramento in 1983 where she met the speaker of the california assembly, willie brown. so that was so many things. a parent in the world. >> to talk to somebody as important as this woman. >> was unbelievable. the former mayor of san francisco was surprised by how candid the queen was during her conversations about state government. >> i don't even think and in a moment, she was him. impacted by her actual title in our actual from state leaders to u.s. presidents the queen cross paths with countless political figures. san jose state university professor katherine olson says >> the 96 year-old always remained a political. her views on politics. she kept herself a man. she was an excellent terms >> president biden and president biden saying thursday that the queen 70 year reign defined an era. his statement reading in part, quote, queen elizabeth, the
10:32 pm
second was estates, woman of unmatched dignity and constancy who deep in the bedrock alliance between the united kingdom and the united states. she help make our relationship special. there will now be 10 days of mourning for the queen's funeral is expected to take place. >> grace cathedral in san francisco already planning to stream that funeral live for the public to watch as they have done for other royals in the past reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> the queen's son, prince charles and air will now be known as king charles, the 3rd. he's expected to make his first speech as head of state. >> tomorrow within 24 hours of her death, the ascension council will proclaim the new monarch. the proclamation will be then be read aloud in 4 cities throughout the united kingdom. king charles must address parliament on its first day after his ascension and take a coronation oath. we have continuing coverage on the queen on our website kron 4 dot com. you can read more on her life and legacy in what happens next after her passing.
10:33 pm
>> tropical storm kay is dumping heavy rain on a sparsely populated peninsula on mexico's pacific coast. landed as a hurricane near baja, california earlier today. this video taken between couple san lucas and the u.s. kaye has since weakened to a tropical storm. a tropical storm watch has already been issued for the u.s. mexico border and whatever is left of the storm could bring heavy rain and gusty winds to southern california by the weekend. but for sure. let's check in with lawrence. yeah. going to be impressive. it's getting very close now. you can see the storm system rolling in. >> along the coastline of baja, california, in not often do they hold together strong enough as a tropical storm just off the coast of california. this one. >> going to be very, very close to san diego. and you see a lot of that moisture already moving up right now. more that overnight tonight, some very heavy rainfall. maybe some places seen 10, maybe 15 inches of rain. you're talking flooding and flash flooding across baja, california. even parts of mexico proper as well. but the core of the system now kind of just winding right up along the coatline. now. and you
10:34 pm
can see all the moisture wrapping around the streaming well to the north. so more that on the way. so here's the track. it is going to bring it up a little bit closer. we've got all these areas in green here. these flash flood warnings have been posted across much of southern california. the travel there the next couple days got to really watch out for this. this to see a lot of rain in a short amount of time. some place maybe an inch, maybe 2 inches of rain, maybe even more. but the ground is so dry. it's like cement. so even rain coming down now going to rush right in goalie's. many of the tributaries probably causing some flash flooding there. very latest on now. a tropical storm at 65 mile. an hour winds. it is tracking north. you'll see it moving along the coastline and there you go. spinning off the coast of ensenada and tijuana going to be a mess there for tomorrow as heavy rainfall expected there. and then you can see all the moisture beginning to stream across southern california. some of those clouds wrapping up in the bay area. even the chance least a slight chance of some thunderstorms. all right. we've been talking about mosquito fire. here's some of
10:35 pm
the winds in and around that fire. you see that smoke plume just blossoming as the sun came up today. and really all that smoke spread eastward in the lake tahoe are. and guess what? that's we're looking at right now. just some very poor air quality now settling down for the night in south lake tahoe all the way over to carson city. and that's going to be the case. as long as you get those winds, those westerly winds will continue to swing that smoke up in their direction to the bay area. not bad. just hazy out there right now. looks like we're going to see some improving weather conditions, though, tomorrow. yeah, it looks like it will be a little bit better than it's been. but yeah, we're going to see some changes coming our way. and this is some good news. finally, looks like these temperatures going to get to back off a little bit. temperatures 60's 70's and san francisco 60's along the coastlines of the 70's and 80's. now we're getting somewhere. but we'll take a while to cool down in some spots. no triple digits in the south bay. you're still in the 90's. in many spots there, you will find triple digits, though, in the tri valley, the east bay very hot inland. once again, 100, maybe 104 degrees, maybe even warmer than that in vacaville. but long range
10:36 pm
forecast taking these temperatures down clouds on the way over the weekend. some of that subtropical moisture looks like we have below the average as we head in toward the middle of next week and it is going to feel good. hello. yeah. all the hot all right. thank you. >> well, there will be another flex alert tomorrow. cal iso just tweeted the announcement saying that it will be in effect from 4 until 09:00pm. that would be the 10th straight flex alert for the state of california tonight. there are questions that still remain over how a miscommunication led to an accidental rotating outage that affected thousands of people. correspondent eytan wallace has more from sacramento. things are very busy here at the california office of emergency services. >> and those here say it's a crucial day for the grit. it's a sight. californians are now used to the sweltering sun bearing down on the state. but as the excessive heat remains callow, yes urges all of us to not let our guard down. today.
