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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  September 9, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3 o'clock, we have new disturbing details in a murder case from san carlos. but we've just learned about the mother of 2 who was beheaded in front of her home. and the temperatures are finally cooling off but hazy, smoky skies are returning for the weekend. and the united kingdom is just beginning to mourn queen elizabeth. the second has your son king charles, the 3rd delivers his first address since her passing. >> from the local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> now it's 3. we begin with developing news out of san
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carlos. we're learning new details about the victim in yesterday's horrific beheading. thank you so much for joining us this friday here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waltman. the woman who died has been identified as 25 year-old karina castro of san carlos. this is a photo of her that we've just received to the kron. 4 news room, the man who allegedly beheaded this young mother. with a sword has also been identified by investigators. he is 33 year-old jose rafael solano land data. he is now facing homicide charges. the shocking killing took place after that woman was attacked right outside of her apartment. witnesses were able to flag down deputies to alert them about this sword attack. and those witnesses say land data fled on foot before deputies arrived only to return to the crime scene. a short time later. and that's when he was finally taken into police custody. neighbors say they're still terrified. >> this is absolutely horrifying. this is terrifying. i have a child
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who's here part of the time. lot of children live in this neighborhood. nobody should have this happen in their neighborhood no matter where they live. >> lynn data was booked into the san mateo county jail with no bail. coming up at 3.30, kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has more on what we will see from his day in court. and that will be the county sheriff's deputy has been charged with 2 counts of murder with special circumstances. deputy devon williams junior was scheduled to be arraigned in a dublin court today. authorities say that williams junior shot and killed a dublin couple inside their home after he got off work at the santa rita jail. this was on tuesday night, his own department, the alameda county sheriff's office says that williams junior knew his victims but didn't go into details about their relationship. in antioch. officials seized more than 3 million dollars worth of marijuana plants from numerous homes during warrant searches. the state's department of cannabis control says detectives confiscated just
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under 70 pounds of cannabis flower and 5200 cannabis plants. detectives also uncovered more than $15,000 in cash and 5 firearms, including one assault rifle. this is the second search and seizure operation in as many weeks in antioch, numerous individuals were reportedly detained and questioned, but no arrests were made. governor gavin newsom says california has occurred a federal grant to help crews fight the mosquito fire. those flames are burning out of control in el dorado and placer counties. this new fema grant allows local state and tribal agencies to apply for reimbursement towards firefighting costs. at this hour, the mosquito fire has burned over 25,000 acres. there is no containment. the flames have forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes and these evacuation orders grew overnight as the flames jumped the american river moving south into eldorado county. now these new orders include the area of georgetown that's just east of
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auburn. and wildfire. smoke is in the bay area. skies today leading the air district management district to extend an air quality advisory through tomorrow. kron four's of reports. if you smell smoke, you're advised to stay indoors. smoke from fires burning in our state and oregon this week, visibly worsen friday and was kind of shocking this morning in. >> hazy, you know, had to take my glasses off check it out. for the most part, the smoke state law. >> based on the air quality index, the bay area, air quality management district says communities are ranging from good to moderate. you have a moderate air quality. it means it is pretty much safe to do everything that you would normally do during the day, i think reaches a higher level, which is unhealthy for sensitive groups, individual asthma, bronchitis, lung disease. we want people in that category to limit their exposure outside the air district says pollutant levels are not expected to exceed the national. 24 hour health standard. so a spare the air alert has not been issues. it
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looks worse than it is. i don't smell it. i don't feel anything in my chest. i you know, i say get out and live your life, especially considering the recent wave of extreme heat. people are just happy to get out refreshing makes you want to do staff. >> gives you energy is my dog energy. pleasant hill park provided enough shade and protection for friends and family to catch up this last weekend when the killer tell you. >> 10506 of the day. so good to get good to get still. if you smell smoke, head indoors and close your windows, if you can, those with preexisting lung conditions are most at risk. >> in pleasant hill, police kron 4 news. >> we're going to talk about our bay area weather forecast right now as we take this hazy. look here. it downtown san francisco and has finally cooled off the heat wave. left the bay area. but entering now, where are the smoky skies? and with details on that is our meteorologist kyla grogan. yeah. quality really
