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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  September 21, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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is that what is it? that is day of the season. tomorrow kicks off fall with some warmer, drier conditions. so flip-flop, the tail end of summer has been nice, cool and wet for us. at least this past week has been. >> where is your first week of fall? warms things right back up and drives right back out. we've seen a couple of light sprinkles. the light showers this morning. areas like the east bay hills and picked up on some of that. but even more so towards the coastline peninsula, san francisco, some of our bridges, a little wet after having seen some showers, the shower activity that sitting offshore will continue to work its way gradually to the north as it does so resulting in a few light sprinkles up into the north bay. not a lot, though. and by the time we reach 11:00am we should be pretty done with it compared to the past few days, which a breath under storm activity towards our inland valleys, less and less of that energy being seen today as the system gradually works its way out of the region. and today is really our last day of any chance of precipitation from this point forward, we're looking dry and we're looking warmer 50's 60's
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for current temperatures. petaluma and santa rosa each at 57 oakland and alameda at 64 for your highs today. later on, we will be in the 60's 70's for your daytime highs. very similar to where we were yesterday. enjoy it because after today we're seeing a lot more 80's and seemed to be even some 90's for inland spots. in your forecast. john, thank you for that, right. let's get a look at your traffic this morning about 7 minutes maze to that fremont street exit. >> as you're traveling into the city, san mateo bridge, 80 to 101 a 12 minute ride your richmond. sandra fell bridge about 9 minutes as you travel out of richmond heading across to where sandra fell. >> the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls are looking at a 19 minute morning right? well, the time he was now 07:31am, and a 74 year-old woman from oakley is being charged with the murder after police say her claim of self-defense for deadly shooting appears to have been a lie. well, forcefully juggle talk with police about what led to a murder charge. >> on may, 20th oakley police
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did not arrest. 74 year-old judith goodner for the shooting death of 51 year-old ruben ortiz. she was allowed to eventually return home. the scene of what has now been determined to be a murder. but over the course of a nearly 4 months long investigation which lasted through the summer. oakley police lieutenant robert robert says goodner withheld key information, including that she was intimately involved with ortiz, were not aware that she's not provide us that information. >> the night of the the answer that we were aware of the restraining order. lieutenant robert says goodner filed the restraining order against ortiz but also failed to mention that deadly night that she was the one who picked him up in town and drove into her home on west cypress road before opening fire out front was intentional. was a plan was a premeditated hard to say that based upon the but definitely something that could come out court down the road. of what made her
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intention was despite good years, friends and family defending her actions as a response to abuse. lieutenant robert says through extensive interviews and crucial video evidence the department will not release at this time. >> he says it's clear this is not in just 5 except defense. get evidence to review evidence. >> do the interviews it's sometimes just takes time. but you always want to make sure you get it right. goodner is due in court thursday. >> philippe djegal kron. 4 >> well, the 3 children airlifted to the hospital after a car hit them in any act last friday still remain in serious condition. it happened on september 16th on the corner of manzanita way and sycamore drive. investigators say the 2 boys and a girl they were walking home from school when a car barreled into them crashing into another car. the children's mother tells us of the 3 children. jonathan suffered the most serious injuries and has yet to regain consciousness. if he does
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actually survive. she says he's going to be paralyzed from the neck down and he's going to need to be on a ventilator for the rest of his life. our daughter, cheyenne, has come out of a coma and is now in stable condition. but we'll have to be assessed for brain damage. the rather mason is doing well after undergoing surgery on his face. but their mother says he's dealing with survivor's guilt and he needs emotional help to help him heal. well, the mother says she is still trying to be strong as she can as she can for all her children. both drivers involved in the crash also been hospitalized. police have not said yet whether or not they are going to be any charges filed. well, a group of young adults in san francisco are now calling on the city's district attorney to protect 16 17 year-olds from prosecution. the group held a rally yesterday outside of san francisco district attorney's office earlier this month. the have district attorney brooke jenkins, who announced that her office would establish a juvenile review team to decide if teens in some cases should be tried
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as adults. well, a group of youth advocates say the young teen should not be prosecuted under any circumstances. >> it takes a to raise a child, not not them sending them into the clinic will be close to ration. you have to charging, start investing. invest in to say how we invest in their new directed to to college. you read the rest 2 opportunities. >> well, the da's office said it does not take charging, uses adult slightly, adding the dia jenkins will not seek to try juvenile offenders as adults in vast majority of cases cases involving heinous crimes are going to be reviewed by it. new juvenile review team. we will consider all the facts and hear from the defense and victim's family before making a recommendation on to da jenkins. well, 3 brush fires, various eyes shut down 3 lanes on 5.80, in oakland.
