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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  September 13, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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actually pretty breezy out there for some. yeah, it was really nice because i looked up and i can see the moon today. i could not yesterday and just spotty clouds kind of, you know. >> really, really just the way you like the seasons are john, i think it's just >> the fact that we're well above 100 last week, 70's feel like now it does absolutely feel like a change. a little taste of fall out there with temperatures just below average for this time of year. so from historically hot conditions last week to some weather whiplash this week of a little bit that fall taste i think we're all enjoying quite a lot. your view outside right now, definitely great for some, but not overall. a super cloudy morning. just a few low clouds out there enough that as you're driving to work, you should be pretty good to go. honestly, without a whole lot of visibility issues. we've got a couple of sprinkles in the santa cruz mountains based on that low marine layer that is pushing in. aside from that, though, not a lot causing the issues just a bit
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breezy that wind from the coastline, scooting on inland, helping to keep 10 per temperatures cool. as we make our way into the afternoon. right now we're 50's and 60's. this afternoon. we're really only 60's to 70's, not a whole lot of change from are cool. start to the morning to are really comfortable afternoon. just around the corner. i've got all the details on it. still to come. great job. thank you for that. well, if you're traveling along 5.80, eastbound just west of bayview avenue, we've got an accident. the air and all lanes are just temporarily blocked. >> so that means they're going to quickly be able to get this off of the highway. there. as you're traveling down east along 5.80, no issues on the westbound side. let's go ahead and had check on your commute into the city. once you finally reach 7 minutes, mace that fremont street exit san mateo bridge. 12 to 101. >> heading across towards the peninsula, a richmond center fell bridge about a 7 minute ride and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. you're looking at 20 minutes on this tuesday morning. darya. james, back to you. thank you. reyna 5, the
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developing news this morning. the family of sophia mason. >> has filed a wrongful death suit against alameda county child protective services. 8 year-old from hayward was found dead in a nurse at home back in march and her alleged killer was arrested over the weekend after a 6 month manhunt for some and harry speaking to her family and their lawyer about the decision not to take legal action. i thought the one thing that we can do. >> and owner of sophia's legacy is change the law or at least change the system so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. a wrongful death claim against alameda county, child protective services accuses the agency of failing to protect sophia mason. >> it says beginning in january of 2021, alameda county receive referrals, alleging that sophia's mother hit her, choked her and covered her mouth to subdue her screams out of 7 referrals made to the county in the last 14 months of her life. sophia's relative melissa
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harris says 5 were not investigated all of these calls and complaints and anonymous tips with either an investigated unanswered or were told that they were unfounded. harris says she found the booth law firm in southern california to represent them. >> and the petition is filed in sofia's grandmother's name sylvia johnson. she cared for sophia between the ages of one and 7 until her biological mother took her back. my aunt is not the same. there's a huge sophia size hole in her heart. >> that can never be field. what happened to ph tragic and heartbreaking in an unfortunately common carly sanchez's, the child abuse attorney representing the family. she says their whole law firm focuses on representing children or their surviving relatives against cps. so the hope is with this lawsuit and all the lawsuit that i to make it more expensive for the county to do it wrong. >> then to do what they need to do to make the county's safe havens for these children
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as they're supposed to be. sanchez says her firm is aware of issues with an alameda county cps. it's very clear that the county of alameda more so than any other county in in the state is not investigating back coming in at much higher numbers than any other counties. harris says she becomes emotional thinking about the last time she saw sophia, knowing what she does now. >> i notice a little breeze and her hand and i asked if she was ok, and she said, yes. but what i learned in retrospect from that is because of all of these previous calls that have been ignored, she had learned not to complain because when she complained she was punished. >> it was a man harry reporting. the county now has 45 days to respond to the lawsuit. on the peninsula. the arraignment for a man accused of beheading his ex-girlfriend. that arraignment has been postponed. the da's office says 33 year-old jose landeta attacked karina castro with a
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sword outside her home in san carlos last thursday, he was taken into custody the same day he's being held without bail. when dana was expected to enter a plea in the case yesterday. but his attorney requested that he be given a psychological evaluation before entering a plea. the court agreed and suspended the criminal proceedings until that evaluation is done. >> it is better to get this taken care of. now to determine whether he's competent to stand trial, then to do it in 2 years when we're about ready to start a trial, we've been going through the whole process of the criminal prosecution and then suddenly that the week before trial, the motion is made at least now we can get a determination made is what exactly is his mental state and how does it impact a criminal prosecution? >> he shared a one year-old daughter with a woman he is accused of killing. she also has another child that she leaves behind. the grandparents tell kron 4 that
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they are working to regain custody of the children from county officials. >> in the east bay, it was a bittersweet moment for the parents of alexis, gabe, as they got the car back of their daughters from fbi custody. the couple's only daughter disappeared nearly 9 months ago after visiting her boyfriend, marshall jones in antioch, evidence found in jones's home and dna from games is broken phone that was tossed in a field identified jones as the suspect. so far. searchers have come up empty, though, for her body. the games is are depending now on the public to bring their daughter home. >> it's not just important for >> so, you know, so we can give a good, nice memorial and we can bri%g our own. but it's also crucial the investigation. >> well, there is a cash reward now of $100,000 for the person that finds her body.
