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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  September 12, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now it's 3 the man suspected of a grisly murder on the peninsula is set to face a judge today. we're live outside of the courthouse. plus, there's new dash cam video. it's capturing a deputy driving through the flames in the mosquito fire who he was trying to rescue behind the fire lines. and the morning commute on bart looks a little bit different today. the new schedule changes that just went into effect. >> from the area's local news station, this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> our top story at 3 o'clock. the man accused of beheading his ex-girlfriend makes his first court appearance today.
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thank you so much for joining us this monday right here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waldman. the 33 year-old suspect is facing multiple charges related to the murder of his ex-girlfriend. who is pictured here? 27 year-old karina castro. she was attacked by that suspect outside of her apartment last thursday. castro was the mother of 2 children. one of which one of whom she shared with the man accused of killing her. kron four's. charles clifford joins us now live from san mateo county at side. the courthouse there in redwood city with details on this case. what happened in court today? charles? >> well, the suspected make an appearance in court. he did not, however, in tripoli. let's go and take a look at some video here. heat up appeared in court. he did not respond to anything that happened in the courtroom. he stood up when he was told to get a mask on and kept his head down the entire time. this is 33 year old jose solano, len his attorney requested that he receive psychological evaluation and the court agreed the judge
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order the criminal such a proceeding suspended while they do that psychological evaluation. now, is accused of trying to behead his ex girlfriend. 25 year-old karina castro last thursday morning outside her apartment in san carlos. now the san mateo county sheriff's office office deputies responded after witnesses reported a man attacking another person with a sword when they arrived. landeta have fled the scene but he was taken into custody a short time later he's been held here in the jail in redwood city ever since without bail. now, castro's family was in the courtroom today. they were very upset on the way out. they did noti speak to the media. the district attorney here says that it is better to do the psychological evaluation. now, even though the family may want to move forward with the case trying to get justice, but they say it's better to do it now, rather than later. >> it is better to get this taken care of. now to determine whether he's competent to stand trial, then to do it in 2 years when we're about ready to start a trial, we've been going through the
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whole process of the criminal prosecution and then suddenly that the week before trial, the motion is made at least now we can get a determination made is what exactly is his mental state and how does it impact a criminal prosecution? >> all right. moving forward to doctors will be a sign to evaluate mister lindh data that will begin tomorrow. it could take 8 to 10 weeks make a determination on his mental state. whether or not this case can move forward a criminally. now as to the children, he shared by the suspect and the victim shared a one year-old child. the victim also had another young child, the parents of the victim. we understand, are currently in the process of trying to gain custody of those children. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. charles, thank you so much. >> now to burglary turned into a triple shooting in san leandro. police say that this happened at an indoor marijuana growing facility. here's video from the citizens app. police say that a security guard, a site manager
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and the suspected burglar were all shot around 4.30, yesterday morning. 2 more suspects were seen taking off at a u haul. leading police on a pursuit into oakland. the 2 suspects have gotten away and police now are trying to find out if that growing facility on adams avenue is legal. kron four's. has it been? you has the latest details on this story. we're going to have them all for you at 3.45? 3 people were hurt by a falling tree at all that. and quicksilver park in santa clara county. this is according to the county sheriff's office, which says it got a call around 10 o'clock this morning about this. it's not exactly clear how the 3 people were hurt or the extent of their injuries. we're working to get you more information. now to our wildfire coverage. the mosquito fire has been burning for 6 days in placer. county officials are confirming it remains a 10% containment. firefighters say for the first time since tuesday they have a small containment line and coming to us from eldorado
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county and what we'll see here in the video is that it's a deputy racing through the smoke and flames on his way to do a rescue. the fire. it's still a long way from being fully contained. but the scale of the response has been huge from the surrounding fire departments. officials are still warning people to stay safe. >> we want people to know that we would not pull them out of their homes unless there are still significant threat to their life and safety. >> so this guy to fire has now burned more than 46,000 acres. cal fire says nearly 6,000 structures continue to be threatened by the flames. but the first time since the fire started, firefighters have begun getting that containment line there say now it's 10% contained. the mountain fire still burning in siskiyou county. as of this morning, the fire is more than 13,000 acres and this fire is 60% contained. it has destroyed 4 structures and is threatening more than 500 of them right now. cal fire the officials.
