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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  September 15, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> breaking overnight, a tentative deal has been reached, avoiding a railroad strike that could have threatened supply chains across the country and push prices even higher. more on that to come. plus, today marks one month that mental health experts at kaiser permanente have been on strike. we'll tell you where negotiations stand this morning. and gas prices thankfully are falling across the country. but not here in the bay area. unfortunate fact all the other way. believe that we have a live report. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news >> her there. thank you know, thank you. thanks for falling
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and not for falling in california will get out to sara live talk more about those gas prices in a minute. yes, and the commute for you as well. but first, want to check the weather. good morning you guys. starting to get a little clear for a few of us out there seeing more bright skies above the bay bridge right here between the clouds and looking also really nice in this view at the embarcadero. >> at one of those cruise ships that sported are right there in the bay. you can see those clouds pushing in from the coastline. it is going to be breezy at times today. winds pushing in from the west a little windier than it was yesterday. watch for a few spots of fog and clouds this morning. but those will clear give way to some sunshine later on livermore. you've been the warm spot as well surrounding areas in the tri valley all morning long. still hanging out in the upper 70's. the rest of us in the 50's and 60's to get this morning started get those light jackets on this morning and look forward to another comfortable day before some showers arrive later on in this forecast. i'll tell you when still to come reyna. john, thanks for that. well, if you're waking up right now and you are hitting the roads
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were tracking your commute. 23 minute ride. >> from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit as you're traveling into the city right now, san mateo bridge. 28 you want to one. we had earlier issues across the san mateo bridge. now the all the lanes are back open. you're seeing those residual delays. if you're taking a 80 san leandro down to milpitas about 55 minutes for you there. almost nearly an hour and along 1, 0, one, 85 up to menlo park. 75 minutes. you might want to hop on to 80 or 82 darya. james, back to you. all right. we've got breaking news from overnight crisis averted. the white house says they've reached a tentative deal with the rail workers that will stop the crippling strike. that was going to have what it was on the horizon for tomorrow. as a matter of fact, we have kron four's camila barco standing by live in the newsroom with more on. early morning. good news. camila. >> yeah, you guys said this tentative agreement came just 24 hours before rail workers were set to go on strike on friday. the rail companies were able to avoid a massive
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strike and president joe biden. he called this agreement an important win for the economy and the american people. the negotiations started yesterday morning and lasted about 20 hours at the labor department in washington, d.c., the areas of concern for the workers was sick and bereavement leave. workers say real companies have not been willing to agree to some requests. for example, not approving personal time to see a doctor without risking disciplinary action. however, after hours of negotiations, real companies and union negotiators came to a tentative agreement. president joe biden said rail workers will get better pay improved working conditions and a peace of mind around their health care costs. now, according to the association of american railroads, these new contracts provide rail employees. a 24% pay increase during a 5 year period from 2020 to 2024. it also includes an immediate pay out of an average of $11,000 upon benefit patients. now the
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tentative agreement agreement avoided a huge shutdown of rail lines. if the strike had gone through, it would have handicap the economy because products that are shipped on trains would have stopped across the country, which in turn would have resulted in higher prices. right now, real companies like amtrak say that they are working quickly to restore canceled trains. they're also reaching out to customers who may have been impacted by any changes. these negotiations have cars now darya james, this isn't over the tentative deal now goes to the union workers for a vote. in the meantime, we're waiting to hear from president biden. he is expected to speak at any moment about the tentative deal and we'll see if we can get more from him in the next hour. but for now, i'll send it back to you, ok? we shall see. thank you very much for me. >> tentative deal there, but not for kaiser mental health workers at kaiser have been on strike for a month now. yeah, it's been a while. the hospital, though, and the workers are set to come back to the negotiating table today. we'll see if they can
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make any progress. kron four's will tran is standing by with of the more on the story here in walnut creek. good morning. well, >> so far, no progress. look at what's behind me, guys or lack thereof. so perhaps there could be progress because we were told that they would be back on the picket lines at 8 o'clock this morning. but nobody behind me. so maybe and i just texted one of the negotiators. maybe they're already reached a deal even before this morning before sunrise. so we'll just have to find out. keep it here. all that, you know, coming up at 9 o'clock. >> but nonetheless, we do know that it is one month old. now. >> here's some video of the very first day. i was in san francisco and mental health workers not just in the bay area, but also in sacramento. they also took to the picket lines, not about money. they say they say this is about you, the patient to try to get more help for you because they say with more help boots on the ground, they can spend more time working with the