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the man was stabbed multiple times in oakland last night. police say the stabbing happened just before 5 o'clock on high street. the man was taken to the hospital and is listed in stable condition. police haven't said what led up to that stabbing. >> in the south bay, some healthcare workers in santa clara county are no longer required to be vaccinated for covid. yeah, that's because the county has rescinded its vaccine mandate. kron four's will tran standing by live in santa clara county with more on the story. good morning. well, >> good morning, james. i'm in front of the health department and the reason why there are no longer requiring its 6 success story for people in santa clara county. they say 87% of the residents already received their first round vaccinations. so it's already sky high as far far as the health department is concerned. and that's the reason why among many other reasons why they're telling their health care workers in high-risk areas like prisons,
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homeless shelters and health care facilities. you don't have to get vaccinated. you still have to guard against covid-19. it's not going away. maybe not as fatal as what we saw a year or 2 ago. so they still want you to take care of yourself if you're sick, stay home. wear your mask. if you feel comfortable about that. but far as requiring them and santa clara county actually started requiring that last summer. remember, james that all the other counties required people i mean, took down the mask mandate. but in santa clara county, they kept it up. so this county was a little slower when it came to that just to make sure that everybody was safe. they caught a lot of heat for that. and this particular case, they're telling people you don't have to mask up if you don't want to and you don't have to get vaccinated because this county already has high vaccination rate will try to talk to the health director. she went out and talked about it yesterday, but we'll still still see if we can track her down to get her react this
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morning. good news. if you live in santa clara county, back to you. all right. good news. thank you very much. well, >> time now is 508. in an exclusive interview only on kron 4 governor newsom discusses several key issues facing the state, including energy and climate. he said that the state is doing what it can to respond to wildfires. and we have more from our capitol correspondent eytan wallace. >> yeah. during our interview, governor newsom made clear the state is ramping up its fire fighting abilities, including new investments in a fleet of aircraft right here. and mcclellan airport. governor gavin newsom getting a firsthand look at the 7.37 air tanker. the state plans to use over the next 60 days to help fight fires. the airplane. just one of many the governor saw during a tour with cal fire at the mcclellan air park. other aircraft include this firehawk helicopter that comes with technology to fight fires at night. that's a game changer in terms of the plea during a one-on-one interview, the governor said this fleet
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is just part of the state's increasing commitment to fight wildfires pointing out over the last 2 years, californoa has invested 2.7 billion dollars to combat fires layup from just 200 million in 2020 unprecedented. >> tolls equipment personnel, technology, doing everything we can to put a lid on. this is some points out. his administration has prioritized forest management achieving the goal of fuel reduction on 100,000 acres of land. >> but opponents have argued that's just a drop in the bucket. >> some have said, well, that's not ambitious enough. your response? i get it. look, i mean, we were taking unprecedented steps. yes, we will do more. we can do more because we have to do more in order to address the nature of the climate and the extreme. i don't know what more example we need to extreme heat and what we experienced last 10 of the last 12 days. >> and about those last 12 days, the governor says it's a wakeup call about climate change and the grid. it all comes just about a week after the legislature approved a
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new, some backed a plan to keep the diablo canyon nuclear power plant open until his latest 2030. what do you think could have happened last week if we did not have deal flow canyon, what we would have? i mean, we didn't have that 9% base load about 9% of the base load of electricity in the state of california. there's no doubt we would have past. we would have absolutely production otherwise referred to as black question. we didn't have period full stop. that's not even in the paper dispute and much more of this interview to come later on, including the governor's message to oil field workers worried his policies could lead to them. >> losing their jobs reporting here. mcclellan air park in sacramento, eytan wallace kron. 4 news. thank we're going take a break here at 5.11, but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, the historic inflation reduction act is being signed into law. we'll tell you how president joe biden fields. >> about that accomplishment. plus, a woman's dna taken to investigate her assault case.