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took a turn. i know that what you see behind me is not the bay area. this is near where the mosquito fire is. and this is where a lot of this is coming and you can see it. so just to give you a point of reference here, there's lake tahoe, tahoe city, south lake tahoe. so this is moving towards the bay area and that smoke has been traveling across now, fully made a very good point, which is to say that most of this is staying in the upper levels you know, the atmosphere is not mixing down to the surface. so in other words, we're seeing yellows and greens on the map and not seeing oranges and reds because of that. a lot of that smoke is visible. when you see kind of the haze out there. but it's not coming down to the level of where you're breathing it. so i'm that person that gets the itchy eyes, never get smoke. and i haven't been too bad today. so today we are under that air quality advisory but expecting things to stay in that moderate level. same thing for tomorrow as we get into our saturday that air quality advisory is still in effect and then sunday. hopefully we'll see some better air current temperatures right now. 68 degrees in san francisco. 91 in santa rosa. there is heat out there today. we talk about this heat wave breaking. and yes, it's better. we're not
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talking one, 10, one, 12, one, 15, you know, fill in the blank with other numbers. we're talking one or 2, 1, 0, 5, in livermore. but if this were a normal day are normal week, we have said, hey, that's that's pretty hot. this is what i want to show those of you in livermore in particular, right? you know that when you get into the overnight, you start to get that fog roll in and it cools you down. well, here's tonight at 10, 30 and let's go into the overnight hours. you even a few pops of green on the radar, meaning, you know, some moisture possible like some sprinkles out any rain, really. but here we are at 08:15am, we haven't seen this in a while. we had the foggy that pervasive in kind of do its thing and get in there. and there we are at 3 o'clock. so, you know, we have a bit of a foggy cloudy day tomorrow. temperatures overnight tonight. i'm a point at livermore again, they got down to 72 last night. going to get down to 60 for tonight. we're getting cooler on the back in just a little bit with your extended forecast. thanks so much. happening today, there will be another flex alert across much of the state, all the state kauai. so put it into effect from 4 until 9. and this is the 10th straight
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day for a flex alert in california. >> i know that had des brings great setting is to so many of you. and i share that sense of loss beyond measure. >> king charles, the 3rd delivers his first address to the united kingdom after the death of his mother, queen elizabeth. the second as britain begins a 10 day mourning period. we're taking a live look now at buckingham palace where thousands of people have been showing up to pay their respects to the queen. they're leaving flowers and cards at the palace gates and thousands of people are sure to line up along the route when her body is transported from scotland. back to london where she is is expected to lie in state for several days before her funeral. and here in the bay area, grace cathedral in san francisco's are making already making plans to stream that funeral for the public to watch. and the city of san francisco is also paying its respects to the queen
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conferece. charles clifford joins us now live with more details on this. he's here with us since from san francisco. >> yeah, you know, yesterday a san francisco mayor london breed expressed her condolences to the people of the uk following the queen's death. today. the public was given a chance to formally express themselves as well. inside san francisco city hall friday morning. visitors were invited to sign the city's condolence book following the death of queen elizabeth of england. queen did visit san francisco once in 1983. >> a to a d is the consul general of indonesia in san francisco. he came on friday to pay respects on behalf of the staff at the consulate. yes, we also so truly a is 5 people around the globe. >> rules not only for the mothers but most for mothers and the peoples leaders put the when finished, the condolence book will be
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delivered to the british consulate in san francisco. >> all right, back live. now the signing was set to wrap up at 3 o'clock. so it's probably ending just about now. the city did say if they have enough interest that they will hold another sign. it. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron, 4 news. thanks, charles. >> as tributes to the queen are being made across the world, lawmakers in washington are also responding outside of the british embassy, a growing memorial to the 96 year-old monarch. lawmakers gave their own tributes to the queen whose relationship with washington goes all the way back to president harry truman. >> he went on to meet with a dozen more of our president. you're right. she purrs audit over a period of historic strengthening. of the alliance between our nations. >> she was both strong and comforting. in times of joy. she was gracious and dignified she was a rock. the living embodiment of the virtues that lie at the core of the nation. she's so proudly lead.
