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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  September 9, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> as california's drought drags on, water officials say more should be done to capture and store water across the state are capital correspondent. eytan wallace gives us a look at a multi million dollar plan to increase desalination statewide. >> here in the delta just south of sacramento, much of this water has a large concentration of salt, but state leaders hope this body of water and many others like it will soon be able to supply this region and even the state with fresh water. and it's all do to new investments in desalination. it's arguably california's most precious resource water. but as the state grapples with a record
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drought, california leaders say finding new ways to capture and store this resource is essential. one of the things that drought a parent no matter where you live in this state, is it happening? >> a diverse supply of water sources fear community iss really important. that's why chris turnout with the department of water resources says the state agency will soon provide 6 million dollars in grant funding to applicants from across the state, including local water agencies, nonprofit organizations and tribal governments all with the vision to support desalination projects statewide converting salt water into fresh usable water. this type state investment. and it can really make a whole range of communities a better off. it goes hand in hand with the governor's plan released last month to invest at least 27 billion dollars by 2040 to come up with more water, recycling and desalination projects. there's a lot of communities and some of which are particularly affordable. the impacts of climate change. shouldn't drought there and the interior part of the state. i saw groundwater and
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with investments of this type, can actually help those communities. cleaning your find that salty groundwater making those communities resilient. opponents have argued desalination is expensive and energy-intensive, but supporters of the governor's plan say it's time for the state to get behind this approach. has a lot of work that we need to do in order to get california to sort of more resilient and more proactive island say water >> strategy. rather than right now where we're really responding to drought in every active man. >> and local agencies hoping to receive this funding must apply to the state no later than october. 5th reporting here in i'll just south of sacramento. eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> well, it is still warm out there and it's been hazy and some places. but the intense heat wave finally is coming to a close. and with more on that
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is our man about town lawrence karnow, who's out there. it's kind of dangerous for these food truck operators to have him so close by because he likes food and anything can happen. it >> that that is very true. and author 22 food trucks. i mean, i can do a lot of damage. that's for sure, guys. and they've got every kind of food you can imagine. we've we've got a noodle truck. we've got a noodle bar. we've got bows out here. and guess what, right behind me about that. you've got some some hot chocolate as the sun sets and the temperatures cooling off. so really a lot of different foods for you to enjoy. and the band is just about to get going to and the yeah, they're really starting to pile in. a lot of folks are enjoying their dinner right now. but why not enjoy to finally after a week of record breaking temperatures, in fact, over a week of record breaking heat. finally see those temperatures cooling down across the board. and that's going to be the trend. now we're going to see much cooler weather on the way for the bay area's high pressure finally gives way that big dome that he'd owned
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that had built into the desert southwest. it's going to be pushing eastward. so right now we're starting to see a little fog about that. that is a nice sight to see. some of the fog starts to move in. go to see more of that in the coming days with much cooler temperatures, too, as it looks like high pressure is not going to be anywhere to be found in the coming days. something to watch out for, though, tomorrow we're going to see a change in a pattern. temperatures outside still hot inland. today's to triple digits there. 90's right now 60's along the coastline. but the numbers are going to start coming down across the board here in the bay. area's high pressure really kind of gets out of the way. we're talking about a much better weather as we head throughout the weekend and well into next week. going to enjoy the change in the pattern. we've got a couple of clouds coming our way. but the hot temperatures still continuing in some spots well inland and county. otherwise numbers are going to be dropping off all around the bay area. the temperatures going to be moving in, of course, the 60's and 70's along the coastline. but those places that have been
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sweltering, a triple digit heat, some places all-time heat up to 116 degrees. i think tomorrow top out on the high end in the upper 80's and i think that is going to feel really good. >> back to you guys in the studio. any relief or feel-good all right. thanks very much. >> new developments out of alameda county. the sheriff's deputy charged with 2 counts of murder did not enter a plea in court today. court documents show the former deputy 24 year-old devin williams junior was dating the married woman. he allegedly shot and killed along with her husband victims. 57 year-old innocent ran and 42 year-old maria tran court documents also showed members of the couple's family were at the trans home during the shooting. their detectives say they found 6 bullet shell casings of the same kind used by the alameda county sheriff's department. williams junior is being held without bail at santa rita jail. he has another court date set for next week. today, demonstrators depicted
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tombstones, decorated with flowers, displaying the names of the horses have been killed at golden gate fields. the demonstration took place as today's scheduled races began marking the 5th racing day of summer. meet the group calling on the cities of berkeley and albany to shut down the racetrack. according to california, forcing california are forcing race board. at least 9 horses have died at golden gate fields this year alone. but due must go skeletal and anonymous kosko school. let hope. school medic injuries. that includes most recent deaths. maya selena, on sunday, the animal rights group direct action everywhere says it's unclear whether unusual hot weather played a role in their deaths. >> queen elizabeth was a life well lived. a promise is destiny. kept. and she is mourned most deeply in her posse. >> king charles honoring the queen today calling or is much loved mother. this was his