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authorities say evidence suggesting the fires may have been intentionally set. fire crews are working. they were working off of west bound 5.80, between 35th in coolidge. no structures were threatened and that fire is under control. meanwhile, andrew got fire crews worked overnight to put out a fire there at a commercial building on 139 in washington avenue. we're showing you photos from the alameda county fire department. they say that fire started just before 10:00pm and that the building had a rowe operation inside of it. one firefighter did suffer a minor injury and was taken to the hospital for treatment. for your help this steals in santa clara county tested positive for west nile virus. they were found in mountain view. los altos. he'll sunnyvale county officials are scheduled to treat. don't mosquito populations tomorrow night. people in the affected zip codes are going to be learned. the next door and the county's emergency alert phone
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system. the treatment should last about 4 hours. well, since 2003 was now virus has killed nearly 400 california last year. 12 deaths were reported. well, the clothing company gap is slashing hundreds of corporate jobs in san francisco and new york. the company says the move is an effort to reduce those expensive. it the languishing sales? the job cuts follow years of struggle at the san francisco based retailer, which also operates stores under the namesake brand as well as old navy and banana republic. well, as of late january, the company had a workforce of roughly 97,000 employees. roughly 8700 of them worked at the corporate site. now to our latest on hurricane fiona. the storm pushing to turks and caicos as a category 3. you can see strong winds and some structures blown apart the year. you can also see downed trees and cars moving through flooded areas. the national
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hurricane center says the storm's eye passed close to grand turk. that is the british territory's capital island. well, in puerto rico, relief efforts are underway as more than 1 million people are left without power. now kron who are trying to help them. 5 years after hurricane maria wiped out puerto rico, the island is in the dark again due to hurricane fiona because no power. >> no water. now. >> there's a crisis with the gas again. >> richard lee quiet lives in a d a he says his town like countless others across puerto rico, it's up to their ears in problems. >> we have a lot of lightning. may have a lot of light. we have bridges that have collapsed quite this is the elderly, the sick and the younger suffering most, including those at a nearby orphanage. this is an orphanage that task being babies from today co. the 7, 8, years of age. and you know
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that you're going if you don't get the power back to, you know, get a generator back. we're going to take the children out we're going to close you down as they did during hurricane maria bay area organizations are now stepping up to help. we're >> better. quit that. need the people. what are we that we have the variant now, catherine. kim ramos was san jose's puerto rican civic club says. >> they're focusing on getting generators and solar lights and batteries to those in need. we're looking for more monetary donation. gift card. >> where we can go to the big box chains like walgreens, walmart eye on the ball and purchased the item that you like this so that they can ship the item puerto rico for a hand, the painting the dollar. >> also raising funds the puerto rican club in san francisco, which will send the funds to organizations already on the ground in puerto rico were starting to collect money. >> as of today and we're also
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going to have a fundraiser in whatever money we make from there will be added to what we may come. what's donated on our website. those in puerto rico say it's a matter of life and death and help can't come fast enough. >> this is part worries os the most. we don't want to go through this again. we don't see. we don't want to see about the lives lost. dan kerman kron. 4 news >> as puerto rico struggles with the aftermath of hurricane fiona. a federal report is due this week on what happened after hurricane maria hit the island 5 years ago. the u.s. commission on civil rights has been looking into the federal response to hurricane maria. that's compared to how they responded to hurricane harvey in texas. there are claims of discrimination and the 2 disasters being handled very differently. michael yaki talked about it. he's a member of the commission on civil rights and he gave us a preview of their findings. >> certainly in the aftermath of i'm maria, one of the first things we saw was compared the
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victims hurricane harvey, for example, received aid a lot less fast and a lot less quantity in the same amount of time and how people could apply for aid, what they could expect terms of being able to receive a all of those things. if you report a rico, you had much work, much lower chance of being successful. all of those fronts, then a few men. if you've been a victim of the disaster on the mainland. >> visit puerto rico last year and says there were people still living under blue tarps and dickie to power grids going. he says the commission's report will outline some of the lessons learned which may help in the current crisis after key also points to the fact that puerto rico does not have a member of congress being a reason for some of the problem saying it makes getting that much harder. >> well, coming up next to the kron, 4 morning news. the mission to get a heartbroken girl's best friend out of war
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torn ukraine back to the bay area. we're going to be right back.
