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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  September 12, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> just a little bit of something, but nice to see something rather than nothing. and for a lot of the rest of the state, some heavy rainfall, little too heavy for southern california at times we're sitting right now a little bit, a low gray sitting above san francisco and the east bay, not a lot of visibility issues, though. so we're doing pretty good out there. as far as that goes, you can see this morning. we are really looking at much activity for the bay area, but some of those sprinkles james was talking about are sitting just to the north of the bay area. you head north of solano county eventually on europe, your way towards reading. you are seeing some on and off showers, especially up further north from there and definitely still some heavy rainfall at times further to the south across the eastern deserts. temperatures right now in the 60's for most of the bay area. we've been rather humid the past few days. all that tropical moisture making its way up our direction has resulted in a feel out there. that's been a bit on the muggy side that's kept evening lows. fairly
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mild. why we are mostly in the 60's right now. even the 70's out towards brentwood in pittsburgh ahead of what's not going to be a very hot day from a mild start to a mild afternoon. look at that temperature change at the coast from 60 degrees on average this morning to just 65 this afternoon. that is a wet atmosphere right there. that little temperature change inland areas. 84 degrees at are very warm us. an average inland, not a bad way to start the week considering last week we were eyeing temperatures in excess of 110. what a change of pace. now, as far as the roads go. right now we're looking nice and clear. we are seeing the bay bridge still taking new less than 10 minutes to get across that hardly any headlights there. san mateo bridge just over 10 minutes to make your crossing. and the richmond center fell at 7 minutes. as you get over the north bay golden gate bridge, not looking at fog. just a 19 minute drive from nevado down to the toll plaza. james. john, thank you very much. happening today, the man charged with be heading a bay area. woman is expected to be rain this afternoon.
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>> jose, let data is expected or is accused of beheading 27 year-old karina castro last thursday in san carlos. police believe the violence stemmed from a domestic dispute. that data is the father of castro's one year-old daughter. he's now being held without bail in the san mateo county jail and is due in court in redwood city at one 30. in the north bay to california highway patrol officers were struck and injured by suspected drunk driver happened about 2 o'clock yesterday morning on westbound interstate 80, just east of american canyon road up in solano county. the officers were conducting a traffic stop when another vehicle apparently left the roadway and struck the patrol car, which then hit the 2 officers. one officer was airlifted with major injuries. the second officer was taken to a nearby hospital and has since been released. the driver of the car that struck the officer's was arrested on suspicion of felony dui. palo alto police have arrested a woman accused of attacking 2 men with an empty wine bottle. police say after hitting the
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man, 31 year-old aryana gori was of east palo alto was well, rob, the 3rd person of his bluetooth speaker. this all happened saturday afternoon in the parking lot of the athletic center. gori was later found and arrested on assault and robbery charges. a motorcyclist is rescued after falling down 100 feet into a creek. happened along highway 84 and hildebrand road in la honda was on a hillside edge. you can see here in the video. it's pretty rough terrain. firefighters had to use a rope system to get down there and rescue the victim. that person was and flown to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. unclear what caused the person or the motorcycle and up in the creek. well, right now are monkeypox coverage here. los angeles county health officials are investigating the death of a resident diagnosed with m-pox. there will be an autopsy to determine whether the virus was the cause of death or not.
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death and severe illness are still rare in the global outbreak. but this is the second death in the u.s. where and fox might of been a factor. for your health this morning. a new walk-in clinic for pox vaccine opened up in san francisco and as kron four's philippe djegal reports, most patients stopped by for their second dose. >> the number of positive m-pox cases in los angeles. more than double those reported in san francisco. still, the city has the second highest case rate in the state. strengthening the need to get more vaccine into the lgbtq community. it's really great to be able to just have people take care of it as soon as possible. on saturday, kaiser permanente held a free clinic at city center on geary boulevard in san francisco. it was open to members and non-members. and kaiser says 80% of those who showed up received their second dose. it was important i mean, if the severity seemed really, really bad, if you got it. so and i just thought it was a no-brainer. this comes a day
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after we learned the state has approved more than 41 million dollars in emergency funding to help combat the m-pox outbreak. once we get that. >> you know, to have the stock unable to do it. you'll find that. >> most of our community will take care of ourselves in the right way. and therefore prevent monkeypox. this was kaiser's 3rd saturday, pop up clinic in the city and the health care provider intends to announce another clinic in the coming weeks. of course, with any. >> maker infections like this. tend to catch off-guard no matter what. and that happened again this time. but i think their members on top of things right now, patients were offered a free flu shot if they wanted it. >> in san francisco, philippe djegal ael kron, 4 >> well, covid vaccines and prior infections have made receiving the virus less risky. but recent reports show that hundreds are still dying from covid every day. currently, the united states is averaging about 320 daily coronavirus deaths. it was above 400 before labor day.