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existing patients and with more staff members to handle handle mental health problems, including marriage counseling that if you call kaiser permanente, that you will have your needs met a lot faster instead of weeks, maybe just days before you have an appointment kaiser. obviously they are fully aware what's going on. here's what they had to say. we reached out to them even before you got up this morning. so i want to read to you while you're having your cup of coffee, they say we have the deepest appreciation and gratitude for mental health professionals and the extraordinary care they provide to our members and we remain committed to reaching a fair and equitable agreement. that is good for our clinicians and for our patients. they claim that about 50% of those workers that we saw went on strike. well, half of them already back inside and not outside. so they should be able to handle some of the load, but not all the load. call ahead. just to see if your apartment is still on. and by all means
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keep it here at 9 o'clock. i'll let you know. i just texted one of the negotiators. look at this. this could be a good sign, james and darya that maybe maybe. >> as protests, this strike will be over all that, you know, in about 55 minutes from wasn't that be some nice news to break this morning will thank you very much. and we'll stay tune. let us know when you find out something. >> 807, is a time in the east bay and oakland man has says he was wrongfully accused of stealing his own truck. it happened tuesday morning on 35th street. >> his wife talk to us about it. she says he was sitting alone in his truck couple and oakland went up and they said that's our truck and they explained that their stolen truck had been ticketed in that area. so they said, well, that's a truck. and he said, no, this is definitely my truck. well, they call the police and the police came. he was handcuffed and then officers eventually did run the venn and it came back
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showing yes, it really belong to him. that truck. his wife is concerned that because he's a black man that he may have been racially profiled >> he told me that he tried to show them an old picture of truck. to say, you know, like this is my truck is a landscaper so that his work and they wouldn't roll down their window when he approached their car. that experience has never happened to i am a black woman who benefits from white privilege because of the way that i but it's something i'm i am a sociologist. it's something that i have studied and know a great deal about and certainly intimately aware of because of the people in my family and my this happens to it's not surprising. unfortunately, in the society that we live in. and it's also humiliating robs
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people of their dignity and their respect. an , you know, their time. >> we asked the oakland police about their protocol to verify whether a vehicle is stolen and they regarding an occupied stolen vehicles involved safely detaining the occupant of the vehicle. and the vehicle registration as well as other identification. verified to confirm. >> or deny the ownership said vehicle and again, it was confirmed that that was his vehicle. the family is now exploring legal options and they've been invited to have a conversation with the oakland police commissioner. >> the trial of the alameda deputy accused of shooting and killing a married couple in their double and home is set to start next month. court documents indicate the devon williams junior had a romantic relationship with one of the victims. williams was assigned a lawyer on wednesday. he has yet to enter a plea, but we'll keep you updated on that case. a sailboat community in south san francisco now facing
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eviction dozens of boat owners also referred to as little boards have been living near oyster point marina for more than a decade now, the notices were sent out to residents on june 15th, the marinas owner, kilroy, realty corporation offered some $10,000 if they signed an agreement to leave within 4 months, the city of south san francisco has offered to help evicted residents with low income housing. but residents say their votes are already low income while also being low impact. rents are all paid. >> we didn't do anything wrong. and all of a sudden, poof. you know, you're on the street. >> yeah. the san francisco bay conservation and development commission is meeting today to consider emergency permits for residents so they can temporarily moved to a nearby marina. but those permits are only being looked at as a stopgap measure. activists are now planning to call on the bcdc to do more. >> the city of concord unanimously passed an
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anti-harassment protection ordinance for renters. the policy puts protections in place for renters dealing with abusive landlords who's threaten, harass or intimidate them. the landlords who violate this policy could be fined $2000. >> and how about the check in the mail? still ahead on the kron 4 morning news californians could see some money to relieve the strains of inflation, how the state plans to step in and help you. and when you'll get that cash. and since most people have been working in person again, bay area traffic is back to normal, which is. all fouled up for sure. john, at least weather is back to normal to the triple digits last week. we are looking at such a beautiful week only continuing in the 70's today, all over again. >> and some showers just around the corner, which i'll get to your forecast. and it's been a busy morning on our roadways and our bridges. we a look at your drive times. >> once we get back from break.
