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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 20, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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tonight at 6. i'm pam moore ken wayne. another person was shot. that man is in a local hospital. police say the shooting victims are 2 men in their 20's. >> one from oakland, one from berkeley. the man from oakland died at the scene. the man from berkeley is currently in the hospital. this all took place while a city council meeting was taking place inside the building. gunshots were heard outside the building around 02:15pm. the shooting took place at frank ogawa plaza just a short time ago, oakland police provided an update on the victims. >> the arrival officers located 2 male adult victims, both suffering from gunshot one of the victims, unfortunately, was pronounced deceased on scene and the second victim was transported to a local hospital where he is currently undergoing surgery. >> 2 women in san francisco before that, though, this particular incident in oakland today follows a deadly night
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yesterday, has it monday and has details on that. >> 3 homicides in the city of oakland with the loss of these 3 individuals. oakland is now at 90 homicides for the year compared to 97 at this time last year, the first shooting happened monday at around 07:45pm. near 31st street at telegraph opd shot spotter system received an activation for multiple rounds upon arrival. officers located 2 male adults. one 27 years old and the other 59 years old, both suffering from gunshot wounds. a 3rd adult male drove himself to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. here is what investigators are saying about who fired the shots. there appears to be multiple shooters in a vehicle opened fire on a ceowd of individuals. 2 separate establishment 45 minutes later, another shooting. this one across town in the area of
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east 20th street and 23rd avenue. when officers arrived on scene, they located an adult female 48 years old suffering from a gunshot wound. but unfortunately, the victim succumbed to her injuries and pronounced deceased on scene. >> opd officials say their officers responded to 4 additional shootings within a 13 hours spent. there is a lot of calls that were coming in last night related to violence. we had multiple homicide scenes plus shootings as well as a people calling for crimes in progress, robberies and burglaries. >> in 2 opd officers providing traffic control were also injured by suspected drunk driver. thankfully, both officers were transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. oakland police investigators released no information about possible suspects or suspect vehicles in either of the 2 shootings know or any information about any possible motives. if you think you know something about what happened
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in either case, you're asked to contact oakland police. >> i think that you incur on for news. >> and now to san francisco, 2 women were injured in a shooting that took place in the mission last night just after 6.30, officers were called to the 3300 block of 23rd street after reports of a shooting in the area when they arrived, they found 2 women with gunshot wounds. they were both transported to the hospital. one of the women is suffering from life-threatening injuries. the other is expected to survive. no arrests have been made. >> it has been almost a month now residents were displaced by a 3 alarm fire at the corner mcallister and divisadero in the city. the cause of that fire still under investigation and many who lived in that apartment building are still trying to rebuild their lives. kron four's rob nesbitt talked to a couple who lived on the 3rd floor and tells us about the hardships they've been facing is live in our newsroom. rob. ken, it's one thing to have a fire destroy your home, but even more devastating when you
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find out that looters stole most of what the fire did, not claim. >> flames shot out of the san francisco apartment building on august 23rd out of the same floor. the justin saint peter lived on at mcallister and divisadero. he was home when the fire started and made it out unharmed. all i had was my wallet in my and the clothes i was wearing night in a paris talks, 13 residents displaced and one person seriously injured. >> justin's fiance, marion only air was away the day of the fire. returning to find that her apartment went from this to this. something actually traumatic to go through because you walk who like you. runs. what was your life? according to the san francisco fire department after the flames were put out the building was released to the owner the next morning. saint peter's says there's a time period between then and when the team arrived to board up the building that looters got in taking everything, they could have value. my gps watch stolen. and my by compare still our wedding ring stolen. the couple say the only things
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they were able to salvage after the looters and fire were items of clothing starting a gofundme to raise money that will be divided up among displace residents based on need their neighbors who are worse off being priority when they to people like don't have a job anymore enough. absolutely. everything. marion and justin were able to secure a new apartment last week counting their blessings after a month of insurance claims and staying with friends lending a helping hand that the traumatic event. just one part of the you know what it is and recoveries. >> from that tank can be harder and a lot of ways. i reached out to the san francisco police department about lootings after fires. >> they say they are aware that this occurs in the city, but they don't collect data on the lootings. police suggest boarding up the building as quickly as possible and the use of security cameras to help deter the crime. reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. rob, thank you. an update now to a story we brought you last week out of the east bay, the mother of 3 siblings who were all
