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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 14, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. >> a bay area lawfirm files a class action lawsuit against tesla. what that lawsuit is all about. plus bay area traffic is bouncing back to prepandemic levels will look at just how many commuters are out there on bay area freeways and the san francisco police department becomes the victim of catalytic converter thefts. how many of the department's vehicles were affected? thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. a new lawsuit has been filed against tesla self-driving technology this
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time by a bay area law for that firm claims the company's self-driving technology doesn't work, isn't safe and should no longer be put in cars until it's ready. kron four's dan kerman has the story. >> tesla has claimed its autopilot provides full self-driving capabilities, but a new class action lawsuit suggests the car can't drive in its own. and in fact, that's all marketing and hype. and tesla knows this. >> best-selling electric car with, quote, full self-driving capability and charging people that additional money. for that show. cool technology that does not work. the lawsuit suggests the repeated number of crashes proves it's not ready for prime time. it is a large one of the largest automobile dealers in america. as we know. showing a car that shaped hazard on the road. if you use self-driving technology. >> the lawsuit seeks to reimburse tesla owners who the suit claims paid extra for an autopilot feature. the not only doesn't work but isn't
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safe. it also seeks to have the company stopped putting the technology in its cars until it actually works and direct existing owners not to use the feature. there have been a number of around on a pallet full self driving over the years. this definitely seems to be one of the most ambitious of them. edward meter meyer has been covering the auto industry for more than a decade and wrote the book ludacris. the unvarnished story of tesla motors. >> he says forcing tesla to stop selling this technology, maybe it said that the national safety regulator in the u.s. you know, has the power to to take action here. and i do think that until they that >> is going to be very you know, for for the civil lawsuits to to at least, you know, get the technology off the road nitsa, the national highway traffic safety administration is already investigating tesla's autopilot. >> but has yet to take any action. but that isn't deterring those behind the lawsuit. it's not only getting the money back for those
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individuals are paid. it's really further action inch and get shot off highway with this technology. it doesn't work. that's what we're asking the court to do. dan kerman kron, 4 news. we have reached out to tesla for comment. all of this but have not yet heard back. the biden administration is moving ahead with plans to get more electric vehicles on the road at the detroit auto show today. president biden now set. >> his administration is approving a plan to create a national electric vehicle charging network. it's a proposal by california, along with 33 other states and puerto rico. the federal approval means 900 million dollars can begin to flow into the states to form that network. it's partially being funded by the infrastructure bill that was passed last year. the white house says corporations such as toyota and ford have also invested almost 85 billion dollars in the ev market since biden took office. the president is also
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working to try to bring down the costs of electric vehicles. >> it is obvious during commute hours and on the weekends, traffic is back in the bay area and in a big lee release date is comparing the numbers from prepandemic days. kron four's theresa got into the details, joins us live in the city. theresa. >> well, ken and pam behind me is bay bridge. and at this hour, the traffic's not so bad, but wait a couple hours and it gets pretty dicey. that horrible there in traffic is back in a big way. and no one is happy about it. an earlier issue at the toll plaza. it's terrible. it's pretty bad ppafter a nearly two-year break due to the pandemic bay area, drivers are finding themselves stuck once again on roads and toll plazas. all traffic is back. >> but there's more to it than just traffic is back. john goodwin is with the metropolitan transportation
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commission, the agency that oversees all things traffic in the bay area at the bay bridge. richmond, sandra fell bridge. >> and the car keenness bridge that traffic in that whole paying direction. >> all 3 of those bridges is consistently running at least 90% of prepandemic levels. however, he ends. while those bridges reflect to return to levels seen before the big state shut down, forcing workers to stay home. >> some are trailing the san mateo hayward bridge is running about 80% of prepandemic levels. >> and then the dumbarton bridge. he's really been the laggard and about 70% of pre pandemic levels. that could be because the south bay as more tech centric, where workers are still in large numbers working from home or clocking a hybrid schedule. seems like things that really quiet for a while with the pandemic.
