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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  September 13, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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finally got that much needed break over the weekend. john. and it is made a world of difference world. the differences, right? this probably not a better way to say it. >> from the triple digits. one 16 again yesterday or last week at the same time, livermore, you got up to that record. breaking high 2 days in a row. >> this time around, we're only looking at 70's this tuesday in livermore. >> what a change for sure. looking out there at san francisco right now, we've got the partly cloudy skies overhead. some winds pushing in from the coastline. going to keep us cool into the afternoon. not much out there today to worry about honestly, which after last week it's so nice to be talking about rainfall that we saw over the weekend. just a couple light sprinkles for the bay area. thunderstorms for the sierra. all that moves out of the region. we're going to dry out celeste that muggy, sticky feel as we work our way through the week. more your normal bay area weather just feel like a nice late summer bay area day today. 50's 60's
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for your daytije high or for your current temperatures. really not a far cry from our daytime highs which later today are really only in the 60's to 70's. only one of us in the bay area, actually even reaching the low 80's. quite the change of pace from last week. all the details about it are still to come. thank you for that. ok, let's get a look at your traffic really quickly. >> as you're heading into the city this morning, 7 men arrive that fremont street exit san mateo bridge. if you're taking to 101 13 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell commute. that's in a minute. drive from the tolls to 101 and the golden gate bridge. 37 to that solves a 19 minute ride for you on this tuesday morning. the time now 04:31am. attorneys for a rape victim. a thought a civil rights lawsuit against san francisco police for using her dna collected after a assault to charge her with an unrelated property that 5 years later, kron four's kerman reports their hope is to stop law enforcement agencies from storing the dna
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of assault victims and then using it later. >> our criminal justice system in this regard should be victim centered. a further victimize are attorneys for rape victim had filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and county of san francisco in the police department for storing her dna collected at the time of the assault and then using it against or in an unrelated property crime years later, we only know because of san francisco being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. that they were using his dna in a way that there was no consent. and none of these victims were even given the courtesy being told that not only was a dna being stalled for in the money stored, some might say stolen for in perpetuity. but that it was being weaponized against them and routinely search in february district attorney chesa dropped the property crime case against jane doe and police said they no longer under take the practice of
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searching the database to tie victims to other crimes. the original contract was paid. here it is. use it for prosecuting the person that. >> that victimize me and they already broke that promise. oh, i don't think you can go ahead and not just say, oh, we promise we won't do it again. in fact, attorneys believe there may be thousands of other victims. >> san francisco supervisors have passed an ordinance allowing dna storage for only 60 days. but attorneys say only an independent agency like the state department of justice should be able to maintain any such database, not the city of san francisco. they cannot be trusted with this material. they do not have people's authorization or consent to maintain it. and we certainly don't know where it's winding up in its various uses by our government. >> state senator scott wiener has a stronger bill awaiting the governor's signature. but this lawsuit will proceed either way. we're hopeful that police departments will do the right thing in voluntarily on their own be proactive.
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>> what's stopping this egregious overreach of the government and if they're not going to, willing to do it, then stand in the we stand ready to do it for them. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> well, developing news in southern california. police are now looking for the person who shot and killed rapper pnb rock the 30 year-old rapper whose real name is rocky machine. allen was eating at a roscoe's chicken and waffles when he was shot yesterday afternoon. this is video from the citizens that we're showing you. investigators say the suspect approached the rapper, pulled out a gun and demanded items from rock. they say there was a verbal exchange before the suspect fired a gun several times. police also say the shooter took some of the rapper's belongings before running away. chicken and waffles, released a statement saying it is deeply saddened by his death and his passing represents an enormous loss to each and every one of us. investigators say $10,000,
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10,000 and license plants were seized in a huge can of his bus in any act. >> $2000 worth. they estimate that buster that that they happen is worth about 7.3 million dollars. they also found more than 2300 dollars in cash in 6 firearms. according to police, some 17 wards were served throughout the city from august 31st to september 7th. well, gun violence breaks out at any legal cannabis grow in san leandro conference. does it mean to you spoke to police about the tense moments that led up to that shooting? >> we knew the couple people have been shot on adams then their pursuit still going on and illegal marijuana grow operation was the scene of a shootout in an extended police pursuit sunday at around 04:20am. he won the 2000 block of adams avenue in san leandro. >> san leandro police lieutenant matthew barajas, illegal indoor marijuana cultivation that house
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anywhere from 7 to 8,000 marijuana plants. stanley ago police investigators say armed security guard was shooting it out with burglars trying to break in to still the marijuana. i believe our dispatch center received a 9-1-1 call of a shooting that won't break facility and there's people in front of the building. >> her point there were shots fired. >> we have one victim in critical condition. we have one suspect in critical condition. more burglary suspects got into a uhaul truck and a newer model, silver jeep. >> then the police on a pursuit that started on surface streets in san leandro. >> it looks like open what >> the police pursuit to the freeway into oakland. this is citizen video showing the major impact on traffic. >> they switched vehicles from the all man to the g. as are switching vehicles were able to capture one suspect.
