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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  September 14, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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we do have this morning quite hour. maybe not the brightest we've ever seen it. but we are seeing partly cloudy skies so that some of us greater than others, a lot of us are already under the sunshine and we'll see more and more of those clear skies towards the afternoon ahead of us. lots of sunshine later today. dry skies in the midst of it calmer winds than yesterday. all adds up to a very comfortable feel for your day. as for current conditions, it's 50's and 60's for most spots. santa rosa, you had been in the 40's. you're right back up to 50 degrees now regard this, get the light jacket on to start the day. those winds making it feel a touch brisk as you're getting out there right now. john, thank you for that. well, it's been a busy wednesday morning for us and a few issues like an early morning accident. >> on the bay bridge that started those residual residual delays. that's clear. still about a 23 minute ride maze to that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge. 31 minutes. that's down from 40. we had a traffic hazard here just 30 minutes ago in the high-rise portion of the bridge golden gate bridge. 37
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to the tolls. that's because of the patches of fog. you're seeing along the golden gate bridge. and if you're right out of richmond, tulsa, 101, around. 21 minutes for your drive. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot 8 o'clock. and let's get back to our earthquake coverage because a lot of people felt a pretty strong jolt last night around dinner time. yeah, about 6.39, as you can see on the graphic there in the wall. kron four's will tran actually. >> standing by for us up in santa rosa where people yeah felt it shake just a little bit. will. >> the good news is we did not hear of any major injuries or any injuries whatsoever. and minimal damage. this earthquake struck right around dinner. time to earthquakes in the span of one minute. let's get right to the video. this was the biggest earthquake in the bay area in the past 3 years at 6.39, 4.4 magnitude. and then one minute later. we're talking 3.9 magnitude.
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it caused a lot of people to scramble the police department, the fire department. they went into action. we heard some gas lines possibly cracking the fire department reported possibly some elevators were stuck in mid-flight. they came out there. it did the best they could. and then when it was over the damage, the good news is not a lot of damages for structurally. so nobody really has to rebuild. and as far as things falling off the shelves, yes, many stores did see things fall off the shelves and many homes once they cleared everything. well, that was the easy part. the hard part is calming their nerves. even to this morning. actually, i thought it was an explosion and i didn't imagine that it was an earthquake as it was such a strong. >> powerful jolt. and on. i went running outside in total fear their lives and then realized that it was an earthquake and it stopped.
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>> at first i was this is the big one that they were talking about. and then when it was just like 2 quick, when it was just 2 quick ones, i was like, okay, we're good. >> okay. so the earthquake struck along the rogers creek fall and this was the biggest earthquake in that fault since the 18th century. yes, i'm fully aware of what happened in 1969, a series of earthquakes north of 5 point o magnitude. well, that took place along the healdsburg fall. that's near the rogers fault. and that is important because seismologist, they want to track where it's going on. just in case you're wondering the healdsburg fall that belongs to the hayward fault line in this particular case, the rogers fault. that's the san andreas fault. saw a lot of people out there. they want to know what's going on specifically. there you have it. this is the rogers fall. the bottom line is you can see people moving along cleaning
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up late into the night, but not a big deal. they will. good news is they will rebuild. >> all right. thanks a lot. well. >> 803, is the time. we're also following this story to this morning. railroad workers threatening to go on strike nationwide that you need to have impact could throw a wrench in your commute. caltrain could mean shipping delays if you order something covers or stinson. live in san jose. >> with more on the fallout, heiser. >> we're talking about 115,000 rail workers. that would be going on strike this friday. it would not only potentially cause our economy, too. the rail, if you will. it would also potentially cause a food shortage here locally. if you ride caltrain, it could affect service specially if you bill ray to be capital station in san jose. now that is the biggest effect here locally. that is the caltrain service again between gilroy in the
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capital station. that segment is served by 3 trains every morning and evening. other caltrain service north from cayman station will be unaffected caltrain advisors riders to use those stations. 2 trying figure out another way of transportation starting friday. caltrain is working actively to see if they going to be able to offer bus bridges. but we're going to learn more about that in the coming days, of course. and if it's needed, friday's strike could happen. if an agreement isn't reached between the unions and the real roads, pressure is mounting to do so because >> this has the potential to be extremely detrimental to our economy. the association of american railroads says the strike could have a 2 billion dollar negative impact on the economy per day rails. they also care about one-fifth of the country's grain supply. so the strike could shut down the supply chain causing empty shelves at the store. now congress does have the potential and the they have theeright to block a strike like this. so we could see
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that happen. but of course, best case scenario would be between the railroads and the unions reaching an agreement. if you do live in the san jose area and you use service from gilroy here to make sure that you have another way to get somewhere on friday. for now, we'll send it back to you in the studio, right? thanks a lot. good morning, sara. >> 806, is the time. and also the news this morning. we have the man accused of murdering an 8 year-old girl from hayward. he'll be arraigned in court today. dante jackson charged with first-degree murder and child abuse for the death of sophia mason. police say they found the young child's body in a home in merced said back in march, her mother, samantha johnson, was arrested and charged with murder shortly after the discovery of sophia police say they name johnson a suspect fairly quickly after that. but he went on the run for nearly 7 months. he was ultimately arrested this past saturday, along with 3 other women who are accused now of helping jackson evade police the entire time.