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>> well, now it's right back up there. what drivers complain about the traffic there could be some relief in the next few years. >> all bay area toll bridges will shift to open road tolling, allowing smoother sailing instead of slow passage through narrow pathways. >> so as far as those changes, the first bridge that's going to see that open toll roads. well, that's going to happen at the antioch bridge. that's going to be set to take place in august of 2023. but as far as the bay bridge at camp and some bad news, that's not going to happen until 20 25. so unfortunately, we're going to be stuck in traffic and be miserable for quite some time. back to you guys. all right, teresa, thank you for that report for us tonight. we'll look at this. >> commuters experienced long delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. this was this morning. a van had collided with a bit of barricade in the area. this
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happened about 5 o'clock in the morning. >> the chp had to tow the van and >> close to 2 toll booths for about 3 and a half hours because of this incident. >> it's not clear whether anybody was hurt right now to the 4 zone forecast. let's go outside to see how things are looking in at san francisco airport. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by feel like fall out there this evening. the cool air kind of russian back on shore. >> from the ocean, keeping those temperatures running below average today. not bad. yes, warm spots inland, but now really start to cool things down and be a part of the coolest night. we've seen in a little while out there tonight that patchy fog has moved back in over san francisco tonight and pushing into the bay temperatures. right now. you've got 60 degrees in half moon bay. 62 in san francisco, some mid 60's in the concord in livermore. 67 degrees in antioch. 69 in san jose highs today, right at the average in san francisco, 70 degree spot on temperatures could just slightly oakland just slightly below the average joe san jose. a nice warm day, but cooler than normal in 78 76
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degrees in livermore, 76 in concord and 76 degrees in santa rosa. but changes are in the works. we've got a frontal system off the coastline that is going to start to approach the bay area right now, we're keeping things dry outside. just some fog moving in along the coastline. and of course, of that fog breen with it. maybe a couple patches of drizzle along the coastline. there won't be much but we could actually see a little rain coming in our direction. we'll tell you when coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. san francisco police department is now the latest victim of catalytic converter thieves. >> that's after several of the department's vehicles had those expensive parts stolen. the thefts occurred near an sfpd facility at 17th and de haro and patrol hill. they were first discovered stolen monday afternoon in total 4 vehicles. heather catalytic converter stolen so far no arrests have been made. anyone who might have information about the thefts is asked to contact san francisco police in the north bay. an investigation is underway
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after a high school coach was shot while trying to break up a fight. >> investigators say that shooting happened at 3.40 yesterday afternoon at the les high school. they say the fight of all students and a group of unknown men. police are now looking for the suspects who fired from a dark colored sedan. one parent who asked us not to reveal her identity said she learned about the shooting on social media. >> i just will look at facebook announcing somebody say pray for somebody. they just got shot at below so what i did it was like just jumped in my car, not a right? there was an end all i calling, wasn't hard to get out the car, try to find i couldn't find a low body was. it was so many everything that i thought everything we have around the building it was light. >> a man. >> the coach who was shot is recovering at a hospital tonight. the motive for the shooting still under investigation in the east bay.