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>> the chase went on for another 20 minutes ending on 31st street mlk way with the 2 unidentified suspects getting away. so annual police investigators say surveillance video from the legal cannabis cultivation facility will play a key role in tracking down those 2 suspects. that will give us a clear picture of what exactly happened. anyone with information is asked to contact san leandro police. >> as kron, 4 news. >> first responders gathered in san francisco to hold a disaster response trail at mclaren park yesterday. the local public safety agencies coordinated with state federal a military partners to simulate the response to a catastrophic earthquake. now the exercise is a precursor to the annual san francisco fleet week. the event practice how the military might provide humanitarian assistance and how city agencies may receive resources delivered by helicopter. unfortunately, those crews were unable to practice with an actual helicopter because they were unfavorable. weather
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conditions at the time. san francisco fleet week begins october 3rd and runs until october. 11th. in an exclusive interview only on kron. 4 news governor gavin newsom talks on several key issues facing the state, including energy as well as the climate newsom also said what the state is doing to respond to wildfires. capital tom wallace has that update. >> yeah. during our interview, governor newsom made clear the state is ramping up its fire fighting abilities, including new investments in a fleet of aircraft right here. and mcclellan air park. governor gavin newsom getting a firsthand look at the 7.37 air tanker. the state plans to use over the next 60 days to help fight fires. the airplane. just one of many the governor saw during a tour with cal fire at the mcclellan air park. other aircraft include this firehawk helicopter that comes with technology to fight fires at night. that's a game changer in terms of the plea during a one-on-one interview, the governor said this fleet is just part of the state's
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increasing commitment to fight wildfires pointing out over the last 2 years, california has invested 2.7 billion dollars to combat fires layup from just 200 million in 2020 unprecedented. >> tolls equipment personnel, technology, doing everything we can to put a lid on. this is some points out. his administration has prioritized forest management achieving the goal of fuel reduction on 100,000 acres of land. >> but opponents have argued that's just a drop in the bucket. >> some have said, well, that's not ambitious enough. your response? i get it. look, i mean, we were taking unprecedented steps. yes, we will do more. we can do more because we have to do more in order to address the nature of the climate and the extreme. i don't know what more example we need to extreme heat and what we experienced last 10 of the last 12 days. >> and about those last 12 days, the governor says it's a wakeup call about climate change and the grid. it all comes just about a week after the legislature approved a new, some backed a plan to
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keep the diablo canyon nuclear power plant open until his latest 2030. what do you think could have happened last week if we did not have canyon what we would have? i mean, we didn't have that 9% base load about 9% of the base load of electricity in the state of california. there's no doubt we would have past. we would have absolutely triggered in 2 what we call production otherwise referred to as black question. we didn't have period full stop. that's not even in the paper dispute and much more of this interview to come later on, including the governor's message to oil field workers worried his policies could lead to them. >> losing their jobs reporting here. mcclellan air park in sacramento, eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> 3 san francisco board supervisors are trying to pass a resolution to further regulate the use of scooters on sidewalks and the city. now the supervisors introduced a resolution that would empower the sfmta to issue citations to those who improperly ride the scooters on the sidewalk. if passed, the fine will be divided between the companies
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and the customer. aaron peskin is one of the 3 san francisco board supervisors who drafted a resolution since last july. this will transportation authority side bird spin and line 12,000 times, more than a million dollars in fines. the pasco explains. people keep repeating his mistakes so they should take on at least half of the cost of the citations. >> i want to reform behavior and get these people to stop writing our sidewalks and endangering inconveniencing our pedestrians. and so if part of the fine is passed onto the consumer, they are going to realize that it comes with a price to write in our sidewalk. >> well, the resolution would also force the companies to use existing technology known as geale fencing to prevent the scooter from driving on sidewalks where they will have to shut down operations. the board will take a vote sometime later this month or early october. happening now, barr is running on a new schedule. officials say it's
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intended to provide a new level of consistency for riders throughout the week. now it's supposed to improvements that include earlier, trains improve connections with regional transit partners and less wait time traveling to millbrae to and from sfo. you can find a full list of those changes over on our website. a kron 4 dot com. coming up next to the morning news after mourners wind up all night to pay respects to queen elizabeth spotty in scotland. her coffin will now return to london. we'll have more in a live report.