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>> in the north bay, a staff member of vallejo high school was shot while trying to break up a fight that was happening outside the school. toledo police say it happened yesterday afternoon. several students were fighting a group of men in front of the school when the staff member, what member went over to break up the fight, some of the men ran towards the car and fired their guns shot towards the people who are in front of the school. and that's when the victim was hit by at least one bullet taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. the school was placed on lockdown briefly and classes resume today with increased security. and we have an update on the shooting that happened at an oakland middle school late last month. the shooting was just after recess on monday, august 29th, the james madison middle school. we told you about this 12 year-old student shot a 13 year-old student. will investigators with the alameda county da's office say that a 12 year-old student has been charged with accidentally firing that gun, injuring the other student. that student
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was shot has since been treated and released from the hospital. >> last month we introduced you to derek holmes, a man family on laundromat in oakland have been continuously broken into and robbed him. since our story aired, he sold some of his laundromats, but he says the break-ins are still happening at the one. he still owns. and police response has him scratching his head, especially after his security cameras showed police arriving as the thieves were driving away and instead of chasing him, the police apparently just let him go. this footage was taken on october 31st. win. tom says that this particular longer matt had been broken into twice that very same night. >> not surprised that they didn't chase them, but i am surprised that they made 0 attempt whatsoever right? okay. you're just assuming these people are going to run away. happens if your lease turn on your lights, right? it's just getting keep getting worse. and all. people. decide
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to actually make the right decision and put the people behind bars deserve. >> well, we did reach out to the local police department and ask them about their pursuit policies. and here's what they sent back. it's a quotation from there policy procedures which says, quote, vehicle pursuits may only be initiated when there is reasonable suspicion to believe the suspect committed a violent forcible crime and or crime involving the use of a firearm or probable cause that the suspect is in possession of a firearm. police say the events of the 31st apparently didn't warrant a vehicle pursuit. tom says that insurance usually covers the majority of the damage is from these break-ins. but it doesn't cover all of it. he thinks by his own estimate that this year long he spent upwards of $100,000 to repair damages. >> piedmont police are investigating racist graffiti that was spray painted in a bathroom at this park. the linda beach playfield on linden avenue. the graffiti contained a hateful and racist
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message and public works. department went out, responded painted over it right away. police say they're taking this very seriously and the department is asking the public to report any hateful messages they may see. >> city leaders in antioch are taking a hard look at police reform after the mayor announced last month that 8 patrol officers are the focus of an investigation now led by the fbi and the contra costa county district attorney's office during a news conference at city hall yesterday, city council members joined the interim police chief to announce 3 reforms that they intend to discuss and develop over the next few months. begin with will conduct a top down assessment of our canine policy. >> this resource service, great utility for the organization. however, we'll take a closer look at how we deploy our canines with emphasis on mitigating unnecessary harm and liability with use of force policy. we're currently evaluating and early intervention system to better track and monitor the deployment of force when circumstances dictate. >> yeah. you heard the interim police chief talk about canine
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use. that is among the allegations that there's a disproportionate use of canines on criminal suspects compared to other bay area police departments and the abuse of city issued cell phones while on duty. we'll take a break. it is a 10 still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news teenagers in san francisco can now be tried as adults. >> for violent crimes will tell you who some critics say this is going to impact more than others. plus, the fight over abortion is wrapping up once again. we'll tell you about a new bill on capitol hill. the panda portions of the federal level and after the break, social media companies getting ready to testify in washington as lawmakers are blaming them for helping their users commit acts of violence. >> getting brighter over sfo right now. you can still see the clouds there in the distance over san bruno mountain today is going to be a really nice one. high temperatures right around the same as yesterday. mostly in the 70's got to love that. how long will last for your forecast is ahead. and it's been a busy morning in terms of your we're staying on top
