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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 12, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching 4 news at 6. >> pick. first shot. >> the shooting was between the burglary suspects some armored security that was summoned to the scene. >> now it's 6 in the east bay. at least 3 people were hit by gunfire. 2 of them critically injured, including a suspect. it happened during a shootout at an indoor marijuana site.
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thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. gun violence at an illegal cannabis grow san leandro. authorities say another 2 suspects are on the run after that shoot out. >> between armed security guard force as it might be and talk to police about the tense moments that led up to the shooting. >> when officers arrived on the it was quite chaotic. we knew the couple people have been shot on adams then their pursuit still going on and illegal marijuana grow operation was the scene of a shootout in an extended police pursuit sunday at around 04:20am, here in the 2000 block of adams avenue in san leandro. >> san leandro police lieutenant matthew barajas, illegal indoor marijuana cultivation that house anywhere from 7 to 8,000 marijuana plants. stanley ago police investigators say armed security guard was shooting it out with burglars trying to break in to still the marijuana. i believe our
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dispatch center received a 9-1-1 call of a shooting that won't break the facility and there's people in front of the building. >> her point there were shots fired. >> we have one victim in critical condition. we have one suspect in critical condition. more burglary suspects got into a uhaul truck and a newer model, silver jeep. >> then that police on a pursuit that started on surface streets in san leandro. >> it looks like open what >> the police pursuit continued on to the 80 freeway into oakland. this is citizen video showing the major impact on the traffic. have been sitting here for 30 minutes of traffic is just adding more. >> emergency vehicles. >> they switched vehicles. from the to the g. as are switching vehicles were able to capture one suspect. >> the chase went on for another 20 minutes ending on 31st street mlk way with the 2
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unidentified suspects getting away. so police investigators say surveillance video from the legal cannabis cultivation facility will play a key role in tracking down those 2 suspects. that will give us a clear picture of what exactly happened. anyone with information is asked to contact san leandro police. >> i kron 4 news. >> another big story this evening. the man accused in the beheading of his former girlfriend makes his first appearance in court today. the 33 year-old suspect is facing a number of charges related to the killing of his acts. our grant lodes joins us now with the details on that. a lot of people just intrigued in curious about this bizarre case. that's a story that that has really gripped the bay area. and you just see the headline. some people don't even want to read the story, but it gets your attention, certainly. and now we know that. >> you know, this woman had a one year-old and a 7 year-old. so it's just tough. anyway. you slice it talking about the
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suspect here now, jose landeta here is he appeared in a san mateo county courtroom today kept his head down the entire time, did not react to anything that happened in the court. he's accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. 27 year-old karina castro, who was a mother of those 2 young children. we mentioned the suspect is the father to the youngest child. a one year-old the district attorney's office says landeta attacked castro with a sword outside her home in san carlos last thursday, he was taken into custody on the same day and has been held without bail land that it was expected to enter a plea in the case today. but his attorney requested that he be given a psychological evaluation and the court agreed. >> it is better to get this taken care of. now to determine whether he's competent to stand trial, then to do it in 2 years when we're about ready to start a trial, we've been going through the whole process of the criminal prosecution and then suddenly
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that the week before trial, the motion is made at least now we can get a determination made is what exactly is his mental state and how does it impact a criminal prosecution? >> the victim's family castro's family, they were in the courtroom today. see them leaving visibly upset and they did not want to speak to the media. we have learned that the parents of the victim are working right now to try to gain custody of those 2 children. ken pam, back to you. >> thank you. grant. the highway patrol is investigating a freeway shooting that injured one person in antioch. it happened on highway 4 near highway one, 60 around 5.30, this morning. police say after the shooting, the suspect vehicle and the victim's car kept heading west on highway 4 to the victim crashed near hillcrest avenue. it's not clear if the victim crashed into another vehicle or into an object. police say the suspect vehicle, which is described as a dark colored bmw, drove west and fled the scene. police say when officers arrived, they found a
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victim was non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. the other person sustained minor injuries from the crash. no arrests have been made and police are investigating whether or not there was a motive in this case. >> oakland police say 2 people were injured in 2 separate shootings over the weekend. they're the most recent one happened just after midnight tonight on bancroft avenue. the victim suffered at least one gunshot wound and is now recovering at a hospital. the other one happened on sunday afternoon on gray street. one person shot then as well. also taken to the hospital. he is now in stable condition. no arrests have been made in either of these shootings. rapper pnb rock has died after being shot in south los angeles today. this is video from the citizen app of the scene. >> the 30 year-old rapper whose real name is rookie allen was eating at a famous roscoe's chicken and waffles when he was shot. restaurant released a statement saying it is deeply saddened by his death and his passing
