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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  September 9, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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[audio logo] >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> now at 5, we're learning new details about the young mother who was killed in san carlos yesterday. she was beheaded with a sword in front of her home. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight. i'm grant lotus. i'm justine waldman in for vicki. the woman who was killed has been identified as katrina. castro of san carlos. here is a photo we've just gotten into our newsroom. >> of the 27 year-old mother and the man who allegedly beheaded the young mother. but the sort has also been identified by investigators as 33 year-old jose rafael solano
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he is facing homicide charges. the shocking killing took place after that woman was attacked outside of her apartment. witnesses flagged down authorities to alert them about this ongoing sword attack. and those witnesses say that landeta left on foot before deputies arrived but returned to the scene of the crime a short time later. and that's when he was taken into police custody. neighbors tell us they're still terrified. >> this is absolutely horrifying. this is terrifying. i have a child who's here part of the time. lot of children live in this neighborhood. nobody should have this happened in their neighborhood no matter where they live. >> was booked into the san mateo county jail with no bail. we're going to get more on this report from kron four's haaziq mod-yoon later on this hour. >> indeed, other news now takes us to. and today kron four's madyun spoke to the victim's father. we'll have more of that later. indeed. now one of the 2 prisoners who
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escaped from the marsh creek detention facility in clayton over the weekend has been arrested. but tonight, the other inmate is still on the run. gerardo ramirez, vera there on the left was arrested in a hotel. he is now being held back in the martinez detention facility. but the other escaped inmate on the right. jorge garcia has kamiyah. is still on the loose. garcia's kamiyah was initially detained at marsh creek on charges of vehicle theft and drug possession. the alameda county sheriff's deputy charged with 2 counts of murder, did not enter a plea in court today. but court documents show us that the former deputy 24 year-old devin williams junior. >> was dating married woman that he allegedly shot and killed along with her husband, the victims. 57 year-old venison tran and 42 year-old maria tran court documents also showed members of the couple's family. we're at the
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trans home during the shooting and it was there. the detectives found 6 bullet shell casings of the same exact kind that were used by the alameda county sheriff's office. williams is being held without bail at the santa rita jail. he has another court appearance next week. $100,000 reward is still on the table tonight for information leading to a lexus caves. whereabouts. >> we're remains. police say they believe the 24 year-old was murdered on january. 26th after being seen at a chevron gas station in brentwood. investigators say they think her ex-boyfriend, marshall jones killed her that evening after they say they tracked gave cell phone to his house in antioch, marshall traveled to seattle where he was killed by law enforcement in early june when officers tried to serve an arrest warrant for games, murder in may. investigators found gabe's cell phone case in antioch, but they're still looking for her. if you have any information you're being asked
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to call oakley police. >> happening right now, a statewide flex alert is in effect. it started at 4 o'clock this afternoon. it's going to stay in place until 9 o'clock. tonight. we're all being encouraged to reduce our power use during this time. it is the 10th straight day for flex alert in california. governor gavin newsom says california has secured a federal grant to help crews fighting the ski to fire the flames now burning out of control in el dorado and placer counties. the new fema grant allows local state and tribal agencies to apply for reimbursement towards firefighting costs. at this hour, the mosquito fire has burned over 30,000 acres. there is no containment. evacuation orders have been growing overnight and throughout the day forcing thousands of people to leave their homes say that's a bad one. and wildfire smoke is covering some bay area skies tonight leading the air district to extend an air quality advisory. now through tomorrow. kron four's philippe djegal reports. if you smell
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smoke, you're advised to stay inside pockets of the bay area woke up to smoky hazy skies, leading to poor visibility, concern and confusion for those could not smell smoke. i don't smell it either. so i wasn't sure if it was, you know, they say some tropical storms coming in. so i was what is it happening today? the bay area, air quality management district says what we are seeing and possibly smelling is smoke from wildfires burning in our state and in oregon. >> the air district has extended its air quality advisory through saturday, but pollution levels are not expected to the 24 hour health standards. so meaning that we're not planning calling the spear the air alert. if you smell smoke, head indoors closer windows, if you can, those with preexisting lung conditions are most at risk. for the most part, the smoke stay based on the air quality index districts as communities are ranging from good to moderate, which means it safe to do what you normally do
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during the day doesn't bother me know. >> i've had lung condition, too. so. guess i'm hill park was a popular place for people to hang out this after a lot of us have been cooped up inside for more than a week, avoiding the excessive heat. >> only thing missing was a blue sky. i think that i'd clear. i don't know if i smoky. hopefully the smoke will clear in a few days in pleasant hills. police to call kron 4 speaking of the weather was a noticeable cool off, especially at the coast today, but still. >> plenty hot let's check in now with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. he is on the road at fort mason in san francisco. the marine layer has moved in. it's a lot cooler in the city. where what do you do? worry hanging out tonight. >> yeah. hey, you know, we have a lot of fun here. tonight is going to join us here over the next couple of hours. we're going to be if the off the grid event in 4 basin probably trying out some