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a man is in custody after more than 3 hour standoff with police in pleasanton. this incident started as a domestic dispute with the victim reporting that the suspect was armed. nearby neighbors were asked to shelter in place. one resident we talked with said that this is at least the second time this year that a large police response was required at that unit. >> this morning there was a dispute up there. she was screaming or at all. this is the second time the swat teams been out here. they were out here maybe 4 months ago. my daughter was i supposed to going to school. she stepped out on the toll of go back inside. >> police took 34 year-old jacob mock into custody without incident. he was booked into jail for criminal threats, brandishing a firearm and being a felon in possession of a firearm. >> now to our wildfire coverage. so weather cool down. but it didn't slow down the mosquito fire in the sierra foothills. that fire flared up overnight. windy
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weather caused flames to jumped containment lines, making the fire a bigger threat to other areas. the fire has now burned more than 63,000 acres as a burns across both placer and el dorado counties. fire crews say containment is now at 20% more than 100 volunteers and staff at the gold country. fairgrounds have been caring for a lot of animals who belong to evacuees from that fire. placer county animal services staff say it's an around the clock job to make sure every pet gets what they need. the veterinary team has also been checking out every single and want to make sure they are not injured. also in placer county, all evacuation orders caused by the dutch fire have been lifted all lanes along interstate 80 east are also back open. the westbound portion of the freeway was >> close. the cleanup work for several hours today. tonight. just one lane is open. the does fire which started on tuesday afternoon has torched. 48 acres. it is 50% contained tonight. >> coming up on kron 4 news
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today, the u.s. bracing for a possible strike by rail road workers. what it could mean for the nation's economy. plus, a 4.4 earthquake hit the north bay. we'll look at how the shake alert app notify people near that way. and state attorney general rob bonta is suing amazon. we're going tell you why. one from 4 news at 8 returns. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping)
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>> state of california is suing amazon. the state
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accuses company of violating the state's anti trust and unfair competition law. basically the lawsuit says that amazon hurts the ability of other retailers to compete and keeps prices high on all of the different things that we buy. well, for us to assume lawman is here to explain all of this tonight, so they about it this way. amazon controls roughly 38%. >> of all the online sales in the united states. that's more than walmart, e-bay, apple best buy and target combined wallace. that's how so state attorney general rob bonta is now accusing amazon of requiring sellers to enter into agreements that punishes them if their products are offered at a lower price off the site. so that is believed to trick shoppers into thinking that they're getting the best price when they're actually just getting the lowest price that's been set by amazon. so attorney general rob bonta says that these online giant has been violating these competition laws for about a decade. >> this is unacceptable. it is
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a violation of the law. and if you think about california's pain, even just a little bit more for every product they purchased online over the course of a year yet alone. a decade. which is what is at issue here. the collective magnitude of harm here. is very far reaching. >> so biden says he's looking to keep amazon from entering into contracts with sellers that might harm price competition. state officials did not say how much money they're seeking in this lawsuit, but a district judge has already dismissed the original case earlier this year. it's not going through the appeals process. amazon's response to california's lawsuit that california's attorney general has it backwards, saying that the relief that the a g is seeking would force amazon to feature higher prices to customers. and it's hoping to cap the court in california will reach the same conclusion as the dc court did and dismiss this lawsuit.
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>> well, we continue to get new video of yesterday's 4.4 magnitude earthquake. it hit in santa rosa. this is home surveillance video capturing the moment and the homeowner was taking cover. it happened at 6.39, yesterday evening when a minute later there was a 3.9 aftershock, one tool for californians when there's a quake is the shake alert. of course, that is the app that warns residents on their smartphones about the potential for quakes. kron four's rob nesbitt talked with an expert from cal tech to see if that worked as intended last night. >> the earthquake struck along the rogers creek fault, which is part of the san andreas fault system. residents who live here all too familiar with earthquakes rely heavily on alerts that work and work quickly. when tuesday's 4.4 earthquake shook santa rosa tuesday evening. doctor lucy jones from cal tech was on a zoom call with an associate who lives in the city. started
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talking somebody, but resident. >> we're having an that i spoke with a research associate about shake alerts and how effective they were during the earthquake and aftershock. it seeing the beginning of the earthquake. calculating where it is sending that information to others before with guest so if you're right, you know, it's an arrest. you wouldn't have gotten an alert. probably one viewer in napa told kron 4 that they receive an alert on their phone 5 to 10 seconds before feeling some mild shaking doctor jones says the alerts work tuesday when it came to setting out accurate information. she even heard of residents getting a 30nd morning across. they felt the earthquake that they were that far away. it is a 30nd warning. pretty much implies being about 150 kilometers miles. >> away from new doctor jones says the shake alert problem is not about accuracy, but rather in the communication of it to the public. >> she believes that seconds matter and wants to see alert sent out faster when earthquakes happen. they're sending out a warning that the fire is moving towards. you. pyou don't have to worry about a second or 2. but for the