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and so putting her behind bars will tell you what she's doing now to limit how san francisco police use genetic evidence. >> and we are in for a not nice one today, even cooler than yesterday was really highs only in the 70's that are very warmest inland, some
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because its specially formulated to protect your clothing from damage in the wash. like fading, stretching and pilling. woolite has a first of its kind formula that keeps today's fabrics looking like new. woolite damage and darks defense. >> we is that is so crazy. >> where you are, right. so
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this is the twin peaks area of the san bernardino mountains down to southern california. this is what one family saw when they looked out the window river mud coming down through their backyard. obviously, you know, remnants of that tropical storm kay, the johnson talking that brought a lot of rain to southern california. now this is what it turned into for a lot of folks that live up in the hills. >> have a scary situation. none of that water made it inside the house. so at least that's one thing they can be thankful for, kind of scary when you see the earth outside begin to wash away in the wonder. and it's weird because, you know, we typically experience similar weather. you know, so when you see something like this, right, we've got nothing like that. >> but that storm also caused waterfalls to form. >> in the hottest and driest place in the country, death valley >> what i mud water fall. yeah. it's like a waterfall. a month for vehicles were trapped by again, that scary. and it almost looks like dirty lava. well, and in some cases
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you never shiri's how much of that size going to keep away. dad starts writing down towards the road alone here. wow, boy, you sure talk about some of that rain falling to our south and here we're seeing the video of the effects of it. all death valley is already far exceeded its annual rainfall. just from that one thunderstorm. ok? >> so that's not something you see every day. and that's for sure. a really nice to be seeing at least some moisture out there for southern california. neighbors here in the bay area. it's really nice to be seeing our break from the heat last tuesday, we were at 116 degrees in livermore today. only 76 degrees. that is a fish, ali. 40 degrees cooler over one week span from last tuesday. so this tuesday, what a change for sure. a little weather whiplash for you. temperatures this week are actually a little below average compared to the historically hot daytime highs last week. so a lot of things changing in this forecast for neighbors over in death valley, southern california. that rainfall has moved out
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for us in the bay area. we've got a westerly wind pushing in. this is going help to moderate temperatures for us. we zoom out across the region. there's all that heavy rainfall that had resulted in the thunderstorms in death valley yesterday. the flash flooding in the mountains above los angeles. all that moisture is pushing to the north and the east and exiting the region. as that happens, we just got a really comfortable comfortably. warm forecast ahead of us as we make our way through the rest of this week. not a whole lot of changes, 70's to barely low 80's that are daytime highs at or very warmest in san francisco today. it will be 60's. same for you right along the coastline. 70's were bayshore cities, burlingame at 73 foster city and saying carlos, at 75 south bay temperatures, san jose campbell mid 70's today. freeman through hayward right above that 70 degree. mark, there's a livermore and pleasanton. 76 is a show jyp while danville, the concord at 78 cool in oakland and san leandro. it only 70 degrees.