10:37 pm
we're on a knife's edge in terms of whether we're going to keep electricity on or not on our grids. that in part is because of cloud cover over parts of the state blocking out key sunlight needed to power solar supplies. some of our solar energy is offline was really critical. that california just one more day. >> do their part conserve energy comes in the day. the state's flex alert is 2 hours longer than it has been in days past. now from 3 in the afternoon until 10 in the evening. >> well, the state has not called for rolling outages during this record heat wave confusion on tuesday led in northern california power agency dispatcher to mistakenly believe the in the penn state operator had indeed called for rolling outages. that led to rotating outages for about 1400 people near the city of lodi. in a statement, the operator ceo said the incident was concerning and promised to double down on communication to ensure it does not happen again. what's being done to prevent future miscommunications? yeah, we have a large complex create in our state, dozens of operators and some people in this room are working closely. local
10:38 pm
governments, utilities, make sure everyone stays on the same page. we keep the power on and ultimately keep people safe with energy supplies. top of mind earlier this week pg and e medicaid deadline to apply for federal funding to help keep the diablo canyon nuclear power plant open until 2030 something lawmakers from both sides. the aisle including high desert assembly member tom lackey applauded known in the plant provides 9% of the state's power supply. we're not ready to move out the partnership of diablo canyon. that is so critical in our discussion point, it's cost efficient and it is clean and i'm a supporter of nuclear energy. >> and we should know if the federal government grants funding for the plant sometime next month reporting here at the california office of emergency tom wallace kron. 4 news. >> a man is behind bars after police say he hit a motorcycle rider and then fled the scene with the motorcycle still dragging behind. it happened tuesday night in santa rosa. the victim is now in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. police say moments later the
10:39 pm
same suspect rear ended a car. it was trying to make a right turn with the motorcycle still attached to his pickup truck from the earlier crash. police say the suspect eventually hit a tree and a pole and joe recklessly before abandoning his truck. the next morning officers found and arrested the suspect. his name has not been released. tonight. there is a new program that aims to rack up more accountability for people who use drugs on the streets of san francisco. kron four's got the details from the district attorney. >> starting today, it's now the yes, 5 citations for misdemeanor drug use will now land the user in a mandatory substance abuse treatment program. in san francisco, the new misdemeanor drug policy is part of san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins continuing effort to clear the street of drug pushers and drug users with a special focus on the tenderloin. she explains how it works. yes, so what we're doing is sapd has
10:40 pm
begun citing individuals who are engaged in public drug use. >> injecting and you know, pipes, fentanyl, methamphetamine. and when a reaches 5 citations for for that public drug use, that is when we file a complaint that we forward to our community justice center so that we can connect that person resources for treatment. >> how did the da determine 5 citations as the target number for someone into the program for u.s.? >> 5 we felt like was a signal that that somebody is struggling to the point that we need to intervene at that point. and i will tell i've already had that i've spoken to tell me that they don't that they think by this too many that they think we should intervene sooner toe after reading the policy. we have a couple of major concerns. >> the director of the criminal justice program of the aclu, northern california, little high talks about his problem with the da's new
10:41 pm
program. one is that? it seems to backtracking of to statement. the da made a few weeks back saying she would not prosecute possession paraphernalia cases. this is saying it is 5 times we're going to rescue going to put you through the criminal legal system which we know and have seen in the past. it's not the best place to put people into recovery. according to its website, the community justice center is a non criminal court program focused on helping the individual and not just their crimes. what we're trying to do with, like i said, maintain that level of compassion, which is a core value in san francisco, but intervene at the point at which we think somebody has demonstrated that they've gotten to the point that this too much of a danger to that we need to second. >> haaziq kron. 4 news still ahead. >> the uncertain future for reid-hillview airport. while many try to shut it down over the ongoing lead contamination issues. nexus force giants played a doubleheader in milwaukee today hoping to win a pair and get back into the
10:42 pm
wild card race. jason dumas us up next to tell us how they're
10:43 pm
here's why every sports fan should vote yes on prop 27. football season is here. but while your friends in new york, chicago, and half the country are allowed to bet on their favorite teams, it's still illegal to bet here in california. prop 27 changes the game. 27 legalizes online sports betting california adults 21 and over. meaning you will finally be able to get in on the action legally. so remember to vote yes on prop 27. it's a win for sports fans.