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earth, wos obvious. and the so the system wasn't designed for. they're still working on how to do a better job that no injuries were reported as a result of tuesday's earthquake to avoid any injuries during future alerts, doctor jones says to drop cover and hold on to by far. the best thing to do is get under a sturdy table. if you don't have a table nearby, don't spend a lot of time trying to go find lunch right the interior wall is a pretty good approximation to it. besides the emergency alert system, the my shake app developed by uc berkeley. >> and the quake alert usa app are both available on smartphones. google has also developed a similar emergency alert system for android users reporting in santa rosa. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> let's check our 4 zone forecast. this is the live look tonight at the san mateo bridge will be just how traffic is pretty much back to normal. and here it is after 8 o'clock and traffic is pretty steady. busy out there. but
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lawrence's sure is a lot cooler outside. yeah, a lot cooler, you know, could make for some traffic issues. again, little rain out there. how about that? we've got a chance of some rain in the forecast and looks like this weekend could get a little wet in spots. we're watching that very closely. now as the models start to come a little bit, the together on that system moving a little bit closer. show you that the moment outside, though, we do have the clouds out there at the golden gate bridge pressing back on shore as the nice seabreeze bring that cool air on shore. and that's why it's going to be. >> got the trough of low pressure carved out along the west coast. high pressure, the brush of the record heat that is long gone pushed eastward once again and so this kind of leaves the door open to maybe a storm rolling on in. so a little early in the season, but will take we get tomorrow is going to be a breezy day. it will be dry, but it will be breezy around the bay area. how about this, though? here's the long-range computer model and you can see as we head through time here tomorrow looks like a good day, just a breeze. and then all of a sudden you see this dropping into the gulf of alaska. that's a storm system that we're watching closely as we get in the late saturday and sunday. there you go spinning
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right off the coastline, spinning into the bay area, bring some rain possibly on sunday and then into monday. and if we get lucky, maybe a lingering shower on tuesday, at least some lingering clouds and some snowflakes over the sierra nevada to. we'll see how that works out. but yeah, a little early to talk about rainfall amounts, but here's too far out forecast. this is going to look at some rainfall forecast as we head through time. and as we get the weekend, their ego gets pretty impressive. these models are trying to pay more than an inch of rain. now that would be impressive. the we saw like that. i don't want to get too excited about that just yet. but that's not the only model the start of pain, that much rain. so if that were to happen, that would be something especially this early in the season. and of course, that would be great for the fire cease-fire in the bay area around the state. we still have october to get through, which is a tough mias fire from yes of of those dry after that. and that could be fires could be an issue again. >> yeah. >> all right, thank you. still ahead tonight on kron 4 news today, governor newsom signs a first of its kind law to expand the ways courts respond
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to mental health. plus, a man accused of killing 8 year-old sophia mason was in court today. we're going to tell you what happened when we return. another busy day? of course - you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want - your team, ours or a mix of both.
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with the nation's largest ip converged network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.
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>> the man accused of killing an 8 year-old hayward girl is back in court today. dante jackson is charged with first-degree murder and child abuse for the death of sophia mason. her body was found in are sent home back in march.
8:25 pm
he was arrested in newark on saturday, along with 3 women who allegedly helped him hide from police for the last 6 months. jackson did not enter a plea. today is due back in court next week. samantha johnson, sophia mason's mother. he's also facing murder charges and has pleaded not guilty. meantime, sophia's other family members are suing alameda county child protective services saying the agency did not protect your despite their many calls for help. >> the trial of alameda county sheriff's deputy devin williams has been delayed until october. the 19th deputy is charged with shooting and killing a married couple in their home in dublin one week ago, williams was arrested was a son, i'm assigned a lawyer today. he has not yet entered a plea. a big story we are following tonight. 115,000 railway workers could go on strike this friday and that would not only affect train passengers in the bay area,
8:26 pm
but also cause countrywide, food and supply shortages locally. the effect includes a suspension of caltrain service play gilroy and the capital station in san jose. the caltrain service north from timmy and station would not be affected. the main concern is for amtrak riders and for freight trains which haul goods all across the country. >> the iowa farmer will not be profitable if you don't have an effect of transportation system that can connect supply with demand. and railroads are very in trouble. part of that 30% of us leading exports get transported by our freight railroads. so if you are to have a stoppage or slowdown with our freight rail industry, the other modes of transportation simply do not have the capacity. >> the association of american railroads says that the strike could have a 2 billion dollar negative effect on the u.s. economy every day. freight rails also carry about one 5th of the nation's grain supplies
8:27 pm
of the site. could shut down the supply chain causing empty store shelves. congress does have the power to step in and block any strike. so that is a possibility or the unions could also strike a deal before friday. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at 8, the world health organization makes a big statement about covid what they had to say plus, the verdict is in what a jury concluded in the case against singer r kelly. and when we come back, california is changing the way its courts respond to those who have mental health issues,
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the choice between prop 26 and 27? let's get real. prop, 26 means no money to fix homelessness, no enforcement oversight and no support for disadvantaged tribes. yikes! prop 27 generates hundreds of millions towards priorities like new housing units in all 58 counties. 27 supports non-gaming tribes and includes strict audits that ensure funds go directly to people off the streets and into there's only one choice. yes on 27.