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hottest spot today. vacaville at only 81 in your the only 80 we have on the map today likely to be the same into tomorrow and thursday, too friday and saturday ever. so barely just a little warmer. a couple low 80's further inland besides cities remain in the 70's all the way through coastal spots in the 60's right now, don, the even that we still got that accident eastbound 5.80, west of bayview avenue. so >> lanes are blocked there. they're supposed to be able to temporarily remove that. so we're keeping a close eye on things. still early says you can see west bound 5.80, moving along at the limit. what you really hit the may's 7 minute ride into the city may so that fremont street exit, the san mateo to want to one about 12 minutes heading across the words that insula. let's check on 8.80, as you're traveling along there to 37 down the stanley and about 19 minutes and then highway for picking up just a bit as you travel to pittsburgh, 15 minutes from antioch into concord darya. james, back to
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you. thank you. ran a 5.18, and happening today, alex jones returns to the courtroom over his comments about the sandy hook elementary school shooting being a hoax. >> a jury will decide how much he needs to pay the families of the 8 victims and an fbi agent and responded to school. they sue jones for emotional distress and psychological harm. jones now says he does believe that the shooting was real, but he continues to insist that his comments were protected by free speech. a judge found jones guilty of libel without a trial last year after he failed to turn over documents to the family's lawyers. the trial is expected to last about a month. >> in national news, the justice department says it is willing to accept one of former president donald trump's picks for a special master, a special master with envy, reviewing records of the fbi seized from his mar-a-lago home in florida last month. the doj
5:20 am
recommended to retire federal judges. well, trump's lawyers suggested a retired district court judge from new york and a former deputy attorney general of florida. the justice department says it would accept the judge from new york, but it rejected the other citing lack of relevant experience. trump's team objected to both of the justice department's appointees. but hasn't said why. >> the house panel investigating the january 6 insurrection is seeking information from former house speaker newt gingrich. the committee wants to know about his communications with senior advisers to trump in the days leading up to the attack on capitol hill. the panel says the gingrich exchanged e-mails with trump's associates. >> about tv ads that repeated and relied upon false claims about fraud in the 2020 election. they claim that gingrich appeared to be involved in trump's scheme to appoint fake electors. the committee says he also e-mail trump's chief of staff mark meadows about those efforts on
5:21 am
the evening of january 6th. >> also happening today, we have president biden set to host a major event at the white house today to celebrate the democrats passage of an expansive climate and health care bill. better known as the inflation reduction act. >> and our washington, d.c., correspondent raquel martin joins us from washington with more on what this means. higher account. >> good morning. will the president is certainly ramping up his public schedule to try highlight some of democrats legislative achievements ahead of the midterms. the president is expected to deliver a speech at the white house this afternoon. the white house says approximately 1000 1000 people will be in attendance. >> tuesday, president joe biden and democrats will celebrate the passage of the inflation reduction act. american people should have confidence. we're on the right track. well, in boston monday, the president's at the 740 billion dollar plan will change lives by investing. big on clean energy and climate
5:22 am
policy. while lowering the cost of prescription drugs for some americans believe economy and finally works for working families. democrats insist the bill which raises taxes on some large corporations will also reduce the national deficit and together with the passage of the bipartisan chips act will help lower inflation row and reduce the burden as well. but republicans call the plan daughter non on the senate floor monday. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said in this economy, the spending is like throwing gasoline on a fire will not meaningfully reduce lotion at all. >> well, actually, make it worse. >> and then returned. a 3rd of the country says they're struggling to meet basic family made huge thanks to falling gasoline prices and supply chain fixes. the white house says there are in courage. >> inflation, which remains at a 40 year high, could be simmering following july's consumer index report. and in just a moment, we will find
5:23 am
out if inflation is cooling down. >> the august inflation nwmbers will be out at approximately 8.30, eastern time for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you guys. thank you. raquel. >> time now is 5.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news improperly writing or parking the scooters could get you fined. that is if a new resolution is passed in san francisco will tell you why city leaders say it's time for riders to pay for breaking the rules. another busy day? of course - you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - your team, ours or a mix of both.
