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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  September 20, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> thanks for waking up with us and aria and i'm james want to get our started here at 08:00am with an update on the forecast as we're looking outside. beautiful looking weather. hard to believe. you still got showers in the yeah. well, what? we've got them under our belt on sunday. what you have in store. yeah. the gpbulk of the rainfall was sunday. yesterday we saw inland showers and today a few more of those thunderstorms likely popping up. >> for a few of our inland areas, bayside and coastal spots. you are in the clear, though, bay bridge sure does look nice. we've got all the sunshine you could ever want this morning. looking at that at half moon bay as well. really nice view right here. what we've got those clear skies fog free kind of morning. look at all this energy that still sitting to
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our west right off shore. that is going to result an unsettled afternoon that we have for inland valleys and potential of another pop-up thunderstorm today still holding on to rain as well as snow and even some isolated spots of thunderstorms up in the sierra nevada, too, in an active past few days up there absolutely need all that. and it's been nice to see our first snow of the season for some spots 50's and 60's for most of our current temps, petaluma and fairfax. our cooler areas only in the 40's right now. i'll be breaking down. everything you need to know for the afternoon. still to come arena on the even that they will. if you are taking 8.80, right now, north of 8.80, north of murray avenue in fremont. >> without an accident. so you are seeing delays all might want to hop on to 38. if you're trying navigate around those delays a 30 minute drive into the city right now, maze to that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge earlier issue along the peninsula side, 30 minutes from 80 to one on one. well, 5.80, westbound as you're getting on the richmond, sandra fell
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bridge. you still have an accident there just under 20 minutes. still to make that drive from the tolls to 101 and up in the bottle. northbound 1, 1, at roland boulevard. another accident so delays along one on one darya. james, back to you. >> thanks. a lot of do one and it was a violent night in oakland. 3 people were shot and killed. 2 others were hurt. yeah. 3 separate shootings. the first one happening at 11. 45 on international boulevard. this is video from the scene where witnesses say a woman was shot in the chest. she was taken to the hospital. no word on her condition this morning where tracking that down for you. meanwhile, the second shooting happened just before 7.45? this was on telegraph avenue close to the alta bates medical center. that's where police found 2 people who'd been shot. both died at the scene. there was a 3rd victim who went to the hospital and was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and the 3rd shooting happened around 8.30, on east 20th street between garfield, elementary and rosevelt middle school. that's what the citizen app video issued see here of police investigating.
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>> there was a person had been shot multiple times and died at the scene. no arrests have been made. >> and then in san francisco, 2 women were shot in the mission district last night. this is video from the scene courtesy of the citizen app. the shooting happened just after 6.30, on 23rd street a block away from the 24th street bart station. police say one of the women has life-threatening injuries. the other one does not. so that person should survive. no arrests have been made. and then also in san francisco, 2 people died in separate violent attacks just hours apart from each other at 10 o'clock sunday night, police responded to a double stabbing at a home on cherry street in the lower hill area. they say one person died there. the other was taken to the hospital in critical condition. and then the second attack happened yesterday at about 2 in the morning where police responded to a deadly shooting in the fillmore district. police say they found a man who'd been shot and killed near laguna and turk streets. police are still looking into both cases. >> let's go to the north bay now where a 30 year-old man
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was shot in vallejo yesterday morning. and this happened just before noon actually on solano avenue. he was shot at least once taken to the hospital where he ended up dying. police are investigating a motive and exactly what led up to this. it is the laos, 20th homicide of the year. a possible road rage incident ended in a deadly shooting in san lorenzo. the victim was a 30 year-old man who would just recently gotten married. and here's citizen app video that shows you the police investigating afterwards. this is welling and experian boulevards. we're 30 year-old ryan hard. asuncion was killed. police believe there was some type of interaction between him and another driver. he was struck a shot multiple times and died at the scene. >> or not, you're right or wrong that you would make smart decisions and tried to remove yourself from that
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situation and create time and distance. we would recommend you not confront other motorists in the lanes of travel and do any type of encounter. no good is going to come of that. >> and though that vehicle did get away, police say they're confident because they have leads in the case that they will catch whoever did it. >> for your health this morning, we have health experts warning about 2 dangerous drugs that are highly potent. they're starting to show up on streets. one is a class of synthetic opioids called night racine, which can be tempted 10 times stronger than fentanyl. health officials also warning about xylazine, which is a non opioid animal tranquilizer that they're seeing in samples of fentanyl that they're finding now xylazine is used to sedate horses and dogs and other animals before surgery. and police say both of these drugs are putting people at an extremely high risk for dying of an overdose. >> it's 805. let's talk covid now. president biden says it's over. the pandemic is done.