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they're issuing evacuation orders and warnings all throughout the county. the fire is burning in the maxx gulch area right now. and cal fire says firefighters are having trouble containing the fire because of the steep rocky terrain. and now we'll talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take this live look outside. i'm told this is a what is supposed to be downtown san francisco? >> either we need to wipe the lens or is that foggy slashed muggy outside? right now? i'm meteorologist grogan here with our forecast. much cooler out there. but maybe that's a sign of the air quality of the week. we could see anything. yeah, i kind of think that probably clouds and not so much your quality, but certainly as you can see behind me as we look to where the mosquito fire is in and around spots like tahoe city. >> carson city, south lake tahoe. they have awful air quality that we're under no advisory today. but moderate air quality is kind of we're seeing at this moment. you can see along the coast little bit the green starting to pop up because they generally get some of that ocean breeze. that helps to clear the air a little bit. but there's definitely a haze out there and it will stick with us throughout the day today. that's why we have this moderate air quality forecast
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for the day today and tomorrow. but then we're going to see some improvement because we have some northwest wind that's coming in. check this out. as we look at smoke tracker, this wind is going to roll in and start pushing all of the smoke away from us. so that is great news for us. of course, it's not great news for those in nevada where some of this will now be moving into where they're already having a really rough ride. but for us, we should get some relief. so if you happen to be heading out tonight to go to the braves game, you could see a little bit of that haze out there. certainly partly cloudy skies, but notice that the wind will start to pick up a bit between about 15 20 miles per hour, gusting a little higher than that. temperatures 6.45 as they threw out the first pitch about 66 degrees overnight lows tonight. depending where you are getting a little chilly out there. 50 degrees overnight in santa rosa tonight. 57 in san francisco, but certainly warmer in antioch are looking at for 62 san his san jose about 61. and we will have the fog and notice a few pops of green on the radar. a few sprinkles trying to come into the north bay. i don't think they'll be that successful. that here's the fog and you can see is pretty pervasive. as we wake up in the morning.
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i'll be back in just a bit with your extended forecast. just in back to you right? got an exclusive interview you will only see on kron 4 news governor gavin newsom sitting down one-on-one with our capital correspondent eytan wallace. >> that a conversation today that touched on several key issues facing our state, including energy and climate. and as a time reports now from sacramento, the governor also shared what the state is doing to respond to wildfires. >> yeah. during our interview governor newsom made clear the state is ramping up its fire fighting abilities, including new investments in a fleet of aircraft right here. and mcclellan air park. governor gavin newsom getting a firsthand look at the 7.37 air tanker. the state plans to use over the next 60 days to help fight fires. the airplane. t% just one of many the governor saw today during a tour with cal fire at the mcclellan air park. other aircraft include this firehawk helicopter that comes with technology to fight fires at night. that's a game changer in terms of the plea. during a one-on-one interview,
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the governor said this fleet is just part of the state's increasing commitment to fight wildfires pointing out over the last 2 years. california has invested 2.7 billion dollars to combat fires layup from just 200 million in 2020 unprecedented. >> tolls equipment personnel, technology, doing everything we can to put a lid on. this is some points out. his administration has prioritized forest management achieving the goal of fuel reduction on 100,000 acres of land. >> but opponents have argued that's just a drop in the bucket. >> some have said, well, that's not ambitious enough. your response? i get it. look, i mean, we were taking unprecedented steps. yes, we will do more. we can do more because we have to do more in order to address the nature of the climate and the extreme. i don't know what more example we need extreme heat and what we experienced last 10 of the last 12 days. >> and about those last 12 days, the governor says it's a wakeup call about climate change and the grid. it all comes just about a week after
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the legislature approved a new some backed plan to keep the diablo canyon nuclear power plant open until his latest 2030. what do you think could have happened last week if we did not have couple of canyon what we would have? i mean, we didn't have that 9% base load about 9% of the base load of electricity in the state of california. there's no doubt we would have ball past. we would have absolutely triggered in 2 what we call productisn otherwise referred to as black question. we didn't have period full stop. that's not even in the paper dispute and much more of this interview to come later on, including the governor's message to oil field workers worried his policies could lead to them. >> losing their jobs reporting here. mcclellan air park in sacramento, eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> bart's new schedule goes into effect today. the new schedule is intended to provide a new level of consistency for riders throughout the week. it's supposed to bring some improvements that include earlier trains for early morning riders improved connections with the regional
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transit partners and less wait times traveling through millbrae to and from san francisco international airport. and there's a lot of other changes and you can find the full list on our website. kron 4 dot com. we're taking a live look here now. it's a cathedral in scotland. the funeral procession for queen elizabeth. the second has finished for today. the queen's body will lie here until tuesday. some mourners can pay their respects. earlier today, thousands of people lined that short route between the palace of holy rod house and kyle's cathedral. some are arriving hours ahead of the procession order to get a quick glimpse of the coffin. the queen now lying in rest there at the cathedral until tomorrow. that's when she'll be flown to the houses of parliament in london. then she will lie in state in westminster until her funeral, which is on monday, september 19th. a live look here. coming up here tonight this afternoon during kron, 4 news at 3.