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>> the bay area's kicking off the hispanic heritage month celebrations from september 15th to october 15th. the country celebrates the cultures and stories of hispanic and latino
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communities. >> all across the u.s. and you can see on your screen there information as san jose will be celebrating mexico's el grito ceremony with a flag-raising. they'll be some live performances. art food, of course, with a lot of vendors there, even though mexican independence day is tomorrow, mexico celebrates the independents cried. mark the start of the war of independence today. we also have costa rica, el salvador, guatemala, honduras and nicaragua, all celebrating their independence and the family friendly event at san jose city hall starts at 5 o'clock this evening. and we're celebrating here at kron 4. if you scan this qr code, it will take you to the spot on our website where we've got all of the events >> that are going on for his spare and hispanic heritage month. and i can't believe it. but >> we're getting chased. finish jurors. i did. and it's a it's a celebrate. jason. jason bears birthday sir. but, you know, also hispanic heritage. oh, my god, there's no better came really good so
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good. leches if you haven't tried it, go find that this. this is during this but the rain, i like chocolate still better in my book, but will coming. talk about the weather. yeah. now this weekend we may have to adjust potentially some outdoor plans for going to be celebrating on sunday. right? and think about this. at least we can use then again. i mean, it anything now we can bake all we want. now it's like time to do all the fall. baking co see friday saturday. those are the days get out there that sunday inside because that's the cool, rainy one little rain out. just a little. exactly. so not a big rainmaker, but a nice introduction to a pattern change that will hopefully see more of we are going to be looking at a cool. >> rainy system pushing through even bring some snow to the sierra very likely where we're sitting this morning. partly cloudy. you do have some brightness making its way down to san jose a little bit brisk and breezy winds pushing in from the west. but don't let that stop you from getting outside,
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especially enjoying their clear and mild afternoon, low pressure area to our north diving deep into the west coast, bringing us this slightly unseasonably cool weather. we're still warm inland, but under very warm us today. we're only hitting 80 for one spot now into the weekend. we start the weekend. very clear and nice, as i mentioned friday and saturday. good to go. this system pushes its way our direction, especially towards sunday, brings with it. some really light shower activity, especially late sunday into early monday in snowfall above 8,000 feet in elevation for the sierras looking likely welcoming that just as much too, especially with recent wildfires like the mosquito fire. that's going to be really, really nice to see 60's at the coast today. and it will be 60's and 70's elsewhere. burlingame at 74 san carlos at 76 south bay temps in the low to mid 70's. same for you in the east bay union city and hayward right at 70 today, danville at 79. well, berkeley holding and upper 60's mention vacaville being our only spot actually
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getting to a t with stinson beach in point raise kind of cool down in the low 60's tomorrow and saturday, the warmest of this week's forecast in the low 80's for a few more cities inland sunday. we take that dip as that system drops in temperatures fall into the low 70's that are warmest best chance of rain being late saturday into early monday right now. john, thank you for that. will of year the south bay and you're traveling along 2, 80 started at one a one and traveling up to 85 in cupertino. >> about 28 to 30 minutes for you to make that drive. so to 80's pretty busy as well as one on one heading into the city 20 minutes that fremont street exit. we're checking on the richmond. sandra fell bridge. tulsa want to one 14 minutes for you. there croghan down towards the maze. so 5.80, and a about a 40 minute drive for you. traffic picking up if you're traveling along 8.80, san leandro down to milpitas. 51 minutes as you're heading there. 1, 0, one. 85 into middle park a 65 minute. that's down from 70. we were we just checked in and doubled