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however, doctors that we talked to say don't let your guard down because it could be a cruel winter kron four's. dan kerman has more. >> my thought was one of surprise and astonishment because even though it may be over in our minds and although we're in a lull right now, it certainly isn't over in the way that we think something is over. they are infectious disease specialists reacting to president biden's claim that the covid-19 pandemic is over. this pandemic is not over. >> we're having here in the united states averaging 400 guests today. that translates over year to about 140,000 deaths area. doctors fear this will advise proclamation will keep people getting up to date on boosters and masking when worried a little bit. early closure on something when we still kind of need to be flexible and be on the alert in case the weather changes. you dnow, when it's sunny, we go outside. we go to the beach
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when it's rainy, we go inside and we put on our protection. and while doctors say predicting what's next, he's been futile with covid-19. >> they say we can't ignore history, especially the similarities were last year at this time, everything was looking. >> pretty good. as a matter of fact, quite good. and then omicron came on december first and we all know what i'm a crime. did. what we need to learn from. that is quickly this pandemic can turn in the wrong direction. doctors say there's nothing wrong with enjoying the current period when infection rates are low. >> but they say people must could be around the corner. at >> the biggest thing to do to prepare for the future is to make sure you're up to date with vaccines. >> so when might we be able to say the pandemic is over? doctor chin-hong says we need to see low infection. rates continue through the winter, the spring and next summer. he says that at this point next year, if that all happens, we might be able to have that conversation. in san
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francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> 807, is the time and happening today. we have 10's of thousands of visitors set to descend on san francisco for the dreamforce conference and >> we're hoping they'll bring their wallets eye local businesses are hoping it's a dream come true with all of these techies in town. kron four's will tran is live in san francisco with the latest. i will. >> they are often running altogether. they expect about 40,000 people to be in town over the next several days. the convention started 8 o'clock in the morning and they might as well have a gun that went off. so people can sprint inside because it is very busy. the goal is for them to have a good time. of course, this is the biggest convention. every year in san francisco. they haven't had this big since the pandemic. so they are trying to sell this place once again to the people showing up and to the world. let's walk you through this location. 40,000 people
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and imagine how much money they are spending at the hotels, the restaurants, the tourist attractions. and of course, they bring their brain power to improve technology and whatnot. we'll walk through here and show you what's going on. so they expect about 125,000 people altogether, 40,000 here, of people online across the world as well. they have all the bells and whistles. they have deejays going on downstairs. they have the boots. we do expect matthew mcconahay. alright. alright, alright, he'll be in here. giving a keytote speak speech a little bit later as well. so they have the pageantry. what they want to do is for these people, ultimately the bigger picture is when they come here, they have a good time and then they go back to bigger picture. it's for them to sell san francisco to family and friends and possibly to other conventions. in the meantime. all of us,
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right? they are. i am. we're all let me see if i can get in we're all just living the dream force. >> running will have a good time out and have details for we have more than a million. 100 million dollars donated to public school since sales force made that commitment 10 years ago. all in an effort to support education. and now the company is don't again another 25 million dollars to school districts and educational nonprofits across the country. we have kron four's rob nesbitt with a closer look at that. >> dream big was the theme of the day monday on signs and t-shirts all over the playground at presidio middle school. while inside this tent sales force co ceo marc benioff announcing that another 25 million dollars in grants will be donated to school districts and education on profits all over the u.s. people don't have to do
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everything. >> but this is a moment where all of us can do something for our public school. so we're so excited to be a partner with our san francisco public schools and our oakland public schools in san francisco, the money will be used for stem instruction support for middle schools. educators and middle school redesign. >> mayor london breed expressing her gratitude for having the generosity of sales force and her city. >> how we prepare the next generation is based on how we not only take care of ourselves and our families, but how we take care of our community. >> according to sales force, grant money will be used across the bay and the oakland unified school district for case management and other holistic newcomer supports stem instruction and educator retention. we've got to keep these principles inspired and excited. and those innovation funds also say to our public servants, we believe in you, we you in the last decade, sales force has donated more than 165 million dollars to public schools surpassing their original goal of