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>> governor newsom says help is on the way for californians who are experiencing homelessness and severe mental illness. you made that vow today as he signed legislation to legalize care courts statewide permitting judges to order treatment for those who need it. most our capital correspondent eytan wallace explains how care courts would work and why not? everybody is on board. >> the governor says this legislation is a game changer to help those on the streets receive the assistance they need and ultimately transition off the streets. with the strike of a pen. governor gavin newsom officially made care courts the law of the land in california allowing court ordered care for the unhoused and specifically those struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders. this problem is solvable.
8:31 pm
>> we know that the governor says by december 2020 for all 58 counties in the state must establish courts in charge of ordering treatment for those who most need it. relatives and friends of people who are struggling with untreated mental health or substance abuse disorders will be allowed to submit a petition to the court explaining why their loved ones qualify for the mandated treatment. newsom says the goal is clear to do justice to those that need us understaffing and struggling. the state will help fund the program with 14.7 billion dollars for housing and homeless services. more than 11 and a half billion for behavioral health services. and 1.4 billion for workforce training. while many homeless advocates approved the concept of care courts, there have been concerns about assurances california will provide counties with ongoing funding in the future. that is the american civil liberties union of southern california said in a tweet care courts will cause trauma and harm to people in vulnerable situations. still, supporters maintain court ordered treatment will make a
8:32 pm
huge difference. >> these are the streets and streets like counties throughout california. >> that my daughter sleeps. i'm elizabeth hopper says care courts are necessary for her daughter. christine, who suffers from psychosis and has symptoms of paranoia and delusions. she says efforts have been made for christine to voluntarily get off the streets, but nothing has worked. there's a tear second disc high. >> what we go through and that tends to feel hopeless. we're told to put our daughter on the staeet and wait for interaction with the lot so she can finally get treatment at a local channel. our state hospital. all this has capacity to engage her in her own treatment and save her life. >> and 7 counties, including san francisco, san diego and orange are taking part in a pilot program to get the care court up and running even earlier by october 2023, that is aclu has vowed to fight this in court reporting here in sacramento. eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> mountain view. police say they need the public's help to
8:33 pm
try to find this man. officer say that he exposed himself to a woman while she was shopping in walgreens on sunday, september. 4th. these are pictures of the suspect inside the walgreens on east el camino reale police say about 5.40, that morning. the suspect approoched a woman in one of the store's aisles. briefly talk to her and then exposed himself. the suspect was last seen driving away in a white toyota sedan. if you have any information you're asked to call mountain view. police. >> in gilroy, a 16 year-old has been arrested in connection with a hit and run that killed a 92 year-old pedestrian. the incident happened shortly before 5.40, last night at the intersection of first street and grand avenue. police say the 92 year-old was riding a mobility. scooter when he was hit by a car, died at a hospital. police say they use the city's camera system to track down the teenage driver. meanwhile, also in gilroy, a
8:34 pm
54 year-old man facing charges in connection to another deadly hit and run. this one happened about 9 o'clock on monday night in the area of grant avenue. this is else way gilroy the suspect in this case turned himself in this morning. let's check on our 4 zone bay area weather forecasts. a live look outside tonight at the transamerica building in san francisco with a glow in the sky behind it. and now, lawrence, we're not talking about a heat wave, but we're kind of doing a one. 80 on the weather, right? have really are. we're talking about the chance of some rain when that be nice that come in. >> early this season. so keeping our fingers crossed for that looks like tomorrow should be a nice day. we're going to see the cool weather rolling tonight. definitely easier. sleeping weather. some of lower humidity around the bay area. but the fog starting to stretch on shore. >> you've got the nice trough carved out along the west coast. that's going usher in that cool air and keep things running probably a little bit below the average over the next couple of days and then we'll wait this weekend. looks like we could get a little rain as we head in toward late saturday night and into