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down to fremont. 28 minutes as you're traveling towards to 62 james, back to you. well, thank you, rain and as rain you noted, just got our hands full. traffic has been really bad back to normal. >> for the bay area, new release data just out shows the numbers from prepandemic days and now kron four's theresa stasi takes a closer look. >> data is very clear. it's going to get dicey out there and no one is happy about it. earlier issue at the toll plaza. it's terrible. it's pretty bad after a nearly two-year break due to the pandemic bay area, drivers are finding themselves stuck once again on roads and toll. plazas traffic is back. >> but there's more to it than just traffic is back. john, good one is with the metropolitan transportation commission, the agency that oversees all things traffic in the bay area at the bay bridge. richmond, sandra fell bridge. >> and the bridge that traffic in that whole paying
8:20 am
direction. >> on all 3 of those bridges is consistently running at least 90% of prepandemic levels. however, he ends. while those bridges reflect to return to levels seen before the big state shut down, forcing workers to stay home. >> some are trailing the san mateo hayward bridge is running about 80% of prepandemic levels. >> and then the dumbarton bridge. he's really been the laggard and about 70% of pre pandemic levels. that could be because the south bay as more tech centric, where workers are still in large numbers working from home or clocking a hybrid schedule. seems like things got really quiet for a while with the pandemic. >> well, now it's right back up there. what drivers complain about the traffic there could be some relief in the next few years. >> all bay area toll bridges
8:21 am
will shift to open road tolling, allowing smoother sailing instead of slow passage through narrow pathways. as far as changes and some relief for drivers, the first bridge that's going to have those open tolls. >> that's going to be the antioch bridge that's set to take place in august of 2023 as far as the bay bridge to give some bigger relief for people that's going to be several years out because it will be a more complicated project here in san francisco tree says stasio kron. 4 news. >> a 21 on the clock and more than 400 american airlines. flight attendants based out of sfo will be displaced as of january. the airline has announced it's closing its base at the airport. the flight will still come and go, but the base is shutting down the airline saying they had to do this for financial reasons. tim schwarz, with the association of professional flight attendants, which represents hundreds of employees impacted by this, says that this decision will certainly uproot families may
8:22 am
even force many flight attendants to move out of the state altogether. >> there's a lot of us that have been rooted here, you know, in the bay area for 30 plus years. we've seen people have grow their families, their children. we've actually had some families that their children are actually flying for american. now, based here in san francisco. >> well, despite the closure, american airlines doesn't anticipate any impacts to the flying public. the airlines say they do expect travel at sfo to be about the same, although they're not obviously growing their presence in san francisco anymore and no future flying prospects based on how they are current network is going to be put together. however, schwartz does fear that this decision could signal that perhaps other the airlines are thinking about doing the same thing. we'll take a break. it is a 22 coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. social security recipients may be getting a nice surprise in their next paycheck. will have that coming up in a moment.
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>> 25 and for your money. the state of california is going to start sending out inflation relief checks next month. more than 20 million californians are going to get direct payments of anywhere between $201,000. it depends on what sure income is and the number of dependents that you have payments will start going out next month and most people should get the check in the mail by january of next year.
8:26 am
>> well, a spike in social security payments could be on the way. thanks to inflation. according to a report by the hill, the senior citizens league announced that recipients could see an 8.7% spike in their adjustment next year, which could boost the average retirees benefit from the 1006. 56 that they receive monthly tune out $1800 again. that will be next year. and it's an increase of about $144. it would be the highest cola increase since 1982. so the biggest cost of living adjustment. inflation rose 2 point one percent in august. and that's what's triggering this rise in the social security check. we'll take a break. the 26 that i'm coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. a local law firm is suing tesla over its autopilot feature. >> why they say the company should tell drivers not to use it. >> gas prices nationwide are
8:27 am
dropping, but gas prices in the bay area continue to climb in live with the details coming up after the break. reggie bush had something important taken from him, so wendy's is returning it. the pretzel pub. [cheers and clapping] let's go! yeaahh! we haven't told him it's back for a limited time. choose wisely, choose wendy's pretzel pub cheeseburger.