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food here, some of the wonderful food trucks and they can have some music, all kinds of things going on. but the weather boy, it is really cooperating. now. you could feel the change they specially in the bay along the coastline, still hot in the valleys, but it's hazy out there in spots. you can see we talk about the fires and you can see some of the haze out of the golden gate bridge out over the bay waters right now. but we are expecting things to change a little bit over the weekend as we're going to see that winds start to pick up more of a sea breeze kicking in the temperatures are going to be coming down. hopefully year start to clear out as well. but we are seeing is a very smoky conditions. as you look in around the mosquito fire, a very poor air quality there. just that smoke settling down from t at fire in dangerous fire conditions continuing in that area. the bay area, though we're mild out there. you've got some moderate amounts of fluid building up in the atmosphere across the bay area right now. and that looks to be the case, as you've got that sea breeze kicking in things should improve as we head through the night tonight as we're going
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to just air quality really improve because just the stronger sea breeze kicking in. so out there right now, you can see haze in the skies. that's for sure. moderate amounts of building up for your saturday as well. but overall, i think the trend is going to be for some improving weather conditionl, not just from the temperatures, the air quality too. let me start to get an offshore flow. of course, that happens. then everything begins to change out there. right now, though, we're hoping to see a little bit of fog developing throughout the night tonight. keep your fingers crossed for that temperatures. yeah, they're very hot inland. you're still the triple digits in the valleys, but some heat relief is finally on the way. i know it was hot there for another day, at least inland. but these temperatures really coming we do have a heat advisory continuing already warning continuing in a county, though, as we head toward the evening hours tonight. but after that tomorrow, much cooler weather on the way. how about this? after all, over a week of some record breaking temperatures, highs topping out in the upper 80's, enormous parts of the bay area. that sounds pretty cool for more. we've been guys
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back to you. >> it's going to feel 66 in mill valley that's going sing. all right. great news. thank you, the food trucks can't wait to see what health experts are breathing a sigh of relief tonight as millions of dollars in funding has been approved by the state to stop the spread of monkeypox assembly member phil ting made this announcement today at zuckerberg hospital. >> and right now, kron four's rob nesbitt joins us live from the newsroom with more on how this money is going to help rob, the numbers are optimistic for several reasons. first off, san francisco has had a daily case report of 0 new cases several days the last week. still the money promised and governor newsom signed budget will help prevent the case count from going up in the future. >> for months, health officials sounded the alarm on a lack of m-pox funding and resources. on friday assembly member phil ting announce how much california has allocated to stop the spread of 41.5. >> million dollars of emergency funding. to help
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local jurisdictions and community groups in particular combat. the mpx outbreak. the update happening as a cupboard hospital in san francisco. >> with the assembly member got a tour of where more than 15,000 vaccines have been administered. the hospital ceo doctor susan air lick leading both the tor and the hospitals fight against the disease. this new funding will very much help in our efforts to fight the spread of m-pox with increased access to treatment. >> testing and vaccinations for most affected communities. california continues to be at the center of the m-pox outbreak with more than 4,000 reported cases, roughly 20% of the nation's total. >> san francisco has the second highest number of cases in the state has 763 ceo of the san francisco aids foundation. doctor tyler trim your says the vaccination waitlist that's trucked has gone down from 10,000 to around 3,000 access to treatments such as t-poxx has also improved. we have been able to reduce several of the barriers that were originally in place. that thing. >> for a long time, we heard
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about stacks of paperwork hours per patient. and many of those things have been reduced in the burden. >> according to assembly member tang around, 25 million dollars will go to the california department of public health and more than 15 million dollars will be allocated for county health departments and community-based groups reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. la county health officials are investigating the death of a resident who was diagnosed with m-pox. >> it's not clear if the virus cause that person's death. they say an autopsy still needs to be conducted and results can come back in a few days or a few weeks. there was no information given about whether the person suffered from any underlying health conditions. officials say death and severe illness are still rare in the global m-pox outbreak. this is the second death in the u.s. where officials are investigating whether and fox was a contributing cause. coming up, the state of new york declaring a state of emergency because of polio. what's being
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done to try to contain it before it really surges. >> and we continue to remember the life of queen elizabeth, the second, what people in the bay area can do to offer their condolences. >> and then as new covid booster shots are being administered across the bay area. the white house is shots as soon as possible. we'll tell you why after the break.