8:35 pm
sunday. right now we're going to keep things just breezy around the bay area into the afternoon. tomorrow will be warm in many spots inland fog. yeah, we'll see plenty of that overnight tonight and some mid to high level clouds to go along with that just kind of streaming in up above. but tomorrow, you know, the fog, they kind of it's broken at this time of year. not that really thick fog bank all around the bay area. and that's what expect to see for tomorrow. overnight lows dropping into the low 50's in the north bay. so little chill in the air. some good sleeping weather there about 58 in san jose for low. 56 in half moon bay. by day tomorrow, these temperatures in the 60's in the san francisco, there will be some patchy fog. but the breaking up even along the coastline, i think in the afternoon, still some cooler numbers there as you make your way inside the bay. a little bit warmer and more sunshine should be a nice afternoon. 70's. you work your way in the santa clara valley. maybe some upper 70's in places well inland by tomorrow afternoon, like dublin and pleasanton. 79 in walnut creek should see breezes pick up late the day right through the delta again after nice warm day should help to cool you down over the next couple days. keeping those fingers crossed and the
8:36 pm
toes to. we've got a chance of some showers moving in on sunday. may be some lingering showers into monday. >> thank you, lawrence. the end is in sight when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. that's according to the head of the world health organization. his statement comes after a number of coronavirus deaths around the world last week was the lowest reported since the pandemic started back in march of 2020 in his weekly report, the agency said deaths fell by 22% in the past week at just over 11,000 reported globally, governments are still being advised to strengthen their efforts against covid ahead of the expected winter surge. the who is warning new variants could undo the progress that's been made. >> we need to do more and more outreach. we learned that we need trusted messengers. we need community-based organizations. u.s. health officials say the federal government is doing what it can to control the spread of monkeypox. they say they're focusing on supporting communities most at risk in
8:37 pm
our educating medical professionals on disease to spread awareness. today, the los angeles public health department reporter, the nation's first m-pox case involving a health care worker who was exposed to the virus at work. little information about the condition of that worker is known. this news comes just days after the department confirms the first death due to m-pox in la county resident who was severely immuno compromise. the case was only the second in the u.s. being investigated as a possible m-pox death. the other case was in texas. >> coming up, nfl star brett under investigation in a multi-million dollar scheme. what he's accused of doing courts in the european union uphold a key ruling against google how much the company will be forced to pay. and when we come back, the verdict is in was a jury in the r
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8:39 pm
8:40 pm
>> very his son for r kelly's federal crimes trial in chicago. the jury convicted the singer on multiple counts but acquitted him of fixing his 2008 child trial. the 55 year-old was found guilty after prosecutors argued he and his entourage lured underage girls into acts and record of the abuse. also accused of conspiring to obstruct justice during a previous trial by intimidating witnesses and concealing video evidence. this decision comes
8:41 pm
after a federal judge in new york sentenced kelly to 30 years in prison back in june in a separate racketeering and trafficking trial. there based on that sentence, kelly will not be eligible for release until he's about 80 years old. >> one of the world's top court has decided to uphold a nearly 4 billion dollar fine against google. the european union slapped the tech giant with that fine back in 2018 over global anti-trust violations go. google appealed. but the european court of justice confirmed the decision to levy a today. it is slightly lower than the original penalty. this ruling only covers one of 3 european anti-trust against google since 2017. those fines totaling more than 8 billion dollars. still ahead, the creator of 2 buck, has to help. it can be a change. the wine industry. and next in sports, the niners are back at practice today with some new help for the offense.