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president biden is on a mission against cancer. we have more on the cancer moonshot program that was just announced today. details ahead. >> use me plus treasury secretary janet yellen. >> is warning americans of winter gas prices. why she says we can expect to see the prices at the pump increase around the holidays. >> and multiple arrests made over the death of an 8 year-oli girl. how police say that their main suspect avoided arrest for so long.
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>> police arrested multiple people in connection to the murder of 8 year-old sophia mason after being reported missing in february from hayward mason was found dead in the home. anmer said in march, officers have arrested a 33 year-old dante jackson for the murder and 3 women, they say helped him while he was on the run for about 7 months, one, 20 to a dominant has the latest now on the investigation >> this is a photo of dante jackson handcuffed in front of a police cruiser. it's a stark contrast from the smiling driver's license photo shown when police were on the hunt for him after several months of hard work. i'm proud. >> to announce the arrest of dante jackson for the murder of sophia mason. jackson is accused of the brutal murder of 8 year-old sophia mason, sophia's mother, samantha johnson was already in police custody, charged with her murder. >> and then the detectives name dante jackson also as a
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suspect and sophia's murder. and that's when the manhunt began. police said that although johnson was arrested early. >> jackson was able to elude police for nearly 7 months, detectives acted on evidence quickly to track jackson's location. but he had the help of several people to a system to lose his capture. detectives say these women to burke, a thomson of san jose larkins are said and myra gonzalez of newark all allegedly helped jackson hide from police. we had the help of several female acquaintances. during the investigation. they learned that several these females had assisted jackson and eluding capture by providing him with money. >> shelter and transportation lieutenant joe perez who led the investigation said it was one of the worst cases of child abuse. >> and neglect that he'd ever seen. >> to know what that poor the went through by the hands of peer. you'll breaks my heart and will never understand how something like this could
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happen to a beautiful child who just wanted to be loved. >> that was when need to add a reporting for us, california attorney general rob bonta reacted to the details of mason's murder and said the abuse. he says she suffered leading up to her death was unacceptable and that her life should not have ended the way that it did. >> like so many of us up here also angry. deming that we're here because we shouldn't be here because little sophia should still be alive today. she should be playing. she should be learning. she should be growing up. she should be pursuing and chasing her dreams. >> authorities say more than 20 search warrants were granted to obtain evidence in the case. and details on jackson's whereabouts. he's being held without bail. switching up here to talk about a much cooler weather forecast. here's a camera shop where we can actually see outside a live look here at the golden gate bridge pilots here with our forecast. and while the temperatures are really dropped a lot since
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this time last week, they you don't see the entire state in these crazy reds and purples that we're getting into race. start to see things a little more normal. now, there is some heat, no doubt about it. fresno bakersfield sitting in the low 90's, but that beats a lot of the triple digit heat. we've seen. >> santa barbara right now, just 77 degrees. and here's a look at temperatures around the bay. some nice 60's and 70's around the bay directly fremont about 74 oakland, 70 degrees valais about 77. 79 in napa and santa rosa about 85 point race. 64 cool and cloudy degrees for use are starting to feel a little bit of that sea breeze come in as well. kicking up to about 23 miles per hour in san francisco. that's the northwesterly flow that not only is helping to cool us down, but also knock some of that smoke out of the air. very active the right. see this pattern, very active as we have that tropical moisture from hurricane kay kind of fuse into california. and so seeing some of the showers right now in palm springs in and around the ventura mountains in santa barbara mountains as well. and as we head a little further north, you see it kind of the usual spots. we see some of this lightning boyd has really
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gotten going here near mammoth lakes and up near topaz lake and even further to the just recently start seeing some of this lightning kick. a parade just south of chico near yuba city. and you can see it there, bill as well. so it's a very active day and it's possible that we see a sprinkle or 2, maybe if you're in the north bay in the afternoon. i don't think it's likely, but it's possible our high pressure is no longer large and in charge. that's why we've cooled down. and we do have a little trough of low pressure to the northwest. it's going to be helping to usher in those cooler temperatures that northwest wind and more importantly that nice cool, moist ocean air that we we we get used to around here and then we certainly needed to tomorrow. temperatures going even lower below average. so check this out. san francisco, high of just 68 for you tomorrow. 71 in oakland, 73 in san jose. see, these are all below average. 75 in livermore. 79 in concord and santa rosa. i'll be back a little bit with your extended forecast for now. send it back to the desk. today, president biden traveled to boston to draw attention to a new federally
