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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  September 13, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> anything beats last week. even a little bit of that cool, brisk wind just make sure to get those light jackets on as you're heading outside little taste of fall. it feels like this morning for a lot of us. your view outside right now. nice and clear at the embarcadero. you can see the sunshine between some of those clouds that are rushing through from the coastline, bringing with it. a nice cool feel today. also a drier, feel less of that sticky, muggy, feel that we had over the weekend. any sort of rainfall has moved out of the bay area. couple of sprinkles up around the sierra nevada. but as for the bay, we're looking at a dry forecast in a really comfortable one ahead of us. 50's and 60's for current temperatures ahead of an afternoon. we're daytime highs will really only peak in the 70's for most spots of the getting to that in your forecast. don't think even that we've been busy along the san mateo bridge, hot spot, the vehicle fire. >> and a 67 minute drive. 92 westbound. so i would take the dunbarton bridge to get around that and not wait in those
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delays. the bay bridge traveling to the city. we had a traffic has a right near that treasure island exit that's been removed are still at about 30 to make it from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit pretty slow backed up from san leandro to milpitas about 76 minutes. so things are pretty slow along 8.80. and if you are along 101, traveling from 85 up to park about 75 minutes to 80 82 waiter. alternates for you. there. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of to one and starting today, san francisco public works is going to be cracking down on street vendors. yeah. if sellers don't have the proper permits, the items are trying to sell. going to get confiscated. kron 4. sarah stinson live in the newsroom. >> to explain. good morning, sara. >> san francisco public works. crews will be walking around city streets today enforcing the new permit program. warnings have been issued. so offenders don't have that permit. crews could take away their stuff. they could tell them to pack up and leave. officers will also be accompanying crews in case
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anything gets out of hand public works. crews will be going to the mission and 24th plaza above the bart station. pretty popular street vendor area vendors must have that permit on display or in hand ready to show it. it's the vendor does not have one. then they'll be asked to pack up and go, you know, that's where officer there just in case supervisor hillary ronen says they put up fences on the plaza months ago to stop the sale of illegal goods. but that didn't stop people. so supervisors approved the new pro, a permit program. it caused street vendors $430 to get a permit. but there are few waivers for low-income people applying which makes it basically free to get one permit holders must also have a business license as of august. 30th public works says it has received more than 50 permit applications mostly for the mission neighborhood. as of that date for permits were issued. the city says some
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people had incomplete information. others were referred to the department of public health for a special food permit. vendors do not comply with this new program. they could face fines up to $200 for the first violation. $500 for the second and $1000 for any additional violation within the same year. now, we will see these public works crews out in the mission again today. cracking down. we reached out to the city were hoping to catch up with them before they head out. see what else we can find out for now. i'm sara stinson reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. >> ok, thank you very much, sara 803. and more developing news that we're following. the family of sophia mason has filed a wrongful death suit against alameda county child protective services. yeah, that 8 year-old girl from hayworth was found dead in said back in march and her alleged killer was arrested over the weekend after a 6 month manhunt. proffers amanda hari has more. >> i thought the one thing that we can do and owner of
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sophia's legacy is change the law or at least change the system so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. a wrongful death claim against alameda county, child protective services accuses the agency of failing to protect sophia mason. >> it says beginning in january of 2021, alameda county receive referrals, alleging that sophia's mother hit her, choked her and covered her mouth to subdue her screams out of 7 referrals made to the county in the last 14 months of her life. sophia's relative melissa harris says 5 were not investigated all of these calls and complaints and anonymous tips with either an investigated unanswered or were told that they were unfounded. harris says she found the booth law firm in southern california to represent them. >> and the petition is filed in sofia's grandmother's name sylvia johnson. she cared for sophia between the ages of one and 7 until her biological mother took her back.