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>> 14 right now and look at this. a mountain lion on the peninsula. >> it's san mateo. the police shared this ring video with us. this is early this morning. it was after midnight, the big cat spotted going across that driveway at royal court. just a reminder like if you're like me and you let your dogs out, i always on a leash with sometimes i let it drag and and then you see
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what could happen. you got to know what's out there. remember, we're not the only one to enjoy. >> a nice stroll in a cool evening. like we had last night. this is true. yeah. all right. in an effort to address the growing problems with wildfires, the santa clara county board of supervisors now is voting to get more funds for more fire resources and that includes drone fire detection programs like 14 drones are going to start using. and the hope is that these drones can quickly identify like the source of where fires are erupting may be weak in burning buildings and safety hazards as well. they'll be quick with a thermal imaging cameras. the county administration office is also going to be facing the board on september 27th to talk about potential options for these drones and how to use them on december 6. the board is also going hear recommendations for staff training and what crews can do to prevent. fires from rep in the first place or had a more quickly respond to them. once brawl, the perils fires, big
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cats and earthquakes. i do. i no, no, a but i mean, it was pretty sizable. and the fact that nobody got hurt was great. i was sitting there on the floor last night watching netflix. yeah. scrolling through twitter and like bigger you can feel. yeah. yeahs world downloaded that app with official shake. watchers. what? yeah. you got to get the official 18 seconds warning. i think that might shake my shape. that's the biggest to come out of this earthquake is the fact that the app work? yeah, people got a decent amount of >> it's nice to know that's coming through for us. kind of like the forecast is as it's been so nice out there this week. last week was rough for everyone this week. really nice honestly, for everyone. a little bit of cloud cover over san jose. but nice and bright regardless winds a little lighter than they were yesterday. still breezy westerly winds moving in from the coast. not as much of a brisk issue is what we had yesterday. still, though, i keep the jacket on for your
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morning hours low to our north and this cooler air sweeping in with it. it's a cool, dry air mass in the next several days. it's just a holding pattern of this saturday night. we start to see this sketch wrapping in, though, our next rainmaker in this one are first of the season that doesn't involve monsoonal moisture or tropical moisture like we saw. >> with those southern california storms this right here pushes through late sunday into early monday. nothing more than a few light sprinkles anywhere from 100 to a 10th of inch of rain. staying very much so on the light side, 60's and 70's all across the bay today. whether you're in san francisco, the bay shore further inland, we're all pretty much in the same boat on this one. the same, comfortable, nice and calm vote. san jose at 74 east bay. temperatures range from the 70's and hayward fremont over to livermore on up to conquer to it. a nice warm 78 birth. we're at 68 today, antioch in pittsburgh at 77, our warmest spot vacaville at 79 today. getting your
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lookahead tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's just a touch warmer friday and saturday enough to get a few of us into the low 80's sunday. we take a dip back out into the 70's with that slight chance of showers likely to linger overnight into monday morning. >> right now, john, thanks for that. little along northbound 101. at how your avenue in san jose that an accident you are seeing some delays as you're traveling there. it's also pretty slow as you're traveling along 6.80, as well 82 in the south bay. let's go ahead and get a look at your ride into the city this morning. 25 minutes maze to that fremont street exit. we pretty much state they are around 20 to. 25 minutes this morning. 17 minutes, richmond, sandra fell bridge. that's the tolls to 101 for you as you're traveling cracking down towards the major at about 38 minutes. so traffic is building highway 24 westbound wannacry down to 5.80, about 14 minutes. and let's check on 8.80, san leandro down to bill pete is about 54 minutes. daria. james, back to you. >> thank you. ran 8.18, is the
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time. and in national news, republican senator lindsey graham unveiled a new nationwide abortion ban now under his proposal, abortions will be banned at the federal level after 15 weeks with the only exceptions being for rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. now, democrats are calling this proposal extreme and out of touch. publicans are twisting themselves into pretzels, trying to explain why they want nationwide. abortion bans. >> when they said they leave it up to the state. >> well, with democrats currently in control of congress, senator graham says that he realizes his bill may not even get a vote, but he promises that if republicans do take back the house and the senate, he'll push the legislation forward. >> 8.19, is the time and happening today. tiktok facebook, youtube and twitter are all in the hot seat on capitol they're all facing questions from lawmakers. >> who are worried that these companies could be fueling individuals who would ultimately commit acts of domestic terrorism. washington, d.c.,