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>> 29 right now and we'll get a look at the weather. we're live here at the airport. you can see sunshine has broken out that's good news that we've got john in the weather
8:30 am
center with a look ahead on this thursday at what's to come. good morning, john. yeah, we are definitely seeing more and more sunshine breaking through. nice to see that. definitely a sign of what we have to expect later today, which is just going to be increasingly clear skies continuation of are really comfortable weather we've seen all week long so far if you out there at the embarcadero getting brighter and brighter. nice to see that. of course, we've had some fog this morning and has been dense fog at times, but it's gradually becoming less of a thing as cloud cover is lifting in burning off all the sunshine later on today. we've been warm in livermore. we've got a bit of an inversion set up shop out there in the tri valley. that's keeping you exceptionally warm compared to the rest of the bay area where were in the 50's and 60's dublin in concord at 61. san francisco timber on in nevado hanging out right now in the upper 50's. so definitely at those jackets on at least for most areas later on today, you'll be able to step outside a little bit more this weekend, though, time to get the rain jackets ready. at least it will be sunday, not a
8:31 am
commute. i cannot believe that. and i'm glad because you know what happens around the bay when it rains, a lot of accidents and we are still seeing some issues out there today and it's dry about a 35 to 40 minute ride as you're traveling from crockett down towards the maze along 5, 18, 80, you're taking 24 right now. walnut creek down to 5.80. it will be about 16 to 14 minutes for you. there. >> 90 min run into the city maze to that fremont street exit. we had a few issues along the san mateo bridge this morning. so we've consistently been pretty slow here. 27 minutes just went up 80 to 101 heading across towards the peninsula in the south bay. if you're taking 101, traveling from 85 memo. part it will take about 60 minutes to 80 to still a little slow, not as low as one on one. talk about that rain. are you guys ready for the potential water? because it's not a time. it will just be nice for chain. although as we know, it doesn't take a whole lot for people to get all crazy on the roads when they're not used to drop in their pain. so be careful time time. you bet.
8:32 am
>> time we're dealing with the commute is gas prices has been so expensive. and what's odd is that the national price for gas seems come down quite a bit over the last week. but didn't really go that way here in the bay. are we with the other out and annoying? yeah. let's go to kron four's sara stinson. she's been covering this all morning. taking a look at what we're paying around the bay. hi, sarah. >> good morning. a shipment of fuel just arrived at this arco gas station in millbrae. this is the gas. we're paying a lot for. unfortunately, though, nationwide gas prices have dropped $0.26 in the last month. meanwhile, here in the bay area prices continue to climb that much and more in one week. so people here in millbrae are wondering what is the deal? let's take a look at how much our average gas prices have skyrocketed in the bay area in the last week in san francisco. gas is costing $0.20 more than last week. 32
8:33 am
more sense in santa rosa and oakland. and you can see 21 more cents on average costing people in san jose. again, conflicting here. when you when you hear nationally gas going down because according to aaa, the price of oil has gone down. and so i talked with a lot of drivers today, including a lyft driver. he's retired. he does it as a hobby. now with a hobby and more like a side hustle so he can go to fund warriors games. but he says that, you know, it's just disappointing to hear that people are really struggling, have to pay these prices at the pump. >> well, i'm not too happy with because i drive all the time. i find the gas stations that that but everything's mort. you can't go to the market. that's been more so i just in my mind, it's 6 you except that after a while. >> you know, eric, you tributes to the high cost of gas in the bay area. you know, the difference between us and the rest the country is
8:34 am
everything costs more here in the bay area and in california. and he's right. but the demand for gas is i'm going to go down in the fall and winter months. so hopefully the demand goes down. price of oil goes down. we'll get our break as well. i'm sarah stinson reporting live in millbrae. back to you. >> ok, thanks a lot. sarah. time now is 8.34. also making headlines this morning. governor gavin newsom says help is on the way for california is experiencing homelessness and mental health and substance abuse disorders. >> the governor signed care courts legislation into law and this will allow now for court ordered care for those individuals, relatives and friends of people who are struggling with mental health or homelessness will be allowed now to submit a petition to the court explaining why their loved one qualifies for mandated treatment while opponents of the legislation are calling this involuntary treatment, supporters say they believe it will make a difference in be helpful. >> it's not about a tear second disc high. what we go