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>> o welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. a top eu now for 44 08:00am on a wednesday. a lot of things happening. we are stepping out of summer into a brand new season. and
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even a caught a few rain droplets or or missed whatever. want to call it morning on officially colerain this morning. note some light showers out there pushing in across the bay area. does it have to do with any fog? this is rather the remnants of that low pressure area that really pushed through full force on sunday left us with the thunderstorms inland the past couple of days in this morning is resulting in a light push of rainfall for us. transamerica building looking good. we actually didn't even have a couple of lightning strikes out in solano county right now. what we are seeing on the peninsula is some light showers from san mateo area on up through san francisco. couple of sprinkles here and there for the north bay. and yes, those lightning strikes out in eastern solano county. snow continues up in the sierra nevada. how nice to see that at very highest elevations continuing to douse the flames of the mosquito fire. a burning in placer and el dorado counties. and that is really helping air quality up there. this moisture that we've been seeing consistently is helping us out with fire
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danger, too. even if only in the short term we're still in the midst of fire season. despite this one round of rainfall that we've been in the midst of futurecast shows are drying conditions later today, skies will clear out really nicely chance of some thunderstorms in the hills above san jose. but really aside from that, the should be a quieter afternoon than what we had been seeing, the low pressure area that's been bringing us such active weather this week is gradually sliding to the north and out of the region. this will eventually result in warming and drying conditions towards the weekend towards the start of fall, which kicks off tomorrow. 60's 70's for your highs in san francisco today. 60's at the coast, most of the bay area will be in a range of 70's with just a couple of low 80's sprinkled in there, redwood city and san carlos at 77, san jose in a 74 fremont's. it cool. 72 livermore and dublin. 75 for your highs today with oakland and san leandro. also on the cooler side, 72 degrees for your highs. any act that niche
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over to vacaville and over to nevado each at 77 tomorrow, first day of fall and back to the low 80's for a few more spots nearing 90 by friday and saturday, likely a few more 90's into sunday. bayside cities will see temperatures warming as well into the upper 70's and low 80's by the upcoming weekend. great job. thank you for that. ok, let's get a look at your bridges this morning headed into the city right now. >> 72 right maze to that fremont street exit checking on the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. 80 to 101. you're looking at a 12 minute ride for you. there. it looks on the eastbound side of the bridge. there is an accident there. you can see those lights and so looks like they're holding up folks and traveling on the eastbound side. so if you are traveling from 101, heading across towards a 80. they're trying to get an accident. cleared up there. richard center fell bridge. no major issues just under 7 minutes heading out of richmond across the worse. phil and the golden gate bridge to the tolls. a 19 minute ride.