8:20 am
correspondent raquel martin has the latest. >> good morning. well, this will be the first time the senate is holding a hearing specifically looking at links between social media. >> and domestic terrorism. i spoke with the chairman of the senate homeland security about this yesterday. he says this will be up vital first at to figure out how to stop senseless acts of violence. >> credibly important to that. we understand what's happening. >> democratic senator gary peters is demanding answers from tiktok facebook, youtube and twitter. he says the social media giants are fueling users to commit heinous acts of violent domestic terrorism is a. >> number one form of terrorism right now that we're faced with. and a lot of those terrorist attacks have been linked in some way to contact that those individuals had through social media wednesday, both former and current employees of the tech companies will testify before the senate homeland security committee. peter says he believes the company's algorithms are intentionally
8:21 am
sending users dangerous content for ad profit. question that we have is how do folks who are just using these every bases? >> suddenly find themselves. so going down a rabbit hole that can lead to very content. republicans like florida senator rick scott agree. the problem must be addressed. we have to look at things that are that are, you know, are causing problems for our society. scott says he just hopes democrats and republicans can find solutions without unfairly censoring conservative users. and one thing we have to look at is is how biased me the social platforms to become. senator peters acknowledges this is a complex issue that will require a complex solution. >> and while legislation or regulation is the goal, it could take some time to get there. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> for your money this morning, retirees could soon see the biggest boost to their social security checks in the last 40 years. according to a
8:22 am
new estimate by the nonprofit people living on social security could see their checks go up by about $144 per month. and that estimate is based on the latest in for inflation numbers through last month. the bigger checks are expected start coming out next year. so security administration is expected to announce the adjusted rate sometime next month. >> time now is 8.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the drought is forcing santa clara county to expand its water restrictions. we're going to tell you about we're going to tell you about the new rules. when it comes to my flooring needs, floor and decor is my go-to to get it all. that's because they've got my back with the benefits and services i actually want and financing options to help take my business to the next level. floor and decor just...gets it. and with a partner like that, i get more done. discover floor and decor today!
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♪ah, da, da, da, da♪ and because of the drought people you clamp down even further because they just need to save more water. yeah, i mean, they did meet their goals, which is one good thing. but >> it still isn't enough. we've got santa clara county officials asking customers to conserve even more after they were successfully able to reduce it by 15%. charles clifford has the details. >> well, here in the south bay on tuesday, the santa clara valley water district provide an update on the drought conditions and also a bit of good news. now, back in june, the water district declared a water shortage emergency and asked all of its customers to reduce their water use by 15% to only water outdoors twice a week and also prevent waterways like sprinklers spring onto sidewalks and also taking out grass lawns and replacing them with drought, tolerant lawns. now, the good news is the district says in july other customers actually
8:26 am
exceeded that goal. they saved 16% on their water usage. the bad news is that the drought conditions persist. a lot of the reservoirs are very low and that there's expected to be dry conditions for possibly the 1st half of the upcoming winter for that reason, the district is going to expand its water, use restrictions. they're going to ban irrigation on non turf, landscaping at industrial commercial and institutional locations. they say the drought is ongoing and they have to do this because they don't know how long these dry conditions are going to last. we don't know when this drought is going to and we don't you know how long we're going to have to continue. and although we've met the goal for the first time again in 2022. >> the cumulative numbers are you know, still have some some ways to go. so there is further to go as we need to understand and be prepared for possible dry next year. >> now, if anyone is found to be violating the water use restrictions, the district will play nice at first to provide some educational material. but after that, they will be fine. fine started $100 can go up to $10,000. but
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for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> a 26 right now. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news why city leaders in antioch are considering police reform. ♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right.