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>> well, happening today, queen elizabeth's body will return to london following a 24 hour period of public mourning at saint cathedral in scotland and saint cathedral was open all night to scotland. mourners as they bid a final farewell to their late queen. we have lauren lister who is live in windsor this morning with more. lauren, i'm sure you've been seeing people arriving by the thousands there to say goodbye to the queen. >> absolutely. so already we're seeing london prepare for the queen to lie in state there. and there we are expecting 750,000 people to line up. that's the estimate given being given the line expected to stretch for miles. you can already see road barriers being set up. but there's a heavy police presence in that area already. but that's not until wednesday
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night. her body will be flown back to london tonight where it will remain at buckingham palace. but first, let's take a look at what's going on in scotland because there, as you mentioned, this is really people's first opportunity to personally passed by queen elizabeth, the second's coffin and pay their respects. and first, what a scene it has been right now. you can see people passing by solomon kindley through the coffin is draped with the royal standard flag also adorned with the crown of scotland last night of her children paid vigil. there were all 4 of them surrounding the coffin. heads bowed for 10 minutes and last night was when people when people first got the opportunity to file in and get their first glimpse and people were emotional. we've heard people crying. we've seen people just really reflecting on the moment and waiting. they have had to wait in line in some cases 10 hours there, according to a local official, thousands lining up. and that's just a taste of what we
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are expecting to see in london in the coming days. now back out here live king charles. the 3rd is in northern ireland today. we've already seen him land there and greet crowds that are shaking hands, accepting condolences, even petting a corgi that was held up to him. corgis. of course, the dog closely associate with queen elizabeth. the second is she had very many over the course of her life after king charle meets with officials there and takes in a prayer and reflection service. he will return back to london where he will personally received the queen's coffin buckingham palace tonight. for now, that's the very latest live here in windsor. all send it back to you in the studio. all right, lauren, thank you for that update. >> back here at home, we are trying to get you moving today in terms of the weather last week. it was something you really you need to pay attention to this week, john, i think it's something you just need to enjoy. you know, i agree. i think this week you don't really need to pitch tents in the forecast as much. just enjoy it. >> there's not a lot out there that i got to warn you for
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this week. and what a change from last week. we're officially 40 degrees cooler in livermore for your afternoon high today than we were last tuesday. of course, we had that historic all-time bay area heat record last week at one 16 in livermore today. only 76 degrees set sexually a little below average as first temperatures go. so in one week time massive change of pace out there. wind gusts from the coastline will be breezy today. you may have noticed those winds overnight. you will notice them again today that cool ocean breeze is going to help to moderate temperatures today. also, westerly winds will help to sweep out some poor air, keeping our air quality even better than it was yesterday. any sort of tropical moisture from the remnants of hurricane kay moving out of the region. we saw a thunderstorm activity in the sierra yesterday, but today's going to be a much calmer one, nevada, utah on over to arizona, still looking at some heavy areas of rainfall. even some spots where flash flooding is
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possible bay area, we're quiet and we're cool, too. temperatures remained steady in this forecast today. tomorrow, only in the 70's for most of our warmest cities. 60's at the coast, including in san francisco, 70's along the bayshore burlingame. a really nice 73 today. picture perfect in foster city and carlos at only 75 south bay temps really similar san jose at 74 today. well, there's pleasanton and livermore, as i mentioned, only at 76 degrees. san leandro in oakland at 70 conquered walnut creek and danville, each at 78, only one spot on the map. that's vacaville actually getting up into the low 80's at only 81 degrees today tomorrow as well as thursday. keeping this trend of upper 70's inland going in low 70's along the bay shore friday and saturday, a few low 80's making the return, but not much of a change. we are steady and really comfortable and cool all the way through this forecast. rain. >> even that, ok, let's go look at your traffic this morning heading into the city.