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100 million co ceo brett taylor recognizing the struggles and stresses fell during the pandemic. i think it all starts with our teachers and all starts with making sure our teachers are surrounded. >> with the support that they need to produce the next generation of leaders. well, as rob nesbitt reporting, other city school district's benefiting from the donation could include a chicago. >> new york indianapolis and l a >> it's 8. well right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, there are requests from the special master that are getting pushed back from president. former president trump's lawyers. we're going to have more on that case and the arguments being made right now. and then after the break, hurricane fiona slams the caribbean historic levels of flood
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happening now. hurricane fiona is hitting the hammering it hard. as you can see, this was the scene in the dominican republic as the storm made landfall yesterday. >> right now it's over the turks and caicos islands and draw large. bali has the latest. hurricane fiona dropping unrelenting rain on puerto rico. >> along with fiona's fierce winds gusting over 100 miles per hour. more than 2 feet of rain causing historic levels of flooding. the surging flood waters powerful enough to knock down several bridges in utuado puerto rico. this metal bridge ripped out of it supports and washing away. >> also prompting rescue after
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rescue a day after a pending water service and triggering massive power outages. >> nearly the entire island without power. the governor warning it could take days to get the lights back on a flashback to 2017 when hurricane maria left the island in the dark for months. >> hurricane fiona not sparing the dominican republic either their the intense rain produced mudslides forced people from their homes as torrance rushed in and tore through the tourism hub. looking to recover from being shuttered by the pandemic. and that was george a volley reporter. yeah, national guards there. >> with 450 members, but they need a lot of help. lot of work to be done there closer to home. i mean, we have rain in this year, obviously not causing problems like that. it's nice that we've got what we have. you know, to see video like that and not have your heart go out to them. john is absolutely so hard to see that. >> it's a slow-moving system to which is why it's just completely water pond. water
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really flooding those areas. as we know, puerto rico is still recovering from the devastation just a few years back where we're sitting in san jose this morning. skies have cleared out. really nice for us now. yesterday, you know, to some thunderstorms popping up for the inland east bay. we do have the potential again today. obviously some energy still with us in for the sierra nevada. enough of it that we had pretty consistent light showers on up into those higher elevations. also, some of the first snow of the season bay area yesterday was so beautiful near the coast and right along the bay shore inland areas. you are nice, too. but you did have some afternoon thunderstorm development and you have that potential again today. it will be a little less widespread were isolated. also the potential of severe thunderstorms down as compared to yesterday. you see those little pop-up blobs out there in the inland east bay. that's eastern contra costa, -lameda and solano counties. that's your chance of some afternoon rainfall. really only briefly, concord, you can see less than a 10th of an inch of rain at max. really from these pop-up thunderstorms later today, some of us won't see anything
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others inland. we'll see a little something. those of us closer to the bay in the coast, though you're smooth sailing. nothing to be noted. it's 60's and 70's at the coast. 70's along the bay shore and only a couple of low 80's for some of our inland valleys, walnut creek and danville, you'll be are very warmest spots each right at 80 degrees. in the meantime of union city hayward as well as oakland on up through the late to sonoma each at 74 napa and santa rosa. that 73 for your highs. a look ahead to tomorrow's temps right around the same as today's waving goodbye to summer after tomorrow. first day of fall on thursday, starting to warm up and also clearing and drying out. this pattern will take us near 90 degrees by friday, saturday and sunday for inland areas. bayshore cities back into the 80's. so we do have some warmer temps right around the corner. >> neighbor that, well, we have an accident. this is fine. 80 westbound rt harbor way south. so you can see it right there just as you're getting ready to get on the