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another busy day? of course - you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip converged network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities. >> 8.29 right now we're checking out the weather and this is a great week of
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compared to last week. temperature which seems like a million years ago that we're boiling doesn't last. so quickly we forget comfortable. we were this week, john. nothing complain about to complain about writes, if anyone out there saying, oh, it's a little cool, then with just one reminder last week yet, we're fine. we're fine. it is definitely cool this morning that he's got to prepare for it like i just i just did it to myself. >> get your light jackets on this morning because with the wind. it is a bit brisk, but it is nicely brisk. a look outside at cloudy conditions over burkett air right here. we are definitely seeing some passing clouds this morning. we're seeing the light winds too. temperatures out there comfortable enough. but yeah, definitely recommend the long sleeves. light jackets for your morning hours. current temps, 50 60's san jose's right at 60 degrees. very similar actually to san francisco, which is sitting at santa rosa new fell into the 40's earlier this morning. you're back up
8:31 am
to 50 degrees right now. so it's been a nice morning. so far. just got to get ready for that cool, crisp fall feeling that it's bringing along with that rain has been telling us about something that's a little less ideal which has been your commute morning things busy as the improved. i really hope and well, you the early morning hours, we had several accidents like at the bay bridge. so now you're just seeing residual delays out there. >> a 23 minute drive from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit san mateo bridge 80 to 101 about. 26 minutes for you. heading across towards the peninsula. if you're taking the ricymond, sandra fell bridge about 18 minute ride that tulsa, 101, a check on the golden gate bridge about a 35 minute ride. 37 to the tolls. john's been talking about the weather. looks nice out there. yes. going to get outdoors at all. hopefully it's you know what you'll see banks saying i'm going this with a 31 right now. and the citizen app is taking new steps to try to help the aap i community. >> offering about 20,000 people free premium memberships. we're going to
8:32 am
see how it works now from force. got the latest from gayle ong. >> a new safety tool for the members of the ap. i community. the citizen app will be offering free premium access to asian americans in san francisco. the app lets residents report crimes in suspicious activities. it is partnering with the city's chinese american association chamber to offer the free service, the asian american community in san francisco. >> is a 3rd of the city. and in addition, citizen is used already by a 3rd of the bay area. and so it made complete sense that as we're thinking about how we could be a part of the solution that san francisco was the place where we were going make this commitment to provide up to 20,000 free of our premium accounts that comes to almost 5 million dollars. >> the 5 million dollars came from the company. good water, collective citizens premium accounts typically cost $20 a month or $240 a year. some of the features include a citizen
8:33 am
agent staying on the line. if you feel unsafe, walking down the street, connecting you to emergency services and tracking your location and look what i'm seeing, coach and an advocate for asian-americans in oakland says he encourages the asian community to use this service people to try. i'm so appreciative that >> people are trying. you know, i think ways to protect the people. i think we also need try it out and super well, it well as need to spend this >> the citizen app hopes to offer more free premium accounts. we are looking for partnerships with many asian american organizations and organizations that serve the asian community so we would love to stay in touch a and b, reach out to buy in the bay area so we can help fully distribute these 20,000 accounts on thursday at 11:00am a citizen reps will help set up the app on phones and train the asian community. >> at the chinese american association of commerce on clay street in san francisco. gayle ong kron. 4 news.