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first public address since the queen died. a queen elizabeth died thursday age 96 and the first since charles became king charles, the 3rd he and his sister and were at their mother's bedside when she died. as other family members rushed to balmoral castle and scotland but arrived too late. today. charles promise to serve as king with loyalty, respect and love. we learned today that president biden is planning to attend the queen's funeral. he's been talking about his warm relationship with the woman. he calls a great lady. >> the opportunity to meet her before she passed and she's incredibly gracious and decent woman. the thoughts and prayers, the american people are the people united kingdom and the commonwealth and their grief. >> biden had said he had not yet talked to charles but would be doing that yesterday. he and the first lady signed the condolences book at the british embassy flags at the capitol and the white house
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are among the places were flags were flying at half-staff. >> today in san francisco, people also formally offer their condolences to the people of the uk after queen elizabeth's passing at san francisco city hall, visitors are invited to sign the city's condolence book that will be delivered to the british consulate in san francisco. once it's filled, the queen visited the city back in 1983. consul general of indonesia in san francisco was there to pay respects on behalf of staff at that consulate. >> yes, we also so truly a is 5 people around the globe rules not only for the mothers, but for and the people's leaders, us to do it. >> city officials say they may do another signing. if there are enough people who would still like to offer their condolences. we have continuing coverage on the queen on our website kron 4 dot com. you can read more on her life and legacy and
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happens next after her passing. >> coming up, our transportation secretary pete buttigieg was in oakland today. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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my most important kitchen tool? my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others, neuriva plus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp. neuriva: think bigger. >> transportation secretary pete buttigieg was in oakland today with city leaders touring the area set to be improved by an infusion of federal money. the city did get 14.5 million dollars for a project aimed at and proving
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7th street broadway and martin luther king junior way. this involves restoring resident access to the waterfront. the federal money comes from the infrastructure bill, which will pay for roughly 44% of the project. so glad to see for myself how the 14.5 million dollar raise grant is >> in order to create greater safety. for people, whether they're commuting or by bike for by public transit around the with a vision for equity as well. >> fighting the train horns the project will also improve the city's wi-fi network in certain areas of west oakland and will add new bike paths and improve sidewalks and railroad crossings. but judge also was in san francisco yesterday to take a look at the nearly 1 billion dollar central subway project. >> supporters of the new waterfront ballpark for the oakland a's got a big boost this week. a judge rejected 3
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lawsuits claiming the ballpark would cause serious environmental and safety hazards. oakland mayor libby schaff release a statement saying the court ruling proves the howard terminal project will be built. california's highest environmental standards. we also received a statement from a's president dave kaval. it reads in part, we are pleased with the court's decision which validated the work of the city of oakland, port of oakland and the a's to prepare a thorough analysis of are environmentally sound project. the project is expected to cost about 12 billion dollars in total with the ballpark making up a billion of that. the giants continue their long road trip through the midwest today playing the cubs at wrigley field. kate will tell us how they mate out. >> and so have an update on forty-niners tight end george kittle who missed practice again today with an injury.
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here's why every sports fan should vote yes on prop 27. football season is here. but while your friends in new york, chicago, and half the country are allowed to bet on their favorite teams, it's still illegal to bet here in california. prop 27 changes the game. 27 legalizes online sports betting california adults 21 and over. meaning you will finally be able to get in on the action legally. so remember to vote yes on prop 27. it's a win for sports fans.
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>> friday night and it really has been a better day just to be outside because the heat wave is finally easing off. the change is noticeable. let's check in with a chief. there are just lawrence karnow was out yeah. making us jealous. i'm fort mason. >> oh my gosh. guys. the food out here. hey, if you want to come out, enjoy some great food of all kinds of doesn't matter. i mean, there are so many different choices behind us. they got this great food drug yet to get all the mexican food that you would like. i mexican food to. but they've got noodles. they've
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got crowd. they've got pork. they've got they can you name it? they've got it. and a lot of folks are coming out here is great to see everybody coming out here after the heatwave to help cool down. of course, we're getting a nice healthy sea breeze here along the coastline. and folks in london was still hot spots, but they're going to start to see those temperatures cooling down across the board. it looks like, in fact, the numbers are going to be much cooler throughout the weekend. so today, one of those days, hot weather here, southern california, there seem storm system moving in there that is bringing some heavy rain and some tropical rains in the southern california that look at the possibility of flash flooding there. maybe one, maybe 2 inches of rain there. so if you're headed anywhere south of santa barbara, be prepared for that. temperatures out the door right now. you still got 90's inland 60's in the san francisco 70's across the bay. nice weather overall and a change in the weather batters the sea breeze as are temperatures going to come down. a lot of clouds going to move across. our skies are just beginning to see some tropical clouds up above your more that for the weekend. and