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>> my aunt is not the same. there's a huge sophia size hole in her heart that can never be filled. what happened to ph tragic and heartbreaking an unfortunately common carly sanchez's, the child abuse attorney representing the family. she says their whole law firm focuses on representing children or their surviving relatives. >> against cps. so the hope is with this lawsuit and all the lawsuits that i final to make it more expensive for the county to do it wrong. >> then to do what they need to do to make the county's safe havens for these children as they're supposed to be. sanchez says her firm is aware of issues with an alameda county cps. it's very clear that the county of alameda more so than any other county in in the state is not investigating that come in and out of much higher numbers than any other counties. harris says she becomes emotional thinking about the last time she saw sophia, knowing what she does now. >> i notice a little breeze
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and her hand and i asked if she was ok, and she said, yes. but what i learned in retrospect from that is because of all of these previous calls that have been ignored, she had learned not to because when she complained she was punished. >> that was amanda hari reporting. the county now has 45 days to respond to the claim. time now is 806, on the peninsula. the arraignment for the man accused of beheading his ex-girlfriend has been postponed. the da's office says 33 year-old jose landeta at tact karina castro with a sword outside of her home in san carlos last thursday, he was taken into custody on that same day. and now he's being held without bail. landeta was expected to enter a plea yesterday, but his attorney requested he be given a psychological evaluation. first, the court agreed and suspended the criminal proceedings until that happens. >> it is better to get this taken care of. now to determine whether he's competent to stand trial, then to do it in 2 years when we're
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about ready to start a trial, we've been going through the whole process of the criminal prosecution and then suddenly that the week before trial, the motion is made at least now we can get a determination made is what exactly is his mental state and how does it impact a criminal prosecution? >> land that and the victim a share. a young daughter. she's one years old and the the woman also leaves behind another child. the grandparents tell kron 4. they're working to regain custody of the children from the county officials. >> in the east bay, there is a renewed plea now from the parents of alexis, gabe, as the couple's only daughter disappeared 9 months ago. and her car has just now been returned to her parents this past weekend from the fbi as proper theresa stasi reports, it was an emotional moment for them. >> the man and i been it slashed by all of them memories that we have together. alexis, gabe's mom talking about the moment she
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said in her daughter's beloved car this past weekend. >> to drive it home. >> just. it's so unfair that can only her car and the car had been in fbi custody ever since the 24 year-old from oakley disappeared on january. 26 donations have been pouring in to help find alexis gabe, including $11,000 to pay off the car from the bank. >> too often feeding and be able to keep that car. the car is now clean and decorated with well, she lov >> she have a sheath of there there's also a that stuffed animal in there. that's how her and connect right now, there's a bunch of flowers there. >> a lot of a lot of followers stopped by and but some left some flowers and also some butter in there for yeah.
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>> game went missing after visiting her boyfriend, marshall jones in antioch. police say that evidence found in jones's home and dna from gabe's broken phone tossed in a field, identify jones as a suspect. jones was killed in seattle in june during a confrontation with u.s.. marshals, investigators say jones left behind a note mentioning traveling to amman or county searches have come up empty. the games are depending on the public to bring their daughter home. just continue searching. >> a cash reward of $100,000 is now available for the person that finds her body. it's not just important for >> so, you know, so we can give her good and nice memorial and we can bring our own. but it's also crucial the investigation to recess stasio kron. 4 news. >> it's 809, and the some
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healthcare workers in santa clara no longer have to prove that they are vaccinated for covid. know the county has rescinded its vaccine mandate in. for more on the story, let's head to santa clara kron. four's will tran standing by. good morning. will. the health department there saying you don't have to get vaccinated to continue being employed at one time. they did. >> but no longer and they're not even requiring people to mask up if they're inside. and that was a hot button topic in santa clara county because all the other counties they took down their mask mandate. but in santa clara county, they kept it up and that caused a lot of controversy as far as the vaccination. if you work in high-risk areas like prison. seeing homes, health care facilities, hospitals, you're not required to get vaccinated because they're pointing out the vaccination rate in santa clara county, 87%. people in this county, they've already received their