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>> and joe biden told reporters last night that he would travel to britain for the funeral. the white house is still waiting for official protocol. and now that the queen has passed several things will change in the uk as the queen's portrait insignia on the rich and initials have for the backdrop of daily life for the last 7 decades, they will now be phased out and replaced by those of king charles, the 3rd, the national anthem will change from god save the queen to god save the king. the queen's images featured on all of the british coins and currency bills and image will change to king charles, but it's expected to take some time because there's so much money in circulation and goods and services that supply the royal household will also change because some brands have a seal that features the queen. we do have continuing coverage of the queen's passing on our website kron 4 dot com. you can read more about her life and legacy and learn about what happens next. that's all on. kron. 4 dot
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com. and coming up here at 3 o'clock, the omicron booster rollout is getting started here in the east bay. what you need to know if you need an appointment and president biden in ohio celebrating a manufacturing boost. more on manufacturing boost. more on the impact of the chips have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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>> happy friday. we're going to talk about our weather forecast right now as we take this live look outside at san francisco international airport. a little bit of fog is slowly starting to creep back in what a relief the heat
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may finally be passing a spy. but what is the hurricane? there you have back to the bay area. something going on behind well, this is tropical storm now. was a hurricane yesterday. now is degraded to a tropical storm kay. they can see is bringing rain right now to southern california. some of the beneficial rain but also in the mountainous areas. they are, you know, concerned about flooding. so this is where it's at 40 miles per hour. that's why it's tropical storms kind of loss of its strength. it's going to around out here really become a remnant low. but in the interim of that, it's spinning all of that moisture into california. so will it bring any rain here? well, and taking a future cast here into saturday and you can see it's trying to right. there's some rain. it's kind of to the east of us and to the south of us. we get to saturday evening again. i think we could see some sprinkles, but i don't think we're going to see a thing terrifically meaningful out of this and taking you to sunday now sunday afternoon. so all of that will be courtesy of that tropical storm air quality tomorrow, unfortunately expected to stay moderate as we're still going to be under that air quality advisory. again, a lot of that is kind of staying up in the
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upper levels of the atmosphere, not mixing out of the surface of that. some good news and tropical storm kay will help to buck some of that out of the way. so as we get through the weekend, we're going to be cloudy and they're going to be cool as we get to next week, dropping below average. believe it or not, as we get into a tuesday wednesday, thursday, back to justine. grade to get some rain in september. the president is celebrating a bipartisan boost to manufacturing. he visited a construction site of a new might multibillion-dollar computer chip plant in ohio and emphasized that more are coming. reporter hannah brandt in washington now with details on the legislation that made this happen. thanks for joining us. hannah. >> justin, good evening. that legislation is called the chips act and it took a lot of back and forth to get through congress. but now that it's local leaders, shoveled dirt. president biden dubbed ohio part of the silicon heartland. >> that's because on friday intel broke ground on a 20 billion-dollar computer chip factory in the state. it came
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after congress passed the chips act giving grants and tax credits to encourage semiconductor companies to build in america. senator rob portman was one of the republicans who helped get it across the finish line. >> we begin to close america's competitiveness gap that has grown dangerously. why lawmakers say the move will help grow the american economy, strengthen the independence of our supply chains and improve our global competitiveness. democrat senator sherrod brown says it's a new chapter for the country. knowledge you the future won't just be developed in america. we're really good at that. we've done that for generations. it will be made in america. other semiconductor companies have announced plans for factories in states across the country. and president biden says these investments are important victories for the country. there is nothing not a single bank beyond our capacity as a nation. >> if we do it together as the united states of america. >> ohio is also in the middle of a really close senate
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president biden's visit there has political significance as democrats fight to keep control of congress live in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> hanna, thank you. supporters of the new waterfront ballpark for the oakland a's got a big boost this week. a judge rejected 3 lawsuits claiming the ballpark would cause serious environmental and safety hazards. oakland mayor libby schaff released a statement saying that this court ruling proves that the howard terminal project will be built to california's highest environmental standards. we also have a statement now from a's president dave kaval. it reads in part here, we're pleased with the court's decision which validated the work of the city of oakland, port of oakland and the a's to prepare a thorough analysis of are environmentally sound project. the project is expected to cost about 12 billion dollars. but the ballpark making up a billion of that. california is getting a big boost in its fight