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>> well, a cat. >> is rescued out of war torn ukraine and brought here to the bay area. >> all this in an effort in the heart of a sad little girl. ken wayne has the story in this morning's flying tails. take a listen. >>ithis >> is a story of a little girl and a cat. hand. >> these were the happy days. the days before the war. >> as russian forces swept across the border into ukraine. 10 year-old sn or family decided to flee odessa. >> and that was no room for an e animal that we have. maria and alexander bashing are along with their daughters. eleanor, angelina and said he had to leave just about everything behind, including agnes is beloved cat or >> after a few months in romania, the family was allowed to enter the u.s. to the bay area on their way to
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san francisco. their flight attendant learned their story. >> and i just feel it's. the sense of connection with the 2 women stayed in touch side message turned said so how are you house america treating you is everything okay. and she said yes. >> everything is except my youngest daughter was to go home. cries every day because she's missing her cats. she sleeping with her cat and she missed hugging. she missed everything about the cat because she coming >> he shared the news with another flight attendant who rescues animals. >> she just sent me a text and asked if there's anything i can do to help. with that huge request. the request. >> find a way to get our back into the arms of a knesset. >> well, yeah, it's pretty overwhelming. so i mean, i've done other things that nothing like this and all i could think of was my god. we've got a war torn country here and you want me to >> get a cat out of ukraine. caroline started working on
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the rescue plan from her home in hawaii contacting angelica in houston. >> and i said, well, if you get that cat out of ukraine, that's piece of cake will figure out a way to, you know. get that cat. >> rias brother-in-law was watching the cat in ukraine and laid the groundwork for the rescue. >> i say, ok, you need that. backs unaided. my critique and pa so he says, ok, let's try to do that. >> he took are sending on his motorcycle across ukraine border to moldova and the cat was passed to a driver who took him in refugee family to romania, and he spent about a month in bucharest while the rescue plan continued. it was at this nestle was finally told her beloved cat might might be coming to join her. >> so i say, ok, let's pray. but i kind of promise that he can happen. she was happy and she he will count. people
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definitely come just believe. >> i got text message saying >> mimi kate was on vacation in greece and ready to respond. she cut her trip short to pick up the cannon bucharest and bring them home. but the ukrainian documents u% wouldn't allow are sending on a flight from romania. >> he have these like legalized prospered. so all documents must be checked for him. for me. >> took took driver volunteer to help in mimi's hands or said he was on the move to wrap up the details in bucharest. >> and the texts and pictures started coming in as they kept on his documents and finally made his way to athens. then montreal, amy's home in seattle. >> has a fo the family waited. nessa hadn't seen her cat hadn't slept the whole night for months. >> fine. after 7,000 miles.
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the fun way go. >> this >> we love to see a happy ending. will now is ken wayne reporting for us this morning. we're going to be right back after the break. >> know.
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mark coleman: south florida is very transient. people are coming and going constantly. twenty-seven years ago, i planted the church that we're at now. in the first summer, a third of our congregation moved away and they were all leaders. ringing in my ear was dr. stanley saying, "trust god, trust god."
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>> i will take a look at this. another baby by citizen born at the oakland zoo. john actually went to the local zoo this past weekend. it took a little brother. i didn't get to see little one. this brings a bison. her account to 23 with a cash you could open to the also tigers let's hope they're other knocking the i'm sure they are. now. the zoo helps birth bison cast to help populate heard eventually relocate them to montana. this is part of the zoo's bison restoration projeco in partnership with the native indian blackfeet nation. you know, cute guy. all right. and get this. now the social media app tiktok is now the number one search engine used by gen z u.s. like i i believe this because it jay z, john, the like. that's how you know, are millenials because i still google all day long. >> you'll never get me off my
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chiefs just have dating was so hopefully move as it does a little bit. our people use google for search for something that gen x-ers they want to tiktok star. she should to find out what they need. but a study from new guard says one in 5 tiktok videos contain misinformation. the study looked at the top 20 search results with various news topics like the election vaccines and the russia-ukraine war. newsguard also found tiktok users based search terms. so again, people are using that. i will still to come in the next hour. jury selection begins and the tropper santa county. >> sheriff laurie smith. we'll have the latest on that in a live report. and we have an update on the horrific crash that seriously injured 3 siblings in antioch, how they're holding up. and one person is dead in a shooting in oakland, right in front of city hall. one city council member is reacting to the violent increase in crime will be right back.
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it's the all-new subway series menu. twelve irresistible new subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet! >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> good morning. and thanks
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for waking up with us. it's a little wet out there daria and i'm james. yeah, i got some dampness on the roads out there. a few sprinkles. you may run into from time to time. i hit some on my way and i heard begin an and i was trying to yeah. and apparently we've got some problems on the roads to. we've got the rain with that in a minute. but first, let's start with john in the weather center. hey john. yeah, the not so good and the good witch. the rainfall is much needed for finishing out your last day of summer. the end of the season has been so much cooler and so much wetter. and today is the very last day that we have any sort of rainfall potential. and obviously we're getting that this morning. your view outside at the golden gate bridge, clear enough. we do have some sprinkles out there on the bridge right now. most of our rainfall right now is concentrated just offshore. obviously, kim, is that he pull out of green, yellow and orange sitting offshore, the peninsula specially showers are gradually going to work their way to the north and as they do so we'll see more and more of them on the peninsula, which is the spot right now that seeing the most


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