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richmond, fell bridge. so you are seeing some delays. you also see 5.18, 80's going pretty slow at this hour as well. 60 minutes mace to that for in the tolls to 101 richmond center fell bridge so that he has that accidently at that slight delay. so that fremont street exit about 22 minutes, remember, like will said dreamforce. it's happening right now at the most county center. so all that traffic really congested around that area be mindful of that traveling along. i-80 about 52 minutes. we had an earlier accident, right? as you're getting ready to get on the san mateo bridge. 2.38. down to milpitas 101, traveling up. that's 85 heading towards menlo park. 74 minutes now to 80 is not as congested as 1, 0, one. 82 even liner down in fremont north about 8.80, north of maui. haven,t you got an accident there? so you are seeing slight delays. and let's check on just how flawed it's going to take from crockett down towards the maze. 36 minutes while about a 15 minute ride as a traveling from walnut creek down to
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5.80, james, back to you. thanks. a lot of tate, 19 and in national news, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say there are growing concerns about big tech companies. >> successfully killing efforts to pass new regulations. companies include a google, amazon, apple. they've all been publicly campaigning against the bill. >> for months we've got raquel martin with the story. >> a bipartisan push to regulate big tech companies like amazon, google and apple could be dead. my guess is it will never see the light of day republican senators josh hawley and chuck grassley say they fear a recent pressure campaign from tech giants has worked its very badly needed. grassley says his bill is designed to stop big tech companies from prioritizing their products and services over smaller vendors. it's a matter of fairness. it's a matter of. >> the government being a referee to make sure the marketplace works. kressley tells me companies like google and amazon has been over 36 million dollars in ads and
8:21 am
lobbying to try and kill the bill puts shows you the real power that they have. but karl dabo, whose organization represents google, amazon and apple says the bill is bad news for consumers. it will remove of services like amazon prime shipping. so really who's congress trying to protect? >> the trying to protect american consumers for the trying to protect bulls as what bit that does is just good business stake in it and make it better cheaper, faster. we see it all the time. we see supermarkets with generic alternatives. grassley says he believes his bill has the support to pass. would think that would be at the top of the list. but so far senate majority leader chuck schumer has not scheduled a vote in washington. raquel martin. >> well, lawmakers looking to uncover of china has access to american data through tiktok. we've got coo call to congress last week to defend the social media platform by dances.
8:22 am
tiktok's parent company from china. and the question is can byte dance feed data to the chinese government? well, congressman dusty johnson says yes, and he's introduced a bill that places restrictions on that app. more gen z's or using tiktok to look up information instead of google. this is all according to a study by news guard which watches misinformation across the internet. and the study found that one in 5 videos on tiktok gives users misinformation. most are more often than not. it's when it comes to home remedy videos out of those videos. >> time now is 8.22. and elon musk is seeking an exemption from sanctions against iran to launch space x satellite service and the country must comments are tied to widespread internet blackouts in iran stemming from mass protests over police brutality must did not specify which country he will seek exemptions from. it's a 22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> house trey lance doing we're taking a peek at him. post-surgery in just a few
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have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm. >> 25 and look at their there's trey lance forty-niners quarterback who's laid up with that bad ankle. now me broken has to heal. looks like he's ok, though. yeah, he's looking pretty optimistic and positive there in that photo from the hospital. >> apparently is is that was fractured. looks like, yes, i'm looking at damage as well. >> enough, though, is going to
8:26 am
be out the rest the so that's the story with trey coach. shanahan says that the forty-niners are going to try make this setback as easy as possible for him as he begins now, what will be a long road to recovery >> i know we're all this kind of worried about him and making sure that he's doing all right, mentally and talk to him here real soon. and guy's been over there already doesn't do but yeah, but we're not sure yet. but as soon you can get back in here and start really haven't, we're going to want a part of everything. every meeting it could be that every practice you can be i know there's got to be able do all that because of how much you've got to rehab. but especially in those meetings and stuff you don't plan on trading away from us at all. whatever is not taking care of those being with us. >> but it's not going to be with them on the field. that's jimmy g. and by the way, right before this game, the team agreed to a two-year contract exteniion with outside linebacker dre greenlaw who gets 19 million 10 mil teen and prove that he is worth it, i guess because he led the team in tackles the seahawks
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>> all right. we'll take a break. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. a new testing law that will protect employees who choose to use marijuana while off the job. more on that coming up. plus, sherri papini learns her fate after she faked her own kidnapping. we'll tell you how much time she's been sentenced to prison.