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most of the victims are the elderly or those with underlying health conditions and compromised immune systems. according to an analysis by the wall street journal, 85% of people who died from covid-19 through august. we're 65 years or older. that rate is similar to twenty-twenty peaks before vaccines were available. breakthrough scientific research, vaccines have been developed and distributed in record time. and now a doctor in st. louis is pushing the science even further in less than 2 years. doctor david curio and fellow washington university doctor mike diamond develop a vaccine that's delivered through the nasal canal, hitting covid at its core curry. ul says the nasal vaccine has many advantages over the shot. it's less invasive. it can be more easily distributed and it has less side effects. >> we also are hopeful that the waning immunity that we've seen with the mrna vaccines will be overcome by a longer immunity with these intranasal
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vaccines. >> well, the doctors are and clinical trials alongside a biotech company in india. and now the vaccines being given out in india on an emergency basis. we'll see if it makes its way here. marin county has filed a lawsuit against biotech giant manson of monsanto alleging chemicals that they produced known as p c b's contaminated the community cities on the lawsuit include sandra fell and the they claim that monsanto knew about the dangers of the chemical before. well, for more than 50 years, but continued to promote the products anyway, the seabees were used in everything from cool and sand lubricants. it was later banned in 1979. the county says similar lawsuits have been filed nationwide alleging that monsanto deliberately misled the public environmental regulators and its own customers so that it could reap massive profits from pcb sales. there's a new robocall scam circulating across the country and it's targeting people who may be eligible for the new federal
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shudent loan forgiveness plan. we have steve brown now showing us ways you can protect yourself. >> department hopes help it. >> yeah, i got voice mail message from liz issue available. she was not said the man on the phone who identified himself as a representative of enterprise financial. couple questions about this. is this through the u.s. department of education. so i have to go through you to do this. >> but we see with the development to the program, is there a charge for this program is to require people do tha that difference are going to get. but we've already checked with the u.s. department of education's website which says never pay an outside company for help with your federal student loans, your loan servicer will help you for free. >> so i asked the man on the phone, ok? but why am i paying you what i can get this done for free? >> and it rolled into the program. so what's your
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>> why are you calling people asking them to pay a fee for something that can be done for free? >> this is because he knew anything to that. the long forgiveness, jennifer and many of the in the better business bureau says a common tactic in scams is trying to get people to act qu-ckly. scammers will use that off and that that pressure tactic because they don't want to. this actually think it through because if the time to think do you have more opportunity to see those flags? >> all right. now to the east bay where members of the public are being invited to clean up or to a cleanup event. this saturday along the oakland estuary. it's a great way to do your part if you'd like and give back to the community to protect the bay shoreline, you can join on land by foot or on the water in a boat or a kayak or paddleboard. the event kicks off at jack london aquatic center this saturday, starting at 09:30am, in the morning. and it runs until one in the afternoon. the cleanup effort is hosted by a few groups, including i heart oakland,
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alameda estuary and the city of oakland itself. if you plan on attending, be sure to where they say sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water and snacks an extra clothing layers to in case it's chilly to start. the nation. remembering the lives lost on 9.11, a day that the world will never forget them. many around the bay area are holding ceremonies for those who gave their lives to save others. >> fire stations in the south bay was greeted with yesterday, members of the san jose police emerald society paid a visit to many. >> the santa clara fire county fire stations to honor and mourn the fallen heroes of 9.11. >> in union city, a memorial site honors those who lost their lives on that day. but on board flight 93, which was headed to sfo, passengers on that plane fought back preventing hijackers from hitting their intended target.