8:35 am
through and it tends to feel hopeless. we're told to put her daughter on the street and wait for interaction with a lot so she can finally get treatment at a local jail. our state hospital. >> this has capacity to engage her in her own treatment and save her life. >> well, all 58 counties in the state are now required to establish care courts by december 2024. >> in the north, a vallejo police are looking for her. both men involved in a fight that resulted in a shooting in front of a high school. the shooting happened tuesday afternoon at vallejo high school, the fight and will students in a group of unknown ben and a staff member went to break it up and that's when the group of men ran towards the car and turned around, started firing back at the people on the front of school. the staff member was shot has a non-life-threatening injury. we spoke to a concerned parent. she describes frantically trying to find her son. >> i just will look at facebook announcing somebody say pray for somebody. they
8:36 am
just got shot at below so what i did it was like just jumped in my car, not trolls right there wasn't as fall. i kept calling was an in part to get out the car, try to find i couldn't find a low body knew where he was. >> it was so many people leave everything taped everything we have to around the building it was like. >> a mask. >> the fear and then the relief upon finding her son that he case. wow. the staff member who was shot, as i said is ok as well. the motive for the shooting is still under investigation. well, covid is not done. and fluoseason is approaching. so what's going to be like this winter? well, experts say that because a lot of the population has gotten covid or been vaccinated. that's been a good help. but now comes the flu season and it could be bad this year because we didn't really have a bad flu season the past 2 years because everybody was distancing, unmasking everything. the possibility that covid could surprise us
8:37 am
with a new variant on top of flu season is not good. >> what makes them were problem problematic. and this year is the lack of immunity and the human population because there has been a lot of flu circulating last 2 years between those 2 this couple. call the twindemic of if that our health care system is really going to be stretched. >> and, you know, if you get the regular flu is pretty bad as it is so ways to prevent both infections, experts say avoid being too close to other people. wear a mask when you're indoors, get vaccinated for both. you can get both vaccines. in fact, at the very same time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the 49 ers gearing up for their first home game. >> this weekend, how they turn the page from the last loss that they had. first loss to the season. and we're taking a live look at what's happening in london. people still by the thousands passing by the queen's coffin at westminster hall will have a live report with news on the funeral just
8:38 am
a few minutes. and skies gradually growing fear temperatures will rise back into the 70's later today. another really nice one and do enjoy it because some more changes in your forecast are ahead. >> let's get a little wet towards sunday. and hit the road on a busy thursday road on a busy thursday morning. we've been tracki have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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>> we're back at a 40 and out of area football. the forty-niners are trying to move on from their
8:41 am
disappointing loss against the bears this past weekend. there getting ready to take on seattle as the seahawks come to town, it will be the first game of the year at levi stadium. so the home opener and head coach kyle shanahan is hoping that that man right there, young quarterback trey lance can build off of some of the positive things they took away from last week's game. >> comes back like the rest of the team on monday heard about. we should finish reviewing everything with the players by 4 trays. guys, always looks at everything are done. comes in tuesday and as always re haven't gets ready and like the other players do. we don't see much of them on tuesday as it's a little bit with the quarterback coaches. but everything, right. just turn the page on last week. this week, we're locked in whatever it is. obviously travel's really the only thing our schedule sense a little bit but from mental standpoint, preparation standpoint. >> everything's the same. just what room i do. my my stuff done. >> yeah. kickoff for sunday's game is set for 1 o'clock again out levi stadium. you like how they're all just the facts, don't get riled up.