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hospitalized after they were hit by a car while walking home from school in antioch. she remains in serious condition on friday. the 2 cars collided on manzanita way and sycamore drive before slamming into the children on the sidewalk. the victims, 2 boys and a girl all 12 years old. officers arrived on the scene. they determined that 2 of the children were in critical condition. they were airlifted to the hospital. the 3rd child also suffered critical, although less serious injuries. the children's mother tells kron 4. she's thankful for the support prayers and kind and loving words she's received in the past few days. >> the now category 3 hurricane fiona is hitting the turks and caicos islands. officials have warned residents there to stay indoors and be aware of life-threatening flash flooding as 115 miles per hour. winds batter the islands. hurricane fiona
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slammed into puerto rico on sunday causing severe flooding and damage there and killing at least 2 people. let's check in on what's happening now. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has a closer look at the storm's path to scary looking stormy solid and that was a weaker storm. >> feels really starting to strengthen. you can see the eye really reforming as it moves away from land. they're affected the turks caicos islands. you can see i was like a battering ram. you see winds swirling around the counter clockwise rotation really pounding the islands right now. and so they're seeing the heaviest rains are going likely see a storm surge of 8 feet or so inundating the local coastline. there. but then it's going to start to turn. the latest turn takes our socal waters right now. this is a strong category 3 hurricane sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. there's a trough of low pressure that's going to come across north america. it's going to affect
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the system. moves out in the atlantic likely to make a turn more to the north. you see right here, all of a sudden begins to jog further to the north. that's good news that takes away from mainland united states. but it does strengthen to a category waters. what makes a dangerous, though, is bermuda, not too far away? right now, the forecast in just a missed the island. they'll get the winds. they'll probably have some heavy rainfall. but right now, if this forecast track holds true, it will stay off the islands as a category not make a direct hit. guys back to you. thank you. lawrence said was 5 years ago today that hurricane maria hit puerto rico that killed almost 3,000 people in. >> destroyed the power grid. while it's still not fully recovered from that storm residents, there are again in the dark this time due to hurricane fiona, which in on sunday and tonight kron four's dan kerman talks to people living on the island and those here in the bay area trying to help them. >> 5 years after hurricane maria wiped out puerto rico, the island is in the dark
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again due to hurricane fiona because no power. >> no water. now. >> there's a crisis with the gas again. >> richard lee quiet this lives in d a he says his town like countless others across puerto rico, it's up to their ears in problems. >> we have a lot of lightning make up a lot of light. we have bridges that have collapsed quite this is the elderly, the sick and the younger suffering most, including those at a nearby orphanage. this is an orphanage that has being babies from today. co. the 7, 8, years of age. and you know that you're going if you don't get the power back to, you know, get a generator back. >> we're going to take the children out we're going to close you down as they did during hurricane maria bay area organizations are now stepping up to help. we're >> better. quit that. need the people of puerto rico. we have now. catherine. kim ramos was san jose's. puerto rican civic
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club says. >> they're focusing on getting generators and solar lights and batteries to those in need are looking for more monetary donation. gift card. >> where we can go to the big box chains like home depot and purchase item that you like this so that ship, item 2. puerto rico for hand, but they vote ballot. >> also raising funds the puerto rican club in san francisco, which will send the funds to organizations already on the ground in puerto rico were starting to collect money. >> as of today and we're also going to have a fundraiser in whatever many make from there will be added to what we may come. what's donated on our website. those in puerto rico say it's a matter of life and death and help can't come fast enough. >> this is part worries os the most. we don't want to go through this again. we don't see. we don't want to see about the lives lost. dan kerman kron. 4 news.
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>> continuing our coverage. only a small percentage of the money earmarked to help puerto rico 5 years ago has been used. in fact, to this day, thousands of homes are still covered with blue tarps. hurricane fiona only added to the issues that the island was already dealing with following hurricane maria 5 years ago. >> the u.s. commission on civil rights is now set to release a report. in fact, it will come out tomorrow on potential discrimination against puerto rico. in the aftermath of that hurricane, you may remember hurricane maria hit during the same season that hurricane harvey hit texas according to michael yaki, who is a member of the civil rights commission. it took victims of maria much longer to receive aid money and is smaller quantities than the victims of harvey. >> yeah, well, people could apply for aid what they could expect in terms of being able to receive a all of those things. if you are puerto rico, you had much much lower chance of being successful and
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all of those fronts. then if you if you had been a victim of the disaster on the mainland. >> jackie points to puerto rico not having a member of congress as a reason behind the lack of progress since maria up today with fiona, he says the lack of a representative makes getting direct aid to the island. much more difficult. coming up on kron. 4 news at 6 governor gavin newsom lays out his political plans for the coming years. what he says needs to happen before he decides to run for president. plus, west nile detected in santa clara county where exactly those infected mosquitoes were found and what the county is planning to do about it. >> but first rally was held today outside the office of the san francisco district attorney. what demonstrators are saying about recent policy changes when it comes to juvenile offenders.