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kron four's gayle ong spoke to people who visit the memorial. >> that sugar mill landing park in union city. 40 granite stones bearing the names of the passengers and crew members who lost their lives on flight. 93, this longtime fremont resident and her granddaughters left flowers on each stone every year just to know the grandchildren. remember that? we never forget. my sister gave up her seat for someone else. >> and at the time she felt she was doing a good deed. the shows must be on this flight. yes, you should have been on this flight that day. >> remember everybody they were we've lost. >> this year marks the 21st anniversary of the 9.11 attacks. the story of flight 93 is inscribed on the stone. the united airlines flight took off from newark airport originally headed to san francisco international airport. passengers and crew aboard back against their hijackers. it's believed the terrorists were targeting the u.s. capitol. instead, the plane crashed in a field in shanksville, pennsylvania. it's just an honor to see
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people their lives. >> and so out of respect, its really nice to be here. the memorial was dedicated in 2007 raymond ali visited the site for the first time with his 6 year-old granddaughter. i live year. we passed by with no really had opportunity to stop. >> though, kind of using learning opportunity for with a young one. the teller, what it means. >> a remembrance ceremony is held every 5 years here at the site. the next scheduled service will take place in the year 2026. reporting from union city gayle ong kron. 4 news.
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mark coleman: south florida is very transient. people are coming and going constantly. twenty-seven years ago, i planted the church that we're at now. in the first summer, a third of our congregation moved away and they were all leaders. ringing in my ear was dr. stanley saying, "trust god, trust god."
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>> 4.44 is the time and a lot of the smoke that we saw over the area was from the mosquito fire. the wind blowing it from the northeast towards lake tahoe. and it was pretty gray is what it looked like yesterday when the lake was somewhat visible but not much by 2 o'clock. the smoke it pretty much blocked out the entire view air quality up in the lake tahoe area is now ranked ranging between unhealthy to very unhealthy. even bordering on hazardous. so that's kind of what they were dealing with of their care closer to the bay itself. skies a little bit clear. thankfully, we've got john in the weather center with the forecast. a job. you're not joking, james, the air quality up in lake tahoe region showing up. >> in our category here is the very worst you can get. you see those purple air. he is right there on the very edge your screen. that's up in the
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sierra right around the mosquito fire where air quality is being so so impacted. >> with the burning up there in placer county. >> now here in the bay area, we have had some impact. you've likely noticed a little bit of that as you've been stepping outside our air quality comparatively better but not perfect. it is moderate out there this morning and today is going to be another day where you likely noticed just a little bit of that smoke and haze on the horizon. good news for us. those we have winds making their way from the coast on inland. this is not just helping to have a moderating factor on our weather. it's also really trying to get a lot of that wildfire smoke out of the picture. we're also going to be less muggy today. we've noticed the past couple of days that tropical moisture pushing in across the region. that's the remnants of hurricane kay. now just really a post tropical cyclone bringing with it an ample moisture down to southern california where we saw thunderstorms and heavy rains over the weekend today. that
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increases for arizona and the state of nevada just to the east of us. and in those areas, you see those green spots. those are flash flood advisories. much of nevada actually lit up in those some of los angeles county still as well. comparatively really calm here across the bay area. we saw just a few sprinkles this weekend. that's about all we tapped into cooler weather of some humid a couple sprinkles. we'll definitely take the change of pace from where we were last week when we were scorching hot this time. last week, we're looking at our hottest day in pay area history with areas like livermore climbing up to 116 degrees today. livermore going to barely make the low 80's so very different monday, looking at the week ahead of us, san jose right at 80 degrees livermore. you'll be 83 today while hayward at 72 oakland, a nice 73 danville, up to conquer to the mid 80's in are very warmest antioch in vacaville. you're not even making 90 88 89 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures are
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actually getting even cooler with tuesday and wednesday, bringing the coolest weather in the forecast. highs only in the upper 70's inland. we will see temperatures climbing a few degrees into the weekend, but staying mostly in the low 80's. and as for roads, bay bridge still looks great. not a lot of traffic out there this morning. so far, anyways, 7 minute drive across the span. san mateo bridge, a 12 minute hall across set rolling at the limit at the richmond center fell bridge. 6 minutes to get you across it and not that bad. getting across the golden other only 18 minutes from 37 to the tolls. james. thank you, john. 4.48. the time and visa says it plans to start categorizing gun shop sales separately. >> from its other sales, the move considered a major win for gun control and gun safety experts. they say it will help track any suspicious surge in gun sales and possibly prevent future mass shootings. the says move is expected to add some pressure now on other payment processors like mastercard and american
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express to do something similar. electric car maker is changing its charging system to help with power outages. nissan approved a new technology that will allow its electric cars to act as battery pack backups for a building. the company says this system will be compatible with any of their leaf models that were built since 2013. it will not affect the factory warranty. other manufacturers say they're working on creating similar systems. and more good news for people who drive electric cars more nationwide. charging stations are on the way. starbucks now teaming up with volvo to play 60 chargers outside 15 restaurants from denver to seattle by the end of the year. and ikea is partnering with an ev from as well to add another. 25 charging stations across 18 states. and in case you missed it, apple has unveiled its newest iphone as well as new versions of the apple watch in its ear buds. we have rich demuro taking a closer look at this morning's tech smart.