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backed study that aims to change. >> the way that we fight cancer, it's called cancer moonshot. kron four's to about joins us here now live from the newsroom with more on this new initiative. thanks for joining us. >> of course, justine, kind of an interesting name, it's a nod to the 60th anniversary of president john f kennedy's moonshot speech in which he outlined his goal to land a man on the moon. well, today the president highlighted his administration's efforts at ending cancer as we know it today in a speech at the john f kennedy presidential library and museum, president biden laid out his plans to reach a goal of cutting the u.s. death rate from cancer by 50% over the next 25 years. drawing attention to a new federally backed study that seeking evidence for using blood tests to screen against multiple cancers. it's being touted as a potential game-changer in diagnostic testing to dramatically improve early detection and treatment of cancers. cancer, of course, is the number 2 leading cause of death among americans.
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president biden saying today this is one of the reasons why he ran for president. >> cancer does not discriminate. >> red and blue. it doesn't care if you're republican or a democrat. pt cancer, something we can do together. we focused on turning the moon, shot into a movement. not just the shot, a movement to create a cancer research and care system that most people think we're already have. but they don't realize until i find of cancer that we don't. but one that we deserve. >> of course, this is a cause near and dear to the president's heart. his son beau died of brain cancer back in 2015 this year. the american cancer society estimates 1.9 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed and more than 600,000 people will die of cancer diseases. again, just in the goal of cancer moonshot us to cut those numbers and half live in the newsroom. noelle bellow
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getting back to you. thanks o well, still ahead here during kron, 4 news at 3 honoring the people who lost their lives. the 9.11, the union city memorial for the passengers.
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sweet pillows of softness! this is soft! holy charmin! oh! excuse me! roll it back, everybody!! charmin ultra soft is so cushiony soft, you'll want more! but it's so absorbent, you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin. are you tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters keep your laundry smelling fresh waaaay longer than detergent alone. if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. >> there >> are not enough teachers to fill america's classrooms and the biden administration wants to help fix that problem. han3ah brandt is in washington to explain how. >> while reading writing and arithmetic are the 3 r's for
3:25 pm
students. the white house is focusing on the 3 r's for teachers recruit respect and retain as a teacher herself. first lady jill biden is diving headfirst into the problem of teacher shortages. she and education secretary cardona visited schools in tennessee and north carolina on monday to talk about the importance of teacher apprenticeship programs in the push for higher teacher pay. if we want educators to be able to do what they do best. >> we have to give them the support that day or you all deserve. teachers. union advocates welcome those steps at the federal level but say local leaders need to do more to the majority of these decisions are being made at the local level. >> and so we need to see communities who are stepping up and standing by their educators very closely with the national education association says that means better work environments and bigger paychecks. we keep expecting more and more from our educators and not necessarily giving them a living wage to even live in the communities that they
3:26 pm
teach. teachers union president randi weingarten agrees and she adds investing in. teachers now is critical for education's long-term future to send a message to young people that we want you in the profession. thank you could be and both advocates say leaders need to show more respect for teachers. we need help. some politicians not smearing and cheering. >> in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> gas prices have fallen. 25% from june's hi records. but treasury secretary janet yellen is warning about pain at the pump to come. she says fuel costs could spike again this winter as the eu scales back its purchases of russian oil yellen said the move is necessary to cut off funding for russians war in ukraine but is likely to lead to increased demand and higher prices from other oil and gas suppliers. coming up in our next half hour, a new monkeypox clinic is set to open in san francisco. will take a look at.