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represents an enormous loss, too, each and every one of us, according to police, this was a targeted shooting. no other injuries have been reported. attorneys for a rape have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against san francisco police for using her dna collected after the assault to charge her with an unrelated property set 5 years later as kron four's. dan kerman reports tonight. their hope is to stop law enforcement agencies from storing the dna of assault victims and then using it later for whatever they wish. >> our criminal justice system in this regard should be victim centered. a further victimize are attorneys for rape victim had filed a federal civil rights lawsuit. >> against the city and county of san francisco in the police department for storing her dna collected at the time of the assault and then using it against or in an unrelated property crime years later, we only know because of san
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francisco being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. that they were using his dna in a way that there was no consent. and none of these victims were even given the courtesy of being told. >> that not only was a dna being stalled for in the money stored, some might say stolen for in perpetuity. but that it was being weaponized against them and routinely search in february district attorney chesa dropped the property crime case against jane doe. >> and police said they no longer under take the practice of searching the database to tie victims to other crimes. the original contract was paid. here it is. use it for prosecuting the person that. >> that victimize me and they already broke that promise. oh, i don't think you can go ahead and not just say, oh, we promise we won't do it again. in fact, attorneys believe there may be thousands of other victims. san francisco supervisors have passed an ordinance allowing dna storage for only 60 days. but attorneys say only an
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independent agency. >> like the state department of justice should be able to maintain any such database, not the city of san francisco. they cannot be trusted with this material. they do not have people's authorization or consent to maintain it. and we certainly don't know where it's winding up in its various uses by our government state. senator scott wiener has a stronger bill awaiting the governor's signature. but this lawsuit will proceed either way. we're hopeful that police departments will do the right thing and voluntarily on their own be proactive. >> what's stopping this egregious overreach of the government and if they're not going willing to do it, then stand in the we stand ready to do it for them. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at clouds hanging over san francisco our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with the monday forecast. thanks so much. cooler today. my goodness. what a change from last week. talking about some all-time records today. these temperatures running good, 30
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degrees cooler in spots compared to last week and now we're seeing some clouds moving in. got some fog down below little tropical moisture up above in san francisco in around the rest, the bay area. we're tracking that closely. temperatures though. yeah, they finally did start to come down. 66 degrees in san francisco today, 70 a little bit below the average in oakland, 81 degrees in san jose. 85 and warm in livermore. 86 degrees in cockpit in 86 in santa rosa. but outside right now, already starting to see the effects of the sea breeze and that will continue to blow through the evening hours. and that will drop the temperatures all around. and yeah, it's going to feel nice out there. but still a little bit active. we've still got some of that. the remnants of former hurricane kay spending around the state causing some thunderstorms of the sierra nevada. and you've got a little moisture just off our coastline now beginning to push in parts of the north, a slight chance of some sprinkles most that is just going to be in the form of some passing upper-level showers. that means it's going operate before hit the service. we've got some cooler weather coming our way. we'll talk more about that that just a couple minutes. thank you, lawrence. the governor spoke
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to kron four's capitol bureau reporter today touching on issues including energy and the recent heat wave. >> that exclusive interview coming up in just a moment. >> 3 people hurt by a falling tree in san jose. details on what happened. plus, the latest on the fight to try to contain the mosquito fire that continues to burn in the sierra foothills. >> but firefighters are up against on day 7 of their
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>> tonight, we continue to follow the mosquito fire. it is burning in placer county. it has triggered additional evacuations as the fire crews battle these intense flames. for now, the fire remains at more than 46,000 acres burned just 10% contained. and more than 5800 structures are threatened. cal fire said the fire continues to move to the north and to the east and they're worried that historically dry fuel will continue to drive the fire's growth. >> fielding that containment line that everyone wants to know what it's going to increase. this is the work that it takes to actually do that and why it is so difficult. cooler weather and the inversion, which is really kept the fire very moderated. >> while fire crews have started gaining some containment on the mosquito fire. there is still no word as to the number of homes that have been lost. now to an exclusive interview that you will only see here on kron 4 news governor newsom sitting down one-on-one with our