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ome back. starting to finally cool off out there. still technically under a flex alert tonight until 9 o'clock. but boy, things are shifting in this weekend figures to be quite pleasant. >> our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is out and about and very breezy san francisco right there for mason. very familiar with that marina there behind you is close to the safeway the date way as the kids call. yeah, back in that area is very windy. are. are you feeling chilly k? heard that i i just took my jacket off. no, i've never big way before. but i like that. yeah, right across from really is nice side of the bay along the coastline. i said big way. yes, big way. but it's nice out here, guys. we've got the golden gate bridge behind us tonight. >> and a beautiful shot is that sea breeze finally begin to really kick up and cool temperatures down in that. it's been what we've been waiting for over the past over week now of this heat wave. but we are seeing some
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interesting weather making its way into southern california. that weather is going to factor into our forecast over the weekend, too. this is the remnants of what is a okay. this is tropical storm kay bring some rain up into southern california. they're watching for the potential of some flooding in southern california. they could easily get an inch. maybe 2 inches of rain and the possibility of some flash flooding there. now, the bay area will see a couple clouds begin to move across our skies. but i don't think we have to worry about the rain, but it's going help cool down the temperatures right now. it's hazy outside around the bay area. but the temperatures up spots in the but not as hot as it was. you're still 100 degrees in concord. 100 in lemore 104. and brett, what 79, though, and berkeley, 90 degrees in the bottle and 79 degrees in petaluma showing you that sea breeze. it started to kick in. but we are going to see these temperatures start to take a dip tomorrow. 60's and 70's in the san francisco. yeah, it will be a little bit breezy out toward the coastline, but that's not a bad thing. after the heat wave that we've had. but on some patchy fog cau
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side. also, we're going to begin to see some of those tropical clouds move across. our skies are going to see that throughout the day. temperatures are going to be the 70's just inside the bay 70's 80's. you work your way down the peninsula. you know, the south bay has been baking in the heat who they've had the hot triple digits today. they were in the 90's. but now tomorrow, very comfortably in the 80's there. and then you'll see 70's 80's well inland by tomorrow afternoon. so we're done with the triple digit heat there as well. temperatures really breaking down all around the bay area. that will be a trend. i think not only carries us through the weekend, but in the next week. so, yeah, it's going to be beautiful out here. if you want to come down and enjoy a big way. that's right. i am right near big way here at and you can enjoy that and all the wonderful cool weather and the festivities are just about to begin. guys, back to you. appreciated state way. whatever. okay. haha. alright, preparations are underway for possible flooding along the southern california coast.
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hurricane kay. >> made its way over baja, california this week. it has since been downgraded to a tropical storm. some border towns are preparing for flooding. experts say they're concerned that flash floods and heavy rain could cause debris flows in burn scar areas. this is the northeastern area of san diego county where they're concerned. >> expecting to see more than 2 inches of rain in some parts of that region. and a lot of gusts over 70 miles per hour. >> vaccination sites in contra costa county are now offering the new omicron booster shot for coronavirus. 84 1% of caution. costa county residents have had initial series of the vaccines but only 54% have received a booster. if you're looking to get that new omicron booster shot, here is what you need to know. people 12 years and older are eligible for pfizer's new booster adult over 18 can get moderna's
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booster. people must be fully vaccinated. already end received or last booster shot at least 2 months before getting this new one. if you recently had covid officials advise you to delay getting this booster by 3 months after testing positive. >> you need to take an to end consideration. individual risk factors in terms of delay there, you're going traveling get you work in settings are our with real people. >> there are a number of county run vaccination sites operating this updated vaccine booster. you can also that the omicron booster through your health care provider or local pharmacies. and for more information on where you can get your shot, you can get those details on our website. kron 4 dot com. white house officials want americans to get the new version of the covid vaccine now in order to be protected through the holiday season. >> first, washington correspondent alexandra limon has details on the new vaccine and the fight over more money to continue fighting covid.