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series of vaccinations close to 70%, already got their booster shots. yes, covid-19 is still relevant. it's still out there and they're telling people if you feel sick, stay home, isolate yourself. but because the vaccination rate is so high and covid tests, remember the days when it was very hard to get covid tests. now they are everywhere. so those 2 things that morning and that you don't have to do that if you're at high risk areas. but again, they're still devising people to be very careful. >> and they're telling people you don't have to wear a mask. santa clara county as recently as last year caught local heat national heat because they kept their mask up. despite all the other counties and they thought it was odd. some of the people who said why are you doing this that you can drive from another county going to santa clara county and be forced to wear a mask inside santa clara county says you don't have to do that anymore as wet. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll
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>> 11 is that. i'm still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news. the historic inflation reduction act is about signed into law. we'll tell you how president biden feels about that. pretty big accomplishment for him. plus, a woman's dna taken to investigate her assault case ends up putting her behind bars years later. we'll tell you what she's doing to try and limit how the sfpd uses evidence like that going forward. and after the break, the man accused of killing 3 people in a shooting spree across memphis is expected to be in court this morning with more about the charges he'll
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>> we is that is so crazy. >> like a lot yeah. >> and to think this was the scene of a drought for just last week, as a matter of fact, that this was what we saw in the twin peaks area up in the san bernardino mountains in southern california. one family looking out after that monsoonal rain came through courtesy hurricane that had broken apart down near baja on brought all this moisture all at once. apparently and other staircase is turning into waterfalls. >> something that we need to be thinking about? 2 of you because they were in a drought there. and in southern california where the same way look at where it's hot, dry and death valley. same thing there. they got a ton of rain so right? so became mud falls which is like a waterfall of moderate, just decided that the term some cars that were
8:16 am
inundated stranded because of that. and he's living over there. but you that are their close right now. all the tourists that were there last week and like, oh, my gosh, it's so high. >> what a change for them this week. they're so we i mean, as we watch to see when and if we have get rain, same thing could happen again. watch that. exactly. we've had a really wild year for the desert southwest. first day of the monsoonal moisture. then, you know, remnants of a hurricane coming ashore through of flash flooding has been pretty wild. yeah, we've been quiet in the bay area, although we had a couple sprinkles this weekend. and the muggy feel that's really all we got was going to say it's nice to feel that ocean breeze now get some of that mugginess away. yes, and you can see that all that activity. that's the same thing that brought us that muggy feel starting to push out. now in the air masses, pushing in a lot more comfortable going to be a dry cooler air mass. so this is what brought all that flooding to southern california, obviously still packing a punch. this is the remnants of hurricane kay right here. it's
8:17 am
just making its way into the rockies %nd the great basin. we've got a much different situation shaping up this westerly wind sweeping through cleaning up some of our poor air quality, also making its way in with some cooler temperatures. yesterday's highs in the 80's still a little bit on the muggy side today, humidity drops even further and we drop into the 70's something that has been dramatically dropping has been those temperatures. one week ago we repeated our all-time bay area, hottest temperature which was 116 degrees both last monday and last tuesday for livermore today, that same spot livermore only going to be at 76 degrees. that is a full 40 degrees cooler. but yesterday was ond even slightly cooler than average for this time of year. so really all of us across the state, the west coast of seems some dramatic changes. our next system that low sitting to our north is pushing it along with the dip in the jet stream that is bringing with it. cooler air and drier air.
8:18 am
so as opposed to the tropical moisture that the state had been seeing over the weekend. now we've got a much drier air mass. that means an enjoyable feel to it. 60's for your highs in san francisco at the coastline and a really nice range of dry 70's burlingame at 73 saying carlos foster city beautiful. 75 south bay temps mid to upper 70's for you. 70's across the east bay, too, with hayward union city, oakland, each right at 70 degrees. north bay temps, vacaville are only spot even getting into the 80's today on the a 81 tomorrow thursday. a lot like today, friday, saturday, just a touch warmer. pretty level all the way through this forecast. thank you for that. well, we've got a few hot spots out there. this one and fairfield to 80 westbound east of waterman boulevardia, 2 lanes blocked there. >> so pretty slow to vacaville in that fearful area. another one along the san mateo bridge, a vehicle fire. this is about our number 3. we're going have these delays. now we're down to 57 minutes were
8:19 am
up past 60. so things are getting a little better, but you still got some issues. and that vehicle is still there traveling into the city. 28 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. so again, so earlier, residual issues along the bay bridge still persisting in this hour. san leandro down to about 66 minutes for you to make that drive. that's down from 70 where we were earlier. 79 minutes of things are pretty backed up along 101. 85 in the low part, 2 atm, seen hardly any delays or issues you might have to cross and get over there. 82, some folks are hopping on that because of 101 being so slow crockett down towards the maze. about 43 minutes. if you're taking, 24 wannacry down to 5.80, just under 14 darya. james, back to you. >> thank you, ray, to happening today. an update here on that shooting spree in memphis. it kills 3. the teenager accused of last week's shooting, which was live streamed at points is going to be back in court in just a few hours from now, 19 year-old ezekiel kelly. he's