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against the monkeypox outbreak over 41 million dollars will go towards improving access to vaccines. testing treatment and education. kron 4. stephanie lin here now with us live in the newsroom with a closer look at this announcement. thanks for joining us, stephanie. hey, good morning or rather, good afternoon, justine. that money is coming from the state's budget. governor gavin newsom signed a bill into law earlier this week that freed up the 41 and a half million dollars for immediate use. >> this comes as california continues to be at the center of the monkeypox outbreak with over 4,000 reported cases, that's roughly 20% of the nation's total. san francisco has the second highest number of reported m-pox cases with 763 as of today, the overwhelming number of cases among and bisexual men. the latest data suggesting the spread of m-pox is declining. but experts say it's still too early to let your guard down. assemblymember. phil ting says one of the lessons we learned from the covid outbreak is we
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need to react faster to viruses and that a coordinated public health response is needed to prevent any second waves. >> unfortunately, we're still seeing a fairly slow, a federal response that we are really urging our federal government to really push harder for more vaccine production and really to really ramp up the response. but i think from the state level, we're very proud of this immediate infusion of money. >> the new funding will not directly increase california's m-pox vaccine supply, but it will, however, speed up the distribution of those shots once they arrive of the state legislature can decide whether more funding is needed when they return to sacramento in january. in the meantime, that budget bill governor newsom signed gives him the ability to allocate more money to finding m-pox if needed since public health emergencies can quickly change this team. back to you. stephanie. thank you.
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los angeles county health officials are investigating the death of a resident diagnosed with monkeypox. it's not clear yet if the virus caused that person staff. but medical experts say that the autopsy >> still needs to be conducted to figure this out. results can come back in a few days or few weeks. no information yet on whether the person suffered from any underlying health conditions. officials say the death and severe illness from m-pox are still very rare. and still ahead here on kron, 4 news at 3, a new chapter in the battle over the marl lago documents. how the doj he's fighting back. in national
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news this afternoon. the justice department is preparing to appeal a judge's ruling granting a third-party special master to review the documents from mar-a-lago. the judge was a trump appointee authorized an outside legal expert to review those documents to determine and any fall under the attorney client privilege. former president donald trump requested the special master to return any personal or privilege materials. but the justice department says this could limit the government's ability to determine if the documents created a national security risk. also happening on the hill, republican members of congress are urging people to file lawsuits in an attempt to block president biden's student loan forgiveness program. raquel martin has the latest. >> republican lawmakers say they want to see president biden student loan forgiveness
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plan blocked in the courts that there's no authority for the president to wave a wand and to forgive. >> billions of dollars of student loan debt and he did it anyway, missouri republican senator josh hawley in iowa, senator chuck grassley say they welcome lawsuits that would stop the plan before it goes into effect this winter. this would really be a tremendous win. >> for the fight against inflation. >> be a tremendous win the on fairness center brings to people that don't go to college to pay for people to go to college. but the white house contends the president is on solid legal ground and is still encouraging americans to apply for forgiveness next month. illinois senator tammy duckworth says republicans are wrong to try and undercut this. really. why would they want to keep this financial burden on the backs of so many young graduates and so many middle class families, but not all democrats are coming to the president's defense. i just don't think the band-aid approach works. michigan democratic congresswoman elissa slotkin says it's up to
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congress, not the white house to decide how to help students. the legislative branch is the one that appropriates money. >> and this was a decision taken by the executive branch. that's not comment. >> that was raquel martin reporting for us. no lawsuits have been filed, but the attorney general of arizona is hinting he and g's could take bpaction soon. coming up next, united airlines is looking to buy a new fleet of air taxis, how the company plans to bring travel into the future. >> but first, the new king of england addresses the public today as the country begins to mourn the loss of queen elizabeth. the second will take a closer look at his
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the united kingdom continues to mourn queen elizabeth. the second day remembrance ceremony was held this morning at saint paul's cathedral in the united kingdom and honor. >> of the queen, her son king charles, the 3rd delivered his first address since her passing reporter kimberly cheng has the latest. >> i know des brings great sadness to so many of you. and i share that sense of loss beyond measure. >> with the king, charles arrived at buckingham palace from scotland. he greeted well-wishers before addressing the world for the first time as monarch as the queen has so did was such an devotion. i some of the pitch by so.