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what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪ >> it's a 29. we're talking about the weather on a tuesday. we've sort put that last storm to bed. we have to
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guess. we'll just have to hold our breath. should we hold the rest of next one will be a long time. i don't want john. good morning. >> i think the lesson we learned from last winter is the whole pro can see another rainfall. let's hopi it's not that way this time around. but so nice to have seen, especially such a rainy sunday yesterday along the bay shore and the coast. we saw so much sunshine, really calm day. our inland areas did get some thunderstorm activity. we'll see another day with that potential only for inland areas, though, golden gate bridge. it is crystal clear looking absolutely beautiful. you can see there's still some energy to our west. if we zoom out on radar, look at all that green and yellow. that is still the remnants of the system that is spinning off just to our north and it is still producing some rain and snow for the sierra nevada, as i mentioned, for our inland valleys, could result in a brief thunderstorm this afternoon. now current temps there in the 50's to 60's make sure that you're getting outside with a light jacket this morning. this afternoon.
8:31 am
have a lot to look forward to some 70's and dry skies for the bayshore and coast. pretty nice for inland spots to just keep your eyes on the skies for those areas. as far as our roads go, rain has been keeping us updated on what has been a fair amount of issues for tuesday morning. and we still got a yes, things are always busy, especially with folks are trying to get to work. >> if you're traveling along 80 right now for any reason, it will be about 54 minutes for you to make it from san leandro down to milpitas right now. so just from a few earlier accidents we have we're seeing residual delays there. 24 minute ride into the city maze to that free, much street exit. the san mateo bridge are at about 30 minutes. that's a 80 to 101. we had an accident along the ridges center fell bridge near harbor way that just cleared. so that's the good news. and 76 minutes from 85 up to menlo park along 101 of john's talk about this beautiful weather. yeah. i think you may be an outside run or walk. sounds good today might be the day. yeah. you guys doing today
8:32 am
really? the thank you. reena. >> is there right now and com for your local election headquarters? 49 days until the november 8 midterm election? yes, so we're trying to keep you updated on all things that are happening. >> politics wise, we actually had a chance to chat with the chairwoman of the california republican party about. >> what message she wants voters to remember as they head to the polls with our capitol correspondent eytan wallace. with that. >> well, for years now, california has been a blue state, but chair patterson is confident the republican party could make inroads this election and it all comes down to messaging. and feeling very optimistic. that's the feeling from california republican party chairwoman jessica millan patterson ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. election set to include key races for congress. half of the seats in the state senate. all of the seats in the state assembly and major contests for statewide offices, including governor. we're going to be working hard every single day to bring our
8:33 am
message to some communities that haven't heard that message before and talk about what republican solutions are. that in part, he says includes a message about some of the state's most pressing issues, including homelessness, the cost of housing and in many places and increase in crime. patterson argues those matters have only been made worse by high taxes and what some in the gop have called soft on crime legislation. the policies that california democrats have an active which make us feel less safe that make it harder for people to buy homes to even afford california. but the road ahead for the california grand old party will be no easy aalk in the park while patterson anticipates the gop could pick up a handful of crucial congressional seats and districts. several polls in the race for governor show incumbent democrat gavin newsom leading his republican opponent, senator brian. dolly, by at least 25 points that in the state where democrats have long held a super majority in the legislature and where registered democrats outnumber registered republicans by a margin of about 2 to one with
8:34 am
no party preference voters not far behind. >> what's missing and what more can be done to increase republican voter registration. >> so when i was first elected to chair of the california republican party, it was a really dark time for california. republicans. we were the 3rd largest party in the state. if you include declined to states in july 2020, we surpassed declined to states and we continue to build on that march and it's about engagement. >> and it is important to know. we are in touch with california democratic chair rusty hicks about his goals. we plan to bring you that as the midterms approach reporting here outside the california state capitol eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> well, a new law will prohibit california employers from making hiring or firing or other employment decisions based on the results of a drug test, the law will eliminate employment based thc tests that look at hair, blood or urine to show whether or not you've used. we did in the past few weeks. >> just missed a lot more
8:35 am
sense just for the active ingredient and to potentially when someone should be on the job or should be driving or whatever. i'm a lot sense to test that way. and for with her not to used in the last month. >> and the new law does have some exemptions. specifically for people working building and construction and any job that requires a federal background check, the new law goes into effect january first of 2020 for its 8.35. in the arraignment for danville. middle school teacher charged with 2 counts of committing lewd acts on minors has been moved. >> till next tuesday, 33 year-old nicholas moseby is accused of sending pornographic videos, 2 children. the da says that he use sociau media to send the videos to 2 different victims in august. and earlier this month at the was a biology teacher at dia de la vista, middle school and also worked as a cheerleading coach at north kelly eats and san ramon. he's being held at the martinez detention facility.