8:20 am
currently being held without bond. authorities say this all unfolded last wednesday when for a span of about 20 hours, they say kelley opened fire across different parts of the city of memphis. some of it live streamed. we're still learning more about the victims, including richard clarke, who was 62 years old. he was a retired correctional officer and worked security at a local college. his family says he had just stopped at a gas station to get a quick drink when he was shot and killed. >> we had a kind. >> humble, gentle spirit. that is something that everybody don't possess. and i have recognize that already hope for the people who had to deal with this. >> not knowing down one was to have you with as well. >> a new surveillance video shows the moments before and after a man named rodolfo berger was shot at a car parts store. he survived after several surgeries. the motive in this case is still a
8:21 am
mystery. but the suspect is due back in court today at 9. >> 20 is a time right now. and today president biden hosts a major event at the white house to celebrate the democrats expansive climate and health care bill called the inflation reduction. yes, we have washington correspondent, raquel martin telling us what we can expect. good morning what we are just 2 months away from the midterms and the president certainly ramping up his public schedule to try and highlight democrats. legislative winds. >> today, the white house says they're expecting thousands to poor al at the white house to rally behind the president. inflation reduction act tuesday. president joe biden and democrats will celebrate the passage of the inflation reduction act. american people should have confidence. >> we're on the right track. well, in boston monday, the president's at the 740 billion dollar plan will change lives by investing. big on clean energy and climate policy. while lowering the cost of prescription drugs for some americans, building an economy
8:22 am
finally works for working families. democrats insist the bill which raises taxes on some large corporations, also reduce the national deficit and together with the passage of the bipartisan chips act will help lower inflation row and reduce the burden as well. but republicans call the plan daughter on the senate floor monday, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said in this economy, the spending is like throwing gasoline on a fire will not meaningfully reduce lotion at all. >> well, actually, make it worse. >> and then there a 3rd of the country says they're struggling to meet basic family. no thanks to falling gasoline prices and supply chain fixes. the white house says there are in courage. >> inflation, which remains at a 40 year high, could be simmering following july's consumer index report. >> this morning, we will see if inflation is still moderating something that could give democrats an extra boost as they try and sell the inflation reduction act as an economic win. the august
8:23 am
report will be released at 08:30am, eastern time. but washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> thank you, rick kelly. 22 on the clock. we'll take a break. coming up on the kron 4 morning news improperly writing or parking the scooter could now get you fined if a new resolution is passed san francisco will tell you why city leaders say it's time for riders to pay up. we're breaking the rules will be breaking the rules will be right back. ♪strutting your way into my heart♪ ♪take your hat off make yourself at home♪ ♪how about stay the night then strut on home♪ ♪day 1, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪day 2, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪day 3, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪guess what, i'm in love with your strut♪ ♪i like your strut,♪ ♪do you wanna go struttin' struttin'♪ ♪you like my strut♪ ♪do you wanna go struttin' struttin'♪ ♪you like my strut♪ ♪then let's go struttin' right now♪
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>> 25 and if you ride the scooters on the sidewalks of san francisco, you might have to pay for it. san francisco supervisors are considering a resolution that would clamp down on scooter riders who don't obey the rules since last july bird spin and lime have been fined more than a million dollars in citations. but if this passes riders who actually break the rules, they have to put half of the fine that they get. aaron peskin is one of 3 san francisco board supervisors who drafted the resolution. >> i want to reform behavior and get these people to stop writing our sidewalks endangering inconveniencing our pedestrian. and so if part of the fine is passed onto the consumer, they are going to realize that it comes with a price to write an op sidewalk. >> i guess it makes sense because you're the one driving, right? i mean, the next company is telling you what the rules are. if you don't follow him. but here's another thing the company could do in this resolution would force the scooter companies to do this. use
8:27 am
technology known as fencing to prevent the scooters from being able to operate on the sidewalks cause they can make them shut down the east. they can sense where they are. the board is going to take a vote on this this month or early october. >> coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, a burglary turned into a shootout in san leandro. we'll tell you what police know so far about what happened and the suspects on the run.