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throughout the remaining time, goat grossman. to uphold the constitutional principles. he announced his wife camilla would become queen con stuart and his son. william will assume his role as a duke of cornwall and also acquire the title prince of wales with katherine beside him. >> new prince and princess of wales. will i know it? continue to inspire and lead a national conversations hoping to bring them optional to the center ground. well, michael, help can be given. i want to also to express my love for harry and meghan. as they continue to build that lives overseas. >> a series of ceremonies full of the queen staff, including gun salutes or the or the. >> and by the the british parliament opened a special session to pay tribute to the queen. thousands attended a
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prayer service at saint paul's cathedral in london, including members of government and a grieving public gathered outside buckingham palace to say goodbye to my donning >> as you begin your last great, jen. to idea. i want simply to say this. >> that was kimberly chang reporting for us this afternoon. back here to the bay area where one of the 2 prisoners who escaped from the marsh creek detention facility in clayton over the weekend has been arrested. gerardo ramirez bear on the left here was arrested in a whole hotel. he's now being held in the martinez detention facility. but the other escaped inmate. jorge garcia has community on the right still on the run. he faces charges of vehicle theft and drug possession. if you see him, you should contact police. now the peninsula where the san mateo county
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sheriff's office is investigating a rolex robbery in menlo park. the office says this happened just after 8 on thursday night on sharon road. it's right by the holy cross cemetery. not too far away from an elementary school. deputies say the suspect approached the victim with a gun, taking a wallet, cell phone and keys and that very expensive rolex watch. investigators believe that that person hopped into a light colored suv with the getaway driver and got away. right now the ntsb is investigating the cause of a small plane crash. an airport in santa monica. 2 people died. the single engine piper sport was landing at the airport thursday when it went down with the pilot and passenger on board. time to talk about of wet weather forecast now as we take this live look outside here crossed the bay bridge, receive the conditions as we look towards the east bay, it's still a little hazy, smoky smoggy out there, but not as hot pilots. here now with how temperatures have kind of dropped.
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>> still triple digits in livermore. but, you know, the 105 and 115 different different. >> you know, i mean, you get to know your neighbors in a different way, right? because you're all walking the dog after it's almost dark outside. with your little flashlight that that was made last night. but it is finally cooling down now at a normal week. i wouldn't say it was that cool at 105 in livermore. but livermore, i know you're appreciating every degree that's cooler. so we'll go ahead and say it's a little bit cooler. 76 in oakland right now. 93 in fremont. we're at about 97 in novato and san risen up that very cool out of the coast. 63 degrees there. we do have a little bit of a breeze kicking up that onshore flow is still with us about 22 miles per hour in san francisco are going to see the wind kind of changed direction over the course the next few days and see more southerly flow because of our tropical system. that's to the south of us. but tonight, increasing clouds that marine layer expands helps to bring back some of that lovely, cool, moist ocean air they would like so much and that will help us with this. our humidity levels, which as you can see, if you go inland are down in the teens that really
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concerns me where fire danger is is concerned. so 60%, of course, in san francisco. but you have ups and roses just 18%. it means we're very dry this time of year and then we get the dry air as well. and that just makes things a little bit more difficult. here's the tropical system. tropical storm kay now bringing some rain to southern california and they do haae some flooding concerns mostly inland in their mountain areas. but that's going to be going through san diego, los angeles and ventura county as well. and then trying to spin some clouds our way. of course, my eye goes to where watching in the afternoon. this happens quite often in and around mammoth lake. you start to see some of that lightning pop up there. just south of topaz lake at this hour. little lightning always catches my eye. and as we look at futurecast us want to show you how tropical storm kay is going to try and bring a few drops of moisture our way. but as you can see there saturday night take you into sunday, i don't think it'll be that successful think will be mostly clouds for us this weekend. maybe a few sprinkles here and there, but that will help us because, of course, we have some air quality. that's a bit of concern because of the fires that are to the east