8:34 am
>> it's 8.33. in the east bay, the oakland city council, public safety committee tentatively rejected the continued use of license plate readers. they say the police department cannot produce the data that the privacy advisory commission wants an that there's some other concerns of police were only supposed to keep the data from the readers for 6 months, but allegedly they kept it for 2 years. the city says police were also late on reports that they were required to provide to the commission. the deputy police chief says that they recovered about 20 stolen cars in the last 2 years. 20 cars recovered nearly 8,550 stolen. the commission meets again october 6. >> well, teenagers in san francisco can now be tried as adults for crimes like murder and assault. the new juvenile justice policy applies to 16 17 years old. a 17 year-old san francisco's district attorney brooke jenkins says that her office will apply this option on a case by case basis she says that decision will only come after talking with the victim's family and
8:35 am
the defendant's lawyer and family. not everybody is happy about this change. critics say policies like this have historically been unfairly applied to certain groups. >> well, i don't prosecution of children has always been applied in a racist way. black and latino youth are significantly more likely to be prosecuted as adults tend their white peers. >> the district attorney says she is well aware of the data on black and brown use in the criminal justice system. she says she consulted with community stakeholders in the formation of this new juvenile justice policy. >> it's 8.35. and today governor newsom is going to be in santa clara county signing legislation to establish. >> the care court. you remember that you talked about the importance of having this care court that would allow first responders are loved ones to submit a petition to the court on behalf of a person who has untreated psychotic disorders. so that they would have to get care.
8:36 am
the person if they qualify, they go to the care court. they get services treatment, medication and housing. and during 12 months that person will attend hearings to make sure they're sticking to the plan. the governor is supposed to do that signing at 10. 45 this morning? >> well, kron 4 is election headquarters. and with less than 2 months away now until election day, the focus is on the campaign trail, of course, but also on the propositions that will be on the ballot. prop 30 is one of them and it helps too aims to help the state go green. but governor gavin newsom says it's not what you think. in fact, he's encouraging you not to vote for it. he's taken out a new ad to argue that voters should turn down prop 30 if it is passed by voters this november, it would create a 1.7 5% tax on least a tax increase on california to earn more than 2 million dollars per year. supporters say that money would go towards things like subsidies for electric vehicles, more infrastructure for charging stations and resources to fight fires. but
8:37 am
governor newsom says he wants it to be known. he is not in favor of it. >> fellow californians i need to warn you about proposition 30 devised by a single corporation. the final state income taxes to benefit their company. >> and that single corporation he's referring to is the ride sharing company lift. lyft has spent upwards of 25 million dollars right now in favor of prop 30. in a statement, the list spokesperson says, quote, not a single dollar of the prop is earmarked for the rideshare industry, adding that the company stands with climate advocates. while the governor quote, stands with his billionaire donors looking to protect their bank accounts, end quote. >> is a 37. and we are live in london as the city is. just under a crush of hundreds of thousands of people lined up for miles to view the queen's coffin. we are going to continue dipping into that live shot and have our live coverage as we continue. john.
8:38 am
>> and we're also looking at whether here in the bay area which much like london is in for a beautiful day ahead of us were in the 70's for your daytime highs. >> whether you're along the bay or further inland, what a nice change of pace from last week. those numbers still to come. and hit the road on a busy wednesday morning. stay on top of those drive
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reggie bush had something important taken from him, so wendy's is returning it. it gives me great honor to return this to mr. reggie bush. the pretzel pub. [ cheers and clapping] let's go! back with its rightful owner. come on. sike, don't touch my burger. yes sir, can't take this one away from me. we haven't told him it's back for a limited time. choose wisely, choose wendy's pretzel bacon pub cheeseburger. >> 40's the time and whether it's barker, munir caltrain. there's a new effort now to
8:41 am
try to get a better idea of the crime and safety concerns of the people who actually ride those transit systems. the governor has just signed a new law that will create a survey for people who use public transit systems and it applies to all of the state's transit agencies. >> the data collected will then help them improve ryder experience when it comes to safety and security. the minute men at a transportation institute in san jose state university will be conducting research and developing the questions for the survey. the idea, of course, is to find out what changes current riders want to see and address those issues and use that to attract new writers. >> the need for this is imperative because we've seen a significant uptick in the number of people who feel unsafe, harassed or just to let these and using transit and transit, as we know, provides a lifeline for essential workers and for others to reach their points of interest, whether that's for income producing activities, their pleasure or their dectors. appointments.
8:42 am
>> well, the research team at mineta transportation institute is just coming together right now. so there's no timeline yet as to when the survey will be ready. we'll keep you updated. time now is 8.41. we'll be right back.