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>> and in person, apple event sort of good morning. >> welcome back to the steve jobs theater. >> after a brief all come from ceo tim cook, a pre-recorded presentation with a heavy e phasis on the life and aspects of apple products. the best photos and videos, better health and safety iphone 14 comes in 2 sizes with last year's processor but an upgraded camera starting price remains $800. your selfies are going to look better on this smartphone because for the first time on the iphone 14, they now have auto focus on the front facing camera iphone. 14 pro has a new faster processor inside and comes in 2 sizes. this is the iphone 14 pro you can tell by this pill shape at the top of the screen there and on the back, we've got a brand-new 48 megapixel camera and always on display. let you see the time date and other information. 24
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7. so right now the screen is off. you can tell that it's on night happened. it comes to life. apple calls the pill shaped sensor area at the top. a dynamic island displaying little bits of information and you can tap to bring up the app that is displaying information about starting price for the 14 pro is $1000. both phone models have a go. pro style action cam mode. which produces steady video. even when you're moving. speaking of action, a new $800. apple watch ultra is the ultimate rugged sports watch with a bigger display louder speaker and 36 hour battery life. scroll up on the digital crown here. and the entire display turns red which is much easier on the eyes at night. all the new iphones ditch the physical sim card for an east. sam, a digital version of your cell phone plan. the new phones also detect car crashes and called for help. a smoke can send and receive messages in areas without a cell signal. but it can take 15 seconds to a few minutes to work the first 2
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years of this new service are included free. >> well, as rich demuro reporting, most of the apple products are expected to launch this coming friday. it's 4.51. will be right back.
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>> wow. wow. what a sunday. for music lovers in the park. san francisco opera celebrating 100 years yesterday with a free performance out of golden gate park. >> thousands, as you can see a picnic to unattended some arriving as early as dawn. the snag a spot in front of the stage. the celebration started at one 30 in the afternoon with performers from the company's fall season participating. it ended with a rendition of san francisco, the san francisco opera is the 3rd american opera company to reach its centennial milestone. yeah. oh, yeah. the trailer for season 3 of the mandalorian dropped over the
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weekend. disney super fans got a sneak peek at the new season during the d 23 convention in anaheim. that's disney's annual convention. pedro pascal is going to star once more the title character. carl weathers katie sackhoff will also be returning in their roles and of course, baby yoda grogu more specifically will be along for the ride season. 3 of the mandalorian is scheduled to stream on disney. plus coming next year. and i am extremely excited. this impressive. 4.56. and the fan going for me coming up in the next hour. >> well, what a grisly story. this was a man charged with beheading a woman in carlos expected to be arraigned later today. we'll have the very latest developments in this case coming up in a live report. stay tuned for that. also, new developments in the murder of an 8 year-old hayward girl will tell you how the man wanted in connection with the crime had abated authorities for months. more
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>> happy monday to you. darya and i'm james on this monday, september. 12th halfway through the month of september already finally starting to feel more like fall. we're starting that these are way that are the triple digit. i don't even know what it's feeling like because it was so moist. yes, and i felt bad complaining because i'm thinking of florida, whoever we had a little humid a little bit. and i asked john earlier on ask you something. i got some sprinkles to know it this weird sort of warm still in yeah. little >> hey, john. yeah. the remnants of katy right there. that was the hurricane that was spinning off mexico, bringing that tropical moisture up our direction and taking things across the bay area. feel a little bit weird for late summer and early fall for sure. but we've enjoyed the cooldown. in the meantime, what we are seeing today is a less muggy feel to it and we are going to be seeing an even cooler day as far as daytime highs go a view outside right now


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