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>> 29 and now we can love the sunshine again. we can. yeah. without fear of frying us during the afternoon as we get john in the weather center with our much cooler forecast. hey, john. can actually get out there. enjoy it. still wear the sunscreen, of course, but actually get out there without who feeling exhausted immediately. a nice change of pace this week. we're actually looking at temperatures below average for the week ahead of us with highs today. only in the 70's that's for inland areas outside. right now, we do have a breezy and partly cloudy. start to the morning. bright enough, though. looks great at coit tower. these clouds pushing in from the west along with a generous sea breeze that's going to be sweeping through keeping his cool and also helping to keep air quality. really good. only a couple of sprinkles left up in the sierra nevada here in the bay area. we're looking at a dry and comfortable day. little less of the muddy field. and we saw this weekend, too 50's and 60's for current temps ahead of an afternoon that will bring us daytime highs in the 60's to
8:31 am
70's all this is a change of pace where we have been raining down the you for that. well, if you are on board right now, we've got a 20 minute bar delay. >> on the antioch line in the sfl direction. so be mindful of that. if you are hopping on bark this morning. >> we had a hot spot along the san mateo bridge. they finally that that vehicle that was on fire off of the bridge up to almost about 70 minutes. now we're back down to 49. it's still pretty slow. so just factor that in. if you do want to take that, you could take down barton ridge as well. 28 minutes mace that fremont street exit traveling into the city. lot of folks have been taken to damar bridge because of the delays along the san mateo bridge. so drive times. there are about 40 minutes. that's 8.80, as you're traveling across towards menlo park. but the good news is they got that vehicle removed from the san mateo bridge. so hopefully things are going to improve. richmond center fell about 15 minutes for you. and appeared fairfield, 80 westbound east of boulevard. it got an accident down there.
8:32 am
we're looking at the traffic. thankfully, we don't leave until about 10. plans for the rest of the day. >> taking what do you want to do? you get couch today wishing to change the choices and possible. it is a lot of to very much rain. all right. the time now is 8.31. other news you want to tell you about this morning. attorneys for a woman who was sexually assaulted. a filed a civil rights lawsuit now against the san francisco police department because >> they use the dna that they collected after she was assaulted to charge for 5 years later. >> fernand result unrelated kind. yeah, a kron four's. dan kerman took a closer look at the story and reports now that the hope of this lawsuit is to stop investigators from using. >> store dna of assault victims against them down the road. >> our criminal justice system in this regard should be victim centered. a further victimize are attorneys for rape victim had filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and county of san francisco in the police
8:33 am
department for storing her dna collected at the time of the assault and then using it against or in an unrelated property crime years later, we only know because of san francisco being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. that they were using his dna in a way that there was no consent. and none of these victims were even given the courtesy of being told that not only was a dna being stalled for in the money stored, some might say stolen for in perpetuity. but that it was being weaponized against them and routinely search in february district attorney chesa dropped the pro erty crime case against jane doe and police said they no longer under take the practice of searching the database to tie victims to other crimes. the original contract was paid. here it is. use it for prosecuting the person that. >> that victimize me and they already broke that promise. oh, i don't think you can go ahead and not just say, oh, we promise we won't do it again.
8:34 am
in fact, attorneys believe there may be thousands of other victims. san francisco supervisors have passed an ordinance allowing dna storage for only 60 days. but attorneys say only an independent agency. >> like the state department of justice should be able to maintain any such database, not the city of san francisco. they cannot be trusted with this material. they do not have people's authorization or consent to maintain it. and we certainly don't know where it's winding up in its various uses by our government state. senator scott wiener has a stronger bill awaiting the governor's signature. but this lawsuit will proceed either way. we're hopeful that police departments will do the right thing in voluntarily on their own be proactive. >> what's stopping this egregious overreach of the government and if they're not going willing to do it, then stand in the we stand ready to do it for them. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> well, police in antioch sees 10,000 illegal plants during a huge marijuana bust.