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8:44 am
>> it's just beginning happening now. within the next few minutes, the public is going to get to view the queens cough. and hundreds of thousands, if not up to a
8:45 am
million people. >> are expected it's pretty impressive turn out something the likes of which london has never seen. according to the mayor. we've got lauren lyster actually standing by in london, who's been you've learned that following the procession this morning. the pomp, the circumstance, what's happening now? >> now people are anxiously awaiting hundreds of them lining up for their opportunity to personally passed by the queen's coffin as it lies in state. just beyond here that spiers westminster hall. and that is where her coffin was received just a short time ago. so let's take a look at some of the scenes around london because the lines for the public viewing started days ago. and the first person in line saying that she really just wanted the opportunity to be the first person to say her last goodbye to a monarch that she's so respected and revered. so the line is expected to stretch. authorities are preparing for at least 10 miles and people
8:46 am
have been warned by the government. they may have to wait as long as 30 hours. they're distributing wristband so that people will be able to get out of line to do basic things like go to the bathroom and eat and get food. but it's not that hearing people from lining up and overall, you mentioned it's estimated as many as 750,000 or even upward of that could pass through over the next several days as she lies in state. coffin draped by the royal standard flag and crown, which is the imperial state crown. so i want to show you what led up to this because there's a very somber procession through the streets of london where we saw the queen's coffin and we have some video we can show you. it was taken from buckingham palace where she left for the very last time in a horse drawn carriage, pulled a gun. carriage is open so people could view it from the streets. they could see it on display and it was a company by the royal family. so king charles, the 3rd just behind her coffin, flanked by his
8:47 am
siblings and behind them. prince william, prince harry and everyone marching in lockstep, somber all the way miles route to westminster hall. and there were gun salutes along the way big ben was tolling along the way and reportedly as many as 1000 members of the armed services took part in this and have them her son for days to make sure it went smoothly in on the sidelines. crowds headlined the streets in several areas where they were able to gather to watch this. 2 witnesses in this is really the first time anybody in london's had the chance to see the queen's coffin that close one person saying it was the first time they've been not close to the queen. people moved some crying as the coffin passed by and in silence, a very a silent profession say for, of course, that the drums, the drumbeat
8:48 am
and the and the music that was accompanying the procession by the military ban. so back out here live, this really begins this period over the next 4 days where people will be able to pass by solemnly through westminster hall. all ahead of the queen's funeral where at westminster abbey right here right across the street from westminster hall that set for monday. and this is a very old church. very many core nations have taken place. so this is where the queen was coronated. it's where she was married and it's where in several days on monday she'll be memorialized. but very much public grieving and condolences will see in the days between now and then and we'll bring you the latest as people begin to start to personally to pass by and say goodbye for now. that's the latest live in london. i'll send it back to the studio. thanks a lot. appreciate that. live. look at what's going on. we continue to see. >> just more and more people streaming into london. train
8:49 am
services. they've added hundreds of round the clock trains the tube stations or jam duke. you can't find a hotel flux of people is something maryland even set. yeah. olympics, they didn't see crowds this he said that actually, if you combine all of the events that have the marathon, yeah, the something like this pass weddings and this is the first state funeral. the only safe funeral since winston churchill was very 1965, and honor. that's usually reserved for the sovereign but can be extended on occasion like in the case of winston churchill to people outside. >> of the royal family. we know that it was offered to margaret thatcher and 2 prince philip last year at their funerals. but they had stated in there and there instructions they did not want. >> that honor an just as you watch that crown passed by. >> that crowd has 3,000 diamonds on it and sapphires and rubies and everything. and it's so heavy, 2 and a half pounds that the queen, she
8:50 am
boarded her coronation. and 53 stopped wearing it in 2019 because it was too heavy. so they were just carry and put it on to cite to the side of her. lot of into whatever she would appear backs are going to learning about between now and the funeral on monday, which will bring you coverage of here on kron 4, 8, 49 right now. want to get a look at the weather and there's nothing to complain about. pretty nice out there, john. such a nice day. it's nice to see that. london is just as nice as we are here for everyone waiting in line out there. and of course, the procession going by. >> if you want to get outside today here in the bay area, we've got conditions out there that will make it easy for you. >> it is cool. little brisk this morning. we've got the low gray hang out for parts of the bay area. this partly cloudy morning gives way to a mostly sunny afternoon and those winds right now not near as breezy as it was yesterday. so a slightly calmer one and a nice and clear one much like yesterday. all adds up to a really nice combination. we're in the midst of a cool dry air mass that's pushing through. we'll be in this holding pattern over the next several