8:36 am
time now is 8.35. and the reading woman who faked her own kidnapping in 2016 was in court for sentencing. >> sherri papini, this her name pleaded guilty to mail fraud and receiving thousands of dollars from a victims compensation fund. we have nancy loo with more on what happens now. >> 40 year-old sherri papini said nothing she arrived for sensing in sacramento, but her attorney did whatever happened 5 years ago. >> that's a different sherri papini's than the person you see here today in court, pain he cried and read from a prepared statement telling the judge in part. >> i am guilty of lying. i stand before you willing to accept the judge handed down an 18 month sentence more than double what prosecutors had sought, though they claim put penny would still be line if she hadn't been caught after sentencing. her attorney called the judge a fair i know that in his heart he has done the right thing. and as far as we're concerned, whatever punishment he chose is what we're going to live with the
8:37 am
pain. he had agreed to a plea deal back in april after admitting to lying to a federal officer and mail fraud. the stay at home. mom apparently kidnapped in november of 2016 while jogging near her home in reading the case, drew national attention as multiple searches got underway and her husband, keith pleaded for her safe return. bring her home, bring her home. does bring her home. the pd turned up more than 3 weeks later over 150 miles away, found chained in her right shoulder had been branded. she claimed her kidnappers were 2 hispanic women and provided the fbi with detailed descriptions, the pain he collected about $30,000 from a victims compensation fund. but eventually the fbi retested dna which traced to papini's ex-boyfriend and her story quickly unraveled. it's a 37. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the fed is expected to raise interest
8:38 am
rates again. >> summer for this can trigger a recession down. >> and today is going to be another nice one. a lot like yesterday beside coastal spots, smooth sailing all day long. some really nice weather watch for some thunderstorms inland, though. your forecast is ahead. >> and hit the roads. it's busy out there on the highways and bridges. we are tracking
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>> it's a 40 and a north bay,
8:41 am
a former prison guard at san quentin and 3 others pleaded guilty to bribery and smuggling cellphones into death row. they were accused and have now pleaded to smuggling a number of cell phones into the state prison. one was employed as a corrections officer and worked on death row and then the others were involved as well and getting the phones. now, the guard admitted to getting paid $11,000 for smuggling in 25 phones and then the others. they organized the shipment of the phones from las vegas to pittsburgh. each defendant faces a maximum of 20 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine. >> in the east bay, the oakland unified school district wants to find the person who took down the flags of several latin american countries at a middle school. they say the woman apparently took these flags down at haven ct middle school in east oakland. those flags were put up in celebration of hispanic heritage month. the district says the school's principal notice that they had been pulled down saturday afternoon
8:42 am
and they've gone ahead and put them back up. >> we'll take a break here at >> we'll take a break here at 8.41. we'll be right back. ♪don't stop me now♪ ♪don't stop me♪ ♪'cause i'm having a good time♪ ♪having a good time♪ ♪i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger♪ ♪defying the laws of gravity♪ ♪don't stop me now♪ ♪'cause i'm having a good time♪ ♪i don't wanna stop at all♪ ♪ ♪ah, da, da, da, da♪
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>> a 44 and mean, i know it's not chilly yet, but it's going to be. and they say our electric bills are going to be going up. power's going to cost more. the energy
8:45 am
information administration to is thinking electricity is going to go up 7 and a half percent from what we paid last year. and this is nationwide in parts of the country. this it could be a lot higher than that. the agency is forecasting record gas consumption as prices surge. that's because power producers are limited in their ability to burn coal. it would be then the priciest winter heating season in a decade. their son get 35% jump in costs. but it all depends on you know how cold it is what? yeah, what you can withstand, how many covers you have is going to kind like it's like it's between now and i really say sometimes i wear a pop, you're on the house side, puffy jacket in the house. >> for fans which is that could and that whole looks like a poncho thing. we arms come out. it's just a big fleece. you you're married. you've just given up. you've given he's wearing a what you we, you know that the you're in the marriage status when it's not these around the all
8:46 am