8:35 am
they estimate it had a street value of more than 7 million dollars. they also found more than $23,000 in cash and 6 firearms. according to police, this bus involved, 17 warrants served throughout the city. >> time is 8, 34 2 people are on the run in san leandro after a shootout between armed security guards at an illegal cannabis grown. police say the crime started out as a burglary and then intensified from their crawford says it may do explains. >> we knew that a couple people have been shot on adams then their pursuit still going on and illegal marijuana grow operation was the scene of a shootout in an extended police pursuit sunday at around 04:20am. he won the 2000 block of adams avenue in san leandro. >> san leandro police lieutenant matthew barajas, illegal indoor marijuana cultivation that house anywhere from 7 to 8,000 marijuana plants. stanley ago police investigators say armed
8:36 am
security guard was shooting it out with burglars trying to break in to still the marijuana. i believe our dispatch center received a 9-1-1 call of a shooting that won't break facility and there's people in front of the building. >> her point there were shots fired. >> how one victim in critical condition. we have one suspect in critical condition. more burglary suspects got into a uhaul truck and a newer model, silver jeep. >> then the police on a pursuit that started on surface streets in san leandro. >> it looks like open what >> the police pursuit to the freeway into oakland. this is citizen video showing the major impact on traffic. >> they switched vehicles from the to the g. as are switching vehicles were able to capture one suspect. >> the chase went on for another 20 minutes ending on 31st street mlk way with the 2 unidentified suspects getting
8:37 am
away. so annual police investigators say surveillance video from the legal cannabis cultivation facility will play a key role in tracking down those 2 suspects. that will give us a clear picture of what exactly happened. anyone with information is asked to contact san leandro police. >> as the men kron 4 news. >> 8.37 and a developing story in southern california. police are looking for the person who shot and killed rapper pnb blot a rock the 30 year-old rapper whose real name is ricky machine. allen eating at a roscoe's chicken and waffles when he was shot and killed yesterday afternoon. this is video from the citizen app and here he is on stage. the suspect approached the rapper, pulled out a gun, demanded items from rock. then there was a verbal exchange and then they go up and gunman opened fire, hitting rock several times and taking away some of his belongings took off. police then got there and he had already run away. here's a
8:38 am
statement from roscoe's chicken and waffles, saying that they are deeply saddened by his death and his passing represents an enormous loss to each and every one of us. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. did your favorite show when? well that was on a streaming platform. odds are we've got the big winners from the 74th emmy is coming up next. and after the break, we have the latest from london as well as that nation london as well as that nation prepares for queen have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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>> it's 8.40, and president biden vows his infrastructure bill is going to help make massive improvements to our airports in the u.s. the president is investing. 62 million dollars in boston's logan airport abuse services. more gates were ticket counters, taxis, runways, you know, and the traffic jams or traffic saw that flight delays. he acknowledges how severely airports have fallen behind our global competitors. >> america invented modern aviation. we've allowed ports, the lag behind our competitors today today, not a single solitary american airport. not one ranks in the top. 25 in the world. the united states of america, not one. airport ranks in the top. 25 in the world. what the hell's the matter with us. >> the president has been traveling the country so he
8:42 am
can land at each airport. i'm going to underscore how infrastructure they his law is improving lives of americans. so i i would say to really know what the airport to like. yes, he needs to land them. see what it's like. you see what? that's what it's like right 42 now is the time. we'll be right back. prop 27 isn't a solution to homelessness. 90% of the money goes to out-of-state corporations. the homeless get very little. vote no on 27. ♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you
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homeless californians need real solutions, not false promises. prop 27 gives 90% of the money to out-of-state corporations, not the homeless. vote no on prop 27. it's a broken promise. reggie bush had something important taken from him, so wendy's is returning it. it gives me great honor to return this to mr. reggie bush. the pretzel pub. [ cheers and clapping] let's go! back with its rightful owner. come on. sike, don't touch my burger. yes sir, can't take this one away from me. we haven't told him it's back for a limited time. choose wisely, choose wendy's pretzel bacon pub cheeseburger. >> it's 8.44. and we understand the queen's coffin
8:45 am