8:51 am
days. we do have one round of rainfall in sight. some very light sprinkles possible from late sunday into early monday. and our first rain of the season that does not involve monsoonal moisture or tropical moisture either. this will push through on into late sunday early monday morning. nothing more than 100 to a 10th of an inch of rain. and really light stuff most likely for the north bay hills. today's highs, 60's and 70's and not just for san francisco but all across the bay area. we're all going to be tapping into that cool field today. as we've been mentioning all week long, such a change from where we were last week. san jose at 74 today, freeman through hayward in the low 70's pleasanton and livermore at 76 while oakland at 71 danville, walnut creek, concord, each at 78. well, antioch, 77, even our warm spot, vacaville not quite reaching. the 80's only at 79 tomorrow will be much like today. as for friday and saturday, some low 80's just barely hitting those new numbers. well, sunday gets cooler. is that slight chance
8:52 am
of showers pushes through in this holding pattern all the way through the start of next week. great job. thank you for that. well, we do have an accident along northbound 101. this is just south of highway 12. >> up in santa rosa, associate driving to the right now. you are going to his slight delay heading into the city. you're looking at 20 minutes, mace at fremont street exit. let's go ahead and check out our richmond center fell bridge about a 60 minute ride. as you travel from the tolls to 101. well in the south bay 1, 0, 1, 85 to menlo park. a 70 minute ride for you. there. 2.88, you're seeing a few delays, the air and 82 much better. 49 right. haley down to milpitas is to 37 clocking out towards the maze. about 30 minutes. if you're taking 24 westbound walnut creek down to 5.80, just under 15 minutes. and we'll leave you with a look at 6.80, doubling down the fremont about 31 minutes. we'll have more weather traffic and
8:53 am
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to out-of-state corporations, not the homeless. vote no on prop 27. it's a broken promise. baseball. only diehard fans are there paying even the guy with the hat is dancing. >> giants hosting the atlanta braves first inning. they took the lead on john peterson. rbi single great for the giants. but that was all the offense they had. the braves ended up taking the lead in the 3rd inning, atlanta wins beat san francisco 5 to one. they'll play again this afternoon. first pitch at 12. 45? the a's also lost their texas short two-game series with the rangers. and this game was tied in the 9th when the
8:56 am
rangers finally put it to bed with a walk-off home run. texas beat oakland 8 to 7. >> coming up in the next hour, did you feel the earthquake? well, number folks did. we're going to reaction from residents up in the north bay and >> beyond. meanwhile, the ap i community is getting a new resource from the citizens app will tell you why the company says they want to do their part in protecting community and one bay area business owner has had enough of crimes in his city. he's selling his businesses and think about moving out. he's really frustrated with opd is response will have his story coming up.
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8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. actually, just a minute before 9 o'clock or a minute before 05:00pm. >> live in london and at 09:00am our time. exactly. that's when the ceremonial viewing we'll open. you can see the throngs of people lined up to file past the queen's coffin. >> and you can see here in these live pictures, what people in line are having to indoor cues that stretches
9:00 am
starry mention for 2 miles or more. many of the people that we've been hearing from inline, many of them have only known queen elizabeth on the throne say they just had to be here. be part of history. they had to say goodbye to the queen and this is what is going to be available to the people of london for the next handful of days here leading up to the funeral on monday, which will, of course, bring you. >> has it has almost a million people they're expecting. so we'll cover that will live from london in just a few minutes. first, want to get you started with a little weather and traffic. yeah, john's leading us off. good morning, john guys. a little gray this morning, but we're not going to complain about it because we're not looking at triple digits. that of us. >> really nice day out there today. looking behind me. yeah, that the brightest of mornings at the embarcadero nor the brightest in this view from the east bay hills, which is still shrouded in those low clouds right above berkeley. as we make our way through the day, it will be less and less on the cloudy side. more and more on the clear side and winds even a little lighter than yesterday's at on top of this dry conditions and really comfortable weather. and we are in for a befu


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