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of us. and that southerly flow should help us a little bit. we are into that air quality advisory tomorrow as well. here's your weekend forecast looking pretty good. not bad. 80's and low 90's. for those of you inland, back to you. thank you. kyla. there's a new study that found more people are living in fire-prone areas than ever before. this is a report from the university of wisconsin madison. >> and the u.s. forest service finds that more than 16 million homes in the western united states have been built near for us grasslands and shrub lands. what of that development has been in the sierra foothills just east of sacramento. that's up from about 10 million homes near fire-prone areas in 1990, researchers say there's no single reason for this trend. but over the years, a growing demand for homes closer to nature and further away from expensive urban areas has resulted in greater fire. danger. and amid the ongoing record drought, water officials say more must be done to capture and store water across california. our
3:36 pm
capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace gives us a look at the multimillion-dollar plan to ramp up desalination. the selling is a shun across the state. >> here in the delta just south what is called water has a large concentration of salt. but state leaders hope this body of water and many others like it will soon be able to supply this region and even the state with fresh water. and it's all do to new investments in desalination. it's arguably california's most precious resource water. but as the state grapples with a record drought, california leaders say finding new ways to capture and store this resource is essential. one of the things that drought make so apparent. >> you live in the state isn't happening. a diverse supply of water. sources fear community is really important. that's why chris turnout with the department of water resources says the state agency will soon provide 6 million dollars in grant funding to applicants from across the state, including local water
3:37 pm
agencies, nonprofit organizations and tribal governments all with the vision to support desalination projects statewide burning salt water into fresh usable, water. this type state investment. and you can really make a whole range of communities a better off. it goes hand in hand with the governor's plan released last month to invest at least 27 billion dollars by 2040 to come up with more water, recycling and desalination projects. there's a lot of communities, some of which are particularly vulnerable to impacts of climate change drought. they're on the interior part of the state. i saw groundwater and with investments of this type, can actually help those communities. yeah. clean your salty groundwater, making those communities resilient. opponents have argued desalination is expensive and energy-intensive but supporters of the governor's plan say it's time for the state to get behind this approach. has a lot of work that we need to do in order to get california to sort a more
3:38 pm
resilient and more proactive island say water >> strategy. rather than right now where we're really responding to drought in every active >> and local agencies hoping to receive this funding must apply to the state no later than october. 5th reporting here in i'll just south of sacramento. eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> coming up here at 3 o'clock, the oakland half marathon returns this weekend. we're going to talk to some of the organizers about this unique urban racing experi transportation
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secretary pete buttigieg says that the federal government will have your back during the holiday flying season. buttigieg says that worries. >> but travelers experienced during the summer season. he says it's going to be a lot smoother this time. the dot website for complaints has moved more airlines to commit to providing hotels and meals to stranded travelers. so he's saying it's going to be better. united airlines is expanding its footprint in future air taxi services. the airline is investing 15 million dollars and eve air mobility united will purchase 200 4 seat electric aircraft with an option for 200 more. the air taxi has a vertical takeoff and landing capability and a range of up to 60 miles. still ahead, the oakland half
3:42 pm
marathon is this weekend. we're going to preview. >> all the food and the fun and some of the running in a and some of the running in a live meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león. ooh la la! one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> all right. let's talk about our forecast right now as we take this live look outside at a pretty shot here from our camera on top of mount tam, their san francisco and people are. field friday of so glad it's friday cuyler. it was such a hot week. we're looking some cooler so looking forward
3:45 pm