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>> all those details and the queen of england is laying unrest. details on today's proceedings as the uk mourns queen elizabeth. the second to go live to england when we come we continue to
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follow all that's unfolding in the uk after the queen's passing. she's currently lying in rest in scotland where mourners can pay their respect. >> and thousands watched the procession as she made her way to saint giles cathedral where
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she will stay until tomorrow. and right now reporter katie joins us now live from windsor castle in england with a look that all that has transpired today. and katie, it's technically a mourning period for everyone there. but there's so much to do to %% prepare for a queen's funeral. that's happening a week from today. >> so much, justin. yes, that is correct. in fact, there are already people lining up outside of westminster for when the queen lies in state starting wednesday into her funeral on monday. right now, though, her children are holding vigil over her coffin is in giles cathedral in edinburgh, scotland and people are filing in to pay their respects there over the next 24 >> king charles, the 3rd addressed lawmakers from both houses of parliament in london before flying to edinburgh to take part in the queen's funeral processional to saint giles cathedral. hundreds of lawmakers crowded into the 1000 year old westminster hall, rich and pageantry in
3:31 pm
the oldest part of the parliamentary complex, paying tribute to his mother. king said that while very young, she pledged herself to serve the country and her people, she set an example >> of sofas to 2. with god's help. and your consuls. i'm face for me to follow. >> following what's known as the condolence meeting, the king flew to edinburgh to accompany his late mother's coffin through the historic heart of the scottish capital to cathedral where it will remain for 24 hours. charles and his wife camilta, the queen consulate. we arrived at the royal family's official residence in edinburgh, the palace, hollywood house. elizabeth, the second's compean late overnight in the throne room. on their way. the past large crowds of people who were packed behind metal barriers along the royal mile. >> the road between hollywood house and saint giles cathedral onlookers clapped and waved as the kings limousine past. the public will be allowed to visit the cathedral to pay their last respects.
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>> the new king and the queen concert also took a moment to greet well-wishers outside the palace. hollywood house charles took part in the ceremony of where the king was given the ceremonial key to the city of edinburgh, the king princess, and along with prince edward and andrew, a procession to honor the he's coughing. he's transported from hollywood house to saint john's cathedral. >> and the royal parks is asking people to please only come with flowers that are unwrapped as they pay tribute to her majesty. they say that a lot of people are bringing paddington bear's stuffed animals and marmalade an odd to skip that the queen during her jubilee with paddington u.s.. they're asking people, no balloons, no stuffed animal. stick to flowers that are unwrapped not in plastic because they will later become
3:33 pm
posted and put on the grounds of windsor castle. just him. >> katie, live for us from the united kingdom. thank you so much. we look forward to your reports all week long >> we'll talk about our weather forecast right now with a live look here at the embarcadero in san francisco. we could see the bay bridge there. the background people off and running on this monday morning. midway through september and pilots here. she's busy today and the weather center tracking the air quality in the cooler temperatures. yes, indeed. use a little wind out there, too. and that wind is going to help to push some of this bad air that is in and around the ski tow fire away from us. alternately not necessarily today and tomorrow. but as we get into the midweek timeframe. so this is their quality, unfortunately, right in and around the fire. you can see it is awful. we've we've been there, right? we understand .hat they're going through. and it is a very rough ride. no doubt about it. this is what we're looking at right now for our air quality. so we're all kind of sitting in that moderate level, a little bit of green starting to pop up. that's the good air quality. a lot of the kind of unfortunate air is not making
3:34 pm
its way the surface. that's why we've been able to stay in the good in moderate levels. but we are in this today and tomorrow expecting the forecast to be moderate air today tomorrow and then some improvement as we get into wednesday, which is great. i'll tell you about why that's happening in just a minute. but first, let's talk about our temperature. 63 degrees right now in san francisco. 85 in santa rosa, 84 in concord. so we got some nice 80's in spots that we're in triple digit heat not too long ago. 74 in fremont in palo alto. good afternoon to you. you're sitting at 73 degrees. this is something i'm very happy to see today. we talked about this last week because we got so dry. we saw these humidity levels down in the teens, particularly in the east bay and the north bay. and that is, you know, exasperate fire danger writes, i'm starting to see some recovery there and that is good news. very active, though. as we take a look at storm tracker, you can see all this lightning firing up in the sierra right now. and also my i kind of goes up a little further to the north. we see lightning that's also firing up around. susan bill came through chico as well. so it is an active kind of disturbed atmosphere. and you even see some of these trying to drop a few little cells