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capital correspondent wallace today in a conversation that touched on several key issues facing our state topics, including energy. and of course, the recent heat wave has 8 on reports from sacramento. newsom also touched on new efforts to fight wildfires head-on. yeah. during our interview, governor newsom made clear the state is ramping up its fire fighting abilities, including new investments in a fleet of aircraft right here. and mcclellan air park. >> governor gavin newsom getting a firsthand look at this newly contracted 7.37. air tanker from australia. california plans to use it over the next 60 days to help fight wildfires during the peak fire season. the airplane just one of many the governor saw today during a tour with cal fire at the mcclellan air park. other aircraft include this firehawk helicopter that comes with technology to fight fires at night. this is a game changer in terms of the plea. during a one-on-one interview, the governor said this fleet is just part of the state's increasing commitment to fight
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wildfires pointing out over the last 2 years. california has invested 2.7 billion dollars to combat fires. way up from just 200 million in 2020 unprecedented. >> tolls equipment personnel, technology, doing everything we can to put a lid on. this says his administration has prioritized forest management achieving and exceeding its goal of fuel reduction on 100,000 acres of land. that as opponents have argued, the metric is just a drop in the bucket. some have said, well, that's not ambitious enough. your response? i get it. look, i mean, >> we were taking unprecedented steps. yes, we will do more. we can do more because we have to do more in order to address the nature of the climate and the extreme. i don't know what more example we need to extreme heat. >> and what we experienced last 10 of the last 12 days and about those last 12 days. the governor says they are a wake-up call about climate change and the grid. >> the record heat wave came just about a week after the legislature approved a new some backed plan to keep the diablo canyon nuclear power plant in san luis obispo
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county open until as late as 2030. what do you think could have happened last week if we did not have canyon what we would have? i mean, we didn't have that 9% base load about 9% of the base load. >> of electricity in the state of california. there's no doubt we would have past. we would have absolutely triggered in 2 what we call mode reduction otherwise referred to as black question. we didn't have period full stop. >> climate, the governor maintains the transition to renewable energy is crucial for california, including the central valley communities where oil is a huge part of the economy 1000 people in the oil economy either directly associated or indirectly who might be nervous about how they're going to earn a living going forward. what is your message to them? we're going to keep them employed. >> making sure that we're addressing all the maintenance concerns on these rakes. we put hundreds of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars in the budget to
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secure that transitions is not rhetorical. we're going to have their back. no one is naive about the importance of doing our part of guaranteeing during that transition. they were not leaving people behind. >> and as for a bill on his desk that would allow farmer chris to vote remotely in union elections. even with president biden's endorsement of the legislation, newsom was less clear about whether he'll support is noting he's vetoed similar legislation in the past. governor brown vetoed that bill. i veto that bill and it's one of the few 100 that i'm on my desk and i'll be taking a look at that over the next couple weeks make an impact. the president, by the way, president biden weighs in on a lot of issues and we had a chance. we've had many chances to dialogue and a lot of issues that bill, my desk with few 100 others. and we're going to take a good look at it. governor brown took a look at it, made a decision i did last year we offered many amendments to a w and i hope they'll take a look at those amendments and the governor has until the end of the month to make a decision on that bill reporting here. mcclellan
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air park in sacramento, eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> all right. let's check on our 4 zone forecast. we're talking about all those fires and the concern about what's ahead. we're looking at now the golden gate bridge and we're glad to see those clouds outside. yeah, much clear here, though. lawrence had some friends up in tahoe. yesterday's they were on the lake. they said you can see the other side. yeah. i mean, the smoke is just been so thick up there. they are downwind for more of that fire is located. of course, the foothills of the sierra nevada. >> all that smoke, you get a westerly wind that sends a right up in the top layer and that's exactly what they're seeing again today. in fact, that smoke is very, very bad across the top where you can see the winds, not all that bad for firefighters fighting this fire. they get a little break today, of course, because the temperatures have come way back, much lower from where they were at last week. we're talking about the record-breaking heat. you've got that on shore breeze continuing, though, that's bringing a little more moisture the atmosphere that helps to slow down the fires a little bit. but again, the fields there so drive from a long, hot summer. of course,