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>> developing this evening, should juveniles be charged as adults in certain criminal cases? will san francisco's district attorney brooke jenkins says yes, but youth advocates in the city say doing so could set a dangerous precedent as kron four's. charles clifford tells us there was a rally outside of jenkins office this morning urging her to rethink the policy. >> well, here in san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins has announced that the da's office is going to make some changes to how they decide if juveniles, 16 17 year-old can be tried as an adult. and that has some youth advocates upset earlier this
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month, jenkins announced that the da's office would establish a juvenile review team. the team will review cases involving minors who are accused of murder, attempted murder, forcible assault, kidnapping, torture, and aggravated mayhem. the team will then make a recommendation to the da on whether or not the juveniles should be tried as an adult. outside the da's office. on tuesday, a group of youth advocates called for the da to not prosecute juveniles under any circumstances. it takes a to raise a child, not not about sending them into the the ration. >> you have to charging, start investing. you invest in got to say how be investing there. direct them to their to colleges. >> read the rest 2 opportunities. >> now the da's office has said that they do not take trying juveniles as adults slightly and it's something they will try to avoid. they
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say da jenkins will not seek to try juvenile offenders as adults in the vast majority of cases cases involving heinous crimes will be reviewed by a new juvenile review team will consider all the facts and hear from the defense and the victim's family before making a recommendation to da jenkins. that is the very latest here in san francisco. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> a hearing for the man accused of molesting cain velasquez. his 4 year-old relative has been delayed until november. harry goularte. made a brief virtual appearance in a santa clara county court today where a judge resets the preliminary hearing date for november 14th. clardy remains out of custody on bail. however, velasquez is still being held behind bars with no bail. the mma star is charged with attempting to kill the larvae in a drive-by shooting. >> mosquitoes in the santa clara county area have tested positive for west nile virus. the mosquitoes were found in small areas in mountain view. those out those hills in
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sunnyvale, the district's mosquito management program is scheduled to treat adult mosquito populations on thursday night. people in the affected zip codes will be alerted via next door and the county's emergency alert phone system. the treatment process should last about 4 hours since 2003 west nile virus has killed nearly 400 people in california last year. 12 deaths were reported. time now for 4 zone forecast says we give me a time lapse. look at some dramatic cloud formations rolling over livermore and beautiful pictures to see if they have any rain in those clouds, yeah, tremendous amounts of rain. i was checking the rain gauges and little more. >> in about an hour, probably even less than that. they had almost a half an inch of rain and that was just from that thunderstorm that you are looking at. numerous lightning strikes also being reported, livermore valley and that system not done just yet as move further to the east, but really kind of an interesting afternoon we had all the mugginess, of course, out there. you saw some of the
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cumulus clouds and all of a sudden. >> but that will pops up over livermore valley taking closer look. you see this storm system really kind of working its way right to live. more area headed eastward across the altamonte past, making for really treacherous drive there across a 5.80 and you see the 2, 0, 5, 5, 80 split. they're pretty dangerous conditions out there and lightning still being reported in some of those cells that continue to move through. so a dangerous weather out there right now and scattered showers popping up elsewhere. but some of these thunderstorms pretty intense making their way up toward the east now making their way into the central valley. and that's what we're going to watch out for this evening is just some pop-up thunderstorms around the bay area. we've had some scattered showers elsewhere in parts of the north bay to parts of solano county and for the north. you've got some thunderstorms that have also popped up near wil just north of ukiah and heavy storms in that direction to sew up things active out there. we've got a couple flash flood watches posted in the central valley and also across the foothills of the sierra nevada in the burn area in around the
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mosquito fire. now they're looking for the possibility some more heavy rain and maybe some debris flow, some mudslides and some of the burn scar area. so that's the downside of getting the rain. of course, it put out the fire bit. but now you're starting to see some the problems with that associated to off the coastline. we've got an area of low pressure that continues to spin around that low is going to keep things active out there. looks like over the next 24 hours are not done yet. i think tomorrow. still a slight chance of a few more thunderstorms possibly in the morning. some people getting no way in and then others are getting death of the duties of a pound or yeah, i mean, real big downpours, which right? pretty much everywhere else. kind of quiet all right. thank you. >> well, governor newsom not mincing words today, calling out republican governors as he spoke on climate at an out of state conference. our capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace has what newsom said and how some members of the gop are reacting. yet today. thousands of miles from here at the capitol. governor newsom stressed he and his administration are laser
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focused on climate, something. he argues his republican counterparts are not. governor gavin newsom. >> the governor in new york today speaking at the clinton global initiative, less than a week after he signed several climate related bills into law. >> all with the goal to transition the state's renewable energy and carbon neutrality by 2045. the what, sir, getting a lot, whether just the dry is getting drier. >> and so we are quite literally the tip of the spear for this new reality. >> a new reality newsom maintains that must include a transition from fossil fuels and oil to green energy. something he says will be made more possible in the state bans the sale of all new gas. powered cars come 2035. >> if you can get serious about greenhouse gas emissions, you've got to get serious about converting your fleet. but he admits some of the climate legislation he backed. we have failed in the democratic run. legislature were not for some unusual tactics jim.