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battle over the fate of reid-hillview airport in san jose. for years, advocates and local leaders have been fighting to shut the airport down over public health concerns. >> as kron 4 shells, clifford tells us members of congress are now joined in that effort. >> a few years ago, santa clara county commission to study that found elevated
10:45 pm
levels of lead in the blood of children near reid-hillview airport. in response, the county ban, the sale of let it fuel at the airport a little over a year ago. but if a pilot purchases leaded fuel somewhere else, they can still land and take off here. that has raised concerns that the use of leaded fuel could still be causing health problems for neighbors. >> on thursday, some of santa clara county's top elected officials called on the department of transportation and the faa to do more to address the problem. >> because it is simply unacceptable in our community or any community in america for kids to be poisoned by leaded fuel at airport. if you can. >> land and take off with leaded fuel. you're going to pollute the children. this community in a statement to kron 4 on thursday, the faa said that they are working to move the country away from leaded aviation fuel. just last week. the faa cleared the way for an unloaded aviation fuel to be used throughout the nation's fleet. a piston powered aircraft, a major step forward. the statement was l% welcome news on thursday, but the county says the faa needs
10:46 pm
to move faster glad. we finally got a statement that it shouldn't take press conferences and it shouldn't take hearings to get. >> the faa to move. this is the last sector in transportation. we're leaded fuel is allowed. we don't have it in commercial aviation. we don't have it in our automobiles needs to stop. the faa says they are also committed to working with santa clara county to have safe lead free operations at the airport. >> as things stand right now, reid hillview could close in the coming decade and that's because the county has decided not to accept the federal grants needed to keep the airport operating. but for now in santa clara county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> an extremely rare tornado was caught on camera just outside of rome the summer months in the country of italy have been marked by extremely high temperatures and dryness. now rain is causing mudslides and flooding so far no injuries have been reported. we may be one step closer to
10:47 pm
finding life out in space. 2 new planets just been discovered. both have been dubbed super earths because they're so similar to our planet. but a lot bigger. astronomers say one of the planet's could be able to support life. it located about 100 light years away. so chances are pretty slim that will be meeting aliens from those planets anytime soon. >> now you can catch pokemon in the sky and airline and singapore has launched a new pokemon thing commercial jet travelers will receive parking month. the merchandise, including had some pillows inland years. the first light heads to tokyo tomorrow. and tonight, the mireya mayor said that wrong in every newscast. the mere him webster dictionary has a new batch of words and definitions sped when you're talking about addiction. yes, it is. thanks. a lot of of the new gained popularity during the pandemic, but many more are pulled straight from gen z lingo, which >> all of us have to decipher sauce made the list this year. that's a shortened version of
10:48 pm
saying suspicious or suspect. >> you eat also being added, it can be used to express excitement or as a verb, meaning to throw spahn con sponsored content. usually referring to social media post by a celebrity or influencer a classic reference made the cut to its called macgyver to macgyver something. it means to come up with an improvised solution. with limited tools on hand. and one more addition in time for fall pumpkin spice. we all know what that means. just go to starbucks. >> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> spahn con never heard that spawn con on my page. all eyes will be on trey lance this sunday in chicago for his first official start as the lede quarterback for the forty-niners. but the forty-niners defense will have their eyes on justin fields, a quarterback who was taken in the same draft as lance just a few picks later, the niners
10:49 pm
face fields last season. san francisco, one. 33 to 22. why fields with it for 175 yards and a touchdown through the air and then ran for one and had 103 yards on the ground linebacker fred warner knows the second-year quarterback. he's a double threat and the forty-niners defense. they will have their hands full trying to contain it. >> justin, very talented. and you mentioned he got a lot of yards on the ground against us. you know, this guys being out of and so just make a play, you know, that's just thing that he's got. his advantages. >> the ability to make plays when they needed. as when you have for force-feeding can pick yards and 2 feet or extend plays big thing that we've got to be on top of first nfl game of the season tonight. rams bills rams unvieled. >> they're super bowl banner. joc. is tied at the half, but it buffalo in a second first and goal. josh allen to isaiah mckenzie 17, 10 in the 3rd. 24 10 now bills. allen avoids the
10:50 pm