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>> jason, we'll have details on the new ru
8:43 pm
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>> a former governor of mississippi was allegedly on board with a plan in 2017 by a nonprofit group to pay football star. brett, far more than 1 million dollars to help fund the university volleyball facility is alleged that those funds were from a welfare grant program. reporter paul
8:45 pm
gerke has the story. >> brett favre is life after football has been focused on philanthropy. some of us were blessed with households you got what you need at home. others not so fortunate. but as first reported by mississippi today, newly revealed text messages filed in an ongoing civil lawsuit show favre was part of a scheme that funneled at least 5 million dollars of welfare funds to build a new volleyball stadium at the university of southern mississippi where favre graduated and his daughter played that actual former mississippi governor phil bryant push for the facility despite denying close involvement. the scandal centers around the misuse of a welfare program called temporary assistance for needy families. federal regulations prohibit states from using that money to construct buildings. so the parties crafted an agreement that looks like it satisfied the law. a friend of the former governor's wife, nancy knew would submit a 5 million
8:46 pm
dollars upfront least to use the university's athletic facilities for her nonprofits. programming ostensibly for needy families in exchange for offices inside the new volleyball complex, former welfare agency director john davis approved 4 million immediately favre texting in gray tells knew that the governor has seen the proposal. but hint, hint, you need to reword it to get accepted. he adds hopefully she can put more details on the proposal like how many times the facility will be used. and for what specific purpose. i really feel like he's trying to figure out a way to get it done without actually saying it says favre of the former governor favre also received 1.1 million dollars in welfare funding through the mississippi community education center for speaking at events. he never showed up to. favre. asks knew if you were to pay me. is there any way the media can find out where it came from and how much favre has repaid the money, but state auditor's want more than $200,000 in
8:47 pm
interest farms. attorney denies the former qb knew that money came from a welfare fund describing his client as honorable throughout this whole thing. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the niners have moved on from that disappointing loss to the bears and they are on to the next one. it is seahawks week here in the bay, whico is a big deal. we all know that and expect levi's to be rocking this. the home opener in fans are ready to support trey lance. he wasn't great last week but all thing considered. there's some stuff to build upon. kyle shanahan is hoping to see that this sunday and make no mistake the entire team, not just lance. we'll have to play better because seattle, they look pretty good on monday against the broncos. the preparation for this week started as soon as the team got into the building on monday morning.
8:48 pm
>> comes back like the rest of the team on monday heard about. we should finish reviewing everything with the players by 4 trays. guys, always looks at everything are done. comes in tuesday and does all jury having gets ready and like other players do? we don't see much of them on tuesday as it's a little bit with the quarterback coaches. but everything, right. just turn the page on last week. this week, we're locked in whatever it is. obviously travel's really the only thing our schedule sense a little bit but from mental standpoint, preparation standpoint. >> everything same. just what room i do. my my stuff. and >> so we saw elijah mitchell go down last weekend. he'll be out for about half the season. so the niners brought in some reinforcements in the form of marlon mack mack was out at practice today. get it in. he's on the practice squad for now. but he's expected to work his way up to the active roster. eventually once he gets acclimated there in this clip there you can see. he had his best years in indianapolis
8:49 pm
and most recently played for the houston texans. we had a day game at oracle giants hosted the braves game 3 of that series. bottom of the second. no score to walk for austin win. he sends a liner to right field. jd davis, even on his high horse and he gets in to score giants on the board. top of the 50's to one center field carlo for a dog. the pitch. well, today he got some help from his guys might get stressed. the makes the diving to rob grissom of those base hit bottom of the 6th bases loaded for the giants. it's when, again, you sofa, good game. 2 runs come in to score on that hit. giants go on to win 4 to one. they will host the dodgers on friday. this is. dodgers giants. i know the giants don't have much to play for anymore, but >> it's always fun to the
8:50 pm