3:35 pm
into the north bay. so it's possible we do see, you know, a little pop-up or 2, and that kind of shows up in the fog cast. we will see the fog return tonight. cooling us down. i'll be back at the extended forecast in just a bit. testy. back to you. 21 years after the 9.11 terrorist attacks, those victims of the tragedy remembered on sunday while speaking at the pentagon yesterday, president biden vowed to continue fighting. >> terrorism as a top priority. his message was clear that the u.s. would continue to hold count terrorists who kill or injure americans. he also called on americans to stand up for the democracy. but the 9.11 terrorists fought against. >> it's not enough to stand up for democracy once a year. for every now and then. something we have to do every single day. so this is a day not only remember. but dave resolve. for each and every american.
3:36 pm
and our devotion to this country to the principles and of bodies. to our democracy. >> the president also met with the families of some of the victims who died at the pentagon and here in the bay area in union city of memorial site honors those who lost their lives on 9.11 on board flight 93, which was headed to san francisco international airport. passengers on that plane fought back preventing the hijackers from hitting their intended target. kron four's gayle ong spoke to people who are at the memorial. at sugar mill landing park in union city. >> 40 granite stones bearing the names of the passengers and crew members who lost their lives on flight. 93, this longtime fremont resident and her granddaughters left flowers on each stone every year. just, you know, the grandchildren. remember that? we never forget. my sister gave up her seat for someone else. and at the time she thought she was doing a good deed. the shows must be on this flight. yes, you should have been on this flight that day.
3:37 pm
>> remember to everybody they were we've lost. >> this year marks the 21st anniversary of the 9.11 attacks, the story of flight 93 is inscribed on the stone. the united airlines flight took off from newark airport originally headed to san francisco international airport. passengers and crew aboard back against their hijackers. it's believed the terrorists were targeting the u.s. capitol. instead, the plane crashed in a field in shanksville, pennsylvania. it's just an honor to see people their lives. >> and so out of respect, its really nice to be here. the memorial was dedicated in 2007 raymond ali visited the site for the first time with his 6 year-old granddaughter. i live year. we passed by with no really had opportunity to stop. >> so kind of using learning opportunity for with a young one, the teller, what he means. >> a remembrance ceremony is held every 5 years here at the site. the next scheduled service will take place in the year 2026. reporting from union city gayle ong kron. 4
3:38 pm
news. >> coming up here, burglary at local marijuana business ends with a chase across several bay area cities. 3 people were shot and have a report on what we know so far. we saw. so we also have been reporting on the bumpy take off for the airline industry out of the pandemic. now, lawmakers want to know how did the interstate use its covid funding? details ahead. and the shortlist is in for the potential special master oversee the lag new
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developments this afternoon in the fbi's search of mar-a-lago. former president trump is asking a federal judge to halt the justice department's review of classified documents. the worst taken from mar-a-lago. >> in a court filing, the former president argues some of the top secret documents were not classified. trump's lawyers also contend that as a former president, he has, quote, absolute right to access presidential records. weather there, confidential or not. the justice department has not commented on the latest legal filing by the former president. the house panel investigating the january 6 insurrection is seeking information from former house speaker newt gingrich. the committee wants to know about his communications with senior advisers to trump in the days leading up to the attack on the capitol. the panel says gingrich exchanged e-mails with trump associates about television advertisements that
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repeated and relied upon false claims about fraud in the 2020 election. they claim that gingrich appeared to be involved in trump's scheme to appoint fake electors. the committee says he also e-mail trump's chief of staff mark meadows about those efforts on the evening of january 6th. we'll see what happens. the trial is over and his statements that the 2012 shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut was a hoax. we're talking about alex jones. a jury will determine how much you should pay more than a dozen families of victims who sued him for emotional distress and psychological harm. jones has already been found liable for damages to them. he is now appealing a 49 million dollar judgment to the parents of one child who was killed. still ahead, a burglary ends in a shootout after a bay area. marijuana business gets hit. we know so
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in the east bay, police have discovered another illegal cannabis grow operation. and this one was the scene of a shootout in san leandro conference as might. you has the story. >> when officers arrived on the it was quite chaotic. we knew the couple people have been shot on adams then their pursuit still going on and illegal marijuana grow operation was the scene of a shootout in an extended police pursuit sunday at around 04:20am.