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>> my own democratic legislature. in the last few weeks of our session. these 4 critical of the 40 climate bills done had i not done that. all those special interests would have prevailed again to deny and delay reacting to that comment. newsom's challenger in the upcoming race for governor republican senator brian dolly. >> took to twitter to say newsom quote, sounds like a dictator in the past. dolly has accused newsom of focusing too much attention on national ambitions and possible presidential aspirations that as newsom today spoke beyond california going after leadership of red states. with all due respect to those. >> conservative governors out there, greg abbott. and others. there's dumb as they want to be. and they're just doubling down on stupid and we will not follow their path. we're going the plate. >> and late this afternoon, texas governor greg abbott responded to newsom saying, quote, it's ironic that
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governor newsom is attacking the national leader in energy days after he barely avoided statewide blackout at the tom wallace kron. 4 news. >> a new report says governor newsom is planning to run for president if president biden decides not to seek a second term. president told 60 minutes over the weekend it was too early to declare his intentions to seek a second term. a california fundraiser told the wrap yesterday that if biden does not run for re-election, newsom would ban, quote, undeniably unequivocally seek the democratic nomination if that were to happen, newsom would likely challenge vice president kamala harris for the presidency. newsom is expected to win re-election as governor of california this november. >> coming up at 6, an explosion at an apartment building in chicago turns a neighborhood into a disaster zone. what happen before the collapse. you don't know how much pressure you put on your septic system. but rid-x does.
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pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent. and wasting up to 20 gallons of water. skip the rinse with finish quantum. its activelift technology provides an unbeatable clean on 24 hour dried-on stains. skip the rinse with finish to save our water. i mean, almost demolished an explosion at a 4 story apartment building in chicago, the top floor of that building collapsing, sending 8 people to the hospital. >> 3 of them are in critical condition tonight. although a cause has not yet been determined as sloane glass tells us, this building has a history of violations. >> took me out to be and i got up. see the it to my front door and couldn't build in all
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the windows blew out. and all of >> a closet door. everything just blew up. several people who lived in the building said they were home when the explosion happened. >> the blast rocking the entire building. obviously all on the water is a i woke up moment is gone. the front blew open. i see smoke. i just ran out. the house peoples gas said there's no reason to believe this is a gas explosion. the fire department reportedly told them there was no odor of gas or equipment issues. but residents are reporting an odor. when i came out this morning to go to work at home, k it? he looked at it. i don't nothing. not and when news nation looked into the building, inspection records, we found that the building had failed its 2020 inspection receiving 6 violations, including the failure to remove debris, failure to arrange for the inspection and failure to
6:28 pm
connect gas appliance to flu or vent on the north and west side, it's due to the condition of the building. >> the called for a technical search, the entire building, the upper floors. the it was compromised. so we had to get our technical. experts and here to shore up. which trucks make sure we didn't leave any victims underneath any other breed. the inspection records from 2020 also indicate that the city was not given entry into most units. >> and that was sloane glass reporting tonight, the company which owns that building is providing housing for the residents who were displaced by the incident. >> coming up next on this hour of kron, 4 news at 6, thousands of people in the city to attend the annual dreamforce conference. all those out of towners are affecting local businesses. plus, a 74 year-old woman claims self-defense, but police aren't buying it. what investigators believe actually
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happened. she now faces charges for deadly crime. and later, look at new testing. a law that will protect employees who
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