8:42 am
>> all right. let's talk baseball rangers and the a's are playing in texas said the a's fell behind early but in the 9th inning, they rallied from behind. it, took the lead and then went on to win it 8 to 7. next up, they travel to houston and start a series with the and the giants are hosting the braves. as we look at the game and oracle park in me, the kids enjoying it. i think the parents joined the kids just like the giants took the lead in the second inning and they extended that throughout the game. and san francisco went on to win it 4 to one. so they beat the braves today. they get off and then they take on the dreaded dodgers tomorrow. >> it's a 42.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
>> the 44 right now and we're just this morning finding out more about how the funeral go on monday for queen elizabeth. yes, in fact, let's go live to london right now where lauren lyster standing by out in front of >> the church there, westminster and the hall where the queen is currently. good morning, lauren. >> good morning, darya and james. yeah. if you have the details we learned about the funeral include a 2 minute moment of silence to will be honored across the uk at the end of her funeral. we've also learned a little bit more about a procession that will start 15 minutes for leading our firm westminster hall to westminster abbey, where the church will be held in a little or 2 about who will be
8:46 am
speaking in conducting the services. but full details will be released hill sunday, but we certainly are learning a lot more today. let's take a live look now at some of the images right here in central london where people are saying their final goodbye to the queen ahead of that funeral, that in the sense that they get to personally passed by her coffin as the queen lies in state at westminster hall. this is a 4 day long process where people are able to pay tribute. and we've seen over the last 24 hours, long lines of people waiting to to have their moment to the line right now is 4 miles long. the estimated wait time that officials are giving people is 9 hours, but that i've spoken to say that it is a small price to pay. they wouldn't miss it. that this is was their queen, that she was the only queen they ever knew for their lifetime because she serve 70 years and whether they felt personally sad woman comparing it to a gram off whether they felt just such reverence for someone they describe the so dignified and leading such a life of service. either way. they said
8:47 am
they absolutely had to be here. now outside of london, let me show you some video today of the prince and princess of william and kate heir to the throne as william after king charles. now they are about were 100 miles north of london in norfolk at one of the royal residences there where they talked to people that are paying tribute to queen elizabeth there. so they shook hands, receive flowers and just took in all the tributes that are being made to the queen and that area. and according to reports, prince william did tell somebody was speaking to that. all of this surrounding the queen's funeral does remind him of his mother's funeral. 25 years ago, princess diana. so that's really, you know, touching and sad thing to hear. remember, he's greeting his grandmother and and from being reminded us that, you know, very untimely death of his own mother. >> here in london, we've been speaking to some of the people who did have an opportunity passed by the coffin and when
8:48 am
they come out, people i spoke to are fighting back. tears were just talking about how they were so moved. here's what a few of them told me. it's very that very >> very so then. very very, very you know. and just just very nicely, you can you can you feel it for papal will some very special. >> and you're getting emotional >> fighting back tears there. and this is that for session on the streets of london yesterday where we saw those images, a king charles and his 2 children behind him behind the queen's coffin. that prince harry and prince william there. and those are the first public images we saw of them all together since the queen's death a week ago. and those are some of the images today that are being compared to those following princess diana's coffin. 25 years ago, some of those times that prince william himself is
8:49 am
speaking about today. now back out here live. as for the king king, charles has really had a very packed schedule where day after day we've seen him travel. speak to officials speaking to mourners had a lot of official business today. we are told he is having a rive. it day of reflection at home. remember, he is breathing his mother and he really hasn't looking at his schedule, had time to spend a lot of time privately feeling that greece. now you can hear the bells tolling westminster abbey just behind me. that's where the funeral will be on monday. and according to reports, some people are already lining up are staking out their spot in the procession woman from canada is the first because we'll see that just ahead of the official ceremonies inside the church for 2000 dignitary or 2000, people are invited 500 dignitaries. and we've learned that while some people are revealing whether they will or won't, how we will not get an official guest list for now. that's the latest live in london. i'll send it back to the studio. alright we just
8:50 am