day i just keep the heat off because i want my dog to you know what? as you're getting outside today, you want to worry about the heating bill at all. it's perfect out there. we've got the sunshine to peer through your windows. allow your house to heat up a little bit. >> you can see up in marin county right here, just how crystal clear it is right along the coastline got point. bonita lighthouse right there, free of any fog and not a lot of wind either. gorgeous day along the coast. look at the sierra nevada still holding on to some rainfall up their light showers continue today. great news for the mosquito fire. we're in for another calm and comfortable day for coastal and bay shore cities today, waller inland areas will see the potential of another thunder stunned or storm this afternoon. yesterday was a super active day for the inland east bay and up into solano county to today will bring more of that potential, but not quite as much energy means likely just one thunderstorm popping up or to a little more isolated than what we saw yesterday. today's daytime highs will be in the
8:47 am
60's to 70's for san francisco as well as out along the coastline. it will be 70's right along the bay shore with millbrae at 75 seeing carlos at 78 today, south bay temps in the mid to upper 70's campbell cupertino, los gatos at 77 fremont hayward through oakland, all mid 70's, gorgeous day danville and walnut creek. much like yesterday. our warm spots right 80 degrees. each sonoma at 74 can't beat that number. tomorrow. we're keeping it around your last 2 days of summer going out with a really nice forecast come thursday. fall begins with some 80's returning inland, nearing 90's inland by the weekend. some 80's right along the bay shore on those same days. rain. john, thank you for that. will 18 or the maori avenue in fremont? we've got an accident. so you are seeing. >> some delays as you're traveling along 8.80, might want to hop on to 38. if you're trying to navigate and get around those issues. >> 26 minute ride into the city maze to that fremont street exit. so things have
8:48 am
certainly been busy on a ride into the city this morning. 25 minutes a 81 to one heading across towards the peninsula. crockett down towards the maze. that's 5.80, and 88th. 31 minute ride for you. some possible avenue just runs adjacent so you could hop on that 6.80, doubling down to fremont. 28 minutes for you to make that commute this morning. how a former at 20 minutes. that's antioch concord to 42. and iftyou are traveling along the maze northbound 8.80, that san leandro heading into oakland's going to take about 30 minutes darya. james, back to you. all right. thanks. is 08:40am, for your money this morning. economists and investors are on edge this week. they're worried that the fed is going hike. yeah, many of them are e - worried the fed may get too aggressive and send the economy into a downward spiral. >> higher prices are also central issue to for congressional lawmakers are campaigning for re-election. mike emanuel has the story. millions of americans are feeling the impact of higher prices. despite inflation running at a historic rate.
8:49 am
>> president biden argues the country is still on the right track and the worst may be over in a position where for the last several months it has has spiked. >> it is just barely spent basically even. >> if the administration needs a helping hand to bring prices down, it will have to come from the federal reserve. the board meets this week with a rate hike expected on wednesday. fed chair jerome powell vowed last month to aggressively raise interest rates even if brings economic pain. i am of the opinion that they are just off the rails enough. they may actually try 100 basis full percentage hike with the midterm elections. fast approaching, republicans have a 19 point advantage against democrats. >> on dealing with the economy, according to an nbc news poll. >> doesn't matter if you're republican or a democrat, you're white or black, you're rich or poor. high inflation hurts everybody. however, democrats believe they can still make their case to
8:50 am
voters. >> we're seeing progress with 3 straight months of decline in gas prices. we're seeing progress with the president's leadership in ukraine to get the embargo for a week exports, which will bring down food prices. both here. >> and abroad. now, as mike emanuel reporting early voting for the midterm election begins in 4 states this week. >> it's 8.50, right now. and if you are late on paying a late fee for a traffic fine, you're in luck. san francisco supervisor core superior court just eliminated 50 million dollars in outstanding fees last week and canceled 180,000 in civil assessments. and then there are also reducing the fee from $300 down to 100 bucks for late payments. fees assessed before july. 1st of this year going to be eliminated. and those issued after that date will be capped at the new $100 limit. advocates say eliminating the debt is an important step forward and it will bring relief to hundreds of thousands of californians. >> well, for your money this
8:51 am