to so glad to get to have that the forecast. i'm not so thrilled about the smoke. have to tell you about, however, a lot of it staying in the upper levels and that mixing down to the surface. so that's good right now getting into our breathing air so much. >> but here is the mosquito virus. want to show you that their smoke tracker, right? it's kind of taking some of that smoke north and kind of bringing it around and pushing it down into the bay. so we're going to see that throughout today and tomorrow and then hopefully we'll get a little assist on that from tropical storm kay as we get a little southerly flow going. but today we're under that moderate air quality and the air quality advisory that continues for tomorrow. here's tropical storm kay that i was telling you about. and that is going to kind of drag some of its moisture northward and also some of the clouds which wake up to tomorrow for sure. and maybe a few drops. may be a few drops are. and think it'll be a whole lot for us. there is certainly some rain and some lightning, as you can see in the sierra at this hour. but tonight we're going to cool it down a little bit more. if you're livermore, you're in the low 70's last it about taking down into the 60's tonight and that will help wind about 15 to 20 miles per hour. those increasing clouds will be with us as the marine layer expands and we
3:46 pm
get much more fog in the overnight into tomorrow than we've certainly had, frankly, all week. current temperatures right now, 66 in san francisco. 76 in oakland, some nice 80's around the bay. triple digit heat still hanging on there in antioch and livermore. and as you can see, it's a big difference in temperatures in san francisco right now, 19 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday. 10 degrees cooler in concord. so we're getting there. everybody. high pressure has finally broken down. and that is why we're starting to feel some sweet relief even from the heat that is inland. here's your extended forecast your weekend looking pretty good. a little cloudy. we're going to keep it cool as we head into next week. and the 80's, as you can see and notice that we just have the slight chance i put in on sunday for a few of those raindrops come in. that would be from tropical storm kay. but it is likely to kind of fall apart before it gets here. so again, i think we'll see increased humidity levels with that. i think we'll see some clouds with that for e% sure. but i think if we get anyone who gets a little rain, it's going to be kind of an outside so anyway, so as we go into tomorrow, pretty good. looking day with a high of 87
3:47 pm
degrees. low 90's on your sunday into your monday. and then drop below average as we get into next week. i know that sounds a little wacky skin sidor unwary ben this week. but much cooler there as we get into that tuesday, wednesday, thursday, time frame. and as you can see, partly cloudy skies on our friday. justine, back to you. thanks so much. i think we get to talk about town half marathon right now. it's returning to oakland for the first time since 2019. the 5 k is promising. >> a unique urban running experience. and there's something special waiting for people who are. going make it all the way to the end. we're going to talk now more about this with gina jack along and madi davis to the woman who helped make tomorrow's event possible. they with us. >> how they hear? i don't
3:48 pm
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
>> we're going to see what news nation is working on for tonight. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation tonight, we dig deep on the midterms. who's up? who's down? which races could determine control of the senate? >> and the house. now, here's ashley with a look at them. >> thanks, dan. tonight on banfield, the royals have a new king, but prince harry has a new book. will it sink the
3:51 pm
monarchy or obliterate harry and happy 81st birthday, martha stewart, what she wore and what she did and where is dropping jaws. that's tonight on banfield on newsnation. you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> the 19 year-old suspect accused of a nearly daylong shooting rampage across memphis made his first court appearance today. 4 people were killed. 3 others injured in a seemingly random shooting and carjacking across the city on wednesday. that touches you best. spoke with some of the victims. families. new video shows the moment the alleged gunman is taken into custody. ending a 20 hour shooting spree in memphis. >> 4 >> people were killed, including 24 year-old dewayne tunstall, who was the first to be gunned down by the suspect. officers say tunstall, a father of a little girl with
3:52 pm
another baby on the way was visiting a friend's home. what is the heel kelly shot and killed him? a witness tells news nation they had an argument the day before last year. newsnation's memphis affiliate wre g highlighted tunstall when he went viral for an act of kindness. paying for strangers. was and i'll shut up or much credit card >> alison parker was allegedly shot and killed while kelly car jacked her. a facebook post from a family practice center says she worked there as a medical assistant. a gofundme page identify 17 year-old core teary a right as also being killed. her family said she just celebrated her birthday on august, 25th and always had a huge smile on her face. burger was shot and injured at a car parts store shooting. kelly streamed live on facebook. >> i'm on plant off the show. >> so my gosh.