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>> 5 25 3 san francisco board supervisors are trying to pass a resolution to further regulate the use of scooters on sidewalks. the supervisors introduced a resolution that would have power. the san francisco mta to issue citations to people who are improperly writing the scooters parking the scooters, you know, all over the sidewalk. if passed, the fine would be divided between the scooter company and the customer riding it. aaron peskin as one of the 3 same cisco board supervisors who drafted this. and since last july, the municipal transportation authority cited bird spin and lime 12,000 times. more than a million dollars in fines. but peskin complains it. people keep repeating the same mistakes so they need to take on at least half of the cost of that citation. >> i want to reform behavior and get these people to stop
5:27 am
writing our sidewalks and endangering inconveniencing our pedestrian. and so if part of the fine is passed onto the consumer, they are going to realize that it comes with a price to write in our sidewalk. >> and sure resting say so. the scooter guide, you know, ryan and it's not pay. and so they don't care. they're doing thing. the resolution would also force the scooter companies to use existing technology known as fencing to prevent the scooters from being able to get on the sidewalks, you know, like they would shut down, you know, that kind of thing or else they would shut down their operations. the board's going take a vote on this later this month or in early october. >> coming up on the kron, 4 morning news, burglary turned into a shootout in san leandro. we'll tell you what police know so far about what happened and the suspects on happened and the suspects on the run will be right back. where's mommy? oh, oh hey sweetie. mother nature is at work, but father nature is here. i'm hungry. okay... let's see. oh, how about some smucker's natural?
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5:31 am
really good every night of could tower looks absolutely beautiful. it's doing just fine in the wind out there. you can see it crystal clear as we're really not talking a lot of fog this morning, either. nice clear. start to the morning. few low passing clouds, but we can handle that. we have a couple of sprinkles right there on the santa cruz coastline. but nothing really for the bay area itself. aside from just those passing clouds and breezy conditions that some of us to have around lake tahoe. couple of sprinkles to. but most of that energy was pushed up our direction from the remnants of hurricane kay is out of the region now. so we're going to feel a little less muggy, little less sticky in the days to come. that just makes it all more enjoyable 50's 60's for current temps, fremont hayward alameda oakland, each at 61 right now later on today, staying comfortable only in the 60's and 70's for daytime highs. that change from the heat of last week rain that that is not going to be best for. i don't think yeah did not have to use that to fans. but like
5:32 am
daria mentioned, i like the vols c-diff and sounds as well. so i cut mine on internet an opposite direction. >> well, if you are traveling along 5.80, eastbound west of bayview avenue in richmond accident there at all lanes are blocked. however, they're quickly trying to get this removed from this area and on the westbound side, we're just seeing a slight delay as you're traveling along 5.80, passing through richmond. no major issues the year. so that free much the exit, a 9 minute ride for you traveling into the city. the richmond, sandra fell bridge 8 minutes tolls to 101. let's go ahead. a look at our san mateo bridge. things start to pick up about a 30 minute 82 want to what so, daryn, james, we talked having a cooler evening and i'm excited for that second. i don't have to stay in the house and yes at all. my windows and doors, the blinds. and it's getting that breeze through the house. so much better. so much better right now. >> time now is 5.32. and attorneys for a rape victim filed a civil rights lawsuit against the san francisco police department for using
5:33 am
the dna that was collected after her assault to charge her with an unrelated property theft. 5 years later as kron four's dan kerman reports their hope is to stop law enforcement agencies from storing. >> the dna of assault victims and then using it against them later. >> our criminal justice system in this regard should be victim centered. a further victimize are attorneys for rape victim had filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and county of san francisco in the police department for storing her dna collected at the time of the assault and then using it against or in an unrelated property crime years later, we only know because of san francisco being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. that they were using his dna in a way that there was no consent. and none of these victims were even given the courtesy of being told that not only was a dna being stalled for in the money stored, some might say stolen
5:34 am
for in perpetuity. but that it was being weaponized against them and routinely search in february district attorney chesa dropped the property crime case against jane doe and police said they no longer under take the practice of searching the database to tie victims to other crimes. the original contract was paid. here it is. use it for prosecuting the person that. >> that victimize me and they already broke that promise. oh, i don't think you can go ahead and not just say, oh, we promise we won't do it again. in fact, attorneys believe there may be thousands of other victims. >> san francisco supervisors have passed an ordinance allowing dna storage for only 60 days. but attorneys say only an independent agency like the state department of justice should be able to maintain any such database, not the city of san francisco. they cannot be trusted with this material. they do not have people's authorization or consent to maintain it. and we certainly don't know where it's winding up in its various uses by our government.