is on the move at this moment. yeah. as mourners in scotland have the last 24 hours to pay their last respects to the queen before her return now to buckingham palace. that's the next stop for the casket. we've got lauren lyster stand by live in windsor, england were lauren, you've been tracking the latest developments all morning long. good morning. >> good morning. yes, some 26,000 people have the opportunity to personally passed by the queen's coffin in that cathedral in scotland. and now, as you mentioned, the coffin is on the move. let's take a look at some live images because we have the overhead view and the queen and a short time will be boarding a plane. her coffin will be transported to london and it will be received at buckingham palace personally by king charles. the 3rd, that's where it will remain overnight ahead of lying in state in central london at westminster hall and allowing thousands more people the opportunity for a public
8:46 am
viewing. first king charles, the 3rd has been in northern ireland today. let's take a look at those images. he met with officials. he attended a church service honoring his mother, the late queen. elizabeth, the second. and you also shook hands and greeted the crowds that had gathered and accepted condolences. he even pet up for you. that was presented to him and he it responded with affection. of course, the significance there is that parties are closely associated with his mother. she had many of them over the course of her lifetime. king charles returns to london. >> he will receive the queen's coffin and then later back out here live in london, some 750,000 people are expected to line up for an opportunity to pass by and pay t0ibute as she lies in state. some people have already been lining up one saying. she's very excited at the opportunity to possibly be the first to pay her last respects to the queen. she honored so much. we'll keep
8:47 am
you updated on all of this for now. that's the very latest live here in windsor. all send it back tolyou. all right. thanks a lot. >> 8.46 is the time as we bring the focus back here to the bay area. we've got to john standing by with a look at the forecast for today feels so different and really lacks a nice yes, such a difference from where we were last week. and now let's get a complaint aboumissing out on the triple digits. we're not even looking at any 90's in this forecast. so this is a huge drop in temperatures. feels like we just had one week of summer. right back to the stuff that the bay area's more familiar with your view outside right now, san jose. nice partly cloudy conditions out there. today's daytime highs in san jose right around the mid 70's. now we do have good news and our air quality for the bay area. obviously not so good with very poor conditions up in the sierra nevada. that's going to stay put throughout much of the rest of the forecast. winds from the coastline will help to spare us that bad air. while our neighbors up around
8:48 am
the lake tahoe region are unfortunately going to be right in the midst of it. monsoonal moisture and tropical moisture pushing out of the region. so you'll notice a notably drier, feel as you're getting outside, which is just really going to compliment the 60's 70's that we have over the next several days, 60's and san francisco and at the coast, it will be 70's along the bay shore as well as further inland foster city and san carlos. a beautiful 75 san jose right at 74. big change from that one. 16 in livermore last tuesday, down to 76 degrees today. let's just 40 degrees cooler in a matter of one week. vacaville are only spot hitting the 80's at 81 degrees today tomorrow and thursday, much like today, just a couple of degrees. warmer friday, saturday, but really not a lot of change in this forecast will keep the good stuff around all the way through next week. reyna. john, thanks for that. well, we have a 20 minute bar delay. this is on the antioch line in the direction. so be mindful that if you're taking bart. >> we had a hot spot on the san mateo bridge stretching up
8:49 am
to almost 70 minutes for the past 3 hours now that that's removed from the bridge authority six-minute drive still slow, not as bad as it was earlier bay bridge. 29 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. so around the same drive time for you. there. we're pretty slow. long, 5.80, it traveled from castro valley to the maze about 41 minutes 8.80. you're also seeing some delays. so things are certainly picking up along there, clocking out towards the maze 5, 18, 80 about 36 minutes. an 8.80, san leandro to milpitas about. 66 minutes for you. there. all right, james, back to you. >> 49 now and of the biggest tv shows of all got the emmy awards. if you missed it last night, we're going to take a peek at the dazzling red carpet and the history making moments. >> host kenan thompson's tenure on snl translate very well to the emmy stage with a few commuting casualties along the way, of course. and if you
8:50 am
don't know, whats going game is the contests to enter when you're in massive debt and desperate for money. joining the cast next season, netflix. 6 s started early for succession. >> matthew mac paid >> matthew mcphail one for best supporting actor in a drama series. it would later nab outstanding writing as well. and in the best supporting actress category, we asked our favorite d to how she would feel to go home with him. a gold for work and abbott elementary. if i get to take the trophy home. >> and got he's with the to try to sheryl lee. >> let's just divas simply singing turned into a diva simply winning. >> and >> jennifer coolidge tried to keep her cool when she won for best supporting actress in a limited series in the white