3:53 pm
>> and 44 year-old acacia mcglasson was shot and injured on the side of the highway while changing a tire with her dad. she says kelly seemed polite at first asking for directions. his attitude changed immediately after. >> that's when i saw the gun pointed at me and he popped out 3 shots. >> when i heard the shots. as to straight up. >> not read it. and did making the thought i had a gun to my head, but it would do. jack, today. it would make him go. >> that was natasha cbs reporting for us. the suspect did not enter a plea today and was appointed a public defender by the judge. he's being held without bond and is due back in court next week. now to the latest on the efforts to launch artemis. nasa is now replacing leaky seals and its moon rocket. and if that work is successful, the artemis one could blast off by the end of the month. hydrogen fuel leaks and other issues stop the back-to-back launch attempts last week. so
3:54 pm
nasa wants to send 3 test dummies into the warner r-va orbit on a trial run. its goal is to put astronauts on the next flight in 2024. and then put humans on the moon in 2025. well, we may be one step closer to finding life in outer space. 2 new planets have just been discovered. both have been dubbed super earths because they're so similar to earth. but >> they're much bigger. astronomers say one of those planets could be able to support life. they're both located about 100 light years away. so the chances are pretty slim will be meeting any aliens from those planets anytime soon or get a chance to go there. we're going to get one last. look at our forecast right now. i wanted to talk so badly to the friends from the oak town half-marathon that we're having technical difficulties there. anyway, it's tomorrow. it's a half marathon. it's 5 k
3:55 pm
stopper from the oakland a's is going to be there. >> it's also part of town brew fest now have to their called job juice. josh, a year that they're making really cool thing to talk about. but i hope people go out and they can check it out and run or not. just go have some fun. yeah. and have some job. jews are. you're under. i'm not a runner. i tend to run only when forced chased. yeah. i will tell you like i ran track for one month one year in high school because my friends, i needed someone on the team extra and i am very competitive. so i did very well at it. just team. but only because i didn't want to lose. >> and then when the season was over, i was like, i don't ever need to do that again. that was fine. but i did get a couple ribbons today. might not have been the best day to be running. if you're inland, that's for sure. hope you're taking it easy. take a look at the current temperatures. 102, in morgan hill right now. 105, in livermore, 104, in brentwood. there's definitely been some heat out there, but it's been quite nice around the base. you can see right now to 80 degrees in berkeley. 88 vallejo, 95 in nevado up in
3:56 pm
the north bay. some heat up there too. you can see cloverdale 100 degrees. kelsey bill at 102. so tomorrow is going to a little cloudy, a little foggy when we start off and we're going to be cooler. so check out these temperatures. are you ready for livermore? >> 89 degrees. you won't be setting any records with that. and i think that's just fine. 77 in oakland, 71 in san francisco. >> how about 77 for you and napa as well. and even morgan hill staying in the 80's. i love that. i like when i get to give good news. this was a rough week and we all made it through everybody. so i say we to celebrate now. so tomorrow again, we're going to see temperatures in the 80's inland 90's on sunday, just a low 90's. and that's when that slight chance a few sprinkles comes through because we have that tropical system that's to our south. and that will likely bring us a little humidity and certainly bring us some clouds and maybe a few raindrops. they're going to say, sunny on your monday and go into the low 80's tuesday, wednesday and thursday, even dropping below average, which we have not seen in a while, just as much cooler temperatures, a much nicer run here. if you're going to be doing any outdoor activities, you'll certainly be able to
3:57 pm
resume them. like, for instance, if you want to go running, i think you'll do just as we head into next week. so, you know, the thing is just seen. we made it through bourse heat wave that we've had all summer. hopefully it will be the only heat wave will have all summer, although i do want to say, you know, we are in what is the beginning of our fire season. so it's a time to just think about the activities you choose. make sure you stay fire safe and a half. a great weekend. everybody. we'll do. thank you. and thank you so much for joining us all this week here during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock. >> i'm justine waldman. a few tonight during kron, 4 news at 5. if you don't want to spend, have a great weekend and see have a great weekend and see you back here next week. meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget, so mom keeps her alerts on full volume.
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