3:46 pm
>> he won the 2000 block of adams avenue in san leandro. >> san leandro police lieutenant matthew barajas, illegal indoor marijuana cultivation that house anywhere from 7 to 8,000 marijuana plants. stanley ago police investigators say armed security guard was shooting it out with burglars trying to break in to still the marijuana. i believe our dispatch center received a 9-1-1 call of a shooting that won't break and there's people in front of the building. >> her point there were shots fired. >> how one victim in critical condition. we have one suspect in critical condition. more burglary suspects got into a uhaul truck and a newer model, silver jeep. >> then that police on a pursuit that started on surface streets in san leandro. >> it looks like open what >> the police pursuit to the 80 freeway into oakland. this is citizen video showing the
3:47 pm
major impact on the traffic. have been sitting here for 30 minutes of traffic is just adding. >> emergency >> the switch vehicles from the all to the g. as are switching vehicles were able to capture one suspect. >> the chase went on for another 20 minutes ending on 31st street mlk way with the 2 unidentified suspects getting away. so in the end of police, investigators say surveillance video from the legal cannabis cultivation facility will play a key role in tracking down those 2 suspects. that will give us a clear picture of what exactly happened. anyone with information is asked to contact san leandro police. >> as kron, 4 news. >> we're taking a live look outside here from our camera on top of mount tam and we can in this, the san francisco way out. they're barely making out alcatraz and really hard to see the east. bay keilar here with our forecast. will be a great weekend was much cooler one. yeah, it's a sweaty. i
3:48 pm
know it wasn't much nicer weekend. no doubt about it. i think it walking their dogs that whatever time they chose to not even make plans around the heat. so that was kind of nice and. >> tomorrow we're going to see that cooling continue a little breezy as we have a northwest wind is going to usher in a little bit of a kind of cleaner air for us as well. slightly warmer midweek, but staying mild, nothing too extreme. and then as we get towards the weekend, we'll see some clearing skies temperature change here. check out hayward about 13 degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago. pretty much across the map with the exception of santa rosa, which is 5 degrees warmer. you know, we'ren cooling down. we're staying pretty cool. and you can see it there in san francisco 63 degrees and a 60's around the bay. but 85 in santa rosa, 89 in per they certainly have a little heat today. 77 down in san jose. so unfortunately, our air quality, it's not spectacular, but it's not awful right where moderates are in the yellows and the greens. and that's we're going to stay today and tomorrow. but then the northwest windows talking about it, we look at smoke trackers going to start pushing some of the smoke away from us. and that is going to be some much needed relief. so by the time we get to
3:49 pm
wednesday, we should be looking a lot better. our high pressure is kind of broken down. we have a low pressure system to the north and west of us. that's going to help to usher in that cooler moister ocean air and also bring us that relief. not only temperature wise but cleaning the air a little bit. so tonight, temperatures between about 50 62 degrees, a little cooler in spots. if you're in the north bay in particular, going to notice that you get down about 50 degrees up there in sonoma county, 50's 60's across the map as we get into tomorrow, temperatures in the 80's inland and then we cool down tuesday and wednesday, a slight warm up as we get into the end of the week. but, you know, warm-up, i don't know what i'm talking low 80's. that's ok, justin, right? i'll take it. consider taken. >> let's check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight, credit card companies are now suspicious gun purchases. who or what gets to decide. they're suspicious. plus, the navy refuses to release any more videos. what they might be hiding about. who's out there.