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7 minutes may so that fremont street exit. let's check on the san mateo bridge 80 to 101 a 12 minute ride. the richmond center fell bridge. you had about 7 minutes tolls to 101. let's go ahead and check on the golden gate. shelley, 19 minutes. 37 to the tolls. >> we is that is so crazy. >> they're scary residents in the twin peaks area of the san bernardino mountains. look at this one. family looked out their back door to see a river of mud coming into their backyard triggered by the remnants of tropical storm kay in southern california. the streams of light came down all around their house. fortunately did not make it inside. well, the storm also caused waterfalls to form in the nation's hottest and driest national park. you've got many roads in death valley still remaining closed about 40 vehicles are trapped by the flooding over the weekend. there. >> well, jeff bezos, space
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travel company, blue origin, has suffered its first launch accident. rocket crash back to earth shortly after liftoff yesterday from west texas. the rocket was barely a minute into the flight when the flames shot out near the single engine at the bottom. the capsule's emergency launch. abort system immediately kicked in lifting the craft off the top. the rocket crash back to earth with no injuries or damage. according to the faa. fortunately, no one was on board. the company says despite the booster failure in this experiment, the ex kate system was performed as designated and as designed. hey, be right back after the break.
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mark coleman: south florida is very transient. people are coming and going constantly. twenty-seven years ago, i planted the church that we're at now. in the first summer, a third of our congregation moved away and they were all leaders. ringing in my ear was dr. stanley saying,
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"trust god, trust god." >> welcome back. so the kron, 4 morning news and the u.s. navy says it has a lot more u f o videos. but they say releasing them could potentially threaten national security. john. this is this is exciting, exciting and a lot of different ways of you know, it's really interesting that >> there is secrecy around that. means that there's something interesting going of what they are. i'm a firm believer that we are not the only life forms on this planet. i just definitely not on this planet are all in this in this on this planet on this in this universe and its galaxy. now the statement comes in response to a freedom of information act request by the government transparency
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site. the black vote to release all the uefa videos. the site is shared thousands of pages of us all related documents. but this as the navy is saying, remaining videos are going to be classified. that's because the videos that reveal department of defense operations and vulnerabilities. i will take a look at this. a man who is quite the daredevil. this is hector he's a world war. 2 vet. he celebrated his 95th birthday by jumping out of an airplane. told you but i was back working in bakersfield. >> i still i would veterans who were celebrating in their 90's skydiving. very brave. you know, and steel brain. so this is pretty awesome. it makes you want to get over the fear of heights. would you? would you jump out of a play? know a lot of vets have done a lot of air training like this parachuting in stuff. >> maybe he's done it before. but either way, how did he say he was 95 years? i mean, i would probably not do this. admittedly i would do this
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before bungee jumping look, if i didn't choose between the 2, it would be skydiving. let's just avoid either. respect for this was a gift bison gave and that skydiving session in florida. >> as a gift, but he is not new to this effect. guess how many times he's done it. >> 50 tie. there you go. there you go. 50 time. he he he's not even scared. he's like at this point a walk in the party's light. isn't eyes closed? he has served in the 11th airborne in the 1940's. well, coming up in the next hour, being vaccinated is no longer require from some health care workers in santa clara county. why the county decided to take down the vaccine mandate. >> and the family of sophia mason is falling. a wrongful death claim against the alameda county child protective services. why they say claim submitted were not properly investigated. plus, we're going to be right back after the break.
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actually pretty breezy out there for some. yeah, it was really nice because i looked up and i can see the moon today. i could not yesterday and just spotty clouds kind of, you know. >> really, really just the way you like the seasons are john, i think it's just >> the fact that we're well above 100 last week, 70's feel like now it does absolutely feel like a change. a little taste of fall out there with temperatures just below average for this time of year. so from historically hot conditions last week to some weather whiplash this week of a little bit that fall taste i think we're all enjoying quite a lot. your view outside right now, definitely great for some, but not overall. a super cloudy morning. just a few low clouds out there enough that as you're driving to work, you should be pretty good to go. honestly, without a whole lot of visibility issues. we've got a couple of sprinkles in the santa cruz mountains based on that low marine layer that is pushing in. aside from that, though, not a lot causing the issues


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