know that president biden will be there and that week on 4 will be following. it will be streaming it. >> on our our website and then we'll also bring all the highlights when you wake up monday morning. >> 8.49 is the time. let's bring it back to the studio here with john. stand by the weather center with a look at the forecast. we're seeing some great behind us. john. what about the rest of the day? yeah. still hanging on to some of that gray. definitely a partly cloudy morning. you're kind gloomy looking over your berkeley hills right now, but some sunshine peering through those gray skies in many spots as well. rest of the day grows clear and clear. we are a bit breezier than yesterday, though winds working their way in from the west helping to moderate temperatures. in addition to just generally being in this cooler and drier air mass currently will stay this way throughout the rest of the week. a holding pattern up until saturday night when this next system drops in from the gulf of alaska as a post-tropical or monsoonal moisture. this is a cooler system right here, bringing some light showers to the bay area likely come sunday into early monday and even some snowfall in the sierra nevada
8:51 am
above 8,000 feet. so nice change of pace, right? they're continuing to see more and more fall-like weather after such a scorcher last week. daytime highs today will be in the 60's at the coast. 70's for most of the rest of us. only one spot reaching 80 today. that will be vacaville any out in concord up to 79. th a look ahead in our next 7 days tomorrow and saturday. just a little bit warmer. a few 80's on the map really taking the plunge into sunday as that cold front pushes through along with that chance of rainfall john, thanks for that will if you're traveling along 101, southbound south of silver avenue in san francisco. >> we've got an accident there to 80. we're also seeing some delays along there as well. so things are pretty slow and sluggish as you're traveling through the city. and they said that 3 months exit about 28 minutes traveling right there. if you are going to be taking the san mateo bridge. now we're down to 21 man, few issues and access there earlier here in alamo, southbound 6.80, sell the stolen valley road. you have a traffic hazard that's slowing
8:52 am
things down along 6.80, richmond center fell bridge about 14 minutes toll still one on one darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 8.51. the time and tesla is facing a lawsuit here in california. a bay area from is accusing the automaker of false autopilot and self-driving claims. now, this lawsuit states that some of owners paid extra for an auto pilot feature that they say not only does not work, but is in their estimate unsafe. it also seeks to have the company stopped putting this technology in cars until they feel it actually works properly. and this suit also wants tesla to tell existing owners not to use the feature. in the meantime. >> best-selling electric car with, quote, full self-driving capability and charging people that additional money. for that show. cool technology that does not work. >> well, the national highway traffic safety administration is already investigating tesla's autopilot feature, though. it has not yet taken
8:53 am
and action. 52 the time. we'll be right back. kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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and we are just 2 weeks away from nasa's test of their first ever. planetary defense system, which is just time to save earth from an asteroid, shouldn't be on a, you know, a crash course with the planet september. 26 is going to mark the debut mission of nasa's
8:56 am
dart program. it stands for double asteroid, redirection test dart. i like they as you can see these animations, they plan on intentionally crashing a spacecraft into the asteroid about 15,000 miles per hour with the hope of steering its path just enough altering it just enough that it will passers-by without doing what that started. the dinosaurs all those years ago. >> much like i would throw my body in front of you, james, of a of an oncoming bus asked right whatever. yes, we're i would do that. i i'm sure you question >> coming up in the next hour and all man is in his own truck when a couple accuses him of stealing it. he said they no, this is ours. now this is my. the police came and cleared it up but not before they handcuffed him. and his wife is complaining. we'll hear what happened. and if you live on a boat, those who live in votes in the south of the san francisco area, they're being evicted. they're get $10,000, but they say that's not enough.
8:57 am
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let's go! back with its rightful owner. come on. sike, don't touch my burger. yes sir, can't take this one away from me. we haven't told him it's back for a limited time. choose wisely, choose wendy's pretzel bacon pub cheeseburger. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> and thanks for waking up with us at 9 o'clock on a thursday. i'm sorry, and i'm james and we're waking up this morning, as you can see behind us here to some clouds overhead, little ireeze in the air. it feels nice and cool. feels like fall. finally and rain may fall to actually those clouds might mean business and a couple of days,
9:00 am
i just. >> yeah. the same we've got are nice and calm today. but later on in this forecast, you can watch out for those clouds a little bit more sunday into monday. not that anything major is going to happen. but there will actually be some rain would hit know, looking out there right now. it's actually pretty bright between the low gray that we do have shining down into the bay area. we are going to be seeing cloud cover through the morning, but that will be exiting the picture towards the afternoon. lots and lots of sunshine later today. little breezier than yesterday, but just as comfortable. so do get out there and enjoy it as much as you can. right now. it's 50's and 60's for most areas. livermore. you've been the warm spot all morning. you're at 73 right now. santa rosa, one of our cooler spots only sitting at 52. >> right, john, thank you for that. all right. well, if you are heading into the city at this hour, traffic has been pretty busy all morning about 30 minutes to make it from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit. so certainly picking up here in the 9 o'clock hour, 90 minutes, a 80 to 101 of the few issues


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