morning, the current pause on student loan payments is set to end at the end of the year. so you need to start getting ready to make those payments once more beginning on january. first, now there is some relief you can lower those payments by getting some or in some cases, even all of your loan balance forgiven applications for student loan forgiveness are going to be accepted starting early next month. so early october, the agency responsible administering this hasn't given us a specific date yet on when it will start. but we know the window closes on november 15th, so least get your paperwork ready. so when you have a start date, you can jump on it. program. administrators also say you can expect to see relief within 4 to 6 weeks after completing applications that are going to try to move on this as quick as possible. >> 8.51 and happening now, president trump insisted on a special master to really look at the evidence the fbi took from his home. but now his lawyers don't want to cooperate with everything. the special master asked lawyers for trump and the doj to submit their proposed agendas. and judge also asked the trump
8:52 am
team to disclose details about materials that he claims to have declassified. but trump's team is resisting that request. the lawyers say that disclosing information will be harmful to the case if they have to disclose what their defenses before a possible indictment. the meantime, the justice department suggests getting an outside vendor to help with the scanning of the with the special master and with trump's lawyers. and they also say the items. in addition, the documents like the clothing that they seized from trump's florida home that that's available for the trumps council and the special master to review at the fbi's washington field office. >> 8.52. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
reggie bush had something important taken from him, so wendy's is returning it. it gives me great honor to return this to mr. reggie bush. the pretzel pub. [ cheers and clapping] let's go! back with its rightful owner. come on. sike, don't touch my burger. yes sir, can't take this one away from me. we haven't told him it's back for a limited time. choose wisely, choose wendy's pretzel bacon pub cheeseburger.
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>> we're back at 8.55. with some pretty cool video. this is how you turn your camping trip into something out of a james bond felt like a win, a big fan. thanks a caravan that can be both in the water and on the land like a vehicle with that camper down the highway and then you just pull into a lake. yeah, they call it the care a cat caravans got pontoons underneath doesn't go on is how the submarine diarra kind of popped out and so you
8:56 am
can use it as a floating craft and then they retract that so you can house land is like a house boat that actually on wheels duck boat number, the duck basically at a duck boat, got a kitchen, a bathroom if it up to 6 people. how >> you can order it online. do you know? i don't know. the price is going to be just not cheap the election and into the private starts at nearly 300,000 hope. sorry, many heart attacks. a house. >> haleigh was stars could james. and now they have a brand-new signed to brag crew of 10 workers is going to be pressure washing and painting the hollywood sign for the one 100th anniversary. not surprising that in tinsel town you can get a >> little a fixer-upper. little can be done. jeanne, up a little talk here and there. 100 years of hollywood sign has been up some work done. i like it. yeah. done on the hollywood sign >> it looks much younger. now if you've got your work. haha,
8:57 am
56 right now coming over the next hour. thousands of people are getting ready. well, actually, there now a packed into the dreamforce conference in san francisco and we're live there. we'll take you there and see what's up with that. plus, president biden says covid is practically over. doctors beg to differ. we'll tell you why. and i have a warning for you. and 3 people died in multiple shootings. that happened in oakland will tell you what we oakland will tell you what we know about it. life is busy. so, come to shell and get three things done at once. first, fill up with shell v-power nitro+ to help keep your engine running like new. nice! then save up with the fuel rewards program and never pay full price for gas again. oh wow! and, finally, snack up to save even more at the pump. that's great! make the most of the stop you need to make with shell. wait! there's three of me? awesome!
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> and thanks for joining us at 9 o'clock on a tuesday. i'm darya and james and we're waking up here at 09:00am to some nice skies out there. pretty sunny by the bay. as i understand it, there's the chance of a sprinkle and maybe more this print i still keep the sunscreen ready. you just never know when sun is going do? exactly. yeah. it's always good to have the sunscreen around. even though cloudier days. >> today is the day, especially at the coast and by the bay where you're going to step outside and enjoy a nice and sunny one, our inland areas, as james mentioned, could see an isolated thunderstorm popping up again. probably a little more isolated than yesterday's were your view outside right now at marine county looks absolutely gorgeous. got one of those cargo tankers pushing through right past point. bonita
9:01 am


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