dodgers and giants together. that will be on friday. we've got the seahawks in town sunday. so it will be rivalry weekend with that dodgers and the seahawks in town. you know, couple weeks we have basketball training camp media days and is this 2 sundays from now? you know, the giants can just irritate. the dodgers are now and where you can feel bad that that's that's of small victory. >> knock around some of your pictures. make make a a way, some endings acting that just kind fact. let's up the groove for la fans are so annoying. haha. >> they were not home or so. eagles, good sportsmanship. all right, amanda, thank you, eason. other news now for a frenzy of the man behind 2 buck chuck wine and other value priced wines has died. his company bako wind revolutionize the industry by offering affordable wines for the masses. he told the san francisco chronicle back in 2009 and his wife were priced the best and the others were overpriced. he said, but wind is one of the nation's largest
8:51 pm
wind companies with a portfolio of more than 100 brands of wine and spirits, france. it was 79 years old. a one year-old french bulldog taken from his home in san san lorenzo. nearly 2 weeks ago has been found. that's right. there's bruno ria 19 with his family. alameda county deputies announced the they say surveillance video and a partial license plate number helped to capture the 2 suspects. they were in arizona. authorities say bruno was found in the back seat of the suspects car during a traffic stop by arizona. deputies. a very happy ending for the family and for bruno. so good to see. coming up, thousands of people paying their final respects. >> how the queen was honored today as we give you a live look inside westminster hall in london. >> on 4 news at 8 returns after the break.
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♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪
8:54 pm
>> london could be argued to have been the busiest place in the world today. yeah, probably mourners lined up for miles to say goodbye to queen elizabeth. the second on the first day she lies in state. reporter katie corrado has the story. >> they'll tie. i never thought twice about coming to pay his respects to queen elizabeth. the second tributes
8:55 pm
to be here really. >> and i i serve the queen for 37 years and one air force and that and i just think it's my duty to be here. you know, i'm just looking forward to a moment of peace and reflection when we get into line. instead, he was among the tens of thousands of mourners waiting hours in a 4 plus mile line to say goodbye to her majesty, queen. >> and she's everybody's to become, say, >> big some have been waiting since monday afternoon. we ought to royal fans. we tend everybody to to to big big she i'm still waiting this morning. the queen's coffin left buckingham palace draped in the while standard and top of the imperial state crown as it made the journey to westminster hall. >> king charles, prince william and harry followed right behind a site reminiscent of their mother diana's funeral. 25 years the archbishop of canterbury, justin welby linda service for
8:56 pm
queen elizabeth in westminster hall. as royal guards stand vigil, mourners describe her majesty's death as a mix of emotions. you want to cry. >> got a yeah, very much. and take you right? yeah, lots of tears. and it seemed initially like in the end of an era. >> that are being very heartened, by the way, in which the new king >> has taken the throne. you know, the way in which he is being accepted both peoples. so becomes news. he's there and i'm just a quite to mistake night. >> and that was katie corrado reporting. a lot of people looking for ways to pay tribute to the late queen. some are doing it with tattoos. a couple of royal fans now have tattoos of the longest reigning monarch. >> one man getting a shadowy profile of her royal majesty on his arm, along with the dates 1926. to 2022, another man got a little more detail
8:57 pm
with. he's had 2 of the monarch on his calf. the tattoo artist says that it took 6 hours to complete. it's likely these 2 men are not the only ones honoring the queen in this way. both tattoo parlor say that they've received a lot of requests, said she died last thursday. pretty work there. yeah, nice. nice stuff. if you're into tattoos, that's all the time we have for kron. 4 news at a and vicki are here to tell us what's coming up tonight. at 9 >> thanks a lot, both. well could be double trouble. >> why some doctors are sounding the alarm about this upcoming flu season colliding with the remnants of the pandemic. despite the ongoing drop in covid cases and deaths. plus, american airlines announcing it is closing down its base at sfo. >> with that now means for hundreds of flight attendants who call the base home chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking rain in the
8:58 pm
forecast when and how much keep it here. kron. 4 news at night is
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at the to make it so. >> it's not many judges asking me has devised noble. the device has medical. >> i not over, bs


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