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>> with the holidays around the corner, the white house is urging americans to reinforce their protection against covid-19. this is a new vaccine. this is the first major update since the original vaccines repeated 2 years ago. doctor ashish jha, white house covid-19 coordinator says this new once a year shot specifically targets the new variants. we're still seeing thousands of people get admitted to the hospital every day. >> we're seeing 4 to 500 people dying every day of this virus. and officials urge americans 12 and older to get this new vaccine before halloween in order to have maximum protection through the entire holiday season. this applies even if someone has had covid or any of the previous shots we're seeing a lot of people got re infected. we're seeing a lot of people git breakthrough infections from that original vaccine. democrats are trying to get more than 22 billion dollars in the upcoming short-term government spending bill to continue fighting the virus and keep free shots available.
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but republican senator tommy tuberville says he's against more spending. we've got. >> between 25200 billion dollars still left out there for covid that we've already passed. what we need more money for. i mean, let's spend the money that we've got. this spending bill must be passed by october. first to avoid a government shutdown. >> in washington, alexandra limon. >> still ahead here amid the ongoing drought, what's being done to ensure that we have enough clean water?
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>> during this ongoing record drought, water officials say more must be done to capture and store water across california kron four's capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace gives us a look at a multi million dollar plan to ramp up desalination statewide. >> here in the delta just south of sacramento, much of this water has a large concentration of salt, but state leaders hope this body of water and many others like it will soon be able to supply this region and even the state with fresh water. and it's all do to new investments in desalination. it's arguably california's most precious resource water. but as the state grapples with a record drought, california leaders say finding new ways to capture and store this resource is essential. one of the things that drought make so apparent. >> no matter where you live in this state, is it happening? a diverse supply of water
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sources fear community is really important. that's why chris turnout with the department of water resources says the state agency will soon provide 6 million dollars in grant funding to applicants from across the state, including local water agencies, nonprofit organizations and tribal governments all with the vision to support desalination projects statewide converting salt water into fresh usable water. this type state investment. and you can really make a whole range of communities a better off. it goes hand in hand with the governor's plan released last month to invest at least 27 billion dollars by 2040 to come up with more water, recycling and desalination projects. there's a lot of communities, some of which are particularly affordable. the impacts of climate change. shouldn't drought there and interior part of the state. i saw groundwater and with investments of this type, can actually help those communities. yeah, clean your find that salty groundwater making those communities resilient. opponents have argued desalination is
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expensive and energy-intensive, but supporters of the governor's plan say it's time for the state to get behind this approach. has a lot of work that we need to do in order to get california to sort of more resilient and more proactive island say water >> strategy. rather than right now where we're really responding to drought in every active man. >> and local agencies hoping to receive this funding must apply to the state no later than october. 5th reporting here in i'll just south of sacramento. eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> next digesting the news the day after paying respects to a legendary figure help people in the bay area are saying goodbye to the queen. plus, we have new details in the disturbing murder case in san carlos. what we're learning about the mother of 2 who had her head sliced off in front of her home and then real fears about a polio come back as new york state declares a state of emergency. what that
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>> nearly 2 months after the first polio case in nearly a decade was identified in new york state. the governor there now has declared a state of emergency after more polio virus was discovered in wastewater. the emergency declaration will allow additional people in the medical field to administer the polio vaccine. tonight kron four's dan kerman talks
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to a bay area doctor about concerns and what people need to know to protect themselves. >> we don't want to see these diseases again. we thought they were gone and it's tragedy to see diseases come back that are completely avoidable. >> it's been decades since families in a panic were lining up to get the polio vaccine people today. parents have never seen julio. and so what's to worry about? well, i can tell you what's to worry about because it was a horrible problem until we have these vaccines. uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says his cousin was one of those who became paralyzed after getting polio. in fact, in the 40's, the cdc says polio, disabled some 35,000 people each year swartzberg says that's why it's so important to make sure you and your kids are vaccinated. if you're immunized against polio. >> don't worry about your protected and are coming to the risk really is


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