5:35 am
>> state senator scott wiener has a stronger bill awaiting the governor's signature. but this lawsuit will proceed either way. we're hopeful that police departments will do the right thing in voluntarily on their own be proactive. >> what's stopping this egregious overreach of the government and if they're not going to, willing to do it, then stand in the we stand ready to do it for them. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> it's 5.35. and the chp is investigating a freeway shooting that injured someone in antioch. it happened in contra costa county on highway 4 near highway one, 60 around 05:30am, in the morning yesterday after the shooting, the car and the victim's car continued driving on highway 4 until the victim ended up crashing near hillcrest avenue. police say that the car that they're looking for where the shots came from. it's described as a dark colored bmw seen driving west.
5:36 am
when officers got there, they found the person had been shot with non life threatening injuries to unclear what exactly led hp to that shooting so far nobody has been arrested. >> well, elsewhere in antioch, police seize 10,000 unlicensed plants during a huge marijuana bust. they estimate the value was upwards of 7.3 million dollars. they also found more than $23,000 in cash, along with 6 firearms. according to police, roughly 17 warrants were served throughout the city from august 31st to september 7th in this bust. gun violence and a police pursuit breaks out at a legal cannabis grow in san leandro. 3 people have been shot. 2 of them critically one including one suspect. now police investigators say that armed security guards were shooting it out with burglars%were trying to steal the marijuana. the suspects then led police on a pursuit through the streets of san leandro and along interstate 80. video from the citizen app shows the aftermath. the chase. >> we have one victim in
5:37 am
critical condition. we have one suspect in critical condition. they switched vehicles. from the to the g. as are switching vehicles were able to capture one suspect. >> and san leandro police investigators say that surveillance video from the legal cannabis cultivation facility will play a key role in tracking down those suspects. >> 5.37 in some developing news in southern california. police are looking for the person who shot and killed rapper p n b rock. the 30 year-old rapper whose real name is allen was eating at a roscoe's chicken and waffles when he was shot yesterday afternoon. and this is video of the scene from the citizen app and there is on stage. investigators say that the shooter approached the rapper pulled out the gun and demanded items and then there was a verbal exchange before that shooter fired the gun. several times and took off.
5:38 am
police also say the shooter took some of the rapper's belongings before running away. roscoe's chicken and waffles, released the statements and are deeply saddened by his death. and his passing represents an enormous loss to each and every one of us. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news teacher shortages are continuing to impact students nationwide. we'll tell you how the biden administration we'll try and help in that regard. meanwhile, after the break, we're going to have the latest on a london as it prepares for queen elizabeth coffman to arrive as we're about less arrive as we're about less than a week away. now from reggie bush had something important taken from him, so wendy's is returning it. the pretzel pub. [cheers and clapping] let's go! yeaahh! we haven't told him it's back for a limited time. choose wisely, choose wendy's pretzel pub cheeseburger.
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with usaa safepilot. get a quote today. ♪ >> 5.40, right now. and they're still playing for the giants back home for a 6 game and they are hosting the braves 5 in the second giants up a run. runners at the corners for luis gonzales flicks it to center field they end up scoring on that. giants take the lead and they hold it for the whole game. braves trying to close the gap in the top of the 8th. they scored 2 runs, but it wasn't enough. giants beat the braves 3 to 2 and game 2 is tonight at 6.45? well, speaking of the giants, wilmer flores has signed a two-year extension with the giants with 6 and a half million dollars per year. >> he's been the most consistent offensive player on the team this season hitting his 18th home run of the year sunday night. now he get comfy for a few more years here in the bay area. well, with sports betting now, one of the fastest growing online
5:42 am
industries. disney is in high gear to get in on the game. apparently when asked over the weekend, if the mouse was developing, a betting app for it is pm. brand ceo bob chapek said, quote. >> we're working very that all way to cause. you said disney. i was like this is not a thing. but it's s p n yeah. so some are wondering what kind of backlash though disney could face jumping into this industry which is known for getting people hooked on dambling. and that's not always a good and they're going to companies that, you know, are very different boards. yes, that many sports experts, though, say >> an app like that will be linked to espn. not necessarily disney. it's it's been 80% owned by disney. so they've got controlling interest and we'll see how they and had been water i mean, it's quite like this, but it's like, you know, candy company owning a liquor company. you know, i mean, think there. >> don't think they different goals. think so. we'll be right back. this labor day, save on select major appliances and get free delivery. get the lowe's exclusive whirlpool laundry pair,