3:50 pm
here's dan. >> thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on newsnation. u.s. representative la mayoral candidate karen bass saying her home was burglarized but they only stole her locked guns, cash and electronics in plain sight were left behind was no one asking the hard questions. that's tonight on dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4. there is a new report that's finding california is at the top of the class when it comes to cutting pollution. but how
3:51 pm
have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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california ranks the 6th least polluted state in the country. this is according to a a new report from u.s. news and world dating all the way back sorry. they used data from 2021. and the feature measured natural environments based on the state's air quality water, quality and pollution levels. all of this information given by the environmental protection agency, the epa list, 6 common air pollutants, including carbon monoxide lead nitrogen oxides, ground level ozone particle pollution and sulfur oxides, nevada and oregon were among the 10 worst polluted states. the number one least polluted state is. from act. congressional lawmakers want to know more about how airlines use their covid relief funds. they're asking the treasury department to see if the money was
3:54 pm
potentially used for pilot buyout early retirements or staff reductions. lawmakers believe that those actions could have contributed to the pilot shortage and thousands of flights being delayed or canceled the summer. the money was given to ensure airlines preserved jobs and compensated workers. well, apple fans are once again preparing for a new iphone release. the company announced some new features and upgrades to its latest device. lets see it now from rich demuro. >> and in person, apple event sort of good morning. to the steve jobs theater. after a brief all come from ceo tim cook, a pre-recorded presentation with a heavy emphasis on the life and can sing aspects of apple products. the best photos and videos, better health and safety iphone 14 comes in 2 sizes with last year's processor but an upgraded
3:55 pm
camera starting price remains $800. your selfies are going to look better on this smartphone because for the first time on the iphone 14, they now have auto focus on the front facing camera iphone. 14 pro has a new faster processor inside and comes in 2 sizes. this is the iphone 14 pro you can tell by this pill shape at the top of the screen there and on the back. >> we've got a brand-new 48 megapixel camera and always on display. let you see the time date and other information. 24 7. so right now the screen is off. you can tell that it's on the night happened. it comes to life. apple calls the pill shape sensor area at the top. a dynamic island displaying little bits of information and you can tap to bring up the app that is displaying information about starting price for the 14 pro is $1000. both phone models have a go. pro style action cam mode which produces study video even when you're moving. speaking of action, a new $800. apple watch ultra is the ultimate rugged sports watch
3:56 pm
with a bigger display louder speaker and 36 hour battery life. scroll up on the digital crown here. and the entire display turns red which is much easier on the eyes at night. all the new iphones ditch the physical sim card for an east. sam, a digital version of your cell phone plan. the new phones also detect car crashes and called for help. a smoke can send and receive messages in areas without a cell signal. but it can take 15 seconds to a few minutes to work the first 2 years of this new service are included free. >> yeah, i have $1000. i'm ready to burn on a new phone. don't know about you. not going to do it going shop and buy some shoes. thanks everybody enjoy that tomorrow. we're looking for a high of just 68 in san francisco. you can see will be a little cooler than today, says some nice 70's around the bay. 79 in concord. 74 in. >> san jose about 79 santa rosa. quick look at your extended forecast. you notice that the cooldown happens
3:57 pm
tuesday wednesday, thursday into friday. we're going to slightly warm up before the weekend's looking awfully nice there. as we look at some low 80's and beautiful sunshine for our saturday and sunday. i will tell you there's a teeny tiny outside chance of some offshore wind going to keep an eye on that as we head towards the weekend. other than that, just seen. i feel like this is a fantastic forecast. it really is the best part of this monday for >> thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. look forward to hanging out with you tomorrow. same time. same place. 26 see that.
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