8:51 am
lotus. we hold on. this is a once in a lifetime thing and i'm i'm on meanwhile, a story amanda seyfried shared on the red carpet now seems like a premonition. my daughter, i'm mike. my polling has and this year is very same area. >> she's holding a trophy and she's holding a president. so your daughter may see the future. the future came true when she won for lead actress in a limited series for the drop out. and the truth does not hurt for lizzo. the singer and tv personality won for outstanding competition program. >> lizzo's watch out for the big girls. all i wanted to see was me in the media. >> someone fat like me. black like me. >> beautiful like me. and it wasn't exactly a ted talk. but jason, today he's offered a thoughtful, thank you to his folks and his fans when he won best actor in a comedy for ted lasso. thank you. my parents standing kathy, who i just mentioned, one of them. and thank you so much for the people to watch the show
8:52 am
>> and to get as much as we dig just a little later, the show won for best comedy series. ted lasso. >> and as for best actress in a comedy is trophy number 2 for jean smart we were shooting at a mall. >> and there are 3 little boys. they're there about maybe 10 or 11. >> they nuts. liked. >> you should not be watching this show. and the drama categories are euphoric moment. present when she won and the gold. anyone who has loved a roo or feels like they are roof. i want you to know that. i'm so grateful for your stories. >> and i carry them with me. i carry them with her. so thank you so much. squid games, one both for best director in a drama series and for best actor. >> and in the very final moment of the 3 hour extravaganza was the cast of succession accepting the biggest award of the night. best drama series. the emmy winners have the gold and now eager tv fans anxiously await new seasons. both of ted lasso
8:53 am
and of succession, which are several months away reporting for the emmy awards here in downtown los angeles. i'm sam rubin. this labor day, save on select major appliances and get free delivery. get the lowe's exclusive whirlpool laundry pair, with the 2-in-1 removable agitator that lets you customize any load. get the products you need this labor day.
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this labor day, save on select major appliances and get free delivery. get the lowe's exclusive whirlpool laundry pair, with the 2-in-1 removable agitator that lets you customize any load. get the products you need this labor day. the latest amazing image from the james webb space telescope. >> pretty cool. looking right reveals exactly how stars and planets systems can form. >> and they're pink like that. and baby blue and green, other
8:56 am
colored me based on like their distance and whether they're traveling closer to or farther away from our own galaxy and the types of gases that they contain as well. as pretty like james webb began operating. what fully in july and >> seems like every week we've got jaw dropping images that this telescope is turning out. which will give the scientists and the astrophysicist material to work with for years. and it takes a lot better picture than my apple. >> it my iphone. look at this. this is a guy who is not afraid to party. this is how he's celebrating his birthday. hector. he to a world war, 2 vet. 95 years old jumps out of the airplane. little face. yeah, bush senior used to do the same thing. oh, yeah. i've on his birthday every year. i guess you figure united he did it well into his 90 pounds. this guy's done 50 times. wow. yeah, amazing, right. if you like it did a basic shape. do i've done it once and he's
8:57 am
pretty brave. a tell about it. he did. yeah, 56 that i'm coming up in the next hour. being vaccinated. >> no longer a requirement for some health care workers in santa clara county will explain why they decided to lift that vaccine mandate. and the family of sophia mason is filing a wrongful death claim against alameda county's child protective services. why they say their concerns in claims and worries were improperly investigated. plus, the arraignment of a man accused of beheading his ex girlfriend has now been postponed. we'll tell you what happened and tell you what happened and what comes next. ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪
8:58 am
♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> and welcome to the finest hour. 9 o'clock. the weather's looking up to darya and james. yeah, look fantastic for today and the rest of the week ahead. let's get the latest on all that right away with john in the weather center. hey, john, such a nice change for sure. we saw a weekend of transition that at least wasn't triple digits, but it was kind of muggy out there. we'll see less of that today. temperatures further cooling into the 70's and a much more dry, typical bay area feel beautiful morning. so far. got to quite hours sitting under some sunshine right now as we are across a lot of the bay area. let's get a look at the quay tower. you can see right there looking really good. the focus of those leaves, though, blowing right next to me. >> yeah, it's definitely breezy. so i would bring the light jacket as you're


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