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>> 5.45 right now and mourners in scotland are bidding. queen elizabeth farewell before the coffin is taken around. 9 o'clock this morning to london. yeah, the queen's body will be returning first to buckingham palace. we've got lauren lyster standing by live at windsor in england with the very latest on all of this. good morning, lauren. >> good morning, darya and james. and we know the king charles. the 3rd will be in london to receive the queen's coffin at buckingham palace this evening where it remain
5:46 am
overnight before she lies in state in central london and westminster hall. now, this is something that we already see the central london preparing for. we just went out and shot a little video this morning showing some of the barricades and a heavier police presence as they get ready for big crowds to turn out for an opportunity to personally passed by the queen's coffin and pay their respects. now estimates that we're hearing it's for 750,000 people to try to line up to have this opportunity to pay tribute and we know that the lines expected to stretch for miles and that more details are going to be put out tonight about exactly how that's going to work. but even though they told people not to camp out along the route, we know that already people have begun lining up this early as yesterday evening. just shows how much of an interest there is being able to take part in this national grieving because this is a period of mourning here in the uk. now this all going on as for days, the
5:47 am
queen will lie in state ahead of her funeral, which is at westminster abbey. and that is just across the street. and so it will be a 24 hour a day operation in westminster hall is as people are able to really personally say goodbye and back out here live. we also know happening at the same time right now, king charles, the 3rd is in northern ireland where he's meeting with officials in attending a service in honor of his mother. and we already saw him greeting mourners accepting their condolences even at one time petting a corgi that was held up for him. that, of course, is a breed of dog, is really closely associated with queen elizabeth is she had many over the course of her life that we know he'll return to london to receive the queen's coffin at buckingham palace, which has been the center of so much public grieving over her death for now. that's the latest live here in windsor. all send it back to you in the studio. all right. thanks a lot. >> appreciate that. the corgi. i don't have to have court they do this. they're the ones
5:48 am
with a little ballet they like their in whatever position that right. 5th 3rd some yeah. so be sure to see how all those plans come together over the week ahead will be all of that. and if you have any plans this at john and i are going to some sort of thanksgiving affair were overall is very feeling the fury. i we really all didn't consciously embrace the he's you know, is feeling like it time to get the warm drink. speck out the cozy because we're only in the 70's as compared to the triple digits. what a change of pace we had or hottest week of the summer last week, hottest week of recorded history for a few of our bay area cities. >> now we're sailing below average this week ahead of us and got the low clouds, the breezy conditions through san francisco, light jacket kind of stuff this morning. go ahead. get a pumpkin spice latte. it's officially time we've got the breeze pushing
5:49 am
in from the coastline. this is going help to moderate temperatures today. skies will clear out nicely today and some of that moisture which had been sitting across the bay area making for that sticky, muggy, feel to all. that's all making its way out. you can see that heavy rainfall that has resulted in some thunderstorms and flash flooding from southern california, nevada, arizona, making its retreat further eastward as this happens will have a much more comfortable feel to the week ahead. a little bit of a drier feel complimenting the cooler temperatures. that means what you're seeing in your 4 zone forecast today is going to feel really nice 60's for your highs in san francisco and at the coastline, low 70's for bayshore cities. burlingame at 73 foster city saying carlos of super nice. 75 south bay temps. also great san jose at 74 love. the fact that we're 40 degrees cooler today than one week ago in livermore from one 16 to just 76 degrees. that is a change. if i've ever seen one oakland and richmond right at 70, well, only one
5:50 am
spot reaching the 80's today. that's vacaville at 81 santa rosa through sander felt in the 70's. getting your look ahead at next 7 days, temperatures remain pretty steady at 70's to just barely low. 80's are inland highs besides cities remain in the 70's coastal spots staying in the 60's rain on the that will we still have that accident? this is along eastbound. >> 5.80, west of bayview avenue in richmond, all lanes are still blocked and we are keeping a close eye on things there. the westbound side traffic is starting to build as a traveling through san pablo, richmond on down to berkeley head into the city may see that 3 months tx about 10 minutes for you to make that drive this morning or san matteo bridge. looking at a 12 minute ride. it's a 80 to 101. a second things down here say lorenzo northbound out of this period boulevard. you got an accident there. so seen a slight delay as you're traveling along 8, 8, and the south a 1, 0, 1, 32 minute ride. 85 to menlo park along