pressure. that man has an arm. he finds stephon diggs who was cooking jalen ramsey all night long. 53 yard pitch and catch. allen finished. 26 to 31 per to 97 and 3 touchdowns. matt stafford, not a great night. 3 interceptions sacked 7 times. could the rams he having a super bowl hangover? we will see if the season progresses. meanwhile, game one of a double header for the giants. well, they took on the brewers. they were groggy on this trip to milwaukee. bottom of the first tie game hunter renfroe hits one to left it. one hops the wall because when you break years, one run scores to a milwaukee. meanwhile, former saint mary gail corbin burnes. he was locked in the reigning cy young where ate ending, struck out 14. it gave up only 3 hits the brewers win 2 to one. they want the other game. 42, the a's gave out elvis andress, a
10:51 pm
warm welcome back to oakland, thanking him and elvis showed the fans, but they elvis has left the is saying that. get rid of all the good players, 10th home run of the season, you know, onside a he had a night. he already had one. homer then connects for his second of the night. white sox had 21 hit. they slaughter the a's 14 to that's a football score. it landed up. guess what? i got to hang with 2 of the rooks today. patrick baldwin, junior and ryan rollins, i've been told pbj the gym rat and they have to basically force them out the gym. meanwhile, ryan, he's been rehabbing hard, get ready for training camp. he has that stress fracture in his foot. but today they got out and explore the city of even learned how to roll. sushi in japantown the 2 young they're loving their new city and learning about its rich culture. >> made a big point of emphasis to get out and see the bay. a says events like this with the team is pretty
10:52 pm
spent with ryan. you know, love the city. i love the i'm not just saying that. because but i really love been out your bike riding a lot attention on the on the facility a lot. you know, i've been out and about checking out the city and see what i saw from the exit row over on boat. that to see a little bit like the bridge just be on the water for a little bit school. was that your first time on the water since you've been here on the boat going under the bridge is yes, as i've been k where i got family hoping have been our before one of the ferry in the water a little but i've been like those >> hey, i love the city, too. but all the warriors players, especially really the young guys they love to hang around mission bay around the stadium. we've got to get them out to other neighborhoods. north beach commission, a lot of good food places. got to spread your wings. enjoy the city while you're here.
10:53 pm
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- hey honey. - hey dad. that smell could be eight million odor causing bacteria. good thing adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria that detergents can't. clean is good, sanitized is better. >> one of the world's narrowest house is just hit the market for 2 million dollars. this 3 story home in toronto is just 8 feet wide. it has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. but one of the bathrooms is inside a bedroom. the internet cannot stop laughing at this bizarre toilet placement. one of the porcelain throne says practically right next to the
10:56 pm
bed at my 2 million dollars is what i'm trying to understand. but ok, lawrence, let's move on the model s with your family. if that's going to be right there you and where you're walking around like this, trying to get through your house. i know, right? there's can haha. >> is through guys. well, let's check the weather tonight. finally, see cool down on the horizon. now it looks like high pressure. >> it's going to start the weekend. we've got one more day of hot temperatures, triple digits inland, but we're seeing that haze out there. the sea hayes along the coastline. think by tomorrow morning, public to see a couple patches of fog may be inside the bay. how about that? temperatures still very warm outside. even hot. still in the adding i cannot 91 degrees. 78 in san jose. 79 in palo alto and 65 degrees in san francisco. 57 in half moon bay. but watch happens here. the computer models are starting to pick up some patchy fog. developing tonight. and how about that? we haven't seen that in quite
10:57 pm
some time. but as high pressure weakens for the sea breeze, that marine layer to redevelop along the coastline and maybe by tomorrow evening, maybe a little more fog pushing right to the golden gate bridge. so keep your fingers crossed for that. it has been a long stretch of some record breaking heat. so hot inland tomorrow 104 degrees in concord, the same in livermore about 92 and hot and san jose. but dump the triple digits even inside the bay. temperatures coming down quite drastically on saturday and sunday and they're going to stay down well into next week temperatures probably below average for the middle of we've been waiting here that thank you, thank you for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow. good night.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
here's why every sports fan should vote yes on prop 27. football season is here. but while your friends in new york, chicago, and half the country are allowed to bet on their favorite teams, it's still illegal to bet here in california. prop 27 changes the game. 27 legalizes online sports betting california adults 21 and over. meaning you will finally be able to get in on the action legally. so remember to vote yes on prop 27. it's a win for sports fans.
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