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that is going to kind of shocked the light out and make things cooler temperatures across the board in the bay area. 70's inside the bay of got 80's down the peninsula, the south bay. you're still in the 80's by tomorrow afternoon, but a lot of clouds moving overhead looks like those temperatures where you see the triple digit heat finally going to cool down those numbers and set off triple digits. we've got 70's names. that's much more reasonable compared to where we're at with those all-time record highs still warm well inland. but the temperatures reasonable. along the coastline, probably need a jacket. next few days of the temperatures will continue to cool in next week. in fact, probably a little bit below average on wednesday and thursday with those temperatures were really start to take a hit. so a good weekend to get out there and enjoy the fresh air. we've all the kind of locked inside. now it's time to enjoy the evening. what a beautiful friday evening. it is. and the food there's that got 2 guys that live here back in the studio. it looks great,
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lawrence, and it's great to see some people in traditional san francisco entire wearing jackets again. yeah, isn't that right? so thank you, lawrence. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> week one of the nfl season is finally here. and that means the official start of the trey lance era for the forty-niners. the red and gold are heading to chicago to play the bears at soldier field and all eyes will be on that second year. qb. but lance might be a little short-handed going into the game. tight end. george kittle missed his 3rd consecutive practice today. it is officially listed as questionable for sunday's game. the 3 time pro bowler is dealing with a groin injury and hasn't practiced since monday. today head coach kyle shanahan was asked does kittle being listed as questionable mean? there's some optimism he could plight. shanahan answered. yeah. questionably. so we'll just have to wait until game time to see if kittle will play. seems like it's banged up a couple times
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a year with how physical he is on the field. always seems to make an impact when it counts, though. all right. here's another story lines. keep an eye on in the game. bears quarterback justin fields was in the same draft as lance and he may have a little something special planned for the team that passed on him in the 2021. nfl draft. some people thought fields might be a good fit for the niners, but they took lance and fields went 11 overall to chicago. the former ohio state star has said he carries no grudge with any of the teams that passed on him. but his favorite target wide receiver darnell mooney has a different opinion. >> it's going to blossom is going to know who everything that everybody got him especially we go on the team passed on him. so. they're going to have to pay a little bit for that. haven't talked to them about it, he knows for sure the i'm pretty sure he has that. is my year in the league. not your job. now. execute and i love you, you know, and >> it is what it is. but at
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this point, you know, sweet one. we're going to are not worried about last year's draft of his team i'm not thinking about that. it's not going to have. >> its hands full with that forty-niners pass rush. meanwhile, the giants have played 4 games and 3 days in 3 different cities and it definitely shows in chicago today to take on the cubs. no score. bottom of the second man on carlos for don serves up a hangar to gomez. who deposits it into the bleachers in left center field, his 7th of the season. 2 zip cubs. they added to their lead in the 6th when nico hoerner. it's his 9th homer of the year out to left center field with a man on. 4, nothing cubs. now the giants make a run in the 8th with the bases loaded evan longoria. drills one down the left-field line. it bounces into the stands. that's a ground-rule double. >> 2 runs come in to make it for 2. >> but that was it. in fact, the giants offense is only scored 11 runs during the current five-game skid and the
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road onto field. today he defended his teammates on their lack of run support. >> we're the 100 and kind and gentle laden. it's from the show it. they're doing? i think, you truth of the ball really when he came around score some runs. and we're here to my first report turn. >> so that's just about 3 weeks left in the regular season. giants are all but mathematically eliminated from the wild card race there, 10 and a half games back. it's just not a great time to be a san francisco giants fan. not the thanks, kate. little beach and it's not impossible not impossible. thanksgiving. coming next, gerri, looking for something active to do this weekend. how about a little running? >> when tell you town, half marathon for the first time since the pandemic.
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years, the oak town half marathon is back. the race will take runners through the streets of oakland offering a taste of the city's authentic soul. >> tomorrow's race half a marathon, a 5 k and race for children. today we talked to 2 women who made that event possible. >> oakland on this crazy as they and so we take great pride in city. people ask day that they either the theater
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and all that good stuff. well, we take a lot of pride and putting out itself. everything that was as it is carried >> at the end of the race, you can drink a cold beer at the brew fest featuring bay area breweries for more information about the races you can visit their website. >> oak town, half dot com. well, if the old saying is true that you eat with your eyes first or a restaurant in los angeles is the place to be. >> yelp says the downtown both take a louis restaurant is the second most photographed in the u.s. and canada. the italian cafe market and bakery has more than 31,000 photo uploads on page. it was edged up by a buffet restaurant. users palace in vegas. and rounding out the top 5 mayor, a who died in honolulu, the girl and the goat in chicago and katz's deli in new york.
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deli. it's the only one i've been 2 out of. those is not as photogenic as any of those places. >> but it is world famous for its the strong yeah, yeah. and probably a lot of the pictures of the strongest and the scene when harry met sally where baked, having a very that's right. good information. there you go. and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. we're going to get something to eat. see at 8 o'clock. have a good night. meet three sisters. the drummer,
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: long live the king. king charles iii, the historic day. as he and camilla an enter buckingham palace for the first time as king and queen. thousands gathered to honor elizabeth. tv personality amanda holden joining the mourners. >> just gut wrenching. >> kate and dark glasses. she is now a princess. and harry all alone as he returns to london on a commercial flight. >> he got there too late to say goodbye. >> announcer: a new royal order of the session.


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