5:51 am
101, to 18. 82 still have to limit to 37. no accidents or delays. there 80. if you're traveling from milpitas to san leandro about 21 minutes for your drive during a james. back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. it's five-fifty right now and there are not enough teachers to fill americans classrooms. and the biden administration wants to change that. >> first lady jill biden and education secretary miguel cardona visited schools in tennessee and north carolina to talk about the importance of teacher apprenticeship programs and the importance of paying teachers better teachers, union advocates welcome those steps at the federal level. but they also add that local leaders need to do more too. >> if we want educators to be able to do what they do best, we have to give them the support that day or you all deserve. >> teachers union advocates welcome those steps at the
5:52 am
federal level they're just hoping that they can get in combination with the local the school board's, etcetera, and taxes that they can create a better situation. >> 5.51, o'clock and parents in some parts of the country are still scrambling to find baby formula. many large retailers are out of popular brands and some like walmart and target are limiting the number of cans of people come by. industry analysts say it's just a matter of location. and now some areas are getting dequate supplies. others aren't. critics say the fda isn't doing enough to address the shortage, which was created by that temporary shutdown of a factory in michigan back in february. alaska, air delta, westjet and british airways are just a few. the airlines that are revamping their menus to include meatless options. travelers will start noticing more plant based impossible food options. cauliflower dishes, looting free pasta and vegetable fritters as the airline industry rebounds, experts are predicting looks like that. it does not. of course not. no. plus you don't
5:53 am
get a real dish play. we don't sit on the part of the like that. >> all right. probably why that looks unfamiliar to well, then i don't want to because i'm not going to pay extra $8,000 to get a dish. their lines are upgrading their in-flight menus. maybe it will start looking like that. you never know ice cream. you could get pop the little kali top it with a wooden spoon. i love that way. but 53 that i will be right back.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
choose wisely, there's already knew money. the new british currency with the image of king charles, the 3rd, they're going to be making after this period of mourning. the queen, the bank of england says the current banknotes with the queen on them. we'll continue to be legal tender. obviously wellman says the coins with their image obviously are out there. coin experts say the currency with the queen on it will remain in circulation years to come. so i don't know about collector's items at this point. you it really just depends. i have a few action from a million years ago was going to say if you get a brand you know. i was going to say dollar with it, but it's not end. all and all right. whatever. how note, whatever with the queen on it, maybe save it because as they are slowly taken out of circulation, i've any in mint condition. yes. all right. we'll take a quick break. coming up next. and the kron 4 morning news being vaccinated
5:57 am
is no longer required for some health care workers in santa clara county. we'll tell you why the county decided to lift that vaccine mandate. >> and the family of sophia mason is filing a wrongful death claim against the alameda county child protective services. why they say their claims that they submitted were not properly investigated. plus the argument or the rain, but for the man accused of beheading his ex-girlfriend has now been postponed. we'll tell you what happens next before you ca this labor day, save on select major appliances and get free delivery. get the lowe's exclusive whirlpool laundry pair, with the 2-in-1 removable agitator that lets you customize any load. get the products you need this labor day. it's the all-new subway series menu! 12 irresistible new subs... like #6 the boss. pepperoni kicks it off with meatballs smothered in rich marinara. don't forget the fresh mozzarella. don't you forget who the real boss is around here. it's subway's biggest refresh yet.
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> make a progress here. it's tuesday. it is am and daria. >> and i'm james and it's feeling a whole lot more like fall this morning minute. did one week ago. we've got a nice breeze out there right now. temperatures feeling downright we are making some progress. yeah. a lot of progress. >> oh, man. last week was rough this week, but smooth sailing through it. yesterday the weekend it felt a little muggy, but at least it was cooler. now we're keeping the cooler around. getting earned of the sticky feel. so all of it is just getting nicer in nicer. your view outside right now we've got the flag at half-staff here. 15 and it is blowin in the wind out there breezy start to this morning as westerly winds push some cloud cover and from the coastline we're seeing partly cloudy conditions right now. most of those clouds are right above us. so not talking a whole lot of visibility issues because


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