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drought conditions and well, there you go. kind of right for the fire conditions up there right now. but latest on the smoke, a forecast model shows you that westerly wind going to continue and that is going to push the smoke away from the bay area. it's going to be up in the sierra nevada, unfortunately up in the tahoe area. but moving maybe a little bit further to the north. but we do show some improvement here and the next 24 hours or so, it looks like we'll see a strong westerly wind kicking up outside this. what we're looking at right now in the tahoe area. look at about as bad as you can be on the scale here as we're in the worst category across parts of tall, they are seeing a little bit of rain right now. just checked on the observation. that is to help the mix out to some of that smoke as well will start to precipitate some of that out of the atmosphere. but back in the bay area, you can see a little haze outside across our skies, but we should begin to see some improvement. we're getting along the coastline right now. you start to see some green showing up here. and i think tomorrow she markedly better around the bay area that stronger on shore breeze not only help to cool down the temperatures but helps to clear out the atmosphere to. so that's some good news for us as well. but to hold boy, all that smoke. i mean, it is
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just taking a bee line right up to tahoe right now tnat good. thank you, lawrence. 3 people were hurt by falling tree and alamuddin. quicksilver park in santa clara county. that's according to the county sheriff's office. >> which says it got a call around 10 o'clock this morning. it's not clear exactly how the 3 people were hurt or the extent of their injuries. we're trying to get more information on exactly what happened there. san francisco police say officers injured after being hit by 2 alleged catalytic converter thieves. it happened on chestnut street. >> shortly after 5 o'clock this morning, the police say that they tried to conduct a traffic stop of the suspected car, but the driver of the car tried to flee and hit one of them and their patrol vehicle during the pursuit. the suspect's car crashed onto the sidewalk. 2 of the suspects got out. they ran away. officers were able to arrest the female, but the male suspect ran away. anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police. >> coming up, president biden
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can find a full list of all the changes on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> in national news, president biden traveled to boston today to draw attention to a newly federally-backed study that aims to be a game changer in the fight against cancer. it is called the cancer moonshot. it is a nod to the 60th anniversary of president john f kennedy's moonshot speech and which he outlined his goal to land a man on the moon today in a speech at the john f kennedy presidential library and museum, president biden laid out his plans to reach a goal of cutting the u.s. death rate from cancer by 50% over the next 25 years. and also join attention to that study that seeks evidence for using blood tests to screen against a number of cancers is being touted as a potential game changer in diagnostic testing so dramatically improve early detection and treatment of cancer. cancer is the number 2 leading cause of death among americans, president biden said this effort is one of the
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reasons why he ran for president. >> we focused on turning the moon shot into a movement. not just the shot, a movement to create a cancer research and care system that most people think we're already have. but they don't realize until i find can so that we don't. but one that we deserve. >> the initiative is deeply personal for the president. his son beau died of brain cancer back in 2015. >> coming up, antioch police say they busted some illegal cannabis plants center worth 7.3 million dollars of people who had those plants. we have details on the operation. 2 hikers got trapped near the summit of a mountain just as a fire started raging nearby. how those 2 managed to escape. plus, queen elizabeth, the second's coffin is making several stops before next week's funeral. what happens
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>> our top story tonight at 6.30, king charles, the 3rd letter royal procession taking his mother's confident to saint giles cathedral in edinburgh, scotland today as crowds gathered to pay their respects. queen elizabeth, the second will lie at in the cathedral until tomorrow when she will be moved to london. our correspondent k card, though, is now live at windsor castle with the very latest on what's developing there. katie.
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>> ken and pam. good evening. people are already lining up in london waiting to see the queen's coffin when it comes tomorrow to lie in state. right now, though, thousands of people are streaming into saint giles cathedral to pay their respects over the next 24 hours. king charles, the 3rd addressed lawmakers from both houses of parliament in london before flying to edinburgh to take part in the queen's funeral processional to saint giles cathedral. >> hundreds of lawmakers crowded into the 1000 year old westminster hall, rich and pageantry in the oldest part of the parliamentary complex, paying tribute to his mother. king said that while very young, she pledged herself to serve the country and your people, she set an example >> of sofas to with god's help. and your consuls. i'm riz old face for me to follow. >> following what's known as the condolence meeting, the king flew to edinburgh to company his late mother's coffin through the historic heart of the scottish capital to the catheal


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